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Day 02 [1200 hrs.] Modifications

[ Ens. Cir'Cie | Mess Hall | Deck 13| Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

The Vulcan botanist of the USS Theurgy was closely associated with the hydroponics laboratory of the starship. She was known for being typical Vulcan when it came to socialization. In fact, she was rarely seen outside of the hydroponics laboratory. In the chance that she was not working at a work station behind a console or looming over a piece of scientific equipment, she was more than likely not too far away, potentially in the arboretum or one of the other science labs delivering a report or checking out a piece of equipment or materials not native to hydroponics. When was the last time a member of the Theurgy crew had seen Ensign Cir'Cie even enjoying a meal in the Theurgy's mess hall or relaxing at Below Decks? Never. That was the answer. Because, Ensign Cir'Cie was a Vulcan, 'enjoyment' was an emotional response and emotions were not in her nature. She was sparingly ever making a presence in the social areas of the starship. In fact as a Vulcan, she strongly maintained a vegetarian diet. Even though the 'meat' served aboard the starship was almost always synthetically created by use of the food replicators, it looked like the cooked flesh of animals and sometimes people swore it even did the scent of cooked flesh justice. Though Ensign Cir'Cie did not hold the feeling of repulsion towards the synthetic meat, she found it perplexingly illogical to partake eating a synthetic representation of something she was opposed to eating in its natural form. As the ship's resident botanist, Ensign Cir'Cie grew an abundance of vegetables that if necessary could help sustain the crew should they ever need to resort to emergency rations and Vulcan gardening techniques.

Despite being rather reclusive, scuttlebutt had a means of traveling about the furthest reaches of the starship. Most women and men aboard the starship Theurgy had something to say about the recent arrival of Chief Petty Officer Liam Herrold from the USS Resolve. Whilst members of the Theurgy crew were swooning over the dirty blonde Adonis working in the fighter bay. It was not the man's sexually appealing physique that had snagged the Vulcan's curiosity, but rather a minor detail of his physique. One member of the crew described them as angelic wings across his chest; Tattoos were ink artwork used in body modification practices by several dozen species in the galaxy, but humans were known for using their 'tattoos' for expression, symbolism, and various other reasons. Sometimes they were simply decorative and yet other times they had deeper meaning and almost a religiousness about them. Perhaps the ensign made an effort to discretely pass by the fighter bay sometime ago to catch a glimpse of what everyone had been talking about. When she saw the wings herself, it intrigued her deeper. Why would anyone do something so illogical to their own body? The more she thought about it, the more she had difficulty wrapping her mind around it. It lead her to eventually researching tattoos in her free time.

When the rarely spotted Vulcan botanist walked through the doors of the Theurgy's deck thirteen Mess Hall on Vector one, several members of the crew who were partaking in lunch froze. Forks and spoons were left midway to mouths left ajar and knives were stopped mid-cut through potatoes and slabs of synthetic meat. It was as though the mythological creature, a unicorn had appeared among racing steeds. The Vulcan quietly and calmly walked towards one of the food replicators having, picked up a tray. She paid little to no attention to the audience in the Mess Hall as she proceeded to order a logically balanced lunch. There was all the makings of a stereotypical Vulcan lunch from the Plomeek soup to the salad the with various green roughage Ensign Cir'Cie took her tray of food and walked across the room, setting the tray down upon the table where Chief Herrold was seated. She took the seat across for him as strategically it was more accommodating for conversing.

The Vulcan's winter green gaze quickly fell upon him as she looked upward and met his sky blue eyes. Most girls would have blushed, smiled, or flirted. Ensign Cir'Cie was not like most girls. She was Vulcan and for better or worse, that meant Cir'Cie just presented her observations and followed it up with a line of questioning. “It is peculiar that you bear those markings” she stated nonchalantly without the slightest bit of emotion. “I have studied over a dozen different alien cultures in relation to body modification. There are a few ancient civilizations from Earth who made spiritual use of tattoos. However, nowhere in your personnel file does it state your belonging to any of these civilizations. I have also discovered that in some cultures these markings can be made on someone during time on incarceration, and yet you maintain a rank and position. So, I have dismissed that” she continued making her observations. “State the nature of your body modification” she stated raising an eye brow. “It intrigues me” she added shortly thereafter.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Messhall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @StarDuster 
It was the first time Liam and Alpha shift's weapon technicans from the Resolve had been to the Theurgy's mess hall. It had been a long first half of the day, and they had yet to be briefed on the new Mk III Valkyries. The first couple of hours had been spent down in the Lower Shuttle Bay, where the Valravn fighters from the Orcus had been parked for the night. They had been working with a lot of the present Theurgy people as they made a complete inventory and initial diagnostics on the prototype crafts, and the Theurgy people had been very helpful when he'd asked if he could get access to some of the computer systems needed for the task.

After that, it was back to the big fighter bay on Deck 16, where he did the tour and those from the Resolve learned what what what and what went where. To his surprise, he had found a lot of people from other departments on the second level, which was a terrace that overlooked the whole area. He'd wondered what they were all doing there, just stopping by for a few minutes and then leaving. The new Valravn fighters wasn't scheduled to be moved to the fighter bay until 1600 hrs., and up until noon, they were all doing their best to try to get the bay ready for their arrival. Both him and his team were pulling heavy duties in clearing storage spaces and by the time it was time to eat, he'd been down to his jumpsuit leggings and drenched in sweat. Fortunately, they'd had the time for a quick shower before they went looking for the mess hall.

Once there, they had no preferences in tables yet, so they just took any available table, hoping they were not stealing some other shift's favourite spot. So, it was only natural that when a short-haired Vulcan with cool, green eyes approached the table, three of his people cleared off, having finished anyway, and the remaining two didn't know what to do with themselves when the Vulcan began her line of questioning, as if it was some kind of interrogation. Liam had forgotten to continue chewing on his meatballs and mashed potatoes by the end of her nonchalant yet cutting statements. When he delayed to answer, the last two of his crew excused themseleves and fled the scene - leaving alone with the woman.

"I, um," he said, and cleared his throat, shifting in his seat a little. He didn't understand what she meant at first, and then he realised that his jumpsuit might not have been completely zipped, and he could have left the white undershirt open as well, because how else could she be talking about his tattoos? As far as he knew, Vulcan's didn't have x-ray  vision. My personnel file? Is she from Security? But why the teal collar?

"I'm not a convict, if that's what you're getting at," he said, a bit defensively. He was saying something she'd already concluded, so he moved on. He was not proficient at dealing with Vulcans to begin with, much less so when they were conducting an interrogation of him. Why my tattoos?

He swallowed his bite of mashed potatoes and supposed there was no harm in telling her. "I just liked them. Saw them at the parlour and asked if I could have them. It was back when I was assigned to the fleet yards, working on the Peregrines and the first Valkyries, I knew what I wanted. I... I found something I was great at, and since then I have held great affection for all things involving fighter crafts. Hence the wings, I guess. No regrets there."

He cleared his throat again, feeling like he was at a bit of a disadvantage. "I'm sorry, Ensign, I didn't quite catch your name?" he said, schooling himself from looking too much at the alien woman. There was certainly a lot to like in what he saw, but he'd had bad experiences with Line Officers before the Resolve's voyage. He hadn't thought of Nator for a long time, but somehow, this Vulcan reminded him about what had happened. Instead of looking too much, he focused on finishing his meal, eating a bit more quickly than before.

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[ Ens. Cir'Cie | Mess Hall | Deck 13| Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Ensign Cir'Cie observed the man's physical responses, a change in his breathing pattern, the changing of the dilation levels of his irises, and an overall social behavioral adjustment as he continued to eat his meal at differing intervals between bringing the utensil to his mouth, to the plate, and back to his mouth caught the Vulcan as peculiar behavior. However, that was a word that in the most broadest of definitions could be applied to any human on any given day at any given time. They were perhaps one of the strangest and illogical species that she had ever had personal experiences with for extended periods of time. Were she any other species than Vulcan, the ensign may have rolled her eyes at what she had been observing. Instead, she took his inquiry and identified herself as subtly requested. “I am Ensign Cir'Cie, a Starfleet science officer, graduating class of 2380, presently assigned to the USS Theurgy. My field of work covers the various branches of known science, but aboard this vessel my expertise in botanical sciences has lead to my duties being primarily put to use in the hydroponics laboratories and at times, the ship's arboretum” she said in response. “If you require any additional information, please refer to my personnel file or leave an inquiry with the ship's personnel officer. Otherwise, save any further inquires to a later date and I will discuss details with you then” she added promptly.

She raised a brow. “Curious that you have chosen to decrease the time between your swallowing and retrieving more food from your plate. I do not believe we have encountered any temporal phenomena recently nor do I believe you are due back on duty at any amount of time that would dictate rushing through your meal. I recommend that you slow down” she said stoically. “You humans may find my species' adverse digestive issues when we are given nutrients laced with overly savory spices, but I remind you that the human physiology is not without its own unfortunate discomforts when it comes to digestions. Partaking in your course of food given your present selection too quickly will likely have ill repercussions” she stated her observation. “I am, however, an expert in plant science. I would of course yield to the more expert opinion of a physicians in these matters” she added to highlight human anatomy, though a fascinating subject matter, was most certainly not one of her copious areas of expertise to some degree or another.

The Vulcan gently and gracefully dipped her spoon into the bowl of Plomeek soup, bringing it upward to her lips in a nearly flawless motion. She took in the broth slowly and swallowed. With Vulcans it was as though everything was a methodical form of art and yet a species that controlled and suppressed what they deemed 'illogical' emotions were one of the most artistic cultures in the Alpha quadrant. The Vulcan harp was such a breath taking instrument that sounded gorgeous even when played by a Vulcan. Perhaps the beauty in its instrument lie in it's ancient design, long before the teachings of Surak. “I do not possess the ability to tap into emotions like you do. Therefore, I am hindered and incapable of feeling a connection between some form of iconography and myself in order to express, symbolize, and ultimately summarise my life or my life's existence to a definitive point, a marking of significance for a specific memory or moment” she tried to explain, but her words were very scientific and would leave a sterile taste in anyone's mouth.

Cir'Cie cocked her head ever so slightly to the side. It was only a few millimeters, but even the subtlest motion from a Vulcan could be seen as meaning something. “Were I too see a physician about this inking form of artistic expression, I would be wasting time, both theirs and mine. I do not believe that logical, nor do I believe a medical expert who does not possess any such iconography on their skin would be a wise choice to ask assistance of. Therefore, I have come to you in order to ask of your assistance, Chief Herrold” the Vulcan woman said with her eyes gazing upon him.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @StarDuster 
At first, Liam had been more at ease when the Vulcan woman introduced herself, but as the brief presentation drew to a close, and Cir'Cie encouraged him to check her personnel file and not bother asking her anything further until he did, Liam was just as uneasy as he had been when she began. It was something about the passionless delivery that made him think of a security interrogation, but she had plainly said that she was a botanical scientist.

This notion was prevalent when she continued to observe how he had changed his behaviour in reaction to her presence, making him clear his throat and chew a little bit more quickly. Truth be told, it was only partially because of her demeanour that he was feeling a bit self-conscious in her presence. Her strange attitude aside, she was still a very attractive woman, oddly even more so because of the way she didn't act like human women usually did. Liam couldn't quite understand that, but nonetheless, her subtle movements when she ate her soup made him try to focus harder on finishing his own meal.

Yet as it were, it seemed Cir'Cie already had some kind of plans for speaking with him, because he did a double-take when she alluded to wanting his help. He paused in his chewing, blinked, and tried to piece it together. "You... want my help in choosing a tattoo for you, because you are having difficulty picking one that suits you?" he ventured, not entirely sure he understood her right, "Or... are you asking me to make the tattoo as well?"

All in all, a harmless request, if a bit odd. She didn't trust medical to do it, and that was quite all right. Liam didn't like going there on the Resolve either unless he absolutely had to. Yet what made her think he was qualified to make a tattoo? It was... quite a personal thing too. Vulcans did not observe some social conventions, this he already knew, but they were usually all about propriety and being highly private individuals in nature. He... supposed he should feel honoured in being asked to do something so personal?

"I might be able to help you," he said, keeping his eyes on hers when she looked up from her soup. He did not want to be caught looking at her lips and the spoon she put into her mouth. He decided that he would indulge this strange request. After all, he was on a completely new ship, having lost Randall and a lot of people, and it would be good to meet some Theurgy people if he was to aide in the mission to expose Starfleet Command. "When would you like to do this? I am f-"

He didn't get further before she replied.

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[ Ens. Cir'Cie | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan 

Plants tended to take a great deal of time to respond and show growth, but with time and patience, growth and a response would be evident. Fortunately, as a botanist and as a Vulcan no less, Ensign Cir'Cie had plenty of patience. For humans patience was said to be a virtue. However, for Vulcans it was not a virtue so much as it was a simple way of life. Whereas humans had archaic Earth sayings like: 'Rome wasn't built in a day,' or 'A watched kettle never boils,' Vulcans learned from a very young age that time will pass regardless and it was illogical to fill one's mind with frivolous thoughts. It did not matter if you were on Vulcan or on Earth, a kettle would boil whether you watched it or not. The only difference between a kettle with the same liquid contents on Earth and on Vulcan would be that the Vulcan heat, especially that in the forge, would of course cause the liquid to reach its boiling point in a shorter amount of time. Whether one watched the kettle or not made no difference. So, she would sit there and watch the man as he responded to her.

It was somewhat curious to observe the man's body posture. The changes in his tone and vocal inflections were most intriguing. Ensign Cir'Cie continue to eat her meal and listen to the man respond to her inquires and her eventual asking of assistance. Why do these humans insist on making things more complicated than they should be? she thought to herself. Humans even after all these years of working side by side with Vulcans and having co-founded the United Federation of Planets together were still a highly illogical and highly emotional species that were somehow simultaneously simple minded and yet incredibly complex individuals. They were sometimes so unpredictable because they were so unfortunately illogical. Her request was a simple one. However, this human male was processing her request as though he were a Pakled trying to comprehend Thermaldynamics or Quantum Temporal Mechanics.

As the man continued to wrap his seemingly feeble human mind around her request, she simply sat there partially meditating, and partially mentally running through what she needed to accomplish this evening. She of coursed listened to his questions as well. As he was about to say something further after agreeing to render his assistance, Cir'Cie broke in “You are free until your next duty shift, Chief. I am well aware” she said with a raising of a brow and slight incline of her head. “I would prefer to do this at our earliest mutual convenience, either in your crew quarters or in my own” she added simply. “It makes no difference to me. Wherever it is most practical will be fine. I will be requiring your assistance in deciding on a design as well as the actual body modification. We can procure the materials necessary from my replicator rations. I will see to it that the industrial materials replicator has what we need. If there is anything else, we can check the ship's store or make use of one of the science labs to create the ink if necessary” she said.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @StarDuster 
The situation was incredibly awkward for Liam, who tried his best to not appear impolite towards the Vulcan woman, nor would he denounce her idea to get a tattoo since that seemed like the worst possible option at the time. Getting a tattoo was something personal, Liam believed, and not something to request from a stranger to do. He had no idea his dabbling with artwork was listed in his personnel file, but that didn't mean he'd made tattoos before! How was he even supposed to use such a device? Yet most of all, why him?

"I... suppose I can get some designs from the database, if you'll get the gear... and... I can meet you in your quarters then? Judging by your duties aboard, am I too presumptuous in thinking you want a floral tattoo?"

Hoping she'd tell him as much, so that he'd have something to go on when picking out some designs, he just hoped she wouldn't be too specific in what kind of floral design she wanted, since the lunch break he was on wasn't that long. What was the rush anyway? Vulcan efficiency and all that, sure, but why did she want it done right away? Then again, perhaps she didn't need much time picking one of the designs he'd bring? Perhaps Thea could assist him in choosing some for the Vulcan, based on what the A.I. aboard this strange ship knew about Vulcan arts? Giving it a moment of thought, he realised this could actually be done, strange as the request was.

"Oh, and where are your quarters at?" he asked, regretting that he'd asked since he realised, belatedly, that he could ask Thea for directions too. "Nevermind, I'll find you. I... um... Thank you for the confidence in asking me this. I would suppose this is quite a big decision since you find the 'modification' illogical, but still appreciate it nonetheless? Oh, right, forget it, I should go and pick designs. I'll see you soon, Ensign."

He got up and left her by the table, glancing towards the back of her head once with wide eyes. As attractive as she was, Liam still had no idea what was going through her alien mind. He hoped he'd put his best foot forward, in the interest of getting along with the Theurgy crew. He could just hope he'd do her request justice, else he suspected she'd not be impressed, and let him know in no uncertain terms just how displeased she was.

Vulcans... he thought as he disposed of his tray and set a brisk pace towards the closest computer console area that could help him with deigns.

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[ Ens. Cir'Cie | Mess Hall | Deck 13| Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

What was it with men? More so than that, what was it with human males? They appeared to have such a perplexing behavior around her. This man seemed nervous and was already vacating his seat and heading to the door. He make several statements and began to scurry off leaving Ensign Cir'Cie standing by the table. She abruptly turned on her heels to face him. “Wait” she called out to him before he left the room. “Wait a moment, Chief” she added grabbing his attention.

It was such a human response to make such an assumption that her ultimate choice in design would be that of a floral nature. However, she did find it rather fascinating that he himself made note to indicate that perhaps it was presumptuous of him to do so. This human was showing signs of being smarter, able to think deeper than the ordinary everyday encounters with humans that Ensign Cir'Cie had. She opted to pause for a moment and cocked her head ever so subtly, her lips tightly pursed as she let out a deep exhale. “I will leave you to prepare as necessary, Chief. As you surmised, it would be logical for me to seek out and acquire the appropriate tools and equipment that we will be needing” said Cir'Cie. “Go to your quarters and prepare. My quarters will be too distracting for you” she said bluntly. Her quarters were sparsely decorated, mostly adorned with small Vulcan statues and several easy to maintain plants. Human tended to be more at ease in their own environment. She suspected he would do more successful work on the tattoo were he in a comfortable environment.

She raised a brow “And yes. Yes, it would be rather presumptuous of you to narrow the variety of options for a design to that of a floral realm. However, I am all too familiar with humans and their presumptuous nature” commented Ensign Cir'Cie. “At least you caught yourself though. That is no easy task for a human” she added. It was just about as polite and praising of a compliment as one could receive from a Vulcan. “I will stop by the medical bay and my science lab to gather what we will be needing. I will not take long. Have everything prepared in your quarters and I will be there promptly” explained the ensign.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @StarDuster 
Having caught himself in the mind-set of the problem solver he was, Liam realised he had also read too much into the notion that the Ensign would value efficiency in accommodating her wish for a tattoo. He was quickly set straight, of course, and once she had both corrected him and changed the location to his quarters instead, he was dismissed, and he could but incline his head. "Yes, Ensign."

Clearing his throat, he left the mess hall behind, and as he did, he was thankful that he'd taken a shower before coming to the mess hall, because he didn't believe he would have had the time to shower too before the Vulcan came knocking on his shared quarters.

Oh, that's right... K'Ren!

What if she was still recovering from her injuries in his quarters? And what about the roommate he had yet to meet? Perhaps he or she worked the Gamma shift and would be sleeping when Liam set up some kind of makeshift tattoo parlour.

He set a brisk pace towards the turbolifts and hoped K'Ren was undergoing rehabilitation exercise at the gym or having a check-up in Sickbay, because he really didn't want to disturb her with this odd development.

[ NCO Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

Since the ship was in MVAM, Liam had not only had to get to the turbolifts, but go in the completely wrong direction so that he could get to a Transporter room and stand in line for a transport to Vector 02. By the time he finally reached his quarters, he'd run the last bit and hoped for the better when he stumbled into his new accommodations on the Theurgy. He looked around, checked the control panel next to the door of his nameless roommate, and saw that it had a "Locked" status, meaning that he or she was likely sleeping. That meant it would be rude to use the shared area, risking to wake her up. He had no choice but to set things up in his bedroom.

Holding his breath, he stepped inside, and to his relief, K'Ren was not there... but his rumpled sheets positively reeked of the arduous lovemaking he and Neko had indulged in. How was he supposed to play host when the room smelled like..? No, this wouldn't do. He ripped off the sheets and disposed of them, spending precious replicator rations on getting new sheets, and started to make the bed. Once the bed was in the pristine condition held by Enlisted personnel, without a ruffle-mark on the cover, it cast the rest of his room in stark contrast, and he had to pick up a lot of things, stowing them away. In the end, he was sweating, and that's when he remembered how Vulcans hated human body odour...

"Oh, no..." he said and sighed, realising he had to shower a second time, and quickly got to it, hoping to finish in time before the Ensign arrived. Off with his clothes, into the sonic shower, and cursing lightly about not having made any other preparations for the tattoo the Vulcan wanted.

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[ Ens. Cir'Cie | Mess Hall | Deck 13| Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

It had of course taken a reasonable amount of time to procure the necessary tools, instruments, and additional materials needed for their artistic session. However, Ensign Cir'Cie was rather resourceful and though it was perhaps arguably non-Vulcan of her to be so, she was rather cunning. Vulcans did not lie. At least not your every day run of the mill Vulcan with emotional discipline and mental barriers erected into place. This did not mean that they were 'open' though. Some of the materials that Cir'Cie needed were not for everyday use related to her duties aboard. However, if stopped and or questioned about her inquires or attempts to obtain items and materials, she would simply state only what needed to be stated and answer inquires in the most basic means of doing so. Ultimately is anyone asked her what she was doing, they would only be given answers that were truthful but contained. Ensign Cir'Cie needed sterilization agents to sterilize something. She needed certain things to make dyes, and the dyes were for a recreational use for creative purposes. 'Need to know' was the saying that most accurately described her responses to several members of the crew.

Nevertheless, she persisted and prevailed in acquiring everything that was needed. When you are Vulcan and so stoic, nobody really bothered at bat a lash or raise a brow. There was a reason why Starfleet Intelligence had such a high population of Vulcans in their ranks. Vulcans made perhaps some of the best operatives for espionage purposes. Cold analysis and icy skepticism, tools that had been beneficial to her personally as a scientist. She had checked the starship's chronometer along the way to ensure that she neither arrived too early nor too late. She wanted her arrival to be on time and sharply accurate as to give the man ample time to prepare himself for her arrival. However, the amount of 'ample' time that it took for a Vulcan was different than that of a human. Needless to say, Ensign Cir'Cie arrived outside the man's crew quarters whilst the man was not quite ready for her arrival.

Anyone else may have rolled their eyes or impatiently tapped their foot while waiting for a response. Ensign Cir'Cie just took a short shallow breath and raised her brow. She pressed the door chime for the second time in the past couple of minutes. She did not believe the man to be hard of hearing. He had showed no tell tale signs of hearing disabilities. However, the Vulcan did have to take into account that Humans were notoriously poorly aware of their surroundings. She waited patiently. A few moments passed and she had thought she heard some stirring. The scientist cocked her head, turned it slightly and pressed her pointed ear to the door. She heard a sort of mechanical humming, and perhaps the slightest bit of pulsation. The sonic shower in the section of the quarters appears to be operational she thought. The sonic shower seemed to then immediately turn off. “Chief Herrold” she said calmly but sternly. “Open your quarters so that I may enter” added Cir'Cie. 

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | NCO Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @StarDuster 
After he'd finished his shower, Liam had hoped to finish getting dressed in time, but it was just his luck that he could hear the stern tone of the Vulcan Ensign as soon as he stepped out of his small bathroom - his towel in hand. He closed his eyes and cursed under his breath, then picked up his pace. "Coming!"

The sonic shower had left his body damp, the humidification yet to air-dry, so he toweled himself down as quickly as he could. Tore out a drawer to collect underwear, but realised he'd just come aboard, and hadn't replicated himself enough items for another chance of clothes. The replicator, of course, was outside his portion of the shared quarters. The Vulcan was waiting, sounding like she wasn't impressed at all, he only had a towel at the moment, but at least his quarters were in good condition. That's right... She's a Vulcan, she wouldn't care a moment if I wasn't fully dressed. I better just let her in and I can replicate new underwear and a fresh jumpsuit, or perhaps a uniform is better, given the company? Stop thinking!

In the end, he stepped out into the common area, belatedly realising he could just ask the A.I. to let Cir'Cie in. "Enter, enter, enter! Let her in, Thea," he said, repeating himself like a fool when he caught his mistake, and then the sliding doors opened, while he hastily tied his towel around his hips. "I'm so sorry, I had to run to get here after standing in line to the transporter room, and then my quarters were too messy, and I know what body odor isn't your people's kind of tea. I'm sorry, but it was all good intentions, I promise. Please, please, this way."

He gestured towards his side of the shared quarters, very self-conscious about himself and the situation. "Should I take that off your hands?" he asked, offering to help her carry what she'd brought, momentarily forgetting that he should be replicating clothes. He tried not to look at her too much, knowing she'd likely be disapproving. Instead, he started to look around his quarters from the doorway for his replicator rations, but since he had stowed away everything, he had no idea where they had ended up. It seemed no matter his good intentions, he just couldn't catch a break...

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[Ensign Cir'Cie | NCO Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

The Vulcan stepped into the man's quarters. Whatever the condition of order or disorder was, was of no concern to her. She was more than used to humans by now and though she did not entirely understand them, she was becoming slowly but steadily more accustom to their living habits. “I can assure you that I have seen more disorganization than this and survived without my head exploding...were that possible of course” she said raising a brow. “I attended Starfleet Academy, Chief. I've seen humans living in dormitories. It is a surprise how food seems to materialize out of the replicators yet the remains and empty plates and bowls rarely make it back for the recycle function to perform its task” she stated bluntly. “Your living quarters are well within acceptable conditions” she said almost as if she were part of an inspection team. “I hardly see anything that would even be deemed a 'fire hazard'” she noted.

Coming into the quarters further and listening to his rambling of excuses, she simply glared at him to show that she was listening, but simply could not be bothered to care. “Your scent does not offend me. I have had the misfortune of being around Klingons in the past. In a way those experiences have 'softened' my displeasure around the natural pungent aroma of a human” she added. It was true. Once you spent extended periods of time around Klingons losing your stomach contents, humans were 'a walk in the park' as the Earth saying went. “This inquiry about a tattoo has probably given you an idea that I am not exactly like most of my species. This is something that I is correct. Though I do not embrace emotions like the v'tosh ka'tur, I have set myself down paths in which most Vulcans do not. Botany is an important science, but Vulcan Botanist have a tendency to read and study plants through texts and simulations rather than exposing themselves to the actual plants they study. I found that approach most...illogical” she explained raising her brow once more. “In theory, if you know the science behind heat, you do not need to touch a flame to know that it is hot and that it will burn. Nevertheless, I was known to be the child on Vulcan who touched the flame. This lead to many years of discipline and the false belief of others that I embraced emotions when I did not. I did not touch the fire in order to feel the warmth or burning sensation, but rather to study it closer than any text or formula would ever allow” she stated her best with an explanation.

“No, it's fine” she said setting the items down. Then, she reached out and touched his skin, grabbing onto his forearm and pulling him close to her. She practically ran her nose up his forearm upward towards his neck, hovering only mere inches from it and breathed in normally. “Glands and pheromones, Chief. That's all it is. I spend a lot of time in the science labs. Airponics, hydroponics, the arboretum” she added. “Have you ever been around Gingko trees?” she asked simply enough. “Pungent” she added letting go of him and maintaining a 'comfortable' distance. “Butyric acid in the trees during the fermentation make the trees unleash a scent that has a rather pungent odor. The Pyrus calleryana or Callery Pear tree has white flowers that have a scent that has been described as almost like human seminal fluids” the Botanist said rather nonchalantly.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | NCO Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @StarDuster 
Piece by piece, word for word, Ensign Cir'Cie rebuked and dismissed his concerns about cleanliness and the need for pristine order, making Liam scratch the back of her neck and feeling like a fool. He'd had a biased opinion about what she whould expect from him, but he felt that his intentions had been noble - wishing to accommodate his sudden guest to the best of his ability. Not only had he provoked her by making her have to wait, but by the way in which she glared at him, it was as if he'd insulted her by trying to be mindful. She even declined his offer to take the utensils she'd brought, making him look towards the deck with raised eyes. He really didn't know what to say, the apology on his lips feeling like a fool's errand into a minefield.

But then, she grabbed a hold of him, and he was pulled close to her. Her Vulcan strength compared to her stature shouldn't have been a surprise, but it was, and with his eyes wide, he swallowed when she... when she began to scent his skin. Her close proximity made him feel the bodily heat radiating from her body, and even though she was in full uniform, the way she spoke, scientific terms of botany spilling from her lips, it made him really self-conscious. No, that was not the word. He found his body answering to her alien beauty and the way she got close to him. Even when she distanced herself a bit, her words continued.

Only when she mentioned seminal fluids did he give a start, the word hitting far too close to home given his reaction to her. He cleared his throat, and turned a little bit away from her, adjusting the towel that still hung low on his hips. Of course it was no use hiding what she'd begun to do to him, stirring as he'd been to her, but he could try to distract her, and change the topic. How do you answer something like that? he thought, trying not to keep looking at her eyes and body the way he'd begun to do when she was close to him.

"I'm not sure what you are getting at, but I get the impression that you are indeed quite forward in your studies," he said, chuckling and feeling like a fool. He certainly was feeling like that flame she wouldn't shy away from touching right then, embarrassed as he was that she'd even managed to elicit such bodily reaction from him. "Are you saying I smell like a pyrus caller- calleryana?" Surely she couldn't smell his... Surely he didn't smell like that! At least he hoped he didn't. "I... don't see how this has anything to do with a tattoo, though. I... umm... I don't know how those look either, if that's what you want for your tattoo."

Did she even want a tattoo, or had she come to for some other reason? What's going on?

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[Ensign Cir'Cie | NCO Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Ensign Cir'Cie nodded in agreement with his assessment. In her studies she was endlessly devoted, committed to furthering her knowledge and expertise. In fact, after all this was finished and she had done enough aboard the Theurgy to merit it, the Vulcan Botanist was considering going back to advance her education into a higher tier. If she was going to eventually become Chief Science Officer aboard a starship or employ her skills and knowledge towards work at a research center, or go into lecturing about her subject area, she was going to need some sort of higher degree and specialization. A doctorates in something would almost certainly be beneficial. Though most Chief Science Officers serving in Starfleet did not go around serving with a Ph.D, MD, or any other doctoral suffix attached to their name, rank, or position, she was a Vulcan, and Vulcans were always held to a higher standard. It was almost expected of them to push themselves towards the 'unnecessary' degrees or specializations.

She gave a slight raise and arching of her brow as her head cocked a bit to the side with a dipping of her neck. “I am a Vulcan, Chief Herrold. If I were not forward about my studies or forward about anything in the general sense, then a Vulcan I would not be” she replied dismissively. “It is important to this ship and its crew that I am forward and well versed in my studies. Botany is a serious matter and my duties aboard this starship in the laboratories be they Hydroponics, Airponics, or otherwise are important” she said quite sternly.

He mind flashed back to the Theurgy's encounter with a strange plant-like life form at least of what she could remember of the experience and of reading the reports afterward. “Not all life forms we encounter look like you...or I for that matter. Sometimes, the life forms we encounter are sentient and other times they are not” she added swiftly. “Perhaps, my duties mostly keep me in the laboratories tending to plants, water, soil, and what most humans would consider mundane gardening. However, my expertise does come in use from time to time” she said crossing her arms. “I did not intend to imply that you smelt like Pyrus calleryana, Chief. I simply was trying to make a point that I work with and around some pungent flora and fauna. Human sweat offends me seldom these days” added Ensign Cir'Cie.

“It has very little if anything to do with a tattoo. However, I have been informed by my shipmates from time to time that my  standing or sitting around silently observing them as they work makes them uncomfortable and that I am unsettling. It has been recommended to me that I make 'small talk' about a subject or topic that is of interest to me. Because I am Vulcan of course, I do not have 'interests' in the emotional sense of the word. I do however, have subjects I am knowledgeable in” she added. “This was a means of making 'small talk' with you” explained Cir'Cie.

She reached outward and presented her arm, showing her wrist. “I have determined my wrist to be an appropriate location. A vine of ivy wrapped around wrist. That is what I have decided upon” she stated.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | NCO Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @StarDuster 
Feeling incredibly self-conscious already, learning that the Ensign wasn't alluding towards anything untoward in her remark about semen, Liam Herrold was mortified. He was both intimidated and betrayed by his male body at the same time, and this Vulcan was merely engaging in small talk, leaving him to wonder where his imagination was taking him. Her being attractive surely had a lot to do with it, but was it really strange of him to get.... ideas when getting so close and personal? Wasn't Vulcan's supposed to hate touching? Or was it that touching meant a lot more? He forgot how it was, but he cleared his throat, looking at the wrist she'd proffered to him.

"Right," he said, adjusting his towel again to keep it from falling, and gently took the hand and wrist into his calloused fingertips. As rough from the physical nature of his line of work that his hands were, he still tried to be careful when he touched her, sliding his fingers over the area. "It doesn't seem like there are any fine hairs to shave off from the skin in that area, which would otherwise be in the way, but it's best to not take any chances. A moment, please, and have a seat on the bed. This will be difficult if we're to do it standing up, and I need access to your wrist without any sleeves in the way."

Having said this, he went back into the small head where in which he had taken his shower, and he collected his shaving utensils, foam, a new razor and all, as well as a glass of water. Without looking towards her when he returned, he sat down on the edge of the bed, put the glass of water on the floor, and then looked up to take her wrist again, and put some shaving foam on the area. Once he was done, he'd have to use the edge of the towel he wore to get off the shaving foam, but it would just take a minute.

As focused as he was on the task ahead, he did make another request. "Could you please show me an image of a vine of ivy that you'd like?" Only when he asked this did he look up to her green eyes.

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[Ensign Cir'Cie | NCO Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

It was the Vulcan in her mixed with the scientist that caused her to be rather astute and observant. Her eyes followed the chief wherever he went, watching every motion of his body and mentally inventorying every tool he grabbed and step her took towards the process of producing the body art she had more of less commissioned him for without any sort of monetary payment of course. She had put some thought into this. So, when she was asked more specifically the sort of ivy type or pattern of artwork she wanted to place on her wrist, modifying her natural body, she of course had something rather precise in mind. It was true that Vulcans in general did not like to be touched. However, when you've been practically possessed by something, being able to remember some of it or not, being touched physically somehow became less of a concern albeit the physical assault against her had left some scarring. Though this was a situation where she felt she had control over. Control was important.

Ensign Cir'Cie looked to the side. Lying on the bed was a PaDD. She picked it up and quickly found the image of the sort of ivy tattoo she was hoping he would be able to put on her wrist. “I found this to be one of the more logical designs. The Hedera Helix is common on Earth. It is located on several of the continents, but native primarily to what was the European an western Asia regions” she said calmly. She looked up at the chief, her “At times it was banned in certain areas on the planet because it was considered an invasive species. It, however, became the common imagery for ivy” said the ensign. “I do not know how other Vulcans will view me once you are complete. I have never personally met a member of my species who has adorned their body in art in this manner. It would be deemed highly illogical to do so” explained Cir'Cie.

As a Botanist, Cir'Cie could not help but share a bit of information with the chief in regards to the ivy tattoo that she was asking him for. “On Earth, ivy has had an extensive cultural significance in several cultures both religiously and historically speaking” she said raising a brow. “Ivy as an evergreen contributed towards its inclusion as a symbol for perennial life that is to say an undying immortality. However, it also served as a symbol of dependence as the ivy depends on the trees or buildings around it in order to climb and reach the sunlight it will need to sustain its life” the Vulcan lectured. “Though ivy is complex. It has been used for medicinal purposes, has been illogically attributed to magical properties, and there is also the darker symbolism of the ivy” she added.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | NCO Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @StarDuster 
While he shaved the area of her wrist that she wanted the tattoo to be made, removing any fine hairs that might be an obstruction for the tattoo machine, Liam Herrold listened to Cir'Cie while she spoke of the ivy, finding it odd how familiar she was with a vine from Earth. Then again, he supposed he knew plenty about Romulan, Klingon and Cardassian small crafts than the next guy, so he wouldn't imply any doubts about her abilities by asking about. She was a botanist. She knew flowers. Of course she knew about this ivy.

What caught his attention was her last comment, of course, and he glanced up at her when he finished wiping off the residual foam from her wrist - having finished shaving it.

"What's the darker symbolism of the ivy?" he asked, giving her a smile as he picked up the tattoo machine and set up a wireless connection to the PADD and the image she wanted. "I can't name twenty different spring flowers back on Earth, so I honestly don't know. Then again, I wasn't born and raised there. I'm a colony kid from Mars, and there isn't much in terms of flowers there that isn;t grown in hydroponic labs or indoor botanical gardens. The countryside is great for racing in rovers though. Not any trees in the way."

Having uploaded the ivy image to the tattoo machine, he started to apply the ink to her skin, making sure the motions he made were even and true, so that the image of the ivy wouldn't come out crooked. It would take a mere couple of seconds to complete it, but those seconds mattered, and he held her wrist a little bit more firmly to make sure she didn't move. Of course, she was Vulcan, and he was sure she wouldn't, despite the pain involved. The precaution was merely a kindness for her benefit.

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[Ensign Cir'Cie | NCO Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

As a Vulcan, Ensign Cir'Cie was accustomed to pain and the suppression of it. She could withstand some of the most excruciating pain imaginable. Vulcans were known to for being rather disliked and quickly discarded prisoners of war. Historically, Andorians and other species who had captured Vulcans made attempt after attempt of ruthless and relentless torture methods, but to no avail. A captive Vulcan gave no satisfaction to his or her captors. Eventually the Andorians, Orions, Cardassians, and the lot of them over the centuries of confrontation pre and post Federation gave up on trying to 'break' a Vulcan. Only the young and weak ever gave in or gave up. Even those who did refuse the teachings and embraced emotion were unbreakable when it came to interrogation techniques. Loyalty was one thing that unified Vulcans regardless of their school of philosophy. She looked down slightly at the tattoo in progress. No matter what, she would remain as still as a praying mantis on the leaf of a plant, stalking its prey. There is no pain. There is only existence. Shallow you breathing and be still your heart she thought to herself. She would show no expression, no sign of any discomfort.

Ensign Cir'Cie instead just focused on the artwork in progress and in the Chief's questions. She would carry on this conversation as a means of distraction for herself, but also as a tool of education for him. "Some ivy cannot be so easily handled. Toxicodendron radicans is an Earth ivy, a rather commonly found one. It is more commonly referred to as poison ivy because if handled by most without protection, the oils of the plant's leaves caused irritation of the skin. The irritation often forms into rashes or blotches that are...itchy" she said explaining. "However, it is not a true ivy in the botanical sense. It is in the Anacardiaceae family of flowering plants. Other plants in this family include cashew and pistachio plants" added Cir'Cie.

She was observing the man's gentle and thorough movements. "It was these allergic reactions to the oils and the plants resemblance to an ivy that gave it the common name of poison ivy and therefore added to the darker connotations of ivy in general" stated the botanist with her nearly encyclopedic knowledge of plants. "The symbolism of binding together can be positive, but if things are bound to tightly, that leads to a negative and darker symbolism. The poison matter also has added some darker symbolism. So, illogically, those who do not take time to learn how to identify true ivy from 'poison ivy' and similar plants, avoid ivy all together...much like how members of this crew avoid me" she continued, adding more insight and depth at the end than she had intended.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | NCO Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @StarDuster 
As he worked, he listened as much as he could afford without ruining his focus on the smooth movement of the wide tattooing nozzle. He always made it a point to be polite, as often as he could, since he had learned from his father that politeness cost nothing, and opened far more doors than arrogance did. Of course, in his younger years, he had made a point to be arrogant nonetheless, perhaps out of spite for his father's doctrine, trying to prove him wrong. What had happened between him and that Hermat officer back in the fleet yards had tempered him, of course, but only a mere fraction of the voyage on the Resolve had.

While he was finishing up, he caught on to the fact that Cir'Cie was likening herself to the plant he was putting on her wrist. It made him glance up at her face when he'd finished. He put the machine aside, leaned down to breathe on the area, to see if the surface blood had risen. Because of her Vulcan blood, the immediate after-image had a coppery green to it, almost as if the ink had saturated the tissue already, even if it was just newly injected under her surface skin.

"For what it is worth," he said, glancing to her green eyes again, "I don't think you cause irritation, and you're quite easy to get along with because you are very clear on what you want and what you don't want. Personally, I think it's more difficult to spend time with people who do not let you know what they expect or wish for, making it all a guessing game. Some things are better left unsaid, of course, for sake of one's privacy, or out of respect foe the other."

Having said this, he cut out a cling film in the kit that had been brought, and put the plastic wrap on top of the area. "Nor do I think it took me too long to learn this about you, how honest you are, and I think it is unfair of the crew if they try to avoid you because they don't know who you are."

As he said this, he had taped the transparent plastic film over the tattoo, keeping the residual green blood that rose from the tattoo from staining anything. "I think you need to change that once or twice depending on how quickly the surface heals," he said and smiled to her, "but I think it came out really well. Do you like it?"

Cir'Cie looked at the tattoo that now adorned her wrist with a flat expression. "It is adequate," she said, and Liam supposed there was no higher praise to get from a Vulcan. "And thank you for your time, as well as your words in regard to how you find the judgement of others unfair. It might not amount to any solution, but I do appreciate the sentiment."

"Of course," said Liam, unsure what to say next.

"I will leave now, so that you may return to your duties. You are expected in the Fighter Bay in nine minutes, Chief Petty Officer."

"Oh, crap, yeah. Thanks, Ensign." Liam grumbled and went looking for his clothes, while the Vulcan left the quarters - merely giving Liam one final glance before vacating the room.


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