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Day 02 [1700 hrs.] Big Mouth Beatdown

[ WO Ian Sanders , CW Rishan, CW Mirisha Bailey | Corridors of Deck 8 | Vector 01] Atten: @Triage @Arista 

Warrent Officer Ian Sanders looked back over his shoulders at his two companions, both non comm crewmen. Like himself, Mirisha Bailey was human, blond, dark eyed, and wearing the yellow tunic of Operations, Engineering and Security. While Ian himself was an Engineer, Bailey was Operations. Their features were similar enough that they could have been twins, especially with the angry scowls on their faces. But the truth was that there was no relation between the two blondes; Ian was from the late Volan III colony, though his parents got him off the planet when the colony was traded to Cardassia in the lead up to the Dominion War. CW Bailey came from Cestus III, and was an avid baseball fan. Ian knew she kept a Pike City Pioneers hat in her quarters.

And just like the third member of their group, Tactical Crewman  Rishan a Denobulan, all three had become converts to the path of Morali. They had seen, first hand, the work of Sarresh. How He had guided them in the assault by the Calamity. How His knowledge of what was to come had allowed them to survive this far. And while they knew that not all of their plans to ensure that their leader be given full control of the vessel, all three knew that they in turn had a part to play in setting the stage so that the Morali was not disputed. And part of that was cleansing the ranks of those that might oppose Morali's will.

Or in the case of one particularly loud-mouthed new addition to the crew, punishing those that would chose to insult His great destiny.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" Ian heard Mirisha whisper, as she bent down and popped one of the panels in the wall off, setting it down on the floor and moving to open her toolkit. Their cover was that they were making repairs on a conduit near their targets quarters. So the best way to sell that was find something wrong, and then fix it. "Are you sure she is coming?"

The normally jovial face of CW Rishan frowned down at the blonde human. Another time and another place, and Rishan would have made a move on the Operations non-com. He'd certainly thought of it a few times, in the days since he had joined the ranks of the Devoted. She was shapely and short, with curves in all the right places - just his type - even if she were human. Denobulans did enjoy new experiences. But this wasn't the time nor was it the place. Playing guard for these two - one couldn't be too careful these days, according to the newly installed Tactical Chief off the Resolve, Marquez - the Tactical crewman pulled out his tricorder and took another reading of the halls, using it as a cover for pulling up the tracer program he'd launched.

"Yes, this is the place," he hissed quietly, taking a step back to make sure he wasn't in full view around the bending corridor.  "And according to this, that loud mouthed blasphemer will be here soon. Get ready to make a move."

Adjusting that bag between her and Ian, Mirisha eased a small electro probe out, and bent over further, ducking behind the console. She used the device to short out a few of the older style isolinear rods that controlled the monitoring systems in the area. Pulling them out, she held them up and in a loud stage whisper informed Sanders.

"See, Warrant? Just like I said, the diagnostics showed there was something off. They're shorted out." If their target was getting close it was time to sell their act. "Completely useless."

"So I see, Crewman," Ian replied, crossing his arms. He could see the hyperspanner handle sticking up, out of the bag. Rishan shot Sanders a look, glancing almost theatrically down at his Tricorder. Their target was almost there. "Now the trick is going to be tracking down what caused the short to begin with." Even as he said that, he could still, in his head, hear the words they'd heard earlier in the mess hall. That sickening accent, so thick you could cut a log with it, blathering on. He and Rishan hadn't been able to understand what was being said, but Morali Bless young Mirisha Bailey - growing up on Cestus III she was used to some odd ball accents, and the 19 year old tech had been able to translate the nigh on incomprehensible babble. What had come out as "Whadda'ell kinda brainfuck ya gotta 'ave t'make yer own cult???" had been made a bit more understandable.

They all knew she'd insulted the Morali. They didn't know if she was on her own or not, but they were Devoted. They had taken the time, planned this out, hours in the making. They were armed. Rishan had managed to smuggle in a small cricket phaser. The others had their tools. This wasn't going to be quick and merciful. They were to set an example. So they had decided. So they would do.

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Corridors | Deck 8 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus & @Arista
The day had been going fine. Oh yessireebob, it was mighty fine. Just peachy keen. And she wasn't being sarcastic, with herself or anyone else for that matter. No, it was doing just great. Ravon was a fine SCO as far as SCOs went. Then again, Tancredi had Havenborn for an SCO and he was it for three years. The only reason why she probably got away with so many things was probably the being lost in space for three years, so he cut her a little slack. Well that was fine and dandy, so no, that wasn't the problem. Her problem was a little...well, he's quite tall, actually, but that was besides the point. No, and it wasn't because he was an unfried Cardassian either, she wasn't a racist.

She was off duty now, and was headed for her quarters to change into something nice, maybe go meet and make friends with the Theurgy crew, check up on former members of the Resolve, see what she could find out about this sickness going around, and watch out for those crazy Morali fanboys and fangirls.

It was ironic that she wanted to check up most of all on the Romulan and Silim Parnak, as much as the Cardassian irked her with his airs and sense of superiority (a spork in his ass would set him straight, how handy that she had a few on her person), she wanted to make sure the Virus wasn't getting to him, and maybe he could be of some help to the crew of the Theurgy and the Orcus. But at the same time, she wanted to rip out whatever hair was on him. And Lord almighty, look who was coming her way soon as she stepped out of the turbolift. A growl escaped her lips before she even realized it, and her face was positively livid. Something about him just rubbed her up the wrong dang tree. “Parnak,” she growled, one fist clenched, another searching in her pocket for that diamond-tipped titanium spork, “not feelin' unner da weather, are ya?”

As she spoke, she continued walking towards him, if he wanted to answer, he'd have to turn and follow if he so wished to continue the conversation. There were three people working on a conduit nearby, nothing unusual. Her attention was on the Cardassian however.

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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Corridor | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage , @Brutus  , Anyone

Silim Parnak travelled down the corridor, PADD in hand. The day itself had progressed both better and worse that expectations. The meeting with Captain Ives certainly didn’t turn out the way he had initially planned, but that wasn’t to say he was unhappy with the outcome. Travelling back towards the Turbolift, Parnak was lost in his own little world until he heard someone call his name. Looking up, he found he could not contain his grin. The day, it seems, was picking up even further.

He could just not believe his luck. In front of him was Ensign Tancredi, and much like their last encounter the look on her face made it seem like she was ready for another round of flirting, at least to the Cardassian sensibility. That was until she asked about his health? Parnak blinked quickly. She must really care; it was the only conclusion he could come up with. It was a heartwarming and unexpected question.

“Better than ever. Don’t you worry about me.” He smirked in reply, stopping to face her as she passed. Parnak had expected the redhead to stop and engage in further conversation, wasn’t that something humans did? Silim was sure of it, throughout his time in the Federation, everyone enjoyed stopping their day to have a chat.

She must be busy, he concluded, why else would be so preoccupied with her pockets and not stop? It was unfathomable to think she didn’t enjoy their last bout. It was just before she started dragging the unconscious security officer to the brig. Across the corridor, he eyed three technicians conducting some repairs and almost shuddered with glee. This would be fun.

“Oh, Princess?!” He called after her innocuously, watching her continue to rummage through her pockets as she walked away. Mentally, he wondered if she would flush like that girl Stark from the bar last night? Parnak knew he would look up the Lieutenant Commander again, but for now he just had to enjoy himself. “Where are you going? I thought the next time we saw each other you were going to kneel at my alter and I’d have you calling for ‘god’?”

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Corridors | Deck 8 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus & @Arista
If Tancredi's head had been a volcano, there would have been eruptions. Ash clouds the size of Earth's fucking atmosphere, a spewing of fiery red magma blasting into the cosmos at warp one gajillion, and Parnak's head would be surgically attached to his ass so he'd be kissing it permanently. That, and that stupid bat of his. Thank God almighty it was probably dead and gone with the Resolve, rest the ship's soul (if the Theurgy had a form of a soul, so could the Resolve). Why did he persist in calling her princess? Did she had a stupid crown on her head or something?!? What Parnak would have seen was Tancredi stiffening and freezing in place the moment the "P" word was out of his mouth, and polluting the air waves. Her fists balled up and one hand was gripping a diamond-tipped spork so hard that her knuckles turned white.

A sound erupted from deep within her throat that could best be described as one very cantankerous puppy. “Rrrrrrrr...!” her gritted teeth bared, and lips trembling like a rabid Klingon, she wheeled around and advanced on the Cardassian, muttering under her breath, “...deep Pak'led sauce, with day-old anchovies!”

But when she was at his throat, with spork aimed at his jugular, she went back to growling, “Ah ain't got no ah-deah whatch'er on'abou', what al-tah? An' whah would'Ah be callin' on God fer on accounta you?!?” She reached up to grab at his coat collar and raised herself up on tip-toe, though she was in no danger of reaching the insufferable man's height.

“Lissen, all Ah caeh abou' is dat ya might be some 'elp with wha'ever's been floatin' 'round this 'ere ship, cause o'that virus thingy. But if yah call me princess evah again. Ah will...!” she never got to finish what she had been about to say.

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[ WO Ian Sanders , CW Rishan, CW Mirisha Bailey | Corridors of Deck 8 | Vector 01] Attn: @Triage @Arista 

Sanders had not been expecting company. Not at all. The addition of the...Cardassian?? was an unwelcome development. His eyes darted about as the Warrent Officer worked through possibilities, ignoring his two partners in crime. It was impossible to focus with that blathering idiot and the other man going back and forth. They clearly knew each other, and it was equally clear that this...interaction was unwanted, and unplanned. But the longer it went on, the smaller and smaller the window of opportunity for the three of them to take care of the loudmouth. The blasphemer.

Ire boiled and bubbled beneath the surface as he forced himself to hold still, listening to the incessant babbling. One wondered if the universal translator needed an update - he could barely understand half the crap coming out of the redheads mouth. But to his surprise, Cw Bailey seemed to be twitching an angry every time the Cardassian opened his mouth. That set Sanders wondering if she had some history in her past with the Cardassian Union. Maquis parents, or family that passed in the Dominion War? Perhaps the great Morali had seen fit to offer her an outlet on this day. He had surly delivered one of the snakes into Ian's grasp, as the man remembered the forlorn Volan III Colony.

But of all of them, it was Rishan that moved first, hefting up from the tool bag a hyperspanner in his hand and stepping from the wall. The Denobulan smiled, preternaturally wide as was want for his species. Normally welcoming, the look took on a horrifying aspect with the hate and lust that burned in his eyes. This would be his moment. He'd punish the infidel, make her pay, and revel in her pain. Deftly, Rishan tapped Bailey on the side, and gestured towards the snake, whispering. "Take him down first."

Clearly understanding, Mirisha sucked in a nervous breath and steeled her will, summoning up the image of Him, scowling down at the sheer thought of such offensive words the gray skinned alien had used. As bad as what the pilot had uttered prior. They both deserve what was about to come, she thought to herself, as she sucked in a steadying breath. Using that as a driving force for herself, the stern gaze of the Morali, and his displeasure - CW Bailey pushed away, making some comment about needing to run to the storage locker down the hall. Then she trotted around, passing both Meony and locking eyes with Silim. The man had opened his mouth up to make some other crack, almost seeming to ignore the tiny crew-woman - until her fist connected squarely with his jaw.

"Now!" Snapped of Rishan, patting Ian on the back as he slid past. "Drag them in!" He added, ordering the two to get Silim and Meony out of the hallway and into the pilots quarters, which they'd programmed to open for them - and once Meony was inside, to ignore anything for the victim.

But first they had to get her inside. And thats where Rishan came in. With a roar, he spun his whole body, dipping down. The Spanner arched, swinging in low, and fast, connecting with the joint of the red'heads left knee. Ian felt gorge rise up in his throat as he leapt past, joining Mirisha in her assault on the Cardassian, flying to tackle him. He could hear, crystal clear, the snapping of bone as the knee gave to the force of the blow

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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Corridor | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage , @Brutus  , Anyone

She was almost too easy to play, Parnak concluded, there was barely any sport to it. The human adage “Like taking candy from a baby” sprung to his mind, although it did always confuse him. Why were humans feeding their newborns sugary treats, let alone forcibly removing them? Anyway, that wasn’t important. What was important that his jibe managed to get the correct response.

Parnak’s grin got wider the closer Tancredi got, even when she started to wield the eating utensil. The charge in the air was palpable. It would only take a little to get her to jump him there and then, the others in the corridor be damned. She even tried to grab his collar to bring him down to kiss him.  Parnak couldn’t help but finish her sentence for her.

“Throw yourself at me?” He queried, unable to contain his glee. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted some movement, but disregarded it almost immediately. He was close. All he had to do was close the net and she would be his. Like a master artist finishing with a flourish, he began. “Never let it be said that I…”

A punch to the jaw interrupted him mid-sentence. He had been completely clueless to it until it had landed, the force of the impact knocked his head, and Parnak could feel the sharp tips of the eating tool scratch against his neck. The hit wasn’t hard enough to knock him down, so he looked back incredulously at who had landed the hit, because it wasn’t Tancredi, he knew that for sure.

Flapping his lips, Parnak was about to chastise the short blonde girl, when he was hit, hard, straight in the chest. He could barely believe it. It was all happening so fast. He had tried to keep himself fit, at least as much as possible when he had left the eighth order, but it was incredibly apparent that he had failed, when he went toppling back under the full force of the tackle.

In that moment, like others of distress, time seemed to slow, allowing Parnak to take a small amount of stock in what was going on. The man forcing him to the ground had no grasp, using all his effort to floor the Cardassian. Parnak could use this to his advantage. He raised a knee as he hit the deck, straight up his attacker. The momentum of his fall allowed the thrust from his leg to go faster and harder than normal and Silim was pleased when he felt the whole of the male move above him, continuing, over the top of the Cardassian scientist.

It was a small solace that Parnak has managed to take some form of action. He had been mentally preparing himself for this since coming to the Federation. There was still a lot of anti-Cardassianism within the Federation, left over from the dominion war. Many, especially those in Starfleet had lost mothers, brothers, sisters at arms and wanted revenge, however it came. There was plenty of comments, sneers and side long looks. It wasn’t until now that Parnak realized that he had thought that was all it was going to be. Too long he had been without incident. He had gotten too soft.

Parnak snapped back to reality when he felt a strong grip around his ankle. Of course, there were three attackers. The blonde woman started to drag sharply. Parnak tried to break himself free but all he could do was scream.

“You want me?! Take me! But leave her!” He bellowed, digging his nails into the carpet, trying anything he could stop being pulled into the open, waiting, doorway. “Leave the girl!”

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Corridors | Deck 8 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus & @Arista
Meony sensed movement before she even registered it, because she had been so busy berating this Cardassian before her, and even as the hairs on the back of her neck rose and alarms registered in her head, sometimes she believed the alien tumour in her brain which accounted for massive headaches before Captain Kendrick placed a preventive and protective coil around it acted like a psionic warning system, because there was no way she was this intuitive. It had been the source of her survival over the years, when she'd correctly anticipate ambushes from behind while she flew her fighter, then later her shuttle.

But today, for all the speed and alacrity of its warning, it was too little too late. As she stopped mid-tirade at Silim, she turned her head to one side and barely missed getting a glancing blow from the punch thrown at...Silim?!? Who else did this guy piss off??? The girl made Meony look tall in comparison, not that she was very tall herself, at five feet five, but that just served to point out how small this other lady was, and then her peripherals caught sight of a roaring Denobulan, and before she could react, a throbbing jolt of pain shot right into her brain with such intensity, she actually blacked out for a microsecond before the brutal pain pulsed and screamed at her, and she felt her left leg give way at the knee as the bone shattered and dislocated, and all she could do was scream bloody murder as anger and fear took over, AAAAIGH!

They were trying to drag her into her quarters! That much she registered even as she struggled to regain some measure of her equilibrium while she continued screaming incoherently from pain. She flailed around wildly, and finally noticed that she was still gripping her diamond-tipped spork, and it now had blood on it. She'd accidentally stabbed Silim with it when she was attacked, and now she remembered that there was more where that came from. Until she had Flash and Burn back, Stab and Jab were her constant companions in her sleeves, held by the wrist with rubber bands. Whoever held her, there were what, three of them? Silim was yelling at them too, why was he telling them to leave her be? They knew where her quarters were, but first thing's first: If they wanted her in there, then it couldn't be good, and they were armed.

Through the haze of pain, she forced herself to get over it. She'd been tortured, mutilated, brutalised in just about every way possible, what was a little more suffering on her part? She fought like a maniac, and tucked herself into a roll, and as soon as she saw a leg, she didn't know whose it was, but it was not Silim's as far as she could tell, and she thusly drove Stab into it, aiming for the femoral artery, and vehemently drew it out in a downward dragging motion even as she flicked her other hand hard and caught Jab by the handle, and thrust it at the nearest assailant by the abdomen, at the same time reaching out to chomp on whatever limb was nearest to her teeth. She wasn't going to let them have anything while she could do something about it. If they wanted a fight, she'll give it to them. Starfleet be damned, she was going to kill people today! YAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Maybe she had a bit more Klingon in her than she thought. Even as the intensity of her leg injury caused blood to reach her mouth, and she was drawing blood from someone, she felt all her frustrations, fury, rage and grief drive back to the forefront of her mind, and she fell into a haze, seeking only blood and death.

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[ WO Ian Sanders , CW Rishan, CW Mirisha Bailey | Corridors of Deck 8 | Vector 01] Atten: @Arista @Triage 

Sharp, angry pain flared in the leg of CW Bailey as Meony's spork found purchase in her flesh. The blond woman let out a sharp scream as her leg buckled, but she refused to succumb. She hopped on her good foot, swearing, and snapped out with the injured leg, as if kicking could shake the pain away. It failed to do so, but at the same time, her boot clipped the loudmouthed infidel atop the head - and kept her damaged leg from getting bit. Probably not hard enough to do anything useful when it came to damage, but certainly enough to jar Mirisha, who let out another wail of pain.

Through it all, however, she didn't let go, and shuffled hopped back towards the door to the pilots room. She had to move fast. There was no way this kind of commotion would not go unnoticed for long. Thankfully, Ian had summoned up enough strength to help haul the Cardassian past the threshold of the room. Only then did she turn to look and see what Rishan had been up to with the human - the primary target. As such, she missed seeing Ian attempt - clumsily - to drop his knee into the other mans' stomach. Her gaze did catch sight of the door swinging shut behind them, and of Rishan battling Lt. Tancredi, even as she fought like a possessed Selaht.

Rishan was bleeding from a wound to his stomach - a nasty torso shot that might have felled Ian Sanders or Mirisha Bailey, but was simply a minor - albeit painful - inconvenience for the Denobulan, given their internal structure.  The pilot was rolling around on the ground and making things difficult for the tactical officer, but Rishan was not going to be dismayed. His blood-lust was in full swing, as were other lusts, and his eyes raked the woman as she frothed at the mouth.

"Blasphemer!" he cried out as he backed away from the door enough to let it close - and more importantly, lock. "The Morali will see your soul punished, cast asunder in the time stream for your words. And we shall de - ack - " she'd connected with his leg and he stammered back, angrier than before. "You will pay," he settled on as he raised the hyperspanner again, intent on smashing her arm now, bringing it down with a terrifying force. "i'll break all your limbs and make you watch as I ruin you!"

Mirisha turned her head away, not wanting to watch the sicking impact as she dragged her wounded leg around. She looked over the quarters for something heavy to smash against the struggling Cardassian's face. She could see Ian straddling the mans hips, trying to get his hands around the flared neck. Behind her, she could hear Rishan laugh as he brought the spanner down for a third attempt. "It is as the Morali wills," she began to repeat as she floundered about for a weapon. "it is as the Morali wills."

OOC: I started to go further but I didn't want to lock anyones characters in :)

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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Corridor | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage , @Brutus  , Anyone

The situation wasn’t good. Dragged into an unknown room and before Parnak could even find his bearings, one of the figures above him moved yet again. He had barely enough time to deflect the knee with the heel of one hand before it hit him. As sloppy as the action was, it helped mitigate some of the blow, instead forcing the human to straddle across him.

The weight of the man on him forced a heavy breath out. Without time to recover and in an instant, he felt hands upon him. As much as Silim thrashed and tried to hit them away, eventually they reached his throat.

“uhk…” It was all he could get out as he felt the pressure against his adam’s apple. Whatever this man did for an occupation, it gave him a strong grip. Pushing back against the human, Parnak rasped, gasping for the air that wouldn’t come.

Pounding against the arms of his assailant, Parnak gurgled involuntarily. It was in moments like this that time appeared to slow. It was possibly the lack of oxygen that caused the effect, but Silim wasn’t in the correct place to ponder such a thing. Instead he watched as the world closed slowly around him, his focus blurring as his eyes burned with tears. For what seemed like an eternity he wailed against the man who held him, until eventually Parnak’s arms grew tired of the ineffectual hits. The actions causing greater oxygen deprivation. Weaker and weaker, he flailed at the man until he could barely lift them. As the room in the background slowly turned dark. Soon all was left was the face of the human, raging, throwing all his hatred and weight behind his hold.   

He hadn’t often thought about his own death, but Silim had always hoped it would be quick, painless and preferably in his sleep. Instead, as the vice like grip continued, Parnak had to come to terms with the fact that this was, most likely the end. In his near delirium, his mind began to wander, removing itself of the struggle current undergoing and onto better thoughts. Of friends. Of family. Of those he would never see again. Of those unwritten letters to his sister stored on Starbase 84 and the one barely started. He wanted, he needed, to know if she was still alive.

His eyes began to roll uncontrollably towards the back of his head, and in his ultimate moments, Parnak managed to mouth just one word. A name.


There was blurred movement in front of the ceiling light, and the brightness grew suddenly dim, allowing Parnak to focus for just enough. The was a figure, holding something. Details were impossible to make out. With a final burst of energy Silim reached for the lapels of the man who was choking him and pulled hard.

There was a smash. A loud shattering sound and the grip around his neck released, just enough to steal a modicum of air. A previous morsel enough to revive. The world around became easier to compute. The freedom caused him to cough and splutter, wheezing in deep hauls of air. Slowly as his brain began to feel like it was working again, he could understand what had happened. Parnak had managed to pull the man on top of him into the way to take the brunt of the hit of whatever was intended to crush the poor Cardassian’s skull.

He heaved the unconscious, or deceased, body off his chest. It didn’t care which it was.  He knew he needed to move, to get away, to save Tancredi, but all he wanted in this small, infinitesimal, moment of time was to catch his breath.

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Corridors | Deck 8 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus & @Arista
She did some damage, but it was not enough. It didn't stop them. The Denobulan was downright terrifying. She was too weak, in too much pain. She was numb to the pain in a sense. Too much torture, too much suffering. She'd been broken a long time ago by torturers more skilled than the psychos she now faced, on board a Federation starship no less. They couldn't do anything to frighten her. She did not fear death, and if today was the day she punched the ticket from this fucking life, well so be it, but until she was dead, and until she was discharged from her duty as a Federation officer, well, she was going to keep fighting.

Besides, this Denobulan was pissing her off now.

“Ah’ll FAHKING blastfim a whole lot more, motherfucker!” said Meony as she ducked the first blow of the wrench, twisting her entire body away as she stabbed with her one remaining spork into her assailant’s weapon arm, aiming for the artery just past the elbow, but she had no idea whether Denobulan’s vital arteries are there at all. Either way, she wanted to cause some serious hurt, if not outright kill him. He wanted her death after all, why should she hold back? “Whatsa mattah, bitch?” said Meony, “Ya Morali such a wimp he cain’t do da deed ‘imself? What kahnda fuckin’ weak y’all followin’? C’MON THEN, FUCKERS! AH’M GONNA KILL YA ALL! AHGH!

She wasn’t able to dodge his second blow entirely, taking a painful blast to her shoulder, but she was running on adrenaline now, and a single-minded goal of murdering this stupid bastard monkey with the wrench.

“Ah'm gonna eat yer eyeballs and cut out ya tongue, and all yer limbs, then make ya feel as Ah cut the rest of yer flesh off and FUCKING STUFF IT DOWN YA THROAT AND MAKE YA LAHK IT!!! The pilot had a mad redness in her own eyes as she struck again and again at the Denobulan, and she pointed once at the only other woman here, “YE'RE NEXT, BITCH!”

She let out an ear-shattering scream as she foolishly attempted to block the wrench with her right arm and the tool smashed right through her bone and crushed her arm against her chest. She had to act now! Silim was barely fending off his own attacker, and this fucker just wouldn't go down! He was as determined to see her dead as she wanted to see him dead. In the end, when two killers faced each other, intending to end the other one's life, there was only one thing that would make one the winner: The one who actually wanted to live.

Guess who Meony fancied herself to be?

RARRRGH! Meony swallowed the pain, don't think about it don't think about it don't think about it FUCK it hurts! And she wrapped her one good leg around that irritating wrench arm, and with her back to the Denobulan, threw her head back with all her might, smashing into his ugly face, and then twisted her body again as she brought her left arm in a backward swing, driving the spork into his right eye, and she then used her working leg to kick at his chest, launching herself away from him.

Have to get to suit! She thought, before anyone could react, and she pulled herself onto her bed, over to the floor where her TAC CONN suit lay in a heap, and reached for the standard-issue phaser in its holster, and she yanked it out, not even bothering to make sure of its setting and squeezed the trigger, aiming for anyone that wasn't a strangled Cardassian. She fired several beams of emerald energy into each assailant. She wanted them to die. “Just fahking dah! BASTARDS!”

She squeezed the trigger at the woman, at the Denobulan, then the, Denobulan again, and again, and again, okay, now that stupid man.

Whimpering, she felt the weapon fall out of her hand as feeling left it, and she collapsed against her bed. She couldn't move, and the pain was paralyzing her now that the adrenaline was wearing off. If they woke up, she was dead. She couldn't even speak anymore. “T-Thea...? S-Sil...m...”

It was a pain to draw breath, but it was all she could do now, and stare at the ceiling.

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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Corridor | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage , @Brutus  , Anyone

Over coarse, harsh breathing Silim heard the weapons fire and braced himself for the end. When it didn’t come, Parnak allowed himself the small opportunity of glimpsing the room. Everyone was down. Though his hearing wasn’t as acute as others, a particular Cardassian trait he found irritating with his interests, it still managed to pick out a weak, little voice.

Squirming and wriggling to pull his legs free of the weight of the human male still partially open of him, Parnak made his unsteady way to his feet. Across the room, Tancredi lay, phaser just out of hand. Closing the distance, he looked over the girl. She wasn’t in good shape. For whatever reason, they had decided to hurt her more. To send a message most likely. That sort of thing really riled him up.

“Hk..” Silim managed to choke out a tiny amount of nonsense before having to stop due to a coughing fit. That human really had done some damage. It took a few moments, but Silim managed to croak out a few words.

“Just try to relax.” His voice was deep and scratchy. It didn’t feel like his own, but he knew it would recover. Tancredi on the other hand? She needed immediate medical assistance. Assuming they had disabled the door to get into this set of quarters, whoever they belonged to, it wasn’t hard for Silim to fathom that the attackers must have disabled the communications system. This meant it was up to him.

Looking around the room, Silim set his eyes on the combat suit unceremoniously dumped on the floor. The holster was visibly empty, but the phaser by Tancredi would have fitted inside perfectly. Assuming the device did come from the suit, there could be some form of medkit inside. Reaching over, so as to stay besides the pilot, he listened to her pained breaths while searching pockets.

Parnak wasn’t religious, but he felt the need to praise someone. Sighed with relief, he pulled the kit from the utility compartment that hid it and set it out on the ground. The Kit seemed to be standard Federation design, which was good. He had some experience using the devices within the lab at Starbase 84.

First things first, pain relief. His cool grey hands found their way to the hypospray. The question, really, was which drug to use to help dull Tancredi to what was going to happen next? There were five vials, one which Silim immediately recognised as triptacederine. That would do nicely. He slid the small glass cylinder into the base of the Hypospray and pressed the golden metal halfsphere to the girl’s neck. With the telltale hiss, the drugs were released. He hoped it had given enough to at least soothe the aches. Next was to what out the severity of the damage. He reached for the Medical Tricorder and flipped the ratchet open.

“Let’s have a look at you then, shall we?” He rasped, trying to lighten the mood. The diagnosis wasn’t as pleasant - two major broken limbs, her right forearm was broken in two, alongside her left leg by the knee and a compound fracture at the shin. Deep bruising around the collarbone and a minor fracture to the right clavicle. Silim knew, or at least hoped, the triptacederine would be working on the bruising, so the important task was to heal those bones.

Inside the kit was a dermal regenerator. Taking the device in hand, Silim clicked the settings over so that the device could also be used as a osteogenic stimulator to repair the broken bones. He started at the arm.

“I don’t know what sort of ‘Morality’ they were going on about, but that doesn’t matter now.” He spoke almost conversationally in an attempt to try to keep Tancredi calm. He knew he would be able to put his skills to use on the Theurgy, but medicinal care wasn’t what he was expecting. After all, he mainly operated on animals.

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The only reason she wasn't screaming more was mainly because she was just too tired and her brain was near to shutting down on its own. She was only lucky that she hadn't taken any serious hits to her head, and risked rupturing the protective coil around the tumour again. The dull throb and ache in there told her however, that the exertions weren't without some sort of cost. Captain Kendrick and Dr. Lyhn couldn't safely operate on it without doing irreparable damage, not to mention the other things they'd found in her by then. But when she heard Silim Parnak speak to her, she couldn't even bring herself to respond.

But she did start crying soundlessly, and her expression was one of absolute fucking misery. She'd been having a decent enough day chewing out her favourite-ish Cardassian to chew the fuck out just because she could, and not because she really hated him...well, she hated that he called her princess, something she was totally not, and why couldn't he fucking see that? Tears poured freely out, and she sobbed once, and took a sharp intake of breath when she felt the hypospray pressuring in some sort of treatment. If the Cardassian wanted to kill her, there was nothing she could do any longer. And frankly, if this many people were out for her blood on a ship that was supposedly Federation, then she really didn't care to live. One could only take so much of the madness.

But she let out a soft breath of relief when he seemed to be trying to help. Well, there was something to be said about him as a doctor, she supposed. She couldn't fully feel it, but she knew he was using a dermal regenerator, probably to fix the broken bones. He tried to hold a conversation, and she refrained from letting out a bemused laugh, mainly because she suspected it would hurt like hell and she didn't have the strength. “M-Mo...rah...leee...” said Meony, her words slurred a little, and she was struggling to form words even though she could think lucidly enough. “Naht...morali...ty. Sahm...dumfuck, named M-ruhlee...they...wor...ship...him......fah-kin' mo-rons...b...but ya mouth him off...well...ta-da...”

She strained to turn her head ever so slightly, to get a better look at the Cardassian as she lay on the bed, “S-so...'m...Ah” Her flame-red hair spread out around her like a curtain reaching out in all directions.

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Once he had been told that Cardassians were unfeeling monsters, but Silim knew there was nothing further from the truth. He would say that they felt too much, often too emotional, and that was what sometimes caused their downfall. So, when Krystal started to sob, Parnak could not help but also feel her despair. There was nothing more he could do than he already was, and he knew that, so he let himself feel the pain but pushed to not let it affect him.

While Parnak continued his work, he picked up the tricorder in his left hand. Using the device in his off hand, he checked over his patient once again. The arm was beginning to heal nicely.

“Well, in my ‘expert’ medical opinion?” He quipped, using his thumb to close the tricorder in a quick snap. “You’ll be fine.” 

“With the tools I have here I can get you in the position that you’ll be able to walk, talk and perform light activities. You might want to get yourself checked over by one of your doctors before you decide to be in another brawl.” The scans had shown a number of pre-existing conditions, including large portions of scar tissue and some form of nanopolymer coil embedded in her cranium. Silim couldn’t tell from these injuries what sort of past she had lived, aside from one of brutality.

The way she looked towards him, with those tears welling, caused a reaction deep inside. Stifling an urge to lean in and kiss her, Silim could understand the feelings of the Andorian he had tormented the day before, although he did know better that to try right now. It was yet another reason why he was glad he was a Xenobiologist rather than a fully-fledged medical doctor. He didn’t have to deal with disgruntled and rude patients, nor could he fall in love with his test subjects.

While it’d be easier to drug the girl into blissful oblivion, he knew that staying conscious was an important factor. That and it was rare that he could hold a conversation with someone he worked upon. “How’s the pain?”

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“Bless mah...liberties,” said Meony when told she was going to live, in Silim's expert medical opinion. She guessed that he had a lot more concern in him than he was letting on. Meony on the other hand was notorious for wearing her emotions on her sleeves, and her shirt, and her pants, but mostly on her freaking face. She looked relieved, tired, and elated.“'s long as Ah live...” said Meony, “...gotta make thin's raht...with summodeh.”

She kept talking, processing his questions, and making sure to answer them all as he continued to work on her. Albeit her reactions or responses were possibly a little delayed. She chuckled mirthlessly, before groaning as she felt a dull throb throughout her body despite the painkillers. “ ya don' make me...laff...owww...” she lifted and folder her right hand over her midsection, the healing on the hand clearly indicated, and also the movement proving she was on the mend with it. She looked at the Cardassian quietly, knowingly, “Pretty scars, ain't they? Coil's from a cancer giv'n ta me bah aliens as a thank-ya-now-dah-in-great-pain.” she said after a while. “Three years in 'ell, Captain Kendrick and so many o'us faced it, lived, an' dahd fahtin' our own people...ain't dat a sweet irony?”

She turned her head to look away, “Ah can handle the pain outside. It's the one in mah heart that makes me crah lahk a baby.” She bit her lower lip to try stopping exactly that. She didn't know why she was telling him all this. Might be a side effect. But she supposed there was no harm in knowing. Maybe he'd stop making fun of her so much. “How...'bout ya? Ya peachy keen? Fahker was chokin' ya real 'ard.”

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With no real bedside manner to rely on, he had to comfort his patient in a way he knew how. Reaching out, he touched the top of the head, stroking her hair while she looked away. He hoped she felt his fingers through her locks relaxing. The way he touched her was different from how you would do so with an animal such as a riding hound, but the sentiment was there none the less.

Her arm was healing, enough for her to move it. It was a good indication that things were progressing nicely. As he said, he couldn’t fix her completely, but he’d put her back together enough. So, when Tancredi asked after him, Parnak couldn’t help but smile.

“You know me. It takes more than that to keep me down.” Not much more, though. Silim would not admit it, but he had been brought closer to the end that he liked. Involuntarily, he swallowed. There was still a large amount of pain there. It was nothing compared to what the human was feeling, so he chose not to elaborate further. Moving down her body, Silim began work on her leg. Once that was complete. It’d just be the bruising around the neck and face before he was done.

Staring back up towards the girl, his eyes caught her exposed midriff and Silim considered her scars. Tancredi had called them pretty. Not necessarily something that Parnak agreed with, but who was he to judge? The tricorder had shown multiple areas of fibrous tissues across her entire body. From the short history she had given, the girl had been through a lot. The cancer was probably the most surprising. Didn’t the Federation long since cure diseases like that?

Parnak remained quiet for a moment. Unusually unsure on what else to say. Normally he’d made a belittling joke to check that she was still interested in him, but this wasn’t really an appropriate time. Instead he settled on a different route.

“You do know why I call you ‘princess’, don’t you?”

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Meony would never admit this, ever, under any conditions (and she'd been tortured by the best/worst/whatever), but she enjoyed the touch from Kentucky Fried Cardassian. And the only betrayal of this was how her eyes maintained a softer look than they normally had whenever she looked at him from the few interactions they had since their first ever meeting in Starbase 84. She was also surprised by the tenderness he demonstrated. Here she thought - being the precocious, presumptuous little fuck that she was - that Cardassians were the source of all assholery in the universe, from which the influence spread out into others.

Nice to see that she was so wrong.

She took a breath after he spoke and braced herself for the discomfort and subtle hint of the pain from her leg. Those Devoted fuckers, much as she hated them and wanted nothing more than to see their complete and utter demise, she begrudgingly acknowledged their deadliness and the number they did on her. That wrench had taken her leg nearly clean off. There was something to be said about fanaticism. The only reason she still lived and breathed - and she had no illusions about it - was the unexpected addition of Parnak in their plans for her demise. She ought to report this. But would this make her a bigger target for them all? She'd be looking over her shoulder all the time? She wanted to foster goodwill between the crews of the various ships in one place, but how could she if she couldn't trust one portion of them?

She used these thoughts to ignore the extremely disturbing sensations as the bones of her leg were mending together. The wonderful magic of modern science. “It ain't normal...what ya saw in mah brain,” said Meony, abruptly, refering to the tricorder scans that no doubt would see everything, scars, tumour and so on. “Weird as fuck aliens from Hell Sector. They put it in, fer fun...Ah guess...Captain Kendrick...he was a doctor before...did da best he could with Dr. Lynn. Couldn't take it out...without killin' me.”

That would explain the protective and preventive coil, which actually helped reduce the headaches she had. She tilted her head a little to try and see his work on her leg without moving her body. Involuntarily, the injured leg started twitching, an after effect she supposed, or the nerves mending and her muscles spasming to the sudden reattachment or repair. Her eyes flashed with brief annoyance when the p-word was spoken again, but she was curious, so she said, “'cause ya have a death wish?” Her teeth flashed with a grimace of a smile, “Whah do ya call me princess, when ya can see this fuck's cleahly not one, sugah?”

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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Corridor | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage , @Brutus  , Anyone

Sugar? That was a new one. Parnak was fairly sure that he had never been called that before, yet he didn’t let that stop him. Dutifully he continued to work away on her leg. The multiple fractures would mean it would take longer than her arm to heal, but it would also be weaker until she was properly treated. 

“Well, it all comes down to the Dytrix.” He started his story, looking to her for some recognition of the name. “The species? Comes from near the Rolor nebula?”

“Anyway, when I was a boy, on my birthday, my father would take me with him on a mission.” Silim smiled as he spoke, remembering a time long ago. “One of these missions was a visit to the Dytrix. An advanced yet peaceful race. When we beamed down, my father and I were met by the locals. They treated us like kings. We were welcomed with open arms and shown the splendour of the Dytrix people. Over dinner they introduced me to the theatre, for that was how they told their stories of old – shared as part of a meal.”

“They told us the story of Tartaasa. Tartaasa was a beautiful princess, but like all Dytrix women, she was a warrior. She led her father’s troops into battle, doing everything she must to keep her kingdom safe.” Parnak wove his words as if he tried to impart all his knowledge about this subject. In his mind, he could see the events clearly, as if it were only yesterday. When he paused, he smiled warmly at the memory as he moved the regenerator in a circular motion over Tancredi’s thigh. “Through act after act, I sat, transfixed, and listened to how this woman, with hair the colour of fire, fought against impossible odds to keep her lands great. She rose to every challenge and through sword, cunning, wit or diplomacy she prevailed. “

“Her final story was how she defeated her greatest enemy - a cruel, implacable people. She put her love of her country above that of her heart. Choosing to end a devasting war by marrying an enemy prince rather than Levirra, her paramour.” He paused, stopping everything to reflect. “You see, she would do anything, absolutely anything, to protect those she loved, even if it costed her true happiness in the end. Dytrix Princesses are strong, capable of giving more, being more than normal people.”

“The story was unlike anything I had heard before. Cardassian stories are about sacrifice, duty to the state above all, yet they do not have anyone like Tartaasa.” He looked back up towards the face of the human, pausing briefly on the bare midriff before locking eyes. He had shared more that he thought he would with this woman.  “The reason I call you princess, quite simply, is that you remind me of the first I ever knew.”

OOC: Speech heavy, but I guess that's what you get when you tell a story.

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Corridors | Deck 8 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus & @Arista
Meony nodded at him, when he mentioned the Dytrix and sought recognition to the name of the species; though she had no real idea about them. Listening with interest, he went on to explain a summary of a tale of a warrior princess. She didn't miss on the fact that apparently, Tartaasa was flame haired, just like her. Or the sacrifices she made, and he saw her in that regard? Or she reminded him of Tartaasa? She didn't know whether to be flattered or intimidated. Perhaps both. For the first time since meeting him, Meony truly saw Doctor Silim Parnak in a very different way, now that he had bared himself emotionally to her. She understood an aspect of him now.

She was quiet for a short time as he finished on her leg, and she slowly risked pushing herself up, first by the elbows, then resting on her palms, strained but at least they weren't wobbling and threatening to topple, in her seated position she brought herself closer to Silim Parnak, for once without a diamond-tipped spork ready to press against his throat. Not anymore.

“Ya ain't what Ah expected, doc,” said Meony throatily, she took one hand, placed it behind his neck and drew him in, towards her lips. It wasn't a kiss filled with desire, lust or romantic love, oddly enough, but one understanding. Her soft lips yielded and molded according to his as she maintained the press a little while longer, before finally pulling back, “think we got off on'a wrong foot, an' that's jes mah way o' sayin' sorry, thanks, an' Ah teenk Ah'd lahk t'know ya a li'l more...after Ah'm in better shape'n now.”

She glanced over at the three forms on the floor, “Shot 'em up t'hell, but Ah ain't sure o' th' Denobulan, even if Ah gave 'im three shots.” Did he stir??? She gave Silim a worried look, “Finish up mah leg, an' les trah t'haul it outta here. Ah don' want ta stay alone tonight in dis place, after what they did t' th' room, Lord knows what else they had in mind.” Like bombs maybe.

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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Corridor | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage , @Brutus

He wasn’t what she expected. Parnak smiled at that. Somehow, she had managed to find the five words he strived to be described as. Opening his mouth, Parnak started to formulate a suitable pithy reply only to find a hand coiling around the back of his neck.

The kiss itself was a surprise, but not unwelcome. Silim knew It would be easy to lose himself locking lips with her and against all his efforts he did just that. Between her soft lips against his, the smell of her in his nostrils and the warm hand caressing his neck, Silim’s defences melted away. In that moment, with the heat rising in his loins, he would have given her everything.

She’s a patient. He tried to remind himself, to no avail. He wasn’t a medical professional, just a scientist. While duty bound to conduct himself in a manner appropriate to his research, he hadn’t taken any oaths not to seduce or be seduced by his subjects. After all, he predominantly worked with animals.

When Tancredi pulled away, Parnak resisted the urge to pull her towards him again. Although the desire burned within him, her release allowed him to regain some of his senses. It wasn’t right, and by forcing himself upon her, he ran the risk of ruining any chance of tasting those lips again. That just wouldn’t do. After only one hit, he was hooked on her and he knew that he needed to kiss again and more.

The delicate moment was gone, and aside from his comments about getting to know him more when she had recovered, the conversation topic moved back on. Curling his fingers back around the dermal regenerator, he went back to work.

“I’m just about done.” He replied to her musings about their attackers. Switching off the device, he simply threw it onto the pile that was Tancredi’s flight suit. That could be recovered later, after all the security statements and clean up was done. Material objects, though sentimental, were replaceable.  Grasping the girl gently by the elbow, he helped her to her feet. He didn’t know what was going to happen next. In his mind he knew exactly where he would escort her.

“Come on then. Let’s get you out of here.”


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