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Day 01 [2355 hrs.] Just Want To Sleep

Day 01 [2355 hrs.] Just Want To Sleep

[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Shuttlebay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Arista
Sera rubbed at her eyes as she walked toward the doors of the Theurgy shuttlebay where Sabine was waiting for her. Her very long day was finally ending. Jack had gone off to find his quarters and she had preferred to go sleep on Sabine, which was really her home after all. She felt a weird headache coming on, but attributed it to post-adrenaline and lack of sleep. She wove around all the Starfleet people around her, trying to be somewhat inconspicuous but failing at it. She was one of the only people not wearing a Starfleet uniform, after all.

When she finally made it into the shuttlebay, she was surprised at the amount of activity still going on there. Techs, repair crews, pilots, and more were all moving around, talking loudly, the sounds of machinery, repairs, and various craft being lifted for work made for a loud background din that her forming headache was not appreciating. She looked around, surprised at the sheer size of it, something she hadn’t had time to really notice with her almost crash landing earlier in the day. She finally laid eyes on her ship, Sabine, and started walking towards it. She went unnoticed right up until she approached the ladder, which would take her up to the raised docking berth Sabine was currently. Someone yelled at her from behind, “Hey, ma’am, you’re not allowed in here!”

She waved at him tiredly and dismissively, without even turning to look. “It’s fine, just going to my ship.” She heard a few people approaching her so she turned and saw a few techs and one of the deck officers. “Ma’am, there are no authorized launches right now and you’re not cleared to be in this area. I’ve already called security. Please leave or be removed.”

She stared in disbelief at him for a moment, her exhaustion slowing her understanding. “No, no, I’m not launching or going anywhere. My name is Sera vers Aldnoah. That’s my ship,” she explained, pointing up at Sabine, “and I’m just planning on going to sleep.”

He started arguing with her further but she stopped listening. She noticed a security officer was approaching and she tensed up a little bit. Her experience on Starbase 84 flashing back through her memory. Were they really going to keep her from her ship, her home? No one had given her quarters here yet. Where was she supposed to sleep? The bar where the giant cat was playing at bartender? She waited for the security officer to approach wanting to see how he would respond.

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[ Lt Cmdr. Wenn Cinn | Shuttlebay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Mathis


With all that had happened in the Brig. Cinn finally started to believe that perhaps now he could get some sleep. He felt the tiredness in his bones. That was, until he had received the call to the shuttlebay.

According to the initial reports, there was an unauthorized entry. Walking briskly, Cinn tried to keep himself from being too tense. All the new crewmembers from Resolve and elsewhere. It meant it could be anyone trying to access the area. Did Theurgy accidently manage to find another saboteur? Mentally shaking himself, Cinn tried to focus himself. Predicting and imagining outcomes really served such little use when it came to these situations where there wasn’t much information to behind with.

Outside the shuttlebay, Cinn stopped before the doors parted and he squared his shoulders, preparing himself mentally. When he stepped inside, he was all business, surveying the scene. The deck was still a hive of activity, but Cinn could easily isolate the issue. Quickly, he crossed the deck. A crewman seemed to be staunchly defending their turf against a civilian intruder. The woman in question was easy to identify, as there were limited number of non-Starfleet personnel aboard and Cinn had taken the time to look over the civilian additions to the family. Now this newcomer certainly was obvious, thin, lean with wild dark hair, sharp gold eyes and hints of tattoos across her fore-arms.

Smiling towards the Câroon, Cinn tried to give off a friendly, informal impression. She looked tired and frustrated. Hopefully, the situation would be easy enough to resolve.

“Ms Aldnoah, this is a restricted area. Is there something I can help you with this evening?”

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Shuttlebay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Arista
Sera steeled herself as the large, imposing security officer approached. She eyed the muscular Bajoran as he approached, not being able to help but notice his impressive physique that was clear even through the boring Starfleet uniforms. She hoped never to be caught dead in one of those things, way too constrictive for her tastes. He seemed pleasant enough, not like some security officers she’d met during her time traveling in Federation space. How should she play this? She had no leverage to be pushy or demanding, so she’d go with sweet and innocent, maybe a touch flirty, she decided.

She pushed away her exhaustion the best she could and put on a warm smile, twirling a finger in her hair to play it up a bit, “I’m sorry you’ve had to be bothered, officer. There’s just a simple misunderstanding here.” She gestured towards Sabine up on one of the docking structures, “You see, my ship, Sabine, is right up there, which is also where my bed is. I promise not to mess anything up, or even power on anything but life support, I just really need to sleep. It’s been an incredibly long day for everyone, right?”

Wanting to engender a bit more trust with him, she continued. “You can call me Sera, by the way, and you have me at a disadvantage not knowing your name. I could always just call you the tall, strapping security officer, but that is a bit wordy,” she quipped with a grin.

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[ Lt Cmdr. Wenn Cinn | Shuttlebay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Mathis
Cinn listened to the Câroon explaining the predicament she was in, or rather the slight inconvenience of not being able to access her shuttle. His brown eyes traced the lines of the craft where it sat, and initially, he had thought to challenge whether it was actually a civilian ship, since the markings on the wings clearly stated that they were a property of the Federation and Starfleet.

Yet the hour was late, and it was hard to focus on anything. An effect of what had happened to Edena Rez, and the knowledge that she still had to wake up. Or rather, Amelya Rez, the new host of the symbiont. So he just looked tiredly at the Ops officer that had interjected himself between the Sabine and the Câroon woman. The young man understood the wordless query quickly enough.

"T-This is a restricted area, and she is not permitted to be here. I have no report about this being her craft either, even if it is unlike any other kind of shuttle Starfleet has. The computer, the marki-"

"Enough," said Cinn, raising a hand, "please give me the PADD."

"Yes, s-sir."

The human was quick to leave after handing it over to Cinn, who turned to Sera vers Aldnoah. He caught on to her flirtatious demeanour, but after loosing Edena - despite how attractive she was - there was not the faintest of a sparks in reaction. He merely looked over the information on the PADD in silence, which took him about ten seconds, then he raised his brown eyes from the glowing text and looked at her.

"Unlike the diligent officer you just met, I can see how unlikely it would be for you to make up a lie about this. No one would be so bold as to make a claim to a ship like that unless they actually had some kind of right to it. I am Wenn Cinn, the Chief of Security aboard this ship, and I am granting you access to the Sabine, but I will only permit a few of these ship systems to be activated. Any other systems than these - like propulsion or communications - and Ops will be alerted about it. In effect, this permission will be rescinded, and you will find yourself in a holding cell."

Having tapped markers in the list of available systems on the Sabine, Cinn turned the PADD over and showed it to the woman, but he did not hand it over to her. "I am also granting you access to the Sabine for tonight only, since tomorrow, you need to go see the Quartermaster on Deck 10 so that he may grant you permanent accommodations." Lowering the PADD after having given her ample time to read the list, which was virtually only what she had asked for so that she may sleep on it, Cinn clenched his jaw. "Am I making myself clear? This is for tonight only, because the diligent young officer was correct. This is a restricted area for civilian passengers aboard. Officer!"

The young man soon returned, and Cinn tossed the PADD over to him. "This woman has been permitted to sleep in the Sabine tonight. Make sure she gets access to it, and check the list. If there is any trouble, there will be guards available if you call for security throughout the night."

"Yes, sir.. I will just... I see. Thank you."

Once the young man left, Cinn looked back at the Câroon. "It has indeed been a long day. For me as well." He gave her the faintest of smiles, as if in apology for being so succinct. "Sleep well, for I know I will. Good night, vers Aldnoah."


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