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CHAPTER 02: Untouched Sands [2145 hrs]

The beach was pristine, not a footprint in sight, save for their own.  The waves rolled in against the land, the sound of the waves as soothing as it was a great setting for the mood.  It was just Nathan and Eve, quite possibly the sexiest nurse he ever laid eyes on.  Seriously, if he saw her working in a hospital, he wouldn't have cared about spending a week in traction if she was the one attending him.  For the moment, her attending him wasn't what he had in mind though, pulling her against him and letting his hands roam along her back as he stole her lips, kissed her with the kind of strength and forwardness that women expected from a man like him.

"I dunno if you're using some Deltan tricks on me, Nurse Jenkins, but let me assure you that you don't have to."  With that, another deep, longing kiss, as his hands started to slip beneath the top half of her bear wear, now touching her bare back, enjoying that for a while before he was tempted to move to the front,. to shed that top off of her and see her breasts in all their wonderful glory.

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Eve had always loved beaches and this one was very beautiful.  While the sound of waves was usually soothing, in the company of such a handsome man it was more like an echo of the waves of desire inside of her crashing against her skin and flowing back to her core.  After a decent distance, he stopped and kissed her which immediately brought her internal shields down.  It was to protect him, to keep herself from linking their minds and doing to him what her father had done to her mother.

When he pulled back a moment and spoke of Deltan tricks, she simply smiled and shook her head.  "No tricks.  Just a woman with a healthy appetite being offered a feast," she said and returned his kiss.  As his hands roamed, so did hers; chest, arms, shoulders, and around again to dip lower and trace along the ridges of his abdominal muscles.  The longer the kiss went on, the more strongly she caught the scent induced by his arousal.  Simply put, he was intoxicating and she drank deeply from him.

His hands caressed her back and she could sense his desire for more, not reading his mind but merely empathically catching the emotions.  One hand drifted up, a finger teasing over his nipple, then reached behind her neck to pluck the ends apart.  The ends slid along her neck and down her chest until the garment fluttered down to the sand, leaving her upper body bare for him.  Rosy tips perked up, inviting his lips to travel to them while her hands went back to teasing along the waist of his trunks.

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She rid herself of any feelings of modesty and shed her top, leaving only that brown bikini bottom on, matching the shorts that he wore in that both had only a single stitch of clothing on now.  Her breasts were perfect, a word he didn't use easily, but they truly were, at least on her.  It was all about how they complimented the rest of her, and for Eve, they made her waist seem slimmer, while not overpowering the appeal of her hips.  They were perfectly colored as well, as though she either didn't tan, or she tanned in the nude to leave no lines, while the rosy pink of her nipples was eye catching, and in mere seconds, mouth catching, as Nathan cupped the underside of one breast, raising it up as he lowered his head to seal lips on it.  His other hand, in the meantime, slipped around to fondle her rear again, this time following her lead in teasing along the waist band, like she did with him.  Perhaps it would see them reach inside simultaneously?

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Eve truly didn't have any modestly, would be perfectly comfortable walking around nude though she knew many did not feel that way and some were so body shy they were sadly hampered in life.  One corner of her mouth was higher than the other, giving her expression a sultry smirk as he gazed upon her breasts and then the other corner caught up as he cupped one and lifted it to his lips.

Exhaling a lusty sigh, her free hand swept along his shoulder and back of his neck but it was that one teasing at the waist band that did indeed dip inside.  Her fingertips barely brushed along the head which flared at her touch.  The end of her index finger circled until it reached the ridge and then all fingertips rubbed softly and pressed downward until her palm covered the tip.  With a slight turn of her wrist, she wrapped her fingers around his girth and her thumb flicked over the smaller ridge that ran from the opening down the shaft.

Gone were thoughts of poor Esther, the harrowing trek along the arm to get close enough to Rihen to get her beamed to sickbay, all the death and destruction they continually endured as fugitives.  Right now there was only Eve the woman finding companionship and lust with a very attractive man.  "Heaven," she whispered and started to stroke along his shaft.  "You feel incredible," she breathed and arched so he could lavish more attention on her sensitive breasts.

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Eve reached into his shorts and found herself touching along his manhood.  It was all the permission that Nathan required to let his own hand enter her bikini bottom, slipping in from the back side, fingertips sliding against soft, wet nether lips.  His warm breath brushed against her nipple as he let out a deep moan of pleasure, her own hand stroking him with the kind of skill he expected any woman with Deltan blood to possess.  He repaid such wonderful sensation by letting a pair of his fingers push past the outer labia and into the depths of Nurse Jenkin's channel, to begin exploring her inner depths.  "Damn . . . you're tight just around my fingers.  I can't wait to feel the inside of you with something more," he told her, though he had no intention of rushing along to that.  When one had such an exquisite meal in front of them, they didn't wolf it down.  They savored every flavor.

After a few minutes of stimulation, his hand pull back from inside her bikini, and was joined by the other in pulling the bottom down, exposing the last traces of skin to the holographic beach.  The move left Nathan on his knees in front of her, already missing her silken touch around his girth, but finding consolation in the sight now set before him.  He leaned in, his nose touching against her nether lips a moment as he scented her.  A half-Deltan's pheromones were simply irresistible, and it was only half a second later that his mouth was upon her, kissing those lower lips with the same kind passion he would her mouth.

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First it was his lips and tongue teasing her nipples and then his fingers began to probe, things that made Eve arch and moan in sheer lust.  "I have to agree about ... not wanting to wait for more," she said huskily but made no moves to speed up things.  She was just fine with finding every wonderful spot on his body, not only his maleness but along his ears and jaw.  The delicate pointing received featherlight touches and when she trailed down, she reveled in the trimmed beard.

The breeze was suddenly stronger against her upper torso as he knelt down, leaving breast and womanly parts bereft of his warmth which elicited a groan of frustration.  He didn't leave her that way for long though and she found herself bracing her legs as he turned his talented tongue onto a different area.  "Damn," she echoed his earlier sentiment as he probed and flicked to the point she needed to lock her knees to keep from sinking down onto the sand in front of him.

All her previous hurts and frustrations, the need to be intimate but everything blocking that path until now were being whisked away in the salty breeze.  Her fingers buried in Nathan's hair, luxuriously soft and just the right length to clench in those slender digits.  As good as he was making her feel, she couldn't leave him without.  "It's not fair this way.  I want to taste you too," she said with a light patting of his shoulder, encouraging him to pause so she could remove his trunks and join him.

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Nathan had found there was usually a strong ratio between being pleased and pleasing others.  It varied from person to person, affecting how selfish or charitable they might be as lovers.  Eve was apparently split directly down the middle, wanting to give as much as she received, enough that she would halt him from continuing until she could return the favor.  Reluctantly, he rose himself away from the powerful scent of hormones and the taste of a woman that was hard to get enough of, he returned to a kneeling position first, then stood back up as Eve sat, placing her at height with his swim shorts, easily able to remove them.

"Don't tease it too long, Eve.  I'm not done with you," he said, assuring that he was going to get his mouth back on her before all was said and done.

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There were times she would let a man pleasure her to a climax before she took care of him but this wasn't one of those time.  Recent events had been to harrowing and she knew he needed just as much as she did, especially with the way he reluctantly removed his dexterous tongue from her and moved so that she could work off those trunks.

His voice was thick with need, something her empathy could pick up even with her mind shield.  "I wouldn't dream of teasing you as it would only be teasing myself," she purred and eased him to lay back.  "I know you've heard it before but you are magnificent."  One of her long legs draped over his broad chest as she fluidly turned her face away from him.

Good as her word, her lips and tongue returned the favor as she lifted her lower half and presented herself fully to him.  She was completely open to him, the soft pink skin glistening from her fluids and his saliva.  Nuzzling at first, breathing in his masculine aroma, she began with soft touches and licks to inflame him quickly then sucked him into her mouth with moderate pressure.

She savored him, drawing back until only the head was within her lips and her tongue swept and massaged around all those sensitive places.  A low growl could be felt from her as the tip of her tongue curved and drew a bead of precum from the opening then spread it over the flaring head to be sucked away as she firmly stroked his thick shaft.

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Eve settled the two of them into the sixty-nine position, perhaps one of his favorite things to engage in when with a woman whose pussy was as fine as the good nurse's was.  He allowed himself only a moment to enjoy the feeling of her motions, the licks along his shaft and her cheek caressing it like it was the actual lover rather then him.  It was enough to get him motivated, as he brought his own mouth back to her, tonguing her nether lips while a finger reached up to tease at the clitoris, rubbing circles into the sensitive bud to stimulate it while his tongue took care of her inner workings.

His other hand would give playful spanks to her bottom while he performed, making her jolt with excitement each time.  Meanwhile, his hips would thrust upward on occasion, delivering more of his length to her throat, signifying a need to be deeper within her.  As expected of a woman with Deltan blood, she could not only work him into a frenzy, but possessed the skills to make him feel a level of satisfaction he didn't think possible.

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If there was one thing Nathan would discover, it was that Eve would love every inch of him and not just those disappearing in her mouth.  She stretched when she could, hands reaching all the way down to his feet and then massage up his legs while she bobbed up and down his cock.  Each smack on her ass was responded to by hard suction that would bury him completely in her mouth and into her throat.

His teasing of her clit was met with soft moans, the sound muffled as her mouth was full of him but still he could hear it and definitely feel the vibrations all the way to his balls.  Her nails scratched lightly along his thighs and hips, one even raking up his side.  She lavished her attention on him, every suck and lick meant to prove over and over that he was sexy and desired, all the while her pheromones released a little bit stronger.

A slurp and a pop sounded and he heard her taking in deep gulps of air.  Her thighs trembled as she started to stroke him by hand.  She was soaking wet from all he'd done to her and waves of need seemed to assault her from every angle.  "Have ... to have you," she groaned and suddenly surged forward so that his mouth made a similar popping noise.

In a swift motion, she sat on him and he barreled through her tight channel.  "Ohhh yessss," she moaned and rolled her hips, grinding herself against him.  Her back was still to him as she rocked back and then forward, almost losing him only to gobble him up again.  There was almost a desperation in her movements, the need to only feel these good feelings.

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Her pheromones only continued to increase the desperation, somewhere along the line, his desire to lick and suck upon her nether lips changing into a need.  The split second between one lick and another felt agonizing, like being choked and deprived of oxygen.  Her moans became something else necessary, their absence creating some fear that he was going deaf, her taste making him fear the loss of sensation in his tongue if he didn't have it.  he knew there was only one cure for what he feeling, and he could deny it no longer.  His hand pushed on her rear, forcing her down.  The moment he stopped tasting her, the moment her mouth had to uncouple from around his length, it was all horrible, but it was soon replaced by the feeling of Eve sitting herself on his waist, his manhood thrusting into her and completing a connection that simply needed to happen.  Hands gripped her hips tight enough to leave red finger shaped marks on her skin, his hips moving to buck her while his hands urged her to move against him.

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For the span of the seconds it took for the separation, she had felt that frustration just as keenly and as he gripped her hips she shuddered in ecstasy.  It would be so easy to let go of her mind, the join with his and be one with him completely yet it was that which kept her mind hidden behind that shield she'd developed so strongly over the years.

Her body craved him, traveling his length and slamming back down in the erratic yet erotic dance of their bodies.  Up, down, back, forth, twist to the side, it all continued for what seemed eternity.  Faster, slower, steady, frenetic, they worked together to bring the maximum amount of pleasure to each other and there was no doubt from her moans and cries that he was pleasing her.

Another pause then, long legs shifting and with a twist she was facing him again without losing him from within her depths.  Palms pressed against his chest as she immediately moved against him again.  The breeze off the waters sent her hair flying every direction and each impact set her breasts swaying or bouncing.  Her expression was undeniably aroused, the usually so civilized woman almost feral.

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It was a fancy moved she pulled, rotating herself around to face him without ever letting their bodies disconnect.  It felt as wonderful as it was to watch it, and as Eve pressed hands to his chest, the action hugged her breasts inward, creating cleavage without even needing a bra, a sight that clearly had Nathan's engines revving, as he slapped a hand to her hip, gripping it firmly as he bucked her hard.  The good nurse might have been feeling ravenous, but it was nowhere close to what she was making him feel.  He might have thought it to be Pon Farr if not for the fact that he already considered himself to live in a permanent state of that already.  This was just the combined effect of a woman with a body like a sex goddess and the pheromones to match.  before long, he was rolling over, placing Eve on the bottom while he took the power position, using it to better drive inward and out of her, maximizing the pleasure potential.

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Eve had always been fairly limber and she'd hoped to pull off that move and had done so making her smile but that smile was nothing compared to when he smacked her ass and thrust up into her.  "Ooooooo," she cooed, her lips forming a perfect little 'o' and eyes half-closed giving her a playfully seductive expression.  Leaning down, she bit his shoulder just enough to sting a little but not draw blood then growled wolfishly as she claimed his lips with fervor.

Their bodies worked together in ways that brought them crashing and grinding until Nathan took control, flipping them and pistoning his hips powerfully.  Her arms were still around his neck but her body was splayed out under him, every curve accommodating all of his senses.  Her breasts rocked, her aroma mixed with his, and the wet sounds served to spur both of them into a frenzy and it was glorious.  When she reached the end of that round, she dug her nails into his ass and ground hard against him as her voice rang out over the waves.

OOC:  Got the message to wrap this up as well as a few others so figure one more Nathan post will do that nicely.  :)

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Eve had done everything possible to bring out his most wild and reckless side, with the power of her pheromones driving him mad with lust, her flawless body compelling the deepest desire, and her expert technique that any sexually awakened woman would be envious of.  They were both driving to a deep and powerful climax, his hands clutching her so tight that red streaks were left upon her skin, the only thing capable of hiding the sounds of orgasm being his lips sealing to hers, muffling their sounds of completion with the taste of each other's lips.  Only when the high began to ease back, and their lungs did not burn with the need to scream out did the kiss break, and they were left exhausted but satisfied, finished but Nathan still inside of Eve.  "You are one extraordinary woman, Nurse Jenkins," he said, the smile on his lips proof that he meant it in every sense of the word imaginable.

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Red marks, scratches, the soreness from his pounding into her with abandon ... none of it mattered as she lay there trembling from the release.  There was a most satisfied smile on her face as she held him to her, hands caressing his back and shoulders while her lips teased along his neck and ear.  She'd needed that contact much more than she'd realized and now part of her wished it didn't have to end.

"And you are one phenomenal man, Nathan Isley," she murmured back and gave him a little nip on his shoulder.  Kissing him again, this time much slower and more tenderly, she hummed with contentment.  "Now you have no excuse to avoid sickbay you know," she teased when she released his lips.  "There's always the perks of sponge baths."  Her smile widened as she ran her fingers through the beard along his jaw.

As with all good things, this moment was at an end.  "I suppose we should gather our clothes and return to being normal, though being wild with you was certainly welcome."  She couldn't resist just a few more kisses before finally letting go of his magnificent body.  For a while she hadn't thought about the horrible things earlier but she knew soon it was going to catch up with her and her smile would melt away.

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