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His arms around her felt secure and comforting as she explained, "I am one orgasm up on you, I have the advantage."

As he whispered in her ear she shivered with delight, the sensation causing a pleasant ticklish sensation through her.  The first nip was met with a gasp and then a soft moan.  Turning her head to his a little she rubbed the side of her nose against his, "I'm sure I can think of something."  Her eyes fluttered closed and she lifted her chin until her lips met his. 

Kissing him softly she gently asked for more, her tongue reaching out to his and drawing it into a sensual dance.  She moaned sweetly into the ever-deepening kiss, her left hand slid up to his head where her fingers ran through the short-cropped hair.  She let him hold her as they kissed, her right hand now travelling down his body, over his chest and gently clawing at the toned muscle she found there before continuing down to the waistband of his pants.  Slowly her fingers teased along the lie of the fabric until she could resist it no longer and found the tie that kept them secure and loosened it.

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Simon looked Tia in the eyes as she explained about the advantage and he chuckled a bit and whispered "Well, I wouldn't mind giving you some more..."

He kissed her back slowly and when he felt her lips licking his lips. He parted his lips and commenced the dance. Their kiss now expanding into a passionate and lustful action. His hands went over her back now, following her spine while he felt her hands moving over his body. His one hand moving back to the front of her body to caress her chest and play with her breast.

He let out a soft gasp as he felt her handteasing along the fabric of his pants and when she loosened it up he grinned a bit and bit playfully in her lip. He hand grabbed her breast a bit roughly and he started to fondle with it as he let her continue.

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Tia's eyes snapped open when he bit her lip and grabbed her breast, the dark, lust-filled pools sparkling with passion and fun.  She growled playfully back at him, kissing him deeply once more before moving away and wriggling out from between his legs.  Now kneeling in front of him she leaned in to kiss him again, letting her hands stroke his body once more before descending to push his pants down his hips.

As his manhood popped free of the material she grasped it gently and moaned into his mouth as she felt the hot, soft skin in her hand.  Slowly beginning to stroke the shaft she pushed herself against him, pressing her body to his, walking on her knees until there was no longer any room for her hand between them.  She guided the tip of his proud member between her lips, letting the shaft slip along the valley, scraping over her still-sensitive clit and where the tip would just touch the entrance to her tunnel and no more.

She shifted her hips, sliding him back out almost until he left the warmth of her thighs before sliding him back along the crevice.  Moaning softly she broke the kiss, "Simon... I want to feel you inside me... please... how do you want me?"

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The playful growl was a peculiar yet amusing thing to witness. He kissed her back deeply and french kissed her with more passion than ever before. He let out a little groan as she wriggled out of his lap and kneeled down. He kept his eyes on her and lifted his body a bit so she could remove his pants.

While kissing her, Simon's manhood had grown a bit more into a pretty much erect state. Once he felt Tia's hands moving over it, he moaned into her mouth and the erection now became complete. Her hands were soft yet a bit rough at the same time. Possibly due to the hard work in engineering, her hands had grown a bit of a callus on certain spots. What followed next was something hot and wet. Her nether lips so slick from what he had done to her, yet so inviting.

He moaned softly as she moved his length between the valley of her lips, the slightly swollen clit could be felt against his tip as he scraped passed it and the tip finally made contact with her tunnel, he instinctively bucked his hips forward, wanting to make his tip vanish in it. Yet she had him where she wanted and he couldn't just go in her like that. The torment of her teasing became something that would drive his mind insane. "Like this Tia... On top... Ride me..." He brought out with soft moans and groans as he really wanted to get inside of her as well. His brain not really thinking straight anymore. His hand still on her breast, playfully working on it.

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Tia groaned sweetly as he moaned his desires to her.  She had felt his hips buck as he touched her entrance, clearly hungry for the same thing as she was.  Squeezing her hands between them, she placed her palms on his chest and pushed him backwards.  Letting him move his legs to he could lie back comfortably she was none the less insistent that he moved and soon she was looking down at him.

Straddling his lap she hesitated, watching his eyes the entire time.  She smiled, her curly hair cascading around her face before slowly lowering herself onto his rigid member.  As the tip pressed against her her breath hitched but she didn't stop, pushing herself lower, feeling him spread her body around him, her slick wetness letting him slip into her with ease.

It seemed like forever that she took to fully impale herself onto him, hilting him to his fullest inside her.  She moaned gently as his tip grazed the sensitive barrier at the end of her tunnel, a pleasurable pain coursing through her as he did.  She ground her hips onto his, swirling his shaft inside her, before rising again, beginning the ride.  She lifted almost to the point at which he would escape her before sliding back down once more.  A mewling pleasured sound escaped her lips as she reached his hips again, she rocked her hips again as she rose, the rhythm taking shape between them.

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Being forced to lay back, Simon gave in slowly and gasped for air as his back got pressed against the damp moss. Tia's hand was insistent and he looked up at the dark haired beauty as she straddled his lap. He maintained eye contact with her the entire time and wanted to see every little emotion in those eyes as they positioned themselves for what was about to come.

The curvy black hair was a magnificent sight to behold as he felt the warm lips being split apart by his hot tip. His own breath stopped for a second as the tip got engulfed by her lips and made its way through her wet tunnel. She felt good and warm and he was surprised he could glide in with such ease. He rested his hand on her hip while the other teased her nipple.

Simon his breathing started to become more heavy and more frequent as she slowly took his whole length inside of her. Once he felt her sex grinding against his groin, he felt the tip of his cock grazing against something. Tia's gentle moan made his eyes dart down and up before he realised how deep he was inside of her. He let out a pleasurable moan as she swirled his cock inside of her before rising up. He almost feared that she'd pop him out of her yet she was playing with him as she set the rhythm and he laughed soft bringing out "Oh wow..." in a low groan before he pinched her nipple gently.
His body reacted now to the rhythm and his hips bucked up as she grounded her hips against his, causing his cock to move just a bit more inside of her.

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She was surprised at the ease with which he moved so deeply inside her, stretching her around him, the orgasm she had already experienced had relaxed her walls enough to let him enter and the natural lubrication from her let him slip inside easily.  Tia placed her hands on his chest, needing the support at his hips bucked up as she reached his hips.  Each buck was punctuated by a cry of pleasure.  Each cry was followed by a rolling of her hips before raising again.  The pinching of her nipple only added to the sensations that were cascading through her. 

The pace increased slowly, her mewling cries becoming more frequent, her body starting to shake each time she lowered herself fully.  The blissful feeling of having him beneath and inside her was almost overwhelming and she tried to hold back, tried to keep things slow for as long as she could to truly appreciate the wondrousness of this act of passion.

 "Simon..." she moaned, "Oh god... Simon... you feel so amazing.  Is this... good?"

She needed reassurance that he was enjoying this as much as she was, while she wasn't the shy woman with whom he had arrived in this place she was still far from being the sexual mistress who knew what he wanted before he wanted it.

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As Tia's mewling cries became more frequent, Simon his moans and puffs increased as well. Each time she rolled her hips against his, the tip of his cock grazed against her cervix. That single event caused for a cold shudder to go through his body each and every time. It was driving him mad of desire and his bucking became more wilder and rougher. Even though she tried to keep the things slow, he was stimulated and couldn't really control his body to follow her speed. In fact he seemed to speed up with each thrust.

"Fuck... Tia... Amazing... Don't.. Stop." He brought out with moans and moved his hand away from her nipple to roughly grab her breast and push it upwards.

The bucking of his hips became more violent now as each time his cock grounded against her most inner wall. He hoped that he didn't hurt her with these actions and prayed to God that it wouldn't penetrate her entirely. His hand on her hips had unconsciously been keeping a firm grip on her and as he moved his hand, the contours of his fingers were to be seen on her skin. To be fair this was the best sex he had in such a long time, he moaned out louder as his member started to pulse inside of Tia. The climax nearing as the pace got pushed up a notch by him.

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Tia felt herself being bounced by Simon's thrusts, she had been left behind as he picked the pace up.  For a moment she struggled to match his pace, surprised at his rapidly building passion.  She purred with delight, when she regained their joint rhythm, for his enjoyment.  As he grabbed her breast she lifted her hand and placed it on top of his, moulding her breast with his hand.

The hand on her breast had a side-effect, it pushed her upwards just a little causing her to sit up a little higher and for her still-sensitive clitoris to rub against him each time he reached the fullest depth within her.  This combined with the pleasure-pain reaction to her cervix being scraped was electrifyingly exquisite.  His moans of pleasure grew louder and his enjoyment spurred her on, he sped up again but this time Tia wasn't left so far behind and began to ride him harder and faster than ever. 

Beads of sweat formed on her brow in the warm, humid environment.  Muscles that hadn't worked like this for years began to complain but she refused to give in, the mutual pleasure overriding any pain or discomfort she was feeling.  She was beginning to tighten around him further, her core was bracing for another explosive climax that promised to be even better than the first.  Sensations were pouring in from all over her body and soon her mind was clouded by the need, the lust, the desire to have him climax inside her and to milk him with her own.

"Simon... I'm... I... ahh... nghh... oh... YES!" she cried out into the cavern, not caring if anyone were to hear her, giving herself entirely to the orgasm.  Her breathing was ragged as she continued to ride him through the waves, her body pulsing around his stiff shaft.

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Simon could feel the shift in Tia's position as she tilted a bit more when he pushed her breast up. He could hear her enjoyment of the action between them increasing as well and he gladly joined her in the moans and grunts as they got back into sync. Yet it didn't take long for her to move harder and faster once more than him.

Simon's body had been wet from sweating as well, yet the moss under him would be completely drenched. His muscles were working at full capacity now as he seemed to use every single one of them in this hot sensual dance. Suddenly he could feel how her most inner walls tightened up, her body becoming much more of an enjoyment because of it since the sensations to his rigid member became so much more sensitive. He heard her cries now as she came hard and the moment she cried yes, Simon felt his cock pulse beyond control.

The warm milky fluids were released inside of her, gushing against her cervix before it filled up the space between it and his cock. Yet more got flung out, building up the pressure while the semen sought it's way out. His breath stocked for a bit and his muscles contracted as he came within her "Oh Tatiana!" He moaned out as his face turned redder due to the lack of oxygen. Feeling how she was still riding him, milking every bit and piece out of his cock.

His grip around her breast softened up a bit as his cock still twitched a bit, the last yanks of cum being shot off inside of this gorgeous woman. Simon finally took in a deep sip of air and had to recover for a few seconds before he spoke "Oh, God... That was..." He was lost for words now as he blinked a bit and looked up at the woman of engineering.

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Tia could feel the waves of cum filling her body even further but didn't stop riding him until it was clear there was nothing left.  She slowly stopped, her own body twitching with aftershocks and with the sensation of his emptied manhood moving inside her.  Her breathing was ragged, hair dampened and sticking to her face in places. 

Her eyes met his as he spoke, smiling warmly at the man below her whose face was just starting to return to normal after the exertion.  She had to think for a moment, was there even a word to describe how amazing that had been between them?  Unable to find one in the foggy, post-climax brain she just nodded, "Yes... it was..."

Taking his hand from her breast and interlacing her fingers with his she leaned forward and kissed him softly.  Breaking it gently she looked at him again and smiled, "It was very..." 

Tia leaned in again and kissed him tenderly but deeper, her appreciation and gratitude for the amazing union they had just experienced flowing from her lips and tongue.  It wasn't long before she had to break it again though, her lungs needing more air than she was getting.  Instead of kissing him again she drew herself down his body a little way, turning her head to the side and laying her cheek on his chest.  She sighed happily and with her free hand stroked his skin softly, wanting to enjoy the moment and the closeness for just a minute or two before having to move. 

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He had to chuckle a bit as her response was limited to only "Yes.. it was..." He assumed that it had been a great experience for her as well than. He looked at her now and reached up with his other hand to push her damp hair behind her ear. He smiled and kissed her back as she leaned forward, raising his on body a bit to meet her. He took a good grip on her hand now and squeezed in it softly as they just lay there. The moment too perfect to be broken right now. He enjoyed the deeper kiss she gave him afterwards and answered it in kind.

He let her get some air as the moment stopped once more and he managed to control his own breathing once more. When she drew herself down a bit on his body, he could feel how his softened member left her warm depths and he moved his fingers through her hair while she rested her head on his chest. His heartbeat presumably still fast and steady after their union. He rested his other hand on her upper back, between her shoulderblades and slowly ran his fingers over skin, moving up and down before slowly moving to the side.

He remained silent for now as he didn't want to break the closeness between them either and he listened to the strange noises around them. He looked down for a second and played a bit with Tia her hair before he eventually couldn't help but break the silence "If you ever need another massage or..." He said a bit cheeky, yet on a soft tone.

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Tia gave a little gasp as he slipped free from the confines of her body but said nothing.  She could hear his heartbeat, powerful and rapid but slowing as he regained his natural rhythm from the exertion.  It was such a simple pleasure, laying there by the glowing foliage with him, naked yet warm and him stroking his fingers through her hair and over her back.  For just a few moments, a few precious moments, everything was still and good in the universe. 

A smile at his words swiftly turned into a soft giggle, "I think I am probably going to take you up on that offer... on more than one occasion."  Her own tone was filled with satisfied flirtation along with a healthy dose of relief that this wasn't going to be just a one time thing.  Last night had been something she had needed, something primal and base to get her through the ordeal of the day, this was more intimate and shared - at least in her mind.

Pushing herself up she crossed her arms over his chest and looked down at him with a smile, "Any time you need something tinkered with..."  The engineer laid the insinuation on thickly enough that it wouldn't be missed.

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Simon smiled and even had to chuckle a bit as the insinuation was pretty clear "Ohh, I hear you Tatiana... I'll drop by for regular check ups and maintenance." He answered her and pushed himself off the mossy ground. He sat up straight and moved both of his hands over her back down to her butt. Holding her close to him and kissing her once more before parting his lips to deepen the kiss.

The luminescent surroundings distracted him for a second while he rested his forehead against Tia's. His heartbeat returned to a normal rhythm and his senses somewhat turned back to normal. "Do you want to just enjoy the moment a bit more or would you want to return to the festival?" he asked her softly in her ear now. It was all the same to him, but regardless, he still wanted to use some of the information Tia had given him about the cloaking device for his research. Perhaps first he needed to clean up though...

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Tia moaned into the kiss, happy that he would be seeking out her company again.  She moved with him as he sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck as the kiss deepened once more.  Her eyes fluttered shut and she let herself relax into the moment, not the frantic passion any longer but the sweet enjoyment of each other.

When the kiss broke she was smiling, her forehead resting on his, eyes still closed until he spoke.  For a moment she hesitated in a response, she wanted to stay here with him a while longer but she also had a long and busy day ahead that she really should have a decent night's sleep for.  She knew she was boring, she had been that way all through the Academy too, never staying out too late and missing all the fun because she was more worried about her career.  In this instance however she knew she would see Simon again and so she felt a little less dull.

"I should really think about turning in, I know it's not late or anything but with the cloaking device and all the repairs that still need to be done I've got a long day ahead," she confessed her inner concerns to him easily.  She was sure he'd understand. 

Tia gave him one last, lingering kiss before she stood up, grabbing her discarded dress as she did so.  Swiftly she slipped it back on and grinned at him playfully, "I'm pretty sure a uniform is a bit harder to take off, I'll be looking forward to some practice with you."

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He heard her out as she told him she'd head in instead of enjoying the evening. It was admirable that she still had such a strong feeling to fulfill her job. He reckoned though that if she needed some downtime she'd be around for it. He nodded slowly in response to her reaction and kissed her full on the lips before letting her get up. "I wish you all the luck on the repairs and the cloak generator." He got up himself now and took his clothes as well and got dressed on an easy pace.

He had to chuckle at the comment of slipping her out of her uniform "Oh, you could be surprised..." He winked at her with a coy smile. He said his last goodbye to her before the two of them split. As Simon ventured further into the gardens he looked around one last time to see the sexy Chief Engineer leave. A smile remained on his face and the night as still young...


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