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[2381] Alana Pierce. Personal Logs.

APRIL 18, 2381
0800 HRS

[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Pierce's Quarters | Senior Officer’s Quarters | Deck 8 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:

Pierce sat down on her bunk, admiring the new quarters she'd been accommodated with. [Show/Hide]

"Personal Log:

It's been a decent amount of time since I've decided to leave one of these thoughts and stories behind. So, here goes. For starters, this ship is magnificent. I've never been on one like her in the past or current timeline until now. There's still something to be said of the old Constitution Refit vessels. These by comparison make those look like a glorified shuttlecraft in size, speed, and weaponry.

My mission albeit delayed to the Theurgy seems to have met with success. Anderson thankfully decided to send me over here to help them out. Unfortunately, that Klingon ship I coasted in on before being rescued of sorts by Lieutenants Veradin and Lance, was hit by enemy ships. Their hopes were to destroy Martok's men and help in the coup against him. Ultimately they failed, and thankfully I was slightly thrown about before we lost a chunk of life support."

She paced around the room, holding her hand on her hip as she used her other hand to brush the red hair out of her face. Unbuttoning her jacket and throwing it aside, she stood there in her red undershirt and the duty skirt as she thought deeply before continuing.

"And in other news, I still can't come to terms with my physical changes. I realize I was roughly the same age and had skills to bear. I just can't believe the damn transporter was to blame for my... transformation. Damn Klingons and their experimental biotechnology. So far, no one has tried to make a pass at me on the Theurgy, but I expect it to happen at some point. It always does. Hell, on the Starbase it happened and a fucking Klingon tried to make a grab at my chest before I tossed him over my shoulder and threatened to snap his wrist. His comrades took it as a hint and laughed he was beaten by a "girl". I can understand now why females come to dislike males and I empathize with them since... well, I am one now.

Anyhow. This Tessa Lance seemed like she saw a ghost when she heard my name and saw me. Like she knew me somewhere, which should be theoretically impossible.

Well, that's all I've got for now. End Log."


Re: [2381] Alana Pierce. Personal Logs.

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STARDATE: 57681.82
APRIL 29, 2381
1000 HRS

[ Lt. Commander Alana Pierce | Pierce's Quarters | Senior Officer’s Quarters | Deck 8 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:

Pierce paced around her quarters. Many things had transpired in the time short time she'd been aboard. From the way she arrived to the other interesting and unnatural elements that took place. She eventually settled into her chair, drinking a glass of ice cold cola as she spoke.

"Personal Log:

I've been aboard for just under two weeks now. It's been an adjustment for sure. Between my recent field promotion as of 0900 this morning after my meeting with the captain, but also my promotion to the head of the Intelligence department. It is bittersweet however with the loss of Commander Fisher. He was a good officer, and a good man from the short time I got to know him. Unfortunate demise but not unforeseen with the line of work we're in.

Several things transpired since my arrival. From a Klingon takeover, to fighting off a Gorn in the security wing with multiple interviews with Dr. Nicander. Seemed like a good fellow but the report we'd built seemed genuine. Honest even...

Nevertheless, the rescue misison to Qo'nos made me feel right at home as we retrieved Fisher without a loss of life. Battered lives, but alive nonetheless. I was proud to have been given the chance to prove my worth as it were.

Following that day and being promoted to Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer, I met someone I never suspected I'd meet at the forced party on the holodeck six days ago. I met my descendent. Not just any descendent but the one from whom I slept with back in the 23rd century. I was her Great-Grandfather interestingly enough and we're not even that different in age, but we do look related. It seems in my accident I must have had a lock of Denielle's hair when I was transported with the various compounds, explaining my current physical state.

Hmmm... This is a strange time to live in for sure. A strange sized starship and I sort of miss the feeling of the smaller universe we once lived in. But time has shown me, we're playing in a much larger pool than I realized. Much larger."

She paused and closed her eyes as she tweaked the bridge of her nose. "I've also got several other new tasks on my plate as I take over the department and prepare for some brief shore-leave before we get under way. A lot of things to familiarize myself with and people to appoint in my department to act in my stead should the need arise."

Alana stood up once more, straightened her uniform and tugged it smoothly. "So I guess, the universe is giving me a do-over in the meantime with this recent promotion. Almost like I'm back where I started albeit under different circumstances and a new mission. Maybe these changes will be good afterall.

Computer, end log."

Pierce walked over to her console and checked a few more reports before aligning her new crew manifest for the Intel department. She logged off the terminal and left the room.

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