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Rory Callahan

Ida kept looking and he truly had nowhere to go at the moment, not without revealing everything to her and given her name was eluding him at the moment, not that that had mattered in the days before he'd been stolen away on the Harbinger, he wasn't so inclined to be naked with the security officer.  Yet he was also a bit at her mercy, given she was security, so he couldn't just tell her to bugger off.

She lingered and apologized again and he looked back over his shoulder at her, bobbing his head and giving her a sheepish smile.  "Really, no apologies necessary.  Ye've got work to do ... important stuff ... an' I c'n scrub m' own back," he tried to joke.  Even though he was a bit embarrassed, when she left and called back he'd saved the day he felt a bit of a rush.  "Yer welcome ... an' anytime!" he called back.

How in the world had he, a singer and suds slinger, saved the day?  Was it really possible?  For a moment he shifted in the shower stall, chest puffing out a bit.  Then he looked at his reflection in the mirror and shook his head.  "Ye ain't hero material an' ye know it.  Stick t' singin', Mister.  It's th' only thing ye got goin' fer ya," he scolded himself and then reveled in washing away the grime.

When he finished and dried, his longish blonde hair standing out in every direction, he pulled on the fresh clothes and plopped down on the bed.  He had intended to go back to Below Decks, wanting to occupy his time and not think about walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, but then sleep snuck up on him and decided it had been ignored long enough, sending him into a deep and thankfully dreamless slumber.

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