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[Hylota Vojona] Attn: Auctor Lucan

Hylota smiled at the generous offers of helping her to make friends, and with the pilot of the fighters no less, as her mind lingered on this she thought about how she could use this friendship with the pilot to help them to get medical aid without much hassle. With a smile she locked her dark eyes on Soo's. "I would love to meet your friends, who knows, maybe we could get this to work out for your benefit, with my help you and your friends could avoid getting grounded an from pushing yourselves too far." She sighed and looked back at the crowd. "Granted for the next few day cycles I figure most of the crew will avoid the medical bay, still plenty of burns there...of course I think you should know I will drag you and your other flying friends in for your checkups if I have to." She smiled teasingly at Soo.

As they got themselves drinks and Soo brought up the mark on her head Hylota looked up despite not being able to see the mark. She smiled and chuckled as she was asked the series of questions about it and she shook her head. "No no it was nothing like that, It is a stain, it helps to identify our people and our jobs. Tattoos never developed on our worlds, our skin did not recover as quickly from the act and would often get infected." she touched her mark and smiled. "My mark indicates I am of the medical core for my people, the mortar and pestle was used to grind the herbs used in the first medicines so it remained the mark of medicine for us. The pentagon surrounding it indicates I am from the fifth planetary colony, And whit indicate my field. In my case white indicated the most basic and common, I was desirable for use in any hospital or medical bay for my people, I was also desired as a basic researcher. But i have no qualification or special recognized skills in other fields." She smiled a she finished talking about herself, she took pride in her mark, to her it as hr greatest feature.

As Soo gently stroked her arm Hylota did not notice and as hr arm was rubbed she subconsciously registered the contact and her mood improved. she had not had any comforting contact in a while, this sudden change made her smile more despite not noticing.

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"Sounding like a true medic, alright," said Soo when Hylota remarked that she'd never hesitate to bring the Lone Wolves in for check-ups, perhaps regardless of how many injured there were in Sickbay. "Pilots seem to be the grand prize for Sickbay to stick in the recovery wards. Word of advice, let someone else tell a pilot named Rawley that she is due for a check-up, though. She has been locked up for almost a month and just got out. She might react... explosively."

Unbidden, memories of Evelyn and her being together - from before Soo went MIA - surfaced in her mind. Their limbs intertwined, bodies heaving, fingers reaching everywhere, Rawley's lips and tongue making Soo toss and turn in sweet agony. Yet with such memories came also Rawley's rejection of her, and the unfinished chapter that was their feelings for each other. Soo glanced towards the paved stones that led her and the Ovri forward, thinking that moving on was the only thing she could do. The hurtful things Rawley said to keep her distance, to dig her bloody heels in and maintain her cavalier attitude towards life. It was obvious that Rawley felt she could not afford to invest herself in the relationship they'd had, but that did not make it any easier for Soo to just forget what had been between them.

When Hylota spoke of her mark, Soo looked up at her and sipped her drink, pushing Rawley from her mind so that she could enjoy the Ovri's company better. "A stain," she mused, raising her free hand from Hylota's arm to brush her fingertips across her forehead. Indeed, the skin was not raised like a tattoo would make it, but somehow otherwise applied on the Ovri's gleaming skin. It was as if the seaside air had revitalised her minute scales a bit, making them smooth to the touch. "Come, I think I left Nightmare on that side of the amphitheatre."

So they passed below a marble arch and into a small district of restaurants and botanical gardens, their path taking them through shifting crowds of crewmembers and Risians.

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Hylota smiled and nodded. "I will keep that in mind, but with all the things that are going on I think I might and up doing hat just because there is no one else available right now, since I am new here I am not being brought in to work on the patient, familiar faces help with recoveries I have been told. Hylota shrugged, bu as she was suddenly touched on the forehead she froze up and went wide eyed, to be touched on ones mark was a very personal thing, it was one's identity for their first impression, and since that tied in to sex quite often it was a very sexual action and her mind instantly darted to thoughts of caressing Soo's body and getting intimate with her, to feel her up and pull her close in a embrace, but she remembered the difference of cultures and she dismissed this and allowed the touch to happen.

As Soo mentioned another person that they would go see she smiled and she nodded. "I see, well I would like to meet your friend, could be the beginning of a nice friendship." As she followed along after her friend she decided to ask a question of her new friend. "So Soo, what is with the headphones you are wearing?  Is there a specific music you are listening to right now? I would be rather interested in discussing that if we need to have a starting point for our conversation." She smiled pleasantly as she followed along, he easily ignored the rest of the crew as she went. As she passed a waitress she quickly downed her entire drink and grabbed another one. 

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[Edena Rez]

"Sadly, my career has been my life.  I have defined myself by what I have accomplished and little else.  Call it a sibling rivalry issue, being the youngest of three sisters.  My two older siblings are highly accomplished in fields of science as part of the Trill Science Academy.  As a lowly Science Officer on a Federation starship, I was the wasted potential, at least until my joining.  Joining to a Symbiont is a huge deal for Trill, so I instantly shot forward in the contest between me and my sisters, and how my work for Starfleet Intelligence and command experience has pushed me forward again.  Unfortunately, that also means my romantic life has been unfulfilling for quite a long time."

Oh my God, why would you say that?! Edena's voice echoed in her own head, cross with Illya for making her sound like some lovelorn fool.  She knew when Illya was baiting, and that was exactly it.  She might as well have been wearing an Orion slave girl outfit, lamenting on how her bed had been empty so long, she didn't know if she would ever feel a loving touch again.

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[ Soo Young Seung ] Attn: Zenozine

Hard as it might be for her to read an Ovri after just having met one a couple of minutes ago, Soo experienced the suddenness of the reaction all too well when she brushed her fingertips over Hylota's mark. She did not get much clarity, yet it was evident that after the slight alarm the nurse felt, thoughts based in lust and sexual desire dominated the the reading of her. After Soo had removed her hand, she felt how her already lowered inhibitions fed on Hylota's thoughts and made her own eyes glaze over  in response. Being a Betazoid, even a halfbreed, had its distinct distractions.

She was so distracted as she walked next to the Ovri that she almost did not catch the question about her music and her headphones. Hylota had spoken of friendship in a odd way, something which could to be a trait of her people, this formal way in which she cherished the friendship of the people around her. Soo had to clear her throat and blink several times to keep feeding on the Ovri's sexual desires, and she realised that she might even be feeding the people around her with it too, making it a hazardous feedback-loop. It was something she knew was well liked when having sex with her. As much Rawley had said to her, but here? In public? She really had to get a grip on herself.

"The music helps me from keeping the minds of others away and to focus on myself," she said, feeling a bit weak in her knees but leaning more on Hylota to compensate. "You seee, my father was Betazoid, which should explain most of my off behaviour tonight. MY favourite type of music... is 20th century R&B and Disco. It is the kind of Earth music that usually embodies happiness within its tune."

They had yet to find Nightmare, which might be for the best given the path the encounter with the Ovri had put her on. Soo kept her legs together as she walked, happy that she was wearing black shorts.

"Your... thoughts of me are very... intriguing, Hylota Vojona," she whispered as she walked, subconsciously looking for somewhere that they might escape from the path - seeing one that would take them behind the amphitheatre and the shadows below an alcove with a dense forest of marble pillars. "I think Nightmare might be down there."

A lie, perhaps, but she had no idea where Hanna von Slaverton might have gone, had she?

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[Wenn Cinn] attn kurohigi

"I never had that rivalry, we were too busy trying to stay alive," Cinn commented, "I can't even understand why you would compete with your own siblings, surely your parents loved you all equally regardless of what you did in life?"  It was something he recalled from his youth, despite his siblings being much older than he, their parents didn't judge between them in the slightest, loving them all regardless of their life choices.

Her comments about her love life took him a little by surprise.  He hadn't expected her to be so candid about romantic entanglements, or lack thereof.   This raised the niggling question that had been in his head all this time of who exactly he was speaking to, he didn't trust her, not entirely, not yet.  He shook his head, "Edena," he put a little extra stress on the name he was supposed to be addressing, "you are by no means the only one who has sacrificed personal fulfilment for their career.  I am in the same position as you, romantic liaisons have been thin on the ground although I have to say having died and come back I am starting to reconsider focussing all of my attentions on my work.  Even in this situation it is good to find something to hold onto when times get hard."

The confession of his inner thoughts was entirely true, he had focussed all of his life on fighting and keeping order, spending little time on anything else.  Most of his other attentions had been on his faith and while it had been rewarded his second chance had made him realise that there was more to life than the fight, that returning to his quarters had been all too sad an affair with no-one there to truly welcome him home, nothing like as his parents had been with each other.  It had felt a little bit hollow and he didn't like it.  Despite his honesty with her though he watched her face intently, watching for anything that would give her away or indeed show her truth.

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"It wasn't about earning love, but about earning respect.  Three highly competitive girls, sometimes trying to be the best means you get to push yourself a little harder, gives you new determination."  In that sense, her sisters were a driving force, Edena running to catch up and surpass them, rather then be fine with a light jog that would have seen her not get as far.  It was the same thing people felt with their peers back at the Academy, striving to be top of the class, everyone helping to push each other to not settle for second best, and to give their full effort in the quest for it.

When he spoke of his own life, his own unfulfilled personal life, Illya spoke to Edena within the confines of her mind.  He can understand you, Eden.  Why not give it a chance?  You'd have been willing to sit back and let me use your body with him, right?  Like I did with Ida?  Why not actually try putting yourself out there for once?

The transition from Illya to Edena, the former host surrendering control to the true owner, was literally in the blink of an eye.  The shift could have been more drastic if it was being watched for, however, as her stance shifted from confident, a manner in which her curves were slightly more pronounced, to more timid and gentle, her eyes sharing that same softness where once there was fire.  Even with control returned, her former host encouraged in her head, Edena fingering the necklace around her neck, that which was meant to signal she was open to a tryst.  "H-have you ever . . . just wanted to say to hell with it?  Forget about ambitions and goals for one night, and just finf some personal fulfillment?"

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The change that occurred before his eyes was incredible, he'd seen similar changes in people who had realised they had been caught for whatever crime they had committed and broken down but this was something completely different. "Well at least that's one question answered," he thought to himself as he realised that this was the real Edena, he'd been speaking to one of the others all of this time but now the woman in front of him was the one who had been born into the body.

And yet he found himself not angry with the deception.  In fact he realised what a strength her unique position could be.  Clearly the real Edena was shy and nervous in this situation and so had enlisted the help of one of her other personas, there was a softer expression in her eyes, sweet and gentle.  Suddenly she was no longer the enemy, not like this, and while he might not have trusted her intentions he swept it aside for tonight.

Cinn reached for her hand, gently taking her delicate digits with his own larger ones and drew them to his lips.  Kissing her palm gently he looked up into her eyes and smiled, "Many, many times but this is the first time I feel I can actually do it."  Standing up again he gently helped her stand with him and slid the hand that had been holding hers up her arm, moving closer as he did and then softly stroking down her back until his arm settled around her waist.

"I think we should find somewhere a little more private but I've never been here before, any idea where we should go?" his voice was low and rumbling but conveyed only the desire to explore this suggestion of hers.  The more he looked at her the more attractive he was finding her, he'd noticed her good looks of course when he had first started talking to her of course, but the real Edena was far more beautiful than whoever he had been speaking to before. He had to stop himself from physically shaking his head, maybe it was the atmosphere, the drink, the recent events but something really had changed in him.

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[Hylota Vojona] Attn: Auctor Lucan

Hylota did not realize that sh was having any effect on Soo, in all honesty she did not remember every Federation race, she had to memorize hundreds of different races, cultures, medicines and so much more that she simply remembered the most common one like Humans to ensure that she did not encounter complications, she didn't realize that Soo had Betazoid genetics an a heightened emphatic link with people. And in her current state she had not realized that her heightened arousal and lust might be coming off of external sources, she thought it was just a side effect of stress, the events prior to this and her own oncoming fertility. 

As Soo began to talk about what she listened to Hylota nodded and stroked her chin. "Sounds like a good set of music, I would like to listen to it with you some time, I myself have in interest in music...wait i'm sorry I missed that first bit, you are half Betazoid?" Hr eyes squinted and she focused for a second going through her mental list and then her eyes went wide as sh realized what Betazoids could do and she actively emptied her mind of thought, clearing it and not thinking of anything perverse anymore and fighting off the feelings of arousal as best she could.

As they reached the back of the amphitheater and Soo commented on the interesting nature of Hylota' thoughts she blushed and rubbed the back of her neck as she blushed a reddish purple color. "I apologize, I sill do not recognize every race and I did not realize your abilities until you mentioned your race...I hope I have not made a poor impression on you Soo, I would hate for this to ruin any potential friendship we could have." Looking at here Soo had said her friend was Hylota smiled and nodded as she headed in.

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There's that beach house farther down the shoreline.

Illya, do you just look around for opportunistic places to fuck when I give you control?

Not just that.  Escapes routes too, but that's just a force of habit from my thieving days.  Now tell him about the beach house and get some relief!  You'll thank me, guaranteed.

"T-there's a beach house just over there," she finally said, gesturing with her head rather then pointing, as though pointing would make everyone look at her, and see she was planning some kind of illicit meeting with the newly returned member of the crew.  As nervous as she was now, that would have just been absolutely mortifying!

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Glancing around to see if anyone was watching them and satisfied that everyone else was too caught up in their own party to worry about the two of them he gently guided her into the shadows and along in the direction of the beach house she had suggested.  He felt like a young man again, stealing away for a moment of passion with a fellow fighter.  It hadn't happened a lot, there was too much risk involved, but those moments that he could share with a woman who had needed the release and brief pleasure were etched into his mind.  This was going to be no different.

His smile to her was seductive and full of mischievous anticipation of their rendezvous.  She was nervous, that was very clear, in honesty so was he.  Cinn hadn't expected the night to lead to this and even if it had he hadn't expected that his arm would be around her out of all the women on the ship.  Still, now that it was happening he felt it was right. 

Reaching the building with her he paused just for a moment to open the door.  He released his arm from her waist, sliding it around to take her hand once more and slowly stepped backwards into the beach house, drawing her with him as he did.

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