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Day 15 [ 0745 hrs.] Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

[Lt. Enyd Isolde Madson |  Diplomatic Council/Flag Bridge | D. 2 | V. 01 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @rae  @Number6  @Brutus

It had only been two very eventful days since the captain had informed Enyd of her new position. In the time since she’d walked out of Ives’ office, between the regular duties that accompanied her station and the “routine” mayhem that dogged her every step, Enyd had read up on the files of every member of the diplomatic department. While she’d had access to most of the information as the assistant, with her new position as the chief, she’d been rightfully given more access. With that came a greater ability to gather information on the people she worked with. Enyd didn’t do this with any malintent. She genuinely hoped to understand the people she would work with, to determine their strengths so they could balance one another’s weaknesses. There would be many a difficult mission in the coming days, and she needed to know who would be best suited for which “no-win scenario” instead of blindly throwing people at missions based on their rank.

Still bleary-eyed—being chief didn’t mean she liked early mornings any better—Enyd made her way to the replicator and immediately ordered a large, piping-hot black coffee. Uncaring of the scalding temperature, Enyd was already nursing it with winces and grunts as she turned and headed to the council chamber. She could wait in her office until the others arrived, but there was no point. Before going off duty the day before, Enyd had finished arranging the chief’s office to suit her work style and had ensured the council room was prepped for this morning's meeting.

Enyd had been glad those in charge of moving Rutherford’s personal items out had done so while none of them had been in the department quarters. It was still difficult to accept that the glacier-poised blonde wouldn’t be walking into the room, her presence immediately commanding attention and respect. Some in the department were probably chewing through their nails at thinking of Enyd as the chief—namely, one such person. That was one reason Enyd had given the team some “homework” to mull over the day before in preparation for their meeting. During this lull before the storm, they needed to have this opportunity to train together as a team, with all the new nuances therein.

Enyd would be failing as a leader if she allowed things to go unsaid, expecting the team to act as automatons without prompting them to individually and collectively work their way through difficult hypotheticals involving a variety of known species, as well as a few unknown that had been birthed from Enyd’s imagination. She hoped everyone had done as she requested and would be coming to the meeting with their best solutions already in mind so they could then debate and negotiate over which option would bring about the greatest success.

In addition to those scenarios, Enyd had included around ten self-reflective questions that, hopefully, by answering and sharing, the team would better understand one another and unite more readily under the same mission. “There’s more than one way to skin a cat” would not be something she’d say in front of L’Nari, but the truth behind the saying was there. If the goal was to have a skinned cat, well, it was best to accept that there were many ways to achieve that goal.

Enyd took a seat toward the middle of the table, facing toward the door so she could see who was coming. As she continued to sip at her coffee, draining it with the speed of a camel at a well, Enyd pulled up the list of scenarios and questions on the PADD she’d brought in with her. She also wanted to review them, since she intended to throw her ideas into the “team pot” to mull over and debate on. Only a fool would presume to have all the answers. Enyd was getting up to get another cup of coffee when she heard the door open.

Flashing the newcomer a smile, Enyd raised the mug. “Need a drink? I’m getting another cup of coffee and can get you something if you like.”

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Diplomatic Council | Deck 2 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Brutus @Number6

When she’d agreed to the transfer aboard this ship, Nysari had known that events here would progress in a speed she would be uncomfortable with. She had known that. Unfortunately, she was now forced to admit that knowing was abstract. Dealing with it was an entirely different problem. In Paris, they lived in a farce of make believe urgency. Outside the Palais, the worlds of the Federation knew the truth, tapping their toes impatiently as the bureaucracy dragged on at a snails pace. But inside the walls, life was a constant frenzy. Hurry up. Then wait.

It was enough to make one believe they were accustomed to chaos, until thrust back into something real.

She hadn’t known Commander Rutherford well. They were acquaintances, junior officers together on DS9, followed by a few quick correspondences on Romulan issues later on in their careers. But Nysari had remembered enough about the fair haired human to use it as a starting point for her new role here. Then, less than two weeks in, right as Nysari was starting to feel comfortable with the lay of the land, the fragile ground she’d constructed was yanked violently away by the chaos that seemed to surround this ship. Before she ever had time to catch her breath, events would jerk her violently once again. First Paris, then lockdown while the Klingons fought amongst themselves, the unveiling of the infested at the Federation Embassy, transferring back to Starfleet, Commander Rutherford’s injury, a mission on Qo’noS so classified Nysari was reasonably certain she wasn’t even allowed to think about it, and now a new Chief Diplomatic Officer.

This time, there was no starting point. The only thing she really knew about Lieutenant Madsen was an ill timed comment by Ensign L’Nari from the diplomats’ last all hands meeting. And whatever issue the two had wasn’t the basis for a working relationship with her new superior. Nysari had barely spoken to the former assistant chief, an oversight she was truly regretting at the moment. Instead, she had decided to focus on the one thing she did have, the list of questions Madsen had sent out along with the notification for this meeting. That showed a level of preparation that Nysari instantly appreciated, because it meant she could arrive with the answers in hand, neatly written on the PADD she carried.

Nearly two weeks ago, she had paused outside Rutherford’s door to compose herself. The location was different — the Diplomatic Council hadn’t been operational then — but her actions were the same. Her uniform was pristine, the skirt lay smooth against her thighs, currently long hair pulled back into an elegant twist, not a lock out of place. Last time she had waited in the hallway until the appropriate hour, but now she didn’t mind being a few minutes early. Now that their offices were up and running, she could always busy herself at a console if Madsen wasn’t ready for them yet.

A few seconds inside the door, Nysari knew that would be unnecessary, spotting the dark haired human waiting in the otherwise empty conference room. “Good morning Lieutenant,” she said smoothly, entering just as Madsen stood. She had composed herself in the hallway — another oft used habit — her worries about starting the getting-to-know-you dance once more hidden away behind a polite mask. “I would appreciate some katheka, thank you.” The caffeinated beverage, not dissimilar to the human’s coffee, was the morning drink of choice on Andoria.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madson |  Diplomatic Council/Flag Bridge | D. 2 | V. 01 | USS Theurgy] ATTN:  @rae  @Number6  @Brutus

Enyd nodded to Lieutenant zh’Eziarath and carried on her way to the replicator. She ordered one for herself and Nysari, then moved to stand close to the Andorian with a smile. Enyd didn’t resume her seat just yet, curious to see where Nysari would place herself at the table after having seen where Enyd had been located. She handed the lieutenant the steaming mug of aromatic brew with a companionable nod.

Taking a sip of the katheka Enyd smiled her joy, “I haven’t had katheka in years. A teammate brewed my favorite blend during some rough training on Andoria. The handsome chan was a devil of a katheka brewer and a great teammate.” She rocked back on her heels, eyes darting over Nysari’s features. “May I say, your hair is always such a delight to study, lieutenant? You have great skill.” Enyd held up the mug in a liquid salute. “Round about way of saying your hair looks lovely.”

A moment of comfortable silence fell as Enyd nursed a few more sips of katheka, eyes drawn down to observe the swirls of the liquid.

“My first night aboard the ship was intriguing because I’d had far too much raktajino on the Klingon transfer ship. Didn’t sleep for two days just about.” Enyd lowered the mug and shook her head. “Became good friends with Lieutenant Amarik during the sleepless hours, though. But not sure how much exposure you’ve had to Klingon coffee, so an experience-based warning, one cup IS enough no matter what your taste buds say.” Chuckling at the memory, Enyd quickly sighed, “How has it been for you since you came aboard?”

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Diplomatic Council | Deck 2 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Brutus @Number6

“Thank you,” she said with an appreciative nod as she accepted the freshly replicated mug and took a sip of the fragrant brew. Nysari noted that Madson ordered the same, probably to be companionable, since she readily admitted that she hadn’t had any in years. “Did you get sent to arctic survival training?” She asked with a hint of amusement. Most people found her homeworld to be unreasonably cold. “I started drinking katheka far too young, though my parents never knew. Stopping at a replimat on the way to school meant I could stay up later at night. I still prefer the taste when compared to other caffeinated drinks.”

If Madsen was hoping she would sit, she would be sadly disappointed. The new department head was still standing. Until she sat, Nysari would not do so either. Friendly and personable as she was, the lieutenant still deserved the difference due to her position. Already, Nysari was noticing the differences in command styles. Her first conversation with Rutherford had felt like an intricate game of chess, while Madsen was opting for an ice breaker. A more welcoming, less formal approach, though the Andorian was sure she was being evaluated just as intently.

At the mention of her hair, one blue hand moved unconsciously up to her head, as though to ensure that the locks were still properly tamed. “Of all my vices, I will most readily admit to vanity. I performed in various theater productions during my school years, and I was always fascinated with how a slight change in style could transform the atmosphere of a scene.” Now that she was back in uniform, her hair was the one thing she could easily control. Most of her wardrobe had been left behind in Paris anyway, abandoned and blasted to atoms.

“I try to leave raktajino to the most dire of circumstances, where events do not allow for sleep.” Suffice to say, yes, she’d tried it. “The staffers in the Klingon High Council brew it so strongly that my head spins, and they offer it so forcibly that a refusal might impede on their honor. I often wondered if their intent was to mentally impair guests at the negotiating table.”

At the final question, Nysari chose instead to take another sip of her drink, giving herself time to plot out an answer. The whole, raw truth of the matter wouldn’t do. Nor did she want to start out their working relationship with a lie. “Returning to Starfleet has been an adjustment. But after what I saw at the Embassy, I- I don’t know how I would have lived with myself otherwise.” A thin slice of truth, carefully chosen. “I am unfamiliar with Lieutenant Amarik. When did you come on board?”

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madson |  Diplomatic Council/Flag Bridge | D. 2 | V. 01 | USS Theurgy] ATTN:  @rae  @Number6  @Brutus

Enyd smiled, “Well, yes and no. Since I’d obtained much of my skill knowledge from non-Starfleet methods, they put me on on a fast track through the officer training school. So I was on Andoria for a full year, and while I had the arctic survival training, there were also the regular classes and courses to take as well, all with a certain Andorian flair.” She bent over the warm drink to take a whiff and sighed. “My Vulcan partner and I disturbed a young makra when we got separated from the group in a freak storm, even by Andorian standards. But we were able to kill it and then use its corpse as a shelter until the worst weather passed. Despite the sticky nature and the stench, I can admit that a makra’s belly is fairly comfortable. Some of my Andorian friends, later on, held a party for me, celebrating my official launch into adulthood since I'd bested the makra.”

She sipped at the katheka while Nysari spoke of her hair. Enyd could probably list many more vices for herself, but she admired that Nysari had narrowed hers down to one in particular. Though she’d given good reasons for having it.

“I have my own sense of vanity, for sure, but if I’d tried to spend more than an acceptable amount of time in front of the mirror growing up, my grandmother would’ve tanned my hide. Always something to be done on a ranch, and unless you’re going courting or meeting a politician, you don’t need to spend so much time getting gussied up, as she would say at least.”

Enyd chuckled at the mental image of the Klingon High Council forcing their hospitality as a negotiation tactic. It would be something they would do. “Get a reputation strong enough for honor-based relations and you can justify just about any behavior by citing honor. It is a tactic they use often, and I respect them even as I find it amusing and sometimes frustrating.” She waited until after Nysari spoke of returning to Starfleet before she answered the Andorians question, “Amarik and I, and several others, transferred aboard from Starbase 133 via the IKS Kajunpak’t. Spending so much time with the Klingons on their ship afforded me a lot of time to learn firsthand tactics and mannerisms. Even made a few friends that I’ve been privileged to see since then as well, down on Qo’nos. One even helped us with the rebel faction opposing Chief MacGregor. Goes to show you never know when someone you meet could prove to be an ally or an enemy, so always keep on your toes and remain open-minded. Most sentient creatures, even with strong centralized governments, and relationally-based, so when you can cultivate a sense of sincere affection or understanding, you can often achieve far more than when you straight shoot through governmental powers.”

The doors opened a few moments later, and Enyd smiled at the newcomer, holding up her mug in greeting. “Katheka? Coffee? Raktajino? Or drink of choice? We’re just milling about until everyone gets here.”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Diplomatic Council/Flag Bridge  | Deck 2| Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @rae @Number6 

Needless to say it had been a hectic set of days since Faye first set foot in the updated and redone flag bridge that now served as the beating heart of the Theurgy's Diplomatic contingent. The room was just as impressive as it had been when she'd watched Lt. Arnold subject Zark to a security demonstration for all the peace loving red shirted officers that made up the collected diplomats currently aboard. Of course, this time, there were familiar faces that were missing. Some because they had duties elsewhere, and the nerve center for diplomacy wasn't their normal posting, and some, due to tragedy that had once again struck the ship, and her department. 

At least this time I'm not the sole survivor. Far from it. Progress really, the Betazoid tried to tell herself, but the gallows humor fell flat in her head, and she wasn't about to voice it aloud. Lt. Commander Samantha Rutherford was out of the picture. For all her faults and flaws, Faye had respected the blonde, and had grown to rely on her department head who had done, on the whole, an excellent job. Now, that role was being filled by the former Assistant Chief, Lt. Madsen. Enyd is certainly more personable, at least with her junior officers, Faye noted to herself as the trubolift carried her from her modest berthing many decks below, to the inviting room that she had now stepped into. It was easy to recall their night of gossip in the Arboretum Cafe, one of the most popular spots to unwind off duty on the sprawling starship. 

Of course that might now change, since she's the department head. Starfleet does like to have those in charge distance themselves from their subordinates somewhat. Easier to make the hard orders that way. Even in her head she danced around what those hard orders entailed, usually the death of the person given the order. If you grew too attached, could you send an officer to their final destination if it was the right thing to do?  Doubly hard for diplomats, whose very nature tended toward an abhorrence of violence and death. Their jobs were to save lives, not endanger them. And yet....and yet.

Setting aside her ever growing morose line of thought, Faye plastered a warm smile on her face as Enyd welcomed her in. She dipped her head in acknowledgement of the greeting, and shrugged her shoulders a bit at the offering. "Good morning Lieutenant. Lieutenant," she added, greeting first Enyd, and then Lt (jg) zh’Eziarath. She still hadn't had much of a chance to get to know the newly transferred officer, her cobalt blue skin a stark contrast to the more pinkish-brown tones of Faye and Enyd. The Andorian came off as more reserved to Faye, not unlike her first impressions of Rutherford, but again, that might just be a case of first impressions, and any good diplomat knew you couldn't rely on those. 

"When on Qo'noS," she continued, though technically in orbit wasn't on, but it was close enough. "I haven't had anything terribly caffeinated this morning, I may as well go with the local equivalent of electro-plamsa in a cup." While serving aboard the Cortes, Faye had picked up the Klingon brew, which in moderation, was certainly enjoyable. She'd heard rumors that the entire command staff of Deep Space Nine had become addicted to the strong coffee variant during the Dominion War, and as a result the station - and the entire Bajor System - was the largest importer outside the Empire. Khitomer had a steady supply given the number of Klingons permanently stationed there, but the outpost was relatively small all the same. Here in the heart of the Empire however, the best could be acquired, and she had to wondered if Enyd had gone local for sourcing the Raktajino, or if what she was about to get was replicated.

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Diplomatic Council | Deck 2 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Brutus @Number6

“In that case, you’re more Andorian than I am,” Nysari had made a slight face at the idea of spending the night inside a makra’s stomach, which was quickly hidden behind a small chuckle. “That is an old tradition, one I was only too happy to opt out of.” There was that vanity problem again, an old, long lasting vice. She had been born in a city, where there were no makra’s to fight. It was an important right of passage for certain cultures, but no for her family. Nysari had never felt the slightest desire to go out in the wilds to find one. She didn’t like the idea of killing anything. Ferocious beast that a makra was, traveling to it’s territory with the intent to hunt one would make her the predator, not the animal.

“Tanned your hide?” she asked with a delicately raised eyebrow. “That’s a new one for me.” Though she could guess what it meant, and the idiom paired quite nicely with the makra story. Typically their skins were brought home as trophies, as their fur was wonderfully insulated, even by Andorian standards. “As long as my cosmetic experiments had nothing to do with romance, my parents didn’t mind. Successful with red hair was still successful.” She took another sip of her drink, letting that mental image sit for a moment. “Not all of my earlier styles were particularly attractive.”

She listened intently as the lieutenant described her own journey to this ship. She’d said they were transferred, but given this ship’s current status, it had to have been a more underhanded venture than that. Had Vyta had some part in that? Her th’se, positioned as he was in Admiral Anderson’s staff, presumably knew far more than the small tidbits of information he’d dared mention when helping her own ‘transfer’ here. From Starfleet’s perspective, all of their transfers were probably listed as defections, if they were listed at all.

“Well spoken Lieutenant,” she agreed with a nod as Madsen finished. “I do not fault the Klingons for their tactics. However, I sometimes wonder if they would fault me for the caffeine or alcohol inhibitors I received from the Embassy’s infirmary before events or negotiations. I have a reputation among various officials for my ability to hold my liquor. Though quite unearned, it allowed me the standing I needed to push through certain hardline positions for the Palais.” She’d found a number of ways to subvert the honor based standings the Klingons valued to her own advantage.

Right as she finished speaking, the slight pneumatic hiss of the doors sliding open reached her ears, and Nysari turned to greet the new arrival. “Good morning Ensign,” she replied as Faye Eloi-Danvers, the betazoid attaché, entered. They had not yet had a chance to sit down and speak, but she remembered the young diplomat had been friendly with Enyd and the Andorian security officer during the diplomats’ last meeting when the chief engineer had introduced their new offices. That could bode well — or very badly — for her, depending on how they navigated Madsen’s new role.

“I’ll get that for you,” she offered, depositing her mug on the table before turning and making her way towards the replicator. “It’s only polite Lieutenant,” Nysari continued smoothly as she passed Enyd. “Since you got my drink. I can pay it forward.” She ordered a Raktajino, along with a small selection of sweeteners, then carried them back over. The tray with cream and sugar was placed on the conference table, before she offered the beverage to Eloi-Danvers. If there was a fresh, non-replicated option, Nysari hadn’t seen it.

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[ Lt. JG Foval| Diplomatic Council | Deck 2 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Brutus  @rae

He had heard the news about Rutherford.    He was beginning to develop a rapport with the human, and now her injury had taken her from the team.  As far as he was aware, the use of Borg Nanoprobes in medical procedures was nothing new, dating back to when Seven of Nine was on the USS Voyager.    All these years later, Sickbay could probably replocate some form of nanite to do whatever his nanoprobes could do.   Nevertheless he had made the offer to Sickbay to donate some of his nanoprobes if required for any procedures to save her.   He wasn’t sure what else he could do.   

Now he was heading for a meeting with his team, including his new superior officer, the same officer that he had bared part of his soul to earlier last week.    To say that this would make things awkward was an understatement.  

You are a living reminder of the biggest threat to Federation freedom in over a hundred years  on a ship full of Federation citizens isolated from the Federation.    The first person you befriended was physically frightened of you.   Awkward is the norm for you on this vessel.

The doors to the chambers opened and immediately Foval’s nose was assaulted by the scent of coffee, including Raktijino.    Following his “stay” with the Borg one of the few things that remained quintisentially Vulcan about Foval was his fondness for his people’s blend of tea, as opposed to variants of Coffee.   

“Good morning all” he said curtly as he made his way to the Replocator before anyone could ask him what he wanted to drink.   
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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madson |  Diplomatic Council/Flag Bridge | D. 2 | V. 01 | USS Theurgy] ATTN:  @rae  @Number6  @Brutus

Enyd smiled as Nysari recalled some of her unsuccessful aesthetic efforts, “I think all of us go through a gangly, awkward stage. I was surrounded by ranch hands of a variety of species and genders, and I spent most of my time active and outdoors, didn’t really care much about what I looked like. Always cared more about whether or not I could wrestle the steer, fish the trout, summit the mountain, and keep up with everyone else.”

She couldn’t help but laugh when Nysari mentioned the inhibitors she used for negotiations. In the past, Enyd had had the concept passed before her as an option but had always opted out, figuring with her luck the one time she used one would be the one time she was in negotiation with a species that could ferret out such efforts and be offended.

“That is very Cardassian of you, lieutenant, and I applaud the strategy. I probably would’ve benefitted from such an inhibitor just recently when Ensign L’Nari and I were negotiating with the Mo’Kai rebels. To seal the deal, so to speak, we were offered some strong liquor, and I drank for us both. While normally I can hold my own, a surprising feat considering my size, I know that stuff made me more than a little tipsy, I’ll admit. Thankfully neither the Ensign nor Crewman Samala, who shuttled us back, took offense at my resulting goofiness.”

Like Nysari, Enyd looked up to see Faye enter the room. Her responding smile was genuine, and she dipped her head in gratitude to Nysari as the Andorian moved to get Faye a cup of “liquid plasma.” Though she hated the circumstances that brought her to this position, Enyd was thankful she’d had the time before Rutherford’s accident to meet with each of her colleagues in a more casual manner—save Nysari and L’Nari. It made this transition easier in a fashion.

“The raktajino recipe I have loaded into the replicator is an enhanced version of what was standard. Got a few tips and tricks from a friend down on the planet, so as long as you access the file raktajino prime it’ll taste close to what you can get in a café planetside.” Foval entered then and Enyd flashed him an equally warm smile, “Good morning, Foval.” She continued speaking, making an assumption on the Vulcan’s preferences, “If you like spiced teas, during my time at the Metternich I worked with a master tea craftsman to create a firebush blend of Vulcan tea you might find invigorating. It is registered under ‘firebush herbal blend.’”

Steaming mug in hand, Enyd moved to retake her seat alongside the middle of the table facing toward the door, her back now to the replicator. She shifted in her seat so she could still watch her colleagues and engage with them as they continued to get their morning brew.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Diplomatic Council/Flag Bridge  | Deck 2| Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @rae @Number6 @Ellen Fitz 

When the other Assistant Chief entered the room, Faye greeted him with same cheery "Lieutenant," that she'd given the other officers. The department was full of lieutenants and Faye very quickly realized it was going to be a small nightmare to just use rank to indicate who she was talking to. Figure it out as you go, she reminded herself, shrugging her shoulders. Clearly she had come into the conversation between the two female Lieutenants all ready in progress and was trying to put the pieces together in her own hand while avoiding looking at her boss too much. She still remembered certain entertaining fantasy's of another Andorian officer in relation to Lt. Madsen that were not at all professional to think of, and things were early enough in the morning that the mental backlash from a few days prior still simmered about. Left unchecked, she'd get in trouble.

Thus the Ensign was happy to hide behind the mug of pure caffeine that Lt. zh’Eziarath  gifted her. "Thank you," she replied in kind, and went about adulterating the beverage so that it was something less likely to chew a hole in her stomach lining. How anyone could drink Raktajino straight was beyond her. Klingon's probably have redundant stomach lining, just like their spare spines and all the other duplicate organs crammed in there, she mused to herself. A ghost of a smile flickered on her lips as she took the first sip, the bitter bite mitigated by heavy sugar and cream.

"It does remind me of what I used to drink at Khitomer," Faye admitted, to Enyd, humming thoughtfully. "Not quite the same of course, but your friend gave you some good pointers, ma'am." She glanced over at Foval as he placed his order, making a mental note to try the blend Enyd was talking about at a later time, with Riley. The non-comm nurse preferred tea, and Faye was always happy to try a new blend with the human woman. She'd have to let Enyd know Riley's opinion of it later. Everyone likes feedback after all.

Faye mingled for a moment, listening to the exchanges between Foval and Nysari, but having seen her boss take a seat, she decided there was no reason she couldn't do the same without looking out of place. She meandered about, a PADD tucked under her arm and her mug held tightly in both hand, before taking her own seat around the table, a few away from where Enyd sat as the department head, and the spaces reserved for the more senior diplomats. "I wonder how long it is going to take me to get used to this set up," she said as she sat down, waving one of her hands around in a circle to indicate the whole room. "Lt. Commander Arnold did such a wonderful job rebuilding this room and frankly its such an improvement over the old Diplomatic Center that its shocking."

And it has the added benefit of no carbon shadows scored onto the walls of the people I used to work with. A morbid thought that Faye felt a little guilty for even having (never mind the less than healthy dose of survivors guilt that she was well aware she carried on her shoulders). But it would be impossible for her not to acknowledge the change in location and venue from where she had been stationed prior, and the benefits that came with it. And rude of her not to pay tribute to the efforts of Lt. Cmdr. Arnold and his staff, even if none of them were present.

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Diplomatic Council | Deck 2 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Brutus @Number6

“Raktajino prime it is,” Nysari confirmed. Thankfully, someone had programmed that as the replicator’s default, so she already had it in hand as she passed Foval on the way back to the table. She nodded politely to the Vulcan as they crossed, with a polite, “Good morning Lieutenant,” of her own. Not the most vocal, was he? An interesting trait for a diplomat. Most of the time it was impossible to get a room of diplomats to shut up.

Once the Klingon coffee was passed off to Eloi-Danvers, Nysari circled the table to retrieve her own drink. The blander flavor of the Katheka was far more pleasing to her taste buds. There was nothing like Raktajino when one needed to wake up immediately, but it tended to leave the mouth and stomach feeling a bit raw.

“The Metternich?” she asked, repeating the foreign word with a questioning lilt. “Did you go to school at the Vulcan campus, Lieutenant?” The mentioned tea sounded quite nice, and she made a mental note to try it some other time. She had followed her assumption to something more relevant to the conversation. Vulcan tea and a diplomatic school that had campuses on multiple Federation worlds. She was mainly interested in why Madsen had chosen that one in particular. Rutherford had been part Vulcan, a heritage that Nysari had felt influenced many of the Commander’s actions. Curious then, that their new leader would have a connection to that world as well.

As she spoke, Nysari continued walking, choosing a seat of her own. Opposite Madsen and slightly off center. The center she left open for Foval, assuming that as the second highest ranking member of the department, he would either sit directly opposite the department head or at her right hand. For meetings like this, Nysari preferred to be on the opposite side of the table where she could see and judge Enyd’s expressions easier. The better she could read the Lieutenant’s mood, the more help she’d be in a true negotiation setting, where a shift in plan couldn’t be explained aloud, only intuitively understood.

“I did not have the chance to see this space before Lieutenant Arnold’s renovations, but I agree that he did fine work. It is more tasteful than some embassies.” Nysari had felt like quite the impostor when she’d joined the group for the unveiling of this room, the only one who had missed the battle that had destroyed it. But she had grown to appreciate it in the past few days – once she convinced herself to forget about all the security measures. The arsenal hidden behind the wall, in particular. That did nothing but make her uncomfortable.

OOC: Fyi, Nysari hasn't been promoted yet, and is still a Diplomatic Attache.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madson |  Diplomatic Council/Flag Bridge | D. 2 | V. 01 | USS Theurgy] ATTN:  @rae  @Number6  @Brutus

Watching the others take their seats at the table, Enyd nodded to Nysari’s question. “Though dominantly human, my ancestry is mixed with Vulcan and…other races.” While Enyd was far from ashamed of the Romulan blood, she figured it was a case-by-case basis for knowledge, and now was likely not the time to open that can of worms. “I chose the Vulcan campus to be closer to distant relatives and better understand that part of the family heritage. It also allowed me to interact with peers in the program who stated they had shied away from the Terran campus because of how dangerous humans could be.” Enyd smiled, giving a half-shrug of amusement. “They didn’t know what to do with themselves when our Edosian peer was pulling in more detention hours than any of the humans.”

The PADD already on the table flashed with a message, momentarily distracting Enyd from the surrounding conversation. Seeing the medical emblem next to the message had Enyd set aside her mug and immediately cue it for further study. After a moment, Enyd mentally sighed but kept her exterior demeanor neutral. It seemed L’Nari was on the sick list for the day, and it took a lot of self-control on Enyd’s part not to presume it was a deliberate attempt by the Caitian to get out of the meeting Enyd had called. There was no use wasting time presuming motive on L’Nari’s part. The poor woman could actually be sick.

With a few more finger taps, Enyd shifted the screen to list the questions and scenarios she’d sent the team a few days prior. The questions popped up on the console screens on both sides of the table so it could also remind the rest of the team of what they'd be discussing:
1. What are up to three core diplomacy values that frame your work and drive your efforts?
2. What are your non-negotiables in your work
3. In what environments and scenarios do you feel you work at your best?
4. What variables work as triggers to derail even your best efforts?
5. What logical fallacies do you know that you sometimes use in your work and that you strive to avoid?
6. What diplomatic incident do you see as your greatest success, and what do you see are your greatest failure?
7. What are your preconceived notions and biases regarding other races that we should all be aware of?
8. With all this in mind, what do you see yourself bringing to this department?
9. What experiences and strengths do you hold that can work to enhance your colleague's efforts or "cover" their non-negotiables, trigger variables, and biases?

“Ensign L’Nari is on the sick list today,” Enyd paused a moment after looking at the rest of the team and waiting for their attention to drift back to her. Tipping her head to the side, Enyd spoke toward the ceiling, “Thea, please record the audio of this meeting and send a copy directly to Ensign L’Nari’s console.” The computer chimed compliance. “I believe we can get started now. I sent a list of potential scenarios with known and unknown species and a set of questions a few days ago. The intention behind this meeting, and that ‘homework,’ is to learn our strengths and weaknesses, preferences, and non-negotiables. All of us have already encountered a vast number of situations that pressed us beyond our comfort zone and forced us to question many things, be it ourselves or those around us. Instead of demanding we all conform to one form of diplomacy for all scenarios, I believe it is important to know the internal compass of each individual here so we can aptly match skills with situations as they come. Not everyone here may have experience with or high tolerance for Ferengi, for example, or may prefer the angst of dealing with known species to the anxiety of figuring out the nuances of the unknown.” Enyd leaned back and held her mug with both hands in front of her chest, studying each team member for a moment before offering a smile. “In no particular order, and you don’t have to address every scenario or answer every question all at once.”

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[ Lt. JG Foval|  Diplomatic Council/Flag Bridge | D. 2 | V. 01 | USS Theurgy] ATTN:  @rae  @Ellen Fitz   @Brutus

He sipped at his tea and looked down at the notes he prepared.    From his recollection of his previous run in Starfleet, particularly at the junior most levels
 individuals that were the first to speak were seen as being a “kiss ass.” On the other hand, as someone who once held a leadership position of sorts among his community of Ex-Borg, he understood how tough it was to get people to open up.    With the caveat that he didn’t need to answer every question he decided to make his move.   

“I was not actually in the diplomatic corps before my assimilation.     I was an assistant helmsman.    However during the time immediately after my liberation, along with hundreds of other surviving drones, I had to learn diplomacy pretty quickly.   Therefore to answer your first question, my key values are – One: What is the magic lamp – what is the key thing that you can give to someone so that having this thing and doing what you want them to do is preferable to any alternative.   

Example, me and my friends desperately wanted to get back to the alpha quadrant     There were others who did not think like me, mostly those assimilated as babies or children who wanted to go back to the collective.   My goal was to find what would make them stop trying to raise the Borg, and help us to find ways to raise the alpha quadrant.”  

It was a brutal time the elation of freedom was cut short by those who had to deal with being an individual, and worse still, an adult, for the first time in their lives.        

“My second Value is compromise.    They aren’t going to sit around the campfire singing…    he tried to recall the phrase he had heard at the academy decades earlier “’Yippie Ki yay’ but what will it take to stop them from assimilating us into a new collective?”    

It was difficult, and there was never a clear answer.    However the attempts to reassimilate usually ended up in fighting that Foval’s faction usually won.   With the whole weakened, the other side stopped being so open.   

“My third value is…    Do not compromise past your limits.   He knew this wasn’t the place to apply his application of this rule from his time escaping the Borg so he continued with a generic example.   “Don’t give away your home world in order to prevent it from being conquered.”       
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[Lt. J.G Foval |Assistant Diplomatic Officer |USS Theurgy]

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Diplomatic Council/Flag Bridge  | Deck 2| Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @rae @Ellen Fitz @Number6 

Sipping from the drink, she once more nodded her thanks to the Andorian that had procured the raktajino from the replicator for her. It made a useful shield for hiding her reactions to the developments on hand, and the caffeine was going to help her get through the start of the shift meeting. She had an inkling of what the session would focus on - after all, they had all been given a list of questions to ponder prior to the meeting, scenarios to work through as mental exercises.  This wasn't quite the cheesy 'ice breakers' that she'd remembered from the Academy, but that did not mean that Faye looked forward to answering them. Even if this was supposed to be her day-to-day bread and butter from a professional standpoint. She much preferred the more in-depth one-on-one meeting she'd had some time ago with the now Chief diplomat for the Theurgy.

Then again, most of those questions are grossly inappropriate for a more formal, on the clock setting,
she allowed. Squaring her shoulders she sat up a little straighter and allowed herself to focus on what the Vulcan XB was saying, and not the lingering mote of irritation that she felt towards a certain absent Caitian. She had no idea how the furry attache had managed to get out of attending this meeting, but she was ever so slightly bitter about it. Which...not quite a 'logical fallacy' per say, but her own antagonistic relationship with L'Nari was certainly a professional and personal blind side. Baggage of extreme tonnage.

To say that Foval's answers were a revelation would be an understatement. She slowly set her mug down and repressed a shiver that wormed its way along her spine. The thought of having one's freedom taken away, then restored, and having to fight to keep that freedom when other fellow refugees wanted nothing more than to surrender back to the enslavement that they'd always known was terrifying. In truth, Faye had come entirely too close to being wrapped up in that very same Collective, had things in the Azure Nebula gone different. The feeling of someone walking on her grave was close at hand in that moment. She was all for getting along to get along, but that kind of 'enforced cooperation' was a nightmare.

A long moment of silence followed Foval's declaration, and Faye nibbled on her lip for a moment. Seeing that no one else was making a move to comment, she quietly said, "I can see how that would be a very formative experience. One I'll admit I can't even begin to properly relate to. In lieu of trying to follow onto that with my own values - which, honestly, I'm tempted to steal yours with less um...dramatic examples?" She gave him a sheepish smile, before pressing on, "I think instead I'll jump ahead to something I'm a bit more confident about, and comment on the third item in your list, Lieutenant, if that's alright?"

That question was to Enyd, and getting an affirmative response, she pressed on, rolling the mug in her hands back and forth. "Over the years I've found that I do my best work in the moment, in the thick of things as it were. I can research just as well as any other attache, after all that's a lot of our job, but honestly, I feel most...alive, when at the negotiating table. Either on the side lines, chatting with contemporaries, making back room discussions and trades of information, or literally at the table. You ask about successes in another one of your points, ma'am, and this dovetails into that. I spent the better part of 3 days going back and forth with the Aldean Council to secure their support and set the guidelines for interactions between their Government and the Theurgy,  versus the day to day interactions our crew would have with their population and what restrictions we would be under for their safety and ours. I didn't do this alone, of course," she had been helped by Lt. Commander Dewitt, who arguably was the officer in command of the negotiations, "But I was the only diplomat available to the ship at the time.

"It was the most stressful negotiation I'd ever been a part of, with the stakes directly impacting my future. And it was...exhilarating."
She had to resist the urge to fan herself. "I thrived in that moment, and honestly, that's the kind of environment I'd like to be in, in the future."

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madson |  Diplomatic Council/Flag Bridge | D. 2 | V. 01 | USS Theurgy] ATTN:  @rae  @Number6  @Brutus

In all truth, things were likely proceeding more nicely without L’Nari among their ranks, and it galled Enyd to admit that. And based on the responses shared so far, it also seemed that L’Nari would not particularly enjoy or appreciate regularly working with either Foval or Faye—though Enyd had already presumed this to be true before they participated in this group sharing session. Eyes darting toward Nysari, Enyd reflected on their prior conversations and experiences and, coupled with her photographic memory of how the Andorian moved and the facial cues she preferred in response to various verbal or environmental stimuli, determined that most likely Nysari would be the most apt to work well with L’Nari in the field.

“The doer alone learneth,” Enyd quoted an ancient Terran author in response to Foval’s recollection of his diplomacy development. “Thank you for sharing, Lieutenant Foval. Your experiences and skills gleaned from them lend much to our team. You’ve already had to face the abyss many of us have thus far not been pushed into and come through it with aplomb. We are stronger for your presence and insights.” Enyd gave him a head bow of acknowledgment before adding, “Much of what you said reminds me of the quality of Terran bamboo. It can bend in the wind and yet not break, is sturdy enough to be used as a building material, and parts of it can also be used as sustenance and nourishment. There’s definitely a lesson there.” She smiled at Foval first, then moved her gaze on to Faye, who shared next.

“Thank you for sharing, Faye. I think many of us can empathize with the concept that we truly discover ourselves only through the risk of ruination and failure. When our resilience strengthens our backbone in the sight of wreckage or mayhem, a new sense of self and abilities begins. If we had no stress, we’d never grow, and likely we’d lack creative problem-solving skills alongside muscle mass.” Enyd gave a feigned muscle flex, reminding them all of the importance of gravity, a type of stress, in assisting with muscle growth and development. “And what we do with the stresses, failures, and inconveniences truly tests our mettle. Not everyone can claim to thrive in the stresses of that type of situation, and we are stronger for having someone who has gone through that and knows they do thrive in it.”

Enyd gave Faye a warm smile accompanied by a nod before looking to Nysari, curious about what the Andorian would choose to share.

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Diplomatic Council | Deck 2 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Brutus @Number6

Lieutenant Madsen hadn’t asked about their weaknesses. If she had, Nysari would be proving hers simply by sitting there, waiting for the others to speak and formulating her own conclusions based off their responses, while at the same time carrying a PADD with long, detailed paragraphs explaining her answers to every question. “I am your opposite, Ensign,” she replied finally, with a gentle nod in Faye’s direction. Though with L’Nari absent, the Betazoid was the only ensign here she could be referring to. “I work best with preparation and research to back me up.” Or, to put it another way, Nysari was the consummate overpreparer. “When the music starts, I already know the steps to the dance, and I can focus on giving my best performance. And when the unexpected rears its ugly head, it is all I have to worry about.” And then later on, go back to her research and berate herself for what she’d missed.

“Unfortunately, in following the flow of the conversation, I have answered the final question first.” Though logical it may have been, when Faye had listed a strength so contrary to Nysari’s own. “Please allow me to circle around again.” The moment seemed ripe for a pause, the Andorian taking a sip of her rapidly cooling drink to create a space for interruptions, should any of them desire to do so.

“My greatest value is peace. There is no issue so great that it cannot be solved by talking, and there is no need for violence in any situation.” It was a shame that L’Nari wasn’t here. They had only met briefly, but she could vividly picture the young Caitian’s agreement. “I concede that that might be viewed as a fallacy, but it is what I believe.” Though she had all of the answers written down, Nysari hadn’t pulled out her PADD or looked at her notes. The gist of the writing had already been committed to memory, a series of talking points that she could use now.

“Like Lieutenant Foval, I also list compromise as my second value, though I will use a different human quote. ‘A good compromise is when both parties are dissatisfied.’ A reminder that we must give to get, and no lasting solution will ever be entirely in our favor. We must learn to accept the imperfect. Decide early on what we are willing to lose to achieve our goal.” She briefly considered avoiding a mention of perfection or imperfection with a former Borg in the room, but decided it was an important enough distinction to keep. Another one of her many failings – perfection was the enemy of the good. It was easy to waste time looking for a perfect solution while leaving people to suffer at the delay.

“For the third and final value, I would say ‘see things from another’s perspective.’ As citizens of the Federation, children of over one hundred and fifty worlds with a shared morality and goal, it is easy to get lost in our own echo chamber. We ascribe motives based off our own understanding of the universe, while dealing with those who don’t share our fundamental upbringing.” The parasites, the current threat always lingering in the back of her mind. A clear and present danger, obviously, but no one was able to tell her of their motivations beyond ‘they want to destroy us.’ An answer that didn’t sit well with her. "Before any negotiation can begin, there must be understanding.”

Funny, how hard it was to hold onto her own core values when they clashed with the first.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madson |  Diplomatic Council/Flag Bridge | D. 2 | V. 01 | USS Theurgy] ATTN:  @rae  @Number6  @Brutus

“Thank you all for sharing your insights and values,” Enyd took the time to give each member a nod of acknowledgment and a respectful smile. “I’m sure you remember the different scenarios I shared to prepare for this meeting. And, likely, you could deduce the thematic connection between those hypothetical scenarios and the complexities we are moving into.”

Enyd pressed a few buttons on her PADD, which signaled the center console on the table to light up, displaying the first set of scenarios. Among these scenarios, there were similar circumstances of being up against a superior foe with unknown intentions, contending with two factions who were typically at loggerheads while facing a third party with—again—unknown intentions, encountering a new culture whose ideals directly opposed nearly everything the Federation stood for, and a few other nuances that she’d keyed into the scenarios. She’d taken bits and pieces of known diplomatic encounters throughout the history of the Federation and even a few tidbits from the unique cultures represented at this table—including Caitian though L’Nari had not been fit to join them—in the hopes that by listening to how they’d go about finding viable solutions, she could get further insight into who could be best utilized where and on what sorts of missions. She already had a few concepts based on what had been shared thus far, but she hoped to flesh these concepts out more by discussing a few scenarios.

“I’d like it if each of you could take one of the scenarios you ‘feel’ most confident about given your previous experiences and unique backgrounds and outline how you’d mediate a best-case scenario solution.”

I figure go creatively nutso as you see fit for whatever wacky or crazy scenario you think your character could work with and come out triumphant with. Cheers!/i]

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[ Lt. JG Foval |  Diplomatic Council/Flag Bridge | D. 2 | V. 01 | USS Theurgy] ATTN:  @rae @Ellen Fitz @Brutus

Foval thought carefully as he perused the list of incidents on screen     Among the many cases listed were the aborted attempts to ally with Romulus and Cardassia before Wolf 359 - interesting but too close to home.   

Then it caught his eye.   One of his favourite topics since his return  to Starfleet life.     

"Cardassians, our - that is to say, the Federation's  most problematic contemporary."  

He brought up a still image of Cardassia prime.

"Savage in nature- responsible for the massacre of Setlik 3, xenophobic fascists, engaging in a brutal occupation of a sovereign state, they have been proven to abduct Federation citizens, torture and even murder them despite an armistice why would…"

As Foval hit his stride he locked eyes with Enyd.     He knew her history with this race, and his enthusiasm had gotten the better of him     Realising that what this was doing he quickly calmed himself down,    

"Why would we make diplomatic concessions to them, let alone run combined scientific research with them?   Why not just define our borders, and agree to stay out of each other's way?"

He offered her an apologetic look.   

"From what I have read there are multiple reasons, but the key one was…* he raised his Borg arm.    

"The Borg.    When the first armistice was signed Starfleet's defences were stretched thinly after Wolf 359.  For the fascist nature of Central command both sides could relate to each other.   Some principles are a luxury when the threat of assimilation hangs over them,      Although I may have doubts about the DMZ, Cardassia was better at the negotiation table than the Battlefield

He left the rest unsaid - Dukat's coup, the Dominion war, he knew that it would all be too close to home for Enyd.    

"At least that's what I think."
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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Diplomatic Council/Flag Bridge  | Deck 2| Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @rae @Ellen Fitz @Number6 

That would have been worthy of a diplomacy lecture back at the Academy, Faye thought to herself, nodding her head in acknowledgement to Lt. Foval for scoring some points. The obvious connections to draw from the assignment handed out for review prior was the situation they were facing: how to come to the table with an entity that wanted nothing so much as to wipe them out of existence wholesale. In short, the creatures infesting citizens of the various local governments, who had tried to get their nefarious tendrils into even the Borg. She could remember the battle there in the Azure Nebula. Two mighty, fearsome entities in play. If the Borg had fallen...

Still, Foval raised an excellent point. The threat of something like the Borg had - for a time at least - allowed the Federation and the Cardassian Union to come to peace. 

Pursing her lips, she thought to another encounter in the history of the Federation and the various forces it had squared off against over the years. She tapped her fingers against the edge of her PADD for a moment before diving into the discussion. 

"Often times it seems that relations between the Federation and those species that seem...generally opposed to our way of life do not really shift until an outside factor comes into play. As the Lieutenant pointed out, for example, the arrival of the Borg set the stage for an armistice with the Cadassians, ending decades of conflict. That it was a temporary cessation in the long run was beside the point. The Dominions actions during our most recent war eventually brought the Romulans to the table with us and the Klingon's. Again, an outside thread turning the situation around and diplomats changing the political landscape."

Her shoulders rose and fell slightly. "External pressure. The Klingon Empire is one of our staunchest allies. I mean, look where we are, here and now," she made a vague gesture in the direction of 'outside' the ship. "They are sheltering us now, the Chancellor of the High Council himself in fact. Acting in a fashion that has his best interest, our best interests, and even the Federations best interests at heart (even if they don't realize it yet). And yet, just over a century ago they were our mortal enemies. One could argue if not for the intervention of the Organians, forcing the Empire and the Federation to compete in a fashion other than militarily, we might not have been able to come to the table when the destruction of Praxis decimated the Klingon homeworld."

Faye paused for a moment, pressing in, [color]"Theres also the Gorn. Years of conflict with them. A species that saw us as food and...a means to breeding the next generation of their young,"[/color] she swallowed, a slightly green tone seeping into her skin. "Whole worlds lost. Ships vanishing. Rumors. And then, one Starfleet ship chased one Gorn ship too close to someone else's backyard. The Metrons took offense, and decided to force the two Captains to fight to the death. We've all learned about it - how the Mercy of James Kirk towards his opponent led to understanding and peace. Something that would not have happened if not for outside intervention."

The young Betazoid let out a soft sigh, feeling the mood of the room shift around her. Pushing her mental blocks further into place, she offered an apologetic smile towards Lt. Madsen. "Unfortunately, a lot of the best case results in our history come from outside intervention leading to opportunities for peace. I'm not holding my breath on the Organians or the Metron's rising to the occasion. Which...might not exactly illustrate what you were after. Sorry Lieutenant."

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madson |  Diplomatic Council/Flag Bridge | D. 2 | V. 01 | USS Theurgy] ATTN:  @rae  @Number6  @Brutus

More than a few coffees and some snacks later, the meeting adjourned. Enyd felt there was more cohesion now, at least for those members who'd attended, and she, as their department head, had a greater understanding of who had what strengths and where they could be best implemented. They certainly hadn't all agreed on every problem-solving method for the various diplomatic scenarios she'd given. The answers had been so diverse, in fact, that it would be difficult to say that there was a majority preference or approach. For even though Nysari was a pacifist, for example, she was still quite different and far more pragmatic (in Enyd's opinion of course) than L'Nari.

Sighing, Enyd tapped the last of her notes into her workstation. She really wished L'Nari had been able to attend. She would still send the Caitian the recording of the meeting along with the notes she took, but it wasn't the same as a physical presence. Enyd could take comfort, she supposed, in knowing that only one of her team members would probably dance on her grave should the worst happen. It certainly wasn't a popularity contest and Enyd didn't mind in the least not being liked by someone, but it was less than comforting knowing that without a shadow of a doubt, L'Nari would not protect Enyd, or perhaps any of her peers, if it meant taking up arms and relying on any semblance of violence. For her own survival, she'd almost not done so back on Qo'Nos. For the survival of others? Enyd sighed. She knew she was biased and would have to work through that, but even with the bias, it was also important to keep L'Nari out of the field. The woman could not handle the unknowns and uncertainties that came from field work.

After sending off the notes and recording to L'Nari (as the captain in case he was curious to know more about his crew), Enyd turned her attention to the backlog of reports. Though they'd not been in orbit around Qo'Nos for a terribly long time, there had been enough incidents requiring fancy diplomatic footwork that upon inheriting the position, Enyd already had at least a half dozen to file and every day more came in. Oh the glories of being an officer and a department head: the mountain of reports and logging them again.


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