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Re: [ Mission Log #007 | Stardate: Classified | Year: 2372 ]

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Alias: Maxine Gentry | Emergency Shelter | Deep Space 9 ] 

The longer she sat there, powerless within the emergency shelter as the Klingons bombarded the station, the worse Max’s demeanour became. She hated being stuck in a place she couldn’t get out of. She hated being around people who annoyed her. She hated being under attack and being unable to defend herself. But most of all, she hated not being in control. And her current situation could be easily summarised as that. She had no control. She was a caged animal, unable to even pace her frustrations away to try and relax her as the room around her shook.

The sound of disruptor and phaser fire drew her out of her ruminations. This wasn’t the kind of weapons that the station or the attacking ships were using but rather the kind an individual would use. And if she was hearing disruptors, then that meant they had been boarded. Given the thickness of the walls of the shelter, it also meant that they were close by. A quick glance at Phrang told her that he had both heard and realised the same thing as they both came to their feet and moved towards the sealed door.

A chorus of questioning looks, and words were silenced as a blast hit the other side of the door, with several others coming to their feet as what might be happening dawned on them. Everyone got really nervous though, when the shelter’s locks disengaged, and the door began to open. 

Re: [ Mission Log #007 | Stardate: Classified | Year: 2372 ]

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Alias: Maxine Gentry | Emergency Shelter | Deep Space 9 ] 

Standing to the sides of the opening door, Phrand and Max were hidden from view as a Klingin disruptor entered the room. Seizing the element of surprise, Max reached out and pushed the barrel of the weapon down while pulling the warrior that held it off balance and into the shelter. She kicked out his knee, dropping him down and Phrang pounced on him, grasping his head and wrenching it sideways to snap his neck. As the warrior fell to the ground, Max retrieved his disruptor while Phrang liberated a Klingon short sword, a mek’leth, from the body.

“Shall we?” Phrang proposed, brandishing the sword.

“Absolutely,” Max responded, her eyes gleaming at the chance to finally have some fun. And the best part she knew, was that Starfleet wouldn’t care if they got involved as long as they won, and the Klingons were defeated. Hiding the disruptor behind her leg, Max stumbled out into the corridor, feigning a limp and hunching over to appear as harmless as possible. Klingons wouldn’t shoot her unless she appeared to be a threat, so she made herself appear as least threatening as possible.

There were two at the end of the short passage leading to the shelter, one with a bat’leth and both with drawn disruptors. Seeing her though, stumbling and appearing the worse for wear, they both relaxed and let their guard drop. After all, their fellow warrior was inside checking for any threats. That was their undoing as Max’s arm snapped up and she shot the two warriors, diving to the deck as she did so to avoid the wildly aimed pulse that the second Klingon got off before dying.

“Couldn’t you have saved me one?” Phrang asked as he walked up and helped Max back to her feet.

“I’m sure there will be more to come. Let’s go,” Max retorted. She had the taste of blood now, and she wanted more of it.

Re: [ Mission Log #007 | Stardate: Classified | Year: 2372 ]

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Alias: Maxine Gentry | Habitat Ring Passageway | Deep Space 9 ] 

“Do you plan on liberating the whole station yourself?” Phrang asked as he stepped over the bodies of another pair of Klingons that they had encountered in a passageway. Phrang had gotten to kill the second one though it wasn’t much of a fight, the Klingon warrior had been pinned under the body of his companion who Max had dispatched with ruthless efficiency with her pair of appropriated disruptors.

“I was thinking I was just going to do a lap around the habitat ring before heading to Quarks for a drink,” Max mused, her weapons up and at the ready as she stalked forward, senses focused. “I’ll bet you that that little Ferengi is still behind his counter, just waiting for the shooting to stop so that he can make some quick latinum in the aftermath celebration,” Max quipped as she glanced around a corner before continuing. ”No matter which side wins.”

“Yeah... I’m not taking that bet,” Phrang muttered, following along. They crossed two more side passages before the sound of heavily booted feet could be heard ahead of them. “Sounds like we have company. A lot of company.”

“Then why don’t we go ahead and say hello to them,” Max sneered with a grin. “Welcome them to DS9 properly, you know.” 

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Alias: Maxine Gentry | Habitat Ring Passageway | Deep Space 9 ] 

“You three alright?” Phrang asked as he worked on catching his breath. He and Max had approached the group of Klingons they had heard from the rear, only to discover them already engaged with one of the station’s Bajoran security teams. Their arrival had rapidly changed the eventual outcome of the confrontation with the Klingons going from a two to one advantage over the Bajorans to being outflanked and trapped. Unable to shelter from Max and Phrang, the Klingons died to a barrage of disruptor fire from weapons formally owned by their comrades.

“We will be, sir, thank you,” one of the Bajorans, the senior ranking one as far as Phrang could tell, replied. He was nursing a bloodied arm where he had taken a swing from a bat’leth but was at least able to stand. “Reinforcements are on the way.”

“Any word on how the battle is going?” Phrang asked, eyeing Max as the Terran leaned against the wall.

“Constable Odo has reported that, at present, all of the known Klingon boarders have been contained or dealt with and it appears that their fleet has withdrawn,” the man reported to the Caitian. “We’ve won.”

“We survived,” Max countered coldly. “The Klingons will not let this go easily and there is still the threat of the Dominion. And the Cardassians. There will be more battles to come. And I need a drink.”

“Don’t mind her,” Phrang said as he watched Max begin to walk away. “She’s just grumpy because the battle is over and she has to stop killing,” the Caitian commented before walking after his companion. His excellent hearing though picked up the Bajoran’s whispered remark.

“This wasn’t enough killing?”

Re: [ Mission Log #007 | Stardate: Classified | Year: 2372 ]

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Alias: Maxine Gentry | Quark’s Bar | Deep Space 9 ] 

“BARKEEP! ANOTHER!” came the shouted cry from the woman seated at the counter. It was her fourth rum since sitting down but the beverage was far from having the desired effect that the woman was seeking. Beyond the establishment, the station’s promenade was filled with people moving the corpses of friends and foes while engineering teams rushed about making critical repairs as they saw fit. She paid none of them any attention as she tried to forget the events of the past hour.

“Want to tell me why you are drinking that as if it wasn’t 90% synthehol?” Phrang asked from beside her where he nursed his on beverage. It was something from Cait but Max hadn’t paid enough attention to it when it was ordered, and the captain was still on his first.

“Because I am hoping that if I drink enough of it, then I can forget. I’ve learned quickly that there are just some things that a person has no reason to want to remember,” Max commented as the Ferengi delivered her another glass. 

“Ah, here you are,” came a polite, if serious tone from behind them. “I should have known to come straight here. It’s the only place open right now.”

Re: [ Mission Log #007 | Stardate: Classified | Year: 2372 ]

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Alias: Maxine Gentry | Passageway | Deep Space 9 ] 

“Quark was a little put out that we took away two of his customers, especially with the Klingons now having departed,” Odo remarked as he stood outside the room they had set aside for this informal conversation with the Terran and the Caitian. “May I ask Major, what is it exactly the Captain Sisko wants to know about these two? As I understand it, they were of great assistance during the battle.”

“From what I’ve heard, they were more than that. If what I have heard is true, then these two may have been instrumental in making sure that the Habitat ring didn’t succumb to the Klingons,” Major Kira Nerys informed the station’s Chief of Security. “They prevented the team guarding the atmospheric controls for a third of the ring from being overrun.”

“That still doesn’t explain the questioning,” Odo said, still puzzled about the two individuals beyond the door.

“It was how they did it,” the major replied. “We went back through the security logs and tracked their progress. Let's just say that they didn’t leave any survivors and their brutal efficiency would make a Cardassian proud.”

“I see,” Odo intoned. “And Captain Sisko would like to know how and why they did this?”

“Exactly,” Major Kira confirmed. “Shall we?”

“After you.”

Re: [ Mission Log #007 | Stardate: Classified | Year: 2372 ]

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Alias: Maxine Gentry | Compartment | Deep Space 9 ] 

“Like I told you the last time we spoke, I like to be where the action is. I would have thought that you would be more grateful for the assistance in retaining control of this station. Or is throwing your allies into lockup the norm around here?” Max asked, leaning back on the chair. 

“That still doesn’t explain why you and Captain Phrang decided to risk your own lives and enter combat against the Klingons when they boarded this station,” Major Kira challenged, sitting across from Max, eyeing her.

“Well I didn’t start out with goal of liberating the station or anything if that’s what you are asking,” Max shot back defensively, growing tired of their questions. “As I already told you, we were in one of the shelters. Klingons took out the guards posted outside before entering. I defended myself. After that, I figured the Klingons wouldn’t like it when they found out that I had killed some of their men, self-defence or not. So I continued to defend myself,” Max explained. “That it managed to benefit you is a bonus in my eyes.”

“Any how did you manage to do that?” Constable Odo enquired pointedly. “We have reviewed the logs and your effectiveness has raised some questions. Any comment on that?”

“Yeah, can I get a copy of those logs? I can add it to my highlights reel.”

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