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Day 03 [1100 hrs.] Caracal Caretaking

[ Nathaniel Isley | Nathaniels quarters  ] Attn: @Kaylex Ren

The meeting with Nathan's half brother had caused Isley a great amount of discomfort. He didn't really want to put any trust towards Drauc, nor did he want to give the man any kind of benifit. He couldn't stand the idea that his mother had another family a secret life that had never once been spoken of.  He didn't care that it was more painful for Drauc. Knowing that his mother had forsaken his family to live happily with Ethan and grow a new spawn.

However the conversation had caused Nathan to realize that an old aquantince was still alive. He hadn't known Jovela very well, but he had felt responsible for the events that had caused the Niga incident it had been his reckless flying which had caused them to discover the planet in the first place, and while Ida had convinced him that it had ultimitely been a good thing he had always felt guilty.

Walking into the room he was quick to find  Rhyannen, the Midnight-hued Risian Lunarian Caracal. The small cat like creature had a bed in Nathan's room, and he had cared for it as best as he could. Life in tactical didn't have a lot of structure so he probably wasn't the best pet care taker, he had done his best to manage after his transfer to security, and during his day in the brig he had passed off the pet to another member of the crew, before quickly taking Rhyannen back when he had the chance.

He was actually sad to see the small dark creature go, but he knew it Jovela's pet, and plus he could use this encounter as a way to inquire more about her, and his newly found half brother. Tapping his combadge he started.

"This is Nathaniel Isley to Nurse Jovela, I just recieved word that you are out of stasis, first off congrats welcome back to the land of the living, secondly." he started to make his bed from the activities of the night before. "I have been taking care of Rhyannen in your absense, if you come to my quarters I can return him to you."

He picked up the small cat like creature holding it and petting its soft midnight colored fur, a small soft breath coming out of Nathan. He was actually going to miss this creature, it wasn't every day there was a pet aboard this ship,  their numbers were few and far between and a holographic pet just wasn't nearly as fun to look after.

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[ Junior Lieutenant Jovela | Gym | Sickbay | Deck 11 | @Kaligos

"Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty..."

Jovela released the bars of the weight lifting machine, dropping her hands at her sides for a momentary rest. She had a lot on her mind right now. Too much, in fact, to even do her job well at present but the reps were helping to clear it all.

Thank Lunat that we have a gymnasium right here in Sickbay she thought as she sipped from the canteen beside her, then reached up to grip the bars again. I'm not sure how else I could handle the stress right now

"Twenty one, twenty two, twenty three, twenty four, twenty FIVE!"

Her arms burning, she sat up slowly, blotting the dripping sweat from her face with a micro fiber towel.  Just as she raised the canteen to her lips for another drink, she heard the unmistakable chirp of her communicator.

"This is Nathaniel Isley to Nurse Jovela..."

As she listened to the last line of Nathaniel's message, a mixture of emotions welled up within her. She had been so worried about Rhyannen these past few days. So close was the bond between them that it was as though the cat were her own biological child. Truthfully, she couldn't have been more relieved just now to discover that a family member of her same species was alive and well and soon to be reunited with her.

"My baby!" She exclaimed, a sudden uncontrollable grin spreading across her face, "My baby's safe and she's coming home today!"

Snatching up her communicator, she hastily responded.

"This is Nurse Jovela to Nathaniel Isley," she began excitedly. "Thank you so much, Lieutenant! Yes! Yes, please, just tell me where your quarters are located and I'll come right now!"
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[ Nathaniel Isley | Deck 08 | Nathaniels quarters  ] Attn: @Kaylex Ren

Nathan let out a soft sigh as sat down in the chair, and continued to hold the small animal. He had to admit there was something completely therapeutic about it. He enjoyed the feeling of the smaller creatures fur and he didn't really want to let Rhyannen go. The pet had been good for his anxiety, though he hadn't expected to get attached to the smaller animal.

He let out a soft sigh as his thoughts were interuppted by the voice of Jovela he could hear the excitement in her voice, and knew full well that there was no real way he could keep the cat away from her true owner even if it was going to be lonely in this room.

"Deck 8, and Thea can give you the majority of directions." Nathan gave his address, and room number, before leaning back into the chair and closing his eyes for a moment. His hand petting the small midnight hued cat.

"I guess you're going back to your mamma, but I hope it wasn't all bad sticking with me." It was a little amusing. The cat was basically his longest lasting relationship on this ship. He had managed to push everyone else aside in the long run back when he was Maverick.

It was one of the things that he was trying to fix.

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[ Junior Lieutenant Jovela | Turbolift | Corridors | Deck 08 | USS Theurgy ] @Kaligos

Come on, come on, come on! Jovela thought impatiently to herself as the three other crew members piled into the turbolift with her. Anxious as she was to be reunited with her companion Rhyannen, even the ships super swift internal transit system seemed to her to be taking much too long.

I don't think I've ever showered off quicker she thought as she dashed out of the lift and down the corridor toward the berth Thea had just directed her to. It was apparent to anyone that she was certainly in a much more joyful mood now than she had just been before. After receiving Nathan's message, all of the morning's stresses and struggles seemed to be slowly dissolving away in her memory. Her face which not five minutes before had born deep worry lines on a furrowed brow, now held a radiantly beaming smile.

I can't wait to see my kitten child! I have missed her so much and I know she misses me but I just hope she doesn't think that her mommy abandoned her. Wow! I had no idea that Nathan's quarters were all the way around and directly across the vector from mine. That's so neat!

Coming to a stop outside the door with a digital plaque plainly reading Ensign Nathaniel Isley she pressed the intercom.

"Hi Nathan! This is Jovela! I'm right outside! Is Rhyannen ready to go?"

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[ Nathaniel Isley | Deck 08 | Nathaniels quarters  ] Attn: @Kaylex Ren

Nathan had sat in silence holding Rhyannen forgetting the passage of time. When he heard the beep of his door he was snapped out of the near meditative state as he looked over the animal. He didn't want to hand her over, but he knew that the cat was attached to her mother. Nathan got up from his seat. "Enter. It's good to see you again Jovela."

"Sorry for the mess." He said gesturing around his room. The place had been partly tossed thanks to the pain that he had suffered last night leading into the date he had with the holographic projection of Eve. He hadn't really cleaned up, and so the bedding was pretty scattered, however he had picked up the laundry since then.

He gestured to the corner where he had replicated things for Rhyannen, a bowl with food, and water, a bed, and a plethora of toys were littered around the animals area. "I did a lot of reading on how to take care of her, and figured out a feeding routine that worked with my schedule, it's been a while since you have been gone, so she will need to be switched over to your schedule over a few days otherwise she may eat too much and get sick, She had an encounter with Bantarian fleas that I just got over, I can send you the files on the shampoo I used on her."

Despite his talking Nathan never let go of the animal in his arms as he stood and walked around. "Oh and while I have been out of the room I have been having Thea play soft opera's I read that it was important that they not be left alone in silence."

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[ Junior Lieutenant Jovela | Deck 08 | Nathaniel's Quarters ] @Masorin

Upon entering Nathaniel's somewhat disheveled quarters, Jovela's first impression was not at all of the minor mess but rather the tender way that the male Starfleet officer carefully cradled her "fur baby," Ryhannen, in his muscular arms.

"Thank you, Nathaniel. Please don't worry about the clutter. I'm just so happy to see how comfortable Ryhannen is with you."

The caracal perked up her dark head at the sound of her mother's voice.

"Hi, baby..." Jovela said sweetly to Rhyannen, stepping closer to Ensign Isley so as to stroke the fur on the small creature's head and neck. Ryhannen stirred in Isleys arms in reaction to her mother's touch, purring loudly and rubbing her head against Jovela's hands and arms. "Has Uncle Nathan been taking good care of you?" Jovela asked her, smiling.

She followed Nathaniel's gesture to the corner dedicated to the comfort of her Risian jungle cat and saw, much to her surprised satisfaction that it appeared to be just as Mr. Isley said.

"Yes, Nathan, I'm so grateful for your commitment to her care," she responded somewhat distractedly, still focused in on her kitty. "It's very clearly evident how much you care about her. And yes, please, I would really appreciate the information about the soap used to solve that flea problem. I'm so glad you were able to help her get rid of them."

Continuing to lovingly scratch Rhyannen behind the ears, Jovela continued, "Its also really obvious that she enjoys your company a lot as well. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen some one else who she was so completely relaxed with. I'm really glad you two bonded. Also, good thinking about adjusting her sleep schedule. I'm certain that would be best."

Jovela was excited to see her kitten child and anxious to get her home to their own quarters.
"No pessimist discovered the secrets of the stars or sailed to an uncharted land or opened a new heaven to the human spirit"- Helen Keller

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[ Nathaniel Isley | Nathaniels quarters  ] Attn: @Kaylex Ren

Nathan watched the reunion of owner and pet. It was a moment he had been trying to prepare for a little while. He had known when he had taken on the care of this animal that a time would come when he would have to give her back to her original owner.

"I will forward you the notes I've kept." Nathan said as he gathered up the bed and toys that he had made for the cat, it would be easier for the animal to adjust if they had a familiar enviroment in her quarters. Though honestly now that he was cleaning the space, he had no idea what he would actually do with it after the fact.

However the time that had come almost felt like it had come too soon, and was still painful to actually let go of the animal he had cared for.


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