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[Edena Rez]

With such a large scale battle, with so many crewmen under so many department heads, there were just too many reports to get through, though if one thing summed them all up, it was what Edena said next to the captain.  "Standing out . . . it can be hard to do with a crew like ours.  For everything they have been through, and to keep going as they do, I think they are all deserving of something.  A medal is nice, an accomplishment to look back on, but what the crew needs more is something immediate.  The hot springs were meant to be their respite, their chance to relax, and it only led to another high stress situation with more lives lost and at risk.  Though our resources don't well permit it, I think we should use the holodeck to create a suitable environment that the crew can take comfort in, a shore leave on-board the ship."

The suggestion had been reinforced in her mind by both Kiya, from a medical standpoint, and Illya, who covered both the irresponsible, fun-loving side of Edena, as well as the expert on humanoid behavior.

"As for standout officers . . . I think it would be fitting to allow the department heads to choose their own.  It was be beneficial to displaying their ability to reward, not just issue orders, and to build a better rapport among them.  A nomination from each department, each one to be distinguished by the Captain for their work.  What do you think?"

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Fedd chuckled at the odd effect produced by Tovarek's departure. Had he so wished, Sjaandin could have chosen to focus his mind and continue to detect Simon's thoughts, but he was exhausted and content to let the man make his own exit. After today's encounter with the Archeron and the task force, he was not exactly anxious to actively seek out more thoughts.

The tall Betazoid leaned against the bulkhead behind him and let his head fall back, coming to rest against the cool plasteel. It was a welcoming sensation against his exhausted, pounding head. What he needed was a shower and some bedrest; what he wanted, on the other hand, was to enjoy a drink or several with Tatiana Marlowe below decks.

Something like five minutes went by, and Fedd, who was leaning against the bulkhead with his eyes closed, heard soft footfalls approaching. He looked up and saw a brilliantly blonde, short-haired woman in civilian garb with a combadge affixed to it. It dangled precariously to one side of her... he hated to call it cleavage because that implied a confined space. What she had was a situation where, if she sneezed, she would technically be in violation of uniform protocol. How did she keep such a wonderful pair of...? Fedd paused and shook his head, relieved this newcomer was not a Betazoid. She flashed him a brilliant Risian smile, and he rewarded her with one of his own, which looked like it had been carved onto his face from the day he was born.

Then as he looked up Tatiana Marlowe emerged. "Ah, Ms. Marlowe. If you would be so kind as to accompany me, I am heading below decks to unwind.

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The Captain's words filled Tatiana with a sense of overwhelming pride and determination to the extent that the power of it made her eyes prickle with tears.  She believed Jien completely and utterly and was enthralled with the leadership skills of the Chameloid that was currently in its attractive male form.  In that instant Tia would have happily gone back to that hell pit and climbed the wall again if he had asked, such was the strength of his speech.

It took her a few moments to realise she had been dismissed and closing the box before briefly coming to attention in respect she turned and left the conference lounge.  Outside the door was a woman waiting to go in.  Her striking mismatched eyes along with the bright smile caught her attention briefly and she returned a smile before heading around the main bridge to the turbolift between the two ready rooms.  She had no idea where to go first, to shower and change and then to sickbay to get the nasty niggling pains sorted or to sickbay first and then properly enjoy the shower without doing the 'ouch' dance as she got in.

As she rounded the corner she reacted to the movement in her peripheral vision and looked up to see Fedd standing there, seemingly waiting for her.  Her eyes widened a little in surprise, he was waiting for her?  She smiled and carried on walking to him fer fingers stroked the box, still barely believing what it contained within the unassuming black shell while her other hand ran through her dry, tangled hair, hissing as her fingers tugged a knot loose.

"Lieutenant, congratulations.  Where are you heading?"

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Fedd tore his eyes without too much difficulty from the comely Risian and turned his cool gaze upon their Chief Engineer. She was certainly attractive from this close, even with all the grime and wrinkled fabric. Judging by that little box she was cradling, she had received some sort of commendation. Well, it was not his to pry, but he could still offer his best wishes upon her promotion.

"Congratulations yourself, lieutenant--or should I say chief?" His already-present smile deepened, looking like it had been on his lips since before time began. Then it dimmed slightly, but only in the sense that the sun dims when one sits in the shade. "No one is better qualified for the job." Some of her surface thoughts were still brushing against his senses, something about showering and sickbay.

"I thought I might head to Below Decks... I feel like this is a time to celebrate even such a small victory. I feel like I ought to be mingling with the crew more. Simon turned my invitation down, he has important business to attend to, but I had hoped you might join me. I know you had your heart set on a shower, but I don't mind waiting. Unless you'd like me to join you."

The smile did not so much vanish as it was retracted, drawn away by Fedd behind a façade of professional detachment. Ye gods, what was he saying? Did he really just offer to shower with the new Chief Engineer? Well, they were the same rank, and his "shower" before the promotion ceremony had been more of a perfunctory rinse than anything. He had a lot to offer, with his trained physique, but he had deprived himself somewhat since the Ishtar incident... barring a few relapses.

"I'd be happy with a simple drink," he finished. This lack of mental barriers was getting to him. He kept making assumptions based on the thoughts of others, mixing his own train of thought with theirs. The smile emerged slowly and genuinely.

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Pulling himself out of the dark place that his mind had gone to after giving Ms. Marlowe her medal, Jien turned his head to look upon Cameron when she spoke of the woman that had ended up in the middle of the first battle with the Calamity. The very Risian that Dr. Nicander's away-team had found holding the industrial replicator they needed, and whom they'd had to take advantage of by repairing it, and then preventing its full usage after they had gotten the spare parts they needed. The Prime Directive had forced the team's hand, and the poor woman went after their Warp trail to beg them to undo the hard-wired blocks in the replicator's systems, only to find herself getting involved in something far bigger than the potential terraforming of Nimbus III.

"We'll see her now. Thea, show her in," said Jien, for despite his grim thoughts, he heard reason in Cameron's suggestion to at least hear the civilian out. Perhaps it was the supportive smile - despite all that had happened - from his new Yeoman that made him acquiesce to the idea, even if he'd seen too many shows in Below Decks ended before they began once he'd learn what William Regal had planned. He glanced towards Edena. "Perhaps the Risian has a more... tasteful programme in mind than what the late Mr. Regal tended to ask his Felicity hologram to perform."

Before Rihen Neyah entered, Edena Rez suggested they'd allot precious energy to open up a holodeck for recreational activities. "Perhaps," said Jien, having to think on it some more. Yet when it came to awarding their officers for their efforts in leaving Theta Eridani IV, Jien nodded immediately. "Make it so. If nothing else, a special commendation for 'endurance and bravery' should be registered for applicable members of the crew in our mission report."

When the Risian entered, following Thea into the room, the three sitting by the table were hit with a beaming, bright smile and mismatched eyes that seemed both excited and sensual at the same time. Her overalls seemed to have been zipped in a haste, leaving little to the imagination, but somehow, the civilian engineer managed to carry the look without appearing indecent. Racy, yes. Immodest, certainly, but not bawdy or vulgar. It had to take a Risian to get away with something of the kind, the art of making the immodest seem respectable taught since birth... or in their very genes.

"Thank you for receiving me," she said, holding her PADD lowered in both her hands and looking between all three of them, "After hearing from my doctor how desperately the crew aboard might need distraction, the idea came to me to bring some of my homeplanet's culture aboard to lift their spirits. On Risa, before I was... before I left, I entertained like the rest of my people, and in my younger years, I even performed at my father's circus in Suraya Bay. I have not been there for years, but helping people relax and have a good time runs in my blood. I am positive I can make a difference for your crew if I get the chance."

It seemed Rihen's smile dimmed a bit as she continued. "I have heard about what has befallen your crew, and how some aspects of relaxing and celebrating survival may have a... stigma attached to it. I am fully aware that it would be bad to openly encourage procreation on its own because of the residual trauma. Yet my idea is that during the show I want to hold, I could still make some kind of horga'hn statuettes available for those who wish to participate in jamaharon. I'd explain how they worked and I would let people use them in the way they were originally intended; to remove one's own guarding walls and let someone get to know you that you would not normally speak with. It is, and remains, a liberating feeling. Healing the soul from the toil and struggle of everyday life."

She trailed off there, looking to her PADD for support. "I have made a list of things I might need, and what I would be doing. If I am allowed to, there will be dancing, storytelling, oh, and don't be alarmed with the burning blade juggling. I will keep my distance to the spectators..."

"Thank you, Ms. Neyah, I think we get the general idea."Recognising the fact that Rihen Neyah was a bit out of her element, he was silent at first, then turned to Edena with a random thought. "Your idea about the holodeck... Perhaps Below Decks is not the only venue for this kind of show. Risa might fit our requirements for shore leave while still away from port."

Jien also turned to Cameron, his look a query of what she thought now that the details were known.

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Camoren watched as Risian entered followed by Thea hoping Jien would see the merit in allowing the crew some time to unwind and relax. Seeing the bright, beaming smile showing both excitement and sensuality at the same time. Cam couldn't help but notice her clothing was almost at the point of revealing everything. Somehow the woman always managed to reveal and hide all at the same time. Cam nodded her head as she thanked them for receiving them as she shifted slightly waiting to hear the idea that could bring the crew a much needed distraction. Leaning forward her arms crossed in front of her listening to her desire to bring someone her culture to the ship which would either be good or bad. It all remained to be seen. She truly did seem to believe that she could help lift crew moral. Watching her smile dimming a bit as she continued making her wonder what was about to come.

She listened quietly as Rihen continued talking about horga'hn statuettes for those who wanted to use them her mind was split all at once knowing it could either be good or bad. A eyebrow rose slightly hearing about burning blade juggling picture someone reporting to sickbay with a severed limb. Looking up her eyes met Jien's warm brown eyes as she thought over everything. The crew did need 'something' to take their mind off of everything that happened. It still took her a few seconds to realize Jien was waiting for her response.

"I do like Ms. Neyah idea as I think it would give the crew the distraction they need. If we do use the holodecks it would be all that much better. Below decks still looks like you're on the ship where the holodeck it can look far different. To be honest everyone could use a change of view," she said offering him that same soft smile. "About the only thing I thick would need to be approached carefully are the horga'hn," she said taking a small breath the image of her captain atop her as the storm raged outside flashed through her mind. "What has happened is still a touchy subject so I would like to see it handled with care,"

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Fedd had made an interesting initial proposition and the idea of heading to the bar on board and having a few stiff drinks before heading to get herself sorted out did appeal.  She briefly gave him the once over, subconsciously, wither her eyes that despite being so tired still showed a sparkle.  He certainly was an attractive man, tall and with those deep dark eyes that held so much... wait... what did he just suggest?

The second proposition pulled her out of the sizing up of the man in front of her and sent her mind reeling.  She wasn't the best people-person in the universe and such an invitation was certainly not something she was used to.  Relationships with people weren't high on her priority list, they were complicated and messy.  Keeping her ship running was her main focus, something that let her ignore her own personal desires in favour of the greater good.  Even when she wasn't on shift she would be working away on something, either improvements or her model internal combustion engine.

A pull in her stomach felt both terrified and excited by the idea.  Tia couldn't even remember the last time she had shared pleasure with another being.  Her cheeks flushed and she couldn't hold his gaze as she fought to control the whirl of emotions.

"Ah... ummm... that would be quite nice... the drink that is... not the... well I'm sure that would be too but... uhh..." she stumbled over her words in a most un-Chief-like way.  Inside she was kicking herself for sounding like a schoolgirl being asked out by her crush.

"Actually I think I'll get patched up before I do anything," the thought of something completely not a shower or a drink coming to her rescue as she rubbed her neck and felt the sting once more, "Maybe I'll see you down in Below Decks after I've got myself mended and cleaned up a bit?"

She swallowed hard as she thought about seeing him again after this conversation that she had so badly mangled.  Her eyes met his once more and she tried to smile at the handsome man who had been so forward.  She swallowed again as unbidden imaginings of the body hidden below the uniform came to mind.

Tia called for the turbolift and stepped in when the doors swished open, not trusting her tongue enough to speak again to Sjaandin, "Deck seven."

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[Edena Rez]

"The computer has more then enough records and scans of Risia to recreate nearly any part of the planet with detailed accuracy.  It would be about the easiest thing anyone could do, especially with Lieutenant Lin here."  The holography expert could ensure that the holodeck was running at peak efficiency, to avoid using too much power, making him an excellent candidate to place in charge of managing the creation of the program.

"For the sake of truly making it feel like shore leave, I would suggest we make the dress code casual as well, Captain.  Uniformed officers on Risia doesn't give the feeling everyone is going to need.   We can also extend the invitation to the remaining crew on board the Harbinger.  They deserve shore leave as much as we do after everything we've been through."

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Captain Ives shared the Yeoman's thoughts about caution when it came to the use of those Risian statuettes, so he nodded in affirmation. It did seem like Cam was very much in favour of letting Ms. Neyah host the show she intended, though. Commander Rez, on her end, came up with an excellent solution in order to make the option of using a holodeck reality. Jien glanced towards Thea where she stood and she merely inclined her head and smiled a little, confirming that Lieutenant Kae would have opportunity to work on this instead of calibrating the Ship A.I:s holographic matrix and her new emitter. "Excellent."

At the suggestion of dresscode and inviting the Harbinger personnel, Jien thought for a moment before inclining his head. "Make sure the required replicator rations for these casual attires are distributed well before we host this event so that the energy consumption can be spread out over the time between now and then. I will inform Captain Vasser about this when we reach the rendezvous point."

Fixing his oaken eyes upon Rihen Neyah, Jien ended the matter as far as him and Commander Rez were concerned in the preparations. "If you require anything to inform the crew about the show, please talk to my Yeoman here and she can put you in contact with the people you need. A holodeck will be at your disposal tomorrow evening and throughout the night. Our Holographic Specialist will be helping you with the preparations as far as the location is concerned. Anything else?"

"No, Captain," said Rihen, beaming with the smile she wore at her request being granted. "I have worked closely with Lin Kae before, back when he visited me in Paradise City. I will really enjoy working with him again, and I promise that I will try to not let everyone down. It was many years since I entertained, but old habits die hard, even in a desert ruin like Paradise City. Afterwards... I would like to discuss what might be done for Nimbus III... but I understand that it is not what you would call a priority... even if it is for me."

"I am sorry about your homeplanet, Ms. Neyah," said Jien, tone quiet but his countenance resolute, "and I am equally sorry that Lieutenant Kae had to disable the higher setting on the industrial replicator. We might be outlaws, but we still adhere to the Prime Directive. If we did not honour protocol and regulations, we are no better than the enemy. You have seen what we are up against."

"I know... I just..." Rihen trailed off, probably knowing that improving the conditions on Nimbus III had to come second to protecting it from the new threat in the Federation. Her smile did not take long to return, though. "I will practice. With my blades and talking to you all. Finding what words may restore your resolve and encourage to enjoy respite away from strife and turmoil. Thank you so much, all of you."

"We are those that should be grateful. Best of luck, Ms. Neyah."

After the Risian left the Conference Lounge, Jien stood up. "We can continue working through Carrigan Trent's information later on today. Now, I think we need to take a break. Eat something. We'll meet here at 1300 hrs again. Dismissed," he said, stepping away and waking towards his Ready Room. Thea replied with a quick 'Aye, aye' before vanishing where she stood.

Jien walked to his Ready Room, and since Cameron had her office in the aft of his rooms, Jien found himself alone with her for the first time after they woke up together on Theta Eridani IV.  He came to a stop in the middle of the large room and looked towards the Yeoman, his hands by his sides.

"How are you, Ensign?" he asked quietly, appraising her.

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Cam would softly nod her head as it was mentioned to get in touch with her about helping informing the crew about the show that was about to take place. For the first time she had a truly open honest smile on her lips. Seeing the smile on Rihen she knew that this was going to work. It had to work. Slowly her warm eyes turned back to Jien hearing the quite tone in his voice wishing she could reach out and assure him. Hearing him speaking of their enemy she knew his resolution in this matter, against their enemy was unquestionable. Quickly Cam's eyes turned back Rihen finding she liked her bubbly personality as it seemed it was just as hard to get her spirits down. "Good luck," she spoke looking forward to the party that was sorely needed for the crew.

She counted it as a relief when he recommended that they took a break. Slowly she stood following behind Jien waiting tell they where alone before she allowed her eyes to travel over him once more. As he came to a stop in the middle of the large room and she once more felt his eyes on her. This truly was their first time they had been alone since they woke up in hell. Even with the raw pain and stress still being around him brought about those feelings. She still found a smile gracing her lips as she looked up at him.

"I thought it was my job to look out after you. Not the other way around," she whispered softly trying not to let him see her emotions where still raw and it was taking everything she had to keep from jumping into his arms for some form of comfort. "I'll be alright," she said trying to sound as convincing as she could.

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Listening to her, Jien tilted his head a bit - seeing the ghost of something hidden in her demeanour.

It was utterly hard to fathom what it was that gave him the idea that things were not entirely alright with her, yet despite of his old skills as a rehabilitation officer and later counsellor were more dead than anything else, Jien thought he saw something, and he stepped up to lay his calloused hands upon her shoulders and look into her eyes.

"What is the matter?" he asked quietly, thumbs rubbing her shoulders minutely. "Did you see things that you wish you never saw when we left Theta Eridani IV?" Captain Ives knew naught about what kind of personal hardship that she had undergone; what kind of choice his orders had forced her to make, so her behaviour made him think that their working relationship had become too complex too quickly. In fact, he thought neither one of them knew what to make out of what had happened, but for the time being, Jien held on to the conviction that what intimacy had been between them had nothing to do with their working relationship. He was not taking advantage of her in any way or form, but she had rather showed herself the aggressor - both their needs addressed.

Yet from the looks of it, such intimate comfort may not be what Cameron wanted. Rather, if Jien had to guess, it was something she needed to get off her chest. Something difficult, and perhaps something that involved him too. He removed his hands from her shoulders and set them upon his own hips, waiting for his Yeoman to speak.

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She watched him tilting his head a bit she knew he could see something was wrong. It seemed no matter how well she tried to hide it he could see what she was trying to hide. As he stepped closer she soaked in the feeling of being close to him as she looked up into his eyes. His calloused hands upon her shoulders almost broke her resistance. To her credit though she remained still as she looked up into his eyes. His quite question as she felt his thumbs rubbing her shoulders minutely made her want him to comfort her. They had been close and she knew she was the one who was the aggressor. To her it had nothing to do with rank or their position on the ship. It was simply two sentient creatures seeking comfort from one another.

"I...," she started feeling the raw emotions starting to choke off her words. "I lost Lisa on Theta Eridani IV," she spoke softly her head lowering slightly missing the feeling of his touch. Of his comfort. "Besides my adoptive parents, she was was very close to me," she spoke allowing a few tears to role down her cheek. "I haven't really adjusted to the idea that I lost her," she spoke softly her hands coming up rubbing her arms very softly. Slowly she stepped closer to him wanting to be near him once more. Just being close to him like they where. Knowing what they had shared before and standing that it was more then a once in a life time event. She took a half step her arms softly wrapping around his waist softly as her forehead rested against his chest. He would either push her aside or welcome the embrace. All Cam cared about right now was that he was there with her and for a little she could forget everything.

There was also the underlying blame she placed on him, for having to leave the transport centre behind... It proved the hardest to forget.

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The realisation that Cameron had spoken of her sister in Ops when they had their first meeting on the Theurgy came to Jien at the same time as her tears came down her cheek. The sight tugged at the Captain's mimicked heart, and when she stepped close to embrace his waist, there was no hesitation when he embraced her in kind.

Even if the past months had been difficult on a personal level, it was not like he could make this about himself in any way - to direct the hurt and the blame upon his role and responsibility in what happened. So when he whispered "I'm sorry," he did not fish for any comforting words about that it wasn't his fault. No, his grief for her sake was out of empathy because she was hurt. So when he embraced her, it was not as the Commanding Officer of the mission that cost her this loss, but as a fellow being capable to recognise how bereaved she felt. "I am so sorry, Cameron."

Hugging her, he lay his cheek against the top of her head - and his brown eyes looked out through the view screen at the vista of space. The darkness outside made their reflection clear in the glass, and as Jien looked into his own eyes, he was surprised to see the amount of bitter hate in his own eyes. For while his hurt reflected hers, and the deaths throughout their voyage weighed down on him, this loss that his Yeoman had suffered at the hands of their enemy made him furious. Perhaps it was because this was the first time someone did not try to hide their pain, stoically denying their suffering and trying to be hardened officers.

The honesty cut to the heart, and while it had become cold and he had fortified it for sake of being able to lead this mission of theirs, it still bled. So in also being a fighter, a wound made his adrenaline run in his veins, and the acute need to defend himself and fight back was close at hand. It was surely better than to think of his own role in her loss, because his own grief had already been undermining his fortifications since the onset of their strife against the enemy.

"How..." he began, and he realised he had to unclench his jaw to speak, "How did it happen? Do you think she suffered?"

Terrible question, yet he was at a loss for what he might say.

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When he felt his arms wrapping around her in a loving caring embrace she could feel the hurt welling up for the first time since the shower. When he whispered he was sorry she would only shake her head slightly words still having difficulty forming in her mind. Her eyes drifted closed as a few tears rolled down her cheek feeling the weight of his cheek against the top of her head. There was something about having him close. Holding her like he was. The comfort she was feeling from this simple action that made the pain ease slightly. As he started asking questions of how and if she suffered more tears rolled down her cheeks. Some part of his questions made her made mad as her small body tensed in your arms.

Pulling back slightly she looked up at him the tears finally ebbing slightly. "Do I think she suffered?," she whispered as she looked into his eyes wondering how he could have asked a question like that. "How could you ask something like that? I am hurting over loosing her and the last thing I want to think about is if her last minutes was spent hurting," she spoke slowly pulling away from him. Bring her hands up she slowly worked on drying her tears with the edge of her uniform jacket. She didn't want to think about it. To think about she was alone now, she would never see her Lisa again. Now thanks to him all she could picture was the pain the last moments of her life might have brought. "I..I just want to forget everything right now. Shut the world out. I don't want to feel this pain right now," she whispered softly.

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The Ensign's reaction was immediate, and so was Captain Ives' regret to having said anything. Of course he had been wrong to ask her, reminding her of whatever it had been that befell her lost sister. She stepped away from him, and he released her - not about to try and hold her after she tensed up. "My apologies, I did not mean to..."

He trailed off, since the hurt was already there in the outline of her back, in how she turned away from him and left him standing next to the viewscreen. Nothing he could offer as an explanation or excuse would matter at that point, and since she did not pursue and answer to her question, Jien reckoned she already knew he had not meant to hurt her intentionally. He had once been a Counsellor, a diplomatic envoy, and there he was... treating his very Yeoman with the tactfulness of a Borg drone.

Cameron told him that she wanted to forget everything and shut off the pain, and that was a feeling Jien was all too familiar with. He wanted many things. Tactical advantages. Information. Means of infiltrating the corrupt Federation's inner chambers of power and lay the truth bare. Yet most often, he merely wanted to remind himself of the things that were worth fighting for. The reasons why he had to continue despite the hardships and the things he had to do in the name of justice. To save the Starfleet he once knew from becoming an instrument for reducing the whole Galaxy into a state of turmoil and war.

"Is there anything I can do?" he asked the figure of her back, looking down upon his hands as he imagined the blood of the innocent covering them once more - that image that kept haunting him. "I do not know how to rewind time. Nor bring back those we have lost. I can only affect the future, even as much as I would like to do what our enemies do: going back in time to deal with their grievances of old."

Jien looked up from his calloused hands and sighed, putting them on his hips. "I am positive your sister is in a much better place than we are, at least. I would not wish for anyone to go through what we are right now."

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She had managed to try her tears when he asked if there was anything he could do. Should she asked him? His words had hurt but at the same time she knew he had not meant to hurt her. Slowly she turned back around looking up at him. Slowly she closed the distance between them once more still not touching him. She didn't speak as her hands slowly reached out brushing over his stomach before moving up along his chest. Her arms came to rest around his neck resting on his shoulders as she looked up at him almost pleading for his touch. To drown out everything in the fiery embrace of unbridled passion. Taking another small step her body lightly brushed against his as she looked into his eyes.

Leaning up her lips brushed against his before forming a solid seal as her eyes drifted closed feeling the desire for him once more taking over. Surly he wouldn't deny her. Her hands moved down over his shoulders before softly moving in starting to undo the front of his uniform as her tongue brushed over his lips. Slowly her tongue ventured in as her hands moved under his jacket touching him softly. All the while she waited to feel his touch. She wanted him and some part of her told her that he felt the same. They seemed to be the port in the storm for each other. There to drown out the world when they needed it.

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It did not take long until Jien realised what Cameron's intentions were.

The silent way in which she approached him spoke more than words ever might. It was utterly plain what she desired in order to cease thinking of her loss. The day before, it had been about him, and the comfort she had given him. That they had given each other for the better part of the night. Now, even though Jien's soul remained as scarred as before, his Yeoman had the greater need. Slow, gentle touches. Fingers sliding over the fabric of his non-uniform. How could he refuse her? At the same pace as she had approached him, his lips drifted closer to hers - barely touching before the kiss would deepen.

Soon, at the memory of her the night before, Jien let their tongues dance in familiarity - feeling her hands tug at his Chosen Form to undress him. His thoughts were leaden, weary with what the morning had entailed, yet slowly turning to focus solely on Cameron Heshaw. This Ensign that desired to use their silent accord for sake of some intimate distraction. Eventually, Jien lifted his calloused hands from his sides and ran his hard fingers into her short hair - keeping her mouth pressed against his. He found himself breathing heavier while she bared the inner layers of his form - jacket and undershirt slowly opened to reveal his bronze skin. For even though his clothes were a part of him, they could still be opened before he'd let them vanish.

He let them remain, because soon, it came to him that he could not just stand there and accept her touch as if it was enough for her. No, she'd want him to act as well, and as his heart quickened with need - beating faster at all the feelings her fingers and her mouth caused him - Jien's hands ran down her neck and scaled down her body. He started to reveal her skin underneath her uniform; her jacket falling open as they kissed. So did her red undershirt. She wore no bra, which seemed to be her preference, so his rough palms found her hardened peaks easily enough, just as his hands and arms soon came to wrap around her and lift her up.

He set her down on the edge of his Ready Room's desk. He parted from her lips to look into her eyes. To speak.

"Computer, lock the doors," he said thickly, and the chirp told him that they were to remain alone.

Only then the hurried struggle to shed her clothing commenced in earnest... just as he let his garments fade out of existence when she tugged at them. His mouth came to wander her skin as it was bared to the light of the moving space outside the view screen, and soon, he was treating her breasts and nipples with his mouth.

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Feeling his lips barely touching hers made her desire for him growing even more. His tongue dancing with hers was all she needed to know he wanted this as much as she. His calloused hands brushing through her short hair pulled a deep sigh of contentment as her breath brushed over his cheek. Her body arched slightly as his hands ran down her neck and along her body awake more desire with every brush and touch. As he worked to reveal her skin she would help where she could wanting to feel every inch of his body touching her. As his rough palms found her hardened peaks her eyes clenched closed as she moaned loudly her hands gripping his hair. Pleasure spiked through her body feeling his touch. For the first time since her tears started to fall she found herself smiling as he wrapped his arms around her lifting her up almost effortlessly. Her bottom coming to rest on the edge of his ready room desk caused her smile wondering if he would be able to work at this desk again with out thinking about what they where about to do here.

As his lips parted from hers she would be breathing heavily as she looked into his eyes not hiding the want that rested there. Oddly there was something sensual about his thick voice ordering the doors locked. For a second she pictured him a battle worn king about to take his latest conquest. Just as quickly the mental image was gone and she had her captain. Which to her was better. The hurried struggle to remove every last thread that stood between them. Her hands roamed over his body before slipping around squeezing his ass tightly. His lips wandering over her skin made her moan softly feeling the pleasure her captain could give her. His hot wet mouth finding her nipple and breast ripped another deep moan from her lips as she looked down into his eyes. Odd as it was she watched to watch him.

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Resolutely, Jien reached behind her seated form to clear the desktop from the PADDs that were lying there, and they thumped against the carpet. He laid her down so that he could frame her breasts with his hands for the ministrations of his lips - the lashings of his tongue. Yet when her hands had come to push his shirt back from his shoulders, he helped ripped it back from his body - revealing his muscled chest and arms before the garment faded out of existence. Hurriedly, he found himself taking off her panties, ripping them clear from her legs, and his fingers were between her legs before she had a moment to catch her breath.

He found her ready, his middle finger squirming into her tightness just as his others fingers stroked her wet nether lips. Jien raised his head and looked down at Cameron's lustful gaze, repeatedly easing his hard finger through her passage. The study lasted but a moment before he returned to her breasts - her nippled pointing accusingly at him for being bereft of his mouth. So he accommodated them as best as he might - his free hand roaming her naked body on top of his desk.

Soon, he teased her by burying his finger deep into her, yet forcing her to move her hips on her own to feel the friction against the roof of her love canal. He kissed her mouth again to encourage her, his tongue fighting with hers in passion. Suddenly, he would withdraw his hand from her... only to ease two fingers inside instead. And as he kissed and teased her, the anticipation, her sounds and the sight of her writhing body had made him hard.

It had only been a half a day since they enjoyed each others bodies, yet it showed to Jien in their wild reunion that this was not an attempt to reacquaint themselves, but to push away the time between their first night and the harrowing morning they'd awakened to. Loss and suffering to be shed by diversion. This time, not just for him, but primarily for her.

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Hearing PADDs thumping against the carpet only fueled her hunger for him seeing how he wanted her. Knowing it was her that he wanted. She laid down watching him wanting him bad enough it was almost hurting. The ministration of his lips was heaven to her as her body squirmed softly wanting more. The feeling of panties being ripped from her legs made her groan out his name his hunger tangible as they continued. Her back arched off his desk as his finger squirmed into her tightness her legs shaking softly. "Jien," she moaned out his name feeling his finger thrust into her tight wet passage sparking her pleasure to the point she found herself panting softly as he continued. As his mouth enclosed around one hard nipple made her groan softly as her hands gripped his hair tightly pushing his head down.

As he trusted his fingers into her it wasn't the friction she wanted and soon enough through the lust clouded mind she realized what he was wanting. Her hips started moving against his fingers feeling the friction against her tight slick passage. She kissed him back her tongue ravishing his mouth. Her breathing was heavy as her toned form was already starting to show a soft layer of perspiration. She whimpered softly as his hand withdrew from her leaving her wanting. Just as suddenly she felt two fingers thrusting into her pulling a loud gasp from her lips.

She could feel her orgasm drawing closer and closer still she knew she wanted to feel something besides his fingers in her when she did. Slowly she pulled back breaking the kiss as she panted softly. Looking up into his eyes she could see his hunger or maybe it was a reflection of her own. "Jien, fuck me. Please fuck me long and hard," she moaned out knowing her language was crude but at the same time it was how she was feeling.

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And the Captain needn't be asked twice.

Her desire for him to be inside her was plain, so he removed his fingers and straightened where he stood between her parted legs - hanging off the edge of his desk as they were. He reached down to grab the base of his arousal and he stroked the swollen head of his member against her dewy folds. It was merely brief teasing, though, since he merely wanted her juices to cover his hardness before he pushed inside. As hard as she had gotten him, he did not want to hurt her. So when the angle was just right and she had lubed him up properly with her nectar, he pushed into her tightness.

As he did, he leaned down over her, kissing her at first as she began with small thrusts - her tight sheet expanding for his girth. She felt divine to him, and the movements took a life of it own, where he surged against her like the sea. He brushed his lips against her mouth and neck - feeling her nipples brush over the har panes of his chest as he leaned over her and thrust himself into her sheath.

His hands teased and cupped her breasts, yet his mouth soon came to wander to her ear briefly - teasing the earlobe with his lips and his tongue. She had seemed to enjoy it the last night, so he took the opportunity to do so again. He wanted to hear her sounds when he did.

Once she had adapted to his size, he grabbed a hold of her hips and began to grind his entire member into her with each thrust. He even made the desk wobble a bit with the force he applied.

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As his fingers slipped from her wet passage she almost whimpered at missing the feeling of having him in her. Still the sight of him standing between her parted legs was more then enough to alleviate the pain. Just knowing what was about to come. Her body twitched in anticipation with every stroke of his swollen member on her wet slit. "Please," she pleaded with him once more wanting him to take her. To ravish her body this time. When he pushed into her tightness her world shrunk to just the joining of their bodies. Her lips met his with passion and need as her fingers buried themselves in his hair holding him to the kiss he had started. She could feel her body wanting more then the small thrusts he had started off with.

Her tight passage stretched slowly accepting his girth as she moaned for him. Her legs wrapped around his waist opening her passage as much as possible. The feeling oh having him in her almost drove her to a maddening level of pleasure. Her hands released their grip on his hair as her fingers brushed down along his beck her nails biting into his skin slightly. Every time her hardened nipples brushed against the hard planes of his chest she would gasp ever so softly. His hands cupping the same sensitive breasts she groaned out as her feet pushed against his bottom wanting him as deep as he could get.

She was so wrapped up in the feeling of him thrusting into her that when his mouth came to wander to her ear it sent a sudden sharp spike of pleasure making her moan. Her breath was coming out in heavy pants as her nails continued lightly scratching his back. His large callused hands on her hips before he began to grind his entire member into her made her moan even louder. "Yes, yes that's it fuck me hard," she moaned out wanting to feel how ferocious her caption to take a woman.

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With her legs wrapped around him and urging him on, Jien drove himself deep into Cameron with a firm hold upon her hips. His eyes were captivated with the lustful expression upon her face, how his thrusts made her breasts bounce and she writhed in pleasure. The sight alone made him harden to close release, yet it was her warm damp entrance and her satin walls that would drive him over the edge unless...

It was already happening. Too late to stop. Bucking and arching and colliding in perfect rhythm, it was a wild rush towards the end - another minute of complete abandon as he moved faster and harder. He was a towering, smooth bronze expanse of streamlined muscle and sinew above her - tapering down to his taut, flat abdomen where muscles rippled as filled her with his male meat. The hard muscles of his arms held her against his movements, and his lean, muscular legs provided the main part of the force that shoved into her body in slamming thrusts.

In the last moments, he leaned down over the desk and made it stop rocking over the floor - embracing the Ensign tightly. He kissed her hard as one of his strong arms circled her waist and the other held her behind her shoulders. His pulsating manhood still drove hard into her as he came. He groaned hard against her lips, grinding himself into her depth as his warm semen gushed into her - load after load roping her hot confines.

The harsh rush of his breath stirred her short hair as he raised his face from hers - the perspiration of their bodies making them gleam in the starlight of space.

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Feeling him driving himself into her body sparked her pleasure as she felt him driving himself down into her wanton body. She felt him harden which would pull a satisfied gasp from her as her nails bit into his skin just a little deeper. The way his hips bucked and his body arched made her scream out in pleasure as her hot wet walls started to clench down around him. It had been a wild hard coupling and she wouldn't have it any other way. As he threw caution to the wind thrusting into her faster and harder it would be her undoing as her head rolled back screaming out his name as she hit her orgasm hard her fluid leaking from her over him. With the pace he was keeping it only served to draw out her release leaving her shaking and almost breathless with pleasure.

As he leaned down embracing her as his last barrier fell holding back his own release her arms would wrap around him. Welcoming him and what was to come. Her lips moved against his with heated passion as her hips softly started to rock against his wanting to milk as much from him as she could get. His hard groan and the way his body moved against her depth she would moan. His hot seed flooding into her left her almost light headed. As his head raised from hers her eyes would only half open as she looked up at him with a lop sided smile. She knew she should have thanked him but to do so would have cheapened what happened between them. "I can't believe you're that good," she whispered softly to him feeling her lips and throat where dry from the moaning he had pulled out of her.

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Swallowing, Captain Ives met her gaze and smiled faintly in return. "Likewise, Ensign."

The use of her rank was merely playful in the afterglow they shared. Hopefully, they would be able to find some distraction and humour together despite the odds, even if joviality was most often far from Jien's mind. He'd found means to heal his soul over the course of their journey, yet fate had a tendency to rob him of all means to develop something lasting. He just hoped he would not lose Cameron too, since she was such a balm for the festering wounds upon his soul.

"Now," he said and pulled out of her - breath catching at the sensation of leaving her and stepping back, "Let us find something to eat. I have a feeling that this will be a long day."

- Fin

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