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[Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Quarters of the Executive Officer  | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Griff 

Pride bubbled up as Natalie did not bother to hide the grin that split her face. Lillee's earlier admissions of fear, the moment of shared vulnerability from before, seemed well and truly gone as the blonde Romulan contemplated the implications of what Nat had just admitted to. And truthfully, it would have been the height of embarrassment had she caused such a catastrophe to occur during the course of her ...intercourse. A giggle slipped past her lips before she hung her head, shoulders shaking with quiet laughter. She half heard the Petty Officer offering up a mirthful apology and waved the older woman off. 

(Additionally,  Natalie quietly added the word pvruffi to her memory banks as it were, able to discern the specifics that the universal translator decided not to elaborate on, given the context clues).

"As you can tell, this was my nightmare. Only after the fact. Of course in the moment I gave it no thought. I mean, I was barely thinking at all at that point," she gushed, still quietly laughing at the sheer absurdity of it all. Recalling the moment, sharing the moment with someone else in confidence was quite the morale booster. She felt lighter for it, not that something so pleasurable had been a burden, far from it. But being able to tell someone about it - tell a friend and thankfully one that had plenty of context into the culture and species of her girlfriend to boot, was very welcome.

Goggling in turn, Natalie leaned back in her chair as she listened to the unfortunate Admirals midair coupling meeting up with Lillee's fly by. The sheer least she had been on a private boat. In the middle of the night! On a river! Nowhere near restricted anything. "Oh I no longer feel nearly so guilty about that one time in the Jeffries tube. It would have been bad enough if some hapless maintenance tech stumbled upon us. Not that there should have been anyone there, mind you, since I set the rotations but honestly....Truly Rank hath privilege I'm sure but...good lord. Did he not think to...I don't know, configure the autopilot to make himself look innocuous? Don't you have to have brains to get to that rank?"

She lost herself at that point, curling back into her chair with a deep laugh, her face flushed and hair hanging down, framing her cheeks and shoulders in a halo of reddish brown. Eyes sparkling, she shook her head in turn. "It would make excellent blackmail material. I'm impressed he could think about the job at a time like that."

Still grinning, she caught her breath and had thoroughly given up on productivity for the night. Bracing her feet against the desk she pushed away, chair rolling back, before she rose to her feet and walked around, throwing herself into a chair next to Lillee. No more desk, no more pretense at work, just the two of them gossiping about. She put two and two together, the mention just now of a husband, and the note about a relationship with one of the ships Intelligence officers, Lt. jg Anh-Le...? Lt. jg Dantius? She could not remember exactly how the woman's name worked. Still, curiosity got the better of her and she asked, "So I gather you have a thing for spies? Between your husband and...the Lieutenant in the Intelligence department? How uh...does that work?"

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | XO's Quarters | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus


Thoroughly enjoying herself, Lillee grinned at her newest friend as Nat sat down closer. Her questions, however, did give the merry Romulan pause, and she frowned in bafflement. "Anh-Le is not a spy," she said, then her frown deepened at how defensive her tone was. "She is an analyst. I think she is an analyst, anyway, unless that is a pretense. Elements as my witness, if she did go on spy missions, that would be very..." Lillee hesitated, searching for what it would be like, then blinked in surprise as she realised what she was feeling. "Hot. Very hot. This...ah...this is not a word that we rihanna use lightly, ascribing an Elemental characteristic to a person, is...apt."

Extremely apt, in fact. The thought of insecure timid Anh-Le acting so boldly was deeply attractive, even arousing. Something to keep in mind, Lillee mused, then she gave Nat a very Romulan smirk. "Maybe I do have a thing for spies."

Then, in a flash, realisation struck. "Oh! Oh. Your pardon, Natalie, how foolish, I did not understand the question! You think that husband and Anh-Le..." Lillee smiled kindly. "My husband died on Cardassia, many years ago. I am sorry, I assumed that you'd read my record! Though, speaking true, the moron wouldn't have minded me sharing my bed with other women, preferably many, preferably simultaneously. He used to encourage me to do so." She paused, her smile becoming fond. "This earned him some bruises, but he always used to laugh anyway. As I said: idiot."

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[Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Quarters of the Executive Officer  | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Griff  

Confusion gave way to professed desire and Natalie felt another giggled bubbling up in her chest as she watched her friend argue over the Orion woman's role within the intelligence department. For her own part, Natalie was unsure of the Lieutenants specific duties, how much of it was publicly true versus a cover that was maintained, and what her day-to-day efforts entailed. It was one of the many things she should, as First Officer, review. When she had the time. Which was never. In truth she suspected that she did not know every little detail aboard, and that Ives still kept much to themselves in the need of utmost secrecy. Though she had been on the receiving end of a slew of eye-opening briefings in the time since she traded her black pip for a third gold pin, and her yellow tunic for one colored red. 

Setting that aside, Natalie delighted in being on the other side of the equation and watching someone else discover a truth about their preferences that they had not before realized. Lillee has her thing for spies, and I have my thing for pointed ears, apparently. This thought did not pass her lips, less she make the other woman uncomfortable, though she did glance at the blondes ears, ever so briefly. 

The moment passed swiftly however as Lillee realized the true nature of what Natalie was speaking of, and clarified matters in a way that had the XO leaping to apologize herself. "Oh no, I'm sorry. I had no idea and I haven't....well I haven't been prying into subordinates personnel files unless I have a legitimate reason to go digging. I didn't mean to drag up unpleasant memories." The words were tumbling out of her mouth before she could help herself. She took a moment to breathe deeply and settle herself, and then she smiled wanly. 

"He sounds like many men that I knew back at the Academy. It might be something in their chromosomes," she mused, laughing, and then blushing slightly as her mind traveled elsewhere. "Though, having gained something of an appreciation for my own sex, I suppose I can understand the appeal. Purely as a mental exercise in understanding others' viewpoints, of course." The XO perhaps protested too much in that regards.

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | XO's Quarters | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus


"Oh yes, purely a mental exercise," Lillee agreed with mock solemnity, before breaking down into a giggle. "Speaking true, I was little better when I was younger. I grew up on a small colony, just a hundred of us in my town, so when I got to Romulus, I was a very undignified rihanna. Parties, adventures, concerts, usually sharing my bed with anyone and everyone who looked pretty. Of course, rihannsu on the Hearthworlds are much more conservative than most of the Empire, so it wasn't always easy to have fun, but when I became a fighter pilot...well, fighter pilots in the Star Navy are even crazier than Starfleet's pilots, and more wild, especially with each other. I thought that I was living the best life anyone could ask for."

Lillee shook her head with a smile. "Looking back, I was young and foolish; sex is fun, but not enough on its own. It caused so much drama too, about who was betraying who, who was breaking regulations, jilted lovers, revenge plots and so on. I have no idea how our warbird's commander didn't get rid of us for causing so much trouble, or how our squadron leader kept us as an effective fighting unit."

Realising that the drinks were making her ramble, Lillee abruptly shut up, clearing her throat awkwardly. At a passing thought, she looked at Nat with a raised eyebrow and a devious smirk. "So...truly, Natalie, you need not answer if you'd rather not, but have you had your eye on anyone else besides Vanya? Purely as a mental exercise, of course."

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[Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Quarters of the Executive Officer  | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Griff  

Keeping a straight face was not in the cards. Once Lillee started to giggle, Natalie was unable to avoid joining in, and she covered her mouth as her shoulders shook. Not that the Romulan woman hadn't been open prior to this point, but she was clearly becoming comfortable in natalie's presence, and the reverse was true for the Matian when it came to the pilot sitting across from her. That was...good. Natalie knew she needed friends. Even if other officers she'd served with on other vessels would frown at a Commander having a chat with a Petty Officer. Though Natalie would admit she hadn't expected to blush quite as much as she was with Lillee around. The woman certainly seemed to be willing to share all sorts of details, indulge in gossip and what Ntalie felt was real 'girl talk', something the human in the equation had limited experience with.

Limited experience with anything not work related you mean? She thought to herself, before admitting that she was making quite a good deal of progress on that front. Even if she hadn't quite indulged as much in her Academy days on Earth as Lillee seemed to have done on Romulus. And she said as much, when the other woman seemed to pause. "Mars, by this point, is a fairly cosmopolitan planet, though much of it is devoted to the Utopia Planitia Shipyards. Sharing the same solar system as the homeworld of my people did remove some of the 'shine' of Earth, though it was so much more blue and green than my home planet. I didn't quite go happy when I arrived. Far too shy for that. Too focused on the Academy

Too busy trying to fill the shoes your brother left. And too caught up in Vanya's misadventures and keeping her in one piece to have a social life of your own. You really were so blind, weren't you Natalie? A kinder thought would be that she lacked the experience to understand some signals, and she hadn't lived enough on her own, out of the shadows of her past, to figure out what she might or might not want on a personal level. That she was there now, a decade or so later was...nice.

But as she'd already thought, There was a lot of blushing involved in this evening session of gossip and questions. The one that Lillee lobbed into the silence, with her sudden, almost hungry look upon her face, was a doozy. Her oh-so-hypothetical line of questioning had a few answers. The utterly safe answer. The mostly safe. The somewhat dangerous answer, and the most dangerous. Nat bit her lip and glanced away, but decided she couldn't just drop the subject, no matter what the Romulan had said to the contrary.

"," she started, and then added, "and at the same time, yes." A dramatic sigh followed. "Understanding that the idea of one partner is already overwhelming on some levels, especially one of a gender that I had zero interest in until very recently, that I am emphatically not trying to find some other partners, as it were. Certainly not without talking to Vanya first. Though she'd laugh at me for making a mountain out of a mole hill. Nor would it be the first time, though Now I digress.

"But. Hypothetically. For Science, as it were."
She paused to take a sip of her drink and then pressed on, with the safest answer. "Before Vanya came back into my life, there had been a civilian that came over from the Harbinger. His name was Rory Callahan, and he had a very sweet voice." A ghost of a memory bubbled into her mind, and the dreams that had run roughshod over her for about a week, after that encounter..."As I'm sure you've noted, I'm speaking of Rory in the past tense. He died when the Calamity bombarded us on Theta Eridani IV. Which was unfortunate. He was a sweet man in a bad situation, and didn't deserve what happened to him. I thought he had some interest in me, but well, apparently that wasn't to be."

Natalie allowed a moment of silence to settle in, and then she wiggled her hand a bit and admitted, "I don't quite think that counts though. For one, he's dead. For another, that was before Vanya arrived. I will confess - and this does not leave this room," she made abundantly clear, not that she thought it would, she did trust Lillee, "That in the wake of our less than friendly encounters in the Azure Nebula, There were a few moments when I considered getting to know Cross a bit better. He uh...well. He was very polite, and very friendly and we decided to try to get to know each other a bit better when he was made CTO and I was made Second Officer. This was admittedly right around the same time Vanya started to suggest that perhaps she had been curious about exploring our relationship beyond just renewing a friendship."

She hadn't really admitted that to anyone. Of course, if the scuttlebutt was correct, Cross had decided to pursue someone else, and well, so had she.

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | XO's Quarters | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus


"Cross?" Lillee repeated, staring at Nat in bafflement, her mouth agape. "Cross? Oh, your pardon Natalie, I mean no's just...of all the people on this ship, he wouldn't have come to mind first. Captain Ives, of course, as either gender...Commander Ravon, no question...Donna is spectacular, she proved that on Aldea...other Wolves...but Cross..."

Lillee looked up as she pondered, biting her bottom lip. "I suppose that a certain intensity, yes? And an air of mystery, for a Vulcan, like there's so much more to be uncovered, an inner fire. And he can be surprisingly sweet, speaking true. I can see the appeal. Oh, I bet that he is a demon in bed...ferocious, but...tender?" Her cheeks blushed green and she looked down in embarrassment. "Oh, I wouldn't object to him taking me hard, speaking true, it's been so long since I was with a strong man. Well, I would object, I am loyal to Anh-le and she is amazing, but no toy or fingers can substitute for just...getting properly fucked, yes?"

Only then did Lillee look up, saw Nat's reaction, and her eyes widened. "Oh no, I am so sorry Natalie, that was...sorry! That was too much! It's how I am used to gossiping with girlfriends..." She winced. "Are you alright? Should I leave?"

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[Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Quarters of the Executive Officer  | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Griff 

Stark resisted the urge to pout at Lillee's reaction to her revelation that she'd had - for a brief moment before becoming distracted by Vanya - considered exploring a relationship with Lt. Commander Cross. They were of similar rank at the time, and while Natalie had nominal seniority by her position as 2XO there wasn't any serious concern with the chain of command. Something that she was well aware could be an issue now that she was a full Commander, and the First Officer. But Ives had not deigned to call her out on her relationship with the ship's Science Officer (yet) so Natalie took that as an implicit blessing.

Or that she was being discreet enough not to draw too much attention. Six one way, half a dozen the other, she mused as she listened to Lillee's suggestions, or 'guesses' incorrect as they were. When she had first joined the ship there had been a certain mystique about Captain Ives, but between their rank and...certain events during the Niga crisis, Natalie wasn't going to consider the Captain an option. Besides, they needed an objective first officer, not someone they were sleeping with.

But then the conversation took an unexpected turn. Or perhaps, in truth, it should have been expected. Because Lillee began to speculate. And her words were...descriptive. Enough that Natalie began to speculate, turning over thoughts that had been rather distant until the conversation on hand and...oh yes, she was as red as her uniform shirt usually was, she was certain at this point. She could feel the heat on her cheeks, and it seemed to outshine the green mirrored ever so slightly in the Romulans.

"I am not intoxicated enough," Natalie declared, hopping up and padding across the room at a swift pace, ignoring almost everything that Lillee had said, instead waving the romulan woman back down. She moved to a cabinet along the far wall and punched in a code, unlocking it and pulling out one of a few bottles of a red wine from a planet she couldn't remember, that had been something that the aforementioned deceased Mr. Callahan had introduced her to. He'd had a small stash, and after his passing, that had ended up in Natalie's care.

Quickly replicating 2 glasses she marched back over to where she had been sitting, placed them down on the low table in the 'lounge' area of her quarters and promptly extracted the cork from the bottle. "Supposed to let this decant or something like that. Never had much of a head for wine. I just remembered that this tasted good and is the only real thing I have in here and if I am going to be contemplating just what it would be like to have Cross bending me over a desk, I'm going to damn well have a glass of wine so I have an excuse. And so will you."

And with that, Natalie filled both glasses, and promptly swallowed half of hers. Nothing work related was getting done that night.


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