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Re: PROLOGUE: Under the Bludgeonings of Chance [ Part II ]

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T'Rena heard her Captain speak, his fingers still hard around her throat. Her own fingers had produced his human reproductive organ from his trousers, and yet it seemed she could not make him waver - eyes unblinking as he looked down upon her. Her face may be impassive, her eyes blank from emotion, yet deep down there might have been a wispy ghost of fear. In vain, she tried to distract him, yet his words soon ceased to be vague, and directly suggested what she might do to aid him. To aid the survival of the Federation.

"Yes, Captain," she said, her thoughts running like wildfire through her, picking out her targets for her mind-meld already. Most viable targets. Most effective order. Key positions. Which departments to overtake first. It would be a gradual process. Hidden, until it was too late for Captain Ives and his foolish followers. The hostile takeover would have been accomplished before anyone realised it.

"It would be adequate," she said, swallowing against his grip, "that you impregnate me now. Or at least... give me your seed, so that I can prepare for what's to come."

She wrapped her legs around his hips, and with her grip, she guided him towards her - the fickle flames of lust fanned by his grip and his dominating presence, even if none showed in her scarred face. And finally, just when she thought he would kill her instead... he acquiesced to her request.

Soon, their undulating bodies were lit by the meditation lamp - their carnal accord sealed in earnest.

- Fin

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