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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

It's only the holodeck. Faye repeated the words in her mind over and over. It was true after all. Just like the other day, this was nothing but a collection of photons and lights, artificially generated smells and flavors. The warm breeze was the work of the ships environmental systems dialed up to match the proper weather on the given day on Risa, as per the parameters of whomever had designed this wonderful simulation of decadence and hedonism. Any food she might have consumed would have been re-created on the fly by the holodecks built in replicator technology, the manifestation hidden by the detailed parameters and algorithms that went into managing such a simulation. Even the faint buzz of emotion was simulated, and unlike the blank targets she'd been fighting in the security center, the creations here had a sort of background feedback noise going on. Not quite sentient, but enough to tickle and trick ever so slightly.

It's only the holodeck. And yet...and yet.

There was no denying that Faye's head was starting to swim again with the heady motions of the crowd as she followed Zark deeper into the holographic city. Her heart was beating fast, but it was a pleasant, steady beat, full of anticipation. Her skin was flush from the heat, from the crush of the populace, from the emotions radiating off of Zark, feelings that she was internalizing as her own, building upon and riding like a wave on the ocean. The desire to be put on display was there, just behind her chest, lingering, making her breath quicken, her pulse rush, and her body throb. Not to mention the Andorians parting shot about this being 'practice' had her practically dripping. The question of 'practice for what' had of course manifested itself, and she could only imagine the myriad of options there.

Once again, Faye pondered an 'after', a point in time when the galaxy was no longer balanced on the edge of a knife and Faye Eloi-Danvers had time to herself to follow pursuits not strictly related to Starfleet, or saving all of known creation. A long shore leave was the least that she could do for herself. Risa was going to be on that list...If the timing worked out. But then again, she reminded herself, it doesn't have to take that long. The Theurgy had made a few ports of call since she'd been thawed out, and while still on the run, there were...options.

She could let her imagination percolate, or she could indulge in the here and now. Of the two options, the latter seemed more immediately gratifying. Saving the notions of what might come down the line for later musings, she just managed to avoid getting a bit of second hand action. She covered her mouth and giggled, looking at the glistening mess she'd almost been hit by, and buried her face in the space between Zark's shoulder blades, shaking with barely restrained laughter. "I'm glad to see they're having fun," she managed to say without dissolving into a total fit of giggles.

The duo followed a siren song to a packed corner of the city, Zark dragging Faye along, both giggling and eager. A rhythmic thump preceded the actual music, and by the time they found themselves in the square, Faye could feel the beat of the song in her every step. Her hips began to sway and she gave Zark's hands a squeeze before the blue skinned woman broke off, making a beeline for one of the dancers. Faye didn't mind - she wasn't one to cling most of the time, and she knew that, soon enough, Zark would be back. She instead allowed herself to get caught up in the moment, bouncing from one partner to another. The next few minutes were full of soaring music, and the sweet feeling of hands on her body, and hers on others. She didn't care who, or what, was touching her, she simply danced, as if the rhythm of the music was what kept her heart beating in her chest and her lungs full of air.

At one point she found herself between a pair of Klimasz dancers, their long tongues snapping past her to snag butterflies out of the air, while their bodies pressed against hers. It was hectic, and perfect. Faye kept catching glimpses of Zark in the crowd as she pushed away from the twins, only to end up in the a triple armed embrace of an Edosian. Leaving him with a kiss on his bulbous forehead and a glimpse of her perky ass when her skirt flared, she worked her way closer and closer to orbit again in the wake of her companion.

It seemed they were of like mind as the two closed the distance between themselves, drawing the attention of others in the crowd. Which was...perfect. Exhilarating and arousing and just what Faye wanted. An audience. Soon she was trapped between Zark and the large man she had stalked out of the crowd earlier. She could feel the arousal pressing in against her ass from the other man, and the tight nipples of Zark's bust through their dresses. The two had clearly been playing, and Faye found that enticing. Facing the other man, Faye wound her arms around his neck and grinned up at him. "Hi there."

 What followed was the 'getting to know each other' phase at warp speeds. A few words, a soft laugh, all while their bodies ground together, and while Faye was getting felt up by Zark. She felt surprise radiate out from the Andorian, and then a spike of pleasure and anticipation. That was promising, but Faye kept her attention turned to the Polynesian man in front of her. He had a handful of her hair and was tilting her head back, pushing himself down onto her for a kiss. She was happy to oblige, returning it with gusto as her hands fumbled at his waist. She could feel his arousal, but there was something in the way. It took her a minute to fish him out of the grass skirt he was wearing, and she gripped his girth, earning a moan against her lips.

Rocking his hips back and forth, she felt the dick slide between her hands and she shivered. The kiss was broken and words were whispered into her ears. she flushed and nodded, burying her face in his chest for a moment, almost shy, before she sunk to her knees in front of him. She left a trail of kisses down his stomach, before she moved both of her hands to press his cock up against his pelvis, still standing proud between the strands of woven grass. They shifted to the side, so Faye could watch Zark out of the corner of her eyes as she began to nuzzle and kiss the mans swollen sack, there in the middle of the crowd of dancers.

Marveling at the way the holodeck managed to mimic the smell and taste of the man's arousal, Faye felt her head swimming as her hair was once again grasped. One hand left the cock, to paw at her chest, squeezing her breast beneath her dress. The other gripped the base of that shaft and pointed to her lips. Soon her mouth was full of him, her lips wrapped around his cockhead and her tongue pushing the foreskin down to give her access to the swollen gland it hid. All the while she watched, slightly wide-eyed, as Zark's partner seemed eager to exert himself.

Having had a tussle or two with the formidable male half of the Klingon species, she had an idea of what her friend was in store for. Physically embodying the age-old axiom that 'redundancy was good,' Faye could well imagine what was about to happen, and a quick glance showed her bare skinned friend pressed to the wall. The Klingon was all muscle and bulk, hands gripping the Andorian and maneuvering her into place. There was a growl that was all the Klingon, and a squeal that could only be her friend as the security officer was taken there on the street.

Cheers from the crowd rang out, causing Faye to shiver and squirm, her head bobbing up and down on the holographic cock, while next to her, the Klingon settled his paws around Zark's thighs, pulling her legs up over his hips and shifting the angle of his assault. Twin, ridged shafts pulled back, till just the flared tips remained inside, and then rocked forward. Faye could hear the wet slap-slap-slap of the alien bodies coming together, each cock probing deep, deep into Zark. His heavy balls dangled between his legs, clear only display, but Faye didn't really get a chance to look at them before the hand in her hair pushed her head further down, drawing her attention back to the cock nestling its way into her throat...

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

The rumours didn't do the experience justice as Zark felt the two ribbed ridges slam hard and deep into her.  Even more gloriously, the pair of penises belonged to a Klingon, which meant he had the strength to hold up the Andorian's relatively light frame and the stamina to keep his hips going.  With each slap of skin, Zark's moans turned into pants of pleasure that soon began to sound like rapid breathing.  The athletic blue legs crossed themselves to help find purchase as she was being driven crazy.  The only thing that was really unpleasant at this point was the wall she was being fucked on.  Being screwed on a private, or public ,wall sounded great in theory, but the Andorian could feel her back being aggressively exfoliated.  Using what little concentration she had, the blue woman leaned into the Klingon and wrapped her arms around his neck.  The Klingon judged this to be fantastic as he lifted her up and Zark let out a loud "Unghhhhh!" as she slid harder onto the poles while they were being shoved straight up her sex and ass.

The blue head and white locks were thrown back as she threw a yell of passion skyward as the Klingon bounced her on his two rods.  The waves of pleasure that were rocketing through the Zhen were too much and she closed her eyes as the Klingon walked around and bounced her up and down for the whole crowd to see and they cheered when a thrust elicited a squeal or a yell from the Andorian. Zark's ability to hold on was quickly becoming questionable as she buried her head on his shoulder. Her pants and groans were colliding to the point where she couldn't get them out fast enough and she was going to start begging for release and just to be filled from the two pumps inside her.

Then suddenly she was on the ground and the merciless pistoning stopped. Zark mewled in protest. She was so close! Raising her body on her elbows, eyes glittering lustily and dangerously while the Risian sun highlighted her naked breasts. The sound of the crowd registered as they chanted. "The train! The train! The train!" The wha?   she thought through her aggressively erotic haze. The Klingon smiled as he waved his two glistening poles at her, then pushed her onto the ground. Another pair of party goers rushed in and lifted a familiar blue skirt with tanned legs above her field of vision.

The Klingon shoved her into position and her hips rose then landed on a solid pair of thighs. He was inside her again and the party goers dropped Faye's nethers on Zark. It took a mighty act of concentration from her fraying mind, but she could think of only one thing to do as the Zhen's blue tongue parted Faye's flower and began lapping the juices that flowed forth.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

Even considering that the man in front of her was a hologram, Faye still felt the tingling glow of desire bubbling between her legs, and the wave of pseudo lust from the holograms. This mixed with the actual emotions that the Andorian was broadcasting off to the side, as her body was smashed back against the wall of the closest building, braced there for the Klingon to get a bit of extra leverage. Faye could see the mans hips pistoning back and forth, Zark's arms wrapping around him as he dropped her down onto his double shafts.  But Faye didn't watch for long, as hot as that was, since she had other matters to attend to.

With her head swimming in a sea of desire, she groaned aloud, her lips stretched around the prick pushing past the back of her mouth and into her throat propper. The groan became a gag, but Faye relaxed her throat quickly after.  The man had both of his hands in her hair now, gripping firmly, sending shivers down her spine, not unlike how Zark had gripped her hair the day before in the security center. There was none of the embarrassment that had been present then however, and only the spark of arousal as her face was fucked. She brought her hands up, against his thighs, squeezing the warm skin and bracing herself as her partner of convenience went to town. More and more Faye grew fuzzy, lost in the moment, her head bobbing of her own volition as much as his control, her tongue pressing out against the bottom of his shaft, until it tickled the sack of his balls.

Faye felt, as much as heard, the man groaned louder. A tremble ran up his leg, under her fingers, and she knew what was about to happen. Slipping her hands around to the back of his thighs, she grabbed tight and buried her face against his pelvis, eyes darting up, smoldering black onyx that watched him above her, felt the press of his stomach against her cheek, saw the way his face scrunched up. All the tell-tale signs. His eyes squeezed tight and he let out a rumbling moan that shook his body as his balls emptied down Faye's throat. A thick heat poured down into her stomach, and she swallowed, grasping tightly to him, before he pulled back, spilling the last of his seed on her tongue.

How the hell did they get the taste right? Was the first thought that ran through her head, followed swiftly by, fuck me that was hot. She blinked, looked up at him, mouth agape, and then closed and swallowed, deciding she'd worry about the how and what later. The man that had been using her ran his thumb under her lip, grinning at her, and stumbled away, his hips swaying once more as he began to pound a heavy beat, stomping his left foot with each step away. If his dick was slick and swaying in the wind, he didn't seem to be bothered at all, and Faye was left kneeling, laughing at the sight, and licking her lips.

She wasn't left to her own devices very long at all, as the audience - many dancing still, pressed in. Fingers tangled in her hair, ran over her jaw, her shoulders, her arms. Every inc that was currently exposed was touched, an invitation given by the Betazoids performance. Heat blossomed again between her legs, that oh so familiar ache, before she let out an undignified squawk. Hands hooked up under her arms and pulled her to her feet, and then more hands were there, bodies pressing in, as she was lifted up into the air. She twisted a bit and found herself manhandled over toward Zark. Having lost track of what had happened to the Andorian, she saw her - friend at the very least now - on her back not far away with the Klingon re-entering her via a mighty thrust.

Train? What Train? she asked, hearing the word repeated, and then someone shouting 'Chu-chu-chu! leaving her wondering if the Zebulon Sisters had been programmed into the holodeck for an impromptu street performance. Utterly befuddled, the world spun around Faye for a moment - more accurately, the lithe diplomat was spun around by the crowd, and then dropped down into place above Zark. She let out an audible "Ooof!" as her knees connected with the ground, but someone was propping her back up as she started to fall forward.

It was the Klingon, who had pressed one of his hands to her chest, stabilizing her, and groping her through her shirt. He grinned a toothy grin, and barked out a quick suggestion. Though, with how throaty his words were, "yIQongchoHtaHvIS daH 'e' yIHarQo'," sounded far more like an order. And one that Faye thought was quite excellent. She groaned aloud though, as Zark, taking her own initiative, leaned up and started to lap at Faye, her tongue parting the Betazoids folds and sending pleasing shivers up her spine. The blue-skinned woman would find that her companion was practically dripping with desire, and without missing a beat Faye sat back for a moment, her hands gripping the Klingon's, squeezing hard and using him for support while rocking her hips against Zark's face.

Not wishing to smother the Andorian (or gods forbid, accidently smash her friend antenna) she wiggled her hips from side to side and pulled up enough to give Zark room to breathe. Then meeting the Klingon's gaze - who, bless him, had not missed a single beat and was working his own hips in rhythm to the music - leaned forward, letting go of his hand and bracing herself. Her ass rose into the air, making it just a bit harder for Zark to get to her cunt, but really the effort had to be worth it, right? By leaning forward Faye got a front row seat to the view of the Klignon's ridged upper shaft plunging into and stretching Zark's folds around it.

"Fuck me that is so hot," she exclaimed, earning some cheers from the crowd. Remembering the words from the holographic Klingon, she leaned down, and started pressing kisses to Zark's pelvis. She nibbled and licked, biting the join of the other woman's hip to her groin, leaving a mark. Zark had left so many the other day - and tended to them today - that it only seemed fair. But with Zark tonguing at her pussy, Faye could not resist the urge of returning the favor for long. She moaned, eyes fluttering, and looked up at the Klingon as she drew her tongue down across the top of Zark's folds, and then over the ridges of the mans dick, from the point he'd entered the Andorian to the base. Flicking her tongue side to side she traced back, and did her best to spend the next eternity lapping at the point where zark was being penetrated.

Faye could not tell how long that lasted. Time seemed to stretch out as heat bloomed and spread between her legs, little starbursts of pleasure exploding here and there, leaving juices dripping down her friend's chin. Occasionally she would pull away to get her own breath, sitting back onto Zark's face briefly only to lean forward again. Just as she was about to sit back again however, she felt a pair of hands grip and spread her ass, as something heavy plopped between the crease of her cheeks and rubbed back and forth. She tried to turn around and look, but the Klingon had a hand on her head again, pushing her face back towards Zark's dick filled cunt.

ooc: Translation: Stick your face down between her legs

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

Zark wasn't in an unfamiliar situation despite the pounding her crotch was taking and having Faye sitting on her face.  When she would get home after a deployment, it was normal for her to drop her bags, stretch, then immediately get swarmed by her husbands and wife.  After a good nice hug and all the nice things they needed to say about missing each other, one of them, usually her wife would plunge her hands into her pants or under her skirt and immediately begin getting her wet.  They would then would drag her off to an thick cushioned bench, otherwise known as an ottaman, and everyone would strip, though Zark took a little longer since she was being blissfully fondled.  One husband would lie down on the cushion and Zark would plunge her ass onto him, then while lying back, he'd grab her tits from behind and begin using them to guide the Zhen back and forth on his pole while the other husband went for her vag.  The Shen was by no means left out as she'd place her sex over Zark's face and command Zark to please her.  The only difference in the current case was one Klingon ramming her instead of two Andorians and a really hot Betazoid instead of a Shen.  It didn't matter since it meant that Zark had trained actions, she could call on, though it was bit different since Ryn would typically try to smother her while Faye was playing hard to get.  As Zark groaned and moaned from being stretched inside, she would get rushes of pleasure as Faye worked her clit the noises of lust coming from the Zhen would get higher and louder.  There was little conscious thought as she was becoming high from the stimulation and the crowd was soon being drowned out by the sounds of ecstasy coming from her throat. 

The Andorian cushion wasn't in any danger of going hoarse or thirsty as she tasted the veritable waterfall that Faye pumped out and the blue tongue milked the Betazoid, feeling the warm juices trickle and flow down her chin and the side of her face. Zark tried to drink greedily, but Faye kept pulling herself away, or the Klingon would thrust even deeper and Zark didn't h ave a choice as her body was forced back while she yelped happily.  A nip down below also elicited a very happy groan from the Andorian as she continued to feel the pressure build up in her core and crotch.  The Andorian's semi lucid vision opened as Faye pulled away again, but Zark wasn't having it as her arms grabbed Faye's waist and pulled her down.  She was going to pleasure the Betazoid while she could, and she locked Faye in place while she prodded and teased the flowers and nub on her, and Faye responded very well to the forced stimulation while the crowd cheered. 

Zark though eventually had to give in to the sensations and she let go of everything as she felt began to moan and scream louder and faster while the Klingon increased his pace, then began to twist around inside her and the Zhen once again just wanted him to fucking cum and let her get on with the business of having screaming orgasm.  There was a green woman, an Orion standing over her and she had a ridged purple tripod in her hand.  Zark watched fascinated as she was groaning while the topless green sex being pressed a button and a subtle thrum could be heard.  Green hands spread Faye's ass open and plunged the wide girthed toy in and Faye's body jerked as she got a new source of stimulation.  The green being then bent one leg around and plunged the rest of it into the vagina that Zark no longer had the capability to get to as she felt herself getting ready for release.  The final leg somehow stretched and Zark moaned loudly as her eyes widened as the pulsing prong was shoved into her mouth and her body arched in ecstacy as she was stimulated from every fuckable orfice on her body.

Mere minutes passed though it felt like hours and Zark felt her insides grip the ridged shaft inside her and the toy was suddenly removed as she began yelling as the orgasm raced from her sex to the top of her head and to every corner of her body.  A warm thick liquid began to flow over her chin, neck, and chest as a gush entered her vagina and the Andorian began jerking as the clashing orgasms bounced around inside her, rolling and pulsing every nerve in her body.  When she stopped yelling, Zark lay there gasping as she stared at the sky and the sexy Orion who was busy pulsing the toy in and out of Faye working her to a frenzy as well.  Part of Zark wondered just what she'd been sprayed with and a rapid cooling sensation on her crotch told her that the Klingon had pulled one of his dick's out and jerked it all over Faye and herself, but what had covered her face aside from Faye?  Weakly lifting her fingers to her chin, Zark drew a line to her mouth expecting to taste semen, but the sweetness said it was something else entirely.  With her brain addled by masses of endorphins, it took a moment to realize that they'd pumped tropical fruit nectar on her. We're so gonna need a bath after this. Zark thought in a one track fashion until she saw Faye let loose and white liquid began to leak from the Betazoid's ass and sex.  Totally need a bath now. Zark thought lazily as the liquid began to drip on her.

"All hail the Festival Queens!  Let us take them to the pools of cleansing!  Their attendants await!"  Someone yelled.  The crowd roared with approval in responses.

"Yay" was all Zark could manage as she weakly flopped a hand in the air.

Re: Day 11 [1700 hrs.] Ode to Risian Sunrises

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

At some point down the line, Faye was going to have to find the creator of this program (if Zark were not the creator herself, Faye could no longer  remember what she had been told earlier that evening) and thank them. Profusely. Probably with a lot of tongue involved. Ideally put to use in more than just a lip locked kiss. But she was getting ahead of herself, and thinking about some future act of gratitude really wasn't something she had the brain power for. Marveling at the ingenuity of the program, the feeling of a feminine hand on her rump, and something that buzzed pressing against her puckered asshole was about the speed at which Faye could function right then.

She just managed to toss her sweat soaked hair out of her face and look back over her shoulder in time to see an Orion woman smiling at her before the toy shoved into her ass, eliciting a sharp yelp and a brief hiss of pain, before, wonder of wonders, the thing started to lubricate itself (and by virtue of being inside Faye's rather tight rump, lubricating her ass as well).  "Sweet fuck."

Hardly an eloquent exclamation, but then in times of intense passion Faye's normally crisp and refined erudition became considerably more concise and crude. 'Sweet Fuck' would do just nicely, and was wasn't a sweet sort of fucking she was getting now. Rough fuck would have been more adapt as a second buzzing synthetic prick pierced her, sinking into her cunt this time. Ever so briefly she flashed back to a night of passion with Mikayla MacGregor, but then she hung her head down, saw the blue expanse of Andorian belly ending in a stretched blueberry cunt, and the only thoughts of 'Klingon' were the man pounding away at Zark.

"Ah...ahhh, unnf, fuck fuck, aaaahhh," she babbled and moaned her way along. At some point she'd realized that Zark's mouth was no longer being put to use on her clit and she hung her head down, sweat pooling along her hair and looked down between them, just glimpsing a shot of Zark sucking down on a third leg of whatever the Orion woman had strapped onto (into?) herself. So banging whoever created this later.

Mewling, moaning and crying out, she felt her body start to tremble. Her dress hung about her middle, having been yanked down off her shoulders and bunched up over her hips.  It made for an excellent point of leverage as the Orion had gripped it tightly after having affixed Faye in both holes with her multi pronged vibrator. Given the intensity of it all it was no surprise that no one involved in the cluster fuck lasted much longer past the arrival of the green-skinned contributor to the open air orgy. When it was all over and Faye had time to reflect, she would not be able to say if it was the probing from behind, spreading and pulsing inside of her cunt and ass that sent her over the edge, or if it was the dam breaking within Zark, and the emotional backwash of the oh so talented Andorian that triggered the Betazoid's orgasm, drowning in the alien wave of pleasure that assaulted her senses.

Clearly the program was designed to have the male participant of the orgy reach his peak when the sensors detected that the flesh and blood hedonists climaxed. Faye was passingly aware of something grunted in Klingonese as a hand roughly jerked her head up and held her in place, ignoring her cries of pleasure that had her body quaking and warmth gushing out of her twat. Head lolling save for the grip on her hair, she just managed to focus her eyes forward in time to see the massive Klingon prick pop out of Zark, leaving behind quiet an impressive stain dripping down from those blueberry petals before it was thrust into her face, exploding again. Some of it ended up in her hair (unavoidable, but unfortunate) and some of it ended up in her mouth (dutifully, Faye swallowed) but most of it ended up splattering across the young diplomats face, forcing her to shut her eyes for a moment, and leave one shut, coated as it became.

And then he dropped her head back onto Zark's body, and Faye shuddered, feeling suddenly empty as the Orion withdrew herself from the equation, and popped out of Faye's tight bum and swollen cunt. Gasping for air, she blinked her eye open in time to see the crowd gathering in and carefully lifting her and Zark up, to bear them away to some baths to be washed off.

"Always said I was a Queen," she managed through a fit of giggles, curling up against one of the festival revelers as she was borne into an ornate looking bathhouse to be tended to.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

The bare breasted blue beauty waited for the cheering crowd to move Faye and her dripping went cunt from her view.  A white drop stretched itself from her loaded sex and Zark turned her head away and closed an eye as it elongated, then separated and fell on her cheek.  Zark giggled as she felt the drip land and she took a moment to run her index finger along her partner's slit, with a slight press inside, and coating the end of her finger.  Another set of hands reached for and lifted the two of them where she was hoisted along with Faye onto the shoulders of two muscular and very well defined men then carried to a nearby spa.  Zark smiled at Faye as they were lifted off the ground and she waved her cum coated finger before sticking it in her mouth and sucking the liquids off.

Zark didn't bother to taste as she swallowed before laying her hands on the men's heads to keep herself stable then dropped and shook her head for a moment.  This was definitely one of the more extravagant events that she'd heard about and if the actual thing was even remotely close, she was looking at sleeping for a whole week afterwards.  Watching her firm chest sway a bit, the buxom Andorian smiled as they were carried into a large white stucco building dominated by open arches that faced out to the beaches and water.  Zark giggled as a naked Vulcan greeted the pair with an interesting combination of grace and sensuality, very un-Vulcan like, especially the purple and bronze highlights in her hair.  "Your Majesties, welcome to your private retreat where we are here to see to your every need.  After you enter and are put down, just remove your clothes and we'll have them cleaned and.."  A very Vulcan eye arch. "..Mended.  Before you go in, are there any specifics about the attendants that you prefer?"

Zark's white steel eyebrows rose as she looked at Faye and puffed out her cheeks in thought.  "Uhmmmm, I guess a mix for me but mainly females, humanoids."  The greeter grinned pleasantly and made some annotations on the screen in front of her and Zark felt an urge of silliness kick in.  "Are you available?"  The greeter smiled which caused the Andorian's eyes to widen as her mind worked to read the smile on the face and she realized that the Vulcan was being seductive. "I can certainly join you if that's your desire."  Zark bit her lower lip as she mulled this one over. "Err, I was joking, but uhmm, I think I'd like that."  With that, the Vulcan nodded and made a few more annotations.  "Very well.  I'll join you when you enter the bath.  You will have 3 other attendants in addition to myself.  A Bajoran male, a Bolian female, and a human female.  Will this suffice?"

At this point, the choices were getting heady and Zark was starting to get a little overwhelmed at the service being provided.  "Yeah, That'll work."  While the greeter worked to get Faye's preferences sorted out, Zark asked the guys to put her down. "I'd like to walk in and see the place.  I also need to stretch my legs."   Landing gracefully, Zark walked and shimmied out of the remains of her dress.  The intense banging she'd received seemed to have accelerated the wearing out of the hip band as the dress came off much more easily than when she'd put it on.  As soon as she felt cloth hit her foot, Zark kicked the cum covered dress off to a wall where it was transported out. It was a computer creation, but Zark still marvelled at the clear blue water that filled a sand coloured pool inlaid with intricate patterns of gold, silver, and other stained glass tiles.  The patterns were woven together to provide a soothing and enfolding flow for anyone in the water.  Lounge chairs and and benches surrounded the pool along with tropical trees, flowers, and a few statues.  The very naked Andorian stopped and giggled when she saw the source of the water filing the pool was a statue of a naked Klingon, very double erect and water arcing out of his appendages. "Oh Lor'Vela, who thought up that one?" she muttered to herself.

Zark's gawking was interrupted when the bronzed Vulcan who'd greeted them gently placed a hand on her arm. "My lady, this way." She softly told the Andorian as she gestured towards the water.  The Zhen took a moment to see how Faye was handling the whole thing before shooting her a look that amounted to I think I'm ready to cum again right here.  as her feet stepped into the crystal clear waters that would cleanse, relax, and since it was Risa, relieve Zark of all her tensions. Again.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 
Being borne aloft by strong arms and carried along with a crowd of clearly reverent party goers was something of a new experience for Faye, even if it was a holographic one, and she found herself almost welcoming the quiet of the bathhouse when they were ushered through the doors. The journey was not terribly long, but it was long enough that she was feeling less hot, slick goodness on her skin, and more cooling, stickiness. No longer quite so pleasant as before. Faye was going to welcome the chance to clean off the mess. As good as it looked (and felt) in the first few moments after an orgasm, the longer even holographic spunk lingered on her skin, the further it went from pleasant to unwanted. 

It took the Betazoid a moment to collect herself, and then she blinked in marked surprise as her party was greeted by a Vulcan with very interesting hair. I wonder what logic went into that? Embracing the local culture for the purpose of scientific curiosity? Simple aesthetic approval? She set the musings aside as her mind continued to focus and pull itself out of the post orgasmic fugue state she'd been in. Still feeling exhausted, she was at least more immersed in her surroundings now. Odd, the Vulcan was Smiling. This was going to be interesting.

Sharing a glance with Zark, the lithe diplomat shrugged and thought about what she wanted for her own attendants. She was amused at Zark wrangling the the Vulcan into the mix for herself. The Vulcan's willingness to join was probably something written into the code of the program, given the situation, but Faye wasn't going to complain. Watching a sexy Vulcan bathing her blue skinned friend was going to be a sight to see.  One man and three women to attend the Andorian seemed about right, and Faye smiled softly. This was going to be fun to watch.

For herself though, the exhaustion was waring with her other desires. Letting the two men set her onto her feet, she leaned up and kissed each on the jaw. "Good boys. Off with you now," she murmured, and turned back to the Vulcan, who was waiting for her own 'order.' 

"I think I've had enough male attention today," she allowed, grinning sheepishly. "Just a couple of female humanoids to help me clean and unwind please,". The Vulcan nodded and Faye watched her methodically flip through their roster of options. "I have made available one Bajoran and one Denobulan attendant."

"They sound lovely," Faye replied, as she about peeling herself out of her crumpled dress. Sticky though she was, the Betazoid had no issue stretching in the buff, twisting about and working herself from side to side, up and down and all over, helping to limber up once more now that she was on her feet. She watched the Vulcan leading Zark away, smirking at the look on the Security officers face. It was hard not to giggle as she moved in the wake of the other woman, only to be greeted by the two women she herself had been assigned.

Waving at Zark - who was now waist deep in the water, being gently urged towards a trio of attendants awaiting her in the inviting depths, with the Vulcan running two fingers slowly up and down Zark's spine, having slid around behind the Andorian - Faye turned her attention to the two women before her. Both were already naked, the Denobulan, who stood taller than the Betazoid, looked down with a wide grin on her face as she offered Faye a glass of something cold and refreshing. To her side, the Bajoran, a bit shorter than Faye, sported a mane of curly red hair and a matching (trimmed) bush, unlike the bare pubed denobulan with her bob-cut sandy hair. 

The taller woman took the suddenly empty glass away, while the Bajoran silently intertwined her fingers with Fayes, and walked backwards into the pool, a coy smile on her face as she led the diplomat into the soothing waters. Hands were brought up in front, and behind, slowly running over her body, and the Betazoid let out a long, low sigh. 

"What is your wish?" the Denobulan purred quietly from behind her. Faye pondered that for a moment, then murmured her reply. 

"First, I'm tried of being sticky. After that.." she ran a finger down the Bajoran's nose, eliciting a small moan, before slipping it into the redheads lips, and leaning back, looking into the Denobulan's eyes, "Then I want to see just what the two of you can do with your tongues." She kissed the woman behind her, long, and low, before opening her eyes, to watch and see what the attendants were doing to help Zark relax.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

Zark's thoughts were unwittingly starting to mirror Faye's as felt her skin begin to become uncomfortably tight as the faux cum dried on her.  The main issue that she was actually concerned about was getting it out of her hair.  Long and dense hair such as hers could trap the seed anywhere if she wasn't careful; which was very hard while in the throes of passion.  Her gawking was interrupted as the the sensuous receptionist gently placed a hand on her back and led her to the crystal clear water. "This way my lady, your cleansing awaits."

The Andorian let herself be led to the water with a mixture of anticipation and excitement.  This was certainly very different from and as she dipped a toe in, she was surprised that the water wasn't warm to the touch.  In fact, it was just right and she had to wonder if maybe the computer was keeping track of her usual shower temperature. That thought quickly fled though as she was guided to a an underwater throne that just peaked out of the water at a comfortable angle. The Zhen's antennae pointed straight upwards in surprise and began to writhe as she felt a fingers begin to gently trace up and down her back in the softest of touches.  Zark closed her eyes as she slowed and exhaled softly in delight at the moment.  It was a quick moment though as her eyes opened and she could see her nipples erect once more and mentally sighed. Maybe I should have them take care of that first.  Nah.  They'll start cleaning and then we'll just have to start again.  Not a bad idea though. Besides, there's always anticipation. Zark thought to herself.

"Please lie back and relax." The Vulcan gently directed and Zark did as she was told.  The well defined Bajoran with flaming red hair entered the water after with a tray that was artfully covered in the various particulars of bathing and passed the tray to the naked blue Bolian who laid the floating tray on the water and smiled as she picked up a flower bundle.  Pouring the purple cleansing lotion on the flowers, she passed it to the blonde human.  Smiling demurley, this attendant slowly raised Zark's clean bare leg out of the water and began to gently massage the lotion and the Andorian's legs were soon covered in a light layer of suds.  The soft rubbing elicted a quiet purr from Zark, which became louder when the Vulcan began working on her opposing arm.  The volume and tone changed when the Bajoran placed his strong, solid hands on her hair and began to massage shampoo into each and every white fibre on her head. It was a relaxation overload as they brushed away the scut and grime of the event while massaging her with the various bundles of bubbly flowers.  A feather light soft cloth with just the right amount of water soon brushed and cleaned her face, ears, and antennae which blew hot air on the erotic embers still glowing within her.

Zark suddenly gasped and let out a noticeable "Mmmmmmm." as she guessed the Vulcan began cleaning her chest and her sensitive nipples transmitted their delight to her brain.  "Do you approve?"  Zark let out a moan as her head lolled to one side and she practically gasped out a drawn out "Yeeesss."  Her minds eye could practically see the Vulcan smiling. "We are glad that the cleanse and relaxation is to your liking."  There was a slight pause.  "There are other areas that are in need of attention. Would you like me or the Bajoran to help you?"  Zark opened dreamy eyes and looked at the delightfully haired Vulcan.  She was indeed wearing a grin and this decided the Zhen as she raised her hands out of the water with a struggle and gently gripped the back of the Vulcan's neck and brought her in for a breath stealing lip lock.  The Andorian soon felt hands begin to brush between her ample chest and slowly over her taut belly.  There was a gasp and moan that sounded like hers when the hand reached the juncture between her legs and the fingers paused.  The spike of frustration lent a delicious touch as the blue hand pressed the delicate, yet strong fingers into her folds and Zark moaned loudly into the kiss as the Vulcan attendant began to manipulate her sex while the remaining attendants closed in to seek out her pleasure centres and give them the attention she desired as well.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker   
Flashbacks to Aldea flickered across the surface of Faye's mind, as she recalled another bath, on another world. A gift that had been given to her, and Lt. Cmdr. Dewitt on behalf of the Aldean council after a long series of negotiations in which the two women secured the support of the locals, and hashed out the specifics of the relationship that would unfold between the Theurgy and their hosts, bidden to cooperate by the Klingon High Chancellor, who claimed the system as a protectorate. Rules and guidelines had been laid out for the clandestine arrival and usage of the planet by the crew, and the seclusion of the ship within one of the various dockyards. When it was all done, one of the councilors had gifted Dewitt and Faye with a pass to an urun massage, which had been extremely thorough. Afterward, the two women had enjoyed a night time bath - and each other - overlooking the Aldean Cityscape. 

Truly a memorable encounter, and Faye could not help but draw comparisons between that experience, and the one unfolding before her. Especially the way the attendants were currently catering to Zark's needs. She giggled as she watched one of them bathing the Andorian's feet, sticking up out of the water, but her attention was drawn back as she herself was led to a similar chair in warmer temperatures than the Andorian preferred. Steam rose up out of the water and swirled around her body as she approached the chair, and was lowered into it, the Bajoran redhead giving her a playful push, and the Denobulan stepping behind her to guide her down with that slightly too wide smile.

Mirroring Zark, Faye was settled under the much warmer water, the chair supporting her perfectly, as her two attendants began to see to her cleansing. Like the other woman, her hair was cared for, which was much welcome as she became aware that her face and throat were not the only places that had been subjected to a smattering 9or more) of holographic spunk. A giggle bubbled up from her lips as the curly haired Bajoran tended to her feet, which were quite ticklish, though the occasional soft kiss to her skin in the wake of the woman's efforts teased gentle sighs from her lips. At one point she looked over to see Zark sucking face with the odd Vulcan woman, and her heart skipped a beat. 

Oh, damnnnn that is hot. Wow. Her distraction was swiftly countered by the actions of her own attendants, as they washed her body, drawing her attention back to their ministrations.

"Do not worry for your friend. She is being attended to. And as soon as we have you clean, we shall attend you in other ways," the soft voice crooned, as her head was gently tugged back and she looked up at a naked bosom from below, grinning as the Denobulan took the time to thoroughly rinse the shampoo from her raven locks. The Bajoran woman pressed her body against Fayes, hands cupping her breasts, suds soaked fingers rolling across her nipples. She groaned, and gasped, a tongue drawing a warm line up to her belly button and flicking over it, followed by a very feminine giggle from the curly haired companion, though her hair was clinging to her head now, having gotten soaked during the bathing process. 

"Mmmm, please," Faye murmured, looking from one woman to another, a pleading look on her face. Her lips curled into a needy pout, and the Denobulan laughed, sharing a look with the Bajoran. The latter stood, water rolling down her bare chest, the curls of her red muff sticking above the surface, as she took Faye in hand and pulled her to her feet. Silently she led her back to a point that the water lapped Faye's knees. The heat and steam kept her from feeling a chill, as lips closed on her ear from behind. 

"Let us see how long you can stay standing," the Denobulan teased, whispering, before pulling back and pushing Faye's hair to one side. Each woman stood, and pressed themselves to Faye, lips seeking out skin. From behind, her neck was nibbled, and then a trailing path of kisses were placed on her spine. In front, the Bajoran did the same, spending some time sucking each nipple. But soon, Faye found herself looking down at the two women, twisting this way and that as they knelt in the shallow depths. 

"Oh..." she whispered, understanding dawning, as she had not been able to truly read anything specific in the intent of the holograms, unlike how she could pick up on Zark's pleasure, pushing against her own desires and fueling the pooling heat between the Betazoid's legs. A moment later, as the Bajoran leaned in, pressing a deep kiss between Faye's legs, against her shaven pussy, the diplomat let out another, louder, "Ohhh..." And when the Denobulan pried her cheeks apart with both hands, and wriggled her long tongue up between them, a sharper exclamation broke out across the bath hall.

"OH!! Oh, fuck, yessss."

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

The next few moment passed In a blur for the Andorian as the Vulcan with strange air deftly manipulated ceruleanan folds. She moaned loudly and lustily into the mouth attached to hers as the thrust and parry of tongues was engaged.  It wasn't fair for Zark who'd been through two sexual encounters already and was being put through her third while being swarmed.  And she wouldn't have it any other way as other hands not of the desert planet enfolded her substantial orbs and began rubbing them.  Mmmmm!! she happily cried into sealed lips as her nipples were caressed then rubbed.  It definitley didn't feel just like wet hands, so the other attendants had put oil on their hands and were working her chest over eliciting further moans of delight.

It was a lot for a girl to keep track of and she mewled in protest when the deft fingers gave a wicked last brush of her sensitive clit, then pulled out. The mouth stayed attached though and she wanted to pull off and tell the Vulcan to keep going. Instead, strong arms enfolded her and lifted her up.  In the mass of sensation, she'd lost track of the male attendant and she almost yelped when she was put down on a solidly muscled body. "A thorough cleaning is required for you My Lady" she heard a deep baritone say from behind and she felt herself almost faint at the sensation.  It was not to be though as she was lifted in unison one more time and she felt a hardness press against her rear.  Somehow the other three attendants kept her up and she felt the tip travel toward her exposed ass as her legs were lifted from the strong Vulcan.

When she felt the tip reach the right point, Zark let out a massive "Ugghhhhh! As she was dropped on the dick for another round. There was a pause as the attendants waited for Zark to adjust to the new old feeling inside her and she stared, dazed at the Vulcan who managed to look entirely sexy and serious at the same time. "My Lady, relax and enjoy the cleansing treatment.  We do not require you to do anything.  We are here to serve you." She concluded and Zark wondered how the hell that was supposed to work when she felt strong arms grab her again.  As the other two attendants lifted Zark up, and pair of powerful hands wrapped around from the rear and grabbed her chest while the Vulcan leaned in again to suck Zark's face and the deft hands returned to her sex.  A wave of pleasure rolled through as the slim tanned hand began rubbing her erect clit and the Andorian's previous volume was quickly restored as the other attendants held her up while the penis pumped her ass. Strong hands massaged, pulled, and gently twisted her nipples, driving the festival queen crazy to the point she was only dimly aware that she was making noises of lustful enjoyment that would have caused many to blush in embarrassment if they could hear her. Her mond floated on the clouds of pleasure wracking their way through every corner of her body while she couldn't help but follow the instructions and simply enjoy the sensations. Her sense of smell soon picked up something else that managed to heighten her lustful desire even further.  It turned out the Bajoran was had been oiled in Tulinia blossom oils, a local scented aphrodisiac that was akin to wearing a scented horga'hn.  It didn't matter though as the oil affected the cold weather alien more than was possible anticipated.  "Oh Spirits!!  Yes!!!! Fuck meeee harder!!" she cried to her attendants and impossibly, the Bolian and Human timed their drops so the penetration was even deeper.  The Vulcan also applied more pressure and buxom bouncing Zhen felt was ready to faint.

Then much to her intense protest, everything paused once more and she felt the fingers extract   from her while the attendants lifted her off the pulsing and solid rod in her.  "Fuuuuuck!" Zark practically squealed. "You can't leave me like this!!" she pleaded.  She was sooooo close! "We must fill you with the spirit of Hezeya my Lady.  Do you wish to drink the spirit or have it fill you?" It was a testament to the fact that Zark could think at all that she made the connection as to what was needed as her attendants laid her on the pool deck.  "Fuck it! Just fill me already!" Zark commanded and the slicked Bajoran climbed on top of her and she felt him thrusting into her once more.  More hands soon joined between the two bodies as they rocked together.  Her nipple and clit were once again stimulated, and blue arms and legs locked themselves around the grunting man while her own moans, and yells of pleasure mixed with his.

Zark's world exploded as her vagina clenched around the hard prick and a white hot orgasm erupted with the rush of hot seed into her.  This was much better than being banged against the wall since it was a smooth marble like substance and her body rocked and convulsed on its own accord as the attendant filled her with his cum.

Zark didn't know how long the explosive orgasm lasted since all she was aware of for a while was the Bajoran disentangling himself from her while the human spread her legs and began to gently pull the wet seed out.  The Bolian brought a glass bowl with a strange blue liquid and the human gently, reverently, dumped the contents from her fingers into it.  "This seed will feed the spirit of Hezeya your Highness."  the human told her and the Zhen had no idea what that meant. All she knew was that they were taking great care to clean her out. While this was happening, she did wonder where the Vulcan and the Bajoran went, and as her senses returned, she had a feeling they were headed in Faye's direction and wondered if they were going to do the same to her as well. The thought was cut off as the Bolian and Human lowered her into the water once more and gently began to cleanse her skin and hair again, albeit in a more circumspect manner so as to not elicit too much excitement. Zark settled back into her throne as a privacy curtain settled itself around her. Soon aside from the gentle sounds of water and the waves, there wasn't much noise though she was sure Faye should also be screaming her head off.  "Uhmmm, whats with the curtain?" she asked and the two remaining attendants smiled. "The spirit must also rest to be cleansed." came a demure reply and Zark replied with a very understanding  "Oh" and lay back as the Bolian handed her an iced cup of tea.

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 [ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

A joke about a thorough cleansing was just on the tip of Faye's tongue, but it got lost somewhere between her teeth and her lips as other tongues did their best to rob the Betazoid of her ability to properly think. Talented tongues. Tongues that knew what they were about and doing an excellent job of leaving the raven haired festival Queen panting in what felt like no time at all. In truth, they had been diligently probing, licking and lapping for longer than Faye had realized. She discovered first hand that Denobulan had tongues that were as much longer as the average humanoid as their smiles were eerily wider. This meant that Faye was getting quite the tongue lashing, and she felt a tremble start to work its way up from her legs, shaking under the water. Heat, and not from the bath, pulsed and radiated across her form. It was slow, low, and cloying, throbbing like a second heartbeat, before suddenly bursting forth at the moment the Bajoran girl closed her lips over the hood of Faye's clit, and sucked, hard.

Faye would have fallen down into the water as her legs gave out, the orgasm crashing through her, save that a new pair of sunk under hers, and held her up. Some point in the past however long she'd been at the mercy of the dueling tongues, it seemed that Zark had been thoroughly debased, and two of the four that had seen to the Andorians needs were now sliding up to Faye.  She wondered what that was all about, seeing that the Vulcan cradled some kind of glass bowl with a blue, slightly creamy looking liquid swirling gently in it. That vibrant hair color, so at odds with what one would normally think of for a Vulcan, was now plastered down her back, but still eye-catching enough that Faye found herself drawn out of the post orgasmic haze.

Her own Bajoran stood up and kissed her softly on the lips, drawing attention back to the curly redhead. Not that Faye was complaining. She could taste her own excitement on the woman's lips, which sent shivers up and down her spine. The male Bajoran squeezed her arms, and once he was sure Faye wouldn't fall, let go, stepping up next to the Vulcan and placing one hand on her shoulder. Both smiled at Faye, who pulled back and looked between - yes, all four of them, the Denobulan was no longer kneeling behind Faye but came around to stand next to the redhead.

"Okay, now I feel like I'm about to be propositioned, which is frankly hilarious at this point." That drew more smiles, and the Vulcan nodded as she lifted up the glass bowl.

"As we have done for your friend, there is one final cleansing that is needed for the Queens of the Festival. Seed spilled, to honor the spirit of Hezeya. We must collect another offering of seed." She smiled, and then gestured over to the male Bajoran who had improbablby risen to attention with a refractory speed that left Faye wondering if that were just the program, or a facet of Bajoran males she had not yet encountered. Her eyebrows rose up, looking down and confirming that noses were not the only part of Bajoran anatomy that came with ridges, and laughing.

"Oh, fuck me," she managed through the giggles, which only doubled up when, standing next to the other Bajoran, her Denobulan attendant helpfully informed Faye, "That's the plan!" Her smile stretched fully across her face, almost up to her ears, and tears pricked Faye's eyes as she worked to get her laughter under control.

"Oh, gods, who am I to buck a good tradition. I'm all yours big boy," she turned to the male attendant. Having originally turned down the offer for any more male companionship for the ...afternoon? Evening? She wasn't even sure what time it was - she now faced him full on, swaying slightly in the heat of the pool water. "How do you want me?"

She'd barely finished the words when her original attendants slid up  and bodily lifted her up into the air, legs spread for all to see - which was just the holograms, as at this point, Zark was secluded behind a curtain and some impressive sound dampening fields. Faye's toes curled in the air as the male stepped forward and cupped her chin with one hand, turning her gaze to meet his eyes. "I will do all the work,  my Queen. Just...relax and enjoy the moment."

At which point, gripping his prick with his other hand, he stepped between her legs and ran his cockhead along her folds. Faye found that yes, she could do just that, and surrendered to the moment.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

A different scent seemed to fill the air as her remaining two attendants gently scrubbed away the remains of all the sex she'd been having.  Whatever they were using felt more like a cloud than any shower implement as it gently glided along her smooth blue skin and seemed to make it even even smoother.  Lifting a free hand as they moved to other areas, Zark took notice of how she felt her mind relax while she watched the bubbles gather, then gently cascade back into the water.  A soft water pump pushed the  gathered soap away as she sighed and settled in.  A light sip of tea added to the calm.  It was refreshing, but wasn't anything that was supposed to perk her up and she felt the environment surround her like a tropical blanket.

The attendants broke the calm as they lifted one elegant leg out of the warm pulsating water and finished scrubbing. "My lady, the pedicure is going to take a little longer. Your feet are harder than we thought they were." An attendant chimed in. "I didn't want to say so either, but the pedicure will also take more time as well." Zark giggled a bit nervously at this as she sank into the water and let the water come up just above her nostrils as she blew a stream of bubbles into the bath.  There wasn't much that embarrassed the Andorian, but it was that particular aspect of her vanity that did cause her issues and despite thinking that she'd gotten a handle on it, there were times old embarrassments would ambush her.  It was an unavoidable fact of her line of work that she would wear her body out if it wasn't for the various bits of trauma she had inflicted along the way.  There was a dermal regenerator nearby her usually, but it could only do so much.  The fact it was internal since she was dealing with holograms made it doubly worse and she closed her eyes and held her breath as she went through an exercise to purge her feeling on it.

A sense of calm had almost returned when she felt a tap on her shoulder and she raised herself off the bath throne.  The attendant's look of worry disappeared when it was clear Zark wasn't trying to drown herself.  The Zhen smiled re-assuringly and reached out for the hands reaching down to help her out of the water.  Her skin cooled rapidly as crystal clear liquid cascaded off curves that matched the colour of the sky.  She could feel her nipples harden once more with the change in temperature, but she ignored it as she headed to a chair that was set aside on the porch facing a quiet beach.  Various stands and travel shelves were standing by with oils, ointments, and tools to help clean up the already beautiful Andorian.  She wasn't sure if her ears were laying tricks on her, but despite the curtains, Zark thought she heard someone happily screaming somewhere and her lips twisted into a grin as she settled into the chair. "A robe for your Highness?"  Zark merely smiled and shook her head then settled into the seat.  A moment had barely passed when a pair of cucumbers descended over her eyes and she sank once more into hedonistic relaxation.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

What followed for Faye was one of the more erotic experiences of her life, even if it was all at the hands of talented holograms. She could forget that this wasn't real as she was suspended up above the pool by attendants standing in the water, gripping her arms, her legs, keeping her spread wide. She was speared on that rod of Bajoran manliness and soon lost track of her surroundings once more. There was only the feeling of being spread wide, oh so wide, and deep. Deeper than she had been proved in the Risian streets. Deeper than - well, about as deep as on Adlea. The Bajoran was very well-endowed, and knew what he was doing,

And gods those ridges!

In the end the dedicated, thorough 'cleansing' within Faye tore a ragged scream from some deep, primal point. Her head had fallen back, hair pooling in the water beneath her as she saw stars above her. Gasping for air, shaking, she felt her toes curl and wet warmth soak her thighs and the pelvis of the man so meticulously railing her. Then a new heat blossomed, equally wet, searing hot as the Bajoran spilled himself within the Betazoid. She went limp in the arms of the attendants, murmuring nonsense words as the offering was painstakingly gathered in the wake of the man's withdrawal from her body.

Eventually, focus returned to Faye. She found herself floating in the water. The man was gone, as was the Vulcan with the shockingly pretty purple hair. Her original attendants remained, the Bajoran woman with her curly red hair still slick against her head, and the Denobulan, whose raven locks were equally slicked back. She was in a chair of some form, floating and blissful, as the two women devoted considerable attention to a real, true cleaning, with soaps and brushes, pumice stones and fluffy sponges. Whimpering softly, she let her head lay back and simply drifted as the two attendants saw to her hygienic needs.

"Come. Lets reunite you with your friend, this way," she was beckoned, and eased onto her feet, the two women leading her from the confines of the bath out into the porch at the back of the villa. She saw Zark, splayed out in her glory with sliced of some vegetable on her eyes, and could not stop the giggles that bubbled up. When given the same offer as Zark, Faye responded in a similar fashion, declining the use of a robe. The weather was not such that she thought it would be an issue (especially considering the holoprogram was configured to be comfortable by design), and eased back into the chair offered to her. She paused, sipping from a glass of ice water that was placed on a small table next to her and let out a contented sigh.

"Thank you for inviting me," she murmured to Zark as she wiggled her shoulders, getting comfortable and shutting her eyes. "When we get through all of this, we have got to do this again, on Risa proper. This was...luxurious." There was of course, the implication that everything between them from the training had been forgiven and forgotten, and that Faye would enjoy the Andorian's company in the future.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

There was a nebulous sense that there was a body approaching.  Zark never figured if it was her antennae based 'sixth sense' or if it was the light padding of feet that seemed to sway despite the railing they'd taken.  The corner of her blue lips tugged into a grin as long blue fingers gracefully lifted one of the vegetables on her eye and watched the mocha skinned diplomat settle herself into the seat next to her.  The Andorian had gotten to know the diplomat much better and despite having spent all their time together, she took her time to take in the curvature and wonderfully slender figure once more.

The idea of spending a comfortable trip on the sun soaked planet was a fantastic idea worth holding onto and the other corner of her mouth joined the first in a small smile as the cucumber slice dropped back into place while her eyes closed once more while taking a deep breath.  Despite the computer's best efforts, the air wasn't quite right, nor was the gently heat that was shone on her naked body.  Maybe it was because she knew the whole thing was artificial.  This added to her resolve to make it through this trial and she mentally sank further into the chair. "You're welcome and I look forward to doing this again on Risa proper."

Because she was such a tease, Zark couldn't help but drop one final hint as to Faye's fate and she chuckled softly. "I'm sure you'll have a great time, If you think I'm demanding and incorrigible, you're going to have to be abstinent for a week, cause when my imaginative and insatiable wife gets her hands on you....."  Zark let the unsaid linger as she was sure the Betazoid's fertile imagination would fill in the details.  With that happy thought, the boxum Andorian let her mind blank as felt someone lift her hands and a foot, then start the process of softening wear and worries out of her body.  For a moment Zark thought she heard skin rubbing together more than a mani and pedi warranted, but she wrote it off as her imagination and went back to enjoying being pampered.


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