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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

"Same on Betazed and her colonies. Mother was from the southern portion of what used to be the United States of America. Many of her colloquialisms caught the local's off guard. A few rubbed off on me and they'll occasionally slip out. Had to break myself of the habit of saying 'y'all' when I chose the diplo-tract at the Academy," Faye confessed, amused by it all. She could just imagine Enyd spouting off something out of an ancient earth 'western' and leaving the Vulcan's befuddled. Cultural exchanges at their finest.

It wasn't all that often that Faye blushed, but she could feel the sincerity in her superior's voice when she was lightly teased by Enyd. Faye held her arms and hands out in front of herself, twisting them up and down, as if looking for said glow. Then she laughed a bit and rested her elbows on the table, her chin coming to lay atop her interlaced fingers. "Aww shucks, as mother would say."

Ducking her head slightly, Faye didn't quite hide behind her hair when it fell forward, but the effect was similar enough. She swept it back into place and bit her lip for a moment, shaking her head. "Not many people have pointed out how...obvious I can be about my feelings toward Riley. It's not like I try to hide them or anything like that. It would be anathema to a Betazoid to even attempt it.   'Why hide what everyone can already feel for themselves' is a pretty big tenant of our culture. We embrace our own emotions and those around ours, and I'll admit that I rather enjoy basking in the emotional wake that Riley puts out.  Being wired so differently from Vulcan's, to go back to a familiar example, I cannot imagine how off-putting the usually unrestrained emotional nature of humans could be to them. Here she paused just long enough to drain her glass before setting it back down on the table top and adding, ''We haven't managed to burn ourselves yet, but mostly because I haven't gotten around to replicating some good wax candles. That, and if I lit them properly there's a greater than zero chance I'll set off my cabin smoke alarm system. Found that one out the hard way on the Cortes some years back.”

What she didn't say was that Riley's skills had come in handy more than once, when she had pushed herself in the moment, either professionally, over-extending herself in the line of duty, or when her limitations during her recovery got the better of her more amorous nature and she went a little too hot and heavy. Then again, there were some bruises from an encounter with a certain scion of a Klingon house on the ship's Security Staff that had required a quick patch up as well...All this went through her head, and manifested itself in a cheeky grin. The warmth that her musings brought to her stayed put as she watched Enyd stretch for a moment, appreciating the form of the Lieutenant, even though she now presumed nothing other than idle appreciation lay down that path. All the same she felt nothing wrong with looking and nodded at the suggestion Enyd made.

"I could do with a walk," she said, standing up and smoothing the skirt of her pale yellow dress into place about her knees, making sure nothing had bunched up in the back. The outfit was rather modest for Faye, but as she was still aboard a Starfleet ship and not on shore leave, there were some rules and regulations she had to follow in public spaces. Her outfit was a nice compromise between function and comfort with a nod toward propriety.

Waving down one of the holographic staff to take care of cleaning the table she stepped away, clasping her hands behind her back and adding a slight side-to-side sway to her step as she saddled up next to the slightly shortened woman. "Was there somewhere you had in mind?' Faye asked as the two passed out of the cafe and into the corridor outside of it. She felt a small shiver pass over her as they transitioned from the warmer, more humid air that came out of the Arboretum and up into the cafe itself, back into the cooler, more controlled climate of the ship's hallways. "Heading down a few levels and going into the Arboretum proper is the obvious choice I suppose and it's certainly nice down there, but the ship's over a kilometer long so it's not like we lack for options for walking."

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus

With her hands rubbing over the stiff muscles of her lower back, Enyd smiled, “You’re a beautiful woman, Faye, and your open expression of feelings lends to that beauty. I don’t think I’d make a very good Betazoid, granted I know the statement is irrational because if I were born Betazoid, I’d be, well, Betazoid, but if we did a body swap, you know?” Enyd led the way away from their table as Faye agreed to a walk, waving at their server on their way. “I don’t mind stating what I’m feeling and being assertive and owning up to those feelings, but I find there are times it was probably healthier for everyone involved I couldn’t feel their emotions or as openly express mine in action as I might if I were Betazoid.” Chuckling at the mental image of some of the chaos this type of ability would have caused at certain intervals in her life, Enyd shook her head before glancing back to Faye with a bemused expression. “I’m already a threat to sanity on a good day. Add in Betazoid abilities, and whabam!” She slapped her hands together with a wink.

The doors swished open, dumping the women into the corridor. Faye’s question about the destination had Enyd pausing. She’d been to the arboretum and had gotten a few emotional scars for it too. But there were many other places she’d never been to, and this was the perfect opportunity to capitalize on Faye’s longer acquaintance with the ship. A display of the ship conveniently nearby, Enyd touched the screen to display the ship’s schematics and pointed to a variety of places she’d never been, listing them off to Faye as options for exploration. After giving the list, Enyd quirked an eyebrow at her companion as she waited.

“Which path of adventure do you wish to take?”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

Suitably flustered by praise from her superior, and always one to bask in attention from a pretty woman, Faye beamed and gave a little half curtsy as she got to her feet in turn. She shrugged and grinned back at Enyd, wagging her hand from side to side. "Don't sell yourself short. You'd be surprised what you can adjust to.  But yeah, if we did a body swap I could see how the sudden influx of knowing what everyone was thinking, and having the inverse be true, would be overwhelming at the least. I'm glad for the low level background noise that I get from the crew, but even then it can be a lot at times." She giggled and added, "Sometimes though a little chaos is good for everyone. So who knows what kind of potential you might find yourself with. Mind you, in our line of work keeping one's thoughts secret is part of the job. Makes things difficult if both sides have a telepath at the table. More so if they aren't being polite."

While that was rare in her experience, the Federation was not the only polity with telepathic member species, and there had been a time or two when she had felt someone pressing into her thoughts across the negotiation table. Bad form, but differing cultures operated under norms not her own, and did not quite feel so restricted to monitoring surface thoughts. But musing on that led to a dark path that Faye didn't want to think about right now, and was certainly counterproductive to a pleasant post meal stroll. She stepped in next to Enyd and let her eyes roam over the list, eyebrows shooting up on her forehead at a few of the suggestions. She cocked a curious look over at her superior, mimicking the reactions of the Vulcan's that had been an earlier discussion point with a raised eyebrow.

"Well that's an eclectic list of options there," she mused aloud, biting her bottom lip and crossing her arms for a moment, eyes moving up and down the list. She traced her finger over the options, each one promising in their own right. Aloud, she listed them out. "Engineering, fighter area, cartography, archeology, and the public baths. We'll I've been to the last one a few times; it's quite relaxing and the changing rooms replicators have an excellent selection of bathing suits."

Regulations being what they were, bathing attire was required in the baths and pool area, though the requirement was waived once one was inside one of the shower enclosures with their privacy screening. Faye was as happy in a bathing suit as she was in her birthday suit, but understood that not every species had her own proclivity toward casual nudity.

"I know a few fighter pilots, they're always lurking around the bay, but I'm not sure how relaxing being in their neck of the woods could be. Same with engineering actually. There's something beautiful about the wrap core, but as we're docked it's not like the core is going to be giving its best show. I've never been down to the archeology wing though, but I have snuck into Stellar Cartography a time or two. Hmmm...Honestly, let's go see what kind of bones they've got locked away, and afterwards if we get dusty we can wash off in the baths."

It seemed to her a reasonable course of action, and allowed her the possibility of enjoying her own preferred forms of relaxation after a bit of unplanned exploration. It wasn't as if Faye had gone out of her way to pry into every aspect of the ship she'd been assigned to. Unlike her prior post, the comparatively tiny, aged Oberth-class Cortes, the Theurgy was sprawling and massive, with plenty to explore. The impish diplomat turned to her boss, a grin on her face, trying to judge what the other woman thought of her proposed plan of attack.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Corridor | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus

Listening to Faye’s plan of attack had Enyd grinning. She appreciated that the Betazoid was keen on more rather than less, being of a similar mindset to Enyd in that regard. When she finished and turned her own bright smile on Enyd, the CDO gave her a thumbs up, “I like how you think, Faye. Let’s do it!”

[ Archeology and Geology Lab | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ]

A few decks and laughs later, they found the lab mostly empty as except for Lieutenant J.G. Zarqan, the Benzite science officer working in the xenozoological department. He was congenial and did his best to show them around the lab but was nearly as lost as they aside from the samples he’d come to collect. Not wanting to use her rank to gain access to something well out of her purview—at least not with an audience—Enyd had contented herself with listening to Zarqan’s cheerful babbling about some of the samples they’d collected from Qo’Nos on recent missions. She nearly burst out laughing when she caught Faye’s eyes at one point, watching how the woman handled the non-stop exuberance for xenozoology from Zarqan.

Thusly thwarted from being able to dig around for the dusty bones Faye, and Enyd, were hoping to see, Enyd led the way back out into the corridor once they managed to find a conversational pause long enough to excuse themselves politely. Only after they made it to the turbolift to head towards their second destination did Enyd allow herself the outward chortle she’d been holding back while in Zarqan’s presence.

“He is very passionate about his work.” Enyd wiped at the moisture at the corner of her eyes. “I think I learned more about xenozoology in the last five minutes than in my entire time at officer training school.” Glancing at Faye a moment, Enyd nodded toward the opening doors of the turbolift, “Since you’ve been to the public baths already, how about you take point and direct me?”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

Self-satisfaction continued to be the order of the evening as her diplomatic superior gave the greenlight to the Betazoid's purposed course of action. Bouncing on her toes, Faye turned about (sending the hem of her yellow dress fluttering about her calves) and set off down the slightly chilled (compared to where they had just been) corridor toward the nearest turbolift. 

[ Archaeology and Geology Lab | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ]

There was no denying that Lt. (jg) Zarqan knew his stuff. At least, the stuff that he was working on that evening, going into great detail about what he had been able to get his hands on from Qo'noS. It was frankly refreshing to see someone simply indulging in their profession (and clearly passion) and not worrying, for a moment at least, about the fate of the galaxy and the weight that pressed down on every member of the Theurgy's crew. A hint of normalcy, if overly enthusiastic and highly focused. It was hardly charitable of her, but she did roll her eyes a time or two behind the Benzite's back. The visit had been disappointing in that she had not gotten her hands on some bones or old artifacts, but enlightening and in its own way, refreshing all the same. 

Though the guise of 'washing off a thousand year old dust' was not a practical excuse for the relaxing dip the duo had planned, Enyd nevertheless seemed willing and Faye was not one to pass off a change to relax in one of her favorite spots on the ship. The incredulous nature of it all practically screamed Risian to Faye, and she could only presume that one of the designers for the whole Theurgy-class had been from that hedonistic society, and snuck the relaxing expanse of water and steam into the plans. Though she had to wonder if other ship classes, especially those geared to ward diplomatic missions with more space than say, a cramped Oberth or Nova-class vessel had similar set ups? After all many ships had cetacean operations, whole under water decks. Maybe the older Ambassadors or Galaxy-class ships - damn near cities in space, those - were similarly outfitted?

She filed that away to look up later. 

"Conveniently we're just one deck below where we need to be," Faye informed her superior as they entered another lift, rattling off the instructions to go up a deck and roughly half way around the floor. Moments later she was leading the other Diplomat down the corridor to the exterior entrance to the locker rooms.

[ Public Baths | Deck 6| Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ]

The locker room was a typical affair, not unlike the ones for the gymnasiums the ship came with. Faye rolled right in and selected one of the unassigned lockers, letting it scan her hand and copy the biometrics to reserve its use for her and her alone for the duration of her stay in the baths. Humming a bit, she waved her hand around. "There is a bank of replicators over to the right," she gestured for Enyd to follow her, leaving her locker door hanging open. "With a reasonable catalog for approved attire.  We aren't supposed to go skinny dipping." This statement was followed by a dramatic sigh and an equally over done rolling of the eyes.

"Lockers are coded to biometrics so no one else can get in them without a security override. Standard privacy protocols. There are some privacy screens for changing, and the doors actually have a built in sonic shower node that will quickly shake off anything before you walk into the baths proper, just to cut down on cross contamination. Takes like 30 seconds, not super in-depth, but enough for sanitation sake." Moving up to one of the replicators she started swiping through, settling on a yellow bikini, and flip flops. Nodding to herself, Faye punched up the commands. In a swirl of blue white light, she took the garments and strode over to the locker she'd selected. 

"Pretty straight forward from here. Change, brief shower, walk out into the main room. That'll put us by the swimming pool. Tubs are in a smaller room to the left, nicer showers are on the far side of the pool. There's a sauna there as well," she added, almost an after thought as she reminded herself it was there. As she spoke, she stripped down, eschewing the privacy screens to the side and simply folding her dress and undergarments on top of each other without a care in the world. Stretching briefly, she ruffled her hair and then stood in front of the locker, holding up the bikini top for a moment, lips pursed. The yellow was much more vibrant than the dress she had worn earlier, but still a nice enough nod to what she'd worn into the locker room to suit her mood for the evening. Shortly there after she was dressed again, adjusting the straps on the bottom and wiggling her toes in her flip-flops. 

"Ready?" she asked, turning back to face Enyd.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Public Baths | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus

While Enyd fought disappointment in being denied access to the more intriguing items in the Archeology and Geology Lab, she could exactly fault Zarqan for his territorial protectiveness. Had the tables been turned, she likely would’ve felt similarly if two random crewmen came waltzing, obviously interested more in entertainment than education. Smiling to herself as Faye led the way, it seemed to suit them both just fine that they ended up at the public baths. It was obviously a favorite place for Faye and a new one for Enyd.

As soon as they were in the locker rooms and Faye explained the workings of how to replicate, get a locker, and get into the public baths, Enyd made a beeline for the replicator. She glanced over her shoulder, curious if Faye had a suggestion for style, and caught sight of naked flesh. Blushing more from the surprise of catching Faye in the process of changing than for seeing the woman naked, Enyd pursed her lips and returned her attention to the replicator. While she would never describe herself as a prude, there was still enough of her grandmother’s voice in her head to encourage modesty in public that Enyd opted for a sky-blue swim dress with a halter neckline, whose flaring skirt portion ended just before the bottom curve of her rear.

Choosing a locker parallel to Faye’s, Enyd opened it before peeling off her layers, taking another note from Faye’s book by not erecting a privacy screen. She was pulling the swim dress over her hips when she heard Faye’s question and felt the woman’s gaze on her back.

“Just about.” Enyd tossed a smile over her shoulder, working the rest of the swim dress up and over her chest and wiggling her arms through the straps as she spoke. “Have you ever brought a date here?” Enyd’s mind returned to their earlier conversation, already fighting her imagination as it sought to picture Drauc coming here with her. A few more tugs and shifts of her breasts beneath the swim dress’s material, and she gave Faye a thumbs up, “Ready now! Lead the way.”

Enyd’s eyes darted from Faye’s features to the scar on her wrist, then quickly flicked back again. She wasn’t ashamed of the scars on her wrists and ankles. She’d had every opportunity and even encouragement from peers to get them removed, but Enyd hadn’t wanted to. The visual reminder of past failure was a ready encouragement for the future.

“Is it very crowded at this time of day?” Her question was asked purely out of curiosity, though there was a marginal spark of hope that maybe, just maybe, the man she’d been so hung up on might make an appearance.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Public Baths  | Deck 6| Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

While changing, Faye had done her best to resist the urge to look over her own shoulder and see what her boss was up to. Just because she had no qualms with getting naked around someone else - a superior, no less - did not mean that the other woman had the same attitude. That was what privacy screens were for, of course, and Faye would give her that privacy, even if the other woman did not avail herself of the screens. She lost track of Enyd's position relative to her own, though clocked her mental 'presence' in her own awareness, nebulously located 'nearby.' There had been a small ping of what registered as surprise to Faye, and she smothered a smile, keeping her face firmly looking into her locker.

All the same, she caught an eyeful of bare back as her boss was finishing up. Unintentional, but Faye didn't' shy away from it either when she realized the woman had been so close and so unbothered. Shrugging a bit, she watched the outfit come into place, tilting her head to the side. Not my style but she makes it work.

"Classy look. I be the skirt even flares when you twirl," she commented aloud, notes of approval in her voice. She liked - thrived - on showing off skin, but she could appreciate the more demure look the more senior diplomat had chosen, and truthfully, it did work well for the brunette. As to Enyd's question, Faye grinned, almost predatory in fashion, not that she realized.

"Oh yeah. I dragged a poor Lieutenant out of engineering here on the way to Romulus, before everything went to hell. Tensions were high, and he was cute but he needed to relax. One hot tub soak later and the we were both feeling pretty great," she smiled. Calling it a date was a bit much. It was a one night fling. Far as she knew, he was still alive somewhere on the ship, but she thought that he might have been rotated to another department. A lot of shuffling about of duties had happened while she was on ice.

"And I regularly meet up with Riley here. She likes to swim. I like to watch," she wagged her eyebrows theatrically, and then, slightly more serious, as she watched the way Ellen eyed herself and filed it away for later, added, "I do plenty of swimming. The weekly trips here are less a date - though, let's be real, I can make almost anything a date if I put my mind to it - and more physical therapy. I got banged around a lot when the old Diplomatic Offices ah...blew up."

As they walked to the door - pausing to let the sonic shower cycle and the doors to actually open upon completion - Faye raised her left arm and wiggled her fingers. "This is a replacement. I've been learning to use it again. And while Stasis is pretty great, theres been muscle atrophy, neural shock, and an overall loss of stamina compared to how I was before the attack at Jupiter Station."

Her voice was calm as she told Enyd all of this, the doors opening to reveal the cool tones and inviting vista of the expansive pool. A few chairs were scattered about with crew lounging, and at least three people were swimming laps. A few regulars, which Faye gave a half wave to as she moved about slowly, letting Enyd take in the room. "Swimming is great therapy. So I'm here once a week for that, usually doing laps and then either relaxing in the baths, or the showers. The Sauna was...well I got too light headed to last the time I tried that."

Shrugging a bit, she grinned and turned to watch her boss, setting aside the more deeper thoughts of her recovery and what caused her injuries, and focused on the flicker of ...anticipation? from the Lieutenant. Hands behind her back, she walked carefully backwards, impishly smiling all the more. "I've only ever had this place to myself once. There is almost always someone here, though the most popular times are generally with an hour before or after a shift change. Mid shift tends to be the calmest points."

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Public Baths | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus

Happy to oblige, Enyd did an impromptu twirl, her swim skirt also obliging with a quick flare-up with her movements..

“I’ve always loved swimming,” she chimed in a few moments later, smiling at Faye’s physical innuendo with her eyebrow waving, “and I have no doubt you could turn anything into a date. Whereas I can turn anything into a crisis. Might I suggest we only double-date if you’re feeling a bit bored in your love life?”

When Faye brought attention to her left arm, Enyd’s eyes widened in awe. She’d read up on Faye’s service record and skimmed over the section regarding her injuries while in service. So, while she’d known of the replacement in vague terms, it hadn’t clicked until that moment. Noting the individuals Faye waved to as they passed by, Enyd also nodded her greeting, though she refrained from the wave.

“I would imagine it would be helpful,” Enyd again glanced at the arm before giving a slight head shake, “sometimes I marvel at how far we’ve come with prosthetics. I had a great-great-something uncle who’d had a prosthetic leg. Family legend is that he used it to smuggle all sorts of things into prison for my great-great-something aunt. She was doing time for murder, but even the judge had agreed the bastard had it coming, what with terrorizing the family and the community through verbal and physical abuse. One day, my aunt just couldn’t stand it anymore when the idiot decided to mess up one of her children. Blew his face off in the middle of town the next day and then calmly turned herself in.” Enyd glanced at Faye and gave her a playful smile. “I have a family history of some repute, both good and bad. Having read up on the actual historical records, I understand why she did it and agree with the judge, the bastard had it coming.”

They neared the spa area, and Enyd sighed. There was no sign of Drauc so far, and given how many people were in the general area, it was unlikely he came at this time of day anyway. Catching Faye’s comments and her quizzical expression, Enyd sighed again.

“I was curious if we’d see Mister Drauc here now, but I doubt it.” Enyd preceded Faye into the spa area. The warm air was already a comfort, and the nerves in her belly immediately began to relax. “Probably for the better that we didn’t.” She sat down at a bench, grabbing a towel from the shelf closest to the door. “Have you ever been in a situation where you were far more…aware of someone than you expected to be? Be it attraction or whatever, something about them ignites your mind and, perhaps, other places too?”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Public Baths  | Deck 6| Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

Curiosity peaked at the insinuation that her boss was an agent of chaos when it came to romance, and Faye giggled. She'd had a boring relationship or two in her time, especially when she was younger and still figuring herself out (something her mother would roll her eyes at, given that in her opinion, Faye was still both young, and figuring herself out). The fact was, if Faye got bored, she found someone else to play with, or some way to spice things up. If her partner couldn't keep up...well, she'd been more than willing to leave former lovers in the dust as she beat a path off to something - or someone - more exciting. Things with Riley were...different for her in that aspect, and sometimes, that was scary. But setting that aside, she grinned all the same and tried to picture Lt. Madsen on a date.

"I might have to take you up on that at some point, if only for the entertainment value. Spicing things up from time to time with a bit of unexpected excitement can be good for a night out." She was sure there was more to it than that, but mostly, Faye wondered what kind of mayhem her boss could get up to - and what her idea of a double date looked like.

Something to find out later, if we live through the next week, she mused as they padded along, seeing a few familiar faces.

Faye's eyebrows rose up her forehead, trying to climb into her hairline, which had been pulled back at this point as they approached the water. "Wow. I don't think I have anyone quite so colorful in my family history, but then I haven't really done any digging. Met a few of Mom's family on Earth when I was a the Academy, and no one seemed interested in telling the little adopted girl about any of the more festive ancestors," she chuckled as she spoke, not seeming terribly upset about a more mundane family tree.

Grabbing a towel of her own, Faye watched Enyd for a moment, a small frown marring her expression as she listened, forcing herself to tune out the general background awareness of others in the baths and skim the surface emotions coming off the more senior diplomat. Nothing intrusive, just picking up a general feeling for the human woman. She ran her tongue over her teeth, behind closed lips, and nodded as she listened, eyes darting around for just a moment to confirm that she too could not see the constantly brooding Romulan man present. There were many jokes she could make in the moment but she shelved those to save for later. The question was asked in earnest and Faye took it as such, giving an honest reply in return.

"Oh certainly," she acknowledged as she set her towel down next to Enyd on the bench, and started walking toward the nearest tub, feeling the warmth of the water as she stepped down into it and moved to the far side, heat bubbling around her, easing a sigh from her lips. Turning back, she faced her companion and nodded her head. "I tend to have...types, often, when it comes to partners I seek out, but every once in a while someone just...catches your interest. Maybe for a moment, maybe for longer. A curiosity that won't stop nibbling away at your thoughts, edging around the outskirts of your mind during the day, surfacing later at night..." Here she wagged her eyebrows again.

"You meet someone and they just make an impression that sticks with you, almost...taunts you. Especially if it's someone you should not be thinking about. At all. A bad idea from the start, and yet you don't want to be good and say no." Faye twirled her finger through a strand of hair that had come loose from the bun she'd hastily put her hair into, curling it by her jaw. A smile fluttered across her features as she expanded upon one such experience.

"Never. Ever. Sleep with a professor. It's a bad idea for you. It's a bad idea for them. If you get caught, you get drummed out of the Academy. They lose their job. Even if you're "good"," - here she paused to make quote signs with her fingers - [/color]" and wait till the last day of class, that risk is there. That kind of thing can wrong in so many ways. And yet....well. Fun fact - a surprising number of classrooms at the Academy are soundproofed and can be sealed from the inside to prevent interruptions. And those desks are so much sturdier than they look."[/color]

Faye laughed, memories bubbling up, and favored her boss with a smile. "I spent an entire semester telling myself it was a bad idea. But I couldn't shake the thoughts and...acted on them in the end. I don't regret it, but looking back, oh, it could have caused so many problems.". She wondered if that kind of insight would help Enyd with - she presumed - an attraction to Drauc.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Public Baths | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus

Finding their desired spot to pop a squat, Enyd first sat staring at the Betazoid as she spoke, listening intently and doing a grand job of keeping her features from the look of surprise she so wanted to show when Faye spoke about the soundproofing of the Academy rooms.

“I kissed a professor I had while at the Academy but, before you get carried, he was a civilian adjunct professor, my age, and we went on a date soon after he was no longer my professor. Very handsome and very much the picture of ‘nutty professor,’ which is probably why we got along so well. The last I heard, he’d been kicked out of the polite societies of academia because he has a habit of exposing corruption and challenging idiots, no matter what their rank in the government.”

Letting out a sigh, Enyd relaxed against her towel and closed her eyes. “I can’t claim to have had the most tragic of love lives. If anything, I could probably attest to having every reason to be grateful. I have loved and been loved by two wondrous men, drastically different from one another, save for their love for me.” She opened her eyes again and glanced askance at Faye, “That said, I can also add that both of those relationships ended painfully in their own time, with my reconciliation and rekindled friendship with Victor a recent surprise. So, with my track record as it is, color me surprised if any future romantic entanglements result in anything other than confusion or pain.”

The rest of the time spent lounging was filled with further stories of pain and pleasure, success and failure in the realms of love. When Enyd eventually returned to her quarters, her body relaxed from the baths and from the time spent with good company, she felt lighter than ever and looked forward to working with Faye more, both on a personal and professional level.


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