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Re: Theurgy: The Next Generation

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This is basically what I was getting at. Not that we should end it abruptly but to continue as logic dictates and then go in another direction. No disrespect meant, I mean I have been here 3 years now but the plot would feel wrong without it's architect here to run it. 

I do feel we're about over half life with the infested plot much in the way the Dominion War worked out. So not saying to end and throw it all away. But I do get the vibe if we don't tread carefully we'll be be in this state of trying to keep us in it when it really could continue with the ship itself and it's crew in more adventures. But this again would have to be done respectfully and tastefully to not rush that resolution. 


Re: Theurgy: The Next Generation

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Why not do both? We have the “What If” board, why not expand on it to have the other exploration stories set after the Infested are defeated, or at least exposed so unable to influence galactic powers, and the episode boards can continue fighting the Infested?

We can do more then one storyline at a time right?

Maybe do an exploration story for an episode then back to fighting infested then a science story then back to fight infested. I mean why be limited in our storytelling to just one major storyline when we are capable of collaborating on multiple in many boards at the same time?

Just my 2 cents
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