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Day 19 [2010 hrs] The Stormy Shoals of Andoria

[Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann (Lt.Ida) | XamotZark zh’Ptrell's Quarters | Deck 8 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy]

The lithe blue form on the bed moaned loudly as another blue head buried itself between her legs and the skilled tongue manipulated her sensitive folds. The stroking and penetration was exquisite as the recipients head rolled to the side and her eyes stayed shut, embracing the the sensations rolling through her body. A flick of her sensitive nub caused Ida to gasp and arch her back before falling back on the bed and moan loudly as her powerful hands balled the other woman's bed sheets in tight fists, seeking to push pleasure in her body into the world.

How they got to this point was another story and her mind flashed back as she yelled out in pure pleasure as the busty medic happily worked to tease out the climax and Ida got up and pressed the other Zhen's head closer, urging her on as her voice became hoarse with encouragement.

[Approximately 30 hours before | Deputy's Office | Security Centre | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy]

Stormy sapphire eyes glared into similar ones that were tinged with just a bit more jade as the second in command of the the Security department glared at her recalcitrant subordinate. The officer sitting across from her was defiant as she glowered back with matching intensity. It was telling to Lieutenant zh'Wann that her subordinates antennae had peeled themselves back to quickly as she settled back into her chair and laced her fingers across her flat stomach. "I don't believe I heard you correctly Lieutenant zh’Ptrell." the Deputy said coldly.

Lieutenant zh’Ptrell's nostrils flared as her antennae began to fold back. "I know what I said." A brief leaden pause. "I will not comply with an order that you have no basis for making. Besides, how many of the crew are you going to throw in the brig for that?" Another pause. "The majority of the departments on the ship aren't even a real military specialty..."

"Who are on a ship that is effectively at war....." Ida started hotly.

"And they could die at any moment. Do you really want to deny them the comfort of knowing someone cares for them..."

"And you could be jeopardizing their safety and by placing too much personal bias in their decision making process." Ida replied.

Lieutenant Zark eyes narrowed as she glared at the Deputy. "Are you implying that I've been abusing authority and position because of the relationships that I've been having?"

Lieutenant zh'Wann felt a little non plussed at this point. What had started as a counselling session was deteriorating quickly. Her antennae twirled as she tried to figure out why the other Zhen was so defensive about what had amounted to a request to tone it down. Ida took a steadying breath and closed her eyes for a moment before continuing almost evenly. "Lieutenant, we are talking about keeping relationships in a professional manner that won't adversely affect the crew's discipline by clouding their judgment. Does that make sense?"

If anything that seemed to infuriate the other Andorian even more. "No it doesn't since there's no reason for me to act like a cold fish towards everyone else." Ida's nostrils flared as her antennae began to peel back. She was quite sure that last remark had been indirectly aimed at her and she felt her blood tingling as her own self control begin to fray. Her emotional distance was to protect everyone else and patently unfair when confronting the horrors they'd faced.

[Lieutenant JG XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt.Zark) ]

Zark knew she was courting danger with her behaviour, but the medic was playing off two unshakable feelings. First was that it was none of the Deputy's business who and how she spent her off time with. Next, the people of her district had fought hard to keep their right to freely associate with whomever and however they wanted. It was fair to say that a river of blue blood had been spilled for that independence, so it was almost a genetic feeling to defend it.

Unfortunately, with her ire up, Zark's next choice of words could be considered quite petulant, even unfortunate. "I'm from Inari, and I haven't heard a good basis to stop anybody from getting any, especially from one wound so tightly, she obviously isn't getting any at all."

As soon as the thunder clap of hands slamming on the desk hit and the other Andorian bolted up with a snarl on her face, Lt. Zark knew she was in for it. Whether it was immediate relief for cause or time in the brig she didn't know, but the snarl on the serious face along with the physically looming threat knew it was going to be bad. The challenge had been issued though, and as a graduate of the Advanced Leadership and Hostile Environment Course meant she had little idea of what it meant to quit, and she stared back defiantly at the woman standing over her, angry blue-green eyes practically daring her to do her worst.

[Lt ThanIda zh'Wann (Lt.Ida)]

If Lieutenant zh'Wann was human, she'd be seeing red and would have proceeded to strip the infuriating woman in front of her of rank, position, and any else for the sheer temerity of the insult. Lt. Ida was breathing hard as she glared daggers at the other woman and her hands balled into fists on the desk. The medic had crossed a line that the Deputy had to respond to, but at the same time, she knew there was a kernel of truth in the very undiplomatically delivered statement. "How dare you! I don't care where you're from, that insult is beyond the pale and if we were home, I'd challenge you to ushaan right this very instant!"

"So do it!" Lt. Zark growled as she also bolted out of her seat and pretty much shoved her oh too perfect nose right into the Deputy's face. "Or are you afraid of a real challenge?"

The Deputy froze as the challenge had been issued and both parties couldn't back out. This was an honour issue now and the air in the office turned thick with tension as she now had to accept or decline, and if she did, she'd have to live with the admission of cowardice. She couldn't kill the other Zhen as ushaan had a very high chance of entailing. But there was one other option. "Very well. We'll settle this in the traditional manner.  In the ring. Do you prefer Kharakom or Hleshvalath" The medic seemed to weigh the options before replying "Kharakom" Ida nodded her agreement and led her opponent out door as both Andorians marched out to the changing room as they would settle their disagreement one way the other.

Kharakom = boxing
Hleshvalath = wrestling

Re: Day 19 [2010 hrs] The Stormy Shoals of Andoria

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[Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann (Lt.Ida) & Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | XamotZark zh’Ptrell's Quarters | Deck 8 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy]

Ida mewled and gasped as tried to thrust her hips toward Zark's dangerously effective tongue. Her breathing became more ragged as her panting became shorter and louder. Athletic legs tried to lock around the other Zhen's head, but Zark was too experienced for that and the deceptively soft arms blocked the legs, leaving Ida at Zark's mercy. It had been too long since she'd been intimate with anyone. Even visits to the holodeck had proved unsatisfying lately. Her usual escape of painting had given expression, but hardly any relief. Even turning one of those artistic sessions into something more physical had left something missing as soon as the program ended. As much as she hated to admit it, Zark would still be here and there was a permanence to this encounter that would not be forgotten any time soon.

[ Approximately 30 hours before | Security Centre | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy]

The two women seemed to emanate an aura of doom as they made their way to the main change room, and people were quick to make space for the two. When they reached the change room, it's occupants looked up expecting to see friendly faces, but instead found themselves facing a psychic tempest and hurried to get out of the room as quickly as possible. Lockers were opened with more force than needed and uniforms were quickly stripped. It was somewhat ironic that their exercise wear was pretty much the same, a sports bra, and pair of bicycle shorts for the Deputy, but a pair of really short shorts for the medic. In her current mood, this served to aggravate the Ida further as she put her hair up, and pulled her mouth guard and gloves out, then slammed the door. A matching slam soon followed and the two made their way to the ring. The only other thing of note was that the medic had tied her hair into a bun, and they were both eschewing head gear, obviously intent on keeping their fields of view clear despite the increased vulnerability.

A pair of security personnel saw the two walk in an noticed the expressions and like many of their fellows, quickly left. Nobody wanted to be in the room that was going to become a war zone shortly between the two senior Andorians. After climbing in and taking a moment to warm up, corner teams were summoned and the two women met in the middle. The pair continued to glare at each other as a holographic human in a white and black jersey met them in the middle. "Alright, this bout is gonna be 10 two minute rounds." The human looked at Ida for confirmation and she nodded quickly. The hologram then looked at Zark who also nodded. "I doubt we're going to need all that time." she remarked casually, almost arrogantly before doing something unexpected. She leaned in and planted her lips on the Deputy's. But it wasn't a kiss as her teeth nipped the other Andorian's and pulled. It wasn't hard enough to cut skin, but more than enough to sting and Ida's eyes widened at the animalistic behaviour the medic was displaying as she used a gloved hand to push the medic away who was smiling nastily as she went back to her corner.

Lieutenant zh'Wann didn't know what had over taken the normally calm and collected medico, but that was for later as she stood up before the first bell rang and the two met in the middle and began bobbing and weaving. Ida threw the first jab to test the defences and Zark saw it coming and backed out of the way but felt the rush of air from the near miss. Zark kept her hands up as Ida kept her own distance and fired off a few more jabs at her opponent's head to which Zark dodged not bothering to block. The two circled a bit more and Ida threw a hook that connected with the side of Zark's head with a slap and her head rocking to the side. The victory was short lived as a jab came flying in at the same time and Ida's head snapped back as she grunted from the hit to her cheek. Ida mentally shook it off and went in again to try to jab at Zark's face, but her opponent was waiting and Ida's head snapped back again as she ate leather before backing off. Zark chased and closed in swinging a hook at Ida's head and the Deputy felt the blow against the glove she managed to get up in time. Her attempt to counter failed as the shot missed completely, Zark was already bouncing away.

The two continued this dance of jabbing and bouncing, landing a few glancing hits, but nothing major and the first round ended inconclusively. As the corner teams cooled each of the fighters off as they continued breathing, the two had clear views of the other and they seemed to trade glowers with each other. When the bell rang, both women got up with Ida smacking her gloves together as the two met in the middle once more. The dance began again with the pair trading jabs, testing each other. In a couple of cases, Ida's strikes made it through Zark's defences and connected with her head, but they seemed to be light hits and the other Zhen barely budged. Punches flew faster on both sides as each side sought weakness in the other. As Ida got closer near the end of the second round, she decided to switch gears as she threw another punch at Zark's head, but deliberately made it short so she could change her stance at the last second and this suckered Zark in on the counter. Ida's hook flew out and Zark grunted as she was rocked back from the hit to her head. Ida took advantage of her reeling opponent and moved in. The shift had cost her time as she had to fight momentum to move in the opposite direction and her right fist smacked into Zark's cheek, rocking her head as hair flew sideways. She underestimated her opponents ability to recover though as the follow on strike hit glove and Zark closed to put the two bodies in a tight clinch. Ida struggled to get out of the clinch, but it was to no avail as the other Zhen had her tightly bound. The referee soon came in and separated the two before continuing the fight. There wasn't even time for another punch before the bell rang, a clear win for this round for Ida.

With the round over, the two women glared at each other before heading back to their corners, and Ida took note of the swelling that was starting to grow on Zark's left cheek. With a quick douse of water, the bell rang again and the two went at it. Despite the flurry of punches and jabs, little progress was made by either fighter for the next three rounds. Zark blocked most of the hits that Ida sent her way, and Ida did the same as the sound of leather smashing mixed with grunts of exertion. It became a little dicey for the Deputy when in the middle of the fifth round, the two tired fighters had closed with each other and Ida had left her defences slightly too open as she hit Zark's glove , then Zark fired back with a combo that hit both sides of her face before a vicious hook split her forehead and caused blood to begin leaking down her face. The corner man looked displeased when the round was over and Ida inhaled sharply as the cut was sealed. Blood had been spilled, not it was really on.

Going into the sixth round, Ida focused on driving Zark to the ropes by crowding her and firing jabs when necessary to force to dodge, hopefully in the direction she wanted. The other Andorian was wiley to her ways and worked to dodge out of the way and change the direction of the fight. A couple times, Ida almost succeeded, but Zark was dangerous when she felt she was about to become cornered and Ida heard her self grunt as jabs hit her in the head as Zark looked to buy a precious second or two to escape. Finally, she had her though and Ida launched a hook that connected with Zark's side, but while she bent, Zark also seemed to roll with the hit and Ida tried to back off as a punch slammed into the side of her head, followed by another. Ida's vision spangled as an uppercut smashed into her face and she worked to get her arms up to defend herself, but the defence was only partially formed and she grunts of pain escaped her as Zark went for her exposed mid section. Ida oofed loudly as Zark's fifth punch slammed an uppercut into the middle of her belly and the Deputy doubled over as pain lanced her and she fell to her knees and hands. The referee quickly stepped in to push other Andorian back and begin a count. Ida could barely believe it as her body fought to recover. "4...5...6.." Ida heard the ref count as she saw dark blue drops falling to the mat. This galvanized her as she pushed herself up with an effort as her chest heaved with the effort of breathing. When the human referee put her hands together and asked if she could continue, Ida nodded as she saw Zark give her an arrogant smirk that was marred by the bruise on her cheek. More so now, she wanted to win and wipe that smirk off. When the match resumed, Ida just aimed to close and clinch several times. She took hits to her arms, but that worked in her favour as Zark expended energy for little gain.

With the start of the seventh, both Ida and Zark fought cautiously. Zark was waiting for Ida to make a mistake again, while Ida looked for the right opening. Both fighters could feel the bruises snd burn, but Ida's attempts to close with Zark had lulled her into expecting more close in moved and the medic completely missed her uppercut when Ida faked closing in. Zark immediately regretted it as Ida fired a hook that hit the side of her bare belly, another shot knocked Zark's glove aside. Ida shots came in fast, some hitting Zark's gloves, but others slammed into her head, sending her reeling before Ida finished the combo with a powershot into the medic's gut. Zark cried out in shock as she tried to ball up into a smaller target as her back hit the ropes. This was Ida's chance and she fired an uppercut into the weakened Zhen's defences that broke through enough to knock the medic up right in a daze. Ida took a brief moment to grab a breath before she began firing rapid volleys at her opponents head and exposed torso. Zark's head snapped back and forth before Ida repaid Zark in kind and pinioned her stomach with multiple shots. Ida felt her gloved hand sink into her opponents mid section once, twice, three times as she drove breath and stamina from Zark's body. With a yell and a spin, she slammed the fourth punch into the battered belly and a loud cry rang out and the medic grabbed her mid section as she collapsed onto the mat.

That did sound painful and Ida had to wonder if she'd gone too far as that fall didn't sound particularly good either. The ref pushed her away and pointed at a neutral corner. She watched with wary interest as the ref counted, willing the medic to stay down so she could be finished with this fight. All the hoping in the world didn't help though as Zark crawled to her feet and glared defiance at her superior officer through dark blue lips and a dripping nose. When asked to continue, Zark nodded her assent and the ref directed Ida back into the middle. Despite that point, she could feel herself getting tired and it told as both fighters met in the middle with punch drunk sluggishness. The fighters battered away at each other, their defences steadily losing effectiveness. When the bell rang, they both gratefully headed back to their corners for what little rest they could get.

The bell rang for the eighth and the two closed once more. It was no longer about the points, now it was only about who would still be standing and Zark piled into Ida. The two continued to throw punches and haymakers before going in for a clinch as their exhausted bodies came into contact. Ida couldn't get away fast enough as Zark got close and battered away at point blank range. The two Zhen's smeared blood on each other as their cuts flowed freely on each other while their free hands pounded away at whatever targets could be reached. When they did separate, the need to finish the fight at whatever cost took over as jabs gave way to flat out punches to both sides heads and bodies. Heavy breathing was loud in each woman's ear. Each clinch renewed the pained grunts from the others impacts thst echoed an unending point blank slaughter. Dull fire lanced through Ida's worn body from the relentless onslaught as Zark's gloved fists slammed her head and gut while she did the same. The two Andorians hung on and battered away with all they had left, quickly draining the other. When the bell rang and the ref separated the two, both exhausted fighters were separated by the ref and went back with a litany of damage. Both their arms and mid sections had become covered in bruises, while their faces had numerous cuts and one of Zark's eyes was swelled shut.

I've got to finish this, she can't have much more left. Ida thought to herself as she took a drink of water while her chest heaved. The corner man told her to be careful since he didn't know how much the patch to her cheek and nose could take before they started bleeding again. She nodded her understanding before the mouth guard was put back in and the bell rang for round ten. With the final round, Ida kept her focused glare on Zark who seemed to smile back despite her hideous injuries and the Deputy wondered what her opponent was planning. It didn't matter though as she fired a jab and was surprised when Zark's head snapped back from the hit. She hadn't really expected that to work. Zark swung back and she felt a brush of a glove along with the wind as the punches missed. Ida took advantage of the over reach to punish her opponent with shots to the head and mid section. Zark seemed to be weakening quickly now as she swung and missed more as her movements became more and more sluggish with each retaliation. The sound of leather crashing into skin became more and more common as did grunts of pain as Zark absorbed more and more of Ida's vexation. A final straight punch sailed right past Ida's head and the Deputy vented her frustration with a punch that snapped Zark's head to the side with a grunt and sent a spay of blood to the mat. Another followed with a loud oof and sending another blue spray of blood and spittle the opposite way. Zark could barely defend herself as she stood and Ida snapped her opponents head from side to side, then pushed Zark to the ropes in a rage and pummelled her with more shots to the head and gut that sent blood flying in all direction. Her vision was blue with rage as blood covered black gloves caused Zark to yell, grunt, and cry out in pain. Finally an uppercut smashed against Zark's chin and the other Zhen let out an 'urk' as her arms dropped.

Zark was barely conscious as she teetered like a tree then finally her legs gave out and she slid down to the mat. Ida realized what was going on and moved to grab her colleague despite her own injuries screaming in protest as her anger quickly disapated. Ida did her best to gently guide the bloody mess to the ground as she cradled Zark's body. "Zark, why did you do it? You gave up in the last round. Why? This could have ended in a draw. Honour satisfied on both sides. Why?" It took a moment and a couple of swallows of effort before the bloody mess replied. "Becuase you stupid bitch. You're not alone, and you don't have to shoulder all the burdens yourself." It took what Zark had left in her to raise her bloody glove to Ida's face and gently brush her cheek as gave a bloody smile. Ida felt her cheeks rapidly cool as Zark had left a trail of her own blood on the battered Deputy. Ida sat there with Zark in her arms as shebfelt guilty as hell. Whatever had happened, the situation had been handled badly and now they were both bloody and bruised. She sat there and thought about how they'd come to this point. Ida winced as Zark groaned and rolled off the Deputy. She seemed to stay there a moment and her cheek bulged, her tongue exploring the wounds. There was a pause, then Zark snorted and spat out a blue globule. She snorted again and groaned psinfully then let out a quiet. "Fuuuuck." Ida was surprised when Zark got up and settled herself on the ropes. Ida's suspicions that Zark had let her win felt more true as the other Zhen lifted a glove to her nose and wiped away some of the blood, then took a moment to take her gloves off then wiped away some more while hissing from a cut she had on her lips.

Ida snorted at this and a small smile tugged at her own split lips as she also removed her gloves and began exploring her own braekage. "What?" Zark asked as she'd picked up the snort. Ida debated saying nothing but decided to continue since she felt the two of them should have the worst of the bad blood out of their systems. "I was just wondering how we got to this point." She looked at the medic while rubbing her hand under her nose and it came back witha blue smear. "You defintiley had more heat for what I said. So why so defensive? All I asked was to tone it down or be more discreet."

Zark had to think about this and she rolled her head from side to side as she also worked out some muscle strain. "Well, I guess it didn't ring for you, but Inari District has fought a series of wars to not have to conform with the acceptable standard of decorum for the quads. It's a stupid reason to spill blood and tie up the legal system, but we fought for it for so long, that we can't get rid of the urge to defend it." Zark shrugged as she rubbed her cheek while the holographic corner crews came by to attend the two Andorians. "Anyway, I saw it as an attack on a personal freedom the district has fought for, but at the same time, I was getting the feeling, you needed to vent."

Ida shook her head at the combination of misunderstanding and stubborness that had pretty much resulted in a brief and bloody was between the two. One of the corner crew applied a bandage to Zark's head. "I've seen some fights, and that was a brutal one. I think you two oughta go see a doctor and get all a this patched up." Ida didn't like the idea, but was prepared to face the consequences of having their fight on record and she gave the other Zhen a look to see how she felt. Zark caught the look and gave a wan smile. "I could deal with this back in my quarters...." Ida arched an eyebrow as her antennae focused on the medic wondering just how she would deal withe all the trauma, but she didn't seem inclined to explain. "But I'd have to dope myself up to do it and it's not an emergency. Besides, this is just a training session that got out of hand. I could aldo use a little pampering, even from the medical staff." Ida wanted to goggle at Zark, but shook her head in disbelief. "Hedonist." she replied with a grin. "Damn right I am." Zark agreed with a matching blue smeared grin. "You're gonna have to help carry me since I think we're both gonna need help getting to sickbay." Her ardour cooled, Ida slowly crawled over and offered her hand. Zark smiled and reached out to take the help.

Re: Day 19 [2010 hrs] The Stormy Shoals of Andoria

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[Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann (Lt.Ida) | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy]

[12 hours prior]

The lithe Andorian sat on a stool with wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and an apron. In one hand, she held a clear painting palette smeared with various shades of blue, white, black, and an array of other colours. White eye brows were furrowed in concentration as peered passed the easel and canvas at the figure launching an uppercut. There was a fierce power to the movement as Zark leaned in.  Ida stopped what she was doing as she laid her palette and placed the brush on a table that kept another assortment of paints.  Standing up, she took a moment to wipe her forehead  then planted her hands on her hips and walked up to the holographic representation of her colleague.  She frowned as she walked around the bruised but undaunted representation of the combat medic.  Ida took a moment to lean on the outstretched arm and she placed her head against the palm of her hand.

Having Lieutenant Zark's representation here was doable since she was doing a review of the bout between the two of them from the previous day. Ida snorted as she recalled the two bloodied and battered boxers stumbling into sickbay and she'd expected some sort of controlled panic when the medical staff saw them.  The nurses had been concerned, but they also didn't seem to surprised when they saw who was coming in.  The most the pair had gotten was a teasing remark about needing to stop go out and find trouble.  Ida had deduced that the medical staff didn't think she was sleeping with Zark though she did feel there was a trace of concern regarding her fellow Zhen's well being. The two had been sat down as routine out patients and proceeded to be lightly medicated as a couple of doctors were called in to check on the damage.  The general pronouncement had been 'Looks worse than it really is. Dermal regenerators and pain killers.'  The admonition to be more careful seemed a little more pro forma. Ida had nodded her acceptance of the admonition where as Zark had grinned and only promised to try which set her physician to shaking his head in resignation.  Both had been prescribed quarters rest after that and the rest of the day and the day after just to be sure.

While Ida had remained stoic, Zark had flirted shamelessly with Nurse Patterson.  Something along the lines of restoring her beauty for her and Faye.  Patterson had smiled and shook her head at the idea. Ida was about to dress down Zark for doing exactly what had gotten them into this situation till Riley had mentioned that maybe they'd find time soon and she was still owed something from the episode in Enyd's quarters. Ida's mental antennae had quivered from that and she wondered what had transpired in the Chief Diplomat's quarters. After having their breaks and bruises fixed, Ida had gingerly made her way to Zark's biobed. "I should ask if you really ever plan on stop doing that."

Zark merely smiled "You know the answer to that. I've fought for it once.  I'll do it again whether I'm in good shape or not."

Ida looked into the medic's eyes to see if she was bluffing and despite the smile, Zark looked straight into her as if wilfully transmitting her stubborn intent to continue being herself. Ida recognized that she wasn't going to win this one.  It seemed that parts of the crew were very willing participants and seemed happy enough.  She paused for a moment and thought about whether she was being overly stubborn about this.  A few seconds of thought where she regarded the other Zhen, and Ida decided to table the discussion about it for another day.

The Deputy shook her head. "We'll have to resume this discussion another time as I need to think about it."  Zark narrowed her eyes speculatively at what there was to think about, but wasn't going to force the issue and shrugged. "Okay, you know where to find me."   Patterson came by and shooed Ida back to her bed then gripped Zark's head. "Now hold still." she told the medic as the dermal regenerator went to smooth and clean the bruises and cuts.

After resting and sleeping the rest of the day off, she'd become somewhat restless. She'd tried going to the Arboretum for some peace, and find something to eat. She needed the work or something to do. That had led her to the holodeck to review the fight itself.  If nothing else, it would give her a better understanding of how the medic fought and what were her own deficiencies in combat. She'd remained clinical through the review, taking notes on times when the other Zhen had gotten through her defences and other times she'd gotten through Zark's.  It proved enlightening how Zark was able to provide apparent openings to her minds eye in the heat of battle that turned out to be little more than bait and the memory of the hits she'd taken echoed faintly as she'd watched her holographic avatar take an beating.  The medic had a better grasp of strategy than she thought as they'd worn each other down to the point of the brutal slug fest at the end where both fighters were too exhausted to do much beyond clinch and hammer at each other.  Ida frowned at the eighth round as she called up a computer program that was used to model performance and she ran the power numbers from the sixth round versus the eighth both herself and Zark.  Her antennae had shot up straight at that point when it showed that while her own numbers had held somewhat steady with a slight increase, Zark's had done the same to a higher degree. Ida snorted and shook her head and disbelief when she realized she'd actually been taking a worse beating, and it fed her conclusion that the other Zhen was far tougher than expected and the lack of interaction had led her to badly underestimate the soft looking medic.

When she'd finished taking all her notes, the Deputy had taken a moment to consider the paused visage of the medic as she'd headed back to her corner.  Despite the damage, the statuesue woman still carried herself with a dancer's grace and it looked like she spent all her time walking in a fashion show.  Ida was pretty sure if Zark was wearing high heels, she'd have one leg in front of the other regardless like she really was on a runway.  This thought caused Ida to lean her head to one side as it proved illuminating about Zark's personality.  Echoing many people who'd known the other medic in the past, Zark was hot, knew it and lived it.  It was natural to her personality and she wouldn't give it up for anyone.

The artist in Ida was fascinated at the possibilities presented for paint on canvas as she walked around the hologram a couple of times before settling in front of Zark and crossed her arms under chest in contemplation.  It was interesting in a way as they were both part of the same sub species, yet Zark had managed to become much more well endowed than she did.  Quite the trick of genetics. The irony elicited a chuckle to herself before she settled on trying to capture the combination of power and beauty that Zark represented. Had anyone else talked to Ida about it, they would have said the same thing about her, but her cold demeanour tended to scare people off from doing that.

"Computer, reset to start of fourth round, display XamotZark only." The computer beeped and the Andorian's disappeared to be reset in their corners.  "Computer, resume play back, triple speed."  Zark moved quickly and gracefully as she bounced around the ring, weaving and dodging.  Ida paid close attention for that right moment. "Slow to normal speed"   The medic abruptly slowed down as she bounced from side to side.  Then like a viper, she moved.  A combo of a double jab from the right glove had missed as had the uppercut from the left. Ida had taken advantage of that to hit Zark in the side of her exposed midriff a couple of times.  Zark had bent with each blow before Ida's last hit for the head had been blocked and the Deputy had surprisingly taken a hit on the counter.

"Computer, pause."  Zark paused mid punch and Ida considered the perspective for a moment before cycling back and forth at 1/16th speed.  When she had the pose right, Ida summoned her painting setup and deleted everything else.  The result would go into a secure file, or would be deleted altogether, it's impression to live on in her excellent memory. 

Which was how Ida now found herself leaning on a holographic Zark's arm as she considered the painting in her mind's eye.  Ida had few delusions about herself.  One couldn't go through combat and expect to survive if they had too many clouding their judgement and her mind went back to the eighth round.  That was the kicker of the situation that she'd found herself in.  Andorian's didn't really sweat a whole lot.  Water loss could be fatal on the frozen moon.  That didn't mean though that they didn't emit anything and Ida was quite sure that the same genetic lottery that had given Zark her figure, also probably caused the other woman to emit more pheromones than usual. It could explain the semi-distracted and aggressive stance she'd had during the encounter.

Without sending her for a medical check, it was only a guess, but if it was true, Ida was glad that most other species weren't affected by it. Herself on the other hand, and the thought paused as she sighed before getting off the holographic statue and heading back to her canvas. She considered the painting momentarily as she looked back and forth.  The painting seemed to convey that grace and beauty, but with a contradictory softness to the painting combined with the energy, the passion of the movements.  Her mind considered the painting and a part of her was surprised at how quickly it was all coming together.  Maybe she'd been more inspired than she though and perhaps Zark knew what she was talking about when she'd smeared her own blood over Ida's cheek.

Grabbing a brush, she dabbled half of it into a jar of white and put the content on the palette. Some blues and greys and the mixture was combined.  A touch of yellow followed and a clean brush was summoned to blend everything together.  Stopping to think about the placement for a moment, Ida's hand tensed as she saw the spot and flung the combination at Zark's hair.  The comet splatter added motion and movement to the painting.  She leaned in closer the painting and flicked the brush a few more times at the outline of the arms and legs adding energy and zest to the dance.  A light sprinkling around the torso and shoulders finished the movement and Ida stepped back from the work of art. There was just something missing and the painter took a small brush to touch up the eyes with the blue fire she'd seen.

Ida stepped back from the painting, satisfied with what she saw for the moment. Then stopped and realized what she'd done. She'd just taken the time and effort to create an impression of her colleague and subordinate.  It was something she'd poured her heart and mind into and it had taken form. This revelation caused some consternation as it was the very thing she'd been seeking to avoid, but the fight and the pent up emotion had poured out and she had to take a seat as she regarded the paint on canvas.

Ida was honest enough to look at the conflicting emotions of the swirled inside her as her eye traced the fury and the curves present in front of her.  Was she in love? It was possible though she didn't really think that Zark was her type. If she really had one. There was no heart going a flutter in her though. Then again, she hadn't really met anyone that had really affected her that way, so likely wasn't that. Were they friends? Maybe not at the moment since their most intense interaction to date had been to beat each other senseless. Ida inhaled deeply and her mouth opened in a silent gasp as she'd placed a hand between her legs while thinking and the fingers seemed to move of their own accord, pressing through the thin fabric of her leggings against her sex, and she was overcome with an unusual sense of confusion. At the very least, it seemed like she was in lust for the other Zhen.  Ida let out a frustrated gasp as forced her hand away and laid it on her thigh instead to continue thinking.  Her antennae were writhing and she was acutely aware of the movement on her head.  Maybe there was something to the theory of the unusually strong and seductive pheromones Zark was putting out.  Ida shook her head at how ridiculous that sounded and dismissed it again. 

Which still left her in a state of aroused frustration.  She was on the holodeck and there was still time on her session.  Maybe she could come up with something to vent her frustration.  Surprisingly the idea didn't appeal to her since she knew what the source of the problem was and maybe the only solution.  Ida's psyche warred with itself as she weighed the pros and cons of what amounted to fucking a subordinate.  There were so many problems with her train of thought.  Would she begin to play favourites with the other Andorian?  Would Zark take advantage of the situation?  Could she order Zark to her death if necessary after something like that? She pondered this for a few moments more then decided, against her better judgment, that there was only one way to really find that out. "Computer, what is the location of Lieutenant zh'Ptrell?" The computer beeped.  "Lieutenant zh'Ptrell is in her quarters." Ida nodded at this and made another decision she normally wouldn't make. "Save and end session, arch." The computer beeped and the world disappeared like sands of grain being blown away leaving the exit nearby.  Steeling herself, Ida made her way back into the ship didn't notice as the holographic paint disappeared as she went through the threshold.

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[Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann (Ida or Lt. zh'Wann) | Outside XamotZark zh’Ptrell's Quarters | Deck 8 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy]

Whatever qualms Ida had about making her way to Zark's quarters, she kept them carefully hidden behind her professional mask.  It was certainly all over the ship by now that her and the medic had gotten into it and they'd both come out badly.  The last round had been a doozy for the other Zhen and that had necessitated a few more hours in sickbay making sure no permanent damage had been done from the battering she'd taken.  Maybe she'd been let off lightly the Deputy had thought to herself as there hadn't been a lot of cuts and bruises to clean up that would mar her severe beauty.  The fact that the medic still managed to retain that sense of fatale allure spoke volumes about the capabilities of the medical staff.  Even bloody and bruised, she still had enough charm to almost get one of the nurses to make a fool of herself in public. It was almost as if the other Zhen had some sort of strange telepathic power that was mind altering to the members of the crew she chose to apply her attention to.  Ida mulled the issue a bit further and her lips twisted as she considered the possibility that Zark was just so open with who she was that everyone else couldn't help but be infected by whatever version of enthusiasm she chose to project at that moment.  And whatever she was feeling didn't seem to bother her in the slightest as to what others thought.  At least not that the Deputy could see yet.

Reaching her destination, Ida got ready to press the chime when her ears perked up as she was positive she heard singing coming through the door.  Quite aware she was going to look like a peeper, she nonetheless placed her ear close to the door and the unusual placement of her antennae made it easier for them to lean against the door.  Ida's mind mentally perked as she heard a tender and forlorn melody pass through the doors.  It was hard to hear all the exact wording even though it was definitely Federation Standard, but heavily accented in a way she wasn't familiar with.  "Who shall say that fortune grieves him. While the star of hope she leaves him."  It felt haunting that someone so vibrant would sing in such a melancholic tone and Ida briefly wondered if she should find another time to visit, but she'd made the trip and she needed to come to some sort of agreement with Zark if they were to function effectively.  Taking a step back from the door, she took a mental breath and pressed the chime without any hesitation.

THe singing stopped and there was a brief hesitation.  "Sorry, can you hear my singing again in the hallway?"  Apparently the door's weren't enough to contain Zark's gleeful abandon with her pursuits.  "It's.....Ida and no Zark.  It's not that."  This time there was a longer pause.  "May I come in?"  The Deputy inquired, accutley aware she had been left standing outside a door.  Another pause.  If she had to guess, the resident had just given off a curse of some sort, but then the door whooshed open and Zark stood there in all her casual glory; a silk tank top with nothing underneath apparently as small bulges protruded from her chest and, a pair of panties. It must have been the Zhen in her since there was a lot to appreciate despite the blank granite look on the scantily dressed Andorian's face.  The look was so blank that she simply stepped aside with a curt  "Come in."  It was the coldest expression she'd heard from the other Andorian so far.  Ida needed to buy time while figuring out what to say so she took a look around the quarters to get a sense of her subordinates personality.  One wall was dedicated to music as it held the strange instrument with a tartan coloured bag that had produced the skirl when the ship had last had a memorial ceremony.  There were other types of tube based instruments that looked far less complex, but no less ornatley crafted.  Another wall was dedicated to the martial arts.  There were a pair of crossed swords of different makes along with a much shorter one underneath.  Ida's eyebrows rose at seeing a pair of crossed ushaan-tor's underneath.  Surprisingly, there was a lethal piece of alloy racked on an angle next to the door.  It took a moment for the Deputy to search her memory and her head cocked as she remembered that it was a weapon that predated the humans adoption of the phaser.  If memory served correctly, it was an old fashioned but no less lethal particle rifle used by the MACOs of old.  Below it was the shortened carbine version of a chemical projectile rifle from Andoria.  Power packs, magazines, and an honest to goodness bayonet were hanging on pins nearby.  Ida pointed at the weapon as her curiosity got the better of her. "I'm surprised you have these. Usually don't see them outside a museum.  Do the rifles work?"

[Lieutenant (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Zark or Lt. zh’Ptrell)]

The somewhat stiff medic had indeed been singing while on her enforced quarters rest.  She wasn't the greatest and would never have made it as a performer.  Maybe should would have qualified for a street performer, but that would have been good way to get ignored.  When the door chime had gone off, the background music had paused and she'd been curious as to who was at her door.  Finding out it was the Security exec was a situation that wasn't designed to thrill her since they were still on shaky ground with each other.  Still, she couldn't be rude for no apparent reason, so in the other Andorian had come.  She'd been expecting the worst, another round to try to stifle her interactions with the rest of the crew, so the question about the MACO rifle and the carbine in her quarters came as a surprise and it showed as she blinked.  "Uh..Yeah.  I had Marika, Lieutenant Kala make it for me when we were working on a different project.  We tested them on the security range and they work according to spec.  Well, the new specs at any rate."

Zark decided to tactfully leave out the awkward attempt by the blonde Bajoran to try to parse out what had happened on Brestant.  Zark was sure they'd managed to figure out that they didn't have a clue what had happened, but there had been an unresolved tension, like they'd both missed out on something.  Zark didn't know why that urge had been so strong, but she'd given in and subtly guided Marika through the process of charming her panties off anyway, then showed her what she was supposed to do.  The Bajoran trying to sneak out the morning after had been cute, but Zark didn't let the blonde get away with it.  Zark shook her head at this memory.  The muse of what would happen if Faye got her hands on the engineer produced a slight smile.  At least she wouldn't be totally lost with the sensual brunette.  "We were looking at the specs for ideas on some equipment and the particle rifle the MACOs used was one of the emitter systems that made the short list for the deployable turret.  It's a robust and simple system, but we rejected it because it didn't have a reliable stun setting and the particle drift was causing a few issues with accuracy."

Lieutenant zh'Wann must have picked up on the smile since her eyes narrowed.  Feeling were still a little raw, so the two Andorians were paying closer attention to each other's body language and a sense of dread descended on Zark.  The Deputy nodded at this, having read report on the turrets creation. "Interesting, how did you overcome the accuracy issue?  Whatever relief Zark felt at the continuation of the topic, she had a feeling it was going to be momentary. "We swapped out the particle beam system for a phaser system.  The latest generation rifles are a lot more compact, so the entire emitter assembly fit inside.  It actually is a bit smaller, so Marika had to fill out the empty spaces.  She added cooling systems and structural support."  The medico shrugged. "It's not as accurate, but it's more compact, so maybe better for ship board use. I'm part way through a report on the development."  Ida turned to regard the new rifle once more then turned to Zark and held her hand out at it palm up in inquiry. "May I?" Zark grinned and shrugged. "Uhmm, Sure, go ahead."  Ida thanked Zark as she gently picked up the rifle off the shelf and began turning it around, the shouldered it. "There's a button by the thumb...."  Ida hit the button and the integral scope popped out.  She began twisting the grip and her eyes squinted.  Zark noticed the light on her eye changed with each mode change from Infrared, Thermal, gravimetric, and subspace.  Pulling the rifle away, Ida deactivated the systems and swung it around a few time.  "An interesting piece of kit.  It's good to know you're going to be well prepared in your quarters if we have to repel boarders again."  Zark grinned at this and gave a shy shrug of acceptance of the compliment. "Always hope it doesn't come to that."

Ida nodded her agreement with the sentiment. "You do have quite the talent Zark." The medico tilted her head.  "For what?" Ida chuckled. "Getting people do help you or do what you ask of them."  Zark remained silent since she didn't know where this was going. "Your have a magnetism to you that seems to easily permeate people's subconscious and make your suggestions go deeper for acceptability."  Zark grinned at this. "And you're wondering how if I have some sort of telepathic hold over everyone?" Zark's grin turned predatory as she planted her hands on her hips and slowly sauntered towards the Deputy. "Or was there something you need help with?" The curvaceous Zhen asked in an innocent voice that was steeped in lust as a hand came off the well shaped thigh and reached up.

[Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann (Ida or Lt. zh'Wann)

Ida knew she was finished as soon as Zark asked the question.  She could see the sex appeal oozing off Zark’s body. It was in the way she dipped her head, showing the siren call of her eyes. The way of her chest and the exposed cleavage swayed from side to side. She tried looking down to get away from those sultry molten emerald and sapphire eyes, and was treated to a pair of perfectly undulating legs that stepped one in front of the other. Ida tried to back up, but the other Zhen's arm reached passed her and pressed the button on the lock. One Zhen noticed how the other's chest seemed to heave as her breathing deepened, but the sound seemed disjointed and louder. It was the awareness that her own breathing had joined Zark's as a wave of desire rolled over her. A weak "No" escaped Ida's lips, but they were lost in sounds of want and need.

A hand placed itself on her cheek and the brush was electric. The Deputy's hand shot up and gripped the wrist as she stared into those eyes that seemed to sparkle from the inside and she saw no fear in them, no worries, no second thoughts. Only and intense focus on her. Ida felt herself fall into the abyss as she reached around Zark's neck and pulled her in for a deep kiss.

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[Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann (Ida or Lt. zh'Wann) & Lieutenant (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Zark or Lt. zh’Ptrell) | XamotZark zh’Ptrell's Quarters | Deck 8 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy]

Eyes closing and lips locking was all that could be consciously decided on as the two Zhen's mashed themselves together.  A frantic struggle soon took place as arms began reaching for hem lines while the two worked to keep themselves touching each other and simply absorbing the moment.  Zark being the junior of the two went ahead and pulled back first so she could have her shirt pulled off exposing her larger orbs to air, and her nipples tried to harden further as they were exposed to the cool air.  The shirt quickly flew away as Zark tossed it carelessly to the ground, letting her chest swing side to side. Ida paused as she took in the sight and breathed for a moment before giving a small smile as she reached up to feel them, the paused.  Zark understood the hesitancy since it was still Ida she was dealing with and her long elegant hands reached down gently and took them in her own. Neither broke eye contact with the other as Zark smiled to Ida and placed the other blue hands under her own mounts.  Thumbs pushed other thumbs into position over pert and small nipples causing the topless woman to inhale with delight while Ida seemed to be locked in a trance as her own thumbs began to move of their own accord. Ida felt arms go around as her own arms were pressed against the soft warm flesh.  She was totally trapped now as the other Zhen's mouth opened slightly while her breathing got heavier. She felt the caress of hands tracing the way down her back as they reached for her shirt and were given a slight tug before they came up.  She had to stop rubbing when the shirt blinded her and came over her head, and arms moved upward to give them easy access to leave her body.  There was a slight pause, as more material was gathered, and Ida felt her bra slide up with the rest of her shirt.  Zark apparently had many experiences for the ability to remove a shirt and a bra at the same time seemed to come easily Ida thought to herself as as the ruffle of soft material ended and both white manes were now ruffled and more messy.

Zark took a moment to appreciate the well toned shape in front of her.  She was bit broader, but not as large as she was.  That brought all sort of other possibilities to mind as Zark tossed the shirt away and the two topless women came together once more.  It was all heat, wet, and moans as Ida pushed Zark towards the bed and the two yelped as they collapsed midstep with Ida crushing Zark underneath her.  There was a pause as the two were momentarily separated that stretched out while they tried to figure if this was going to stop them, then Zark giggled and wrapped her arms around the other Zhen and pulled her in. Zark buried Ida's head in her outstretched neck offering it to the other woman and it was gladly accepted as the soft sucking sound of kisses were planted along the long blue neck and the bustier Zhen responded appropriately with moans of delight as she felt Ida gently brush her way up.  Ida let out her own gasp of desire that travelled through the kisses as their chests brushed against each other, adding her own sensual pleasure to the encounter.  It was a bit of surprise then when she felt a hand trace its way down her taught belly and deftly slip past her waist band. It had been a while and Ida paused once more as the hand travelled further down along her waist line, a brushing along her pelvis, a slight detour along her thighs, but doubt about its final destination as she sucked in air while laying her forehead against Zark's neck. The other Zhen might have been on the bottom physically, but she was very much in control as a jolt of pleasure quickly spread its way through her body as experienced fingers first gently brushed her clit, then began to massage her hidden folds. Ida's breathing became heavier as the sensations started to take over her mind and a moan of delight escaped her when a finger entered her and the massaging of her sex became an exercise in her pleasure. She reveled in the sensations and the releasing of tension as endorphins began to flood her brain as the expert Zhen played her like a musical instrument and her moans of desire was the music of the performance.

There was a slight pause that elicited a mewl of protest, but then Zark rolled her over and Ida was on her back with her hair splayed out while her chest gently rose and fell.  Zark planted a kiss on Ida's lips and gently bit her lower lip before descending towards her waist, planting addional kisses along her path. When she reached the interfering shorts, she gently gripped the waist band and pulled them off leaving a bare crotch exposed and Ida let out a gasp as cool air rushed onto her warm loins. There was a brief moment of consideration, punctuated by a short giggle, then the finger returned, massaging, pressing, and kneading Ida's cerulean folds and her head turned sideways as another moan of delight was teased out of her. Hands lay flat out on the crumpling sheets as hips began to move in unison with the fingers that were teasing her.  It was just so different from her own fingers, and any toys.  There was total delight in the unpredictable.  Even more so when the fingers stopped, and Ida could feel both hands grip her thighs. No words were exchanged except a moment to let Ida suck in some more air before Zark brought her head to the warm sex and her tongue went to work, lapping, licking, and pushing aside the pleasure centres.

It was all a mass of confused sensations, moaning, groaning, and wet sounds to Ida after that. Her head rolled to one side, then another. Zark's flat sheets became wrinkled balls in Ida's grip. There was a moment of her sitting up and practically stuffing Zark's head into her crotch as she yelled encouragement to which Zark responded with renewed vigour.  Ida didn't know how long the stimulation continued, and all she knew was that she didn't want it to end, and she wanted that final release as well. Ida came hard as the released waves of pleasure smashed their way through her nervous system and she let out a hard. "Nggghhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!" as she threw her head back and her legs clamped down on Zark's arms.  The medicos had sensed the impending orgasm and had manoeuvred her own arms in the way to avoid having Ida try to turn her head into blueberry jam.

It had been a long while for Ida since she'd had a rocketing violent orgasm of that intensity and her body slammed into the bed as her biology worked to rebalance it's internal chemistry. Ida breathed hard while this was going on and her chest rapidly heaved as she sucked air back in at a furious rate. She felt like jelly while her brain tried to pack itself back into her head while she lay there.  She knew she should say something, but her mind was far too addled to think of anything.  When some semblance of coherency returned, Ida managed to croak out. "Some water please."  She remembered she had eyes at this point and looked to see Zark standing at her replicator, magically in the nude and she turned to smile and nod. "A glass of cold water." she repeated and the alcove glowed with the requested beverage. Ida just lay there with a silly grin on her face, spread eagle on the bed, processing what had just happened. Instead of giving the glass of water to Ida though, Zark laid it on the side table for when she was ready and chirped happily. "Ready for round 2?"  Ida lifted her head off the pillow and stared in wonder as Zark casually twirled a double ended dildo in her hands and Ida could only offer a tenuous "uhmmm, well..."   That was enough for Zark who climbed onto Ida and gently inserted one tip into the still prone Andorian's sex.  Ida inhaled sharply as she felt the silicone fill her, then watched fascinated as Zark climbed on top and guided the other end into herself. She gently exhaled as the tip penetrated her own sex and she let herself sink onto all of it before smiling and offering in a husky voice. "Don't you worry, just relax and I'll take it from here."   As Zark thrust her hips, Ida's eyes closed and she moaned, a sound that was soon muffled as Zark leaned over and kissed Ida once more.

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[Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann (Ida or Lt. zh'Wann) & Lieutenant (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Zark or Lt. zh’Ptrell) | XamotZark zh’Ptrell's Quarters | Deck 8 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy]

Ida had woken suddenly.  It had taken her a few moments to realize she wasn't in her usual sleeping position, and if anything, it seemed far more comfortable than she was used to.  Her eyes looked around and saw the differences in the quarters she was in, and she looked for a chrono of any sort.  A simple digital display was on the side table. 0420.  She'd slept quite a bit.  A pair of soft potrusions pushed into her back and they were accompanied by a warm weight that was trying to mesh with the rest of her body.  A quiet gasp escaped her lips as a hand draped over her chest moved and brushed her nipples.  As she'd demonstrated the night before, she wasn't a prude or afraid of being seen naked, but this was an unusual situation as a flood of memories and mostly remembered sensations returned to her.  She tried to move away from the hand, but the soft arms were strong and they club tighter as she heard a moan of a wakefulness starting to penetrate the haze of sleep behind her.

The Deputy really could have tried to get away, but after doing so much to relieve each other's tension, it seemed rude to be so forceful. So, she tried to squirm her way out.  Something pressed into her hair suddenly and a warm whisper into her hear caused the Zhen to involuntarily shiver, and it wasn't in fear at all. "Uh uh, leaving before the host is ready to see you off is rude Lieutenant Sir."  Zark whispered breathily. "And besides, I can smell it, you're not ready to go yet."  Ida froze at this and for a brief moment, she considered telling the other Zhen that she didn't know what she was talking about, then the hand on her chest began gently squeezing and brushing her chest once more and a quiet gasp of delight escaped her. Another questing hand managed to snake under her hip and between her legs to which she tried to close, but she didn't try too hard, and delicate fingers began to tease her nethers once more and Ida this time let out a louder moan of pleasure as Zark worked her sensual magic once more.


The chrono now read 0515 and the two Zhen's sat beside each other on the couch.  The only things they were wearing was a steaming cup of Ketheka in their hands.  Both sets of white hair were definitely a mess, yet there was a happy ease with the nakedness of each other.  Zark sipped daintily at her drink while Ida held her mug and stared at the wall for a moment.  The medic let the Deputy have her quiet time.  There was a lot of process having gone from professional separation to antagonism to passion.  She felt she could see the process being worked out in Ida's head.  What were they after all? As if reading Zark's thoughts, Ida decided to voice them. "So where does this leave us? You know the problem now Zark?"  The question's recipient hid her sigh behind a sip, then nodded. "Would I be as willing to risk your life for the mission as readily since you're definitely more than a subordinate?" 

Zark shrugged. "Maybe.  On the other hand, I don't see you changing  how you operate just on my account.  At the end of the day, I'm just as expendable as everyone else if the situation calls for it."  Ida stared at the medic since she'd voiced the one aspect of their profession that wasn't readily admitted to.  On the other hand, Zark had given tacit agreement to Ida doing whatever was necessary to get the job done, and she agreed that Zark shouldn't be shown any special favour.

That bond was there though, and Ida still felt a little odd about it.  It was a new situation, and a new normal for her.  It showed as she turned her head towards the wall once more, deep in thought as her mind worked out the what ifs of how they were going to work together from now on.  Zark took it all in stride as she sipped her drink, then picked up a piece of flat bread and munched on it.  "Here's some unsolicited advice.  I wouldn't worry about it too much.  If anything, now we can trust each other more and we'll be seeing more of each other."  Ida looked at Zark suspiciously, seeing what hidden meanings the naked medic was implying. "Now we can actually get into fights, and next time I won't go easy on you."  Ida wasn't sure someone should be making light of such a conundrum, but she snorted her amusement as she took another sip. At least it helped break the tension of her own thoughts. "Riiiiight.  Easy on me.  Sure. Well, you're welcome to try."  Zark smiled back happily at the challenge and she raised her mug in the middle between them. "Oh, you can count on it boss."  To that, Ida nodded, grinned and a pair of mugs clanked in the morning.


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