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Re: CHAPTER 02: By the Moonlit Sea [2120 hrs.]

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She loaned lewdly around the cock plunging the depths of her throat as she took both cocks so eagerly.  Each thrust sent waves of pleasure through her body a she felt them hilting themselves within her with every thrust.  The cock in her pussy seemingly glided within her with an effortless motion each powerful thrust pounding her depths making her let out a soft whimper against the ridged cock in her mouth.  Every thrust into her mouth filled her fully as she felt the hard organ force down her eager throat forcing it to stretch a little as a visible swelling could be seen with each time she took the organ down her inviting gullet.

Soon she began to gag and mild tears from the reflex began to form but the pleasure was too much. Even if she resisted she could only hope the Klingon would just keep using her throat without care for her.  Soon her cunt was dripping again as her feminine juices began to join the holographic water her moans of delight only encouraging the two to fuck her raw.

Soon the other was beginning to stir. and couldn't help but watch in near wide eyed amazement as the fellow helmsman took both of them so eagerly.  Every thing in his mind told him to rest but the lust of his body urged him to get up knowing the only thing that could this wonderful scene would be another cock plunging in and of the tight entrance to that beautiful scaled rump of hers.

Re: CHAPTER 02: By the Moonlit Sea [2120 hrs.]

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When Winterbourne stirred behind him, Riptor turned his head and leaned back a little to make eye-contact - still plunging into the Cardasssian's depths when he did so. There were no words needed, the grin he gave his helmsman lover knowing in what he should do to let the white-haired young adonis partake with himself and the large and bald Klingon.

Riptor pulled himself out of Aisha S'Ithi's sex - freed with a shining coating of her secretions on the moonlight. He wrapped both of his muscular arms around the woman and pulled her back from the Klingon's cock - Zaraq letting go of her hair in evident puzzlement as to what the human was up to. Riptor did not bide his time with an explanation, however, since it would be evident what is intentions would be. He laid back in the shallow breakers that hit the sands, the Cardassian's back held firmly to his chest while he laid back, soon removing his arms from around her and instead seizing the cheeks of her ass. It did not take much to align himself and press the head of his slick cock against her anal opening.

Zaraq saw the obvious opportunity and took it forcefully, lowering himself down over Riptor's thighs with a guttural grunt. His large, strong hands grabbed the Cardassian's thighs, holding her legs spread while he pressed his mighty phallus into her - ridge by ridge, inch by inch. His corrugated length squirmed past the roof of her entrance on the way in - rubbing the bottom of her clit in the process and sawing across the tender, sensitive spot located further up her tunnel. It took him and Riptor a few thrusts to sync their movements, the human expanding her anal passage enough to gain free movement as well.

The two large males filled her with their rigid organs in a slow but firm rhytm, and while Riptor pinched and fondled the Cardassian's aching breasts, Zaraq sucked her hardened teats and scraped his teeth across her skin. It was this sight that met Winterbourne when he stepped close, towering above Aisha's and Riptor's faces. He made eye-contact with Zaraq as well, sinking down on his knees in the sand next to the woman's head - angelic face rife with need once more. His cock was semi-hard already when he presented it to Aisha's lips - pushing it against her tongue where she lay on her back.

Once she accepted it, Cale reached down her toned abdomen towards where Zaraq was thrusting into her, and rubbed her sex and clitoris in full for her - grazing the sides of the Klingon's moving cock in the process as well. It seemed the mad development had reached the crescendo, and Winterbourne was grateful to having been able to celebrate Lohlunat  as thoroughly as he had.

Re: CHAPTER 02: By the Moonlit Sea [2120 hrs.]

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Aisha Began to moan and groan as she felt her throat grow empty before being repositioned to the two males new needs.  She moaned out loudly as she felt the thick meat pierce her from behind and felt her colon being invaded by the thick organ.  Before she could adjust though she went wide eyed and cried out in an intense pleasure as she felt her clit being rubbed violently by the intruding Klingon organ before she felt herself being fully impaled on the magnificent male.  She began to cry out with each thrust from the pair.  "Fuck me.  Fuck me"  She begged feeling her body being taken fully.

Then she grew quieter as her voice was muffled by Winterborne's cock.  Soon she was moaning around the cock as each of the two thrusts from behind perfectly pushed Winter's cock all the way down her throat making her gag with each forceful motion.  She whimpered and moaned with each movement tears forming at the corners of her eyes a combination of pleasure overload and the gagging tormenting her throat.  "Mhhhfh Mfffhh Uggh nnnng"   Her noises were heard down the beach as the three fucked the eager Cardassian senseless and within less than a minute her own juices were flowing as her body tensed and a wave came over her crashing into the back of her mind. 

The males continued not themselves reaching their climax  She was seized by another climax and soon after another before they were finished.  Finally as she felt as if her third climax would be all her body could take without her fainting from the intense experience.  She felt the warmth as streams of thick cum filled her in every hole.  The warm feeling from the inside and lack of sense of anything but intense pleasure made her a rag doll in their arms, and when the males slid out though their cum was far from fully spent.  She panted around the cock in her mouth as she tried to swallow it all, but she soon felt  a warm oozing as cum began to seep over her thighs ass and stomach and cum began to escape the corners of her mouth.   She pulled the cock from her mouth feeling a final spasm from the white haired youth and let his cum land all over her waiting face and chest before she looked at the two others again as if inviting them to spill every ounce  of seed they could spare all over her body.  She eagerly took turns felating them cleaning their cocks and balls fully for minutes making sure to make sure all three of them were fully satisfied.  But more importantly making sure she got to taste their cum coating her tongue and throat before adding to the mess of cum on her face and chest and streaking her hair.



After recovering her energy, and taking a wonderful bath in the waves to wash herself clean of the soon salt crusting streaks of cum. The Cardassian Gathered her clothes Walked over to the bar where she had asked the others three to wait for her.  Upon arriving at the bar she hugged Winterborne from behind and gave him a kiss on the neck as she signaled the bartender to treat the three to a drink on her.  "You three didn't think You could get rid of me that easily did you?  she said in a soft but tempting voice.  Letting them know that even if their uninhibited display or eroticism was over, and she was more than satisfied; the night of fun was far from over between the 4 of them.

The End

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