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While she was eating as though there was no tomorrow Dyan slowly raised her head just enough to see who had walked into the office guess it was one of the doctors that had been summoned to talk about treatment of Sarresh. A faint smile graced her lips seeing Amelia Duv having found the woman was a good doctor and seemed to care for her patients. At least in her limited contact that she had with her. As was quickly working through the last of her meal feeling her stomach for once getting full which for her meant that her body had gained enough that the lost energy was gained back. Hearing her human name being mentioned Dyan slowly looked up at Duv half an egg sticking out between her lips as she had been in mid bite. Maybe what bothered her the most was she heard the hesitation in her voice. She knew it would be a normal reaction still she didn't like to hear it. Biting the egg she slowly finished as she looked up at her with a soft smile.

"Yes, that is my human name. Dyan Cardamone," she said finishing the last of her plate loving the feeling of her stomach being full knowing that it wouldn't last long. She didn't give Lucan time to speak as she answered. "To put it in its purest for the situation is this. My kind sent me in human disguise to determine if first contact would be a viable idea. Obviously with the situation in the Federation being what it is this isn't going to happen for a while," she said as she slowly stood taking the empty plate back to the replicator watching the plate disappearing. "I choice to reveal my less the human form to offer my help in the treatment Sarresh. My kind an a unique organ in our body that allows for rapid healing. This can be harvested and used to treat some people. The chemical compound is what he is looking at," She said as she slowly walked just a little closer to the doctor still offering her a soft smile. "I can assure you Doctor that I am only here to help,"

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The door slid open and Ensign Maya was there in the doorway.  "My apologies for the interruption but I'm the only doctor out there and I've been called away to..."  She stopped and glanced at the group in surgical suite, blinking like a cat testing out new eyes.   It didn't take a telepath to figure out that she was intruding on something private she was not a part of.   "I'm sure they can wait," she said as she took a step backwards out the door.  "Whatever it is, it's probably just a routine emergency.  In the meantime the emergency medical holograms and I will restrain the fortress," she added, completely misphrasing the idiom 'hold down the fort.'

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Eve Jenkins

Eve had been methodically going from one patient to the next, stabilizing and giving orders for what seemed like an eternity.  She'd already been sending the less damaged to their quarters so Lucan's order had come a bit late for her.  Still it had been good to hear his voice, something that gave her a bit of solace.  She was bone weary when he called for her and Dr. Duv to come to his office and luckily it seemed the last of the worst patients was under her care.  "Jenkins here.  I'll be a few but on my way," she assured.

With a quick wash of her hands and face, she knew she still looked like hell but it matched the way she felt and there was still no time for her to wash off the sweat and ash that had stuck to her when she'd gone out to take care of the docking clamps.  The images swam in her mind and she paused a moment with her hand on the wall, waving off an officer who stopped to ask if she was okay.  "I'm fine, just tired like everyone else," she'd replied and forced her feet to move again in the direction of the main Sickbay for the meeting.

She'd thought while she treated and was loathe to say the only things she could come up with would be a bastardization of an old Earth novel.  Taking bits from those who were in stasis to try to create a new body was abhorrent but Captain Ives had made it quite clear that the mission was more important than ethics and after she'd essentially murdered a crew member she didn't feel she had a moral leg to stand on to try arguing.  It didn't matter that everyone knew going into Starfleet meant tough choices, even deadly ones, would be made.  She ached for the life she'd let slip from the hull.

It was those thoughts in her mind when she stepped into main sickbay to find Lucan, Dr. Duv, and Dr. Maya ... and some female that looked like things from myths and books ... a succubus.  Any other time she might have reacted in a number of different ways, but at this moment she was exhausted in body and mind and merely looked at the creature before her.  "Well this is something we didn't study at Starfleet Medical," she stated blandly and leaned against the wall, and prayed her duty would be over soon though she had no doubt she'd just give herself a stimulant and keep going.

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Maya blinked again.  'Something we didn't study at Starfleet Medical?' What did Nurse Jenkins mean by that?  Could she be referring to the white haired girl with the tail and the horns?  Certainly her species wasn't novel in this century was it?  One didn't even have to come from a member world of the Federation to join Starfleet.  Bajorans, Benzites, and Klingons had managed to join Starfleet, and to her knowledge, they hadn't joined the Federation.  Maya had even met a young Ferengi officer while serving aboard the USS Galaxy.  So what did Jenkins mean?

Looking closely at the bedraggled nurse it was obvious that Eve Jenkins had been through the ordeal at Vulcan's Forge.  She was exhausted, and her hair, skin and uniform was covered in grime and ash.  Hardly sanitary for sickbay but Maya wasn't going to say anything.  Maya had been one of the first ones evacuated from Theta Eridani IV and had missed the ordeal poor Eve had been through.  If rumors were correct Eve like every medical officer down there had been forced to perform the worst kind of triage and decide who would live and who would die as the outpost crumbled down around her.  Maya knew what it was like to struggle to save shipmates and choose who to save and to let perish so she understood.  She also understood that Eve remaining on her feet in her current state was nothing short of miraculous.

"You're exhausted," Maya said to the weary nurse.  "Here."  Putting her hands around her neck, she pressed her fingers into Eve's spinal column and sent a jolt of telepathic energy into the human's nervous system.  That should clear her mind and keep her focused, at least in the short run.  It was a temporary fix and if Eve didn't get any food into her system her blood sugar would drop dangerously low.  If Doctor Nicander wanted to keep his nurse on her feet, perhaps he would let her share a meal with the winged girl.  But at least Jenkins would be able to function for right now.

"There-there," Maya tilted her head and flashed an unnatural crooked smile as she patted Eve's shoulder.  She had no idea what 'there-there' was supposed to mean, but she had been assured that it was an expression of sympathy on Eve's home planet.  Perhaps it meant that her terrible ordeal was in now in a distant spatial-temporal location, 'there-there' instead of 'here-here'?  No doubt the phrase was a shortened version of a longer idiom that had fallen out of use.  

Maya's artificial grin vanished when she examined her fingers after touching the dirty and disheveled nurse.  Her mask of cool Vulcan indifference was up when she absently rubbed the ash between her digits and left to sanitize her hands.

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Watching as the people filed into his office and saw the Asurian, Lucan took a backseat role to the development.

Eve came in, and Doctor Maya seemed to assist her in her fatigued state before leaving. Sar-unga left a short but sufficient explanation to what she was and what aide she wanted to give them, and Maya left afterwards. When she did, Lucan called out to her before the sliding glass doors shut. "Please make sure we are undisturbed for now. We don't want to panic the patients."

When he was alone with Sar-unga and the two who were to assist with the recovery of Sarresh Morali, Lucan tapped his combadge. "Nicander to Ives, could you please come down to Sickbay and have the report on Sarresh in person? I think it will be easier to... show you what we will do rather than try and explain it over the intercom."

[Ives here. I will visit you at the earliest convenience, doctor.]

"Yes, Captain. Nicander out."

Lucan put his tattooed hands in his pockets after that and smiled to his two colleagues. "So, I think the two of you want some more information... It would seem, however, that Sarresh Morali may have more than a fighting chance to recover. Hear me out..."

OOC: Scene in the office ends here and Jien Ives  comes to visit "off stage" (continuation follows in Aquatic Denominator). Here, instead, Tatiana Marlowe shows up for a physical... (Attn: Doctor Maya)

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Tia arrived in Sickbay still flustered from the conversation with Fedd.  She needed the injuries she had sustained properly seen to instead of the temporary pain-relief and muscle relaxants that had worn off hours ago.  As far as Tia was concerned they were nothing more than a couple of bumps and scratches.  The worst were of course the burns on the already scarred area of her neck and shoulder but her hands were still not responding as quickly as she would like them too and her head was beginning to thump from where she had been hit by falling rocks.

The ashen grease-monkey looked around and her eyes fell on a Vulcan doctor nearby.  Approaching she made a small cough to make the woman aware of her presence before attempting a smile and looking around nervously in case the Betazoid had followed her.

"Excuse me, Doc?" she asked, "I came in before but only got patched up so I could get the repairs started.  Everything's starting to make itself annoying again... I was wondering... could you have a look and fix me up?"

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Maya looked up from the sonic hand sanitizer she was using.  "Hm?  Oh yes, certainly.  I think we have a free examination room.  This way." 

She led the battered engineer into the same medbay Rihen Neyah had awoken in earlier.  "Make yourself comfortable on the bed Lieutenant," the Vulcan instructed in her gentle mezzo-soprano voice.  "Now then, where does it hurt?"

Maya could have used her psychic disciplines to telepathically diagnose Tatiana Marlowe, but medical ethics prevented her from making mental contact with a walk-in patient without their express permission.  She could see that Tia was hurting so the little Vulcan opened her eyes wide and raised her eyebrows attempting for a sympathetic expression.  The stoic frown that Vulcans were famous for was back on her face when the green blooded neurologist noticed how filthy Tia was.  "Perhaps we should clean you first," she suggested.  "Remove your garments and I'll get an orderly to fetch you a new uniform."

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Tia followed the Vulcan and popped herself up on the bed when instructed to do so saying with a sigh, "I ache everywhere I think.  It's been a rough day."  She still had no uniform jacket, having had no time to replace it while she had been working since throwing it over Rosek and getting him out of the pit.

"It's ok... I'm going to have a shower after this anyway... I was going to first but... well..." her voice trailed off as she thought about the reason she had decided to come here first.  She pulled off her undershirt revealing her toned body still with regulation bra on and ran her hand over her shoulder, changing the subject away from the shower once more, "I got burned with spray from the lava bubble.  It's hurting again.  My hands too, the climb messed them up pretty bad.  Oh and there's the cracks to the head I got from the falling rocks."

It sounded like a ridiculous adventure story but she said it so matter-of-factly that many would find it hard to judge whether she was being entirely serious.  The dark burn marks, fingers that wouldn't straighten properly and blood matted into her hair would tell a more careful observer that as crazy as the chain of events had sounded they were entirely true.

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Maya gave the injured engineer her full attention.

"I ache everywhere I think," Tia sighed.  "It's been a rough day."

"Yes it has," Maya agreed.  "I'm sorry you had to experience the worst of it."

"It's ok,"  Tia assured her.  "I'm going to have a shower after this anyway... I was going to first but... well..."

"I understand," Maya nodded gently.  "You were right to come here first.  What happened to you?"

"I got burned with spray from the lava bubble," Tia winced.  "It's hurting again.  My hands too, the climb messed them up pretty bad.  Oh and there's the cracks to the head I got from the falling rocks."

"So I see," Maya nodded slowly. "May I perform a telepathic diagnostic?  It will be more efficient than any other procedure.   We'll be able to get right to your treatment faster."

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Telepathic diagnosis?  Well that was a new one on her but hey if it got her fixed faster so much the better.

"That sounds fine with me, Doc." she said with a smile as she tried to push thoughts of Sjaandin Fedd to the side so the telepathy didn't pick up on her flustering about what to do about the attractive Betazoid and his suggestive remark.  Even as she thought about forgetting what had happened it brought back all those feelings of butterflies and terror.  She licked her lips nervously as she tried to think of anything else but the CTac.

"What do you need me to do?" she asked, tensing a little as she attempted to push the unbidden thoughts away.

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"All you need to do is remove your uniform," Maya replied.  "You may keep your under garments," she added as she limbered up her hands and wiggled her long spidery fingers.  "I shall make telepathic contact with your central nervous system rather than your conscious mind.  My people possess impressive control of our cerebranervous systems and by extension our own bodies," she explained as she applied some powder to her hands.  "By accessing your nervous system, I can monitor and influence many key bodily systems allowing your body to heal itself.  Of course, all of these treatments can be duplicated in a modern sickbay, but I find what is called the 'hands on' approach the most intimate and expedient.  Do you require assistance with your garments?"

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It all sounded a bit odd if Tia would tell the truth and part of her also wished she had that ability with the ship, at least she'd get a hell of a lot more done if she could get it to repair itself.  In her head she made a silent apology to Thea for that thought as though by thinking that she would somehow upset the A.I.  She meant no disrespect of course, just that it would make repairs, especially on the scale they needed them, much faster and easier to diagnose.

With a simple nod she began to undress, taking off her under-shirt with many a wince and hiss of discomfort but being stubborn and pigheaded she refused to ask for help.  Her uniform trousers were a little easier but the aching muscles didn't make life that much easier, at least with them however she could wriggle her legs until they fell off her feet.

Looking up at Maya with a triumphant, if sheepish, smile of satisfaction that she had managed the simple task, Tia placed her hands tenderly on her knees, "I managed it.  What's next?  Do you need me to lie down or stay sitting up?"

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"Sit up please," Maya grimaced before managing to return her smile.   Maya hoped it was a warm smile.  She was aiming for a warm smile.  She had been informed once that one of her attempts at a warm friendly smile made it appear that she was planning to kill Batman so kept her 'reassuring' grin brief. 

"You may experience a sensation of displacement or a tingling in your extremities," she assured her as she spread the fingers of the left hand and placed them on Tia's cheek.  Her right hand touched the back of the engineer's neck to press two fingers against the base of her skull.  "I assure you it's completely normal," she added before she closed her eyes and sent a telepathic pulse through Tia's nervous system. 

"If you wish to release your emotions in a turbulent catharsis I'll understand," she said as she placed three fingers on the back of the Tia's spinal column on the section right between the shoulder blades.  "Breath deep," she instructed as she closed her eyes and sent another telepathic pulse into Tia's spine.  With Tatiana facing her it looked like they were having an intimate moment.  "Now spread your legs," she said as she pulled the injured engineer's legs apart and poked four fingers into her inner thigh while her other hand touched the base of her spine with three fingers.  Maya closed her eyes and concentrated again.  "Thank you."

OOC:  Give me your injuries out of character so my character can tell your character what you already know.  lol.

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Well this was awkward to say the least.  Tia was used to the standard medical equipment and the physical contact with the Vulcan doctor was disconcerting.  It was more disconcerting than the strange, almost out-of-body sensation she was currently experiencing.  Admittedly this was the most physical contact she had had with another being for quite a while and with the recent suggestive run-in with Fedd it wasn't doing her any good as she saw it.

The fingers against her head and neck, and to a certain extent the ones at her back, were something she could cope with.  The proximity of the woman was a little off-putting but nothing she couldn't handle.  She did as she was told and breathed deeply, trying not to cough as she did so as coughing right now would probably deafen the poor Doctor and possibly sent volcanic phlegm into her hair.

Tatiana swallowed hard and hesitated before complying with the final request, spreading her legs.  She jumped a little as the fingers pressed against her inner thigh and she bit her lip as she tried to think of engines, gel packs or anything not suggestive in the least considering the thoughts she had been having of Fedd on her way here. 

Her mind flicked back to the man though no matter how hard she tried to think of banal work matters that she would have to deal with again soon.  Shift rotas and repair priorities were being overridden by a man.  Now with this woman touching places that no-one except her loofah had been recently it was all a bit overwhelming.

Several bumps and bruises with a few bloody scrapes on her head and in her hair from the tumbling rocks.  Her hands are pretty beat up from the climbing and there are numerous burn marks from the lava bubble that exploded.  Possibly a bit of muscular strain from the climb too if you want any more to play with ;)

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Doctor Maya's eyebrow rose when she detected Tia's state of arousal.  If the new engineer found the nightmarish challenges she was facing sexually arousing then Maya hoped that Tatiana Marlowe was staying.  This was obviously a girl who knew how to take it and the Theurgy would benefit from her unbreakable spirit.

"You are suffering from multiple injuries but none of them are life threatening," the green blooded physician reported.  "Normally I would recommend bedrest or reduced duty but since the Theurgy cannot afford the delay I shall honor your request and treat your injuries now," she added as she turned and reached into a cabinet to extract what appeared to be a toy pistol resembling a Luger.  "We'll begin by clearing your bronchial tubes.  Open wide please."

When Tatiana did so Maya leaned over her and placed what appeared to be a sterilized popsicle on her tongue.  "Say 'ah'," Maya ordered as she placed the Luger-like device in Tia's mouth and pulled the trigger.  "Ah," she repeated as the device made an electronic noise and a tingling sensation was felt in Tia's nose and throat.  "Ah," she said a third time as smoke came out of the engineer's throat.  "Now exhale," Maya ordered as she drew back quickly.

Tia's breath reeked of smoky sulfuric volcanic ash as a coughing fit engulfed her but when it was over she discovered that she could breathe freely again. 

"I really want to use the dermal regenerator on you but your injured hands are more important," the little Vulcan said as she returned her bronchial decongester to the cupboard and fetched other medical instruments.  She stole a glance back at Tia.  Despite the sexual arousal Maya had detected Tatiana Marlowe looked exhausted, confused, and uneasy.  It was time for the little Vulcan to work on her bedside manner.

"So tell me about yourself," Maya said breezily as she placed on of Tia's forearm into brace and activated the controls to have the brace float in place to keep it still as the little ensign worked on her hand.  The Vulcan pressed her thumb into Tia's elbow joint to numb it while she repaired the damage to her extremity.  "I understand you might be our new chief engineer.  I would be honored to get to know you."

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Coughing up that vile, eggy substance was almost as bad as having breathed it in in the first place.  Tatiana felt like her lungs were on the verge of exploding by the time she finished but my goodness it worked.  For the first time in Gods knew how long she could breathe properly, each breath no longer felt as though she were filtering the air through treacle.

After that, Tatiana decided, this Doctor could do whatever she wanted but she was especially grateful the woman was going to work on her hands next.  The pressure point numbing was a nice touch, her hands were stiff and sore again now and this Doctor had taken care to ensure that she felt no pain during the treatment.  Any difficulty in bedside manner shown by Maya was lost on Marlowe, being such an awkward socialiser herself  she was more concerned that the woman was asking about her.

"Umm... yes, that's right," she smiled, trying to think of something interesting to say about herself.  "I just got the promotion both in rank and in position," a blank was drawn in the interesting department, "I'm afraid I'm not that interesting, I'm pretty rubbish at small talk, give me an engine and I can get it singing but speaking to people isn't something I'm all that good at."  Her confession was emphasised by her reddening cheeks and head hanging a little sheepishly.

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"Small talk?" Maya repeated while her brain searched for the definition.  "Oh yes.  I too, face many challenges in that area myself," she agreed as she crouched over Tia's hand.  "Telepathy is considered too invasive, even to my people, and I often find myself isolated.  I've been attempting to improve my social skills but considering the strain the crew is under I've had little success," she continued in a conversational tone.  "For some reason I come off as 'cold' and 'aloof'.  Some of the crew consider me 'creepy' or 'dishonest'.  For most of the voyage I've had the night shift since most of the personnel onboard don't want me as a regular doctor."

The little surgeon paused to set down her handheld instrument and pick up a dermal regenerator.  "I just need to close before I begin working on your other hand," she assured her.  "That I lack a rapport with the crew is a pity because the Vulcan philosophy on medicine is that physical and mental health are related," she continued as she crouched over Tia's injured hand with her dermal regenerator.  A thin white beam came out of the instrument and where it passed Tia's smooth white creamy skin covered her wound. 

"The Vulcan brain is capable of reordering its neural pathways," Maya explained as she restored Tia's hand.  "Be putting ourselves into various trances, we can control our own biosystems and bodily functions.  We can even accelerate our healing and control allergic reactions.  Unfortunately that means that a mental problem can become a physical problem.  Traumatic emotions and memories can lead to strokes as the Vulcan brain lobotomizes itself.  You can see why my people chose to give up emotions entirely."

"It's fortunate that so few other species have the same degree of control," the green blooded surgeon continued as she set down the dermal regenerator.  "My inability to connect with my patients could be a serious detriment to their recovery otherwise.  I'll have to numb your other hand," she added as she hit the controls to the hovering brace and released Tia's arm.  She moved the floating arm brace a foot horizontally to place it in front of the enchanting engineer's second injured extremity.  "Place your other arm into the surgical brace please," she instructed.

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Tatiana listened to the Doctor describe her own issues with other living beings and smiled wryly as it sounded, except for the telepathy of course, much like her own dilemma.  As the woman continued, however, a thought wandered across her mind about the bedside manner of this medical professional that made the smile more amused in nature and spread wider on her face.  She was still listening intently, the information about the Vulcan people and their philosophy on medicine and mind was actually very interesting and explained quite a lot.

As the brace was removed from her first arm and she raised the other to be done she flexed the repaired extremity experimentally and wiggled her fingers for a moment before testing her dexterity with the finger-to-thumb game back and forth through each digit.  The brace now in place she waited patiently for the doctor to resume her work but couldn't help but ask the question that had formed in her mind.

"Do you think perhaps you're trying too hard?"

She didn't mean it to sound as blunt as perhaps it came across and she quickly added, "I mean, we're talking just fine here now, I wouldn't have suspected you'd have had a problem with patients.  You seem... well relaxed doesn't probably mean much to someone in control of their emotions, but there is an ease to the way you're treating me and talking to me that... that seems like any other doctor I've ever met really.  Are you trying too hard to have a good bedside manner and making things awkward for yourself?"

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Maya looked up from her work and considered Tia's words.  "You could be right," she finally replied as she resumed working on Tatiana's hand.  "It's possible my efforts to assimilate have made me come off as false.  I suppose that at a time when Starfleet is corrupted from within is not the best time to change from the norm.  I risk turning myself into a scapegoat.  Nobody wants an emotional Vulcan right now.  My attempts to blend in mark me as an anomaly."

"It's just that I was never satisfied with my life on Vulcan," she continued in a conversational tone as she repaired Tia's injured hand.  "It was very confining and isolated.  We were discouraged from developing our telepathic abilities and the only empathic skill we were taught was how to block other people out.  The only medium of expression was in our art, for we weren't allowed to express ourselves in person.  When I learned that people on other worlds lived differently I left Vulcan and never went back.  Excuse me," she said as she looked up from Tia's hand again.  "I suppose I must sound very maudlin," the little Vulcan commented despite the fact that both her voice and her entire manner had remained calm and conversational the entire time.  "I apologize for my outburst," she added in a casual tone.  

She set down her medical instrument and reached for the dermal regenerator.  "It's just that I never saw the sense in self isolation," Maya continued.  "It seems foolish to remain alone when the most effective way to accomplish anything is to act in a group.  Yet ironically enough by striving to be accepted I have kept acceptance just beyond my reach.  I understand that members of many species face the same conundrum.  Almost done," she assured her patient.  "I suppose I should be content to be who I really am but deep down I never really knew who that was.  I had hoped that by exposing myself to other cultures I would find out."

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To hear a Vulcan complain that there was a serious lack of expression on her homeworld was certainly a little amusing to say the least, especially when she said it with that deadpan manner that her race was famous for.  "No, no need to apologise at all," Tia smiled, "trying too hard is as bad as not trying at all, something I'm quite good at.  I'm fine when I'm talking to others about engineering but talking to people in a social situation?  No.  I hate it."

Her mind went back to that conversation out in the corridors of the ship with the handsome man who made her tingle inside and she blushed as she mumbled, "I'm terrible at it." 

Tia sat patiently while the woman continued to work, "My mother always told me that being so isolated because I was scared of talking to people would come back and bite me on the ass some day.  All I knew was the hard work I had to do so I could get to be where I wanted to be.  Here. Chief Engineer that is. I'd rather it hadn't been like this though.  I'm wondering if that time is now, the biting time.  I'm going to have to interact, there's nowhere to hide out here.  I guess I'm just going to have to deal with it.  Maybe it's your time too, to find out who you really are so you don't have to pretend to be what others expect you to be."

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The little Vulcan pursed her lips as she tilted her head and squinted.  "What a fascinating concept," Maya mused thoughtfully.  "I suppose that in some way I've been trying to find out who I really am my entire life," she announced with curious detachment.  "I left Vulcan in order to discover a world where I truly belong, but in order to do so I must uncover my true personality in the first place.  When I was your age we did our best conceal our true personalities.  It wasn't proper to express yourself in civilized society.  When I learned this wasn't the case with other cultures I left home and never went back.  I understand that things have changed now, but I can't truly say I would like to visit Vulcan anytime soon."

"I am sorry that you find yourself so isolated," Doctor Maya announced to the enchanting engineer.  "I assume that having your beast of burden bitten is a metaphor, but I catch your meaning.  I too devoted myself to my career when I was your age.  It sounds to me that you found yourself alone aboard the Harbinger which is why you're willing to transfer to the Theurgy.  If you're looking for a friend, or merely a fellow officer to spend some time with, I am available if our schedules allow it.  I have tried to immerse myself in new cultures so if there is any activity or ritual you wish to perform I am willing to participate."

The green blooded physician stopped to survey her work.  "There, good as new," Maya announced.  "Despite minor discomfort you should be able to pursue your duties.  Be sure to clean and sanitize yourself at the first opportunity.  And I don't know if anyone ever said this to you but welcome aboard Lieutenant Marlowe.  Welcome to the Theurgy.  I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that we appreciate your presence here."

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"I would actually like that, Doctor," Tia smiled warmly at the woman who she felt a sort of kinship of social awkwardness with.  Getting through it together would be easier than trying to do it alone, at least there would always be someone there to prod her in the back when she was about to run away.  "I'm not sure I know any rituals for this kind of thing, it's just not something humans do... unless I've missed out on them that is.  As for activities, humans do tend to like going to the bar for social interaction, meals with friends is another thing we do.  I guess they're a start."

Withdrawing her hand from the device that had held it still she flexed the fingers, testing out the range of movement that had been missing.  Maya had done a great job and although they were still a little stiff there was none of the burning pain that had accompanied movement before she had begun her work on them. 

"Thank you, Doc.  It means a lot to know I have a friend on board," if Tia had been a hugger she would have indulged at this point but hugging was just a bit too much for her.  "I'm going to head straight back to my quarters for a shower and a change of uniform.  Thank you for everything, I mean it.  We'll have to attempt a social gathering, when time allows.  I am already looking forward to it."

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