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Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative

As the USS Theurgy set course for the Romulan Neutral Zone to join Chancellor Martok, meaning to find a way to mitigate the threat of the Romulan fleet's thalaron weapon systems and negotiate a treaty with Empress Donatra, they learned that an even greater threat loomed deep behind enemy lines. The Infested Savi in the Scion High Council sought to accelerate the death of the Hobus star, creating a supernova that wouldn't just destroy the entire Romulan Star Empire, but reach halfway across both Federation and Klingon space. With the arrival of Romulan forces at the Klingon Border, and a pressing need to secure the future of the timeline, the Theurgy was forced to deploy against multiple objectives at once. Meanwhile, having devised a plan to do so, Ambassador Elim Garak finally acted on his knowledge about the parasitic threat. For an overview, check this link: Cosmic Imperative Calendar.

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