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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Ji and Solessia Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr
It seemed Ji was of a similar mind when he made his suggestion to use the little time they still had available.

Quite evidently so, since she almost aggressively began to kiss him, and no more had he began the pagan dance with her - the sonic vibrations making vapour rise from their skin - than she leapt up and wrapped her legs around his waist. He was almost caught by surprise by it, but he managed to catch her well enough, and pressed her up against the wall of the glass stall. It seemed obvious what she wanted, and he shivered when she began to kiss his neck - the sonic waves now having cleared his skin from sweat and grime. He could feel her body against his own, how her breasts pressed against him when she moved, and he found that there was little more needed until he was ready to revisit her. He could feel the apex of her legs against his hardness, and soon enough, as he looked deep into her eyes, he was inside her again.

The second time was more intense, in how he they had more space to move, more air to breathe, but Liam knew not how much noise they could make. Did they have to be mindful about the one who shared her quarters? As they continued, however, Liam found it difficult to keep that roommate in mind, as the mutual desire made him loose his restraint more and more. Moreover, since they had already done it in the cockpit of that holographic Valravn fighter, Liam found that he could last a lot longer.

At some point, through this second flight test of theirs, Liam had ended up sitting on the floor of the shower, with Ji straddling his hips. He slid down with his shoulders against the wall, looking at her with hooded eyes, and with his hands roaming her moving body. He was at the end of the line, unable to preserve himself any longer, and for some reason the notion came to him that compelled him to talk.

"I-I think we're going to be l-late," he said, unsure why that notion had come to him, but he was sure their time was about to run out. If they were to finish up there was no point in holding back any longer. Swallowing, mouth dry, he sat up and wrapped his arms around her, and with his embrace, he began to make her grind down harder unto him. He kissed her again, as he did this, soon about to cross the threshold. "I... I think w-we fit well together."

As much he managed to say, bespeaking that which he'd thought the first time, before he could not conserve himself any more.

Re: Day 03 [1400 hrs.] AC-477 Valravn Flight Test

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Ji and Solessia Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

It was different, it was better.  The way that he moved inside her, the way that just having as much room as they did now allowed for them to try different angles and different positions.  The shower wasn't large, but it was a far cry larger than the cockpit of a holodeck fighter upside down.  They moved together, kissing and moaning.  She didn't think much of Solessia, mostly because the woman was known to entertain just about anyone that she could lure into her Quarters.  She was a good woman, great officer, but she preferred to have a good time in her off duty hours.  Thus, she was constantly entertaining and pulling moans and sometimes even screams out of the people across the Quarters. 

Luckily for Ji, she and Solessia tended to have opposite duty hours, so she got sleep for the most part, and when she couldn't sleep because Sol and her buddy of the day were too loud she tended to just go get extra work done or sleep in the auxiliary office.  She moaned softly, the sound echoing slightly against the glass as they continued to get to know one another.  Getting closer to one another and finally having the time to actually explore the bodies that they had. 

They still fit together nicely.

He slid down the wall pulling her down with him, and soon she was in his lap.  They were kissing, and taking breaks here and there, breathing and looking into each others' eyes.  She could feel the build up of pressure in her lower abdomen.  He was reaching all the good places in the position they were currently in and she felt as though she would not last longer.  She didn't want it to end, it had gone on a while.  Late or not, she really didn't care.  She was too into the moment and she sure as heck wasn't going to stop now.  That would be stupid and uncomfortable.

“Don't care.” she whispered.

Ji was a hard worker, she was always on time, worked late, and put herself on shifts before others if she knew that they needed a break.  But, right now, she was going to be selfish and make sure that the time she had with Liam lasted as long as she could squeeze it out.  Luckily, it seemed that he thought the same way because he didn't stop, he was kissing her again and forcing her body up and down his length much quicker and deeper.  She was taking him in as quickly as she could.  Each time eliciting a gasp or moan, neither quiet, but muffled slightly by the fact that they were kissing when every their lips were close enough.  His hands on her body were amazing, she loved every callous on his hands that she could feel.  Years of work, just like her own hands which roamed and learned and memorized his body.

He then told her, as the kiss broke, that he thought they fit well together.  She smiled at him and gave a nod.  “I hope we continue to.. do .. so.” she whispered softly as she pressed her lips against his again and she felt them both reaching their climax at the same time.  Enjoying, once more, the embrace of each other.  She was shuddering in his arms, collapsing against him.  She wished for nothing more than to drag him into her bed and snuggle into him for a nice long nap.  They were clean now, but she was tired.  Two sessions of sex in the last hour not to mention the fact that they had both worked long and hard and had more hours ahead of them.

She rested her head on his shoulder and just breathed in his clean scent and the feel of his body against her own.  He was amazing, and she knew that they were still very new and had a lot of 'getting to know you' with each other but she hoped they could do that.  She liked the way he made her feel but they were taking it at their own pace.  Nothing felt forced or rushed, it felt, like it was budding.  A nice feeling right now.  She pulled back from his shoulder once her body quit shuddering and looked into his eyes before she kissed him softly.  The kind of kiss that said a lot more than what they had already done.  The soft kind, the one that spoke of how she hoped they would be able to continue to see each other, hopes for the future, giving each other a chance to be the foundation for the other.  A safe place, together.

“I'm still holding you to that dinner.” she whispered breaking the kiss every so slightly, leaving their faces very close to one another.  Her hand slid down his chest, and she remembered the tattoos she had noticed when they centered the shower.  “What are these from?” she asked him curiously, her fingertips tracing the black lines of one of them.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Ji and Solessia Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr
When Ji said she was still intending to dine with him, Liam could but chuckle at the comment, making her bounce slightly in his lap. He cleared his throat, and his hands slid down to her hips as he answered. "Oh, I wouldn't dream of cancelling on you. Who knows what kind of payback would be involved?" he said in jest, their breaths mingling between their faces in the aftermath. "All my tools might go missing, my locker welded shut and I'd have my jumpsuits switched for smaller ones. At least that was the commonplace pranks on the Resolve, so I can but imagine what kind of shenanigans take place here."

When her fingertips ran down to his tattoos, the light touch was almost ticklish, sensitive as his skin had become after the sonic shower and their 'recreational activities'. He remembered the Vulcan who had taken an interest in his tattoos the day before, the one named Cir'Cie of the Science department, and he recalled how awkward the encounter had been. Vulcans had a very forthright demeanour, and wasted no time in getting things done. It still perplexed him why she'd singled him out to make her tattoo, but it was done, and the encounter had left him with more questions than answers as to what her intentions were.

"I saw them at a parlour, back when I served at the Utopia Planitia fleet yards. It was back when I was assigned to working on the Peregrines and the first Valkyries." His hands slowly slid up her sides, grazing the outside of her chest before running behind her neck - light blue eyes on hers. "I saw them, and I knew that I wanted them. No regrets since." Of course, he was not just talking about the wings any more. And to shed any doubt, he kissed her again, deeply... before he caught himself lingering whereas they ought to get back to the fighter bay.

"Do you have any spare replicator rations?" he asked sheepishly, waiting for her to get off him so that they could get going. "I think my jumpsuit has seen better days... I'll pay you back with interest, of course."

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Ji and Solessia Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

She appreciated that he wasn't going to drop her.  She had doubted that he would but people could be surprising.  She had slept with Sten when they were locked in a room together.  Afterwards, he had sent her off to the hellacious ship and then she had come back and slept with him again.  But, nothing had come of it, and he had been for the most part ignoring her.  She had thought, had hope even, when they slept together the second time around that it was because something was developing.  But turned out, she was just a night of fun and nothing more than that.  She had hoped to find some kind of foundation or stability in her life upon returning to the ship that she had always loved. 

Maybe she would find it in Liam.

He mentioned payback and she couldn't help but chuckle with him a little bit.  She couldn't imagine herself welding his locker closed but she thought it would be hilarious to watch him realize and then he would easily figure out why.  “Thank you for all the ideas.” she laughed softly and brushed her fingers through his short hair for a moment.  Enjoying the feel of the soft tresses through her fingers.

She changed her attention to the tattoos on his chest.  Fingers tracing the dark lines against his pale muscular body.  She was always intrigued on the stories behind tattoos.  Some people had stories behind them, her own tattoo was an emblem of a fighter squadron back at home that had been just the beginning of her love for all things propulsion.  She was always curious about such things.  However, it seemed that he had merely wanted some ink and gotten some.  There was no big story behind them, he had just seen them on the wall and asked for them.  Not uncommon either, sometimes you just wanted to decorate your body and there was no reason not to.  She liked them though, they were simple, and in their simplicity they were lovely.  At least, in her mind.

His hands, as he spoke, slid over her body and she was very much enjoying the way they moved over her skin just taking the moment to explore while they weren't clothed and in private.  Her eyes stayed on his just taking in all the hues of his eyes and how they reflected the light around them.  I could stare at them all day, they'll definitely be a weakness. she thought to herself for a moment before he asked her if she had any spare rations for her replicator. 

Right. Work.  That thing we get paid to do.  Gotta get back to that thing..

She sighed softly and leaned in gently pressing her lips to his for just one long moment.  Her hands cupping his slender neck so gently for just a moment of time, and then she pulled away and forced her legs into working.  After being in that position for a little while the muscles were a bit pissy they had to go back to working but she managed to beat them into submission with sheer determination and rose from the floor of the shower.  Killing the sonic shower, she looked down at Liam and gave a nod. 

“Sure.  Have at them.  I hardly ever remember to eat... so I save them up for when I remember.” she laughed as she stepped out of the shower.  She figured that it wouldn't hurt to get herself a fresh suit as well.  Now that she was clean she certainly didn't want to put on the sweaty suit that she had worn earlier that would defeat the purpose of having gotten clean in the first place.  She waited for him to get up too and they stepped out together.  Ji stopped briefly at the sink to run a brush through her short hair and put it back into place before she followed him to the replicator.  She let him get his suit first and then she quickly got her own as well as underwear and a bra.  She got herself dressed and stepped into the suit zipping it up to just over her sports bra before looking back up at Liam.

It was one of the very few times in life she was a bit loathe to return to her work.

“Ready?” she asked, she reached for his hand and then paused, lowering it back to her side.  She had no idea if he wanted to make it known what they were doing.  If that was okay, or if that was something to work up to.  So for now, she left it, and waited for his go ahead.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Ji and Solessia Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr
Bare to the skin, Liam stepped out of the small head in Ji's quarters and just like on the Resolve, the replicator was located in the shared area, and Liam could just hope that Ji's roommate wouldn't appear before he got some clothes on. It would have been an awkward encounter with another Theurgy officer. He quickly fed the ration to the machine and asked for underwear and a jumpsuit in his size, not about to ask for a white shirt as well since he did not want to use up too much of Ji's rations.

By the time she stepped out, having brushed her hair, Liam had yet to get his underwear on, and he couldn't help looking at Ji when she requested her garments from the replicator. Momentarily stalled by the sight, he cleared his throat and got dressed, soon enough being ready to return to their shift. Having used the time before they were expected back to have sex in Ji's quarters felt so wrong, considering it was just his third day aboard the Theurgy and working for Covington, but be that as it may, he had no regrets. Quite the opposite.

When they were both finished dressing, it kind of looked like Ji wanted to hold his hand for some reason, but she changed her mind. They had yet to leave her quarters, and to bridge any awkwardness she might feel, he smiled to her. "I'm ready."

Yet even if he said he was, he stepped up to her and ran his hands around her waist, pressing his lips to hers one last time before they left. Little did they know what was about to happen, but since there were many hours yet on their shift, Liam wanted to take every chance they had, and he was not prepared for the repercussions of the deck crew knowing they were an item. Not when he was supposed to be a new authority on the flight deck, convincing the older Theurgy veteran technicians that it was more to him than the 'handsome boy' he appeared to be. Moreover, they hardly even knew each other yet, Ji and him, so he was not about to spread the word.

When he had kissed her thoroughly, he parted from her at last, hands on her hips. "Sorry, now I am ready," he said with a grin.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Ji and Solessia Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

As she came out of the bathroom he had only just replicated his clothing and was now working on getting into them but had not managed any of that just yet.  Her brow rose as she entered the room.  She normally would have been a bit shy, but this was Liam and he had seen everything she had to offer at least twice.  She smiled at him, though she blushed a little bit, because while she was comfortable in her own skin and in her own Quarters there was an audience today.  She replicated her own garments as he cleared his throat and began to pull on the new, fresh, clothing.  It was the best feeling.  She tried, depending on how sweaty she got, to get her suit to last several days but it all depended.  Her work was dirty so she never much worried about grease or dirt stains until her suit stopped looking yellow.

She didn't go for his hand, though she wanted to, she knew that everything was very new.  Scuttlebutt would go around the ship quickly and it was something that she needed to not be in the midst of right away.  She would prefer to take things a little slower.  When they made their debut, if they ever did, she wanted it to be something solid.  Something that could withstand the rumors, the glares, and the people thinking whatever terrible thoughts they would.  Because, sometimes, frankly, people sucked.

She was ready to go, and so was he it seemed.  Only, instead of heading for the door he came over to her and his large hands pushed against her waist adding the first crinkles to the freshly replicated uniform that covered her body for the moment.  She didn't even care, because moments later he was kissing her and holding her against him.  He smelled fresh and clean, unlike the sweat of their first, or even the odd vibrating of their second.  It was just a moment to truly enjoy kissing him and inhaling the way that he smelled.  There were no subtle hints of grease and grime from their every day jobs.  They were both fresh and clean.

Her hands slid up his own uniform and her fingers twisted into the collar just a little bit holding him closer.  Her other hand cupped the side of his neck while they took that one last minute to reassure each other it was more than just sex.  That it could be even more than that depending on how their date went when they were able to get together for some dinner.  She looked forward to that more than she could say.  Softly, the kiss broke, and for a moment she just stood there staring into those blue pools that called to her quite strongly.

“Never apologize for doing that to me.” she chuckled, though she mourned the fact that it was work and she knew they would both be very professional.  It was ingrained in them, but also, the fact that they weren't going to let the cat out of the bag right away.  She took a deep breath and let it out.  “You can do that any time.” she said with a blush and gave a nod.  “If we don't go, we won't, so come on.  We have jobs to do and the last thing I need is Covington beating on my door wondering why we're not back yet.” she admitted as she palmed the door open and the two officers stepped back into the corridor.

The Turbolift took a few minutes to come up to their level but once they stepped in Ji leaned against the back wall waiting as they headed down two decks to 16.  The Fighter Assault Bay was waiting and all that the shift would entail.  “Thanks, for today.” she said since they were, luckily, alone in the Lift for the brief moment. 

The lift door opened and they stepped out into the hustle and bustle of the Deck.  It was home.  The only one she had, and now she could share it with someone that would understand her love for it.  “Lets get to it.” she grinned and dove into her work.

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