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Topic: THEURGY SIM POLL RESULTS 2019 (Read 847 times) previous topic - next topic

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Below you can find the result of 27 answers to the poll. We are currently 32 writers excluding yours truly. If a rating was set between two numbers, like "8 or 9", I had it as 8,5 when counting the score. I have masked character and writer names as needed. Here we are Part 1 of the replies!

1. Does your GM generally need to increase, decrease, or keep to the same posting length when he writes?
  • GM posting length can keep to the same, I've always found them to be sufficient for what that post needed to convey.
  • Depends on the thread, I think. Larger threads can be overwhelming, and longer posts can sometimes be harder to address if there are five other posts in the same scene. In general, I have not noticed posts being too long or short.
  • YES
  • Same. 
  • I prefer things faster.
  • Keep the same length of posts/maybe slim down a little. Your posts generally set the mood and the rough paths available to writers while providing interesting and appropriate transitions.
  • Quite frankly, post length is irrelevant to me. It'll be as long or as short as is necessary, and you're a sufficiently skilled writer that verbosity isn't an issue. Speaking just for myself: write however you choose to.
  • I think the GM's posting length is great the way it is.
  • Keep the same posting length.
  • Same.
  • Keep the same. I have appreciated where you have split posts when there are multiple characters played by you in the same thread.
  • Same posting length.
  • I don't have any insights on this; post length seems appropriate as needed so I would say keep doing what you're doing.
  • So far as I am concerned the GM always manages to find a good posting length relative to situation and characters involved.
  • I think you do more than enough considering the number of characters you play and the amount of things you have to write as well as being the GM, keeping your current amount I would say is fine.
  • I think your posts are the perfect length. They vary as they need to depending on what's going on, but I like the length. I see no changes that need to be made!
  • Your general post length is fine for me
  • Your post lengths seem excellent and very appropriate to me.
  • Every offering you provide Ambrosia. Change nothing.
  • A reduction on the minimum word count might be better in my opinion. 50 - 100 words does not construe poor writing or lack of thought. Not every reply or post should or need to be a individual essay that lists out thoughts, goals, desires and only a smidgen of an actual reply. I feel like most of the time some are forced to come up with excess narratives in order to meet the 200-word limit and that can sometimes drain creativity or create this void of posting due to lack of inspiration. Maybe some enjoy doing that, but I feel it'll be nice to give the option to writers, or the liberty to decide on that length. Just a thought.
  • Stay the same, they are a good length.
  • I personally love the length of your posts and your amazing writing ability is always a joy to read!
  • What you write is of a really strong length to lead some of the threads. It captures a lot of what is going on, whilst always remaining greatly enjoyable to read. Whilst your writing length does fluctuate greatly depending on what is going on in the threads, I feel that this is necessary, particularly in thread starters, and I would say that keeping your posting length as it is would be best. No changes necisarry.
  • I think you currently post a very comfortable amount, i have noticed it fluxate based on the thread, and characters involved so I'd say your playing like everyone else and that's a good thing. As long as your having fun.
  • I'm happy with the current length of your posts. In general, the leght of a post changes a lot with the number of characters in the scene, what is happening and the amount of description you need for the action, place, etc.. Usually set an action scene needs to be longer than a conversation, for example. In short, keep your post lenght as it is now. Being adaptable is the key here. And, above everything else, I think that, you have to enjoy what you write, so don't push yourself to reach a word count. Let it flow!
  • Current posting length is perfect.

  • Same, I appreciate the detail.  It's easier to write with a better painting of what is going on.

2. Do you feel lost and without direction in the game? If so, how would you like to be informed about story development?
  • I don't feel lost or without direction, when I do have things they are quite clear.  Usually if I feel left out or behind it's my own fault or it's a situation where none of my characters would fit in.  In those cases (which are quite rare), I usually just need some ideas tossed my way.
  • I do not feel lost or without direction.
  • Only in short bursts, nothing lingering. Usually get the info i need but its often wrapped in a ton of erroneous stuff that makes it hard to pinpoint.
  • Good in that respect
  • I would like to be informed.
  • I don't feel lost in the game rather....a little detached. There are points where I'm not sure what all to say, as being the pilot mostly just leaves me with pointing the ship in a direction. Saying I'm going somewhere or dodging incoming fire only goes so far. Is there something more I can do? Perhaps there is more to being an acting department head I'm not realizing?
  • No, not particularly. I generally keep a close eye on the ongoing larger story, and the current system works fine for me. I have problems with my own character and finding writing opportunities, but that's due to my own inadequacies as a writer rather than anything else. You're a great GM, mate, but you aren't omnipotent. There's only so much you can do. The rest really is up to us.
  • I sometimes feel without direction with certain characters, though that has more to do with opportunities for character development and/or
  • Nah, I'm pretty golden at the moment as far as where things are gonna go character wise.
  • Sometimes but that's usually my doing.
  • Not at the moment. There has been a point where it has been difficult to keep track of all the main threads going on and I had to limit my reading to solely threads that I had characters in. This made it difficult to follow the story.
  • No
  • Really the only time I felt truly lost was near the beginning of the last episode because so many of us got displaced it was hard to keep track of who was supposed to be where.  I think you reached a reasonable idea of posting our general locations in the crew manifest, etc. 
  • Occasionally, though this is partially deliberate while writing only a low ranked member of the crew.
  • With that in mind, I am entirely fine with the present means of being informed on story development.
  • I feel very informed at what's going on. I like that all the threads are under the same chapter that we're working on, and find it very easy to follow along. I like the recaps once in a while when there is a lot going on, but I don't feel like you need to do all too many as you always have a ton of threads to follow along with and post in!
  • I feel confident that I know where the story is going at any one moment. The exceptions are only when RL takes me away for a little too long during a moment with a lot of moving parts, like the various Azure fights.
  • I always feel lost and without direction. I am not entirely sure what to do about this, its more my fault than the SIM's
  • I was lost at the start but as time has passed and events came together, I am following everything better. All good here.
  • I think you do a great job keeping everyone informed through the OOC Board and Discord chats. I'm never lost or without direction.
  • Nope, occasionally an event is referenced which I am unfamiliar with, as I have not read the appropriate thread, but that is easy to remedy.
  • I've never really felt lost or without direction. The only exception to that is when I have multiple threads it can sometimes be tough to keep track of, however that's a reflection on me and not you.
  • I don't know if 'lost' is the correct word, but I often refrain from reading active threads that I am not involved in, so I do not confuse what my character does and does not know in my threads. What I would find really helpful, is the occasional 'summary' in the OCC thread, like you provided during the Battle of the Apertures, to update as to what is occuring during the main threads, who still needs to post, and the main events, just to help us keep on top of things when the forum is busier and we're not all knowledgeable of each thread.
  • I admit I am kinda struggling with the new freeform stuff, I find it difficult to find new people to rp with, I wouldn't mind being told 'hey here is a group doing a thing go do the thing with them' or 'one of your characters could be useful here'
  • I've felt lost at some points, mainly when I joined (which is normal, it's not easy join a story in medias res) and at some points of the versant plot when the characters seemed to barely could do anything (wait, talk with other characters and ponder about the situation...). I know most of the Versant arch has play around the idea of  helplessness under a superior enemy, but there has been points were I've hard time trying to imagine what my character can do. Even worst, if i recall well, at those moments the other vectors are drowned in action and their plots split in several archs, so the contrast made things worst. If at that point we would had some suggestions like we had had in the battle of the apertures or if we could have made something (individual attempts to scape, event if they were frustrated at the end? Interact more with the savi?... I don't know) probably I would have feel less stuck. But at that point every attempt to make anything was cut and i have some hints i wasn't sure what to do.
  • I sometimes feel a little lost during battle but overall I have a good sense of direction.

  • Uh, nope, I think you do a pretty good job at making people have a spot, or helping them find one if you know they are lost.

3. Name one thing you want me to continue doing as GM.
  • Continue to keep up all the great work you do, the world building is fantastic. Continue to ask opinions over posts and threads, they're a great motivator to read some that may not necessarily be high on the "to read" list.
  • I liked the idea of suggested objectives to complete. It gave me the freedom to do as I liked with my characters, while also giving me something to fall back on when I have nothing left for them to do.
  • Keep informing us as you have its a good idea.
  • Mostly we're good here.
  • I generally appreciate the interactions and personal touches.
  • Continue giving us updates at the end of chapters, it helps a lot.
  • Beats me. Continue being great, I suppose? Continue writing good stuff? I've no idea.
  • I would like the GM to continue using writers to drive the story. Even something as simple as how he feeds the writers a bit of information to drive the plot really makes a difference, and allows the writers to feel more  apart of the sim and less a passenger.
  • Supplemental art! Be it more character art, or ship art, pieces that set the scene, its' all fantastic.
  • Helping me when I get stuck on posts.
  • Being impartial and making decisions for the best story/impact on the group
  • Bringing us Epic scenarios where we need to find our way out of. Not particularly DMing, but creating a challenging environment to act in.
  • Continue poking at us when we haven't posted or seem confused.  I have very much appreciated when you've helped me clarify an action of mine or stopped me from sticking my foot in my mouth.  :)
  • Giving writers the freedom of choice in making decisions.
  • Can I say pretty much everything you currently are, it's hard to think of just one.
  • I do like the recaps, but I don't feel you need to do them all too often. I think the way they're sent out now is great, just to keep everything making sense when there's a ton of things going on. Oh and keep being awesome, but I'm sure that's easy!
  • Continue giving people their time in the spotlight (where practical ofc; not everyone has a critical role in every situation).
  • Making excellent posts and coming up with fun scenarios
  • Being GM, for like, forever.
  • Just keep on being you. You're awesome, and this poll you make is proof of that. You care to hear our voices, and you actually pay attention and take the time to think of almost our every individual need/thoughts. I don't know anyone else like you and you're a leader I would aspire to be.
  • Making your amazing graphics. They are part of what drew me here, and I love them.
  • Just generally being awesome and friendly!
  • It's difficult to pinpoint one thing that I'd want you to keep doing, as you are an amazing GM! One thing I found particularly useful was the setting of objectives during the main threads, this is able to assist people who aren't as sure with what to do with their characters, and gives us goals to try and strive for. This sort of thing could also be implemented during the time on Aldea, for example, to give people some structure and aims to write towards, and maybe facilitate writers to group up together in threads with people they wouldn't usually write with.
  • well you have always talked to me, and helped me through my own writing, you've double checked my posts, and even talked me down from a panic attack a couple of times, so if anything i'd say that is your best strength the willingness to listen to me and the others involved.
  • Generally speaking, keep as you do! I've found the suggestions of objetives in battle had work perfectly, so i'm up for them in battle situations
  • Monitoring OOC issues within the crew, ha!

  • Having fun?  Posting/writing/creating worlds?

4. Name one thing you want me to stop doing as GM.
  • I can't think of anything that I'd like for you to stop.
  • I am very tired of the depressing, high stakes plotlines. Pyrrhic victories only work once or twice.
  • Nada here
  • Sometimes there can be a bit of an imperial feeling handed down from above.
  • Stop....You know I cant think of anything really. You're doing great!
  • Offhand: micromanagement, particularly when it comes to NPCs. You're a very hands-on GM which is absolutely fine, and you give us (the writers) plenty of opportunities to shape the story with our characters' decisions and actions. That said, one thing I have noticed is that your own NPCs tend to be...well...everywhere. I know that part of this is because you simply have no choice as those poor homeless NPCs need a puppeteer's hand up their arse, but it's worth noting that whenever your own NPC is making decisions, another writer's character isn't. And those writers may surprise you with something unorthodox and brilliant. To be fair, I am full of crap here as a lot of this is due to the constraints of managing the sim and keeping the story going. A lot of the time, you have to run those NPCs, and IC necessities mean that they have to make those decisions due to rank or circumstance. Still, I figure that it had to be said. Sorry if I was a tad too harsh there.
  • I got nothin'.
  • I wanted to have something to say here but I honestly can't think of anything. I know thats not the greatest feedback though.
  • I don't know.
  • Overloading the plot with too many different bad guys during a single episode. TFA, then Asurians, then Klingons then Borg. It was a little exhausting.
  • Kill NPCs? :P Nah
  • I still can't think of anything in this regard.
  • Nothing comes to mind even after a long time thinking.
  • Can I say nothing? You do a great job with everything around here and it seems like you do everything you need to do in order to keep things running smoothly, there doesn't seem...or at least come across like you do anything extra to cut down on but just the right amount.
  • There's nothing you need to stop doing.
  • Nothing springs to mind that we haven't spoken about before.
  • Nothing i can think of
  • Not a thing I can think of to write here. Sorry, Non-Applicable.
  • Stop asking this particular question? Because I don't see anything you need to stop being? Okay wait, no, you need to stop getting more awesome. If you don't stop, we might die. :P
  • Nothing to put here, you're doing great
  • I can't think of anything i'd want you to stop.
  • I find that occasionally you have quite a lot of characters on the go at one time and perhaps they aren't all entirely necessary to tell the story. For example, during Storm Glass, you posted using: Adam Kingston, Cir'Cie, Drauc, Sera, Nicander and Jovela. Whilst of course it's important that you're writing your characters as much as the rest of us, perhaps it isn't always needed to write some of the 'up for adoption' characters, which takes away some of your valuable time. If this is intended to aid in advancing the story, this could perhaps be implemented instead by setting the objectives or asking other members of the sim to 'guide' the threads as their characters. Of course, there may be other reasons you do this that I am not aware of, but from a personal view I would much prefer to get more posts with your characters such as Drauc, Nicander, V-Nine, Ives etc, rather than characters like Cir'Cie, who may soon belong to someone new to the sim, as she is up for adoption. Of course, this is not talking about you taking the role of those characters who are being killed off due to authors leaving.
  • IDK
  • That everything the characters try go wrong. We need to keep some allies for a time! ^_^U
  • Running yourself ragged. (It's a mystery how you have time for all of this do you ever sleep???)

  • Stressing out.

5. Name one thing you want me to start doing as GM.
  • Probably too early to ask if we can get some more Discovery lore worked in? ;)
  • In that vein, maybe some more positive plotlines?
  • Can't think of anything right now
  • Weekly bingo nights?
  • Maybe a touch more for the 'little' people?
  • I'd personally like updates on other threads more regularly, such as overviews whenever we hit mid points in chapters that roughly cover what happened in all the threads. This would help everyone to keep up with the overall story if they don't have time for deep dives in all the threads.
  • Jien needs to adopt a Aldean hamster called Triage. This hamster will be fiercely loyal, has a savage temper and is a bloodthirsty little carnivore. This needs to happen. Because reasons.
  • I know it's technically not "starting", but I would like to see more of a crackdown on the MACO attitude security, and people who attempt to write one-man-army characters.
  • Getting regular sleep? You're always up man, we worry.
  • Maybe delegating more stuff?
  • Thinking about limiting the number of characters available per non-Federation race. As an example, we have four Cardassians aboard the ship. That's quite a lot for a species that aren't part of the Federation. Likewise, with a race like the El-Aurians, because they have been all but exterminated by the borg and are living like nomads now having more than say, two aboard, would be extremely strange.
  • Add more challenges for writers to achieve?
  • You're already doing everything I can reasonably think for you to do.  :)
  • Again nothing really comes to mind.
  • I honestly can't think of anything, as I mentioned in the last one, to me it seems like you do everything you need to around here, perhaps even more so to keep things running as smoothly as possible, I can't think of anything you could start doing to make it any better than it already is, which is great.
  • Start doing? Also nothing I can think of.
  • As above.
  • Nothing i can think of
  • Can I say allowing a 5th character? Even number right? Auctor this is your pool, we just get to swimming in it and add water to it. But you own the walls. My affection for characters not withstanding, if you could like, duplicate yourself or safely quit work and write Theurgy 24/7, that would be awesome.
  • I am not sure yet. Everything you've started doing already seems great, and I can't think of anything new to add for the moment. I might get back to you on this.
  • Nothing to put here at this time, but if I ever think of something I won't hesitate to contact you.
  • I can't think of anything here either.
  • I think that it would be really beneficial to the community if you would occasionally provide us with summaries of what you have/are doing, and things you might want assistance with. This would give us all a greater understanding of how busy you are, but also allow us opportunities to assist you with jobs that we can help with (text updates to the wiki, like the EVO suit task you asked for help for a few days ago). This will allow us to help you with 'administrative' tasks that maybe are eating into your time, that perhaps could be handled by other members?
  • You have been very helpful to me especially, but like i said earlier, you don't need to say yes to every terrible idea, please do feel free to say that's a bad idea, and then reject it.
  • Maybe balance more the time IC and OOC so a year, so characters could evolve a bit more.
  • None
  • Sometimes the pace is a bit slow, I realize that it's because of the 7 days thing.  But sometimes it seems to really drag out.  Less darkness, in the next mission?  Better pace?

6. List the times/periods in the last year where the story seemed to drag on, you were bored, or the energy in the Group seemed the lowest.
  • I've not felt the story to drag or find myself bored, but there were a few times where the energy did feel low, right around Christmas/New Years, and exam.  I doubt that has anything to do with the story though, just life in general getting in the way.
  • It feels as if it's dragging on throughout the battle with the borg. There's so much going on that it's become just background noise to me.
  • I'm not that really observant not able to pinpoint any.
  • The whole episode 5 felt really drawn out.  Being ambitious is good, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.
  • Things seemed to speed up soon after I joined but at the moment I'm at a bit of a loss. "After" all the action
  • There are points where we are just entering a zone, or starting combat, where the story slows down a lot while everyone has to put in their two cents.
  • The one period that springs to mind is towards the tail end of Episode 5, Part 1. The Vectors were separated, the Versant captives were going through their own horror show, and so on. With all our characters so spread out, energy and enthusiasm did seem to be a tad low. Still, some fantastic stories came out of all that, so meh.
  • The Versant thread, while interesting, certainly dragged on. I know this is partly due to the number of people involved in the thread, and the fact that it had multiple divisions which had to run simultaneously, but there were long periods where nothing was happening, and it felt a little as though the characters were left in limbo as some points.
  • There was a point where it seemed like everything was just piling on, over, and over, and over. It can make for great story, but when we get hit by what...four villain groups out to eradicate us at once, in very short order, it can be demoralizing to the writers, not just the players.
  • I haven't been bored by the story at all.
  • I feel as though I have been a bigger hinderance to the story progressing rather than the story itself. For that I apologise.
  • The time frame after the continuance protocol. It felt like forever to end.
  • I'll be honest, when X and Y got Z on the Versant, it felt very... hostile.  I don't know whether the perception was that they were somehow hoarding the spotlight in the moment, but it felt considerably less enjoyable in that moment as if the writers had somehow done something wrong by slowing the story down for two posting cycles.  I don't know if that's me reading too much into the moment when characters were understandably tired and cranky, but it's what stands out in my head.
  • During the post starbase 84 battle downtime would be when I saw the lowest energy. This was identified and solved as it happened.
  • I've only been here three months so I haven't experienced any drag or boredom yet so no opinion on this one.
  • I feel there's never been a time where the story has dragged on. Everything has moved great! When there wasn't as much going on in Sickbay we had the ORE we were building, and I feel there's always been ample things to do/find to do!
  • The only time that really sticks out as slowing down was the final battles in the nebula, because there were so many threads to sync up and I suspect a bit of burnout after the year of fighting.
  • N/A
  • Towards the closing stages of the Battle of the Apertures. I'd expended all the free time for supplementals and after posting in my battle threads, all I had were DC threads to write. That is not to say that I was bored but that would be where I felt that the energy in the board was lowest.
  • Mostly the separation period was the worst part for me. I tried to force enthusiasm for it, but I just couldn't. Maybe don't do this again ever? It seemed exciting at first, but it dragged on for far too long for me. And the reunion couldn't have taken longer. Sorry, that's the only thing I have to say on this.
  • I did not experience this in the threads I was writing in.
  • Just before the climactic conclusion before the Theurgy escaped from the Azure Nebula it felt like it was going on a little long, but that was only for a short time.
  • I've not been in for the whole year, so I'm not really sure if I have noticed a particular lull in activity. I found my first few months a little boring, as I only had the one character and wasn't finding many threads (Partially due to myself being unfamiliar to the SIM setting and unsure as to how to communicate about this). But since then, I haven't noted any particular lulls or faults with the story. I have in fact, greatly enjoyed it.
  • I think the second half of the versant story line was really about the point where I felt the most railroaded and where I had the least amount of 'fun' as it were. I also didn't really like having my characters genetics changed without my permission, yes we got to choose OOC which half of them remained, but i have to admit that my half breeds are less than the sum of their parts now. I would prefer if we never have medical experament like that forced on us again without our permission. I understand that it was for the story, but I've never really been satisfied with that, and would have rather my characters been anywhere but the versant.
  • Summer and around Christmas has been the lowest post rate moments, but due the IRL holidays, and people being busy. Aside of that at the end of the episode post rate has drop, general speaking (mine included) but i guess it's a normal situation. For boring moments, for better or worst i've shared several threads that had had a really slow pace and that were a bottleneck for the characters (I couldn't write them in other threads until that ones finnish). I've in mind X thread (my only character at the moment an the only thread were i could write at that moment) or the Y thread. Both were interesting threads, plot wise and I've enoyed them overall, but the slow pace was an issue (with updates every 8+ days at some point in the first one - what now doesn't seem so long to me, with more characters to write, but then, with only one stuck there and no other threads to write was too long-, and +12 days in other - If we only count your updates, there have been almost a month of waiting between them at some point in this one) I know there has been some IRL things that has put the writers that participate in those threads away of the SIM (in fact, X must leave the SIM during X thread and X must do the same bit after) but I would have prefered that you had move the story and NPC the characters without the need of wait for too long. I know you try to be understanding and patient with everyone and i really like it, but I prefer the choice that you took in BotA time and move the scene along if there are laggards for too long.
  • Towards the end of battles, particularly BotA, the energy seemed to dip as it's hard to keep high energy for two such long dramatic threads consecutively. Otherwise energy's been good!
  • Towards the latter third of the last mission I know that we all felt it was dragging out.  There were too many enemies, too much darkness, death, etc.  Very little hope.  And while I realize that it was kinda the theme of the mission, I think that sometimes a little hope.. lights a fuel that keeps us going.  I did feel that we just kept piling bad guys on top of bad guys though.

7. Do you feel rail-roaded in the story? (meaning: you get pushed into an IC-situation you do not want to write) If so, when was this?
  • I have never felt rail-roaded in story, when a specific event is required the details are almost always left up to me to figure out, or its worked out in advance to everyone's satisfaction.
  • I do not feel rail-roaded. I am a little disappointed in the portrayal of Asurians, but don't feel bothered enough to take any action.
  • Its not that I didn't want to write them, I did i just had trouble figuring it out n often had to just follow what everyone else wanted cause nothing i did would've made a difference or maybe even been accepted at all otherwise.
  • I did, with the polls.  I don't mind them being used for general story direction purposes, but I really didn't much like the way they were used this time around.
  • Ehhhh. Not railroaded. Sometimes it seems like we're waiting for the 'big people' to post though. During allt he action I was often waiting for X to post, or to get commands and it seems like the 'leaders' wanted to post 'after' everyone and frankly that's pretty hard to play. You're trying to predict needed actions while not using out of character information. If people are in command (be it in command of the ship, the bridge, or the divsion, they need to be on the ball and post RIGHT when the new rotations go up. They don't need to wait till 'last'. It means all the people under them are kinda just doing what ever and they come in at the end to tell them how they screw up.
  • I don't feel rail-roaded, just detached as I said.
  • Nope, not at all. X was supremely awkward to deal with, mind you. I'm a bad person for saying it, but thank heavens he's gone. I didn't help matters with that awful thread in the Allegiant's shower (it was utterly crap writing, including from me), of course. I most certainly didn't want to write with X after that mess, but it was hard to say no to the guy. It felt far too much like kicking a puppy.
  • I have not experienced this.
  • Not by the gm, but I got pestered into setting up a few Supplemental or Directors Cut threads here and there with writers that are no longer part of the SIMM. Kind of felt guilty for not being on board with the idea, that kind of thing, and I really struggled with either a] saying no outright, or b]trying not to let that resentment ruin a scene that had potential to be good.
  • I haven't encountered this kind of situation yet.
  • I was disappointed not to be write a proper reunion for Y and X. Furthermore, I had some supplemental threads planned with X that I never got to bring to fruition due to the limited time she was in the story. Assuming she comes back, I hope to pick those up at a later date.
  • Nope
  • I was worried about the hybrid thing at the start, but you gave us agency in the choice and the option to revert in the end, so I got over my concerns very quickly and just rolled with it. :)
  • No, I have not felt this way.
  • Not so far.
  • No times have I felt railroaded! Everyone has been immensely friendly and I've always felt comfortable and found it easy to write!
  • I do not feel railroaded.
  • N/A
  • Not railroaded, as you say but personally, X in the engine room was both awesome and annoying for me. I'd made this awesome fighter character and he twiddled his thumbs fixing a cloak. Now, I also learnt a lot from doing that. Sometimes, the good of the story means your character doesn;t get his way, and I adapted to that and some of X's best scenes I feel were during Vertex. Because I had to get in his head and feel what he would be feeling at that point.
  • No, not really. I know I did everything of my own choosing thusly.
  • This has not happened to me
  • Other than myself feeling pressure on Discord by two writers (which you and I have discussed) I don't feel rail-roaded at all!
  • This only happened on two occasions, one which was dealt with very quickly and efficiently by yourself. The other was when I was quite new, and perhaps due to a combination of different factors during the thread 'X' I did feel a little railroaded by a particular author, but this thread has long since finished and did not deter me from putting my ideas out in the future.
  • Again the removal of half our genetics was not a real choice. We design our characters to be one way, and then had them stripped of base genetic qualities. This was very much against my will, and I would rather it not have been done in the first place.
  • TBH, half of the Versant arch has been pretty rail-roaded. Being held captive it was an expected situation, as they were puppets in the hands of their captors.But  we have little space for being creative until the last part. Here we have the "problem" in the differences bitween IC time and OOC time. IC they has been abducted and helpless for some days, but OOC has been months (almost a year). Some writers have had half (or more) of their characters "stuck" there. The level of helplessness, being unnable to make anything to scape, and the level of gloom around the arch with so most of the characters for so long has been a heavy burden. In fact I still don't know what to do with X in the new episode, I've more hopes for her now, but i've talk with you time ago that i was thinking on kill her due she didn't feel like the character I created. I feel more in tune with her now and I'm not interesed on kill her anymore, but it could give you a measure of the toll the Versant has been for me.
  • No.

  • Nope!

8. Are you enjoying playing your character(s), and if not, what would you like to happen to them?
  • I have enjoyed each of my character, even the inherited ones.  I'm trying to do more with them, and to balance out the time I spend with each.
  • Not tired of my characters.
  • I am mostly happy just, small details here n there... nothing really important worth talking about i guess.
  • Mostly yes.
  • I'm having fun with them. We spoke on this a week or two ago, some possible options. Kinda felt smacked when I brought a few up though.
  • I am enjoying playing X! I just want....more to do with him, more to invest my time with. I know I'm slow with responding with all the BS going on in my life, but when I do have time, only like a 1/4th of it is spent writing due to interest and investment.
  • Truth be told, no, but again, that's more a result of my own inadequacies than anything else. X isn't an especially interesting character, I suspect, even if I do (finally) enjoy writing her. If I killed her off today and quit the sim, I doubt that anyone besides you or X would even notice. I need to work on my own writing if anyone is going to become interested in writing with me, which is ultimately up to me and nobody else. Just to repeat it: you're the Game Master, but there are some problems that it isn't within your abilities to fix, nor is it really your responsibility. Some things are up to us.
  • I am enjoying my characters. The only issue I've had so far is with X, and that is something I need to rectify with my own character development.
  • By and large, yes. My first character, mah baby, has gotten a chance to really shine in this episode and it's been a lot of character growth for them. The middle character has been kind of middling about, had a few curve balls thrown at them that they;re not really sure how too handle. And my newest character is still trying to find their place/pace (both in character, and me as the writer out of character) but there's looking like some good opportunities ahead.
  • Yes.  Although there are times when I wouldn't mind playing another character temporarily.
  • Very much so. I have thoroughly enjoyed X and after an appropriate amount of time in the story, I want her back to do more with her. X continues to be fun as I explore more of him in supplementals. I feel he is limited in the main story as there are so many scientists now and that he is non-Starfleet, but I'm still going to push him in where I can.
  • Yes, if I do grow tired of them, I'll find a way to dispatch them.
  • I still love X; I would like to incorporate him a little more into the crew which is why I constantly joke about becoming Y... and I figure that the University of Thea thing is as close to Starfleet Academy as he's going to come and it gives him a chance to learn more about the Federation.  X is still a little challenging because I still see him as an outsider but that's more a matter of my perception and trying to find a way to have him "get over himself" and be part of this renegade crew. I think once he's sunk into a project (like co-heading parasite research like he'll propose to Martin most likely), he'll be fine.
  • I am enjoying the character I play.
  • Yes absolutely, I love X.
  • I'm enjoying X! I've been trying to get my post count up to potentially make a male Klingon that could join us on the next planet. I've always liked Klingons (X is one of my favourite characters, and I was suuuuper excited when Martok joined the party as he's another favourite! Their warsongs are one of the coolest things in Star Trek to me! Besides Data's life forms song lol). Anyways rant over. But it's a thought depending on what I can come up with for a backstory and your approval!
  • I am enjoying my characters!
  • [Character Discussed]
  • Absolutely enjoying them. More so now that X is on board  (laugh) . Can I beg for a 5th? I'd like them to all live, for the moment anyway. Unless you have ideas. I'm always down for listening to ideas.
  • [Characters Discussed]
  • I am enjoying my characters, I love them and they are awesome.
  • Loving it!
  • [Characters Discussed]
  • I think this is probably the one thing we talk about the most. But here we go. [Characters Discussed]
  • I'm pretty happy writting my boys, i really enjoy writting them and I have ideas for both. [Characters Discussed]
  • Yes, very much!

  • Love my girls!

9. Is your GM fair or do you feel he favours any particular player over the others?
  • The GM has always been fair to me, if they favor anyone over another it's in a way that I don't see.
  • I do not see favoritism.
  • If he wasn't I'm sure someone would've called him out on it a looong time ago.
  • Well that question feels a bit like a trap. Lol. I've noticed some people tend to get a bit more interaction than others. Some less. I don't think blatent favortism goes on, but.... we're human.
  • You're fair, maybe favor the older Theurgists over the newer ones but that is completely fine by me. They've been around longer, have been active for longer.
  • If anything, there are times when I wonder whether you're too fair. I know that you're a very nice fellow, you can indulge in the Dark Side every so often. The Dark Side is quite lovely, after all. We have cookies.
  • I wouldn't say the GM plays favourites, though there have been some cases where he has given preference to certain writers or let certain writers get away with more than they maybe should have.
  • I meaaaaaaaaaaaaan, probably favors me if he favors anyone 😉 (i continue to kid, I just feel that i've been getting some solid character growth and that was a struggle in other RP's I've been involved in elsewhere).
  • Fair Yes, favors other players, No.
  • One thing I have always liked is your ability to try to remain impartial.
  • Fair
  • It's ok, you don't have to tell the others I'm your favorite. j/k :)  I haven't noticed anyone unfairly favored... I have noticed some seem to evoke Ives' ire more than others, but I think they enjoy that.  :)
  • Fair.
  • Yes I think you're very fair and I haven't seen or experienced any signs of favouritism personally.
  • You are extremely fair. I like how you are friendly to everyone, and you are very very patient even on Discord. I also like that when someone is bullied or has any issues, they are able to come to you and find a fair solution, or at least your advice. I'm sure it isn't easy at times when people need to be banned or kicked, but I honestly feel you are completely fair and treat everyone equally!
  • I believe the GM is fair to me. I don't recall any specific instances of being biased to anyone in particular... over time it all balances out.
  • Yes very fair
  • Fair as fair can be.
  • Oh my GM is totes fair. Overly so, he favours everyone in particular over everyone. (L)
  • Yes, very fair.
  • GM is very fair and welcoming and inclusive to all
  • I would say that you are indeed fair. There is obviously a level of familiarity you have towards the Authors who have been here for much longer than others, which could be described as favouritism, however, I have absolutely no problem with this. These are people whom have been on the sim for much longer and therefore you know them to be reliable, competent and people whom you work well with. This is not preferring some people over others, but is simply acknowledging dedication to the Sim over time, and this is, in fact, a great benefit to the community.
  • I feel you have bent over backwards to help me justify a lot of my stuff, which has been wonderful, but you do know you can tell me no right? not every idea i cook up is gold, and you are well within your right to tell me when i am going to far. (thankfully you have earlier this year)
  • There has been some plots that have orbiting more around some characters particular , which have left the rest of the characters in the scene as a background actors. There are so many characters and writers in the sim, that it's normal that some are more involved in the plot, and other less (for story, pace, time around the SIM etc.) so i don't complain about it. In my case, I have in mind that you are a person, with his likes and dislikes, and that you could prefer some writers of character interactions over others, either due you enjoy the writer style or the interactions are more juice. It mostly push me to try to improve!
  • Very fair, with good judgement. Also good at herding cats!

  • I sense no favoritism.

10. Would you like to see graphics, maps or floor plans used more often, particularly in combat situations?
  • More graphics/maps/floor plans would be a huge help, especially in combat.
  • Maps are very helpful. I always appreciate them.
  • Situational awareness maps may be a good idea.
  • I think we're good that way
  • I'm ok with that aspect. maps are nice but frankly about 7 out of 10 people can't read them with both hands and a flashlight. So while it MIGHT help a bit. People are going to read them wrong and be all "I thought I was here." "No you're THERE" "no no I'm HERE" etc. It might help but if it did, not much and it might just add more to keep track of, and then stuff has to be updated, etc.
  • YES. Graphics even basic drawn ones would help in a multitude of ways. Everyone has to imagine where exactly things happen. With a basic graphic we will all be on the same page.
  • Eh. Honestly, we should be writing descriptions to the point that graphical aids aren't necessary. I'm fine with how we do things now, regardless. The graphical aid for Battle of the Apertures was nifty. The graphical aids in general are lovely, but over-dependence on them might become problematic.
  • I'm not sure this would be helpful. I feel as though the combat without graphics has been smooth and working well.
  • Hell yes. Those are so useful
  • Yes, though for combat situations I think they'd be better for after the scene is over.
  • As per last survey. Yes but I know how much of a pain they are to create.
  • I would love to, makes it easier to coordinate and get the same picture with other writers. It also grants less chance to overpower one's abilities (eg load out charts for fighters etc)
  • It might help now and then but it didn't seem particularly crippling when they weren't available.
  • Yes, I feel like they really help people write the scene as things are far easier to visualize in terms of positioning.
  • As X is a fighter pilot I can't really think of anything maybe a map of the battlefield depending on what objects are in space. However if I were to create a Tactical character at some point for example some floor plans would be nice to have at least for say mission briefings or when characters are planning strikes or tactics.
  • I would like to see floor plans used a little more actually. When I was writing about preparing a med hold I actually completely blanked on the floor plans existing, until X sent me one. That was definitely my bad but I think it would be a little easier for me to follow with them! I could definitely just go look so it's also what everyone else wants and I don't feel you need to always attach them :)
  • Workload permitting, I think that floorplans are useful to help ground the action in people's minds. And it's always interesting to see more of the ship(s)!
  • Yes it makes it easier to have a sense of where characters are in physical space. I am not good at picturing physical space.
  • Absolutely. I love doing this, being able to visualise where everyone is and what they should be doing. Helps me to describe the scenes I'm in.
  • I think that will be helpful and useful anytime. But only as far as you can manage. Don't want you getting stressed or burnt out doing nothing but graphics. Only as far as you enjoy doing.
  • I think the current level is great. Maps/floorplans could be nice in combat situations, so that we can more easily keep track of who is where, and how many baddies are left to deal with.
  • This would be helpful as a reminder for people so we're all on the same page and helping to write the posts.
  • I hadn't considered needing these. Yes, it would be lovely to have some resources like this, however, I wouldn't consider it to be any urgent need to add these; we rarely seem to have combat situations where we're all in the same place.
  • I usually make due without them, but I have enjoyed the sometimes rather crude maps drawn through the year. So i'm more indifferent to the use of this.
  • I think the current number of graphics is ok. They are always inspiring and neat to wrap your mind around the situation, but sometimes vague description left more space to creativity. So, don't stress yourself with the graphics and made as much as you want. You need to enjoy art-ing! :D
  • Yes, if possible! They're really useful.

  • Graphics and maps are my bread and butter especially with Y and with X being who they are.

  • Last Edit: April 13, 2019, 11:27:14 AM by Auctor Lucan

Reply #1

11. For each of the following scenes/events, rate them 1-10, 10 being best. If you have no opinion or have not partaken/read the event, please state N/A.

A. Episode 04: Simulcast, before the Theurgy arrived
7  10  7  10  6  8  7  8
Average: 7,87

B. Episode 04: Simulcast, after the Theurgy arrived
3  9  7  8  10  7  8  8  9
Average: 7,6

C. Interregnum 04-05
3  7  9  5  8  7  9  10  5  7  8  8
Average: 7,2

D. Ep 05, P1: Nicander's true nature revealed, and the battle against the Savi and the Asurians
10  8  8  10  8  8  8  8  10  5  7  9  7  8
Average: 8,1

E. Ep 05, P1: The Versant, Correction, USS Enterprise and Recycling
9  7  8  4  7  10  9  6  6  9  5  9  8  9
Average: 7,6

  • A bit like performing naked in a zoo... and personally I could've lived without the Enterprise simulation, but it wasn't terrible.

F. Ep 05, P1: Stallion and Cayuga vs. the Asurians
8  7  6  3  7  10  8  8  8  9  9  8  8  9
Average: 7,2

G. Ep 05, P1: The Sword and the USS Niger and the Borg trail
8  8  6  6  10  8  5  9  10  5,5
Average: 7,5

  • I didn't care for the deception that lured the Niger on board and I'm a little disatisfied with the reveal of the parasites -- it felt like too many leaps of faith; it's kind of the reason I purposefully never had X refer to Y as "captain"... it's also one of the arguments he's going to use with Z -- he doesn't necessarily believe this parasite concept... and if they plan to convince others, then they need to do better than they did with him... they need a skeptic's eye on this research.

H. Ep 05, P1: First half of the Helmet's TFA encounter
8  7  1  9  10  8  8  5  8  7  5,5  9
Average: 6,5

I. Ep 05, P1: Epilogue, with the Allegiant and the Borg/TFA debris field
9  8  9  10  1  10  8  9  10  8  8  8
Average: 8,2

J. Ep 05, P2: Second prologue, the abductees are revealed to be alive, and in Tiran's hideout
9  6  3  6  7  10  3  8  7  6  8  7  6,5  10
Average: 6,9

  • This is where the story on the versant started to get really stretched in my opinion.
  • This is where the Versant storyline sort of crapped out for me for a while.

K. Ep 05, P2: Asurian Jailbreak on the Cayuga
8  1  8  10  8  6  7  7  5  10
Average: 7

L. Ep 05, P2: Battle with the Rotarran
8  9  1  10  9  7  9  10  4  6  9  10
Average: 7,6

M. Ep 05, P2: Last half of the TFA Encounter, the Theurgy reintegrates and escapes
8  9  7  8  8  10  9  10  9  10  9  7  7  8  8  7  8  7  7  9  10
Average: 7,5

N. Ep 05, P2: The abductees on the Versant completes 5 objectives and kills Semathal
9  8  8  7  6  9  9  8  8  7  7  7  6,5  10
Average: 7,8

O. Ep 05, P2: Battle of the Apertures
9  8  9  9  5  8  7  9  3  9  5  10  10  8  6  9  9  10  7  6  9  8  8  7  9  10
Average: 7,9

  • The actual battle thread, was a touch luke warm but Cinn's death deserves an earned 10/10 in my books get that man a medal
  • Got a bit confusing with so many science personnel on the bridge

P. Ep 05, P2: Epilogue (So far!)
9  10  9  9  7  9  9  10  8  7  7  8  10  10  8  9  7  7  10
Average: 8,6

  • I think I am going to answer N/A for all of these - they each had so much going on for so long, and a lot of it was so long ago, that I don't feel confident in rendering these entire threads down to a single number.
  • I have left many as N/A due to not being involved as a writer. In that sense, I do not feel it is my place to rate the scenes.
  • Honestly, way too many things have been happening. I elect not to read many of these threads until their completion because I don't have enough time to keep up with all of them, nor can I keep them straight. I enjoy the Interregnums as a rule because they are far simpler as far as the Theurgy's mission goes.

12. For each of the characters listed, rate them in terms of interest level or how entertaining you found them, from 1-10, 10 being the best. If you have no opinion, please state N/A.

A. Captain Jien Ives
9  10  10  10  9  10  8  10  10  10  10  7  8  7  8  7  10  9  7  8  7  8  8  8  9
Average: 8,68 (Previous rating: 8,84)

  • Curious to see how s/he handles the trauma from the Versant.

B. Dr. Lucan cin Nicander, Infested Informant
5  10  8  1  7  9  8  10  10  10  10  8  6  8  8  10  8  10  10  7  6  9
Average: 8,09 (Previous rating: 8)

  • We could have finally been rid of it... WHY WHY CINN! You were gone too soon :'(  :p
  • X still likes him but also doesn't know about him being a parasite... what bugged me was the fact that he has backdoor access to things and no one is the wiser
  • I love how you play this character. The duality is awesome.

C. Deputy ThanIda zh'Wann
7  9  3  7  10  1  7  10  8  8  7  7  7  5  10  8  6  10
Average: 7,2 (Previous rating: 8,25)

  • I'm demoting her in my rankings cause for some reason this is the only character I seem to deal with, and it's often like pulling teeth writing across from her
  • Sorry, I just feel she's too angry or something, and can't bring myself to pay much attention to her.

D. Evelyn Rawley, Fighter Pilot
2  5  7  4  8  4  7  5  2  4  7,5
Average: 5,0 (Previous rating: 7,1)

  • Bad rating, due i've mostly read her with her previous writer.
  • [Previous writer]...

E. "Thea"
9  6  7  10  10  7  9  7  8  8  8  8  8  8  8  7  5,5  7  9
Average: 7,86 (Previous rating: 8,36)

  • I'd really like to spend some time with her in some form or another, i've never rp'd across from this character
  • 1000
  • urious to see how she copes with the realization that someone can just pop in and take her brain, etc -- is that going to lead to some paranoia?  Will she bond a little more closely to certain crew members she believes might safeguard her? etc

F. Ensign Cir'Cie, Vulcan Botanist in the Science Dept.
4  4  5  5  7  6  5  2  6
Average: 4,9 (Previous rating: 7)

  • I think she needs a better looking CF

G. V-Nine, Savi Android
8  7  4  10  7  10  7  4  5  7  5  8  5  9  8
Average: 6,93 (Previous rating: N/A)

  • Haven't seen enough of a personality from her yet; need to give it more time
  • Interested in seeing what happens with her.

H. Liam Herrold, COD, Fighter Assault Bay
10  6  7  7  9  7  5  8  8  10  6  6  9  2  6  7
Average: 7,06 (Previous rating: 7,14)

  • MAY or may not be somewhat invested in this character. He's interesting.

I. Mr. Drauc T'Laus, Mercenary
7  7  7  8  8  8  10  8  6  5  8  7  6  6  8  5  6  7  10
Average: 7,2 (Previous rating: 8,25)

  • This guy manages to make me laugh even when he's played 100% straight
  • 1,000,000

J. Commander Jennifer Dewitt, Mission Liaison Officer
9  9  8  7  7  10  6  7  9  9  8  4  8  7  6  8,5
Average: 7,75 (Previous rating: N/A)

K. Sera vers Aldnoah, Explorer/Scavenger
7  8  6  7  9  10  10  7  5  9  7  6  9  8  6  8
Average: 7,63 (Previous rating: N/A)

  • Been meaning to follow her adventures more

L. Adam Kingston, Master-at-Arms
3  8  5  10  7  6  7  7  2  6  6
Average: 6,09 (Previous rating: N/A)

M. Vinata Vojona, Ovri Nurse
7  5  6  1  9  1  6
Average: 5 (Previous rating: N/A)

Overall Comments to Question 12:
  • As above, but for characters. I think I am going to answer N/A for all of these - they each had so much going on for so long.
  • Shout out to Natalie Stark, played by Brutus for the development of the character throughout episode 5. Also, to Blue Tiran, played by BZ for the great range of emotion the character has been through.

13. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being best, rate your role-playing experience in the Star Trek: Theurgy sim. If you have no opinion, please say so. Also, can you think of what might make the sim score a rating of 10?
  • Compared with all the other simms I've been in, Theurgy is a solid 10 in my book.  The GM is willing to work with each of the writers and puts in far more effort that someone should be expected to contribute, leaders included.  The freedom we writers have been allowed when it comes to writing our own stories is refreshing, and the willingness to delve into topics and situations that are more "mature" than the norm for Star Trek writing allows for an entirely new element when it comes to studying life in the Trek universe. The GM shows extreme patience with writers, willing to work with them when posting rates slow down or when things go wrong.  This helps me think of the simm as top notch.
  • A solid 7 for me. Reasons it does not make a 10: There is so much happening, so much of it is not very Trek-flavored because of the serious, deadly nature of the plot, and high turnover we've had lately.
  • 7.5 This is mostly due to the alternate reality stories are just that stories, fictions that aren't tried at all or ignored until someone else decide to appropriate them fro themselves with no bloody regard for anyone else, or the fact that no matter what i say or want to try its pretty much instantly and irrevocably given a NO... So its just not encouraging in that sense, otherwise its fine.
  • 7. Episode 5 just went on a little on the long side.
  • 6: It's been pretty good, but some of the out of character stuff is a bit trying. I've had my ass flat out JUMPED by people in discord and private messaged and such over things they like or don't like. I've had to eventually tell one that they're not my mother, my boss or my wife and can't tell me what to do. So their 'clique' has pretty much written me off and my scenes have dropped through the floor. That's kinda annoyed me. To the point I've stopped coming on Discord as much. I signed up to write. Not be chewed out because one person thinks I need to be nicer to their manic depressive buddy.
  • 8. There are high notes and low notes like every sim, I just think I'm twiddling my thumbs a lot. Not sure if there is a way to fix it. To be honest I'm feeling a little Harry Kim-ish. Young, not much to say, etc.
  • The Theurgy is a fantastic writing environment and certainly one of the highest quality sims on the internet. That much has been obvious for a while. In the year that I've been part of the sim, I've had the opportunity to participate in some superb stories and be a part of a wonderful community. It took me a while to adapt to the Theurgy's style, but when I did, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm still finding my feet, so to speak, as I underestimated the difficulty of writing an entirely new character with no connections whatsoever to the Theurgy's crew. But in terms of my general experience? I'll give the Theurgy a big fat 9.
  • I have little experience with other sims, but if I had to put a number to it, I'd probably give it an 8?
  • Is there room for improvement? Sure, there always is. Compared to any other Star Trek SIMM I"ve been involved in? 10
  • 10
  • 8. Thread count, there is so much going on that, as a reader, I struggled to keep up with everything. In fact there are many threads from episode 5 (mainly supplementals) that I haven't read at all yet.
  • 8, I'm over all enjoying the interaction with everyone and how the story unfolds. To get to a 10, I would assume to have more immersion and more dilemma decision making.
  • 7 or 8; to reach 10 it would be me demanding and receiving artwork and plots and things specifically focussed on me and I'm not nearly that childish :)  I mean, if you want to surprise me, I won't turn it down :D
  • 7. If I am honest most of what is holding that back from a 10 is myself. That is something I need to work on.
  • 10. So far I'm really enjoying myself here, the people are great, story is great and I'm looking forward to where things go now and into Season 2 and beyond.
  • 10. I have really enjoyed my time here over the past year, and I am excited to keep going and see what comes next on our next planetary encounter!
  • Overall... 8? The only things I can think of that would bring it to a 10 would also probably not bring it to a 10 in actuality... again, things we have discussed before ha.
  • 7
  • 10/10. Loving it here.
  • (9) I think it's going to go as good as it gets. No, it's gonna get better, I just know. It isn't a 10, mostly because it's not 100% the kind of thing I go for, story-wise, but just think of it as 99.99% there. It's just that tiny smidgen. :3
  • 9 - I'm not quite sure what would make a 10. There is an intangible something that I can't quite put my finger on.
  • 10. Well even 11 actually. I love this sim and enjoy reading all the posts and participating in this wonderful story you and the other writers have crafted.
  • I'd give my experience so far an 9 ranking. I have greatly enjoyed my time here over the past months, and have really enjoyed all of my interactions. I haven't given it a 10 just yet, as I have found it a little difficult to move out and expand to write with different people so far, and a big part of the sim is being able to work with lots of different authors over the course of the project. Whilst this is partially my fault, it isn't always easy for some new authors to quickly ask for the existing authors to do threads with them, and only now am I starting to feel more comfortable with this. When I accomplish this more easily, I expect my score will rise.
  • 10, Last year I said we needed Klingons to make it a 10/10, now we are allied with the high chancellor of the Empire himself. So As promised I am very happy and excited. You know what would make this Sim an 11? at the moment I don't know.
  • 8, I think i've exposed my points in the previous questions. Still one of the best SIMs/RPGs i've joined, and improving so... keep going! If there are something it really need to improve it's that you should have a little tougher hand with disruptive writers. I'm not referring to puntual problems, but to people who have created real OOC problems (being really toxic in discord, for example), writers who have forced you to correct and reread their post for months increasing your workload, and so on. I know that you give a lot of opportunities, that you try to be understanding, that you trust that everyone can improve, but maybe giving warnings earlier will help that things not to get out of hand. Keeping the balance between a friendly environment (and attracting new writers) and don't let people abusing your trust is complicated. I don't envy your position.
  • 10. I've only been around for a little while but I'm having a blast. You're a good GM, I feel the sim, story, characters, & players are all really safe in your hands! I've read a lot of threads but only been involved with a few, so I can't comment on very much. But in general from what I've experienced I've had a great time; the sim is run smoothly, the story is well-paced and progression is good. Battles are in general really fun, although it feels like energy was run a little ragged towards the end of Battle of the Apertures. I'm really enjoying the Epilogue so far, and really looking forward to the next episode!
  • I would say it's a solid 8 or 9.  I think that sometimes the story drags because there is too much to put into one mission/season/what have you.  It makes it harder for 'down time' and 'fun threads' which is what keeps a lot of us into our characters.  Not that we need a ton of down time, but it would be nice if we could integrate it somehow here and there.  Pockets of it.  Like while in warp or whatever.  Just a thought.

Average: 8,55 (Previous rating: 9,33)

14. Name different things the Aldea Prime Anthology should have more and less of.
  • More: Shore leave, seeing the civilian side of life, interesting aliens to meet.  Less: Heavy combat (simple bar/street brawls are prefectly fine) since we've had a lot of that over the past 2 episodes+interregnum.
  • More personal plots and victories on the Infested front! And maybe a little bit less factions involved with the plot, or unify them, because between borg, asurains, savi, klingons, infested, and archeron, I am completely overwhelmed.
  • I'm really not sure, maybe, some social time, not as sideline stuff, some character development episodes, proper main story ones not interregnum tidbits.
  • Less existence-ending do-or-die, more "new worlds and new civilizations"
  • Not sure
  • No idea what this is :/
  • More optimism, less depression. More bikinis and banana hammocks, less moping.
  • I think we should have less in the way of non-stop combat. I know it drives the sim, but I feel as though a number of writers are getting what I can only describe as war weariness due to the never-ending battles of the last chapter. Possibly more exploration or diplomacy? Maybe a rescue mission?
  • More of a chance for the characters to recover/have some serious down time. Less getting killed
  • More interpersonal relationships and exploration/development of characters, Less being hunted and having to be on the run, that should be saved for Season 2.
  • More fun episodic content. An example could be based around the crew on the planet, running afoul of local laws or getting mixed up on the wrong sort of thing. More pairing of two characters that may not interact otherwise. Less constant combat/fighting
  • N/A
  • More opportunity to get off the ship and stretch the legs.  I joked about dungeons and dragons in the campaign, but seriously a chance to explore a ruins or an old temple or something would be interesting... maybe it's something the Aldeans can ask us to do in exchange for something... money, resources, etc?  Ives wouldn't necessarily assign a team for it but might instead put it out there as an option for volunteers; or Thea could assign a field project as part of her university teachings, etc. 
  • Civil assignments, helping the Aldean government while they generously let us stay. Starfleety things (Maybe low risk, but high importance.) Chase off Pirates? Small fry stuff for a change of pace. Less mutiny.
  • Having come off of some pretty big battles a little less of that and a little more down time, which it's already looking like it is, although some adventure and fights are always nice.
  • I'm undecided! Maybe a little more time with some people on planet? Not everyone, of course. And some more Klingons but I just think they're neat. As I'm sure you guessed!
  • More of the old Star Trek staples like meeting new people and exploring a new(old?) world. I suspect this will be covered just fine. Less of... for now, just a little less fighting would be fine. Conflict is the fodder of any story, but I think we're due a break!
  • No Opinion
  • Already getting it. Heap of free time. Time to explore characters without sheer panic and the ship falling apart. And I'm fixing the X shuttle.  (laugh)
  • Just about everything we haven't been able to do/have since the beginning of Theurgy? I know that's vague as hell, but like, nightclubs, markets, hotels, interactive NPCs, a chance to feel like people again, to do people things who are not at war in a hopeless and bleak situation. See families, and people just doing people things like living, having fun, making friends, falling in love, etc. Petting zoos, some damn peace and quiet, or a little edge for those who still want action, like street races or black markets, or even street fights, I don't know, but just all this, and without more parasite infested people or the oncoming Dark. We know it's there, and we know we're gonna have to deal with that. But just let both us (the writers) and our characters just have a chance to do different things besides fight for our lives. So I feel like Aldea can literally have everything and I wouldn't protest that it's too much.
  • Lots of time for R&R, and open threads for exploration and fun on the surface.
  • More relaxing and personal time. Less go go go.
  • One thing I would really enjoy to see, are some 'assigned' missions. By this, I mean, providing situations where authors and characters who have less reason to react in the story, can be included in threads together more easily, by having them assigned for 'away missions' together by yourself. Whether it be a group of officers going to one of the markets to obtain supplies, or a shuttle exploration to a neighboring planet, just a few scenarios where we can both work with authors we don't get as much opportunity to work with, as well as characters whom our characters don't get to engage with as often.
  • I feel a bit like we have been in the action genre for a long time, ever since the battle of 84, it would be nice to have a baseball episode, or something like that.  I am always a huge fan of closed doors murder mysteries, basically any genre where the warp core isn't exploding for a turn would be great. Maybe even a holodeck screws up and nearly kills us storyline as it were.
  • Some relaxing time, some silly threads, make some alliances or make the current one stronger. Some science and diplomacy plots. I really want an undercover travel to Qo'noS at some point (i've some ideas, i'll PM them later). For a time, both characters and writers need a rest period without too many battles. They could come back to them later, or some part of the crew could have some skirmishes. But it need to be a more... relaxed period generally speaking.
  • Some large threads & events with lots of characters involved that aren't battles might be fun. Otherwise, I don't think I've been around long enough to really get an idea!
  • Just .. fun!  The ability to have missions, and have fun, and character development.

15. Name different things the next Season (Season 2) should have more and less of.
  • More: Fate of the Cayuga, social commentary, visions of victory. Less: Cult of Morali
  • See above.
  • Allies, Theurgy needs to get a group of steadfast allies and NEW PILOTS, we got like 10 left!
  • More: "classic Trek"; science and engineering curiosities, some diplomacy, some stuff that isn't directly related to fighting the Big Bad. Less: dread grimness; a degree of feeling a threat is good, even a degree of "we're so fucked".  But I feel we've spent too long at too high a level of grimdark, and it needs to be backed down from, and modulated a bit better. 
  • I'm open.
  • Same, no idea what this is :/
  • I can't believe that I'm going to say this...but less 'splosions, maybe? A bit of intrigue and tension, perhaps, with some sneaking around mixed in with politics and espionage? Bah, I don't know. The one thing I'd be really interested in is something rather different to Episode 1 in terms of the overall theme. Episode 2 is an opportunity for something different, a chance to use our toys (characters) in new and innovate ways. Then maim, brutalise and kill them in new and innovative ways. Because that's we do.
  • See above.
  • More counseling sessions. These poor sods are legit, every one of them, suffering from horrid PTSD. Also, needs more Garak.
  • More interpersonal relationships and exploration/development of characters, Less being hunted and having to be on the run, that should be saved for Season 2.
  • More of a feeling of progress towards saving the galaxy. So far it feels like all theurgy has done is been knocked back. Less Asurians. I want them to come back for a redemption arc, but not during season 2 (or at least not until the end)
  • I'd say surprise me and see what the others can conjure up. No point in thinking as the story is very much in motion.
  • Maybe tie in elements of bigger Star Trek mysteries?  Iconians?  Breen (Ives wanna go home?), etc?  Can we use some of these things to aid our mission?  Who originated the Savi?  What's going on with Section 31?  The Tal'shiar?  Has the Obsidian Order reassembled? etc.
  • I would love to see more being a Starfleet ship, despite everything else and their situation they dont forget who or what they are. Less quick starts, sudden booms of danger. I am looking at this as a place to slow down a little and recuperate, with a slower build to the next big step? (I say this as someone whom only experience the last part of our journey so far.)
  • I honestly can't think of anything right now but based on what I've read from the start till now in my short time here so far really just a nice balance and continuation of the main story mixed in with side stories that are different. Much like how in The X Files you had the core mythology episodes about the Alien Conspiracy but you also had the stand alone monster of the week episodes, or in Theurgy's case we have the parasite infestation as the main story but we throw in some Borg stories as well occasionally, that would be nice.
  • New encounters will be fun but there's nothing I can really think of to change!
  • More weird shit in the vastness of space, fewer dead allies.
  • No Opinion
  • Couldn't think of anything off the top of my head atm. Sorry.
  • Again, as listed above, I think it will be fun if we can do more Trek things like explore, do diplomacy, and not always have to fight in every adventure. I refer to Star Trek: Discovery Season 2, episode 1 and/or 2, where a very intriguing episode is had and there was no shoot-shoot-kill-kill moments. Yes, there was violence or even injury (or death in Episode 1's case), but not an endless wave of death and destruction. I really think that would make Theurgy the most flexible, forward-thinking and best sim in the world. We've had five full episodes in the first season that the only things I remember about it is non-stop violence, failure at every end, barely scraping by the skin of our teeth, no rest, and generally unhappiness. Oh and lots and lots of sex. I'm not saying there weren't fun moments or good times had (or I wouldn't be here, now, would I?), but in general, when I think back, the first thing I remember is what I mentioned above. I'm not sure if others feel the same way about it as I do, but I'm really hoping we can move away from that just like Discovery did in the second season. I would like to be able to look back and the first thing I think of or remember was something awesome or fun or nice that happened/worked out just as planned/hoped. Once more I apologize if this is an oft-repeated complaint or something you feel has already been addressed. I beg you to bear with me on this. So, in short: Less excessive grim-dark scenes and storylines, less focus on getting in somebody's pants, less moments where the only option, for all our best efforts to the contrary, leads to violence and murder on one side or the other. Like, let there be moments or scenes where we were able to talk someone down from violence. And more happy moments, more good endings, more fulfilling sensations where we actually accomplished something we set out to do and even if there are hair-raising moments, we get by, and succeed, against all odds. More light-heartedness? I really hope this helps and doesn't look like a rant-fest. If it does, I apologize once more. Overall, I love what you've done and what you've created, and I offer my humble requests/suggestions in the hopes it will help to improve this place even more.
  • Unsure, I felt that season 1 was quite well balanced. Perhaps in season 2 we could have a 'peaceful' mission or two, where the crew have the chance to be proper Starfleet officers again, surveying planets and stars, and rendering aid to nearby colonies.
  • I'd like to see more peaceful exploring rather than being under attack constantly. Other than that, I'm open to anything!
  • For season two, one of my biggest asks would be for us to explore different methods of having the ship encounter danger. Whilst we have experienced several space battles over the course of the story I have been party to, it would be interesting to explore some alternate dangers to the ship. Spatial anomalies would give us a different element of danger to explore, and will give us all a good chance to practice our technobabble. Threats from within as well, with a crew so wracked and troubled as they are, it would be interesting to explore some of the strife and tension that the characters would no doubt be experiencing by now. Just a few more troubles for the crew to face that are slightly different threats to what they are used to.
  • I have an idea, so the Borg were trying to use tears in subspace to try and take over the galaxy rapid pace, and we put a stop to that. Well I was reminded that the Iconians were a thing, an empire that built gates that had the ability to travel between worlds. I feel like if plan A had failed, the parasites would seek out a more risky plan B, aligning with an ancient malevolent species with extremely advanced technology would be a good idea for them. Plus when we need to seperate everyone we could use the gates to send people to different planets across the beta, and alpha quadrants, with a sekeleton crew on the ship we would have a new oppertunity to explore old settings in new ways. Also time travel... just always time travel.
  • I would love we found more gray moral dilemmas, more investigation, more situations that can't be solved with a battle and need diplomacy. I think that, even on the run, even with the Starfleet against them, the characters need to remember WHY they are in the Starfleet, what they defend, and why they must keep fighting. There must be a little hope at the end of the dark times, something that make them keep with the mission. A little victories, fun times, etc that allow both of the characters and the writers relax a bit  and don't fall into a dark mood.
  • More story downtime between high-energy events & threads would be nice, just to allow characters some breathing room to develop and plan ahead. Also perhaps more of a focus on one or two enemies per episode rather than multiple all at once, just because it's so narratively satisfying to build up & then deal with a single enemy over the course of an arc.
  • Less bad guys!  More hope!

I like the results, the 8,55 rating great, but I would like to comment on the results in detail tomorrow or the day after that. :)

The results of the last poll conducted in 2015 can be found here, and the 2017 one here for sake of comparison.

Feel free to comment here in the meantime!

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan
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Reply #2

Okay! Reading the results, here are my comments to your replies. :)

  • Does your GM generally need to increase, decrease, or keep to the same posting length when he writes?

    Just like in the last poll, the consensus here is that you are all happy with the way I write, more or less. When it makes sense, I will make sure to split my posts up if I have more than two POVs. Thank you all for your kind words, and I will make sure to try and maintain the same standard.

    There was a single unrelated comment about minimum word count, but 250 words isn't verbose, and reducing it to 50-100 would take away from the identity of the sim, in how we put a high focus on characterisation. As the General Rules state, writing a good reply includes reacting to the other character's actions and speech and giving the other writer(s) enough to react to. This ties in very heavily with length. Be sure to describe various aspects of your character's interaction for clarity. (Examples: If your character speaks, does s/he speak in a particular tone? Does s/he use a facial expression? Does s/he physically react to the other character's words or actions? Etc.)

    Oh, there was also this non-detailed and therefore perhaps even rude comment about preferring things(?) faster? Not sure if it related to me specifically or the pace of the sim in general, but the question was in regard to my own writing. Sorry to disappoint, but I am moderating and posting as quickly as I can. :)

  • 2. Do you feel lost and without direction in the game? If so, how would you like to be informed about story development?

    In general, you all seem to appreciate the way in which I communicate, using the different means at my disposal. I will of course try to continue being as clear as possible about where things stand. Some of you say that when you get lost it's your own fault, and while yeah, sure, that might be the case when there is little time to read up, so my priority is to make sure that the information you need is available when you have the time to go look for it.

    There was a comment about the Versant thread and the plot arc of the abductees, and yes! I agree fully, if I had come up with the idea to use Objectives in the Versant threads when they were written, I would absolutely have added them to help how the potential of the story for the abductees. In retrospect, I feel like there was a lot of missed potential in the story there, having imagined a lot of interesting plot development to happen that simply didn't bear fruit. Not just in the Enterprise-E simulation, but in the captivity preceding that. The Savi were there to be interacted with. I feel, however, that when the escaped abductees moved out to complete mission objectives in True Nature (Part 2) and it's Supplementals, the energy was higher and there was an air of accomplishment and progress. So yeah, I agree, if we'd had mission objectives in Part 1 of the Episode, it would have been even better.

  • Name one thing you want me to continue doing as GM.

    First, yes, the Objectives are here to stay, no worries there, and I am so happy you all seem to have liked that story-building technique! :) This allows you all to drive the story forward instead of just reacting to story updates. There has to be a balance though, since the Objectives can't be mandatory, neither for you nor I. They have to be optional for you, and I do not want to constantly write to-do lists for you all, lol. I want to share my ideas when I can, so that you can discard them or combine them for even greater things.

    And yeah, I don't plan to stop making art either, much less stop staying fair and impartial. I will keep monitoring OOC issues, but a later poll question will touch on that topic, so I will write more on that further down.

    Oh, and yes! Like the kind commentator towards the end alluded to about the poll. This poll is not for me, it is for you guys. I care to know how you all feel, so that I can do what I can to improve this creative atmosphere we have. I need to make sure you are enjoying your characters. I do take my time to pay attention, and the poll is a great tool to catch up on the overall feelings you have. I don't nag at you all to submit your answers for my sake, but for your own.

    All I ask is that you try to be fair in your feedback, since that's more constructive for everyone. :)

  • Name one thing you want me to stop doing as GM.

    Overall, there weren't many comments about things that I should stop doing, but I will reply to those I saw.

    As for high stakes plotlines, yeah, they were, because we've written a Season Finale in our story, and the stakes were higher than ever. So was the number of antagonists, but that was a consequence of sim size, really. Do you see the alternative scenario? Instead of forcing 35ish writers to stomp around in the same small sandbox, I had to split the crew in order to let every character get a chance to shine in new roles and situations they'd never been in before. What's funny about the mundane?

    Yes, there might have been many concurrent enemies in the last Episode. That said, I'm not sure what the alternative might have been without inflating the Savi to cover all scenarios? Would that not have been repetitive? If it had been just the Borg, it would have been a short Episode indeed, the Theurgy destroyed in Chapter 1. If just the Asurians, they were too few, no real opposition. If just TFA, it would have been boring, since we've dealt with them in the majority of the past Episodes.

    Everything has led up to the Season 1 Finale. All the abductees can be restored to their original physiology (like in most Trek episodes of similar nature), the Theurgy managed to stop a Borg Invasion, saved billions of lives, they have an ally, and they have a safe port for some R&R. Aside from the resurrected Wenn Cinn making the ultimate sacrifice, as the Prophets intended, I can't see anything "pyrrhic" about this victory. I find that an unfair sentiment, likely influenced by the previous defeat at Starbase 84, even though the real Simulcast (hidden with the visual one sent out) did reach key individuals, whom will be featured in the Aldea period as well as Season 2.

    Oh! An excellent point was raised about using the abandoned NPCs too much, and using the objectives instead is - indeed - a far better method to progress the story. Not only does it free up my time, but it gives you all more stuff to cover in your posts as well. Awesome feedback!

  • Name one thing you want me to start doing as GM.

    Add Discovery lore to the sim? I am open to suggestions, but I'd love to see the conclusion of Season 2 before taking larger stuff into consideration. I'd love to see a Kelpien character, or some other featured species, at the risk of the species lore having to be retconned as more episodes or seasons come out, lol. I am not entirely happy with the Section 31 portrayal, hoping for some kind of answer how that kind of open activity may be shrouded in complete ignorance in DS9. Perhaps there will be a plausible explanation? I don't know. Still, excellent series, and I love it despite it's few flaws, just like the other series had flaws as well.

    We can have plenty of positive plotlines, especially on Aldea. But when someone said "Maybe a touch more for the 'little' people?", and no more detail was given, I feel like I have to interpret the comment. Is it rank? In that case, as I have written before, keep in mind that our story is extremely detailed, but it is also extremely character-driven. It doesn't even matter which position they have in the crew roster. Your characters are important regardless if they are Departmental Heads or NCOs, because you make them important. You - writers - are not your job-titles, are you? Write your characters true to whom they are, and the story will be better too. Furthermore, it is not my prime function to cater threads to all characters since you are too many. You all need to make Supplemental threads of your own if needed, but I am happy to advise on plots for those! :)

    Oh, updates on overall story progression, and what OOC projects of mine that are underway? Sure! It's a matter of timing and time-available, but if you want to know overall story progression in threads outside your own, I will definitely keep it in mind and make it a set part of the Newsletters. :) If there is anything else you would like to see in them, please speak up!

    Asking for help more often, you say, and I do try to ask for help when I can nowadays after the last poll. Unfortunately, I have often been stonewalled when I do ask for help with stuff, so I have come to rely on my own abilities more often than not. Asking for feedback on the forum when making the weapon systems and the Aldea pages has yielded 1-2 replies each at most, so... yeah. It's like, when I do ask for help, I seldom end up getting it? It's awesome when I do get help, only people are more quick to offer help than to actually do things, sadly.

    Someone wanted to see more of a crackdown on the MACO attitude security, and people who attempt to write one-man-army characters. Yeah, I hate godmoding too, and especially arrogant attitudes about their characters' abilities. It undermines a healthy and positive sim environment. Godmoding is often connected to a habit of conflating OOC and IC, compensating for something, and not having a healthy distance between oneself and the story. It's fiction, and while it may chafe, your characters can and should fail. They should have character flaws. They should bleed. They should be relatable. "MACO" is a thing of ancient history in our current year of 2381, and just like godmoders, they don't belong in our collective narrative. Just stay tuned and see how Ives will process his abduction in For the Win.

    As for "limiting the number of characters available per non-Federation race, the example of four Cardassians aboard the ship, and a race like the El-Aurians, having more than say, two aboard, would be extremely strange." I agree! I have denied writers to make Vulpinians for the very same reason, them being so rare. We have two, and there will be no more in the foreseeable future. On the flip-side, however, there are only so many species to pick from, and I am opposed to limiting creativity too much. It has to be a balance in this issue, otherwise it will become some kind of race by writers to hog species just for sake of not writing humans. I am aware, I will maintain a balance, but I will not be an asshole.

    The request to be allowed 5 characters came up... again... and I have even written a poem on Discord to reply to this reoccurring request.

    This is the thing that comes up now and again, the number of characters issue.
    My experience is pretty clear on the subject, so go grab a tissue.
    Prolific writers may stretch themselves too thin.
    And with each character, be it friend, alien or kin
    the number of threads increase exponentially.
    Alas, along comes some IRL issue and boom
    you end up in a situation where you have 15+ due replies that loom

    We are very literate, so that weighs in on the character limit
    15+ threads x 200 words minimum, but the average is 350, isn't it?
    That's 5250 words worth of writing to shoulder.
    Aye, that is quite a boulder.

    On the flip side, you have 10 characters but only 5 threads ongoing?
    Then why do you have your characters?
    As memorabilia? Or a collector's items? No, more will be your undoing.

  • List the times/periods in the last year where the story seemed to drag on, you were bored, or the energy in the Group seemed the lowest.

    I've already written about the Versant and what could have been done better, and the necessity of splitting up the ship so that all writers got an equal chance at getting "stuff to do", and it may happen again. Just look at our Crew Manifest. Click and scroll. It is gigantic, with very few - if any - vacancies. We don't even need to open up full recruitment at this point, that's how many characters we have serving on a single ship. That's why we may have to split it into three more often. I don't foresee any immediate need for this, especially not in the Aldea Anthologies, but I can't say "never" to it. Still, the Theurgy will be in SOM (Standard Operation Mode) most of the time.

    "There are points where we are just entering a zone, or starting combat, where the story slows down a lot while everyone has to put in their two cents." Yeah, I think it's two things making this happen. For lack of a better term, I think it's initially a shell-shock situation, where the writers wrap their head around what just happened, what their characters might be doing, and what options they have available. The second thing that happens is... surprise! They wait for others to post so that they have another characters' reaction to go on when writing their own. Most often, I have set 7 days for all to post, but usually the posts come rattling in on day 4-7. Why, perhaps one tend to not want to post first because you feel like you might screw up details or the setting etc? Please, even if that might happen, edits can be made, and we're all human. I make mistakes too!

    Someone said "less waiting on the one who straggle behind with replies, NPC them!" Well, that's all depending on my availability to post with additional characters after those seven days expire too, lol. The problem with doing it too often is that I fear people will start begin to think it's okay and just wait for me to solve it. That's not a situation that I want to end up in either, having to write for more and more characters because people are busy/lazy. So it's a balance there, for sure. I am aware of the need in large threads, though, and I did step in and did this, so I will continue doing it in that manner.

    Some commented on the Battle of the Apertures, and yeah, I think it was fatigue, and OOC knowing they would make it out of there. It was a tough, long and climatic Episode, but I am glad I pushed for the high pace of story progression that I did. Otherwise, the Queen would still hacking the ship to pieces, lol.

  • Do you feel rail-roaded in the story? (meaning: you get pushed into an IC-situation you do not want to write) If so, when was this?

    One comment was about the writers with higher ranking officers having to post early within the 7 day deadline, and I disagree. There are three options. 1) Your character actually take action on his or her own initiative instead of sitting on their hands. 2) You contact the writer OOC and ask for a snippet of dialogue from the superior officer to facilitate action. 3) You do a Joint Post with the writer. Perhaps even three writers get together to do a JP. Four! The spirit of writing should be about cooperation, not finger-pointing and accusations. Please don't mix up OOC and IC stature. You are all equal as reasonable and adult writers, and you should cooperate, not compete.

    That being said, I have myself identified the need for clear and easy tutorials for Joint-Posts, so that this can become more common now that we are to write between the Seasons. I think this will help boost the sim a lot!

    There were a couple of comments about other writers causing unwanted situations, but overall, these have been handled over time when it happened. Oh, and since there were no specifics added to the comment about the story polls and how they were used - as in which one(s)? - I will discuss this in the personal poll talks I will be having with all those willing.

    Commenting on the Versant storyline again. Once more, I still feel the objectives in Part 1 would have helped ease this feeling of helplessness. But some comments irked me, and I feel they were unfair. What about the writing challenge of writing one's character undergoing an involuntary change, when it's of course completely reversible in the end of the Episode (like in dozens of Trek episodes)? I think it actually sucks to hear negativity about it. Some writers want to keep their Corrected characters as-is now. Some just want to do a cosmetic change, keeping them full Vulcan etc. It was an opportunity, with all kinds of consequences or non-consequences you OOC wished there to be - both in starting choice and reversal. What's not to like about that? I think the biggest problem with the Versant complaints in the poll-reply to this question is based in how some of you may take what happens to your characters way too personally. Again, I can't stress this enough, keep a healthy distance to your characters, or write in PG13 sims.

    Sorry if that's harsh, but that's the truth of it.

  • Are you enjoying playing your character(s), and if not, what would you like to happen to them?

    Most of these replies will be, or has been, discussed personally with those who've replied to the poll! :) I was so happy to read how overall, you all are enjoying yourselves!

  • Is your GM fair or do you feel he favours any particular player over the others?

    Awesome to read how the overall consensus was how you all thought me fair. Thank you for that, and I do try to not play favourites since it is the death of sims. It will always be my intention to keep it that way. If you do observe me playing favourites, please, slap me?

    Because it came up, if you feel like you've noticed some members furthering the plotline with help from OOC information, making it look like there is some kind of hidden plotting taking place? That I favour people in that way? It's not the case. It's quite simple and benign. It's the result of these writers coming to me because they don't have any ideas of their own. Whereupon I give them ideas and tasks to handle. This is not me being unfair and favouring anyone. It is me being helpful. I can't inform everyone when giving someone advise. It would be too much to handle for me. The same "service" is extended to everyone, even if some of the older members might be more readily asking me, but I can't hand-feed and tailor tasks for all writers unless they are in a real bind and specifically ask for help. I do expect imagination and inventiveness. :)

    So, I can't update everyone about every possible PM and Discord conversation I am having. I do not play favourites in that way, nor am I being neglectful.

  • Would you like to see graphics, maps or floor plans used more often, particularly in combat situations?

    Duly noted here. Pretty much the same answer as the last two polls. Just enough for situational awareness, no more, and not always. :)

  • For each of the following scenes/events, rate them 1-10, 10 being best. If you have no opinion or have not partaken/read the event, please state N/A.
    A. Episode 04: Simulcast, before the Theurgy arrived
    B. Episode 04: Simulcast, after the Theurgy arrived
    C. Interregnum 04-05
    D. Ep 05, P1: Nicander's true nature revealed, and the battle against the Savi and the Asurians
    E. Ep 05, P1: The Versant, Correction, USS Enterprise and Recycling
    F. Ep 05, P1: Stallion and Cayuga vs. the Asurians
    G. Ep 05, P1: The Sword and the USS Niger and the Borg trail
    H. Ep 05, P1: First half of the Helmet's TFA encounter
    I. Ep 05, P1: Epilogue, with the Allegiant and the Borg/TFA debris field
    J. Ep 05, P2: Second prologue, the abductees are revealed to be alive, and in Tiran's hideout
    K. Ep 05, P2: Asurian Jailbreak on the Cayuga
    L. Ep 05, P2: Battle with the Rotarran
    M. Ep 05, P2: Last half of the TFA Encounter, the Theurgy reintegrates and escapes
    N. Ep 05, P2: The abductees on the Versant completes 5 objectives and kills Semathal
    O. Ep 05, P2: Battle of the Apertures
    P. Ep 05, P2: Epilogue (So far!)

    High ratings across the board! Wohoo!

    There were two low points, them being Vertex and the Prologue on the Versant in Part 2, the former being the worst. To me, it is clear why Vertex didn't work out well, and it was the blatant antagonism in the bridge, this divisive and poor handling of resources and bad attitudes. Instead of the situation merging the bridge crew under pressure and threat, solidifying the development, the atmosphere didn't inspire creativity and progressive thinking. It turned into an insult-fest and disregard towards Trek tech and capabilities, all just to somehow make the Helmet look like it had any chance to stay hidden. It was a low-point in the story, infected by too much interpersonal drama, to the point where the OOC standpoints influenced all IC dealings. I would even give it a lower rating, but thankfully, the Theurgy was reintegrated in Part 2, and they left the Rendezvous zone.

    As for the Prologue on the Versant in Part 2, where the readers learn that the abductees are actually alive and not Recycled - as their duplicates were shown to be in the end of Part 1 - I have learned that the reoccurring comment about the Prologue is the wedding held there. And... I am really surprised at that. Two reasons why I disagree about the wedding being badly timed there:

    1. Given the grimness of the plotline, in the Versant story arc, wasn't the wedding exactly something that could balance and mitigate the situation for the characters? Judging by the poll, writers have felt that it was all very bleak and grim, so to help ease things up, the wedding was supposed to let the characters get back in touch with reality outside the nightmare ship. They had just escaped the Enterprise hologram ship, and were in a safe haven that Blue Tiran had set up for them. There was hope and possibilities, a whole night to rest and recover. A wedding was held to ground some goodness into the situation. If the Versant was such a bad and grim place... why disregard some levity and goodness when it was applicable? That's just not fair.

    2. Secondly, put yourselves in the shoes of the writers of the two characters that were wed for just a moment. How would you feel getting IC and OOC hostility over something that's supposed to be a joyous occasion? I am looking for a good word about this, and all I can come up with is how unjust it is to begrudge two writers the mid-Episode chance to not only try to help ease up the storyline, but also illustrate such an important occasion for the characters? If you were in their shoes, how would you think about being called out for hugging the spotlight? It surely wasn't like it took too long IC time? As for OOC? How did it matter when there were Supplemental threads to make and the Prologue wasn't locked until months later?

    To those who begrudge the focus on the wedding at that time, I'd like to say shame on you, and be more inclusive. ;)

  • For each of the characters listed, rate them in terms of interest level or how entertaining you found them, from 1-10, 10 being the best. If you have no opinion, please state N/A.
    A. Captain Jien Ives
    B. Dr. Lucan cin Nicander, Infested Informant
    C. Deputy ThanIda zh'Wann
    D. Evelyn Rawley, Fighter Pilot
    E. "Thea"
    F. Ensign Cir'Cie, Vulcan Botanist in the Science Dept.
    G. V-Nine, Savi Android
    H. Liam Herrold, COD, Fighter Assault Bay
    I. Mr. Drauc T'Laus, Mercenary
    J. Commander Jennifer Dewitt, Mission Liaison Officer
    K. Sera vers Aldnoah, Explorer/Scavenger
    L. Adam Kingston, Master-at-Arms
    M. Vinata Vojona, Ovri Nurse

    Thank you all so much for the feedback on these characters, and how I am able to see how they are progressing in terms of popularity depending on what happens to them and what they do. It's awesome to see that Nicander has become even more popular than in the last poll, especially since he is such a divisive character concept. It goes to show that his development is heading in the right direction, and I look forward to continue writing him. Ives and Thea dropped a little in the poll, but that's probably because they were gone for a long time, lol. Another great feedback is how Jennifer Dewitt proved to be a more popular character than Sera vers Aldnoah, even if both have been featured equally much in the Episode. Dewitt's actions on Vector 01 are just as divisive as Nicander's nature, which suggests to me that despite their actions, they have come to stay because they are interesting enough. Thank you!

    While Drauc and Ida fell in popularity, the former for reasons I don't know, I am confident in my portrayal of Ida. I know who she is, and she has a lot more story in her. Especially after current events in the Epilogue. Liam dropped in popularity as well, perhaps because he is off the market after hooking up with Ji? lol I dunno, but being a stand-up guy and quite ordinary, I hope to make him more interesting over time. :)

    Seeing Cir'Cie... I feel like I have to repeat a comment about the faceclaim thing from the last poll.

    I am an artist, and not an avid watcher of tv-shows. This might explain how I think in regard to my character creations. For me, a face is just a face. Whether or not said face is a model, actress or pornstar is completely secondary to me. I write a character description first, then I go look for a match in order to make images. I do not take into account any on-screen mannerisms etc. That being said, I think it is really unfair towards Cir'Cie's faceclaim to be called ugly and give her a rating accordingly, seemingly with no regard to her portrayal. Her faceclaim is literally a supermodel, but her face has no basis in her character, just like none of the character artwork has any basis in how you write them all. They are just images.

    If this ridiculous focus on actresses and actors escalate, some already wishing to pre-book faceclaims for future characters, I will take down my gallery for overhaul, and only use stock models from shutterstock of my choosing henceforth. It's actually what I should be doing anyway.

  • On a scale of 1-10, 10 being best, rate your role-playing experience in the Star Trek: Theurgy sim. If you have no opinion, please say so. Also, can you think of what might make the sim score a rating of 10?

    Average: 8,55 (Previous rating: 9,33) I thank you all for the encouragement and positive feedback! While the total rating of the sim lowered compared to last, we are more people here, and the score is still really high. :)

    The negative feedback is largely on a personal basis because of this and that individual experience, and I think it's better that I discuss these issues with the individual parties. In that regard, I was also told to improve in being a little tougher towards disruptive writers, Theurgists who have created OOC problems, been toxic on Discord, etc. Well, I do give people a lot of opportunities to improve, and I do try to be understanding. I were to give warnings too early, I would dampen the open and friendly atmosphere we have in the sim now. So, I hear you, I won't let people abuse my trust. I may be very patient, but the bans made have been educational.

    So, if you behave like an asshole on Discord, and can't be adult enough to resolve differences in a mature way, you will not be welcome to use that feature of the sim. Remember, the way you handle other writers tells me if you are here to cooperate for sake of the story or if you are here to compete (don't ask "compete for what?" for I honestly don't know, aside from some strange idea that IC stature/rank translates into the chat? I dunno.) Be an adult and avoid confrontation, don't take up arms over a hurt ego. If you feel yourself worked up, perhaps it's better to just step away.

    Oh, and if there is any confusion about the nature of this sim, this will soon be added to the registration page/General Rules:

    Star Trek: Theurgy promotes socially progressive views, including all sexualities, identities, male/female/trans artistic nudity, gender equality, civil rights, and multiculturalism. If you have a problem with this, then you should not register.

    If this is not something you can tolerate, then I don't think this will work out.

  • Name different things the Aldea Prime Anthology should have more and less of.

    Awesome ideas and feedback! So, more horror, right? More battles. Fire and blood! More high stakes. More rape themes! Gotcha!

    Jk, of course. I couldn't help myself, lol. I shall deliver, but it's also you who create your own plotlines in the Aldea anthologies! :)

  • Name different things the next Season (Season 2) should have more and less of.

    Those of you who had ideas have all helped a lot, and by the time Season 2 begins, we'll be setting up a story workshop and iron out the potential for the continued story. I think a lot of new material and ideas will develop during the time on Aldea, so let's see what the future brings!

That's it then! I hope you find my answers satisfactory, and I would love if further discussion could be held here about my replies. I am all for settling misunderstanding or finding ways to improve, so if you have anything on your minds, please speak up. If you would rather do it privately over PM, that works too.

Thanks for all the time you guys put into this poll, and I hope you all feel it was worth it. Lastly, thank you all for your kindness and appreciation, it really means a lot to me. More than you might think! :)

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan