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Re: Day 17 [2200 hrs.] Aftermath's Embrace

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[LT Arven Leux | Arboretum | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @EnigmaTales
“Fluffernutter sandwich,” Arven answered without hesitation, before he flagged down one of the servers across the way with a wave. “Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff, between two slices of bread,” he elaborated, in case V'lana had never heard of it. “I discovered it as a kid on Earth and it’s been my go-to ever since.”

Once the waitress approached Arven asked her for a menu, which she provided and he slid over to the Elsarian. “Do you still take special orders,” he asked her, with another gesture to V'lana. “Something off menu?” He wasn’t sure it would be prudent to stress the Elsarian’s digestive system too much so soon out of stasis, so opted to er on the side of caution.

“Of course. Anything in the replicator database,” the waitress nodded, then shifted her attention to V’lana. “Once you’ve made a selection, just hit order and I’ll bring it right over,” she nodded again.

“The wonders of modern technology. Hopefully your native fare is available,” Arven shrugged, “but if you want to try a fluffernutter, you can have some of mine. A few bites shouldn’t hurt too much, but I’d recommend giving your system a little more time to regulate first.”

V'lana’s earlier comment about her appearance came back to Arven's mind. He paused, appraising her, then frowned and shrugged slightly. “If I hadn’t been there when you woke up I don’t think I could tell you just came out of cryo – but then again, I’m certainly no expert on such things,” he shrugged again. “Could always be worse, I reckon? Other than a few kilos lighter than you went in, are there any lingering physical differences that we should discuss,” he asked with a hint of concern, unconsciously falling back into work mode.

Re: Day 17 [2200 hrs.] Aftermath's Embrace

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[Lieutenant J.G. V'lana | Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay| Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion

V'lana had not the slightest idea what a Fluffernutter sandwich was, nor was she entirely sure what the main ingredients - Peanut butter und marshmallow fluff - were. But she knew bread, so there was that.

"I think I would like to try it.", she nodded at Arven's offer, and then considered his question. "No physical differences, no. The lights are still always too bright, the sound still always a little too loud. I have come to terms with that never truly going away. Starfleet in general is very accommodating, but when you have so many different species and personal preferences, it's not reasonable to expect everyone is entirely happy. What do they say? Compromise is when the one person wants one thing, and the other person the other - and they agree on a third thing that makes both equally unhappy?"

She finished her order, placing the menu to the side.

"But enough work today. I will come by tomorrow and bug you with ever single question I have. I promise."

Right now, however, she very much wanted to stop being the "stasis-person" and concentrate on being herself, and figuring out how she fit into the story that had unfolded.


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