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Day 19 [0800hrs] The Glitter-Bomb Massacre

[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Maint. Bay 1 | FAB | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Lone Wolves
Ghost's ship was hoisted up and set on support struts, it’s hull peeled off in sections to expose the various internal components; each section was flooded with light, while repair crews crawled around within. Talia shook her head at the sight as she approached, wondering what the hell happened this time. Rawley stood near the fighter’s nose, elbows deep into the deflector compartment as if she was trying to pull the damn thing out.

“Hey ace. You tried turning it off and on again," Talia spoke at her shoulder, folding her arms with a smirk.

“Cute. Ye come t’get turned on, or t’fuckin’ help,” Rawley growled back in her heavy Scottish drawl.

Shadow snorted as she raised her hands in placation. “Alright, alright,” she chuckled, “damn, not my fault you can’t fly a single mission without breaking something.” A snort of amusement followed as Talia moved off to the side, looking for the crew chief to see where she would fit in. "Damn, its a three ring circus around -"

“Shut it, Shadow. I ain’t in th’mood fer ye – “ Rawley barked, but then her face froze in surprise at something over Talia’s shoulder. “Wha th’bloody hell is this now,” Ghost laughed out loud, all ire suddenly forgotten as her arms pulled free from the innards of the ship. Talia looked at her in confusion, then turned her head to see what had happened.

Directly across the maintenance bay lay the door to the locker room, which was open; a cloud of what Talia thought was dust at first bellowed out in a pall, spreading in the air currents from the group of people that spilled out into the open deck. They were all in various stages of undress, milling about; one stumbled, slipped, then fell. One of the others tripped over the one that fell. Two of them looked to be wrestling with each other; one in a headlock, the other using him as a battering ram of sorts, knocking the others about. Every single one of them were splattered – head to foot, but only on one side – with what appeared to be bright, hot-pink paint, with a crusty layer of copious amounts of glitter on top.

Oh, fuck me, the Glitter-Bomb, Talia’s hand shot to her mouth. “Holy fuck, she did it,” she whimpered, trying not to laugh but failing. “She fucking did it!”

“Wha? Who," Ghost laughed, "the fuck ye on about? Did ye do tha?"

Shadow shook her head, mouth covered with both hands now. “N-no…I mean...," she managed to hiss, barely understandable between choked giggles and snorts. "I might have talked...someone into it." She laid it out for Ghost then, how it all came to be - what started as a boast reinforced by the 'rivalry' between Valkyries and Valravn crews - then how she'd taken it upon herself to bring in a little 'outside help' to drive the point home. This is the FAB, and we're combat pilots: No one is safe, or un-prankable. No one.

“That’s Reggie's git! Th’whole bloody lot of ‘em,” Ghost was hysterical. “Fuckin’ hell that’s brilliant.”

Talia’s eyes were watering as she bent double, laughing so hard her ribs hurt, but unable to stop watching the madness ensue. She could hear Via distinctly, screaming obscenities and promises of retribution.

“Ach, fuck me,” Ghost wheezed, “it’s in the damn atmo recyclers – th’whole fuckin’ decks gonna git dusted with tha’ shite!”

Oh no, Talia straitened, trying to stop laughing. “I should,” she chuckled, “I should probably go.”

Ghost pulled a stogie from her pocket, lit it, then chuckled some more. “Aye, ye probably should," she agreed, but both of them stayed right where they were, while the air sparkled around them; neither one made any attempt to hide their amusement whatsoever as they enjoyed the show.

OOC: This thread is a direct follow up to Bread, Salt, and Wine by @RyeTanker and @P.C. Haring, so give that a read first for important context :) Fellow Wolves, feel free to reply if/when you feel so inclined, otherwise I'm ok with leaving this as a one-off. I hope you chuckled a bit at our idiocy. Special thanks to @RyeTanker and @ob2lander961 for playing along.

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix |Locker Room | FAB | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Lone Wolves ] Attn: Them flybois and gals

"I aint got no latimum in my bank, yuh, I ain't got no latimum in my bannnnk!!" Via with out a care in the world came bardging into the FAB locker room listening to one of her favorite songs through an audio directed ear piece she kept in her ears. Moved with the songs rythum and base, banging on the walls and lockers as if she was herself playing the precussion in the music. Of course to everyone else it would seem like she was just banging on random things in the room like a crazy person but probaby at this point in Via tenure as apart of the Wolf Squaderon her fellow wingmen grew to expect such anctics.

"BoomBoomBoompsfftpsfftyuhyuh" Via pursed her lips and spat out the rythum as she banged all the lockers on her way to her own. She had just came back from a sortie feeling quite good for no reason in particular. When she reached her locker she stripped her exosuit in sync with the beat of her song. Once she got down to her underclothes which consisted of her Tank top and underwear she stripped her underwear revaling her barebottom like she usually did and continued somewhat dancing around.

"Yeahhh!! In my bannnk!!! Latimum!!!" she bang on her locker before she attempted to open. When she tried she felt the latch feel a bit stiffer than usual prompting her to stop her typical level of force to open it. She tried pulling harder feeling some increased resistance but she didn't want to give up.

"What in the fuck?" She said as she pulled and pulled and pulled until....

A massive glitterly explosion filled Via's vision. The force was so much so it pushed her flying back to the row of lockers behind her disorientating her. The glitter got everywhere, filling the locker room and disorientating all the occupants who were inside. Still disorientated Via on all fours crawled until she reached the exit of the locker room into the greater FAB, other pilots in the locker room seemed to have the same idea.

"Fuckin'bitchassfuckingbitchfuckassshitfuckin'fuckbitch!!" Via quite loudly cursed a storm as she wiped the glitter from her eyes and seeing the result all over her body. "WGHATINTHEFUCKIN' FUCKKKKKK!!!!!!" She screamed in extreme annoyance. Via quickly knew this entire act of...terrorism was a prank from someone and she was livid she was a among the first casulties in this now started war.

"Bitchasssmoutherfuckin'Oh your ass be thinkin' this funny?!" She tried wiping away the glitter but it was everywhere in every crevas of her body. "This is fuckin' war! Your bitchass gonna see my ass take all of yalls out I ain't playin no more!! Whoever did this you are a bitchass,dumbass,stupidass,bigass, no life havin', ugly havin' ass, two warp coils short of a warp core havin' ass...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" She screamed in fusteration. Already in her head she made a list of possible perpertrators and already she started comming up with plans to take every. single, one of them out. The gloves where off now. The prank wars have begun.

"I bet its them fuckin' Valk pilots. Single seat havin' dumbasses...I'mma get them asses...yeah...fuckin'...dum...ughhhh"  Stood up, half naked, covered in glitter, pissed off as ever living hell.


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[ Lt Cmdr. Jaru “Janus” Rel | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring @RyeTanker @Dumedion @ob2lander961 and all my other lil wolf cubs

The Fighter Assault Bay was already in chaos. Little did they know, it was about to get a lot louder.

Janus knew he had heard the song his fighter had been blasting on repeat for his entire approach somewhere before. The name was on the tip of his tongue yet somehow eluding him. He was certain he’d remember it the moment he landed and ripped the whole com system out.

He’d expected them to do something – what kind of fighter squadron in their right minds wouldn’t? What he hadn’t expected was the sheer array of pranks he’d been subjected to in the past few hours.

The first thing he’d seen was the nose art, which was completely delightful. Janus had laughed the loudest of all of them when it had come into view, a beautiful woman climbing out of a coffin like the personification of death. They probably didn’t understand why he found it so funny, but then, it wasn’t common knowledge that his downfall had started with him encountering a beautiful, deadly woman. Too bad the picture wasn’t of an Andorian, though he would have had to remove it in case Ida found out and decided to kill him on purpose this time. This picture though? This one he was going to keep until someone – aka Ives – made him remove it. Even if he did completely miss the fact that ‘Lazy’ was short for ‘Lazarus,’ and assumed they were just calling him lazy for missing three months of fun in favor of a nap.

That was all good fun, but it had really kicked up a notch once the Wolves were in flight. He hadn’t planned much for this drill. He hadn’t been up in days – actually months, but it hadn’t felt that long to him – and most of the pilots needed to acclimate to him. The first time the ship had threatened to eject him, Janus has been explaining the next sequence in the drill, only to cut himself off immediately with a heartfelt “Fuck!” as he tried to track down whatever error was going to send him on an impromptu spacewalk. The countdown had ended with no luck figuring it out, leaving him resigned to the ejection right as a loud rendition of ‘We are the Champions’ started up.

A few minutes later he’d shot fireworks at Emerald instead of training munitions.

By that point, he was on the lookout for anything, rooting around the console whenever there was a lull to try and find whatever add-on was causing such a ruckus. By the time he did find the new isolinear chip, the drill was so close to over that he decided to endure whatever finale was planned. Maybe it would be fun.

This time, when the bright flashing red countdown of the auto eject sequence started up, Janus had a pretty good idea of what was coming. All the same, he let the rest of the wolves return to the den and loitered out in space until it was done, since flight ops wasn’t going to take ‘it’s a prank!’ at face value until they were absolutely sure the Valkyrie wasn’t about to dump him and explode. He did take a peek into the code to make sure it was causing it, trying to confirm without ruining whatever final surprise was in store. He did notice that Gemini had been nice enough to sign it.

“Damn woman, I didn’t fuck up your ship that bad did I?” He said with a laugh and a shake of his head. His com was off, so no one could hear. He flipped it back on as the countdown reached the end. “Flight ops, Janus. Party starting in 3… 2… 1…”

His landing was spectacular. Not because of anything he did, but because his ship was blaring music and shooting out multicolored smoke like banners behind him.

The music finally stopped once he’d powered down and popped the cockpit open. “Chariots of fire.” It hit him right as he was jumping out. “That’s what it is.” Since he was the center of attention anyway, Janus took his helmet off at the top of the ladder and threw it down to a frazzled looking deckhand, then took a dramatic bow. “And that is how you make an entrance.”

As he straightened up though, Janus noticed that he wasn’t the only one getting picked on today, judging by the group of people splattered head to toe in some very bright pink paint. “Ha! At least I’m not them.”

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[Lt Reggie “Gemini” Suder |Locker Room | FAB | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy@Dumedion‍  @ob2lander961‍  @rae‍ @WOLFPACK!!!!

Reggie had just slipped on her warm up pants and sports bra when all hell had broken loose.  Given the way the lockers had been assigned, and the fact that Via’s locker, ground zero, was almost right next to hers, Reggie took the brunt of the pink and gold glitter bomb. 

By the time she was able to see again, her entire upper body was covered in it, and a bit of a fight had broken out among the pilots revolving around who was responsible.  She sensed thought, more than she heard anything with her ears.  She sensed that someone thought Via was responsible and another thought that it was yet another round of Valkyrie vs Valravm.  Regardless the room had erupted into chaos and Reggie decided she needed to get in on it in some way.

The fight had spilled out of the locker room and onto the main landing bay and she was more than ready to get her own hands dirty, but she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye and turned.  Janus was coming in.

How did she know it was Janus’s ship?

The contrails of parade smoke were a dead giveaway.

“Inbound craft,” she called to anyone who either heard or cared and, for her part, at least for now… the reaction of the new SCO was of more interest to her than was the Glitter and powder that covered her.

Janus was in obvious good spirits, and she led those assembled around his ship in a round of applause as she approached.

“And what an entrance that was, Janus.” 

She approached to within arms reach. 

“Welcome back to the Lone Wolves.”  She leaned in and planted a gentle, platonic kiss on his cheek.  “Sir.”

Before he could respond she pressed her hand to the other side of his face and playfully pushed at him, her hand sweeping down towards his chin, leaving behind a streak of pink paint and gold glitter.

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[ Lt. JG Callax Valin | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy | Attn: All Wolves, @Tae
Cal was in the cockpit of his Valkyrie running diagnostics when the chaos broke out. In his peripheral vision he saw what appeared to be a cloud appear from the door to the locker room. He was about to tap his combadge and report an emergency when he spotted a handful of individuals spill out of the room mid-brawl. As the cloud began to spread, he could begin to make out what it was. Glitter.


Cal tapped his combadge and rather than report the event, contacted the pilots in his own flight. They might have already been here for all he knew but they needed to know regardless. "Emerald. Corsair. Someone just glitter bombed the locker room and it's spilling out onto the deck. Might want to get out here A-S-A-P before it gets on the Valkyries. Also looks like the new Skipper just landed. Flight deck about to potentially become a war zone. Archon out.

Warning sent, Cal lifted himself up and out of the cockpit. His flight suit was only half-zipped as he descended the ladder. He was not yet sure if he would be needing to throw hands, but he was ready if it came to that. No doubt this was the work of those entitled Valravn pilots, he thought to himself. Everybody knew Valkyries were the superior craft with superior pilots. To think otherwise was to deny the truth.

Cal approached the craft that had just landed, arms crossed as he considered Janus who had just received a kiss from Gemini. That was peculiar, he thought, although the reason became slightly more apparent as he spotted the streak of pink and gold glitter. He nudged one of the deckhands who was standing in slightly stunned silence. "Bet it was the Valravns who planted the bomb," Cal said softly with a shit-eating grin, though purposefully loud enough that any pilots in the vicinity could hear. "Not talented enough to bomb anything else; and even then, they probably had to ask their RIO for instructions." The deckhand snorted before clamming up upon catching a glance of daggers from, presumably, a nearby Valravn pilot or RIO.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All Lone Wolves

Tessa heard the bomb go off but as per usual, she'd slept in her Valkyrie...naked...again...

Truth be told she wasn't sure what was going on but the pandemonium was enough she shot up and looked around. "Where's the pizza?!" The blonde fighter pilot yelled as she saw Wolves in various states of undress and glitter all over them. She laughed so hard she fell over back in her cockpit.

Quickly, she threw on her undergarments, and jumpsuit so she could get out of the cockpit, although that's never stopped her before. It was half zipped anyhow allowing a view down her cleavage. Stepping down the ladder, she walked up to the other Valkyrie fighters not glittered and smirked.

"You know, I'd date the brains out of whoever did this. Just beautiful work."

"Any indicators yet on who dunnit?" She looked at Shadow who looked still in somewhat of shock. "It was you wasn't it?" She whispered to her wingmate. The giggles returning as she listened to the sheer irritation in the other fighters voices as the screaming continued. She surmised it from the rivalry of the other Wolves and the ships but wasn't sure.

"Fortune favors the bold. I can't wait to see how this ends up." She walked over to the nearest replicator and ordered something to go with the occasion before returning to Shadow as the air began to shimmer. Her hand reached into the bag she had replicated and offered some to Talia. "Popcorn?"

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[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Maint. Bay 1 | FAB | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @All
Talia folded her arms and leaned back onto the workbench with a grin as Rawley chuckled around the cigar held in her teeth – both of them thoroughly enjoyed the show put on by Via and the other Valravn teams. Shadow’s brows jumped up at the sight of Gemini, however.

“Ach, shite there she be,” Ghost gestured with a waft of smoke at Suder. “Girl looks good in pink, eh?”

Talia snorted a half-aborted chuckle. “I mean, she looks good regardless, ace.”

“Aye,” Rawley laughed, then they both turned their heads at the sound of a ship coming in over Gemini’s shouted warnings. “Oh-ho, now it gets interestin’,” Ghost grinned, knowing who it was and curious to see his reaction to all the hub-bub.

“Janus,” Shadow agreed with a smirk, then watched him roll in. “What the,” she mumbled, then laughed, as the morning’s entertainment continued to unfold, pointing at the recently added artwork on the SCO’s fighter. “How come he gets a decal? I want a decal,” Talia chuckled, jabbing a thumb at herself. The whole show was beautifully done; the smoke streamers were excellent, but in Talia’s mind, the music really sold it all. It was perfectly cheesy – an amazing prank; she couldn’t help but wonder who had pulled it off, and what else they were capable of.

“Ye already got one, princess,” Ghost winked at her, to which Talia rolled her eyes with another laugh.

“Yeah, yeah.”

Both of them watched the brief interaction between Gemini and Janus with a mix of  amused surprise; then chuckled at each other. Ghost loosed a loud wolf-whistle, as everyone clapped and cheered at the display.

“Well that didn’t him take long – what’s it been, three days, four,” Talia grinned. “Hope she didn’t wear the old guy out too much.”

Rawley barked a laugh at the insinuation. “He can manage – man’s bedded Klingon’s an’ lived t’tell the tale. Besides, ye dinna have much room t’talk,” Ghost replied casually, then lifted her chin at Tessa's approach with a wry smile. “Well gud mornin’ beautiful,” Rawley drawled, taking in the sight of Goldeneye’s attire without an ounce of shame. “If ye need a proper bed, mines always open fer ye,” Rawley winked.

Talia snickered at Ghost and her wing-mates question and appearance, both hands lifted in innocence. “Don’t look at me, I just work here,” Shadow smiled, then leaned in to whisper. “Your jumper’s inside out, by the way.”

When Tessa returned a moment later with popcorn, Talia took a few kernels. “Thanks,” she munched for a bit, then chuckled again.  “Y’know this is only the beginning,” she waved at the shenanigans going on. “Next time we have a get together, the whole squad – who knows what could happen,” Shadow smirked at them.

“Aye,” Rawley laughed, “bout time w’had some proper fun ‘round ‘ere.”

OOC - lots of fun replies, ty all for jumping in. Still room for those that haven't - and for any who wish to come be sillly, of course.

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