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Topic: Story Poll: Savi Alliance Awareness (Read 846 times) previous topic - next topic

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Story Poll: Savi Alliance Awareness
With the Savi offering an alliance in exchange for information on the Infested in Hide & Seek in the Beyond (Day 12, 0830 hrs.), who aboard should know about it? :)

Option 1: The whole crew, with the risk of the alliance ending if they can't keep the existence of the Savi to themselves. The condition set by Echtand is that the alliance is not divulged to anyone outside the crew, since they have no interest in the Savi becoming the common knowledge of the whole of Federation space and beyond. At the same time, by Echtand's words on their Old Code, they would now only raise arms in means of self-defence, so the result might just be that the Savi vanishes and never offers any further assistance. It is, however, unknown if the 'self-defence 'would also be referring to indirect threats (such as the Theurgy crew not being able to keep their mouths shut about them, and they feeling threatened by it).

Option 2: Only the Senior Staff
, which might be logical, but risks a slew of shipboard problems because of who the Savi are and what they did to some of the crew. Imagine being an abducted and learning that Ives and the others struck and alliance with the Savi, and learning about it ex post facto? While it makes a lot of logical sense that the Savi alliance is on a need-to-know basis, it's also a moral choice which isn't as clear-cut as it might seem. How much is the alliance worth, and how much should the crew know - any level of secrecy a potential cause for yet another mutiny.

As the thread link will inform you, Echtand is offering ship upgrades while the Theurgy is undergoing repairs on Aldea. This poll is also needed since there is yet any Savi characters serving aboard the Theurgy, and only passing interest having been expressed about the creation of a Savi shipmate. If we have a potential new Savi character, then this decision may have to be revisited at a later time.

I hope the alternatives and the dilemma makes sense, and the poll will run for 3 days, after which I will be able to make an informed decision for the follow-up of the Savi encounter on Aldea.


Auctor Lucan

Re: Story Poll: Savi Alliance Awareness
Reply #1
As I said in voice chat I think it's a bit reckless for Ives to be keeping secrets at this point, In the past every time they have kept secrets the entire crew has paid for it.

Re: Story Poll: Savi Alliance Awareness
Reply #2
I agree with the openness principle, if only to head off the in-character problems as far as possible. Better to be upfront about a suboptimal decision than try to hide its realities from those affected.

There's also the chance that as people start work on the extra tech that they start talking to each other, adding 2 and 2 to produce 5.. etc. Better to be honest.
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Re: Story Poll: Savi Alliance Awareness
Reply #3
Yeah, if the poll turns out in favour of Option 2, it would have to entail a lot of lies about scans etc. yielding all the new tech upgrades. Not ideal.

I guess V-Nine could be used as some kind of explanation, her memory banks yielding blue prints. Would have to convince her to lie as well.

Looking forward to the results of the poll! :)


Auctor Lucan

Re: Story Poll: Savi Alliance Awareness
Reply #4
However this goes, keeping the Savi secret is pretty much impossible. Hundreds of Theurgy crew now know about them, with some of them (Hylota, for instance) now far away. I'd argue that Echtand was making an impossible request, really, more out of desperation than genuine expectation of success. The Savi's secret has been exposed, and this terrifies both Echtand and Savi society as a whole.
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Re: Story Poll: Savi Alliance Awareness
Reply #5
Rather than a whole one-time announcement, could have the knowledge spread more slowly and controlled? Senior staff briefs their department assistant chiefs, captain and xo have a meeting with those kidnapped with the Savi to explain the situation, etc. Stuff like that.

Re: Story Poll: Savi Alliance Awareness
Reply #6
I agree that a shipwide secret would not be very practical... that said, a full disclosure is also unwise, so it may need to take some form of "we are in contact with elements of the Savi renegade forces and they have agreed to provide us with a limited amount of support in exchange for our efforts to restore their old Code.  To defend their strategic position and their efforts in our ongoing circumstance, the full extent of their support will be limited to those with need to know.  Further, we must ask that each of you, for your part, keep knowledge of their involvement secret for the security not only of the Savi, but of the Theurgy and your crewmates."

Just a suggestion...

Re: Story Poll: Savi Alliance Awareness
Reply #7

Option A won, and this helps me in how I'll handle the IC situation in regard to the Savi alliance. There will be an announcement in the Main OOC thread when that's posted.

Don't forget to cast your votes in the two Award polls!


Auctor Lucan