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Interregnum 01-02 S2

The rival to Martok was defeated, and the Klingon Empire found new unity under their High Chancellor. A unity against the new threat of the Infested, which was no more just a rumour in the Beta Quadrant. Trouble brewed on the horizon, however, in that Praetor Tal'Aura had armed her fleets with thalaron weaponry in order to make a decisive end of the Romulan Civil War. Donatra's fleets were in full retreat towards the Klingon border, where Martok might offer aid in the knowledge that the Praetor was one of the Infested. Before then, the harried crews of the Theurgy and the Oneida found three weeks of relative peace, where both repairs could be made and recovery could be had, although with the aid of the Savi, some missions of high import could still be undertaken in preparation for the battles to come.
 For an overview, check this link: Qo'noS Shore Leave Calendar.

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