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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) |  Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree @rae @P.C. Haring @BipSpoon @Auctor Lucan @ob2lander961

The being colloquially known as Zark twirled around and ended up in the arms of another, much dirtier, Andorian and she continued to move in drunken circles.  She began to hum, but stopped when Nysari asked her who she thought the Zhen was.  Zark gave a glass eyed smile as she pulled the other Zhen in. "Everyone knows Nysari!  Slayer of giant lizards using the word sword to strike down the evil darkness."  Zark tapped Nysari on the nose. "Don't you know who she is?  She's over there."  Zark waved in the vague direction of V-Nine. 

A riotous laughing drew the Andorian's attention.  "Oh how, cute.  A little goblin." Zark exclaimed as she watched the small dark haired woman seemed to dance with joy. "Ow!" Zark exclaimed when her nose was grabbed by Via. "Oh Noeth!  Hand that back you voul beatht!"  The drugged Andorian couldn't grab at the multiple apparitions of the Wolf that her brain insisted on producing and her arms flailed wildly.  When Via pretended to drop the 'nose', Zark wailed and bent over to try to grab her schnoz off the ground.  Bending over was not supposed to be a problem, but in her current state, her arms went wide searching for any thing to grip on.

It was long and silky, and it would do as her hand clamped down on Reika's head and Zark used her strength to pull herself up unsteadily.  Hair was not the best way to get oneself back up, and the Zhen was startled when the Shen began yelling.  Her grip let go for a moment, but she was bent over and continued forward, her hands automatically searching for purchase again anywhere.  A bundle of cloth suddenly ended up in her hands and she pulled hard, but it wasn't enough to get her up.  This total imbalance compounded when Zark's own feet got tangled and she face planted onto the ground between a pair of biobeds.  Looking utterly confused at being on the ground, the fallen Andorian tried to get up, but fell again.  She soon noticed the hospital gown in her hand and giggled at it.  "Weeee!! Pillow!"  The Zhen squealed as she bunched the hospital gown up and under her head and looked up with a smile, then started giggling at the tanned naked human standing over her.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Hathev| Recovery ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @rae  @BipSpoon  @Dree  @ob2lander961  @Auctor Lucan  @RyeTanker

For her part, Hathev had tried to keep her focus on Reika while the medical staff moved between the two groups of patients.  However, when it became apparent that Zark was having a less than ideal reaction to the medication she had been administered, it also became painfully obvious that no, Hathev would not be able to focus solely on her patent.

For all of their bluster, some of which went back to before the founding of the Federation, Hathev had found Andorians to be quite a fast moving and passionate species.  She did not harbor the distrust of the Andorians that her ancestors had, but even so she understood why their society had once been adversarial with her own.  And as she found herself bumped out of her seat, she began to wonder if such...concerns...would still persist had it not been for the Humans. 

That, however, was neither here nor there as a stoned Zark was attempting to dance with an injured Reika who had herself only gotten out of her bed to help Zark back to hers.  Neither of them were in any condition to be dancing much less standing and yet the two women were, for all intents and purposes, using each other to hold themselves upright. For the briefest of moments, Hathev considered utilizing a nerve pinch on Zark to subdue her, but quickly concluded that such an effort would be an excessive and unnecessary use of force.  And then Zark proceeded to lose her balance. 

Hathev lunged for the Andorian, intent on wrapping her arm around the woman's waist to support her, but Zark's fall... both of them...were too fast for her to close the distance in time.  So, instead she placed her hands on Reika's upper arms, gently but forcefully guiding her back to her own Biobed and when she was certain that Reika was able to at least put her hands down to lean on the bed, the Vulcan moved past her and reached down for Zark, wrapping her arm around the drugged womans waist, as she had originally intended, and gently using her strength to lift the fallen officer off the floor.

"I think the dance is over for now.  Shall we get you back to bed so you can rest?"

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| Lt. Reika Sh'laan |  Recovery ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan   @P.C. Haring  @rae   @RyeTanker   @ob2lander961

Feeling a strong grasp on her arm, Reika used what strength was returning to her limbs adding to the support she was given by the Vulcan to help herself up.   As she stood, she saw the Zhen still sprawled out on the floor with a - now - naked, not bad looking, and agitated human standing beside her. 

The Zhen fluffed the gown of the human and laid it under her head, having decided her biobed was now in the middle of the floor.  The funny part was that she looked even more comfortable there then she did on her own bed minutes before. Part of Reika felt sorry for her blue compatriot.  Part of her wanted to laugh at the hilarity of the situation because - let’s face it - it was hilarious.

But then she was escorted back to her bed by the counselor until she was able to support herself.  She pressed her palms against the edge to keep herself in an upright position.  She turned around and leaned against the biobed while continuing to watch as the Vulcan tried - at best - to escort the Zhen to her own bed. 

Instead of climbing back up, watching and laughing was more the order of the day.  And laughter, as they say, was good medicine.   With her feet both figuratively and physically under her, the Shen made her way back over to pick up the ‘pillow’ and held it back out to the almost black-haired human.  “What’s your name?” she asked while continuing to watch the continued hilarity ensue.
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Re: Day 16 [1300 hrs] Upon Waking

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Recovery ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker @Dree @P.C. Haring @ob2lander961 @Auctor Lucan

“I am vehemently opposed to slaying anything, including dragons, even with words,” she replied, amused. She’d chosen to believe Zark was referring to the great lizards of legend, though on some planets they were quite real. It was a better choice than thinking of other reptiloid species, some of which were serving on the Theurgy at present. “Given V-Nine’s profession, I’m certain she is as well.”

Then their dance was over and Zark found her way back to the ground, though not without trying to take Reika and Via down with her. “She could really use some medication right now,” she mentioned to no one in particular, though surely there were enough medical officers in here that one of them had to be working on it. Probably still rooting out the cause of Zark’s bizarre reaction.

To preserve the young pilot’s modesty, Nysari averted her eyes from the now naked Via. From what she’d seen, the human didn’t seem like one who would care, but better safe than sorry. Instead, she joined Hathev’s efforts, taking a position on Zark’s other side once the counselor had her standing again. “Alternatively, there are plenty of fun things you can do from the biobed.” Until the doctors had a solution, Nysari didn’t see rest being something Zark would agree to. But if phrased correctly, there was a way to make everyone happy. “We can play a game.”

A glance back at the other two patients showed that they were none the worse for wear, so Nysari decided to keep her focus on Zark.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) |  Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree @rae @P.C. Haring @BipSpoon @Auctor Lucan @ob2lander961

The being that looked like Zark floated along with the guiding hand of the Hathev and Nysari back to her biobed.  She smiled as her eyes seemed to focus for a moment, then go vacant as she looked between the two people.  Overall, she seemed mystifyingly happy to the point where she bounced a long a couple of times and ended up flashing Reika and Via in the process.  Still, she was biddable, especially when Nysari proposed that they play a game.  "Oooh Ooh!  Nysi?!  Can I play with this one?" and the bouncing drugged out Zhen pointed a finger that almost touched the tip of Commander Hathev's nose.

"Hathev and uhmmm, Nysi? Whatever. Keep her on the bed."  Came a call from a wall panel as Dr. Rez scanned the readouts that the biobeds sensors began to feed to her.

"Look at her hair!  It's so dark and shiny!" Zark called out to no one in particular as her unfocused eyes traced the Vulcan's mane.  The Andorian's hands gently loosened a dual bundle of strands, completely oblivious to the head psychiatrists obvious discomfort at being handled by a stranger.  Humming a well known folk tune that was well known across Andoria, Zark began to braid the the dark tresses together. "Hey! Nysi, can you braid my hair please??  I wanna look purddy like the Miss is gonna look."

"What the hell?  That makes no sense! Shut up Jona!  I know it's Axonol!" Doc Rez called out in frustration.

Zark turned her hollow gaze on Hathev and cocked her head to the side as she seemed to stare through the Vulcan's head instead of at the Counsellor and frowned.  "Hey! Nysi.  What's going on the crazy blonde lady? She's making missy here upset.  She doesn't smile while we're playin purddy!"

"Aw shit.  Crap! Crap! Crap!" Doc Rez called out in alarm.

Zark's hands let go of Hathev's hair and exploded upward, flinging the hair aside, as her fingers reached for the ceiling.  "I know what makes miss grumpy lady happy!"  The Andorian's legs kicked out and pulled Hathev in while her arms wrapped themselves around the Vulcan's back.  Zark's head darted in and placed a big ole smooch on the Chief Counsellors lips.  Doctor Rez came running back to the bed in a hurry as she rushed to load a vial into a hypospray then forcefully jammed a device into Zark's exposed neck and depressed the dispenser.  There was a hiss and Zark backed off in confusion, then let go as her eyes glazed over and closed.  "Grab her!"  Doctor Rez commanded as they guided the stoned Zhen back onto the biobed.

"I've never seen that reaction before.  Let me run a few more tests, but I think I have an idea of what happened."  Doctor Rez told the others in a slightly less stressed tone as she turned back to the console to keep examining her readings.

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| Lt. Reika Sh'laan |  Recovery ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan   @P.C. Haring  @rae   @RyeTanker   @ob2lander961

Reika slowly lifted herself back onto her biobed as Rez headed over to treat the other Andorian.  Reika searched for her name … Zark ….What did she call the other Zhen? Nissi? 

Somehow the entire play between the other two Andorian women made Reika interested to get to know them - especially Zark.  Was she always this crazy cause crazy was something that she had very little of in her life.  And with this new chance that she had, maybe she needed a little more crazy.  She’d have to look Zark up … but maybe not until she was sober.  Somehow a drugged up Zark intimidated her immensely. 

While she waited for Rez or V-Nine to show back up, she decided to examine the extent of the scars she inherited.  The ones on her arms were easily visible, but it wasn’t just her arms that felt different.    While everyone was focused on Zark, Reika slowly hoisted the side of her gown up her thigh, underneath, her skin was just as puckered, bumpy and hard as it was on her arm.  Following the blemish up thigh, she manuevered herself around so that she had the least chance of flashing anyone and instead covered as much of her back as she could with one side of the gown and pulled one side of it to her side to examine the skin there.  It looked and felt just like her leg. 

Not the end of the world she told herself.  You’re here, breathing, living again.  S’not going to matter.  But catching a glimmer of movement out of the corner of her eye, she hurriedly lowered her gown again. 

But doing her best to brush her meloncholy aside, she listened to the conversation and watched the hilarity as it continued to ensue at the other end of the room.  But the more active of her Andorian counterparts was not going to be easily subdued.  And shortly after being helped back to her own biobed, she planted a wet slobbery kiss onto the counselor. 

Reika laughed out loud as she watched.  But the Doctor shortly had her sedated.  “Why is it that her actions strike me as not completely out of the ordinary for her.  Or am I mistaken?" she asked those gathered around the now flaccid Andorian.
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Re: Day 16 [1300 hrs] Upon Waking

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix |Recovery Ward | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Dree @Auctor Lucan @BipSpoon @P.C Haring @rae @RyeTanker [Show/Hide]

"Wh- Hey!!" Via exclaimed as the very loopy Zark pulled the Pilot's medical gown from down under her exposing her naked body to the entire bay. Not that the fact bothered her, it was the fact that now the one thing that was somewhat keeping her warm in the medical facility was now not on her body. She could care so much less about being naked but being cold was a no-no.

"Your ass goin' to get it now! Give that back it ain't a pill-" Before Via could instinctively head to ground herself and get her "revenge" from Zark by wrestling her Hathev got in the way and started reigning in the two drugged Andorians back to their respective biobeds. Reika handed Zark's "Gift" to her back to Via which she happily accepted...side-eyeing the other Andorian who was now trying to the Vulcan's hair in the weirdest way.

"Dix- I mean...shit balls." Via exasperated as she gave up on trying to find out how to put the piece of clothing back up leaving her to crumple up the gown in a ball holding it in one hand. "Via or Dixie...or whatever my ass be havin' too many names."

She placed her free hand on her hip and looked at Zark who was mouth-kissing the Vulcan with a slight smile. "Girl, your ass is wild, I love it." Via watched as one of the Doctors she hadn't noticed rush over to Hypo Zark with a sedative ruining the fun. The young pilot gave the group of medical practitioners another "what the hell?" glace. "Ruinin' the fun like always, hmph..."

When Reika asked why Zark's behavior seemed normal Via laughed for a solid 3 seconds; holding her hand to her bare chest as she did. "Girl, cause Zark is cool, that's why!" The young pilot replied. "She is like a fuckin' super cool badass commando who like knows how to kill people like...uh thousand different ways with her hands or somethin'! And like her body count is through the roof! I meanin' like all them criminal bosses be scared of her, I'm serious." Via spoke about her as a child would describing their favorite superhero. "And like she be healin' people and shit. Her ass is a badass...ass...whatever. She be doing whatever she wants! Ain't no one tellin' her what to do. Definitely not these...weird ass eggheads." She side-eyed the medical staff again and then placed her attention at Nysari who was looking away from her for some reason but Via didn't pay any mind to it. "Right Sari?! I mean my ass is right, tell her I'm right!" Via said cheerfully and playfully. Then she remembered "Oh didn't your ass say somethin' about a game? I wanna play!! Please!!" she pleaded

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[LT Arven Leux | Main Sickbay | MedLab 2 | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @ob2lander961 @RyeTanker @rae @P.C. Haring @Dree

After pouring over every detail of his patient’s file and spending nearly the past hour studying her unique implant, Arven was still concerned enough to initiate a conference with LT Okafor, counting on the scientists specializations in synthetic biology and organic electronics for further insight. While the two exchanged information, hypotheses, and potential courses of action, Arven's eyes narrowed at the holographic display of Wix’ chest cavity; the layered image revealed the internal connections of her implant to her nervous system, highlighted in gold through subdued layers of muscle, bone, and organs alike. The culprit of its malfunction, or apparent malfunction, was yet to be determined conclusively. The data from the diagnostic scans – all three of them – had trumped every single possible explanation for the remote malfunction alert, which was supposed to act as a lifeline and a key function of the device; yet for all intents and purposes, neither Arven nor Okafor could find any fault in the implant whatsoever.

“The damn thing glitched,” Leux muttered under his breath, frustrated at their lack of progress. Arven turned his eyes back to the screen, where his esteemed colleague rubbed a hand over his hairless scalp in thought – no doubt pouring his intellect over the same scans – when a nearby console beeped. The Trill’s dark brows creased as he frowned slightly. “I’ll call you back,” he murmured just before ending the call; the screen blanked, as his fingers tapped out a command on the console, to open a video feed of the Recovery Ward.

Initially, other than the patient next to Wix gaining consciousness, Arven saw nothing amiss. His interest piqued at Cmdr. Hathev’s presence, but as he watched the scene unfold, his lips pulled down ever so slowly in a frown of confused amusement. Two more Andorians had appeared, along with Dr. Hernandez – here, Arven rolled his eyes, annoyed with his colleague’s excessive misuse of the transporter system – while seconds later V-Nine entered to tend to the original Andorian. He watched for a bit more, without audio, as Hernandez and Ducan tended to the wounded, armored officer; while V-Nine scanned the other, only for Dr. Rez to barge into the scene. His eyes narrowed at her in concern, before jumping back to the bleeding armored patient as Duncan removed her chest-piece, and the blade lodged in it. He winced briefly in sympathy, but then focused his complete attention on the Andorian once the hasty surgery was complete. As soon as the patients behavior grew erratic, his fingers started flying over the console.

Allergic reactions weren’t supposed to happen, with a patients full medical history – which was the first file Arven called up for review; yet that was his instinctive culprit – especially if the body wasn’t accustomed to a specific drug. The second file he accessed was the patient’s orders list, which contained every drug and dose administered during her tenure aboard the ship. It took the computer a few seconds of almost endlessly scrolling data before it completed, which prompted a low whistle from the Trill’s lips; but once he had the data, his violet eyes narrowed as he stood and made a bee-line for the ward.

[Recovery Ward, about a minute later]

A lot could happen in sixty seconds, apparently, as Arven strode into room, only to freeze and blink at the scene: his patient, Ensign Wix, was nude, and begging to play a game of some sort – while Cmdr. Hathev and Lt. Zark’s fellow Andorian slowly backed away from the unconscious security officer. Dr. Rez hesitated mid-stride, noting his entrance, while V-Nine still hovered near the newly arisen patient. Arven removed his lab coat after fishing his tricorder from the pocket, and tossed both to his nude patient.

“Here – play nurse quietly while the grown ups talk,” he told Wix, ignoring her nudity as he approached Rez. “Axonal-C allergy,” he guessed out loud, keeping his voice down.

Rez looked exhausted, in every sense of the word, but nodded as she walked to the wall console. “I think so – I can’t believe Hernandez missed it – that I missed it! Fuck,” she hissed. “Counteracted with 20cc's of Solmbutueral – with a standard of antihistamine just in case,” her fingers fumbled over the console, reading Zark’s vitals. “She’s stable, and out,” Rez sighed with relief. “Probably going to wake up with one hell of a headache.”

“And nausea, cramps, diarrhea…maybe a light nosebleed.” Arven nodded to the side, brows bouncing. “Shame, she seemed so graceful,” he commented dryly; which earned him a scornful look from her. “Take off Amelya, I got the rest,” Arven interrupted her, “get some sleep – maybe take Hathev with you and have a cup of tea or something,” he muttered with a shrug, before he turned back to face the various patients as Rez sucked her teeth and stormed away.

Arven tilted his head at V-Nine as the Chief Surgeon nodded at him with several rapid blinks of her ocular unit. “Doctor Leux, hello! Ah…I appear to be needed in the surgical suite,” her oddly feminine voice sounded quite distressed. “If you would be so kind to –“

“Of course,” Arven nodded with a quick frown but half-shrugged, “more the merrier,” his lips curled up just as quickly. Turning his violet eyes to the android’s charge, the newly awakened LT Sh'laan, Arven patted the edge of her biobed. “Be right with you,” he offered her a wink, then turned his attention to the others.

“OK,” Leux clapped his hands together loudly. “Wix, put some clothes on and get in bed or you'll be here all night with no lollipop,” he told the pilot, then looked at the short haired Andorian and Hathev. “Do either one of you require medical treatment? If not, I’d ask you both to exit this drama, stage right,” he gestured at the door which led back to the reception area and the Chief Councilor’s office. The silence that followed was punctuated by the mechanical servos of Vi-Nine as the android made haste through the opposite door and off to surgery, while Zark rattled off a drawn out snore.

Re: Day 16 [1300 hrs] Upon Waking

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Recovery ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion @ob2lander961 @RyeTanker @P.C. Haring

And to think, she’d actually believed that there would be a moment of peace after escaping the combat on the planet below.

“Nysari.” She left her introduction to Dr. Rez as such, preferring to focus on Zark as they gradually got the medic back into bed. Soothing, accepting promises to all of the other zhen’s questions, no matter how insane, confident that she wouldn’t remember any of this tomorrow, while physically trying to keep her in place so the doctors could do their work. Physicality wasn’t one of Nysari’s skills, so naturally poor Hathev got a facefull of Zark. As they continued, she grew equally alarmed, if not more so, by Rez’s comments, many of which were directed at someone who wasn’t in the room.

Finally, Rez found something to knock her out, and they were gently lowering Zark back into the biobed. “I’ll braid your hair should you wish, but once you wake up you will be more than capable of doing it on your own.” Shaking her head slightly, she backed away as Rez got to work. She wanted to observe the trill further, but there was still sh’Laan and Wix to deal with.

“No,” she replied pointedly to Wix, abandoning her respect for the young human’s modesty to ensure that her comment had the intended effect, looking her right in the eyes as she spoke. “Zark and everyone else should follow any orders given by the– medical staff.” She was not going to repeat the ‘egghead’ comment. “For your own well-being at least, if not everyone else’s.” Before she could reply about the game, another doctor, also a trill, was entering and taking charge. Excellent timing really, since she hadn’t yet made up a game, despite the earlier offer.

He wasted no time in kicking basically everyone out. Ever graceful, despite her current disheveled appearance, Nysari nodded politely and stepped further out of the way, hands clasped lightly behind her back. “If you would please send me an update on Lieutenant Zark’s status? I am somewhat responsible for all this, as she was originally injured protecting me. It would ease my thoughts to know she is well.” As an afterthought, since she seemed to be gaining more and more shortened nicknames today, she added an introduction, “Nysari zh’Eziarath, so you know where to send the information. Thank you Doctor.”

“Oh, and Ensign Wix, get back into bed, or you will find playing nurse to be very unpleasant.” With that, Nysari turned and left the room, heading back to her quarters for a shower and at least twelve hours sleep.

OOC: Nysari isn't really the right person to fin this, so I'll leave that to Obby or another post by Dume.

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[LT Arven Leux | Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @ob2lander961 @P.C. Haring @RyeTanker @rae
His lips curled while he watched and listened to the rather imperious Andorian depart, offering her a nod followed by a courtier’s bow. “Your will, my lady,” Arven droned sarcastically – then quickly returned his attention to the problem child of the group.

Via stood defiant, blabbering about insults that the doctor had no time for regardless how much they amused him. He prepped a hypo with a sigh as his eyes darted from one patient to the other. Zark wasn’t going to regain conciousness for awhile – not with the amount of sedatives she’d been given – so he prioritized tending to Ms. sh’Laan. Whatever was going on with Via's implant, it clearly wasn't causing her distress. First things first, Arven rolled his eyes and walked up behind the naked pilot and pressed the injector to her neck as he spoke. “Yes, yes, quite charming. Sweet dreams.”

Her insensible prattling trailed off in a slur of incoherence as he caught her fall, lifted, then carried her limp body to the nearest bed. The doctor sighed and tapped his badge as he turned away. “Leux to Vojona, there’s a sleepy mess on ward bed three that needs addressed – kindly see to it at your convenience,” he instructed while activating a privacy screen with a shake of his head.

Pilots, Arven grumbled.

Once outside the screen, the doctor offered sh’Laan a polite smile. “Never a dull moment,” he nodded, then approached, throwing Zark a glance as she snored and grumbled something, then picked up the freshly thawed patient’s chart to skim over the details.

“At least now we can think and speak like adults. Welcome to the party Ms. Sh’Laan – my name is Arven Leux. I do apologize for the delay, but now that all that seems sorted, let’s get your feet under you, shall we? Allow me to fill you in on our present situation, the broad strokes at least, then I’ll be happy to answer any specific questions you have…”

And so another day in Sickbay passed, another crisis averted, and another addition to the crew awoke to chaos.


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