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Chapter 1: Outside Looking In [ Day 1 | 1345 ]

[ Tachgin qi Erudite | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] @BipSpoon  @Stegro88  @RyeTanker  @Sqweloookle  @Dree  @Number6 @Nesota Kynnovan @P.C. Haring

“Double-check the phase quantum thruster brackets,” Tachgin paused in giving the remainder of her instructions to the younger Savi when the arrival of the first group of Theurgy crew alongside their craft, called the Apache, caught her attention. While it was not the first time they had tucked Theurgy-based vessels in their hold for safekeeping during a mission, it was still a strange sight to Tachgin, these Federation entities and their technology cradled within their Savi vessel. Returning her gaze to the data padd in hand, Tachgin pressed it into Dempen’s hands. “And ensure the beryllium bubble thruster housings are tightened down. We will depart exactly on the hour.”

His own eyes having wandered over to the Theurgy crewmen, Dempen asked, “Do you think they will be successful?”

Tachgin shook her head, “It is not for us to wonder such things. Finish your tasks in readiness for our departure.”

Dempen hurried away, leaving Tachgin to her own thoughts. She circled around the milling group of Theurgy crew, eyeing the Apache and double-checking that the Savi in charge of securing it in the aerodrome were doing it correctly. She was the lead Savi on duty of the aerodrome right now, and she certainly didn’t want to leave anything to chance. Pausing between the two mingling groups of Theurgy crew, Tachgin studied the crew a moment more before looking past them to the other craft, the Allegiant, which had already been loaded. As the Apache would be leaving their aerodrome first, it was the last loaded. The Theurgy crewmen assigned to both craft arrived in their own disorganized fashion – at least, it appeared disorganized to Tachgin. However, Tachgin did not know which Theurgy crewmen were assigned to which craft and only vaguely knew the names of those who would remain aboard the Erudite as they sped on to face off with the Scions at Hobus.

Squaring her shoulders, Tachgin moved forward until she stood just shy of both groups of the crew, supposing they’d sequestered themselves according to craft. Uncertain who among these groups were the commanding officers, at least aside from Captain Ives, whom she knew from passing and not personally, Tachgin decided to speak in general terms to them all. It was the most efficient use of her time, considering she had so many other things to oversee before they left exactly on the hour.

“Crewmen of the Apache should be loaded into their craft by 1455 as their craft will be ejected from the aerodrome at 1500. Crewmen of the Allegiant must likewise be in their craft at 1555, as they will be ejected at 1600. We will be departing in precisely twelve minutes, and until the ejection times, you may make use of the facilities on this deck. I am Tachgin, duty officer of this area for the duration of your time aboard. If you have questions or problems, you will come to me.”

Tachgin paused, waiting a moment to see if there were any questions, as there certainly hadn’t been enough time for there to be problems – at least, not in her opinion. When no one immediately spoke up, she turned on her heel and left them to their own devices. She had a checklist to get through before they left, and she was at least three items behind schedule.

Notes: As Valyn Amarik is the commanding officer of the Apache mission, advise she go first. This is an opening chapter to get things going, so everyone involved in the Ch 1 Apache mission should post at least once to establish their character onboard and in motion. Both Rye's and P.C.'s characters are not currently onboard but will rendezvous near or at local, however, you may still write your character from their present location as of the start of this chapter to help give everyone a feel for how things may come together.

Now that this chapter is in motion, you may refer to the calendar here ( and remember to make threads like this Ch # S  [ Day #  | Time  ] Title for supplemental threads.

There are a few NPC’s slated for this mission as well who will need assistance in getting onboard. GM’s indicated earlier that if you are maneuvering an NPC, try to stick to NPC’s in your own department. Official NPC’s on the Apache mission are: Salem Martin, Asra Tek, and Tyreke Okafor, though I’d suggest you take a gander at the other NPC’s that can be deemed useful for cannon fodder once things go south on the facility here: And for the record, all NPC’s are open for maiming and/or killing as long as it fits the story objectives and the narrative, and you ask nicely (TL;DR: ask the GM before you maim/kill a Theurgy-based NPC). If you have questions regarding this, please let any of the GM’s know.

Also, for funsies, there is a list of serious and silly in-game “side quest” prompts that you can opt-in for to add to the fun and mayhem of the game. These prompts are considered “private,” so once you have your prompt, only you and the GM will know, and it’ll be your task to work it into the story to earn the credit. Successfully working four or more private prompts into the game during the chapter will earn 1 token.

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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Stegro88  @RyeTanker   @Sqweloookle  @Dree @Number6  @Nesota Kynnovan  @P.C. Haring
Valyn Amarik had spent practically the entire day ensuring that everything was prepared, at least…to the best of her ability. She’d served on plenty of missions, both for the Romulans and the Federation- during war and peacetime both, and yet none of them had brought her so tangibly close to Shinzon since her time with him during the war. Before he’d betrayed her. Her skills were widely applicable ranging from ‘obtaining’ data from enemy computers to simple wetwork, and those ops never gave her pause of even the slightest hint of trepidation as to what was to come.

Until word had come of where exactly she was going, and what they were going to do.

Over the past days she’d caught herself staring at members of the operations department that would be attending with her, two in particular. Both were rookies, and both chomping at the bit to get a bit more action and to see her ‘Romulan Moves’ as they’d put it. No matter how much she tried to express the severity and seriousness of their task, they’d taken the optimists side. It was such a…human thing to do. All odds are against you, your back is the wall, and still the situation is faced with damned unyielding optimism.

She arrived promptly to the Aerodrome, already in her operations gear. Her hair was pulled back into a high-and-tight ponytail, and she’d donned the Intelligence jumpsuit for the occasion, strapping a pulse phaser pistol to her hip, her Tal Shiar knife to her other hip, and a type-III rifle in a sling, attached at one point to the rifle and two to her jumpsuit. She stood off the the side, taking a headcount to ensure everyone was there, and making sure to look each of her subordinates in the eye, trying to get a read on where they were mentally. For herself, she stood tall and unyielding. It wasn’t the first time she’d marched into battle, and it wouldn’t be the last. There would be casualties. She knew that, accepted it even. It didn’t make it any easier though.

She was flanked by two junior operatives from the intelligence department, each of them kitted out in a similar fashion with minor variations, each to their own liking. Once she’d gotten a full count, she looked over the crowd and cleared her throat.

“Alright.” Her southern twang rang out, voice carrying over the assembled members of her crew. Her eyes fell to the deck for a moment as she thought of what to say. She’d come a long way in Starfleet. Never before would she have thought about being open about her past, but in this situation, it was for the best. “Listen up-” For an instant, a look of anxiety crossed her face, but quickly vanished as she straightened her neck, “We’re hittin’ a research facility. You’ve all seen the briefing-” She waved a PADD in the air before setting it back down on a weapons crate at her side. “It’s no bullshit. It’s a Tal Shiar facility.” Again, her eyes moved from person to person, “They’ll be using disruptors, there ain’t a stun setting. They will be gunning to kill you if you are spotted. Not stun, possibly capture, but eventually, they most certainly want to kill you. From bith they have been told that YOU-” She pointed at a random crewmember, “Are their enemy and that you are coming for their home and culture. Sounds like a crock of shit, might think that there’s no way a whole facility believes that but these are the Tal Shiar. They are the hardliner, diehard patriots of the Romulan Empire. I know this-” She bit her tongue for a moment before finally coming out with it, “Because I was one of ‘em, raised from birth for their ranks. Don’t hesitate to defend yourselves and don’t waste time tryin’ to be the hero. Their life's purpose is to end yours. They try to kill you…you kill them first.” She knew that was likely not to be a popular statement, but she wanted minimal casualties, though she knew full well there would be some. “Aside from that, I knew Shinzon personally so this mission is a bit personal for me on another level as well, and I just want to be clear and honest with you all before we head off. My head is clear, but if I’ve learned anything about the Federation is that honesty usually goes a long way. My life is in your hands, and your lives are mine.” For a Romulan, particularly one of her…history, it was a huge step. Exhibiting that amount of trust was a monumental achievement for Valyn, but she wasn’t here for herself.

“We’re likely to not only run into Romulans but my guess is there’ll be a fair few Reman shock troops as well, they’ll try and throw them at us in hordes.” Their cannon fodder. “So let's keep our heads low until we have to. Stealth Op. We’re there to get data, not kick the hornet's nest.”

“Now. Any questions about our plan, the op, suggestions, anything is fair game for the next twelve minutes.” She stood tall, and surveyed the gathered crew. Her hand brushed against the holster to her pistol, while the weapon served her fine, she’d had given anything to have a Romulan disruptor at her side.  “One last thing…we’re going to be brushing elbows with some of the most dangerous tech in the quadrant would be my guess so be careful what you touch, we’re messin’ with not only Thalaron radiation but gods know what else. Suits stay on, don’t care if the air seems breathable or not.”

[ Lieutenant Amelya Rez ]
Amy was wearing a EV suit, helmet off as she went through her medical equipment, checking that each and every item was in place. She was no combat medic, certainly. Nor was she much good at combat in general. She could fire a phaser, though not particularly accurately. She was there in case things went ass end up. Jona, stood at her side, for once not harrassing her. Of course, he was entirely invisible to anyone else, though for Amy he was very real. She could hear him, touch him, and even smell him when he stood close enough.

He'd become a daily annoyance to deal with, and in truth, a dangerous one. However, her remaining alive, meant he stayed alive. He'd actually be helpful in helping her with her gear, telling her the best ways to secure certain items, all based on his field experience.

'Who put a fuckin' Romulan in charge?' He whispered to Amy, causing her to go red, as though she imagined everyone else heard it. She chose to ignore him, and raised a hand, "I have an inoculation, a temporary one, that ought to protect from at least the garden variety neurotoxin but...I don't know if it'll be effective on whatever bioweapons they're developing." She started to set up a small station to innoculate crew members as they passed on the way to the Allegiant.

[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw  ]
Cam stood towards the back of the grouping of gathered crew, a type-I on her right hip but no suit. She was mostly just documenting the mission, but she'd also be trying to keep track of the rest of the group from the Allegiant, doing her best to map the facility as they moved so she could help them backtrack in an emergency, or try to guide them if the need arose.  She was also on standby to make sure that the data they obtained, was sent, or the whole op was for not. If anyone was staying behind with her though, she wasn't sure. She didn't know if ops had any spook hackers or anything sticking behind. She however, had no questions. Not yet.


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[Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby | Aerodrome of the Erudite]
Attn: @BipSpoon, @Ellen Fitz, @Stegro88, @RyeTanker, @Sqweloookle, @Dree, @P.C. Haring

As she stood inside the Aerodrome wearing her own EV-suit, minus the helmet, Amanda was actually rather excited about this upcoming mission. While she had been a little nervous as she first laid eyes upon the Erudite, given what had happened the last time she spent time aboard a Savi ship, the blonde-haired Martian didn’t held that against the crew of this ship and managed to get her nerves under control. It would’ve been silly to blame one crew for the actions of another after all and, in all fairness, there was absolutely no way of knowing why the crew of that other Savi ship had chosen to kidnap her along with Natalie and Lauren. Regardless of all that, she was still here and more than willing to go on this mission; after all, part of Amanda’s excitement came from the knowledge that this new mission was her chance to prove herself. It had only been two days since she’d sent her transfer request to Lieutenant Commander Hathev and Lieutenant Vanya, and this was her first opportunity to see if the Science Department really suited her before the transfer would become official.

In all fairness, another big part of the reason why Amanda was feeling so calm and confident was the presence of Lieutenant Valyn Amarik. Having fought alongside that woman before in the past, Amanda knew that Valyn was amazing; able to take everything the Galaxy could throw at her and return it sixfold. With the blonde-haired Romulan in charge, there was nothing that could go wrong.

While she listened to Lieutenant Amarik’s briefing, Amanda took a small bag of her notoriously sour candy from her pack and popped one into her mouth. The sour taste made her lips pucker up almost instantly, but she relished the fresh taste and held out the open bag towards the woman standing to her left; her friend Amy Rez. ”Amy?” As she spoke, Amanda lowered her voice to a mere whisper as not to interrupt Lieutenant Amarik. ”Do you want some?” Maybe it was the fact that she was distracted, but when Valyn suddenly raised her voice with the word “YOU” at that exact same moment, Amanda was startled so much that she almost jumped out of her EV-suit and ended up spilling some of the candy in the process. With her heart still beating heavily in her chest, she quickly put the candy back into her pack and turned her full attention back to the briefing. 

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[ Lt Reika Sh'Laan | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] @BipSpoon  @Stegro88  @RyeTanker  @Sqweloookle  @Number6 @Nesota Kynnovan @P.C. Haring

Reika stood tall in a rank and file among the others in her troupe in the aerodrome of the Erudite.  Her waist lengthwhite hair had been braided as tightly to her head as possible, though the amount of hair she had, made it harder.  Her Ushan Tor was on her left hip and her type II phaser on her right.  Like the other Lieutenant in the front of hte group, she had a type III phraser slung across the back of her jumpsuit. She was taller than many of those along with her, and half a head taller than the Romulan at their head.  Reika took a moment to size up the woman.  She knew her from her Theurgy profile though not from personal experience.  The Andorian found it … interesting that a Romulan was leading the charge into the heart of the Tal-Shair R&D facility.  Maybe she had inside knowledge, but if that was so, how closely were her own emotions tied to the operation. 

As the other Lieutenant made eye contact with her, Reika cocked her head slightly and looked back with neither frustration nor malice - more out of curiosity and understanding than anything else.

As the Romulan began to speak, the Andorian’s white eyebrows lifted in surprise.  It sounded like an accent that she had heard when she was at the Academy - from people who were lived in the Southern US.  But despite her surprising accent, the Romulan seemed to know what she was talking about.  Reika was familiar with the Romulan’s modus operandi - kill first - ask questions - if at all - later.  While it sounded bleak, unfortunately the Romulan painted an accurate picture.

And then, again, she surprised the Andorian.  She had been one of them - a Tal Shair - a cut-throat - an operative - a murderer.  The words though unspoken tasted dirty in her mouth, and she was unsure how she felt about the revelation.  As always, she would silently contemplate it and its implications as she had time and brainspace to do so.

Reika’s eyes narrowed in thought as the Romulan seemed to be full of unwelcomed surprises - she knew Shinzon personally.  Mentally she went back over the Lieutenant’s dossier and her service record.  Captain Ives obviously trusted her or she wouldn’t have been given this position, but he was asking a lot for the people under her to trust someone who had such a tight - if former - bond with the group that they were trying to infiltrate.  Her lips narrowed into a thin line as she continued to observe and size the Lieutenant up further.

The bombshells kept coming.  There would likely be Remans there as well.  And … again trying not to question her superiors, but there was a Reman also going along with them.  Reika’s eyes flitted in his direction, her jaw offset and her gaze finally returned to the Romulan. 

“My life is in your hands and yours in mine,” she had said.  Reika wondered just how much their lives were in the Romulan’s hands and exactly what that would mean for them all.  It was at that moment that her stomach, which had been completely placid before that moment began to tie itself in knots.  This mission now felt incredibly foreboding.

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Lt  Vanya| Aerodrome of the Erudite ] @BipSpoon @Stegro88 @RyeTanker  @Sqweloookle  @Dree @Nesota Kynnovan  @P.C. Haring

 Vanya made no attempt to comment on the Tal’Shiar side of things.     It had been some time since she had last been amongst the agency responsible for her creation, and she certainly didn’t have anything more current to add to Amarik’s colourful briefing.    

Tal’Shiar, Vanya couldn’t believe that she was going back to the Tal’Shiar.    

True, she was there principally as a science officer  but given her familiarity with the Romulan secret service she resolved to go on this mission too.  

Yet a few thoughts sent chills down her spine.     The Tal’Shiar wanted nothing more than to destroy her.    Worse, they could try to use her to hurt the cause of the Theurgy.  

It was also weird working close to another defector on this mission.      Vanya didn’t know the other woman that well, other than she was a defector.       Part of Vanya hoped she was, and the crew weren’t being played  but she quickly suppressed that doubt.    Vanya herself had faced a life of distrust, ironically Amarik was probably the only other person who has a life comparable to hers.   

Almost comparable, Vanya mused.     

At least the lieutenant’s insistence on keeping helmets on worked in Vanya’s favour.      The bulky headgear and its bright light would obscure her from any facial recognition tech.     

Science is ready.” Vanya said, keeping her personal concerns to herself  “As are our tricorders.”

She held up the trademark scanning device in her hand to prove her point.   

“Wired up to check for most nasty types of radiation, In fact, I’d appreciate it if the rest of the team could have your suit scanners set to passive record”.     

She looked around at the science team and gave them a reassuring nod.     
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[ Lieutenant JG Adam Kingston | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Sorry for the delay!!
attn: @Number6 @Dree @Nesota Kynnovan @BipSpoon @Stegro88 @P.C. Haring @RyeTanker @Ellen Fitz

It will be great to get some inaction frustration out on these Remans that Valyn mentions while the others sort out the Thalaron research with whatever practical applications they had manufactured so far. There was the issue of anything else that may be in the facility that could be a problem in the future, hopefully they will look into all that when they get in, Adam did hope they wouldn't get too pinned down by combat but should they get into too many he had a few extras on him as well as a backpack of choice things that will help.

He had a TR120 rifle, it's headset around his neck, that hung at his back by a strap across his chest. Adam double checked his utility belt that had a tricorder, hand phaser, a few flash grenades and a decoder to see that everything was in order, he had assorted devices and replacement gear in his backpack. He listened to his fellow officers, Adam nodded at Valyn.

"Get it, get the goods then get out, or destroy the facility? We could attempt to trigger a power core overload or plant explosives around the core as an alternative. Though we'd have to get in to see what options we have to work with." He said as he thought most of the probable situations through. "I think it seems like we may have to improvise on site, though don't worry I'll look into alternatives as we go."

Hopefully there might be equipment and ordinance down in the facility they could use to their advantage, getting to it would be the issue. Though he relished the opportunity to put his infiltration skills to the test as well as get to do something to help their mission against the Parasites.

Glancing over at Vanya as she asked for their suit scanners to be set to passive recording, Adam nodded. "Setting to passive record, you got it, though I'll confirm it when we get inside." He smiled, though he wondered if she mentioned the recording now so they could also get scans on the Savi ship as well.
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[ LT. JG. Salem Martin | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn: @Stegro88

His scrutiny remained on his gear, double-checking everything, as he listened to Amarik give the opening speech to their mission. On a padd, she was higher ranking than Salem, which he understood was why she’d ended up gifted with running this grab-and-bag mission. That didn’t stop Salem from being subtly rubbed wrong with having an Intelligence operative in charge versus Tactical. Even in his wartime days, Salem had hated the spooks, and his residual dislike had never quite gone away. He understood a lot of what the hammer-headed commanders did relied on accurate intel that came from the spooks, but that didn’t mean Salem had to dance a merry jig being happy their mission was being run by not only a spook but a former Tal’Shiar one at that.

Salem’s eyebrows momentarily raised when Amarik offered up her personal take on the mission, glancing up at the blonde Romulan with a bemused half-smile on his lips. He doubted anyone in the group was keen on fragging the officer just for being Romulan or former support of the tyrannical bastard Shinzon, but if she so much as twitched pro-Tal’Shiar, he had no doubt more than a few of them would likely keep one eye on her and the other on potential enemies.

When there was a lull in the announcements, Salem spoke up with a further reminder, “The op team assignments have already been made and will be announced once we are underway. Four-person teams to divide up once we reach the station.” He knew Cross had probably already discussed this with Amarik, and likely, the woman had been planning on telling everyone later, but she had opened up the floor for input.

He gave Amarik what he hoped she would interpret as a nod of respectful acknowledgment, as that’s how it was intended before he let his gaze wander over Chief Tarsi sh'Zhan and Lieutenant Carson from Tactical, Chief Benton from Intel, Chief Prince from Security along with Crewman Vansen, Petty Officer Cobb from Engineering, and Petty Officer Patterson from Medical. Along with the others milling about, these individuals would help them cover all their bases as they interacted with the facility’s tech and environment Amarik so richly described as being as hostile as they come. It would be a damned miracle if they all came back, be in one piece or many.

[ LT. Tyreke Okafor  & LT. Asra Tek ]

“I wonder who else is excited about the tech part of our mission,” Asra whispered to Lieutenant Okafor as Amarik finished her opening remarks, “I know we are here as the front liners to scan the triggers and anything else useful for combating the thalaron-based weaponry, but I hope we can get in quietly enough to afford some extra time to scan more tech.” Asra’s mind salivated at the thought of previously undiscovered for Federation tech at her literal fingertips. “This could be a great opportunity to get a leg up in more than one area.”

Okafor stood quietly as Martin made his follow-up announcement, then sighed and responded to Asra, “I am not eager to walk into a hornet’s nest but I do agree that if the timing allows, we could gain greater insight on a number of technologies.” His lips curled up as he glanced at the loaded crates that held the suits not already worn by mission-goers. “I am also not looking forward to wearing one of those suits.”

“Yeah,” Asra chuckled, “I barely rated for one, so this is going to be interesting for sure.”

GM Note: @RyeTanker and @P.C. Haring are currently writing their whereabouts in another thread that somewhat coincides with this so this introductory thread should come to a close soon and once everyone has their characters officially in motion via this thread we can get started on the next major chapter event hopefully by the end of this week if not by next week. Also, the named NPCs are open game for killing off in the upcoming chapter events, I will add the note that they are in use here on the wiki. You are welcome to bring any others in if you have plans to kill many folks in the process. Cheers!

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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | onboard the Apache | Romulan Space ] Attn: @BipSpoon  @Stegro88   @RyeTanker  @Sqweloookle  @Number6   @Nesota Kynnovan   @P.C. Haring

The idle hum of the ship provided an environment that could only be described as eerie. Everything was prepared for the mission, they were as ready as they could be, only the heavy aura of impending conflict permeated the air. Valyn Amarik had her rifle laid out in her lap, and she was tweaking the settings to her liking, adjusting each setting for the different environments she expected to run into.

First and foremost it was supposed to be an infiltration, but sneaking into a facility run by arguably the sneakiest group of people in the quadrant, the Tal Shiar would be a feat worthy of the history books…along with everything else Theurgy had done in its attempt to save the galaxy from a threat like no other.

Suddenly, the eerie quiet was pierced by a repetitive chirping from a sensor console. Amarik turned her eyes up and pursed her lips. “Shit-“ she muttered, heading towards the console and reading it over the shoulder of the officer at that station.

“Looks like we have company.” Her eyes scanned the readout, trying to piece together exactly what they could expect. It was a warbird, that much was certain as for its class though…Valyn didn’t recognize it. Likely, it was something new the Tal Shiar had been cooking up, the facility had after all created the Scimitar, it wasn’t surprising they’d made themselves some new toys in the years since it’s theft.

She tapped a button on a console towards the rear of the bridge, “Warbird detected on sensors, everyone be ready.” She didn’t want to raise shields just yet. She didn’t want to give up on the cloak and go in guns blazing. If they detected them through the cloak though, their mission would become infinitely more complicated.


[ Erei'Arrain Ramik ir- Iuruth tr'Llhweiir | Aboard the warbird Kirir|  Romulan Space, approximately 24ly from Romulus ]

Brows furrowed in concentration, Ramik triple-checked the CSPN readout before signaling for t’Radaik to come check.

“Report,” the older, shorter superior officer sounded as bored as ever, and not for the first time Ramik was curious if the woman had ever felt a spark for anything.

Ramik’s voice was just as even-toned when he reported. “The cloaked sensor probe network just picked up activity in grid c passing coordinates 1611.6434.9450, 6266.3296.4231, 3923.7841.3538, and 5615.3719.4703 on a steady trajectory towards the iFLEM.”

Ennarrain t’Radaik’s eyes narrowed as she leaned over his shoulder, reading over his work as if he’d dare to lie about such a report. Standard procedure was to report on activity that pinged enough coordinates, which this had, as well as to report on activity that showed a steady trajectory to the station, which this one did. The CSPN was a wondrous new invention that allowed uncloaked stationary vessels and stations to lay out a network of mobile probes to relay any new mass crossing the probe’s path.

But it was also a damnable invention in that, given the vastness of space and the innumerable objects that floated hither and thither, the alarms on the CSPN had quickly been tinkered with to make it marginally less precise as operators grew tired of throwing ships and stations into an alert status over a meteor or space debris. The first ships equipped with them, as Ramik had heard, had conducted a good bit of their cruises without the CSPN operating because of how annoying it could be. But, for remaining stationary and observant as they had been for the past few hours – their orders to observe the iFLEM from afar while the Nelutha docked – it worked passing fair, and this was only the third time Ramik had called for his Ennarrain to check his readings.

“Send your readings to the CSPN receiver on the iFLEM while I report to Riov t’Hei.” t’Radaik still sounded as dead as ever before she turned away and left Ramik to comply with her orders.

Ramik inwardly sighed. He knew the Arrain at the CSPN receiving center on the iFLEM, and considering this was the third time he’d sent them readings in under two hours, he doubted he’d hear the end of it the next time they met.

OOC note: JP post with BipSpoon. Everyone involved in this chapter can briefly gloss over getting onto the Apache, departing the Erudite, and their response to the warbird sighting (it may end up being more than a sighting but...we shall see, eh?). The next chapter event, where the mission will occur, will be in different threads, with this crew being divided into two different teams and will feature the crew making the final approach to the station and infiltrating it.

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[Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby | onboard the Apache]
Attn: @BipSpoon, @Ellen Fitz, @Stegro88, @RyeTanker, @Sqweloookle, @Dree, @P.C. Haring

[[OOC: No idea if it’s my turn, but I’ll just try to post to get things moving!]]

After she boarded the Apache and dropped off her bags (which consisted of a simple black Starfleet-issue duffle bag and a matching backpack) in one of the bunk bed alcoves, Amanda found herself in the curious and rather rare situation where she quite honestly didn’t knew what to do; she’d never really been on away missions before and, as she looked around, all she could see was how the others were starting to spread out and go on about their own business. She remembered that, back during basic training at Starfleet Academy, the instructors would call this ‘maintaining the status quo’.

If only she knew what status quo she had to maintain.

It was at that moment when Amanda decided that it might be a good idea to aimlessly wander around the Apache in order to get a little more familiar with the ship. After finding the Transporter Room, the Cabins and the Head, where she accidently walked in on an unfamiliar Bolian crewmember whose flatulence managed to actually punctuate his sentences as he yelled at her to get out, the blonde-haired (and now flustered) Martian decided to give up on exploring and instead returned to her bunk bed alcove to… maintain the status quo.

And that’s where Amanda found herself when she heard the voice of Lieutenant Valyn Amarik warning them to be ready; laying on her bunk bed while mindlessly playing Farmville on her PADD. Startled, the blonde-haired Martian quickly turned off her PADD and tucked it back into her backpack before hoisting it onto her back in lieu of anything better to do to ready herself.

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | SS Sabine | space near the rings of Ba'Ku ] @Stegro88 @RyeTanker @Sqweloookle  @Number6  @Nesota Kynnovan @P.C. Haring

Sera couldn't say this was THE MOST boring job she'd ever taken but it was pretty high up there on her growing list of things she'd rather not be doing. Flying protection for the Oneida had sounded far more intriguing than it had thus far turned out to be. With a name like the Briar Patch, an explorer could be led to think that the space in and around the planet Ba'Ku would be teeming with curiosities and potential threats. Thus far into their mission of taking scans of the elements of the rings around Ba'Ku, there hadn't been so much as an out-of-place bit of space debris to rouse Sera's interest.

[ Oneida to Sabine, come in. ]

Dropping her boots off the console of her piloting station, Sera jerked forward and jammed her finger against the console in one smooth motion. "Sabine here, go ahead."

[ Our scans continue on the rings, estimate another eight hours for complete analysis. ] Sera sighed. That wasn't what she wanted to hear. [ Long-range scans show unusual activity between SNR 093120 and UFC 9364. ] Sera punched in the coordinates and tapped her fingers against her chin as she observed the area indicated, waiting for something akin to fireworks to spark her interest. [ There appeared to be a pattern on our sensors before an ion trail heading toward NGC 2812 interrupted the pattern. ]

Sera's eyebrows rose. That was interesting. It was unlikely the Oneida would be threatened in the time it took her to investigate whatever the hell this was and even then, the Oneida was not an unarmed skiff left adrift either. Sera was just superfluous mass at this point.

"Acknowledged. I'll see what's what and get back to you. Sabine out."

 Likely it was some sort of black marketing, likely run by a Pakled or Ferengi, but at least that was far more interesting than sitting here counting how many times one of the swirls in the closest gaseous giant looked like the face of her favorite uncle.

Just thought y'all would like to know how things fare with the Oneida crew. Cheers!

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[Lt. Reika sh’Laan | onboard the Apache | Romulan Space ] Attn: @BipSpoon  @Stegro88   @RyeTanker   @Sqweloookle   @Number6  @Nesota Kynnovan    @P.C. Haring

Reika focused on her breathing. She sat nearest to the medical and science personnel, with other security team members scattered across from her. Amarik’s cool voice warning of a nearby warbird still echoed in the Andorian’s head, sending a cold thrill of awareness into each appendage. She tested her muscles, straining them against the material encasing them, starting with her toes and working her way up her body till she finished with an antennae wiggle. While she’d hoped they could make it to the facility before all hell broke loose, Reika wasn’t about to be caught unready if things went sideways from here.

Her mind briefly conjured up the cheeky grin of a certain Trill, and the firm line of her lips softened. Their parting had been heavy though as hopeful as could be considering the missions they’d been tasked with, both equally dangerous. Again concentrating on her breath, Reika let her gaze trace over Rez, Ashby, Tek, Okafor, Vanya, Benton, Kennedy, and Prince. She knew the others on this mission were closeby, each one doing what was necessary in their mind and heart to finalize themselves before the mission commenced. They had a good team, and she trusted everyone to do their best. It would be a miracle if they all returned, but it was a miracle she hoped for nonetheless.

[ Lt. Valyn Amarik ]

“The warbird is moving off,” Martin’s report had Amarik frowning. “There seems to be some sort of disturbance in the asteroid belt on the other side of this planetoid. Something big enough to not seem natural.”

It could be a damned trap, be it natural or not. Amarik had no doubt that someone on that station knew they were here, and she’d put latinum on that they would let them in only to screw them over. But if that was the case, they were underestimating the diverse team she had with her and the fact that she knew their wiley tricks because she’d once done them herself.

“Let’s take advantage of that.” Nodding to Samala, Amarik gave a mirthless smile. “Let’s see what they’re having for dinner. Take us in.” Clicking on the comms, Amarik quickly issued the mission orders in the remaining time before their clandestine docking.

[We’re on our way in now. We’re going in on two teams. Blue team is tasked with finding and scanning the triggers and anything else that looks remotely useful in keeping us safe from the thalaron weaponry. While they’re doing that, Red team will be working its way through the facility, creating enough chaos and diversions that Blue team can get their mission done with as few interruptions as possible. I don’t think I need to remind each of you of how important it is that we succeed or that we have a limited amount of time to succeed. Stay sharp, be effective. ]

They were on the last approach vector with far less resistance from the facility than seemed reasonable. Oh, undoubtedly, Amarik now knew someone on that station was playing with them. Well, fine, she could play, but she had a habit of breaking her toys.

[ [ Henshaw, Lorad, Rez, Ashby, sh’Laan, Okafor, Benton, and Vanya you’re Blue team. Samala, Tek, Kennedy, Prince, Patterson, Vansen, and Kingston, you’re with me on Red team. Martin, Carson, sh’Zhan, and Cobb will remain with the ship. Everyone check your gear and report to the exit hatch. ]. ]

Giving one last nod to the members of the team who’d remain on the bridge, Amarik led the way to the back of the Apache, giving each team member she crossed a nod of reassurance and acknowledgment as she passed. It was time.

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Lt. Vanya | onboard the Apache | Romulan Space ] Attn: @BipSpoon   @Stegro88    @RyeTanker    @Sqweloookle    @Ellen Fitz  @Nesota Kynnovan     @P.C. Haring

Vanya thought better of making some wise ass comment about her colour actually being blue.    Amarik didn’t seem to be in the mood for such mirth so she kept the offhand quip to hersel.   Instead she checked the last of her gear.    

She looked at the items spread out before her.

Hand phaser of course, and a standard scientific Tricorder.       She also carried a PADD that was configured to Romulan Tal’Shiar settings.    The codes were almost certainly obsolete but the self destruct function would prove useful, particularly in concert with the vial of magnacite that  Vanya had selected.    

Her also inventory included a transponder- again the stylus like device might not be used for its original purpose but it could double up for a distraction if it gave off the right signal .     

A small pack could be mistaken for a medical kit actually had a range of hyposprays that were stocked with enough sedative to put a Reman (or Romulan) to sleep for a good long while.

She packed the last of her goodies away.  

She reflected on the circumstances she found herself in.    She had fled the covert life long ago, had resisted Starfleet Intelligence’s attempts to woo her into the fold after she had been debriefed and yet since she had signed on with Theurgy’s “mission of the damned” she had found herself pulled into covert work.     Was there any true difference?    

She looked down at her communicator fashioned into the shape of Starfleet’s symbol.   The symbol that had been on flags at the academy, the doors of the Cayuga, and still sat proudly on everyone she worked with on Theurgy.   

The symbol had given her a home, a chance to develop her identity and of course it had given her Nat.    It was a symbol of hope.      She held it in her pale fingers and folded her fist around it just enough so she could feel the cool metal against her palm.       

Sure this was covert work, but the key difference is that in her old life she had far more lethal weapons and was much more ruthless - now she hadn’t toys, and just one weapon that could be efficiently lethal, but she also had purpose.   

That couldn’t be denied.   

She headed for the airlock.   
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[ Lieutenant JG Adam Kingston | onboard the Apache | Romulan Space ] attn: @BipSpoon @Stegro88 @RyeTanker @Ellen Fitz @P.C. Haring @Nesota Kynnovan

Adam quickly went back over the names of the Red team, Samala, Tek, Kennedy, Prince, Patterson, Amarik, and Vanya. It seemed fitting that they'd be Red considering the saying Red shirts back in the old days of Starfleet. Adam nodded at each one as they all seemed to look at each other, he knew he could count on them with his life and do their best to give Blue team the time they needed. 

Of course he allowed himself to process the momentary fear of death, he should have left a note with thoughts and feelings for Thea to give to those he had intimate relationships with. That will be the first thing he'd tend to upon returning to the ship, along with maybe speeding them up. Life is very chaotic now and he'd hate to leave things unsaid and or undone.

After confirming the orders with an 'aye', Adam made his way over to where he put his gear. A TR120 rifle up against a crate, its headset somehow balancing on the nozzle. A belt that had a tricorder and a type two pistol phaser both in holsters already, he smiled. A small wrist flashlight was on top of the crate, charges, rifle refills, basic medkit and a backpack. He went about inspecting everything and doing some light cleaning, which took some time, before putting everything but the rifle and headset inside the backpack.
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[Lt. JG Salem Martin | onboard the Apache | Romulan Space ] Attn: @BipSpoon  @Dree  @Stegro88  @Sqweloookle   @Number6  @Nesota Kynnovan  (just FYI for later: @RyeTanker  @Hans Applegate  @P.C. Haring)

Martin glanced at his peers remaining on the bridge, drawing a steady hand through his wavy locks. He didn't know if he was the lucky one or not in the next few hours considering he was going to be left under the "loving" care of the likes of Lieutenant Carson. The man seemed to barely stand himself, let alone any others. At least sh'Zhan was a competent officer who, while not effusively charming or affable, was more of a team player. Cobb was a bit of a mystery to Martin but as long as he wasn't as sardonic as Carson, they should come out just fine. Though Martin highly doubted Samala would take too kindly to any sort of scratch left on the Apache if the worst happened, and they had to adjust coordinates to bail them out at close quarters. Martin swallowed the sudden lump of apprehension. He doubted she would express her displeasure with mere words.

Twisting in his seat to study the backs of those making their way to the launch bay, Martin's lips pulled into a thin line. More than a few on the Blue team were not what he would call the "infiltrating" type, like asking an academic to take to a boxing ring. Thankfully, mixed in amongst there were those who had done prior infiltration missions and who would, hopefully, make up for any lack. In truth, he had more concern for Blue team than Red team, even though Red team was on more of a "give 'em hell" mission.

"Verifying locked position." Turning back to face the viewscreen, Martin double-checked all the consoles before leaning back in his chair with a pensive frown. Now he began to tenaciously wait.

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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Apache | Romulan Space ] Attn: @Dree @Nesota Kynnovan @Ellen Fitz @Stegro88 @Sqweloookle @Number6 [Show/Hide]
Valyn paused briefly, looking down to the spilled bits of sour candy that cluttered a small spot on the shuttles floor, but she didn’t admonish Amanda, no instead she just grinned and held out a waiting hand for a piece of candy for herself. She was about to jump straight into the belly of the beast that was her past, and the brief moment of something…funny, something normal, was nice for her. It was grounding.

She turned her head to the Andorian, she hadn’t met her before, other than seeing her name on the mission briefing she’d received, and she noted the look on her face as Valyn came clean with her team. Was it a mistake to do so? So few had known about her past, no doubt the whole of the crew would know soon enough, but she had known that would be an eventuality. “Chin up, I ain’t the boogeyman no more.” She winked at the Andorian woman, simply trying to raise her mood a bit, knowing that look on her face. She’d had it on her own face plenty of times, the feeling of dread that crawled closer and closer with each passing second to their infiltration.

She gave Vanya a nod. “Good, you’re our eyes, shit hits the fan you’ll know first.” She did as the science officer requested, and set her own suit to passive record. “Done. As a side note, let's try to keep the comms chatter to a minimum if we can, we can encrypt and hide as much as we want but the Tal Shiar are better at it than us.” She shrugged, simply admitting what she knew to be the truth. Starfleet wasn’t a covert organization. Starfleet didn’t use her for the horrors that the Tal Shiar had. The blood on her hands would never wash away, she could never scrub them clean, but she could do her best to atone.

She turned to Adam, “Blow the bitch to high hell if you can, but if not just get yourselves out. I’ll leave the specifics of the fireworks to you.” She gave Kingston a nod, “speaking of improvisation, don’t be afraid to do so if you need to. If someone’s coming at you, and your phaser ain’t workin’ for whatever reason, use whatever you have to. Disruptor. Knife. We’re in for a fight and I don’t wanna sugarcoat it, we need to stay quiet for as long as we can because when they find us, and eventually they will, they’ll throw everything they have at us to protect their secrets, hell they may blow the place themselves, so just…be careful.” She glanced around again, taking mental note of everyone there. She wanted to come back with all of them, but she knew the likelihood of that was slim. She gave Salem a nod, the same sort of respectful acknowledgement he had offered to her.

The Warbird on sensors had her nervous, not that she wasn’t expecting some sort of scout force but not quite so soon. She slung her rifle across her chest, ready to go. As they pulled into the station, taking their opportunity, one she knew full well may be a trap, she swallowed, looking at Salem, “Take care of the ship, you’re our fall-back.” She offered a hand out to him and taken or not, she made her way to the airlock, helmet on, and rifle in hand. She was ready to be first to breach. A leader led from the front. A lesson she’d learned in the dominion war. The soldiers all fought better when the leader was right there in the shit with them.

She looked back over her shoulder, “Be ready everyone.” As she heard the final hiss of the airlock compressing, she touched the readout by the door and tapped it, opening the airlock she stood inside, waited for the rest of the team (or at least, those that would fit in the first go), and let her hand hover over the other door, the one that would open into the maw.

[Ens. Cameron Henshaw]

”Blue team” Cam muttered to herself as she stuffed herself into one of the suits. How the hell was anyone supposed to get anything done wearing them? They were cumbersome and annoying and…and Cam was panicking. It wasn’t her first scrap, but it was most certainly her first operation of this scale.

[Lieutenant Amelya Rez]

Amy gladly took a candy when it was offered. She finished her inoculations and began to take deep breaths, Jona hovering over her shoulder. Hells, she could even feel his breath on her neck. Was she going mad? What was wrong with her symbiote, she knew it wasn’t supposed to be like THIS but…she couldn’t just stop working. Their mission, their work on Theurgy was too important.

“Don’t fuck it up.” He whispered, causing her to startle, her hand shaking briefly before she too went to the airlock to wait with blue team. She looked over to Cameron Henshaw with a nervous glance before she just nodded, mostly to herself as the specter of the past continued to harass her.

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