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Topic: Story Development Poll #3 | Epilogue: Scouting Mission (Read 1137 times) previous topic - next topic

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Story Development Poll #3 | Epilogue: Scouting Mission

In relation to the recent development here:,2409.msg17826.html#msg17826

This poll will only be for 24 hours, so vote as soon as you see this.

The Allegiant is inside the debris field, and there are two Borg Cubes incoming, ETA 20 seconds.

Should Captain Yukimura order all spare powers to the deflector and try to blast out of the debris field and go to warp, even though they will likely be detected? Or, should they go deeper into the debris field, and let the radiation and sensor-nightmare soup in there hide them instead?

Worth noting, is that they have yet to find the warp trail that would tell them where the Borg came from, before the battle that created the debris field.


Auctor Lucan
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