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Re: Day 09 [2000 hrs.] Sharing a Broken Heart

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance & Ensign Lauren Pierce | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griffinsummoner [Show/Hide]
Lauren smiled at Scruffy for the ease in the room and the welcoming nature of the gathering despite all that had happened. When he dropped his cards, she shrugged and dropped the jacket on the back of her chair as she leaned back and relaxed. Careful not to accentuate her chest as she realized the full scope of the work Tessa had done previously. "Well, I figured I could drop the jacket and be more relaxed." She said leaning into his hand on her shoulder.

Tessa on the other hand had to give Scruffy a neck massage. She toyed with the idea of making it less massage and more fun but decided to give him what he asked least for now. Her soft hands with the ability of strength from piloting a fighter ship, caressed his neck and rubbed the angles and the muscles around his bones. "How's this chief?" She said with a smirk and quiet whisper in his ears as she continued to rub at him with her chest slightly rubbing the back of his head as she worked.

After shuffling the cards again, Lauren passed them out before finally relaxing again. "I'll take a dare. Can't have it getting all being one thing or the other." She winked at the two. Tessa giving her the fake frown from behind Scruffy's head.

"I'll take dare. Don't stack my deck. I want to win or lose fairly."

"Don't worry, I'm not you." She laughed. "So Scruffy, what's it gonna be?"

Re: Day 09 [2000 hrs.] Sharing a Broken Heart

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 [PO3 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce

Scruffy was grateful that his attempts to welcome Lauren were so well received, giving her shoulder another squeeze when she leaned into his touch.  The thin shirt allowed more of the pressure of his touch to be felt after the jacket was removed, just as it provided a pretty good sideview for both he and Tessa.  When Tessa walked around behind him he tracked her movements until she was behind him, and let out a sigh as he felt her hands on his shoulders.  When she leaned in against him and whispered in his ear, he pressed back against her slightly.  “That definitely feels pretty good.  Don’t know if I want to start the next hand, yet,” he said with a bit of jest.  As his arms hung limp at his sides, his left hand rested against Lauren’s thigh, and his hand unconsciously squeezed and relaxed as Tessa hit particularly sensitive spots on his neck.

When Lauren shifted to deal the next hand, he knew his break was over.  “Alright, I guess I’ll might as well follow your lead.  Dare for me too,” he said with a wink and a smirk.  Picking up the hand, he looked at it a moment before laying it flat.  “Whole lot of nothing.”

Re: Day 09 [2000 hrs.] Sharing a Broken Heart

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance & Ensign Lauren Pierce | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griffinsummoner [Show/Hide]
Tessa elbowed him in the back slightly as she smirked. "I think your massage is over...for now..." She whispered the final part in his ear as she looked at his hand on Lauren's thigh. Walking back to her seat, she waited for her hand to be dealt. "I am gonna give up clothing again."

Lauren shuffled and dealt the hands to everyone. "Welp. I'll take a dare I think. Maybe..." She said contemplating the answer trying to decipher if it was good or not. She peeked at Tessa's hand over her hand as Tessa grumbled again. Likely getting bad cards. Lauren looked at hers when she was surprised. It was a full house. A smile cracked as she attempted to hide the look on her face.

"Whatcha gonna do Scruffy? Gonna go all in?" She said squeezing his forearm before releasing it and going back to her drink. She realized that she was getting a little warm under the collar but waited for it to subside before she teased Tessa. "How's your hand Tess?"

"Don't start Pierce!" She said with a grin.

"That is my great-grandfath... ehh... it's complicated." She said thinking about it before attempting to think about the game again.

Seeing that Scruffy chose a dare as well, it was going to get complicated now. With limited wear and limited time left, the hands would get more daring from here on out.

Lauren laid her hand down and saw the failures that Scruffy and Tessa had. She'd clearly won. Good for her but, that also left her to figure out what to do with the pair. "Well, let's see. Should we go with..." She deliberately toyed with them now, chewing on her finger tip of her pointer finger. "Scruffy, I want you to give me a massage." She said turning slightly red as she walked over to the bed and laid down on her front to get a better position for it.

Tessa was surprised and grumbled but said nothing as she watched her friend relax onto the bed.

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[PO3 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce

After that friendly squeeze Lauren gave his arm he certainly wasn’t backing out yet.  “All in seems a bit too much of a risk, I’ll stick with the dare for the moment.” Scruffy smiled at Lauren when their hands were revealed, and laughed at Tessa’s look of frustration.  When Lauren contemplated her dare, he couldn’t help but let her hold his attention by chewing on her finger.  As he watched her walk through the door to his room, he froze a moment before her words caught up with him and a serious blush started to assault his face.  He got up and started toward the door as he laced his fingers together and flexed, limbering them up.  Keeping his breathing under control and with his face returning to a normal color, he turned slightly to shoot Tessa a smirk.  “And you Tessa?  You lost another piece of clothing; what are you going with?  You’re welcome to take the chair at my desk so we can continue chatting," he said as he gave her a playful wink.

Scruffy walked over next to the bed, looking over Lauren’s lounging form, trying to figure out where best to start.  “Was there anything in particular you wanted help with?”  He knelt down on the edge of the bed and put his hands on her slender waist.  His broad hands squeezed through the thin shirt she wore, his thumbs pressing in against her spine, working along the ‘grain’ and looking for any tense areas.  Slowly his hands worked up her back, his fingers getting into the probing and massaging as he got to the broad expanse of her shoulder-blades.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance & Ensign Lauren Pierce | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griffinsummoner [Show/Hide]
Tessa gave a loud but entertaining, "hrumph" sound as she decided to peel off her pants. She of course didn't have much left to remove at this point and sooner than later, they'd all be getting a show. "Oh, okay..." She said sitting back down at the chair near his desk. Straddling the chair with the back in front of her as she leaned her chest on the top of it and watched as Lauren got comfortable. "Try not to enjoy this too much Lauren."

Smirking from the bed, Lauren glanced upward at Tessa and wriggled her eyebrows up and down as she smirked and placed her face back in the pillow. "Don't worry Tess. I will." A deep breath and exhale released from her chest as she got really comfortable in the confines of his bed. She could feel his strong hands squeezing the blades in her back and the neck area. Her thin shirt, leaving little to the imagination if she were to turn over. Nevertheless, she could feel his fingers working magic on her back as she groaned in relief.

"You could work on my lower back. It's a little tense after all the recent adventures." She smiled into his pillow which wasn't lost on Tessa.

"Uh huh." She said holding back a grin. "Well, if Lauren is getting comfortable, so am I..." She said before pulling her arms out of her jacket and letting her toplessness fly free before she finished the ensemble by taking the rest of it off. "Me next?" She said with a perky tone before climbing back into the chair, leaving nothing to the imagination now.

Lauren looked up and saw Tessa and just rolled her eyes before laying back down, in attempts relax again and ignore her friend's scene.

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[PO3 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce

Scruffy finished up on Lauren’s neck and shoulders, giving a gentle press to leave a lingering warmth as he sat back up again.  When Lauren requested working on her lower back, Scruffy was forced to move down the bed.  Keeping his weight on his knees, he wound up straddling her legs as he leaned forward and started massaging out from the spine.  He tried to focus on his hands but couldn’t help admiring Lauren’s shapely form below him.

Then he heard Tessa speak and the sound of fluttering fabric.  He looked over just as she settled into the chair next to them, fully on display.  His jaw hung open a moment before he closed it and shook his head with a smirk, turning back to the work in front of him.  “I don’t know, Tessa.  Maybe you’ll have to win a hand first,” he said teasingly.

As his hands worked lower and lower down Lauren’s waist, he said conspiratorially, “Or are we moving to the ‘all in’ phase of our game with the next hand?”  Finishing up just as he was reaching the tops of Lauren’s glutes, he shifted his weight, letting Lauren decide what the next step would be.

Re: Day 09 [2000 hrs.] Sharing a Broken Heart

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Lauren could feel Scruffy's eyes watching over her from behind and the darting eyes of one ups man ship from Tessa before her. Not that she minded either way but it was humorous to her how much Tessa was trying to win despite her already having him. She allowed the massage to continue for a few more moments before she said what Tessa was thinking....

"I think we're at the point of the all in hand. And yours are already in position." She turned and winked at Scruffy as she bit her lip before she laid back down with a smile to relax more as he rubbed her lower back and upper bottom. Knowing that she was reaching that point where there was no stopping them until sleep took over. Clearly Tessa was a force to be reckoned with and that wasn't going to change just because she was in the room.

"What do you say Tessa? Are we all in?"

Tessa looked hungrily at the pair of them as she walked closer. "Oh yeah." She said as she moved up to Scruffy to take advantage of him.

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[PO3 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce
[JP with @Pierce ]
[Note: Mature content ahead]

Scruffy smiled as the pair communicated their intentions to let loose, settling back over Lauren.  As Tessa crossed the distance, he slid one hand up under Lauren’s shirt, his nails gliding up her back.  When Tessa was within reach, he wrapped his other arm around her, pulling her in for a deep kiss, trying to catch her off guard.
As he kissed Tessa, feeling her hunger, his nails slid back down Lauren’s back, lightly scratching her fair skin.  His thighs tensed, legs squeezing hers, as a switch flipped, his body language and behavior going from mostly playful to passionate.

Lauren leaned into Scruffy's hand as she let him caress her back. Meanwhile Tessa allowed that pull for a deep kiss, which while supposed to be expected, was exactly what she was waiting for. Lauren could feel Scruffy's physicality change on his present placement on her posterior. Nudging him slightly with her bottom playfully as she listened to Tessa making out with the man above her.

Letting Tessa engage in the kiss so enthusiastically allowed him to shift his hold on her, his hand gliding across her back.  He couldn't hold back a grunt as Lauren pushed up against him, and his other hand squeezed the side of her waist and gently pulled, inviting her to turn over.

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[PO3 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | NCO Quarters | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce
[JP with @Pierce  ]

Lauren turned and slid her body underneath his, while she reached her hands to her waist, she pulled off her top, exposing her larger than life breasts to the man on top of her. And to Tessa who had seem them previously in the baths with Amanda. She smiled coyly as she knew what was instore next between them. She grabbed at Tessa who was leaning slightly over the two of them as Lauren pulled her on top of her too. She saw the wet folds of the fighter pilot above her and began to tease her mound with her tongue. Tessa bucked on her face as it happened and gripped Scruffy harder around his neck, nearly sucking the life from his lips as she pulled at his hardening member.

As Lauren slid her loose shirt up her body, Scruffy's eyes were inexorably drawn to the bountiful expanse of exposed flesh, but he didn't get long to look before Tessa's fervent kisses demanded his attention.  As Tessa shuffled over Lauren, Scruffy couldn't suppress the moan that came rumbling from his mouth to hers as her hand skillfully manipulated and directed him.  His own hands tried to return the attention he was getting, one hand on a breast of each of the beauties pressed against him.

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Tessa and Lauren decided now was time to enter the foray completely as the two of them took Scruffy into their embrace. One below, one above taking all of his attention before they spent the next several hours in various states of sensual motion. Sweat glistening off the trio as they spent an unforgettable evening together before going their separate ways having explored their carnal sides.

Lauren smiled as she saw Scruffy and Tessa still holding one another as she gathered her clothes and headed back to her quarters to take a much needed shower and a nap.


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