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Re: Day 06 [0915 hrs.] Close Encounters of the Savi Kind

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 [Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel ]Attn: @Pierce @Nesota Kynnovan @Stegro88   

Natalie was going to have a lot to process when all of this was over. What a renegade - well, that might be the right word since technically the Theurgy was backing the 'rebel' faction - of the Savi were doing out there, kidnapping Starfleet officers was anyone's guess. Natalie didn't want to dwell on what would have been in store for the three Martian women. She had heard enough in the after action reports from the survivors of the previous Savi abduction. Being a test subject after she'd been - presumably - pumped for what information she held was not a fate she wished to consider. That nightmare fuel would surly haunt her later. 

No, it was the sheer abundance of nudity she'd been forced to endure, for herself and from her would be vacationers that was causing her grief now, as she was very aware of just how nice the other two women looked. Considering women in general were not on her radar prior to Aldea, she had...a lot to deal with. And ogling junior officers wasn't the way to deal with it. Even if she'd caught both of them staring at her in turn, more than once. Her vanity aside, she decided to chalk it all up to the lingering effects of their bout of oxygen deprivation they were forced to battle throughout in the corridors of their captors' vessel. Having Amanda tease Lauren over it did not help matters in Natalie's mind, and she pursed her lips, debating how to handle that. 

"We have a hot-wired communicator putting out a distress call that I dearly hope is answered sooner rather than later. This ship hasn't gone to slipstream, and I now know the affects of a vessel riding a Soliton wave, and we're not experiencing that either. So we should still be relatively close to Klingon Space, if not the Qo'noS system, presuming we were not under for too long." None of which answered the question that Amanda put forth.

"We might be able to get more information out of the consoles in the room we encountered the other Savi in, were we to hurry down there and keep in mind that we would have a short time of air on our hands before we'd have to retreat. Knowing what the oxygen situation is, we might have a better chance of pacing ourselves. And we're armed now. Though out of all of us, only Ensign Pierce seems to be able to function for extended time in the thinner air." She nodded to the redheaded woman, eyes darting across sweat soaked skin before looking away, focusing on the communication band that was wired into the exposed circuits of the ship.

"I'm not going to order that, unless you both feel up for it. If so, lets take a few deep breaths, and as long as you can resist the urge to shamelessly flirt in the middle of a crisis," she offered a tight smile to ease the sting of the words, "I think we can manage."

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Re: Day 06 [0915 hrs.] Close Encounters of the Savi Kind

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[ PO3 Lorad | Type 11 Shuttlecraft | Low Qo’noS Orbit ] Attn: @Brutus @Pierce @Nesota Kynnovan

Lorad’s mind was troubled and what was worse, he couldn’t put a claw on why. According to the shuttle’s chronometer he had only been down with the bladesmith for a little over 48 hours, but it felt like he had been there for more than a week. They had accomplished so much in such a short timeframe that it hardly seemed possible that it was only 2 days and not 20. Still, it brought to mind something that he had heard mentioned by many over the years, in one way or another. Time is relative.

“Sir, could you come forward?” the pilot asked over the intercom. “We are receiving a distress signal.”

“One moment,” Lorad responded, standing and grabbing his equipment belt from where he had placed it on the seat beside him. Strapping it on as he moved, he walked into the forward compartment. “What is it Petty Officer?” 

“I’m not sure sir,” the pilot admitted as she worked at her console. “Origin is weird, as is the message. It barely makes any sense at all.”

“Explain,”  Lorad prompted calmly. He could look done at the consoles himself, but he doubted that he would be able to understand what it all meant. Lorad once again lamented his own lack of technical ability.

“I can’t sir,” the pilot declared. “It's garbled and I cannot ungarble it. The Theurgy might but they are on the other side of the planet to us. I’m only getting a partial message, but it is requesting immediate help for 3 crewmen.”

“Do you have coordinates?”  Lorad queried, his hands slipping down unconsciously to his knife and phaser. 

“I do,” the pilot responded. “I have combadges but nothing else in the vicinity. Should I beam them aboard?”

“Can you send some sort of response? To warn them?”  Lorad asked, his mind reeling with the circumstances. “We can only transport 2 of them at once, correct?”

“Unless they huddle really close together,” the pilot confirmed, typing away. “And sent. I told them to huddle up and prepare for me to transport the combadges. It’s all I can lock onto. Hopefully the system brings anything else along with it.”

“You don’t know?”  Lorad exclaimed gruffly.

“Nope,”  the pilot retorted. “Transporting in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.”  Lorad turned as she counted, drawing his phaser and knife in preparation for an ambush. Instead, as three figures, 2 standing and one kneeling, materialised before him, his eyebrows, along with other parts of his anatomy, rose sharply.

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Re: Day 06 [0915 hrs.] Close Encounters of the Savi Kind

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel ] Attn: @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan @Stegro88 [Show/Hide]

Hearing Natalie's response on heading out to the other room to locate another room's consoles. She nodded in agreement that she was likely the answer to running out there when Lauren glanced at the commander as she heard a response chirp on the communications relay.

"We have a blip!"

She rushed back to the console and used the few skills she'd picked up at the Starbase doing communications to decipher the transmitted code. Which wasn't easy with the Savi console and the lack of a proper LCARS interface with universal translator to guide her. It seemed almost archaic the system they used and yet, they had slipstream. Go figure, she shrugged as she felt her chest jiggle as it rose and fell with the shrug.

The heat from the room was beginning to dissipate slightly now that the Savi weren't keeping the room temperature controlled from another station. Her nips were no longer sweat glistened as she felt them start at the beginning stages to cutting glass. Rubbing them slightly to warm them, she removed her hands to get back to the task at hand. With any luck, they'd be rescued sooner than later and not have to worry too much of their lack of clothing.

Thankfully her earlier fit of sadness hadn't returned and the renewed vigor of the adrenaline pumped into her veins to further drive her to get an answer. "Commander! It seems to read..." She took a gander at the console again to make sure she got it right, or mostly so. "Someone has found us for one! Must not have understood the message completely but can tell it's an SOS..."

A slight smirk broke her face as she realized what this meant and likely wasn't going to be favorable to any of them but with the cooled air, it might be welcome. Unsure if the gentle attraction was the result of rapid increases and decreases in blood and oxygen flows that were causing them to each peer at one another. But to be fair, Martians had a certain 'look' about them that was pleasing to the eyes. Somehow a feature her ancestor also had despite being from Earth....and another time.

She shook her head. Waiting for Amanda and Natalie to get closer she spoke the message relayed. "I think this message means that they can transport us altogether, but...we have to be huddled as close as possible and to prepare for transport. We just don't know who it is, but can't be any worse than here." The young redhead concluded awaiting command.

Waiting for the commander's response, she prepared to enter it, and after which, felt the familiar blue sheen of a Starfleet transporter enveloping them and whisking them away from the now derelict Savi vessel.

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Re: Day 06 [0915 hrs.] Close Encounters of the Savi Kind

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 [Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel ]Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan  @Stegro88 @Pierce   

Having just about psyched herself up for another run into the corridors of the Savi vessel, and the potential side effects of the decreased oxygen levels outside of their cell, Natalie suffered a moment of emotional whiplash as Lauren Pierce delivered the good news that someone at least had heard their call for help. Who? They didn't know. Something about the Savi ship made the communications a rough affair. Choppy. But the Commander trusted her subordinate to have understood the message. She looked from the redhead to the blonde, and then around the room again and let out a snort of a chuckle. 

"As much as I've come to enjoy our accommodations here I really do have a job to get back to. Responsibilities and all that. Not enough time for this...unplanned shore leave extension we've found ourselves in." Sarcasm might not be her strong point, but she put on a weary smile all the same. "Still, since we don't know entirely what situation we are transporting into. we may as well be smart about this. So ladies, everyone huddle up, back-to-back. Form a triangle facing outward. We're going into this armed, just in case."

There was every chance that whoever was picking them up would have filters to disable the weapons they'd be bringing with them. But then again, not many species knew anything about the Savi. The firearms might not register at all, given the disparity in technology, and even if they did, there was no guarantee that the kind of defense protocols standard on may Starfleet vessels would be able to disable the gravitation pulse weaponry favored by their Savi captors. The reverse ran true as well. Natalie simply didn't know (but promised she'd talk to both Vanya and Selena Ravenholm - in their roles as Chief Science officer and Chief of Operations - and see what they could come up with).

All of that went through her mind in the time it took to cross the room and set herself next to Ens. Pierce, shoulders and rump bumping into the redhead, and then pull in Lt. Ashby for a similar bit of maneuvering. It was not the most comfortable position, but it was defensible, and given the state of....everything, she'd rather be able to shoot something if she had to than try to cover herself up. "GIve them the green light Ensign. Let's get out of here."

A few heartbeats later, Natalie heard the whine of the transporter effect, her surroundings vanishing in a swirl of dancing motes - 

[Type 11 Shuttle | Somewhere between Qo'noS and wherever that vessel had been]

- and reform into the cramped confined of a two-pad Starfleet shuttle transporter. That they had managed to sweep up three people was quite the feat, and Natalie promised herself to put the tech that executed the emergency beam out up for a commendation for technical wizardy in the rescue of fellow officers in distress. She'd get the wording right later. First she had to make sure - 

Ah. Natalie did recognize one face. His was rather unique after all, and in that moment her worries about having been picked up by the wrong faction of Starfleet vanished in a heavy sigh of relief. "Petty Officer Lorad, you are a sight for sore eyes," she proclaimed, lowering the Savi firearm she'd had clutched against her chest in a ready position. Sweeping her hair back again, she smiled, and then realized that he wasn't the only sight. After all, there were three buck naked Martians on the pad. Flushing, Natalie stepped down and to the side, making her way for the equipment locker. 

"Forgive me but right now I want nothing more than to have something on, and to be sure that if a word of our...state of dress becomes ships scuttlebutt, I will know exactly who started the rumors." She didn't look at Lorad. Or the Pilot. Or anyone else as she opened up the locker and grabbed the first piece of clothing she could find, a standard operations yellow jumpsuit whose size left her wondering if she'd be able to zip it up over her bust. "Thank you for the swift response. You well and truly saved our lives. So enjoy this moment, and tell no one."

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Re: Day 06 [0915 hrs.] Close Encounters of the Savi Kind

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Type 11 Shuttle | Somewhere between Qo'noS and wherever that vessel had been ] Attn: @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan @Stegro88 [Show/Hide]

Natalie had no sooner given the command when Lauren leapt into position and was ready for transport, which went much faster than she expected. Because when she rematerialized, she saw several officers and a Reman pilot looking back at her, Amanda, and Natalie causing her to blush with embarrassment. At least until Natalie broke the ice and let them all know they were in deep crap if they spilled what they'd witnessed right now.

"wooo" She exhaled as she knew she was finally safe. Heading to the lockers, she found an extra uniform laying about. Not the one she normally wore, but it'd have to do in this situation. She quickly replicated an undergarment to put on as she hated the feeling of the uniform on her flesh without it.

"I think I need a vacation from this vacation." She turned and looked at Amanda, "Sorry." She winced as she realized it might come across as a jab. "Just wasn't the way things were expected to go. But...feel free to let me know when you're free again and want to do something, hopefully without an abduction." She shook her head and wondered what Alana or Tessa might have done in this situation. Tessa likely would have loved every second.

She took a seat and waited for the trip back to the ship so she could get some much needed rest.

Re: Day 06 [0915 hrs.] Close Encounters of the Savi Kind

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[Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel]
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Attn: @Brutus @Pierce @Stegro88

Feeling mildly annoyed that her joke was taken way too seriously and ended up being interpreted as flirting, Amanda rolled her eyes and kept her blue-eyed gaze firmly onto the hallway just in case that more of those Savi would emerge. The ship had gotten eerily quiet after their scuffle however and, as the deadly silence prompted yet another shiver to run down her spine, Amanda realized that no other Savi had emerged after the fight; if there were any left, they would have definitely acted in some capacity by now.

As that realization began to set in, Amanda lowered her weapon and breathed a sigh of relief. At first, while she was focused on the hallway and the immediate danger it posed, she had filtered out most of the conversation behind her; now the danger seemed to have subsided however, Amanda began to listen in on the technobabble of Natalie and Lauren. Before she could reply to it however, someone reached over and pulled her closer. She could feel how her butt bumped into someone’s hip and her right arm connected with something soft, likely someone’s breast, and Amanda opened her mouth to protest before she was cut off by Natalie exclaiming that they were getting out of there.

And with that, the familiar transporter effect surrounded her and faded her surroundings in a bright blue light and swirling motes.

[Type 11 Shuttle | Somewhere between Qo’noS and wherever that vessel had been]

Mere moments later, Amanda felt how they rematerialized inside a cramped confines of a Starfleet shuttle transporter. Now knowing that they were finally safe, Amanda closed here eyes and tilted her head back while breathing another deep sigh of relief; not realizing she pushed her ample breasts forward for everyone to see by doing so. After a couple of seconds Amanda tilted her head back again and opened her eyes, only to realize that two Starfleet Officers were staring at her and her two equally undressed companions.

In response to their gazes Amanda dropped her left hand between her legs and wrapped her right arm across her breasts in an attempt to cover herself; a failed attempt at that, given how half of the areola of her right breast was still peeking out from behind her arm. She felt how her cheeks became a flustered shade of red as she quickly followed Lauren towards the replicator. As she awaited her turn she presented the Starfleet Officer whom Natalie had addressed as Petty Officer Lorad with a courteous, albeit terribly embarrassed nod. ”Thank you for the rescue, Petty Officer. Under normal circumstances I’m sure we’d all shake your hand, but a thank you will have to suffice for now.” When Lauren was done replicating her undergarments, Amanda quickly replicated undergarments and a clean uniform for herself and began to put it on, making sure she kept her back towards Lorad and the other Officer as she did so.


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