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Chapter 4: Eating Savi Crow? [Day 1 |1815 hours]

[Ens Mia Dunne | Temporary Quarters | Erudite]
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Mia had been going over the information provided by Leavitt for a few hours and had managed to dig out something to write on as she worked out different ideas. But the one thing that might be even more helpful was speaking to the Savi themselves. How else would she get a clear image of how they operate, even if subcultures did some things differently, there would still be a lot of commonalities among all the Savi.

She really wasn’t looking forward to approaching either of the two people she really needed to speak to. She’d probably insulted the Savi liaison, what was his name again, something with a B? She thought a moment and then remember it, right the name was Barpin! Well, she needed to get some input from him or others of the Savi who would be willing to lower themselves enough to speak to what they considered a sub-species. Lord she really needed to let that go, or the meeting would end up as bad as the first time. She sighed and gathered her research into a neat-ish pile along with the padd.

Now to find the other person she was not looking forward to speaking with, Alistair Leavitt. She’d definitely not put her best foot forward on that front either. But, since all requests to the Savi had to go through him, probably a result of how badly she and the doctor had acted, she would need his assistance.

She exited the closet of a room she’d been assigned and thought it might also be an advantage if she took some time with the Savi so her roommate, who was apparently the very same officer she need to speak to right now, could have some ‘private time’ himself.  Walking down the corridor she inquired to several of the ‘team’ if they had seen the Lieutenant and was directed to continue down the corridor.

For all she knew, Leavitt could be dealing with other crew problems or even in a meeting with the Savi. Either way she hated to interrupt but she really needed more information.  Finally, she just called out, “Lt Leavitt, are you here? I need to ask you something!”

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Re: Chapter 4: Eating Savi Crow? [Day 1 |1815 hours]

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Tiny Simulator Room | Erudite ] Attn. @Eirual @Brutus


For his part, Alistair was indeed busy. In a tiny room, barely big enough for two people to stand shoulder to shoulder, he worked on a Savi computer interface. Next to him was a woman also in a gold undershirt, Lieutenant Yvette Conway, technically Alistair's junior, though neither particularly cared about the distinction. The two officers were in the midst of puzzling out the extraordinarily advanced Savi technology in preparation for the mission to Hobus, which was a mix of exhiliration and hair-pulling frustration. Lacking hair to pull, Alistair was reduced to gesticulating wildly, much to Yvette's irritation in the confined space.

"Alistair, I'm telling you-stop that!" she said angrily as he accidentally elbowed her. "I'm telling you, just refactor the second line with that duoplexic algorithm! It's a sun, we don't have to be that precise-"

"We do when we're dealing with an isolytic reaction on a supergiant!" Alistair countered with equal irritability. "The Savi do precision, not brute force. We've tried duoplexics four times and got four simulation fails, Yvette! Conventional thinking won't work, we need something else...improvised...uh...a six-plane reversion around the core? Maybe with Soong's PE6 application to control the interaction between the stellar matter and subspace?"

Yvette stared. "I have no idea what that even is."

Alistair sighed. "Yeah, it's obscure, but...maybe...tweaking the variables..." He began typing furiously, charged with frustration, and a few minutes later, finished. "Okay, here we go..." He gingerly tapped the initiation button, and within moments, a simple Simulation success message appeared on the screen. Both of them stared at it in astonishment.

"Well bend me over and call me a donkey," Yvette said, stunned. "I can't believe that worked."

"Me neither," Alistair said, dumbstruck.

A shout interrupted their shock, and Alistair leaned out of the open door to see Mia in the corridor. He waved her over. "Hey," he said after she reached the doorway. "This is Lieutenant Conway. She's the backup for the Savi computer stuff if anything happens to me."

Yvette raised a hand in greeting, although she fixed Alistair with a scowl. "Please don't die. I seriously don't want to be the one responsible for saving twenty billion people, or whatever dumb number you pulled out of your ass earlier."

Alistair sighed, then glanced at Mia. "What can I do for you?"

Re: Chapter 4: Eating Savi Crow? [Day 1 |1815 hours]

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[Ens Mia Dunne | Corridor outside the tiny simulation room | Erudite]
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Mia breathed a sigh of relief when Leavitt poked his head out of a doorway. She moved over and was introduced to another crewmember. Mia nodded to the other woman, “Nice to meet you, Lieutenant Conway.” She had to smile at her remark about having to save a great number of people. Mia knew exactly how she felt on that one. She took a breath and let it out slow when he asked what she needed. “Well,” She began, “I’ve been going over these files like you asked. And I think I’ve discovered that, well…” She fidgeted a little as she looked up and down the corridor, “Well, I know we didn’t really get off on a good footing.”

She lowered her head feeling a bit like she’d really messed things up, “I am sorry about that. But I really need your help with this. I sort of need to speak to the Savi for a better picture of this other group. I mean even if they don’t do somethings the same there are still a lot of things they probably do, like how they arrange things.”

She held up her scavenged paper with her notes, “I have a feeling that I did not … um… endear myself to Mr Besquin, or whatever his name was.” Mia shifted uncomfortably again, “But I really need to speak to him, and to whoever else can help me understand so we can stop this thing.”  She smiled a little and added, “You could even have the assigned bunk room all to yourself for a while.”

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Re: Chapter 4: Eating Savi Crow? [Day 1 |1815 hours]

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Tiny Simulator Room | Erudite ] Attn. @Eirual @Brutus


There was something endearing about Mia's nervous fidgeting, and it put Alistair at ease. He smiled back at Mia when she offered the bunkroom. It was a nice gesture.

"After we get back from the mission, sure, that'd be great," he replied cheerfully, privately congratulating himself on saying 'after' instead of 'if'. "And really, don't worry about it. We're all on edge, I think."

He glanced at Conway, who shrugged. "Go ahead. I need to take a break before we get to Hobus, anyway. Here's hoping that those beds are more comfortable than they look."

Alistair nodded in acknowledgement, then joined Mia in the corridor as Conway unceremoniously walked past them. "Barpin should be okay with this. Compared to the new engine they installed on the Theurgy, this isn't really a big deal. Now, uh..." he hesitated, looking both ways down the corridor. "This way...I think?"

With that, he set off, and as the pair walked, he tapped his combadge. "Leavitt to Danvers. If you're not busy, please report to the access door on the far side of the shuttlebay. We need to talk to Barpin." Glancing at Mia, he asked mildly, "So...uh...what have you learned about the Savi so far? Studying a civilisation like this has got to be an exoanthropologist's dream, right?"


Re: Chapter 4: Eating Savi Crow? [Day 1 |1815 hours]

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[Ens Mia Dunne | Corridor outside the tiny simulation room | Erudite]
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Mia nodded to the other officer, Conway, as they disappeared down the corridor. Barpin! That was the name! She thought to herself as she also vowed to remember it for next time, if there was one.

Alistair was at least hopeful she would get some information, even though he seemed as confused as she did about where to find the Savi. “You would think it would not be a big deal,” Mia agreed, “but an engine is only tech. I am looking at more..umm.. how do I say it, societal information?” She paused and frowned slightly, “They seem less forthcoming about that sort of information.”

She paused again while he contacted someone named Danvers to meet them at the access door to the shuttlebay. She guessed this was how he was told to traverse to meet with the Savi liaison. As to the query on what she had learned so far, “Well, from what I have been able to gather so far, they are a homeless species. Highly intelligent and had been keenly interested in scientific pursuits until something called the Scion initiative. That was where things took a rather dark turn. But I still need to learn about how their society designed spaces on their ships, and the purpose of some of those spaces. If we want to ‘sneak’ onto their site that would be very important to know. “

OOC: Sorry for the delay in response. It's been rather crazy here and finding time to write has been in short supply for the past month.
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