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Topic: Story Development Poll #4: Should Dewitt Remove Carrigan Trent From Command? (Read 924 times) previous topic - next topic

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Story Development Poll #4: Should Dewitt Remove Carrigan Trent From Command?


Well, the conflict between the First Officer and the Acting Captain of Vector 01 is coming to a head, and it is time for another story development poll!

The poll is about Knife's Edge, as well as the role of First Officer on the Theurgy. Should Dewitt refrain from assuming command of Vector 01, letting Trent continue in being in command there, or should he be removed from command?

The secondary, long term story consequence would be the opportunity for a new First Officer on the Theurgy at the end of this Episode, with Trent remaining a candidate in that case, of course. This poll is not about if Dewitt becomes First Officer, though, of course, since there can be a lot of candidates at the end of the Episode.

The In-Character situation is highly interesting, in how Trent means to try and save those on the Versant to save Heather MacMillan, even though she - unbeknownst to him - is dead, and also restore ship morale in getting the Captain back. Meanwhile, on her end, Dewitt seek to protect the crew of Vector 01, since she is convinced that the Helmet is the last remaining Vector (since the others have not shown up during either of the three RVs). Thus, her standpoint is that the Theurgy's mission to spread the truth can't be forsaken because Trent is emotionally compromised in trying to save Heather MacMillan. She'll try to save the Vector from being destroyed, and not remain in the Rendezvous zone. Either way, the other Vectors might still make it there in time for the ship to reintegrate.

You all have 3 days to cast your votes in this poll, and the development will be shaped by the result! :)


Auctor Lucan
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Re: Story Development Poll #4: Should Dewitt Remove Carrigan Trent From Command?
Reply #1

In a near future, Dewitt will relieve Trent from command because he's been emotionally compromised and a danger to both the crew and the mission, but the temporary incarceration he'll suffer for it - likely confined to quarters if nothing more than that is needed - will be over soon enough. As for Dewitt, she will conduct herself well enough, I think, since her motivations are genuine, and it's in her interest to be crystal clear about why she takes over command of the Vector.

With Trent not being in command of Vector 01 any more, the three Vectors, when (not likely "if" any more) reunited, have to decide on what to do. The Borg threat is prominent, but unknown to those on V1. Depending on whether they all listen to Nicander and how he saw them all die - there might still be crewmembers on the Versant. Rejecting Nicander's word would also be rejecting his knowledge about the imminent Invasion too? Can they split the ship again to cover all bases? The whole Episode is leading up to the final decision, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

The great consequences of this decision will likely have repercussions far down the storyline, so buckle up. :)


Auctor Lucan