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Listening to the Asurian when she spoke, Jien folded her arms underneath her chest and slowly paced around the diagnostic table. In her peripheral vision, she saw Dr. Nicander lingering - probably meaning to play her advocate like he had done when he told Jien that there was another infiltrator aboard her ship.

It seemed like after Jien had taken Sarresh Morali aboard, the Chief Medical Officer and she had done little else than arguing. Of course, she understood his standpoints, but the doctor's concerns did not merit that Jien could risk the mission or forsake first contact protocols. Least of all the security regulations of dealing with an infiltrator - hostile or not. That the alien now told her that she had used a subspace channel for communications did not exactly fall in her favour either.

"I do appreciate your candour," she said, sounding like she didn't because of what she had done, "You might, however, have compromised us in doing so."

Coming to a stop at the feet of the Asurian, Jien's countenance was hard as a flint, brown eyes unmoving as she stared into the white-hair woman's. "Given the advanced technology of the Calamity, it would be safest to assume that she has the means to detect and narrow down her search pattern with the signal you sent out. To put it into perspective, it would even be plausible to assume that she can see right through our phasing cloak as well. Meaning, that she might find us and unleash her whole arsenal upon us without us detecting her before it is too late."

Jien leaned forward, setting her hands down on the edge of the table as she stared at the infiltrator. "Have you considered the fact that our cloak is projected through our shield emitters?" she asked quietly, jaws clenched, "which means, unless you have figured it out already, that there will be no shields protecting us if she catches us unawares. Tell me, would the fact that your people knows that you have been exposed matter to anyone at that point? You and I both would be dead, as well as everyone aboard, and your people would remain the hidden spectators they obviously prefer to be - all while the galaxy falls to pieces around their ears since you basically told them not to lend their aid."

When it came to the mission, Jien was inexorable in her standpoint. As much was made clear in the silence that fell over Sickbay in the wake of her words.

"If I... may interject a moment, Captain," said Dr. Nicander with a disarming smile, taking a step forward, "before you take out the thumb-screws and branding irons, preferably. It is - to me - abundantly clear that, while Ms. Neleo does not wish to divulge anything of the kind, the Asurian people are not primitive in any way. The medical means they possess in which she could pose as human and pass through the Academy's screenings clearly suggest that they are more advanced than Starfleet Medical in that regard. Based on my examination of her, their bio-therapy knowledge is perhaps even as advanced as the Aldeans. I would think that a spy of theirs would know how to take due precautions to not betray our position. Also, I doubt that its the only time she has made contact with her people."

Jien turned her unblinking stare towards her Chief Medical Officer, choosing to ignore his comment about torture devices. "Our enemy is not exactly primitive either, so there is no telling if the Asurian people can remain hidden from the Calamity or the next ship they send back in time, message or not." She looked back towards Sar-unga.

"To me," she said quietly, "it seems you put my ship and crew at risk. Please, convince me that I am wrong. I would not like this to be my first impression of you and your kind. I want nothing more than allies, of that you should be certain."

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Her eyes always remained on the captain knowing a lot depended on how he/she saw her and her people. Something told her that as she folded her arms underneath her chest and slowly paced around the diagnostic table that she had found disfavor. She could almost feel the captains eye measuring her as she walked around her. When she spoke of appreciating her candor she could hear it was really anything but. Hearing that the captain thought she had compromised their location for the first time the Asurian could feel anger starting to rise in her at the implication that she was either that foolish or was willing to compromise a mission of such importance. She still stayed quite as Jien came to stop at her feet. Her slightly narrowed green eyes focusing on the captain as desire and anger waged war through her body. Her eyes never left Jiens cold flint like eyes. Hearing the captain going on only fueled her anger as it did indeed seem the captain thought her a fool. Through her anger though she did her best to see her stand point which was maybe the only thing that kept her laying on the table. As he continued and question the motivations of her people her anger flared beyond her willingness to see another view as she didn't care what the doctors orders where as she slowly sat up leaning in meeting the captain close enough there would be mistaking her words.

She had just opened her mouth to speak when Dr Nicander spoke and with a slight low pitched growl she slowly closed her mouth. It seemed as soon as Jiens eyes looked towards the doctor hers would as well both seeming unhappy for the intrusion even if in her mind he did provide valid points. Feeling the captains eyes on her once more she turned facing her once more. By now her ears where lowered to their lowest point as she closed her eyes taking a deep breath calming herself enough to sound rational when she spoke. When her eyes opened there would be a calm in them.

"I am if anything Captain a very careful person," she spoke her voice calm and level even if her ears hadn't raised any. "I used the same percations that I have in contacting my people as I have before. The Calamity seems to be unaware of our existence since we have not had any outside contact in hundreds of years. To put it simply the encrypting codes I used would make the message seem as nothing more then subspace static that is everywhere do to the amount of subspace messages that go out every day and can be caused by a number of other sources. It was send out to different locations. About forty seven last time I figured spread through out the subspace relay network. This is where the coding kicks in and it becomes something resembling a subspace message with triaxilation encryption. It goes from this point in every conceivable direction. Basically Captain what I am saying if they where to pick up the transmission they would only be able to trace it back to one of the forty seven points of origin. None of which I might mention are close to our current location. If they thought something was amiss and tried to trace it back further then that all they would be tracing would be subspace static. If you would like I am more then willing to provide the encoding so who ever you would like could check and see if I am telling you the truth," she spoke as her arms crossing over her chest as she looked into the cold eyes of the captain.

"We have been using this form of communications since I started living among your people and it has yet to be detected," she spoke still not stopping there. "I do understand the delicate place the ship is in and will do nothing to compromise it. I know that you are running the phasing cloak through the shield admitters meaning that there is nothing protecting the ship," Letting another long breath slip out her ears finally started to raise.

"I do understand your position Captain, maybe better then you would think," she spoke her voice lowering slightly. "But I think if we are to be allies as I wish as well you need to understand mine. Neither me nor my people knew of the existence of the Calamity until I came in contact with Theurgy. Before this point my only mission and concern was determining if the Federation would be safe to seek entrance to. When our race was still primitive we were taken from our home world by a far more advanced race. The creature you see now is a result of their experimentation on us. Over time we were able to rebel and become free but by that time the damage had been done. The location of our original home world all but lost.  As you could imagine this tainted our view on what we call outlanders. There are many who would seek to enslave our race for our healing ability. We stay hidden and isolated because of this and we still know little about the Alpha Quadrant. As for it mattering to my people if I where to die. When we leave on a mission like this it is fully voluntary with very little expectation of returning. I am willing at any point to lay down my life at any point to keep them safe. As I am now for this ship to give them the best chance of surviving. For the record, Captain, I did not tell them not to lend their aid. I told them to not to make contact with the Federation. Even tough what I told them is only a recommendation. The choice to do something or not rests with our Lady Queen and the council," she spoke her ears now fully back in their original position. "We remain hidden Captain because we risk more by openly traveling about. But you can call he spectators when they are only recently learning of this threat," she slowly leaned in her face close to her as she finished. "Also I wasn't exposed. I willingly came to you. To the doctor telling him there would be something abnormal. Something I sure could have easily been over looked. I want to help to be a sorely needed allie,"

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The Asurian laid out her explanation for her actions as well as the precautions she had taken. Furthermore, she spoke of her people, and gave Captain Ives a brief overview of their origins as well as their objective in the Alpha Quadrant. While she spoke, Jien pushed away from the edge of the diagnostics table and put her hands on her hips, absorbing the statements with an unreadable expression on her face. Her brown eyes rested upon the infiltrator after she had finished talking, and as thorough as the answers had been, Jien gave Ms. Neleo's recital its due study.

While she considered what she had heard, she was silent, stepping away to collect her thoughts on the situation and what might be the proper course of action. The issues that needed to be resolved were many, and they all pertained to the Asurian's future aboard the Theurgy. Or the Harbinger, if Captain Vasser wished her to return even after Ms. Neleo had revealed herself for what she really were. While Jien thought the matter through, Dr. Nicander remained where he stood as well, silent and with his tattooed hands folded behind his back.

"There are many things that rest in your favour," said Jien when she had made some conclusions. "While an infiltrator, you have not slipped aboard without training, having undergone full Academy education towards the position you hold now, as a Petty Officer First Class in Starfleet Security," she said quietly, looking upon the stasis unit that contained the last Ash'reem aboard her ship. "In surviving the escape of Sonja Acreth, you alerted the Harbinger's Bridge staff and took up pursuit despite your injuries and the loss of your team. With some assistance, you subdued the escaped enemy and you safely brought her back into custody."

Turning back to Sar-unga and Dr. Nicander, Jien continued to recite the Asurian's recent actions. "Your injuries made your original DNA reassert itself, and since you learned about the fate and importance of our Temporal Affairs Officer, you chose to come here, and requested to assist in the treatment of this Ash'reem that you have not even met in person, making our mission your priority on your own expense, for I have come to understand that the required draining of your species' unique healing agent is also an excruciatingly painful process. Is that correct, doctor?"

"Yes," said Lucan, pale irises turning to Sar-unga, "I would not even had considered going through with the draining of the patient's Velsren sac because of the amount of pain involved. Yet as you made it abundantly clear, ma'am, the recovery of Mr. Morali is of extreme import for us all, and Ms. Neleo knew this, as well as what she was volunteering for. She assured me that she had undergone the procedure before, and that she was both able and willing to do it for the sake of the mission. I never condoned the means in which the blank cells were extracted because of the agony it would put her through, but it is done now since my hand was forced in the matter, and she needs to rest and recover."

Features hardening, Jien met Lucan's eye when he turned his stoic stare back to her - the undercurrent of critique towards her quite plain in his words. "Perhaps this hearing can continue later, when she is not in such a weakened state, Captain."

She folded her arms underneath her breasts and tilted her head forward. She could hardly blame the doctor for being what he was, and it was - in a way - reassuring that the Câroon stuck to his oath despite everything they had suffered through. "Your standpoint about the priority of Mr. Morali has been duly noted, doctor," she merely said, not about to kick the embers of their previous arguments into full blaze once more. She then turned to the woman once known as Petty Officer Cardamone, and since the more grave matters had been dealt with, she gave her a faint smile. "Would you like to rest, Ms. Neleo? We can discuss what is to happen next in your regard on the morrow instead, if that is your desire. In the meantime, you'll have to be restricted to Sickbay and put under continued surveillance as per first contact procedures. I am sure we will find some kind of resolution, but until then, you are perhaps a benefactor to our mission... but also an infiltrator in our ranks. I hope you understand the need for precaution."

Personally, Jien hoped she would agree to continue the discussion, but she would adhere to the doctor's recommendation if that was what Sar-unga Neleo wanted.

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While the Captain pushed away from the edge of the diagnostic table putting her hands on her hips she would slowly lean back as her tail slowly curled slightly around her waist. When the Captain listed the things that where in her favor she had her first glimmer of hope that she would not end up in the brig. She remained still and quite listening to Jien talk listing the things that rested in her favor. She sat silently listening the the words Dr. Nicander spoke feeling as though even if it was quite they argued more then a little. Her eyes only rolled every so slightly hearing the doctor say she needed rest and recovery. If the Doctor knew her deportment when it came to such things he would have a fight on his hands. Still she remained quite watching the two exchange glances as she could feel tangibly feel the tension between the two of them. As Captain Ives offered her a faint smile all Sar-unga could do was swallow lightly not sure if it was a good sign or not. 

As Jien spoke she wasn't surprised to hear she would be restricted to Sickbay and put under continued surveillance. She knew first contact procedures and it seemed the Captain was following them to the letter. "I do understand the need for precaution. On your end it is still not clear how much you can trust me given that I did infiltrate your ranks. Honestly I would think you foolish if you didn't take some precaution and I will be compliant if your wishes I am just happy not to be ending up in a holding cell," she said slowly laying back feeling soreness starting to lift from her shoulders even if it was slightly. "As for continuing this discussion I would be alright with it. I am afraid after waking from the extraction process I have always been a bit fidgety and restless," she spoke with a small smile. "Talking helps but I also understand you are busy and I do not wish to take your time from things that need your attention," she said casting one quick glance back over to the doctor. "If you do have to leave I will probably go back to annoying Doctor Nicander with my inability to follow his orders about laying on this bed,"

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After Sar-unga gave her answer, Jien worked her jaw in deliberation, looked towards Dr. Nicander, and then she changed... into his male form. His eyes remained the same in colour, his facial expression identical, and besides the new body and face, his speech merely had a male voice as he spoke to the Asurian anew. Even his uniform was as impeccably tailored as the female version he'd just imitated.

"My main concern is that during the first battle we had with the Calamity," said Jien and gestured a bit towards the Sickbay area in general, "she seems to have destroyed our internal security surveillance systems, making us unable to rely on anything but internal sensors if we have any hostile boarding parties or, say, infiltrators doing unbecoming things aboard. Therefore, I cannot rely on Thea keeping an eye on you alone with the videologs. This complicates things, because if I'd ask my Deputy, I am sure you will know what she'll say. She'll want to throw you into that aforementioned holding cell, perhaps even fall back on the shady fine print of first contact precautions we ought to take with you. If I'd ask my First Officer, being ex-Starfeet Intelligence, one of the voices in her head would have you killed, the second let your roam wild to your own content, and the third would have you stay with Dr. Nicander indefinitely to study your species and understand the secrets behind your unique abilities. Not in a bad way, certainly, but out of sheer curiosity."

Seating himself on the edge of the table upon which Sar-unga laid, Jien continued, looking between her and Dr. Nicander. "So you both need to understand that it is not so simple to pretend like a great samaritan spy would be something we take in stride, just falling back on the alleviating circumstances of your services for the mission and the crew, even if I'd like to. You represent a new faction in the political map of the Federation, and external ally and a potential great resource. At the same time, you are technically a Petty Officer First Class in Security, and do have duties to the Harbinger's crew. In that sense, your fate lies in Captain Vasser's hands. Not mine."

Making a sigh, Jien studied his own hands a moment as he sat there, contemplating what he might do. At this point, Dr. Nicander offered a suggestion, stepping forth.

"I still need Ms. Neleo available when we treat Lieutenant Morali, but before then, and when I judge she is strong enough, I can ask Thea to follow her around. Keeping her 'under surveillance' whilst she is here as you so aptly put it, Captain. Otherwise, Thea's projection interface is supposed to function in a Security capacity too, right?" the Câroon man said, not sounding as disrespectful as he had earlier. "So you have a guard with instant possibility to alert any part of the ship if Sar-unga tries any unusual antics aboard. In fact, until this gets sorted out, I think I am willing to take full responsibility for this monstrous and scary alien aboard that no one wants to deal with because all of the paperwork attached to it. Thea can report her activity to me on a regular basis, and when you two Captains are prepared to sort this out, I will relinquish this responsibility to whomever and whatever. Now, can you please let my patient get the rest she needs, Captain?"

And there was the attitude again, and Jien was actually inclined to agree with him that it was a bit silly in practice. Ýet at this point, given that he had enough on his plate already, Jien was perfectly willing to agree to the suggestion. He merely looked towards Sar-unga for any sign of objection before deciding. "Fine, doctor. Keep me posted on the progress with Morali too," he said and got up, glancing towards Sar-unga before leaving again. "I will speak with you at a more opportune moment, Ms. Neleo. About your people, and our common goals. I hope to find a way to work together. Good afternoon."

And then Jien left, not knowing what repercussions may come of his choice to leave the Asurian in his Chief Medical Officer's hands...

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She watched as the Captain changed to her male for some part of her was wishing she/he had stayed in his female form. With her body feeling like it was being around a male was a little unnerving. More so when she had to behave herself. Her eyes remained on him as he spoke of the option that would be open for her knowing she had put them in a difficult position. Out of the options he listen roaming free or being studied where the ones she would favor if she had her choice. "I would say of the option I wouldn't mind wandering freely though I know that will not happen for a while. I do know even though I have helped I have to earn trust," she spoke slowly rolling over on her side. "Or helping expand the federations medical data base," As the Captain seated himself on the edge of the table which she lay for her it was a sign of trust. You wouldn't get close to something you didn't trust not to attack you. "I do understand it is a difficult position I have caused but I would not have done so if I didn't think the benefit outweighed the risk,"

Though hearing she would be present for when  they treated Morali her features seemed to soften as it was something she truly did wish for. Her eyes switched to the doctor as he suggested using the ships AI to track her even if she could tell them that it would be fairly routine boring thing. It would be better for them to see it for themselves. When the Doctor offered to take full responsibility for her she found herself looking at him wondering if he knew what he had got himself into. Though his comment about a monstrous and scary alien she couldn't help but make a soft sound of amusement.

When Jien looked towards her for any sign of objection she would slowly shake her head showing she had no objection of the Doctor being her watchdog tell they where ready to figure out what to do with her. "I don't think I will be going anywhere, Captain," she said with a slight smile. "Good afternoon," she spoke watching the Captain depart leaving only her and Doctor Lucan. Slowly her eyes turned to him as she raised a brow at his earlier comment. "Monstrous and scary alien?" she asked as she repositioned her pillows watching him closely remembering the torment he gave her before her body still very aware of him. "I am afraid you will be receiving rather boring reports from Thea about my movements around them ship," she said as she let out a small breath before continuing. "I do thank you for letting me be there when you treat Morali"

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"Of course," said Lucan in reply after Captain Ives left, smiling faintly, "I figured you'd like to be present, but its a necessity as well, since aboard this ship, you are the most knowledgeable about the function and effect of the Velsren sac's abilities. If anything was to go wrong, I only have you to rely on in order to sort it out."

The CMO read the Asurian's body language, and in recent memory of her readings and her reaction to his presence, not to mention the candid way in which she had attempted to stroke her fingers against him before Captain Ives arrived, Lucan was fairly sure the white-haired woman still had a certain... hunger. She busied her hands with the thin pillows on top of the diagnostics table as if she did not know what to do with herself, and she watched him in her peripheral vision - following him as he idly stepped around the table.

"I am certain that Thea's reports will be as thorough and as they'll be completely uninteresting, and I can but hope she will make for good company nonetheless," he said, eyes roaming her bent over form as he walked behind her - watching as she tidied the covers. Saw the way in which her tank top fell forth from her abdomen and chest. The fashion in which her trousers could not climb any higher than the base of her tail. He soon came to stand next to her. "Indeed, you must be terrifying, m'dear. You'd make a Nausicaan whimper in fright, I'm sure. Make the Borg disconnect themselves and run with the winds, closely followed by the Klingons. The way in which our CO and Security act, one might think you'd eat unsuspecting Ensigns for lunch and pick your teeth with their ribs. Someone clearly has to look over first contact protocols..."

Lucan laid a tattooed hand upon her pillows, and then feigned looking around for the illusive nurse. "You've had these bedclothes since yesterday," he commented, as if the effort to fluff the pillows into shape would be futile. Gently, he took her hands into his and removed them from what they were doing, laying them against her chest with an enigmatic smile. "I will get you new ones from the linen closet over there."

As he walked away, his face hidden from her, Lucan smiled quietly at his own contrivance. He pressed a button and opened the nigh invisible door in the wall, glanced towards Sar-unga whilst it opened - his exotic features unreadable but his eyes of their usual intensity. Then, he step into the closet - a small room no larger than a couple of meters across. The door slid shut behind him, and as he slowly began to collect the bedclothes from the shelves around him, he counted the seconds - quite certain he knew the mind of his patient. An educated guess, of course, yet he had been manipulating events around him for his whole life. The desires of a woman was a simple matter to predict.

While he waited, his thoughts went to self-reproach - unbidden critique again surfacing in his mind. Notions of Eve Jenkins haunting him, her words close at hand. The shadow inside, however, make the memories fall into darkness.

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"The one thing I can tell you before we start the procedure is it will probably go slower then the transformation that took place in your office. That being said when it comes time for his nerves to start regrowing you want to make sure he is in a deep coma. It itches more then you would think," she spoke from the experience of having to regrow several limbs through her life time. "I had to regrow my arm one time and the itch was almost maddening," she whispered watching him as he walked around the table she lay on. She watched his eyes moved over her bent over form knowing more of her skin was exposed then normally would be. Due to their healing ability she also knew there wasn't a flaw of her pale skin currently visible. When he came to stand next to her she could almost feel the heat from his body as she continued looking up at him. When his words came of how terrifying she must be she couldn't help but openly and honestly smile. As he finished she found herself laughing slightly her body seeming to relax. "Sad as it is to say there was a time when that would be true," she spoke knowing there was a time when she and her people would have killed everyone on the ship with out a second thought.

No matter how her body had relaxed from the recounting of her terrifying nature her body tensed slightly once more as he lay his hand upon her pillows and she once more breathed in his scent. She watched as he looked around for a nurse though it seemed it was only for show to her eyes. Feeling his hands covered by his she could feel that rush of warmth and desire from the contact. The puzzling smile he gave her made her wonder if there was another reason her hands where so close to her chest. She listened to what he was saying in her mind reading a different message in his words. 'I'll be over there in a concealed place should you want to follow,'

Turning slightly she watched him walking away her mind mulling over the choice before her. She knew she had a different attraction towards Miles as he she would like to see again getting physically close to. Dr. Nicander she could have a encounter with and not think of it again. A simple means to satisfy a need. She continued watching as he pressed a button revealing a door you would have to know was there to know where to look. A quick glance back in her direction was the only clue she needed to know her assumption was correct. She waited quietly tell the door closed as she looked around seeing that there would be none around that would note their seemingly unspoken plan. Slipping off the table she felt more strength in her body this time as she was able to walk with out holding onto anything. She stopped outside the door as she felt the nervousness starting to take over. It had been so long since she had done something like this she wasn't sure she was as good at reading people. Not to mention these where different people.

Her hand slowly moved out pushing the button as she stepped in seeing how small it truly was. Stepping in she heard the door close behind her as she slowly stepped back against shelves not blocking him in case she had read the situation wrong. Still the desire in her body was strong enough she wanted to at least try. Some part of her felt guilty feeling she was betraying another who had shown a different kind of desire for her but then again he had told her how they view such actions. Slowly her eyes rose looking to the only other person in the room. A word still not spoken knowing there was no need. There would either be acceptance or rejection.

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With his back towards Sar-unga when she entered, the sound of the door opening and closing made Lucan smile in the darkness. Or is it the beast smiling now? In such moments of impulse, it was impossible to tell - the coiling madness always present and now very close to the surface... It wanted to ravage her. It had wanted to do so since the moment she revealed her true form. His hard fingers formed fists around the silken bedclothes, and the smile turned into a dreadful grin of bared teeth - pallid eyes white all around the irises.

No, of course not. It would be unwise indeed to crack her skull open against a shelf. No, he could not eat her face off. No, no, no, no...

In short order, reason won over parasitic bloodlust, and his face wore its usual mien as he turned around - looking into her eyes with his usual exotic intensity. She did not speak, which was surprising since she usually was quite talkative. He imagined she was nervous. Unsure if she had the right to think he meant what he meant. Thinking that she would get into more trouble than she was already in, following him there... risking that he would question her motives. Imperiling her good standing by suggesting that she wanted him. Breaking his trust when he had gone out on a limb for her, making her his responsibility. Aye, there were so many truths and untruths yet to be defined, and she stood at the edge of the abyss - wondering if it was safe to leap into the darkness. Hoping that he would catch her....

Lucan said nothing, just staring at her as he slowly came closer to her. His pale eyes were even more pronounced in the dark closet, and his tall frame came to tower over her - his white labcoat shining eerily in the artificial light that emanated from the edge of the ceiling. His hands rose slowly, and he set them upon the shelf behind her head - one on either side of her pale face. Her full lips glistened underneath those large and green eyes, and Lucan felt his own lips purse in desire to taste her. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, he questioned his actions. Now and when Doctor Maya had inadvertently made herself his hypnotized slave - always to be under his power whenever he needed her.

Eve, sweet Eve, she wanted to be there for him, unwittingly making him latch on to the shadow of the man he had once been... and he repaid her with betrayal. Over and over. He knew of her jealousy, the benefits of remaining in control of the thing inside... yet he could not let this opportunity pass. This rife chance to enjoy a new species... and to make her trust him. To tie her closer to himself. Just so that he could betray her eventually, and feed her people to his kin. Reducing them to cattle. Draining their useful sacs while they screamed for mercy in their stalls. Mothers, fathers and their squealing children too... as soon as they had any drops to spare.

Kisane... came an unbidden name once more. Sweet, loving Eve... The image of their faces were suddenly superimposed over Sar-unga's, flickering, and it made him suppress the notions of what was to come. Anchored him to his own soul... the present... and his lips brushed over the Asurian's. The lightest touch, leaning down to her with his hands spread on the shelf. She tasted like humans might, yet the intoxicating scent of her was not like theirs. No, it made him hunger for her - clearing demonic thought and bittersweet hope for redemption.

Soon, he kissed her in earnest, breathing through his nose - the sound deafening in the small closet they shared. The taste of her lips roused him, and he made a sound of contentment in the depths of his throat. His chest reverberated as he spoke, parting a bare inch from her. "Not knowing how quickly you heal," he murmured, breathing deep, "I might have to put your endurance to the test..."

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With his back to her she couldn't see when the madness was threatening to take over his mind. To her view it looks as though he either didn't know she was there or was ignoring her. When he turned around looking into her eyes she could see his usual exotic intensity as she stood there. What words could be said at times like this. When he said nothing it was a little more unnerving then she thought it would be and she started questioning if her movements had been the best. Her eyes remained on him as he moved closer to her once more catching the scent of him. There was something about the smell of a male that she always found she liked. She couldn't help but noticed how his pale eyes seemed all that much more pronounced. An odd thought crossed her mind  that made her smile as his tall frame towered over her. Her eyes broke eye contact as she followed his hands as they settled themselves behind her head before her eyes found his once more. As close as they where even in the darkness of the closet she saw how his lips pursed doubt flickering in her mind once more. When his lips brushed over hers in the lightest of touch her body relaxed. Her hands slowly rose from her sides brushing lightly over his stomach and up along his chest before slipping over his sides.

As soon as he kissed her in earnest her head tilted kissing him back her lips moving softly against his. Her tail slowly wrapped around him brushing against his bottom as it pulled their bodies closer. Her arms wrapped around him as the kiss continued and she could feel the desire flaring to life. Her full lips parted slightly as her tongue softly brushed against his. As the kiss was broken with only a bare inch between them her eyes slowly opened as she looked up at him. She could feel his chest reverberating as he spoke. "You will soon learn," she whispered as her hands ventured a little further down her finger brushing over her butt as she smiled once more. "You don't have to worry to much about my kind. You would have to work hard on testing my endurance," she whispered as she stepped closer her body lightly pressing against his before she leaned up catching his lips. She pressed hers against him with need and hunger. Her lips parted as she softly nibbled along his bottom lip. Slowly she pulled back looking into his eyes. "Just don't tell me to go lay back on that bed for a while," she whispered her tail slowly moving as her hands slowly moved back gripping his butt in her hands.

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Embraced by tail and by arms and hands roaming his body, Lucan's own fingers left the shelf and sought paths across the Asurian's half-clothed torso - stealing underneath the torn tank top and sliding up her sides and abdomen. She spoke at turns, meanwhile their kissing continued and grew more passionate - her hands slipping underneath his lab coat and grabbing his posterior. When she made her whispering demand, Lucan chuckled against her lips.

"I think we can arrange that," he said, his tattooed hands happening to stroke the skin of her torso so that her tank top rode up her front. In the end, as his fingers cupped her full breasts from beneath, the flimsy tank top had rode up over her chest - caught underneath her armpits. Her hardened peaks scraped against his palms as he leaned down to kiss her neck. His whispered words made his wam breath caress against her skin. "As for your endurance... I cannot release you from my care... unless you prove that there is truth in that claim."

Heated seconds passing quickly, his mouth and tongue came to descend to the groove behind her collarbone, and then further down - lips soon encompassing a hardened bud. His tongue swirled around it, and his tongue lashed it within the warm confines. He only let it go whilst sucking at it, moving over to the next one in order to repeat the process. Meanwhile his hands roamed her pale skin, and framed those fantastic mounds while he treated their peaks.

The confined space of the closet had already become warm from their presence, and it did not take many moments before Lucan shrugged back his lab-coat from his shoulders and removed his hands from her - letting the large white garment pool behind himself. Only once he had been given enough time to enjoy the taste of her breasts did he let them be - her nipples pressing against his coarse uniform when he kissed her anew. Breathing heavy, his desire had definitely awoken, and his hardness dug into her lower abdomen as he smothered her against the shelves in their shared passion.

"So far... the diagnosis definitely look promising," he murmured against her lips - hands and fingers running up her neck and into her white hair.

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Her hands roamed over his body soaking in the feeling of the one she would be with this time. His fingers touching her bare skin once more cause a soft trail of goosebumps to break out over her skin. His hands slipping under her torn tank top would cause her body to still only for a second before she relaxed feeling strong slightly callused hands sliding up her sides and abdomen. She had need of him and from the way he was reacting it would seem he was in the same state. His chuckle pulls a soft smile to her lips hearing that would be something they could arrange. His fingers cupping her breasts pulled a soft gasp from her lips soaking in the contact. As her tank top rode up over her chests it would reveal pull pale breasts which would be a little more then a handful each. White nipples where perked and begging for attention. Though that might not be the one thing that got most attention at first. A long jagged scar ran between her breasts almost the length of the breast bone. When it had been new it would have most certainty life threatening. Pulling off her tank top she quickly tossed it to the other side of the room knowing it wouldn't be needed soon. As her hard nipples brushed over his palms she would moan softly. Her head tilted opening her neck to him feeling his warm breath caressing against her skin. "Oh I think you will be impressed by my endurance," she moaned out softly.

His mouth touching and caressing her body was enough to cause her head to roll back as her eyes drifted closed. Her fingers came up softly brushing through his hair the claw like tips being very careful as they brushed against his scalp. The sudden jolt of pleasure as his lips encompassed a hardened bud pulled a longer slightly louder moan. Quickly her hand came up covering her mouth to keep her moans from getting too loud as to draw attention from beyond the door. Her small body would jerk and twitch slightly as his tongue lashed against the sensitive bud. It had been so long since she had been able to enjoy and soak in someones affections.

He welcomed the increased in the small space of the closet. Her eyes opened watching him shrugging off his lab coat as her hands quickly joined helping in the motions. Even though his hands where not touching her she could feel her nipples pressing against his coarse uniform. Her lips met his as he kissed her anew. Her lips pressed against his with hunger and want as her tongue forced its way in enjoying him. She could feel his hardness digging into her lower abdomen made her groan softly. There was something about knowing you could physically arouse your partner that was somewhat of an ego trip for her. "I'm glad to hear," she whispered as a perverted playful smile crossed her lips as he spoke of her diagnosis looking promising. Her eyes softened feeling his hands and fingers running up her neck and through her soft white hair. "It seems however, Doctor, you have a condition of your own developing," she whispered as her hands lowered brushing over the sides of his hardness as her green eyes literally darkened with lust. Her tail pulled him closer feeling how hard he really was and it made her hungry. "I think we need to get a closer look but you're a little over dressed," she whispered her head turning nipping his arm softly as her fingers continued stroking what she could of his hardness.

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The innuendo was plain, she meant to take a closer look on his condition and with that cue, Lucan pulled his tattooed hands from her silken hair and opened his uniform jacket whilst kissing her still - his mouth travelling her neck and jaw before returning to her wetted lips.

Urgency was a thing coming alive in the closet, and while not rushed, Lucan made short process with his uniform jacket, ridding it from his lean frame. Next came his teal undershirt, unzipped and baring his upper body to her in the darkness. The union of their lips accommodated for a insistent battle of tongues, so while Lucan's uniform fell away, there was room neither for breath nor looking at what he revealed. The embrace of her sliding tail kept him close to her, and their hair dimmed the scarce light in the closet as they remained around their passionate dance.

Soon, the undershirt was gone too, falling behind him after he peeled it back from his shoulders and tugged his muscled arms free from it. The insistent strokes of her hands along his hardness had made him breathing harder, her encouragement having lasted while he bared his frame to her. While his hands had not been attending to her body, the intensity of their kissing had made his uniform and then the skin of his torso brush up against the sensitive peaks of her rounded breasts - the embrace of her tail keeping their bodies rubbing together with each movement made.

He hearkened her words  then stepped back from her - coming to lean against the shelves of the opposite wall. It only took him two steps to have crossed the room, and as he slipped free from her tail, the dim light cast his chiselled frame in glow. She wanted a closer look, so with his lips pursed and breathing having his chest heave, he yanked his trousers open for her, not expecting to have to do much more before the Asurian took over the task of baring his rigid erection to the warm air of the closet.

He said nothing, only the glimmer of a smile passing over his exotic countenance in anticipation of what she desired to do.

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Once more she kissed him back with need and passion unspoken words of desire. As he removed his jacket and undershirt she quickly kicked off her shoes tossing them to some forgotten corner of the closet. Her hands though her busy exploring the new flesh that was being opened up to her. Brushing over his chest and stomach as her lips continued kissing him and nibbling softly on his bottom lip. She could see nothing but her hands told her she would like what she was feeling. His hard breathing letting her know she was doing well in her arousal of him. The feeling of her breasts brushing over his body had helped keep her more then ready for what was too come. As he stepped back her tail would slowly slid from him folding against her back as she allowed her eyes to look over his features. Maybe it was the way he was now, or knowing she would be enjoying his body very soon, but he looked darkly tempting. As he yanked his trousers open a satisfied smile crossed her full lips.

Reaching down she slowly undid the button on her trousers before slowly peeling them off revealing a naturally hairless labia majus and no sign of any other hair growth. The skin there seemed just as pale and maybe a little more smooth then the rest of her skin. Letting her pants fall to the ground she slowly approached him before her hands came to rest on either side of his head. His erection brushing over her smooth soft skin. Leaning up she whispered softly in his ear her words holding a dark promise of what she was going to try and do. "Try not to make too much noise," she whispered seconds before her lips moved up capturing the bottom of his ear lobe sucking on it softly before letting it slip out with a small soft pop. Her lips and teethe blazed a heated trail along his neck and to his collar bone before leaning up. Her eyes now almost black with desire and a predatory look that could make one wonder who was the aggressor.

Slowly her head lowered once more kissing and nipping along his collar bone before venturing lower making sure to take her time. His lips trailed down over his chest as her hands moved from the wall to brush along his arms. It wasn't until she reached the mid line of his chest that her path would alter from going straight down as she moved to the side catching one of his nipples sucking on it softly before her and moved to the other pinching it softly. As she left his nipples her tongue would brush down the center line of his body before she found herself kneeling before him. Her hands brushed along the sides of his legs and front sides of his hips. Her thumbs softly hooked his trousers as she slowly pulled them down freeing him fully from the cloth prison. Still she didn't directly touch him as she leaned up blowing softly up the length of his erection as her eyes looked into his. Her pale lips slowly opened before she slowly took his head in her hot wet mouth her tongue softly licking him as her head started moving softly up and down his length. Just when it seemed she had set a pace for herself her head lowered slipping part of his length past the back of her mouth as she didn't stop tell her nose was softly pressing against his stomach. She held him there for a few seconds before slipping back and resuming the pace she had set before.

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Oh, but the Asurian teased him, baring herself completely when he stepped back and then setting down the pace - building anticipation.

Since she had overtaken the initiative, Lucan leaned back against the shelves and set his hands against one of them too. Seeing her fully and plainly made him think she looked quite exotic with the colouring of her intimate places. Hard as she had made him, she had the nerve to caution him to not make much noise, yet the CMO could merely give her a fleeting smile -  plainly thinking of how Sar-unga had barely contained herself moments earlier.

Her ministrations were thorough in building anticipation, licking and toying with him as if he was some kind of experiment to her. She drew sharp breaths from her teasing of his chest, yet nothing like when she finally bared his male hardness and began to use her mouth upon it. Again she moved slowly, gradually increasing the intensity of her fellatio. The contrast of her pale lips around his bronze skin in the dim light enticed him, and he could do naught but run his tattooed hands through her silken white hair.

No more had be begun to caress her than she took him down her throat - almost making Lucan's knees buckle from the sudden sensation. He caught his breath, trying to recollect whatever semblance of control he had, but he could at least keep himself upright. Afterwards, she continued as she had done before, and Lucan's heart was racing from the skills that the Asurian possessed. Even in the slower range of motions, she could rouse a man near climax. He did not cry out, not once, yet his breathing remained heavy, and he quenched his groans from being to auidble. His tattooed hands once more found grip in her hair, and he let her continue - allowing her to take him as far along the path to climax as he dared travel in the onslaught of what she made him feel.

"There, there... let go," he said, almost trembling in anticipation of gushing his semen down her throat yet preserving himself nevertheless. He laid his hands on each side of her head and pulled her away, gently helped her to stand and then... It was his turn. He pressed her up against the opposite wall once more, and he crouched down before her. He even helped raise one leg to lay it over his wide shoulder, so that she had to balance on one foot while leaning against the shelves while presenting her exotic sex to his face.

Once seated, there was but a mischevious look to his face before he applied his warm mouth to her already damp sex. With his lips, he sucked at her nectar, and then he scooped it up with his tongue as best as he might. The taste was extraordinary, yet it did not take many seconds until he was teasing her roused pearl with the tip of his tongue. This he did, with great attention to her reaction so that he may play her like an instrument with her questions.

That was the time he introduced a first finger, and then a second one... working the roof of her love canal with his fingertips while he pleased her clit. He would take his sweet revenge upon her for her teasing...

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His sharp breaths brought her pleasure having missed pulling that kind of sound from a male. Still her mind drew back to another wondering what it would be like to do such to him. His hands running through her hair made her smile as much as she could enjoying the feeling. When she took him all the way in she felt the reaction his body had to what she was doing to him. Still some part of her seemed disappointed that she hadn't been able to pull the moans out she normally had.

When he bid her to stop she would slowly lean back letting him slip from between her lips with a very soft quite popping sound. Her tongue slowly moved out licking the tip of his erection as she looked up at him. She stood wondering what would be next. As he pressed her against the opposite wall once more a smile crossed over her lips as she looked into his eyes seeing he wanted control this time. Something she was less then willing to give up but still she would see where this would lead. Her body seemed to fully relax when he crouched down before her. One slender leg rose with his guidance as he slipped it over his wide shoulder. Her body seemed to have trouble balancing even though her hands softly brushed through his hair. Looking down at him she couldn't help but smirk seeing the mischievous look on his face before she felt his lips brushing over her damp sex pulling a soft contented sigh from her lips. This part of her body was softer then any other almost softer then velvet.

As his tongue joined she moaned softly as her head rolled back slightly soaking in the feeling. Her fingers on his head would grip his hair a little tighter as she closed her eyes. As soon as his tongue brushed over her roused small pearl she body would twitch and shake softly as many of these sensations where new. As his tongue continued working over the small bud it wasn't long before one hand slowly came up helping stifle some of the moans that where threatening to spill out. As he introduced his first finger into her wet passage she would gasp very softly her passage tight as it had been a long time since anything had been there. Her passage would be different from tarrens have small soft ridges. As he introduced a second she would shiver softly. His fingers working over the roof of her love canal it would brush against a small circular protrusion that made her moan and shiver heavily.

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In finding that small protrusion during his cunnilingus, Lucan kept rubbing it with his fingertips - learning that the Asurian's female genitalia was not too different from a human's in this regard either. His used the strength of his hand as he kneaded her sex from beneath, two of his fingers riding up her slick love canal repeatedly. Meanwhile, his tongue did not relent in firmly licking her clitoris - darting over her swollen nub in the way that elicited the most moaning from her.

Meanwhile, his free hand roamed from its hold upon her hip - sliding up her toned abdomen and farther up to cup a white-tipped breast in his warm palm. He had her completely pinned against the shelves, and mercilessly drove her towards a climax as best as he could. Regardless if he ended up drawing a cry of release from her, or if she managed to preserve herself, Lucan soon could not wait any longer. The Asurian taste in his mouth, and the scent of her in his nostrils drove him on, making it an absolute need to sheathe his rigid organ inside her.

He might be the first man in Federation space to engage in interracial sex with one of their people, and the idea intrigued him as much as it heightened the unique experience with Sar-unga. The beast inside rejoiced in the pleasure as well, even if it also craved to kill her afterwards, yet Lucan did not care for more than the simple thoughts that his mind was reduced to. Her nectar tasted like something feral and untamed, and it made him too hard to wait.

Abruptly, he stood on his feet - the leg upon his shoulder slipping down to be hooked over his arm. His pale eyes stared into hers as he stepped up to her - her hard nipples brushing across the hard panes of his chest as he kissed her once more. The taste of her swirled around their tongues, and he reached down between their bodies to grab the base of his hardness - guiding it towards the wet and warm opening that rested at the apex of her legs. There was no room for waiting. No need to speak as far as he was concerned. This was paramount to all else for them both.

He groaned thickly as his swollen head was enveloped by her bared sex - squirming inside her tightness a couple of inches at the time. Degree by degree, thrust for thrust. He kissed her as his used his whole bodily frame to work his penis into her slick grotto. He grunted against her lips, soon making her bounce where she leaned against the shelves.

Finally, he was fully inside - his whole thick length being swallowed greedily by her with each moment he made.

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As his fingers focused in on the small protrusion it had been her undoing as she shuddered heavily feeling waves of pleasure from every pass of his fingers on that one area. The more he would rub the wetter her passage would become as pleasure started clouding her mind. His touch on that one part of her passage and his tongue licking the swollen nub. Her breathing was growing heavy as her slender body started twitching and shuttering from an impending release. The feeling of his free hand roaming up her hip sent her body shivering with want and desire. It wouldn't take long before the combination of pleasure sent her body over the edge as she her tight passage clenched down around his fingers as her wetness seeped down his thighs as she moaned into her hand her small body shaking heavily. Her hand that had been resting on his head gripped his hair tightly.

Her mind was still clouded with  pleasure when he stood one leg slipping from his shoulder to his arm as her eyes looked  into his with want and desire. Her dark eyes looked back into his as her hands brushed over his chest and slowly up along his neck. She moaned softly feeling her hard nipples brushing across the hard planes of his chest. Her lips met his in need and hunger kissing him back as her arms wrapped around his neck. Her tongue brushed and teased along his as she moaned softly knowing what was to come. She couldn't help but groan softly feeling him reaching down between their bodies knowing fully what was to come. Her kiss quickly became harder and needier.

The feeling of his head pressing against her tight passage pulled a long low growl from her lips as she was more then ready to take a male even if it wasn't the one she wanted. His groan mixed with light growl feeling his swollen head pushing into her bared sex. Inch by inch he pushed his way into her making her moan and growl with every inch that made its way into her body. She kissed him back her body pressing against his feeling the physical pleasure being penetrated by another. His penis working its way into her tight passage felt better then she though as she gasped softly feeling his whole thick length being encased in her she groaned softly as her eyes closed feeling him moving inside her. Moving her hands to grip the shelve behind her she moved quickly her free leg wrapping around him as she used her hands to absorb her weight. Her slender body started moving against his as she moaned into the kiss.

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Gradually, Lucan had expanded her alien sex to accomodate him, and at the point when the Asurian unwrapped her arms from his neck and held on to the shelf behind her, the doctor had hoisted up her second leg into the bend of his arms - suspending her into the air with a two-handed grip upon her thrusting hips.

She had come once already, and judging by the sounds she made, she might do so a second time as well. The exotic nature of this lover made it increasingly difficult for the CMO to contain himself; to draw out the pleasure as long as he could. Her pale and white-tipped breasts in the dim light bounced before his eyes as he surged into her. Her full lips begged to cry out even though she couldn't, and her sex still convulsed around him as he moved - like a slick fist trying to grab on to him. He could not help himself from leaning in a bit, and while he made her bounce upon him, he tried to lick and catch those nipples with his warm mouth. To suck hard at them whenever he might.

Her tail had a life of its own while he surged into Sar-unga, and soon, in order to get closer to her, he helped wrap her toned legs around his waist instead, and instead of holding on to her hips, he let her support her lower body upon him herself, so that he might wrap both his tattooed hands around the base of her tail - urging her on to move against him with his firm grip. This close to her he had better access to her breasts with his mouth, and to breathlessly kiss her anew.

Her tight sex milked his glistening girth firmly, and she felt so warm and good around him that he had to force himself to stay somewhat silent. Lest Eve Jenkins might hear... or anyone else in Sickbay for that matter. And since she felt so exceedingly fine, he was about to spend himself any second unless she stopped him - a fact made plain by how hard he suddenly got and how his breathing hitched to a stop.

His pale eyes sought hers in query of where she wanted him.

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As he slowly expanded her sex she moan softly at the feeling having missed the feeling of being physical with another creature. As she found herself suspended in air with his grip on her thighs her head rolled back as she soaked in the feeling of joining. Her strong thighs flexed softly as she started to meet him thrust for thrust feeling him driving deeper. She could feel her body starting to reached the heightened state of arousal that would come moments before an orgasm. This time though she fought it it wanting to ride the wonderful high that always came. Her legs gripped his waist tightly as she looked into his eyes. Feeling his hand gripping the base of her tail she smirked softly feeling her tail wrapping around his arm. Her breathing growing heavy as she was quickly loosing her fight to keep in control.

As he urged her on she would answer his challenge as her hips started thrusting against his driving him deeper and deeper. The feeling of his mouth on her breast before kissing her once more she would groan softly into his lips feeling her body clenching down tightly around him as she reached her second orgasm her body shaking as she kissed him back hungrily. Her body continued thrusting against him with need and hunger. Feeling how hard he had suddenly became and how his breathing hitched she smirked softly as her legs gripped him tighter. Leaning in she whispered softly in his ear her breathing still heavy as her pale skin glistened softly with sweat. "Its ok to let it out inside me," she whispered knowing there would be no way any ill could come from it. "I want to feel it. Let me know how much you have enjoyed this," she whispered huskily

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By teeth and nails Lucan had managed to preserve himself throughout Sar-unga's second climax, this time feeling it around his shaft instead of his fingers as he shoved himself repeatedly through her convulsing passage. If not the feeling of her almost made him come on its own, the sight of her glistening body undulating against him from where she hung suspended on the shelf made his seed quicken. The taste of her salty egesta upon her breasts...and her warm mouth so eager to meet his own.

Control was one of his greatest virtues, but he could maintain control only so much longer. For at the point where his release was imminent, she whispered into his ear and told him to spend himself inside her. He was not of mind to argue there, so with her words spoken, he shifted his grip upon her hips and rode the short distance across the brink - thrusting hard into her until the very end.

When the climax hit him, he held on to Sar-unga still, wrapping his arms around her waist and removing her from the shelves. His knees did not buckle, and he kept his footing while he had the Asurian suspended in his embrace - his thick organ still moving for the duration of his sweet ecstasy. His Câroon seed brimmed her sheathe, and dripped down from where their bodies met. Even in the aftershocks, he stood up with Sar-unga in his arms - grinding her down upon their joining while the tremors lasted.

"My verdict," he said with a low voice to her pointed ear, "is that you have proven to possess exceptional endurance and stamina... So I think it is safe to release you under surveillance. To walk freely again..."

Soon enough, his cock escaped her quivering sex, and he set her down on the floor with a shuddering breath - his smile lingerings as much as his hands lingered upon her body.

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The feeling of him thrusting into her wanton body as she climaxed her body soaking in every inch of pleasure he could give her. As he shifted his grip ridding the short distance across the brink of his release she would moan softly feeling his seed flooding into her some of it being absorbed into her body as a simply another source of energy. Her strong legs clenched around him when he had been thrusting into her and when he emptied himself in her.  Feeling his arms wrapping around her waist her tail would softly wrap around his waist as he picked her up from the shelves. Her breathing came out in long heavy breaths as he held her suspended in his arms. Feeling his organ still moving through his ecstasy she shivered lightly. As he leaned in whispering into her ear it would spike her desire once more as she growled lowly to him. Still his words brought a soft smile to her lips as she leaned back feeling his cock slipping from her knowing he was spent. As he set her down she would stretch softly before her hands came to rest on his waist.

"I thank you for your care Doctor," she whispered before leaning in kissing him once more. The same hunger there that was there when they started. It would be very clear the Asurian hadn't started to work through her endurance or stamina. She was still hungry, still ready. Still she wouldn't push him to keep up with the hunger of her kind when it came to this action. Leaning down her lips softly kissed his neck before she slowly back away. "Sorry. I think I should probably go ahead and leave or else it could be departmental to your health," she said as she slowly retrieved her pants slipping them on allowing her one more look over the Doctors body. "I am happy to see I proved myself," she spoke slipping on her tank top her eyes still looking over his form as she enjoyed the feeling of having part of her hunger slatted. She waited tell the Doctor was dressed and they both where looking professional before she opened the door feeling better knowing she had her freedom. "Please contact me when you are ready to start with Sarresh. Until then I will be doing my best to stay out of trouble,"

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Lingering looks and touches, kisses in the afterglow, and the tremors still raked through the CMO as he began to dress in the private darkness of theirs.

"You needn't concern yourself with my health," he said as he tucked his semi-erect and glistening organ inside his trousers, "you just worry about yours until you are strong enough to discuss what kind of active duties you may perform aboard." He got his undershirt back on, and then ran his arms through the sleeves of his jacket. The lab coat came last, and he donned it only to pause so that he may close the front of his uniform and adjust his cuffs a bit.

Upon being asked to get ahold of her when it was time to treat Morali, Lucan could but smile as he walked up to the Asurian. "I have some doubts about you ever being able to stay out of trouble, m'dear Sar-unga, yet I will rest easier by you telling me so," he said and smoothed his labcoat down a bit before coming to stand next to the woman by the door. He took the opportunity to kiss her anew, his mouth seeking out hers to give her a suitable and thorough parting gift before they had to end this little escapade they had gone for.

After picking up the required bed coverings from a shelf and Sar-unga opening the door for them, Lucan led the way outside with his face completely straight - hiding everything in plain view.

- Fin

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