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CHAPTER 02: Moonlight Walk [2130 hrs.]

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His smirk always made her think he was up to no good but it was something she was more then alright with. "He warned me yes but at the same time he hasn't taken into account that when my kind mates it isn't a soft loving thing," she said surprised he had heard that part of their conversation. "Besides I am horrible at taking warnings," As he welcomed her kiss once more she soaked in the feeling. Knowing he was receptive to her advances. His tail wrapping around hers made her smile into the kiss they where sharing. His offer for later tonight made her smile grow all that much more. "Just don't be too heart broken when I kick your butt," she teased wondering the skill he held. As their bodies parted she found she missed the warmth of his. Her tail never untangled from around his as her hand slipped into his her fingers interlacing with his as she started walking with him. Their path leading them along the beach away from everyone else.

Her eyes drifted out over the sand and waves before looking back up at him. There where so many questions and so many worries that surrounded him. Some she knew would take a while before she felt safe asking him. "Miles, would you tell me about your home planet?" she asked looking up at him. Maybe it was not having one of their own that always made her want to hear about others. As much as she hated to admit it she would picture what their home would look like when they finally managed to find one. She listened to him intently as their pace as slow her hand never leaving his. Still there was something she knew she would have to tell him. "Miles, I figured from what you said in sickbay and from your behavior you are wanting to experience a more emotional connection with someone. I should let you know it will take a lot for me to settle into it. There are a lot of scars from past things. That is if that is what you are looking for," she offered him a soft smile seeing how the moonlight played over his features making him seem all that much more handsome.

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He enjoyed every second of her company, it was odd how he seemed to enjoy something different than usual how he was enjoying the intimacy of just being with someone rather than having sex with someone. there was something taboo in his culture with this kind of closeness and that guilt was just the thing that seemed to spark that certain excitement he had not experienced in forever.  "Its hard to just describe a world after all its a whole planet.  Guess the summary of it is imagine Earth if they never had to clear forests to make farmland.  We have our deserts and polar regions and our share of sprawling grasslands but unlike most planets with civilization we never felt the need or want to push nature back from the doorsteps of our cities.  Our off-world colonies we tended to rather than try and terraform a moon or change the desolation where it would be we would build a large structure and within the structure pressurize it with the atmosphere of our home world.  Within the structure we did what was necessary to make the native soil fertile and plant a small forest.  When it was done we had a forested greenhouse dome that we were able to regulate the temperature within while the forest kept the ecosystem and atmosphere within the done going.  after that we would build an extension onto the structure establishing a full fledged spaceport and a city would grow from there.  For some reason though we never liked altering the areas outside though I guess we just like being able to see the natural wild around wherever we are.  We always tried to strike a balance with the wild.  I guess that comes from us being not too removed from the wild we come from.  he smiled looking to her after describing his world and returned to one of her other comments, as he enjoyed the feel of his fingers and tail intertwined with hers. "it isn't about winning with me it's about the experience.  TO me he only time when the martial arts are solely about winning is when you are using them to keep your life.  IN competition and in fun its about the experience.  Two fighters in a sense get to share a bond no one else can know.  Besides if you do kick my ass you wont be the first or last one to do it  everything i can see about your species tends to point towards an advantage towards you. Your ability to heal yourself as well seems to point towards a certain challenge.  Frankly I would place myself at a major disadvantage in hand to hand combat to death or loss of consciousness from injury.  In a test of pure strength I am unsure as well as tests of speed and agility.  Combat with melee type weaponry I am equally unsure though your resistance to lasting injury would probably weigh in your favor.  Guess I'm just curious enough to want to find out if I'm as outmatched as it seems."

He couldn't help but enjoy her company as he enjoyed their walk and the ay the moonlight accented her every feature. "Well i don't really know what i want when it comes to you.  Obviously there the physical attraction not just in appearance but a hormonal and pheromonal connection.  Your pheromones not only are easy for me to notice increasing in volume but have an affect on my own hormones and as i can tell my actions if not my own pheromones have a certain affect on you as well.  There is a term my people have for it, but to translate in Federation standard English required s a bit of a description.  Basically it means for two beings to on an instinctual level to desire to mate so strongly that their bodies create a feedback loop that continually pressures the two to mate.  its a fairly common thing that can occur between two of my species but for it to exist between one of my species and a member of another species is rare.  Sure there is a physical attraction i have for other species and there are desires to mate but it isn't the same kind of thing.  There's a difference between what we seem to be having and just a simple visual attraction.  as for the emotional connection that's the funny thing.  It isnt so much I want want the whoe emotional thing.  Whats natural would be wanting a friend and someone who shares a enjoyment from mating together.  I think the human term is Friends with benefits.  What would be normal for me to want would be to gain both a friend and a reoccurring sexual partner.  But if that was it then I wouldn't be feeling satisfaction with hwat we are sharing now.  I would be being driven mad by holding your hand and kissing you.  By now normally as soon as we were away from the prying eyes I would have launched back into our kiss barely able to keep from delaying the physical desires.  Normally the only thing that subdues those urges is to act on them, but holding your hand letting our tails wrap up in each other, holding you close, these simple things subduing it, that in itself is that kind of emotional connection I was talking about.  That's what I was meaning by an emotional connection that is so taboo in my society except in certain cases.  You don't feel that way for a mating partner, it's perverted.  Just being with you like this would label me a pervert for having enough attachment to want to be like this.  As he spoke the two got closer and closer an by the time he was done he his tail had released hers and was wrapped around her body gently as he just hugged her softly nuzzling close cuddling with her as his hands didn't try and reach for more.  he wasn't supposed to feel satisfied just holding her.  he wasn't supposed to want to be just close.  he was supposed to take advantage of their mutual lust.  He should have had one cheek on one hand a breast in the other and his tongue down her throat, but he didn't.  Yet, he was feeling the same kind of enjoyment that he would feel otherwise  it was satisfying to be close to her.  He had no desire for kits, he had no real desire to form a partnership with her, but he wanted to enjoy this kind of closeness this innocence among others that made him feel so guilty but happy inside.

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She found she enjoyed the simple act of walking with him and talking with him. There was something about the simple pure contact with another that she would soak in. Her thumb started softly stroking his knuckle as she listened to him talking about his home world. To her it sounded more beautiful then she could have even dreamed about. "There was a time winning was all there was when it came to a physical match. My father use to drill into my mind since I was young that there was only winning. If you didn't win then you where weak," she spoke her voice betraying a sadness and heaviness in her heart that never fully left. "But things happened and I have worked to retraining my mind from that way of thought," Slowly she forced in back to the dark corner of her mind from wince it had come. She forced a soft smile to grace her pale lips once more. "My healing ability also hasn't fully recovered so this time we are a bit more evenly matched," Her hand gave his a small soft squeeze as she looked up at him. "Either way it will be great having someone to spar with and not having to hold back as much as I have in the past,"

When he spoke of not knowing what he wanted when it came to her she knew his feelings as the mirrored her own. She nodded her head softly when he spoke of there being an obvious physical attraction. Once more her pale cheeks flushed ever so slightly when he spoke of her pheromones where increasing. His words did seem to make sense about how on an instinctual level the desire to mate with him was strong just like it was for him. It seemed that in some small part they where meant for each other even if it was on a purely physical one. She was a little surprised hearing that his attraction like it was rare for another outside his race. Her smile grew hearing that she was different that he enjoyed her company to a point it was different from anyone else. Her smile would grow hearing if others of his kind saw them together like they where he would be labeled a pervert. She would quickly add it to her list of nicknames she had for him. "If it helps our little exchange at the beach would have been enough to that for my kind. It may have been enough to have us charged with indecent behavior in public," she spoke feeling their bodies growing closer. "I would be more then happy with a friend with benefits," she spoke feel more ease with that arrangement then any other at the time.

Feeling his tail releasing hers and once more wrapped around her body gently making her smile. As he hugged her softly nuzzling and cuddling her arms softly came up wrapping around his chest pulling him closer to her. Her forehead softly rested on his shoulder as her eyes drifted close simply enjoying the feeling of being held by another. By how she was raised she wasn't suppose to enjoy contact with another let along in a public setting. Her arms softly wrapped around him as she soaked in the feeling of having him near. Her curiosity started getting the better of her as her hand slowly ventured up brushing along his ear seeing if his kind was as sensitive as hers. "According to thinking of my people if you show an interest in another like we have for each other it is expect to be announced that you have become life mates shortly. When you take a life mate it is just that. It is for life. We can never experience physical pleasure from another unless its our life mate. Its also the only way that the woman can conceive a child. Since the process to appear human left me infertile I don't see the need in taking a life mate," she whispered as her hand softly moved from his ears slipping under his clothes lightly brushing over his chest. Nothing suggestive but more simple course exploring. "I like that we can have this bond and not be solely bound to each other," she whispered as her hand brushed over his sides.

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He couldn't help but react to his ear being touched as the small muscles that connected them to his head made them twitch slightly at her finger-touch.  "You know I could say the same thing about mine that you said about yours earlier."  he said with a smirk as he smiled softly just enjoying being with her for the moment nuzzling into her body letting his tail wrap around her as he gently gave her another kiss.

"I think we are going to get along just fine, especially the more indecently I can get you to behave." he said with a smile a hand playfully running through her hair.  "so now that we are all alone out here with no one to think you are being indecent i guess there's no worries about where my tail goes now is there."  he said with a smirk gently letting it wrap around a leg and letting it begin to move rubbing her thigh a bit giving her a hint where it would start rubbing next as the hand that held hers slowly moved with hers their fingertips and thumbs in their own sort of intimate dance as he looked longingly into her eyes as he felt her hand on his chest pressing close, her hand now trapped between the flesh of two bodies. He narrowed the distance further turning his head to the side and kissing her passionately as if to seal their relationship.

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Feeling his ears twitching under her fingers she couldn't help but smile seeing they where sensitive like hers. It would seem their two kinda had a lot in common. His words though brought a bigger smile to her lips as she enjoyed the feeling of their bodies being close like they where. "All I am doing is returning the favor," she whispered softly to him kissing him back gently as a soft sigh slipped out of her lips. Truly she was content for the first time in a long while. Her tail softly brushed along his leg holding him tightly. Her smile continued to grow as her head tilted looking into his eyes. "I will do my best," she whispered softly feeling his hand playfully running through her soft white hair.

Her eyes took in the smirk that played over his features. Her own eyes softened feeling his tail rubbing over her thigh letting her know right where it was going to start rubbing next. He would find no complaint only full open willingness. She wanted his touch. "I guess there isn't a worry," she whispered as the tip of her tail softly slithered between the cheeks of his bottom. She could see the longing in his eyes knowing some was a reflection of what was burning in her. As he trapped her hand between the flesh of their two bodies as she smiled. Her head tilted in the opposite direction meeting his lips in the passionate dance. Her tongue hungrily sought out entrance as she could feel her desire starting to rise once more. A dark idea started to form in her mind as she softly pressed her chest a little firmer against his. Moving softly letting her breasts brush against his chest softly. Her tail slowly continue slithering along the curve of his body brushing over his sac before moving over the front of his shorts softly rubbing over the front of his coverings.

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He gasped softly as their kiss deepened tongues meeting again in their own dance as their chests pressed and grinded against each other.  Slowly his tail did as teased and slid between her so willing legs and began to rub up against her temptingly pressing against the cloth and moving up and down forcing the soft fur to tickle the the skin of her inner thighs as the muscles in the tail rubbed against her pressing the cloth against the tender slit underneath making her cloth grind against the hood that protected her sensitive buzzer.  He smiled as he opened his lips knowing her tongue was begging to be let in.

He obliged it and enjoyed the feeling of the wet muscle passing past his lips and into his mouth smirking in the kiss as his lips gently closed around it and he began to softly suckle on it as his tongue rolled around hers and a hand began to explore downwards sliding down her neckline as he gently cupped a breast as he grinded up against her sliding his tail to the side and pushing her tail aside as well as his hardening meat pressed against her ;letting her feel what she was doing to him and having a feel for himself at what he was doing to her.

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Hearing his gasping softly as their kiss deepened bringing her a spike of pleasure knowing she could bring him pleasure. Their chests meeting in a brushing of desire. Her hormones had been running through her body and she was aroused enough that the brushing between her willing legs her body would jerk with the sudden wave of pleasure. The up and down movement sliding against the skin of her inner thighs as it pressed the cloth against her tender slit she moaned loudly into the kiss. Her hand which had been gripping his would grip it a little tighter. Her kiss would become more impassioned as she felt the desire to mate once more flaring to life. As his lips opened her tongue would quickly work on ravishing every inch of his mouth she could reach.

When he started sucking on it softly her mind went to the feeling of those lips and tongue working on different body parts. Her back arched slightly into his touch as it ventured down her neckline making her groan softly. She was needing and wanting his touch. His hand cupping her breast pulled a deeper moan from her body feeling her hardened nipple brushing over his hand as they continued. Some part of her wanted to rip down the top of her dress and feel the bare touch of his hand. Still she knew that if she did he wouldn't be leaving her for the rest of the night. His hardening meat pressing against her pulled out a deep growl from her lips. Not threatening but more of primal need and want.

Slowly her head pulled back breaking the kiss her breathing already coming out heavy and needy. Her eyes opened as she looked up at him the green coloring having almost turned black. "Now I could either sweep your feet out from under you but I find its better to ask you to lay down. That way we can find a little better position for this playing," she whispered her voice dark and husky.

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He could feel her needs as they kissed and writhed against each other in pleasure.    he heard her growl through the kiss and it only made him want to satisfy her more as they found each other exploring and groping each other like overeager virgin teens wanting their first tastes of real pleasure.  hearing her request he smirked, "Both options sound fun.  If I make you sweep me will it make you want to take me for yourself even more?"  He asked as he laid down for her more than willingly pulling her close and wrapping his tail around her like the blanket she wanted as his erection dragged eagerly against her already sickening but cloth covered slit.  "There's so much fun we can have like this isn't there."  he said in a hushed voice.

His hand slowly moved from merely cupping her breast and letting hand tease flesh under cloth to giving her a squeeze. Slowly he squeezed tender flesh within cloth testing her support in a sense.  Lifting it a bit, giving it a gentle molding rubbing fingers over nipple to see just how thin the barrier was.  He wanted to test just how free her breasts were knowing soon his hands would be reaching under cloth and lovingly squeezing her till she moaned and begged him to strip her.  Their eagerness to disregard everything and mate like animals was growing with every second but their senses were keeping it in check.  Not because they didn't want to but because both of them wanted to enjoy everything else there was before giving over the ultimate prize.

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She could feel his want and desire when it came to her, somehow different from others she had known, but still more then welcome. She felt almost young and innocent again exploring a mans body for the first time. There was always something special about that time. Not knowing what lay under the veil of cloth but wanting to. His touch fueled her need and want for him. Hearing speaking of either option being fun she couldn't help but smile. "More then likely it would. The females of my kind are a little more aggressive so such an act would spark that part," she whispered watching with hunger as he laid down she would follow with him feeling his tail once more wrapping around her like a blanket. Her tail quickly started brushing over his legs and thigh. As she felt his erection dragging eagerly against her slicked clothed slit she would moan feeling jolt after jolt of pleasure washing over her body. Through the lust cloud which set heavy on her mind she could only just hear his words.

"Something tells me any time with you is fun," she whispered her voice slightly husky as she looked down into his eyes. His hand teasing her flesh under the thin cloth as she squeezed sent a heavy shiver down her spine as goosebumps broke out over her pale skin. As his fingers rubbed over already hardened nipples she would moan loudly her hips moving softly against his ragging erection. The barrier covering her breasts would be surprisingly thin letting her feel much of the teasing of his hand. She wanted to fight back and give him pleasure like he was. Leaning in her lips started kicks and sucking on his neck a few more soft growls slipping out of her lips. She defiantly was slipping deeper into the mating drive as she found the soft spot where neck met shoulder before her mouth opened as she bit his skin, not hard enough to draw blood but hard enough she was sure it would leave a small mark. Letting go of his flesh her tongue ran a small path up his neck before sucking on the bottom of his ear. Her tongue slowly moved up brushing along the top of his ear before she would blow on it softly. "I am looking forward to when I get to see just how well you can handle that thing. If you will be one of the few males that can satisfy me," she whispered softly into his ear wondering how he would take her unspoken challenge.

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He smiled hearing her reply, "Heh, lucky me.  Even if it takes all night I cant wait to see you panting and covered in cum begging for me to fill your pussy up one more time. "  he said with a smirk  accepting her challenge shuddering at the subtle breath against his ear as he still felt the warm tingle of her perfectly balanced love bite. "By the way I couldn't help but notice you left your mark."  he said smirking as he ran a hand slowly under the cloth of her dress reaching in and taking a firm grip of her right breast.   Slowly he began to mold it in his hand flesh against flesh as a claw like fingernail began to tease her nipple.   Slowly he kissed her cheek then her earlobe softly wrapping his lips around it to give the lobe a soft suckle. He let the soft flesh pass over his tongue pretending it were her nipple as he sucked and licked at it gently holding it in his teeth for just a second before giving it a soft tug before releasing it.   Slowly he began moving the kiss to her neck and gently licked and sucked on it playfully before leaving a soft bite on her neck similar to her own on his.

His hand pulled out of her top leaving it open slightly and he smirked moving down her body. Slowly he pulled the cloth to the side exposing a fair amount of her right breast.  He began to playfully squeeze and grope it before attentively moving his mouth down and reaching his tongue out to tenderly press tongue to teat.  Slowly in a single tempting lick his warm saliva softly coated her naked nipple as his tongue slid over it from bottom to underside of her nipple to the very tip.  Then the tongue retreated back to his mouth leaving her exited and now perked at full attention nipple aching from the tongue bathing.

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"Lucky you indeed," she whispered knowing her kind could be a little more dominant when they needed but she also knew that when it came to the act they where good at what they did. "We will see if you can last all night against me," she whispered teasing him as she savored the feeling of his erection sliding between her legs. "If you can I will covered in cum with some dripping out begging you to fill me once more," she knew if he was as good as he seemed that it would happen. She felt no shame in speaking these words to him. To her it was a way of showing him that she wanted him and wasn't ashamed of the fact. He felt his body shuttering under hers which made her smile finding his ears where sensitive as well. "I left me mark because for tonight you are mine," she whispered a slightly possessive nature coming out. His hand running slowly under the cloth her dress pulled a soft groan from her lips knowing what was to come. When it did come and she felt his hand taking a firm grip on her breast her groan would quickly turn to a moan.

"Miles," she whispered his name her breathing slowly turning heavier as her mind screamed at her to enjoy the willing body beneath her. Another part of her told her to wait tell she could enjoy him with out interruption. Where if he really could she would enjoy him all night long. Her free hand slipped over his chest returning the favor as she softly pinched and toyed with his nipple. Feeling him softly kissing her cheek brought a soft smile to her lips as she enjoyed the contact. Her eyes snapped opened feeling his lips wrapping around the lobe sucking on it softly as she almost screamed out in pleasure as her hips rocked against against his erection. When he let go of the sensitive flesh she was almost painting with desire. Her head softly tilted opening her neck to him feeling the kisses and lick. She shivered softly feeling him sucking on it playfully. The bite sent a heavy shiver down her body as her nipple hardened even more against his hand.

She groaned softly feeling his hand pulling out from under her top pulling a soft but sad whimper from her lips. As he started moving down her body she raised her brow slightly wondering what he was up to. As he pulled the cloth to the side she could feel the air hitting exposed flesh feeling thankful that the scar that lay between them was still hidden. Still she knew she could allow him to tease alone. Slowly her tail moved closer to him brushing up his leg. As his hand began playfully squeezing her breast she would moan softly as her tail continued creeping up his leg. When he mouth covered the sensitive bud her movement would stop as she softly moaned his tongue feeling wonderful breast. Her tail slowly moved up gently wrapping around his erection as she softly started causing her tail to constrict and relax doing her best to stimulate him as he was doing to her.

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He groaned into the feel of her womanhood grinding against his hardened bulge moaning as she felt her lips parting a bit under the cloth as they pressed against each other in their clothed lust.   He gasped as he found her tail slipping around his constricted cock then slipping into his pants.  It wrapped around his cock and began to constrict and move up and down seeming to try and give him a hand job with her tail.  As she tried to push him over the edge he did all he could to her as well.  

Soon his lips were wrapped around a tender nipple and she felt the pleasure of the pressure of having her sensitive nipple sucked on and caressed from every imaginable angle by his tongue before he broke the kiss and began to tease it with his claw a bit.  his hand pulled the cloth on the other side away to free her other breast leaving ehr top now fully open one nipple at the mercy of a claw that was tenderly scraping over it and giving it tnder pinches as his eyes began to fall on the newly freed peak.  Slowly he started at its underside and let his tongue caress the underside of her boob as he kissed the soft flesh.   Making his way way to her nipple he rather forcefully latched on pushing her nipple around in his mouth with his tongue as he roughly sucked on her.

He couldn't take anymore either and had to touch her fully; his hand moved down and between her legs.  Gracefully a deft finger pushed against the cloth of her underwear roughly forcing cloth against inner silken walls.  He began to finger her through the cloth for a moment before he couldn't take anymore playing around. He slipped his hand into her pants and parted her womanhood with two 'pre' soaked fingers letting them sink all the way into her letting his knuckles rest flush with her skin.  Slowly he began working his fingers smoothly in and out as his slick fingers began to press against her inner walls.  He began rocking them back and forth feeling her buzzer grind against his hand but He was so near the edge and was going to be forced to cream himself; he was going to make sure she suffered the same embarrassment of having to walk around with creamed filled pants too.  

Meanwhile his meat was gripped and fondled by her tail.  Her tail was constricting him gently rubbing against his shaft sliding between and around his balls practically squeezing them.  Her tail managed to even move up and down squeezing from the base to the tip until it happened. 
She felt a sudden heavy throb from his balls all the way to his length and tip and then a shudder as his pants began to fill with a cream that was making her tail slip around him all the more easily.  In that moment of pure pleasure he couldn't hold it off any further as his thumb began to rub at her clip ferociously and his fingers began to slide twist and pump in and out of her warm pussy hoping soon his fingers would be coated in her cream as thoroughly as her tail was with his.

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She loved the sounds he made. How he enjoyed what she was doing to him. There was nothing more that fed the go more then a satisfied lover. Already she could feel her juices starting to soak through from the friction and the thought of what was to come. As his lips sucked on her tender nipple and she felt the pleasure from his tongue hitting every sensitive part she couldn't help but moan and pant for him. She took the second between when his mouth left her and his hand resuming the wonderful contact to give herself a much needed breath of air. With as much pleasure as he was giving her body still froze as he pulled the cloth aside fully exposing her chest and the scar that was the source of much painful memories. Though as he didn't skip a beat she would allow herself to relax once more as she felt his fingers and tongue working their magic on her skin. "Miles," she once more moaned out his name feeling his tongue working along the underside of her breast.

Her breathing was already coming out in heavy pants as she felt the pleasure filling her body from his touch. She wanted him in a bad way and she knew when it came time tonight he would be walking away with sore hips. She was lost in the feeling on what his mouth and fingers where doing to her that she jumped feeling the silk mater of her underwear being roughly forced against  her inner walls making her body buck as she moaned loudly. "Oh Miles," she moaned out. "That feels good," Unlike another time this time she had no qualm of letting her decorations of pleasure spill out. When she felt flesh on flesh contact with an overly sensitive part she groaned out in pleasure her legs trembling. Already she was more then wet as it had spread to her thighs and part of her ass. As he entered her rubbing against the small protrusion her head lowered against his shoulder as she moaned long and loud. Her tail around his cock tightening. Even if it wasn't his cock it still felt wonderful having some part of him in her body. As his fingers began rocking against that one spot she would gasp and moan her slick walls already tightening and clenching about his fingers.

She felt the sudden heavy throb from his balls knowing his end was near and it made her happy knowing she could do this to him. She felt his hot seed coating her tail as she smiled softly. As he rode out his orgasm her tail would softly start to release his cock as she felt his thumb begin to rub at her clit as his fingers began to twist and pump in and out of her she would all but scream out in pleasure. Her hands moved to either side of his head as she tried her best to find something in the sand to grip. It would only be a few more minutes before her back would arch and she found her release. Her juices flowed out with every pulse of her orgasm coating her legs even more along with his fingers and hand. As it slowly died she leaned up her eyes holding a look of hunger and satisfaction. Leaning down her lips caught his in a hungry wanting kiss. One hand slowly came up softly brushing over his cheek. She slowly broke the kiss as she looked into his eyes with a silent thanks. "Sorry about your pants," she finally whispered her lips playing over his chin and neck. "Mmmm Miles I am looking forward to seeing how good its going to feel to have your cock in place of your fingers," she whispered to him as her lips moved over his neck paying attention to where she had bit. "I think by the time I am done with you will be walking funny," she spoke with a smile on her lips.

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He couldn't help but grin hearing her own words as he pulled his soaked fingers from her panties before he happily licked them clean of her delicious fluids. "No harm besides looks like I left you in the same mess as well."  he said looking into her eyes and holding her tightly their bodies pressing into each other again."  he couldn't help but love her imagination and how she teased him.  It felt so good for there to be someone that could handle the mix of aggression and sensuality he wanted to offer.  and more she wanted to return the favor and show him the same.  There was an aggressiveness in her he had missed since he had left his home.   He could only imagine how it would feel to spend his seed within her depths.

"My my, that imagination of yours; it makes me want to test it out right here and now."  he said as a hand moved to the back of her head and he ran his fingers through her hair and laid there in the sand with her.

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She watched with half lidded eyes as he brought his soaked fingers to his mouth licking them clean. There was something about the image that was highly erotic to her. Some part of her perverted mind wanted to ask him if he liked the taste of it. "You did but I will just have to make sure you clean it up later," she whispered softly to him as she leaned down kissing along his neck before she felt him holding her tightly as she sighed contently. The feeling of release was wonderful but at the same time this was just as wonderful. She love how he could handle her aggressive nature while at the same time understanding that she needed someone aggressive herself. There where few even on her home would that could understand that need with out having to be told. He was truly looking forward to seeing what it would be like when they would get to the actual act.

"Oh my sweet my imagination hasn't started with you," she whispered as her nose softly nuzzled against his chest in a loving manor. Her eyes fully drifted closed feeling his hand moving to the back of her head before his fingers ran over her skin. She had not simply lay with someone like this in a very long time. Where she simply enjoyed the physical closeness. "As for wanting to test it out. That is going to wait. If we are going to do this it will be a time when I can have you all to myself for the rest of the night. I am selfish like that," she spoke before her head tilted softly nipping his chest. "When we meet to spar there will be a different type of fight waiting for you," she spoke her fingers softly brushing up along his sides.

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He grinned at the thoughts racing through his mind, the fun they would have sparring and then loosing themselves to each other. "Good to know; let's make it midnight then."  He said s he got up and held a hand out to help her up.
A few minutes later they found themselves along the shore line.  Miles was slipping his pants back on after having given them a quick wash in the water along with doing the same for himself in general.  He couldn't help but grin every time he looked at her.  just the sensation of being with someone who shared a kindred spirit to his own was something he missed and something he was not going to waste one second of not enjoying.

"Hope you find something to entertain yourself before we meet again." he said looking behind his back as he finally began to walk away from the shore line knowing he had something even more enticing waiting for him when they met again in a few hours.

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Re: CHAPTER 02: Moonlight Walk [2130 hrs.]

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Her own smile grew as he grinned at her and she knew that their time together would be a wild one and something she was very much looking forward to. She liked the mental images that ran through her mind and from the feeling of what she had felt before he would fill her nicely. "Sounds good to me just don't wear yourself out before then," she said as she stood slipping her panties back up after she washed herself clean. It was rare she found someone who could find someone who was the same as she in liking to fight and other things. Her eyes continued watching his body liking the way it looked and knowing soon enough she would be enjoying him. "I will and I will see you soon fluffy," she spoke watching him walking away before she would venture off to find something to keep her amused until midnight rolled around.


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