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Re: CHAPTER 02: Under the Subterranean Waterfalls [2330 hrs.]

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He asked to delay the answer, but Illya answered it anyhow, never one to deny an answer she wanted to provide.  "Only when requested of me to make myself scarce.  It is kinda like having room mates in a way.  Right now, I have a tie hanging on the door."  It was an old earth metaphor, referring to how a roommate getting lucky would put a tie or sock on the doorknob to tell his room mate that he was getting lucky, and to let him have the apartment for the night.  In Illya's case, she had been handed the reins of control while everyone else went dark, lapsed into a sleep of sorts that remained until she roused them awake, letting them back into the apartment  It was a living arrangement that most of them found decent, keeping everything private when necessary, but everyone aware when multiple minds better served to solve a problem.

"You might see me again, but that depends of if you can keep my interest," she teased, as she finally rose from him and began to dress herself.  Clothing back on her bodies, she gave a teasing smile and wave, as she considered their time together over for now.  Perhaps Simon would convince her to come out and play again, but she would make sure he earned it at least.

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