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CHAPTER 02: The White Sands of Risa [2120 hrs.]

Amelya Duv Attn CanadianVet

As the two of them made their way down the beach, Amelya looked at the calm dark sea that shimmered thanks to the moonlight. It had been a very long time since she had a romantic encounter. The Harbinger having very little to no time to spare as she was CMO there, she managed to always get caught up in her work. Never or rarely did she find the time to unwind or relax and it had only been on Theta that she had felt alive once again. First with the witty charmes of Rennan Cooper and after that an interrupted moment with Doctor Nicander. Both moments were just scratching the surface though of a lovelife that had been shut away for a long time.

In fact the only romances that she had were during her training and her stay at the deep space station. It had been years ago and it seemed like a very distant memory to her. She got brought out of these memories as Carrigan suddenly stopped and she looked up at him. She hadn't been aware of the glances he had given her while they were walking down the beach and she listened with a smile to his little plan. She didn't feel too over or underdressed and the piece of fabric that kept her toga hangind on her shoulder had moved a bit more to the edge of her shoulder. It was as if it was begging to get slid down...

She enjoyed the stance they were in now, feeling his firm yet warm hand against her narrow waist. She could feel how his strong muscles pulled her closer to him just a bit and she slowly bit her lower lip as she kept smiling. The lack of feeling his prosthetics wasn't a thing she was actively thinking about as she got lost in the moment. Her eyes widened a bit as he explained his idea of fun to her and she couldn't help but laugh a bit and than her eyes lurked up to meet his once more. "Hmm, I always thought you'd be the type to be a spy though..." She started with a smirk as she answered him "Though the idea of a moonlight swim is surely very... tempting." She continued now with a soft yet sultry voice.

Than suddenly she saw how Carrigan bent down and she eagerly welcomed his lips with her own as she kissed him back fully. Her hands slid up against his neck into his hair. Her body slowly moving forward to brush against his. After exchanging a few more kisses she stepped back however, managing to escape his hold. She had a naughty look in her eyes and she couldn't help but grin as she walked backwards towards the shoreline. She slowly peeled off the toga's band from her shoulder and turned around as she let the toga slip down. While doing so she turned around so Carrigan could only see the naked back of the young Trill. It seemed that she din't wear any kind of underwear under the dress as it only limited her freedom under it. She flung the toga towards him and made her way into the ocean. "The water is just about perfect Carrigan!" She shouted towards him and dubmerged a bit till her neck before she turned around to face him "Feel free to join me..."

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Amelya's lips were soft and warm, alive. And when he kissed them, Carrigan found himself wanting ever more. When the Trill's hands busied themselves about his head and neck, he finally allowed his prosthetic limb to make contact with the woman and he pulled her near. It had been long since he had so held a woman against him. And the far lighter and thinner fabric of their clothes allowed for a great degree of sensation. For one thing, the Human could not feel the distinctive pressure pattern of a bra as her breasts pressed against his torso. And when his hand drifted down, he did not feel any underwear either.

As far as the sensation through his artificial forelimb, it was a strange thing. He could feel the pressure, the smoothness of the fabric of her dress and the softness of the flesh beneath. But despite the state-of-the-art interface between his organic nervous system and the cybernetic neurons, the contact felt distant, almost dream-like. But such was the nature of the beast when it came to prosthetics.

When the doctor parted from the Intelligence Officer, there was a moment of doubt within Trent. Had he moved too far? Was this where she wanted to end things? But his answer came quickly, and it was not the one he feared. Indeed, as the Trill's toga slid down to reveal her smooth back (and confirming the lack of underwear), he felt his groin stir with anticipation. Deftly, he caught the toga as it was tossed to him and he hardly needed the invitation to join the woman in the water.

He wasted little time in stripping off his clothes and kicking off his shoes. However, unlike the good doctor, he was still wearing his standard-issue underpants, but they did not remain long. And for the first time in years, he was not overly self-conscious about his prosthetic arm and leg. Instead, he only made a mental note to ensure he take a brush and some compressed air to them in the morning.

"With pleasure," he simply replied as he made his way into the water. And indeed, it was at just the perfect temperature and it was with a forced and deliberate slowness he made his way to Amelya. Before long, he was close enough and he reached down to her waist with both hands and sought to make her stand to her full height so he could kiss her once more.

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As she stayed in the water and enjoyed the warm currents of the water going over her body, Amelya kept her eyes on Carrigan as he got out of his own clothes. From this distance she let her eyes go over the full package, she looked at his prosthetic and a small voice in her head wanted to ask him how he got them and why he chose to not cover them up. Yet she refrained from blurting out the question and to make this entire situation awkward. This was a time of relaxation and fun after all.

She couldn't help but smirk as she saw the standard issue underwear disappear from his body and she waited for him as he strode his way toward her. Once he had reached her she felt his hand and pads take her by her waist. Feeling the strength of the arms as he pulled her up to stand with him, she couldn't help but giggle for a second and he looked him straight in the eyes once more. Her breasts slowly being pressed against his chest while her naked legs slowly brushed against his. It obviously did not take long before the two of them made contact with eachothers lips.

Amelya placed her arms around his neck once more and surrendered herself to him as she continued to kiss him, each kiss turning more fierce as they continued. Her tongue teasingly licked his lips and she bit his lower lip gently, pulling it back a bit before she looked back up at him.

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Whether it was the increasingly feverish kissing or the feeling of Amelya's shapely legs, flat stomach and firm breasts against his own body, Carrigan could not tell what was the most exciting at this point. But what he knew was that this first genuine and free contact with a beautiful woman in so long was having a very noticeable effect on him as his cock started to harden and push against her abdomen.

When she pulled back from their kisses by tugging at his lip with a playful nip, Trent finally allowed his hands to wander. His prosthetic limb circled about the Trill's narrow waist before settling at the small of her back. But it did not linger there and it first slid up along her spine and then back down to rest on her magnificent backside. In the meantime, his remaining hand slipped upwards along her ribs, his thumb extended across her from. When the digit encountered the underside of her breast, the whole appendage made its way inwards, caressing the whole of the firm orb before giving it a tender squeeze.

And forward he leaned again in a feverish kiss, his tongue gently seeking to push its way into Amelya's mouth.

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The young Trill enjoyed the teasing and kissing with the human intelligence officer and she could feel he certainly enjoyed it as well. Though the water felt pretty warm, the texture of a rising cock against her abdomen felt just that notch hotter. The contrast with the colder prosthetic limb around her back was a bit weird at first yet she did not mind so much. A cold shiver ran down her spine as he felt his hand going up and down over her spine before it reached her backside. She couldn't remember when she had such a heated interaction with anyone yet her thought process got snapped off when she felt Carrigan's hand slide up from under her chest against her breast. When he squeezed a soft moan escaped from Amelya's lips and not long after that she met his lips and she could feel his tongue trying to invade her mouth. She parted her lips slowly granting him access and slid her tongue against his.

She moved her right leg around Carrigan's back now, slowly lifting herself up a bit against him. Her one arm was placed around his neck to keep a stable hold against him while her other hand slowly slide over his chest, moving down to his abs. Just as she sucked the tip of his tongue, her hand dwelled down to the hardened phallus and with the tips of her fingers she circled his tip. Than she slowly encircled the warm meat with her hand and slowly started to move her hand up and down.

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Warm. Soft. Alive. All thoughts that crossed Carrigan's mind as Amelya reacted to his touch. The magnificent breast filling his hand to perfection; the shapely leg that rose along his prosthetic lower limb before draping around his back; the delicate hand that found its way to his erection. All magnificently complemented by the gentle rocking of the warm sea about the couple and the moon above.

If there was such a thing as an event that would be worth frozen in time, this embrace had the makings of one all right.

As Amelya was working his cock, Trent bent his head down, his lips departing the Trill's mouth as they began to wander and settled upon her neck. As he did so, his synthetic hand slipped around from her backside and, gently, began to caress her outer nether lips.

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She revelled in the water of Risa, the warm current and dark night had made her do things she'd normally think over once or twice. Yet she didn't feel bad or in any negative kind of way guilty. Amelya enjoyed how the man surrendered his manhood to her as she worked on it delicately and sensually. She slowly diverted her thumb from his stem towards the tip of his cock, pushing gently against it before stroking it in a circular way with her thumb. In her medical profession she had seen numerous sizes and shapes of cocks, yet she found that Carrigan certainly had a more than average reproducing organ.

She felt how Carrigan broke the kiss with her and she gasped softly as she felt his lips on her neck. I tickled a bit, yet it also felt so good. An even louder gasp followed by a moan escaped her lips now as she felt the prosthetic fingers caress her outer nether lips. Her hand that had been stroking through Carrigan's hair got a tight grip now and he pulled herself closer to him as the initial surge of enjoyment strode through her body. In reaction she continued to work on his cock, but now more focused on making it feel oh so right for him.

She closed her eyes slowly now as she wanted her senses to feel every bit of this encounter.

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Carrigan's breath caught in his throat as Amelya worked on his member in earnest. It was almost as though she could read his mind, the way her fingers played along his length in the most perfect way. In turn, his prosthetic fingers were ever so carefully caressing her pussy, never entering her folds more than a fingertip in depth.

Such was not because he was shy or inexperienced, but out of consideration. Without the benefit of artificial flesh and skin, each and every joint was open and exposed and could cause not only discomfort but also a good deal of damage should he finger her. And with his natural hand busy with the Trill's breast, that teasing was all he could do for now. 

His lips, though, did not remain at her neck. Indeed, he slightly pulled back and brought his mouth to her ear and quietly, he whispered. "Would you care to move somewhere shallower?"

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The intense feeling the two of them created together was heavenly. So when Carrigan asked Amelya if they could move to more shallow waters she nodded slowly with an enjoying smile. "You're holding me Carrigan... Lead me wherever you want." She answered him with a smile as she relentlessly continued to work on his hard cock. "In fact..." She murmured "I want you inside me when you walk me to shallow ground." She whispered in his ear sensually. She couldn't help it, but Amelya had been longing for a good sexual session since Theta.  Carrigan was the man who had gotten to her first and she was ready to give him whatever he wanted to please him.

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When invited to lead the Trill to the shallows, Carrigan offered a warm smile, but before he could begin to turn around and start his way back up the gentle slope of the beach, Amelya made a request of him. What else could he do but acquiesce? Very little. And really, did he want to refuse? He had spent a long time effectively undercover within the enemy. He created the most insidious weapon to grace Starfleet's arsenal and fine-tuned it to preserve Theurgy and Harbinger and backfire against what was effectively a massive death squad. And now, he was free to be himself. And even the demons of his past, earlier cowed by Jien Ives, were completely hidden from his consciousness at this point.

So, he complied.

Carefully, he lifted the Trill higher and gently lowered her onto his proud member and slid both his hands to support her weight as he fully sheathed himself within her and he began the walk towards the edge of the water. It was a slow process as he was ever careful of his balance against to tugging of the waves but before long, when the highest the water reached was halfway between his knees and his ankles, he slowly sank down to his knees and laid Amelya onto her back and his hands began to wander again. The synthetic one came to rest into the wet sand to support his weight and the one he was born with made its way up her ribcage to, once again, cup her magnificent breast.

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With a small sigh followed by an encouraging moan, Amelya felt How Carrigan slowly slid his member between her thighs. The feeling of his member sliding in her made her voice tremble a bit and she couldn't bring out more than a few 'Oohs' and 'Aahs'. Her slick walls clamping against him she looked him in the eyes and kissed him passionately as if this was exactly what she had needed after the ordeal on Theta and all that had followed. The hours of standing in the battle sickbays had made her pull up a sort of mental screen to just do her job without thinking too much about the many other patients she couldn't help or were lost before she could get to them. Yet all these thoughts and barriers got annihilated by this sheer moment.

As they moved to more shallow waters Amelya could feel the proud member of the man carrying her move inside of her and she moaned softly in his ear when he gently placed her down. She was impressed by the strength of Carrigan and enjoyed his every touch as his hands started to wander over her body. She moved her hands over his face and than into his hair, tugging at it gently for now and messing up his hair. Her legs snaked around his middle for a better grip and he looked up at Carrigan with a very wanting look.

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Amelya's breathy moans were resonating in his ears even as the pounding of his heart nearly defeated him. Her body beneath him seemed to the most perfect work of art he had ever been graced with seeing, one that was at the same time firm and pliable and warm and soft and compliant and making its own demands. And Carrigan was fully engrossed by it.

Her hands in his hair, tousling it, tugging at it, teasing him. How her slender fingers were so perfectly applying pressure and tension at the same time.

The perfect breast beneath his hand, both perfectly soft and firm at the same time with the hard yet pliable pebble of her nipple pressing into his palm as he gently kneaded it.

And her legs about his waist, in combination with the gently clenching walls of her innermost depths holding his member tight. And, when he caught the look on her face, Trent could not longer resist the urge he had been trying to hold in check as he sought to make the moment last and he began to move his hips back and forth, withdrawing then pushing in his cock.

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As Trent slowly started to move his hips back and forth, the wanting look on Amelya's face changed into a more enjoying face as a smile appeared on her lips. Soft moans filled the air around them as Trent moved back and forth more inside the hot tensing body of the Trill. "Oh God Carrigan..." She moaned with speedy breaths and her breathing increased the longer she lay there.

She was already wet from the water yet the anticipation and the actual feeling of Carrigan's cock inside of her were another reason for her to produce more fluids down there. The slick substance allowed Trent to move in and out of her wet lips with great ease and she moaned each time he inserted himself in her. Her nails clenched against his neck and dug in after a while and her mouth opened and closed without any sound coming out as Trent continued his pumping inside of her.

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The first time he sheathed himself within Amelya, Trent held his length fully within her before he began to rock his hips back and forth, encouraged by her breathy moan. He could feel how she was becoming yet slicker with each of his thrusts. The nails that first raked at his neck, he felt them digging into his skin. At first, he felt the pinch of her fingertips and the sting of saltwater on the small abrasions but they did not deter him. Instead, they became part of this experience, perfectly meshing with the sensations of the waves coming to die around their entwined bodies, the warmth of the Trill's skin beneath him, the firm breast under his good hand.

And his rhythm quickened. Faster and faster, increasing in energy, Carrigan drove himself in and then partially withdrew himself until he fully gave himself to the moment and his lovemaking became something urgent, something primal. The Dominion War had crippled him; the after effects had broken him; he had been trapped surrounded by an enemy he could not pin down. And now, even on a fugitive starship that was chased across the galaxy and desperately short of allies or safe havens, he was freer than he has been in a decade.

And this freedom he celebrated within the arms of a beautiful Trill and, with a groan and a hard thrust that fully sheathed him within her, he punctuated it when his seed began to shoot from his twitching cock.

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The position in which Trent held Amelya caused for great sensations through the body of the Trill. It was as if Trent had timed the location and execution of the lovemaking session. The waves accompanied by a powerful yet much needed thrust inside of her loins. She held him tight and moaned at each thrust, giving herself completely to the SI. She could feel how his rhythm accelerated and how more primal and wild he got with her. Not that she would mind, on the contrary, she enjoyed how he ravaged her.

Her body slowly being pushed to its limits. She knew that she couldn't hold back for a very long time before her own climax would take the upper hand. The next thrust however was something special. She felt how his meaty length drove deep inside of her and she gasped and moaned out loudly when she felt the sensation of his seed being injected into the depths of her body. She tightened her grip around him as she felt his seed filling her up and her own walls started o respond as well.

Trent could feel how her inner walls hugged his member tightly and how the muscle spasmed against his hard member. She dug her head in his neck as she gasped for air, still not receiving any and he body tensed up as he climax had reached the peak. Slowly she got air in her lungs and she breathed out loud and fast while her body rode out the orgasm. No words could be found for what just happened and her eyes slowly opened up to look at Trent.

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Carrigan's climax was matched by Amelya's and her own orgasm could not have been better timed. Her head pressing into his neck, her innermost walls clenching and releasing with a wild rhythm about his length and milking the last of his sperm from his shaft. Each sensation distinct yet blending with all of the others. Such was the power of the experience, to completely immerse the crippled officer in its grasp and elicit this release from him that it felt as though the weight of years had been lifted off his soul.

As his lover began to recover from her own exertions, Trent felt his shaft soften in the post-lovemaking glow, slowly withdrawing from her depths. But how he enjoyed this closeness, this intimacy born from a joint need to release mountains of accumulated stresses. However, the whole time, he looked upon the Trill's face, his gaze matching hers.

Slowly, the Intelligence Officer rolled off the physician and settled on the sands next to her, his good hand travelling up and down her sides only to come to a rest on a perfect breast as he just began to get his breathjng and heartbeat under control.

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The shift in Trent his position made Amelya gasp. Her still sensitive body being teased once more by the in the mean time slightly softened cock had sent a shock through her body once more. A soft moan could be heard on her behalf and as he eventually escaped her wet tunnel she gently ran her hand between her legs to feel at her still sensitive lips. She closed her eyes during this time and once she opened them again, she looked back at the intelligence officer that had laid himself next to her.

She enjoyed the soft touch of his hand over her sides to her ribcage and eventually found his hand on her breast. Her nipples still perky from the climax and a smile slowly forming on her lips. "Trent..." she called out softly at him, letting the name flow over her lips in a sultry way "You were amazing... Such ferocity..." she said softly and moved her hands against his  cheek down his neck. Only to return her fingers to run through his hair.

She didn't want to move just yet as the waters of the ocean washed away their mixed fluids leaking out of her. The sensation of the waves still pleasurable, yet the company was certainly a factor as well. "Shall we meet again at some point, Lieutenant Commander?" she asked softly, wishing to know if this was just a one time thing or not.

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Carrigan was allowing himself to relax next to the naked Trill, his hand tenderly kneading at her breast. But then, she had to mention his intensity in the process of their lovemaking. And come to think of it he had indeed been a great deal more savage than usual. But then again, he had desperately needed that relief even if he hadn't dared admit it to himself until then.

"I'm not normally this... rough," he quietly replied. "It's been a long time since I've been with anyone. Thank you." The Intelligence tenderly laid a kiss on the physician's lips and once he withdrew, she mentioned the possibility of future meetings. And that very thought lit a fire within the Lieutenant Commander. She was beautiful, passionate and thoughtful. And not to mention she was quite skilled in intimate matters.

Slowly, he let his good fingers circle her aureola before delicately teasing at the still firm nipple. "Of course we shall."

And, having spoken, he pressed his lips to her neck where it met her jaw, just below her ear and began to trail along the line of her spots.

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She had to giggle a bit as Trent explained himself why he was so rough, she could relate of course yet remained silent as she enjoyed his touch on her bare breast. However, when he thanked her she opened her eyes and looked straight at him. She parted her lips and answered him softly "It was my pleasure to relieve you a bit... Trent" she had a coy smile at the end of the sentence and moved her hand against his chest and than upwards towards his collarbone.

The confirmation that he'd return to her from time to time for some more fun made her smile a bit broader, yet a soft moan followed as the lieutenant commander teased her breast and nipple once more. She enjoyed the closeness of him once he leaned in to kiss her neck and it tickled a bit as he trailed his way down her spots.

She was regaining her strength now and she kissed him back in his neck before whispering in his ear "I really should be going to check up on my patients." She knew it was a rather dull excuse, yet she was too worried about her patients to leave them alone for a single night without another good look at them. Besides, with the calm state she was in now (or well sort of calm state) she'd probably be able to notice a lot more things. She nibbled at Trent his earlobe before slowly rising up to sit a bit straighter. She looked for her discarded dress and tried to reach out for it, even though it was just out of arm's reach.

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