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In the aftermath of his climax, Lucan took deep breaths to centre himself and to prevent his knees from buckling underneath him when the Ovri released his slick and tender length from her mouth. He tried to help her to her feet when she got up, and he noted that her bowing tendency persisted even under the current circumstances between them.

"By the winds, it's I w-who should be grateful," he said and chuckled breathlessly after she spoke, gradually adjusting his own uniform again, "and under the circumstances, I certainly can't complain about getting such rare, intimate experience out of this little oversight. You definitely shouldn't apologise as if you had hurt me or anything. The risks were nominal in regard to the stage of your fertility, and we were fortunate you were not ovulating more than you were. Therefore, there was naught but pleasure to be had for both of us."

He stepped forward and laid his tattooed hands upon her bare hips, trying to meet her dark eyes as he reassured her. "In all things, one can speculate about the risks and what might have happened endlessly. So instead, I will chose to have experienced this at face-value, disregarding all the 'what ifs' and ''could have beens' and remember this as the quite extraordinary experience that it was."

Emphasising his point, he kissed her mark, unbeknownst to him doing something entirely else than the causal gesture that other species might take it for. It was not even a kiss on the cheek, in Lucan's regard, and he stepped back afterwards and inclined his head in parting. "Enjoy the Fesitval, and I am looking forward to seeing you here on the morrow. Oh, and if I did not say so already..."

He gave her his charismatic smile before she had the time to leave. "...welcome to the Theurgy, Nurse Vojona."

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Hylota listened to Lucan talk and she took what he said to heart, but as he kissed her on the top of her forehead she blushed and just stared for a second before she stopped herself, she knew it meant nothing to him and she simply smiled and nodded. "Alright si-Doctor. I will be sure to be back her bright and early for the operation." She smiled and she bowed respectfully before she returned to her clothes an began to dress back up in her uniform.

Hylota got back into her uniform fairly quickly and slipped into her boots as she was wrapping her scarf around her neck. Once fully dressed she turned around to clarify some last points before she left. "Before I go sir, will we have time for starting your experiments tomorrow? And if we do is there anything you will need for me to bring other than my birth control medication Doctor?"

Hylota was standing t the door to the office waiting for the last bit of information before she left, and she had no idea that mere moments ago she had almost been murdered in this very room by the man she had jut given a blow job to.

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Lucan had begun to dress as well when the Nurse turned away, and while he felt his own heart-rate still elevated because of what just had happened, not to mention the residual pheromones in his body, he felt more in control of himself that he had felt earlier. The parasite did not hold the sway it had before, when his primal urges had risen from the dark depths of his soul, and he could tend to the state of his clothes and appearance without greater difficulty besides residual adrenaline levels in his veins that made his hands shake a bit. Adrenaline from the realisation that he had nearly killed her, surely, which was thinning out with the reassurance that the nurse did not show any signs of suspicion or doubt.

When Hylota asked if the experiments could continue the next day, Lucan stopped himself from chuckling at her eagerness to become his guinea pig. Buttoning his undershirt, he turned to her. "Our patient outside in the stasis pod is our priority tomorrow morning, but depending on his condition when he wakes up, I might be able to make time after noon tomorrow. I will send you a message when it would be most convenient," he said, raking a hand through his own hair when he was done with his undershirt, "and you should bring your current medication, yes, so that I may analyse what I have to work with right now. Perhaps it will simply be a matter of augmenting your current medicine, modifying it with compounds that are more available here in the Federation than in Ovri space. We'll see tomorrow what I can do for you."

Ideas bubbled up already, and none of them had anything to do with her fertility.

"Good night, Nurse Vojona, and... thank you, I suppose, for a very... intriguing evening." He did not know if his charm would make any difference, but his smile was the kind that usually made both women and men weak and susceptible to manipulation.

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Hylota smiled. "I will be sure to bring you some in tomorrow Doctor. But since it is going to be such a busy day I shall hold off on that until the evening if there is any time at all, and I shall bring what information I have on the medication." She bowed slightly. "An Thank you for...helping me with my problems Doctor." With that Hylota left the office and stopped to check on the status of hr brother's transfer before she set out to go to her room to decide where to go from there. As of right now she flt funny and was unsure if sh should go to the festival, or if he should stay back and go to her room and rest up. Her professional side told her to go to bed and not gt involved with the crew, she was an Ovri doctor, she had no time for anything but her work...But her brother's words still hung in her mind remembering what he had been telling her before his incident. She needed friends, she should have some times with the crew or else she might end up alone in a dark place if anything ever happened to him...oh how right he had been...that was it, she was going to the festival tonight, she just needed her dress.

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