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EPI: S [D03|2230] "Remember that you die." | Memento Mori, P1


STARDATE 57655.47
APRIL 18, 2381
2230 HRS

[ Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Fisher | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

Given the state of his affairs, physically more so then mentally anyway, Fisher knew he’d likely be remanded into the care of the medical staff for at least another day or two. Mostly for observation. After all, the makeup of whatever chemical his Klingon hosts had injected into him had thus far eluded any understanding, so it made sense to closely monitor his bloodwork for any side-effects of the serious variety.

“Serious variety. Like hallucinations?” he asked himself quietly.

With a sigh, he dismissed the concern had still lingered along the periphery of his thoughts over those manifestations that his mind had conjured, hopeful that the peace he’d been rewarded with since Sam’s cognitive recalibration, or whatever it was she’d done to him, would continue. He had a lot of work to get to, at least what work he could do from the confines of a bed in sickbay. He’d wanted to head to the CIS as soon as possible but knew he’d likely have been locked out so as to prevent him from working himself to death when he was technically under orders to rest and recover. It was a limiting factor, but not to a degree which totally hamstrung his ability to act as Theurgy’s Chief of Intelligence. While Sam had volunteered, and in fact taken charge on a number of issues his department was dealing with in the wake of the battle, and Gorka’s dispatching, there were other items which he insisted on handling personally. Namely, he wanted to meet with the new Assistant Chiefs of Intelligence, but specifically Lieutenant Alana Pierce. She’d at least met Fisher in some kind of official capacity prior to rescuing him on Qo’nos, and as such warranted the number two slot above Lieutenant Amarik.

Setting down a PADD, one of five he’d ‘borrowed’ from the Medical Staff so that he could dive into reports while they were coming in, he had also begun the process of writing letters to the families of personnel killed under his command during the previous few days.

First was Crewman First Class Alonzo Cabrera; the man had been a member of the mission to infiltrate Gorka’s ship and implant the code which revealed his duplicitous nature to the other Great Houses. He’d been killed when a descending turbolift shaft slammed into him at some speed, shearing his arms off from where they’d been attached to an access ladder. The death had been instantaneous, likely painless, and had been in the service of something grander than himself. In the end, it was all someone who wore the uniform could really hope for when imagining how they might meet their end. Still, Fisher knew better than to include the gory details when writing theses things. In truth, there wasn’t a lot in the way of specifics that he could spell out for Cabrera’s family, whoever they might have been, due to the clandestine nature of the mission. There was also the fact that Theurgy was still considered AWOL, and therefore messages of this sort might not have even made it to his next of kin, but Fisher persisted otherwise. The old school leader in him made it something he just couldn’t ignore until later or let fall to someone whose duty it wasn’t. No, Fisher had been in charge when the man died, and as such, he would do what he could to assuage the grief and anguish of anyone still waiting for Cabrera to return home someday.

Taking a moment to re-read the letter he’d crafted, ninety-percent of which was almost entirely fabricated, Fisher felt comfortable with the tone it extolled; the man in question being framed as a hero of Starfleet and the Federation, who had been courageously killed in the line of duty.

It was a lie, but it was an acceptable lie.

[The time is twenty-two-thirty.]

“Thank you, Thea.” He replied.

Thea’s reminder of the time alerted him of his impending appointment. Appropriate considering he’d just a minute earlier been thinking about her, and how she would replace the man whose family he’d be writing a letter to next. “Sorry I never got to know you, Zaryn.” He commented softly, picking up one of the other PADDs laying on his bed, which still had the deceased Trill’s profile up for review.

“Too much death. We... I, need to do better.”

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[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] | ATTN: @Swift [Show/Hide]

It'd been a long day indeed, Alana thought to herself. Time was not on their side in many aspects. For her it meant something much more personal in that regard. Shaking the thought, she returned to the task at hand. Despite how the past several hours and day had gone, she had a duty to uphold. The excitement if you could call it that was still thick in the air and lingered over everyone, especially those in the ICU beds. Fisher among them, the head of Intelligence on board the Theurgy was in bad shape, but thankfully due to modern Starfleet medical was able to persevere above it.

Duty was something one did without the recognition and accolades but for the betterment of the whole. Something she clung to despite everything that had happened in the past year since traversing to the 24th Century. There was a lot she was still unaware of in regard to this time but the reporting to a superior was not one of them. Thankfully she still had that element of the chain of command to report to with the way this ship ran through crew members.

Alana stood outside the ICU awaiting the nurse's nod of approval to move ahead with entering Fisher's room. They had a lot to discuss but she could wait for that. However more specifically, Fisher had summoned her for a directy debriefing and contact despite his being down for the count. The nod was given and she stepped forward in full, clean duty uniform. Lacking the easier going skirt, and going for the pants uniform, she straightened the jacket as she proceeded forward.

The visage of the man lying in the bed gave her a brief start for some reason. Likely the emotions getting to her finally, but she felt bad for him and the things he had to endure at the hands of the Klingon torturers. She brushed the crimson hair beside her ears and out of her face as she approached Commander Fisher's bed. Finding a seat located nearby, she pulled it close and sat in it to avoid any unnecessary strain on his behalf.

"Commander." she acknowledged with an appropriate nod. "Is there something I can do for you sir? How are you feeling?" The beautiful woman inquired to the laid out man with brown hair, still slightly glistened with dried blood.

Pierce glanced at her superior awaiting a reply.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Fisher | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

The dossier for one Alana Pierce, read like something out of a science-fiction novel; well, at least the one that wasn’t so easily accessed by the common retinue of the crew. For Fisher though, it took a little bit of advanced decryption to unlock a version with the more sordid affairs entailed. She was a time-displaced orphan here in the 24th-century, and beyond that, her biological sex had been flipped-turned upside down by transporter malfunction. He could only imagine the sort of shitstorm swirling around in her head when factoring in just how insane the Galaxy had become around her. Yet, none of that really mattered when it came to her worth as a member of his team, and thus far, she had proven herself more than capable. The report he’d read from the most recent ‘interview’ with their resident infested Doctor was comprehensive, and it meant that his decision to delegate the matter to Alana had been prudent. Adding in the vital role the Lieutenant had played in his rescue mission, quite literally the first person through the door of his makeshift cell, she had the making of someone who was dependable. That was a good thing, as even before the tragic death of Zaryn on another mission, Fisher was in need of another Officer to take up some leadership roles. Just instead of needing a second, he now needed a first. Though, he had an idea of who he would turn to, to fill the former.

“I’ve been better.” He commented with no small ounce of honesty hidden by the tone of his voice. “But I’ve also been worse.”

“Lieutenant.” Grimacing slightly as he shifted atop of the bio-bed wherein he’d been sitting, he sat a little more upright in an attempt to present some semblance of formality to the discussion they needed to have. “Thank you for coming. I know it’s a bit late in the evening, and you’re probably a little tired from the mission on Qo’nos, but as I’m sure you aware of, time is a commodity we have precious little of at the moment.” Motioning for her to take a seat in one of the chairs that ran along the bulkhead of his private room in the intensive care unit, he swung his legs out from under the covers and let his legs dangle from the edge. Swiping a hand against the light gray fabric of the standard-issue workout sweats he was wearing in an attempt to smooth out the Starfleet emblem, he then planted his hands on either side of his thighs as he leant forward a little more comfortably. “I’m sure you’re also aware of some of the losses we sustained on other missions that were taking place elsewhere. Sadly, Lieutenant Arn didn’t make it back alive.” He spared her the gruesome details of Zaryn’s death, assuming that if she had wanted to learn of them, she’d consult the report that had been logged into the system.

“Now, technically, Lieutenant Byrne is senior within the department, but I think his particular talents are better suited for other work.” Rolling his shoulders so as to work out the stiffness that had settled in them, he exhaled deeply before continuing. “As such, I’ve reviewed your file. Redacted information and all, and I think it safe to say your experience as an Executive Officer, regardless of what century it may have occurred in, makes you a prime candidate to replace Zaryn.”

Glancing over at the crimson-haired woman, Fisher looked to gauge an immediate reaction.

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[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] | ATTN: @Swift [Show/Hide]

Alana was fairly certain that her immediate CO had already read her file. What good would he be in Intel had he not done so? That aside, she could see the shitstorm that was her life swirling about in his mind among everything else he had no doubt yet to deal with from his time off the ship. She was however elated to hear that he was managing despite the brutality he endured.

That was when he began to speak to her more formally to which her ears and face perked to attention, almost like a silent command that took place. His motion for her to sit beside him in the chair while he spoke prompted her to do so quickly as what he was about to say most likely had the utmost importance to her presence being there. She watched as he struggled to sit up somewhat while he addressed her regarding a new position in his department as well as the status of her predecessor and Lt. Byrne.

"Thank you sir. I appreciate your candor in the situation at hand for the position and the need for the chain of command to continue unimpeded. I can see the need to keep Lt. Byrne in the field as it does seem to suit him well."

A twinge of surprise struck her as Fisher noted the passing of the opportunity for the Asst. Chief Intelligence Officer from Byrne despite seniority to her. She was also slightly struck by the call to the redacted information regarding her previous position in the 23rd Century as an Executive Officer aboard the USS Eagle. However, she wasn't totally caught off guard figuring he did a little digging to unearth that information.

She cleared her throat a little and straightened her duty uniform, careful to prevent it from creating the allusion of an unkempt uniform.

"I gladly accept the position, with all the rights and privileges therein. I also appreciate the vote of confidence especially regarding my..." she paused and quickly recovered. "...situation. I won't let you down and look forward to helping this department in getting to the bottom of the infested issue."

Alana paused briefly again. "Permission to speak freely sir?" As she waited for the question to be answered, she formulated the follow-up question that was to be asked. "Has the 24th Century always been such a mess? As you no doubt read in my file, I was nearly at the peak of my career before the chain of events that landed me here. From what I've read, the universe has become a rather... interesting in the past hundred years or so."

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Fisher | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

Data encryption was almost always insufficient when it came to the likes of Intelligence Agencies and Operations like the one Fisher was conducting aboard the Theurgy; all it took was time, proper management of staff, and the will to crack coding in order to decipher the information you wanted. As Chief of Intelligence, he had everything he needed in order to peruse the official, and the unofficial records of anyone working in his department. If it existed somewhere he could and invariably would get a hand on it. After all, that was his job, and Fisher was exceptionally good at his job.

“I have every confidence in you, Lieutenant.” He assured Pierce.

Reaching for another PADD that he’d ‘borrowed’ from the Medical Staff, he punched in a clearance code to access restricted files that had been uploaded to it from the archives held in the CIS. “From the sound of it, with things seemingly under control here with the Klingons, our next order of business are our old rivals within the Tal-Shiar and the Romulan Empire.” Pulling up an exceedingly long list of preparations that needed to be done in the coming days, Fisher handed the PADD to Pierce. “Normally, I’d handle a lot of the work you’ll find on this list, but given the situation... well, I don’t think I’ll have my usual range of access and the overview of our department for at least a day or two. Longer if certain other Officers have their way.” He could in fact imagine Rutherford working with Ives so as to limit Fisher’s capability to undo and stifle the healing process by working when he really needed to rest. “Anyway, digressing back to the point, with you about to step in as my first, I’ll need you to get started on some of this as soon as possible. There are... elements... that I’ll still handle, just because they won’t trust you, though they don’t trust anyone really. But a lot of this, basically getting some pieces on the board moved into the right position for us to capitalize with at later time, needs to happen pretty much immediately.” Shifting in the bed so that he could sit a little more upright again, he afforded Pierce a chance to look over the details of the PADD.

“Of course, consider it a standing permission when we’re not in the company of anyone who might object.” He explained with regard to her request to speak candidly. As spies, it was important to obfuscate from your enemies, but when solely in the company of allies, being forthwith with information was an absolute necessity.

“Oh... well, to one degree or another, yeah I guess it has. Though, it’s decidedly more chaotic in the last two-to-three years.” Taking a deep contemplative breath, Fisher nodded as he tried to understand the sort of mind-boggling transformation that his new first had been through. To have not only made an unplanned an entirely accidental transference of gender, and to have then traversed into the future roughly a century, would have been difficult for anyone to cope with. But, when you factored in all of the events of the last century, more specifically the last decade, it was even worse. The Borg. The Dominion War. Shinzon and the assassination of the Romulan Senate. And now this whole nightmare scenario dealing with the infiltration of every major political power, threatening the very end of civilization and life itself. It read like a bad drama, packed to the brim with way too much shit. But it was incredibly enough, the reality in which he and Alana both existed within. “I wish I could say that things will steady out sooner rather than later, but that’d be a lie based on no reasonable inference.” Sugar-coating it for Pierce would’ve been disingenuous and went against his moments earlier intent to maintain an air of candidness.

“Could be worse... you could’ve emerged into a century ruled over by odd-ball alliances, like Klingon and Cardassians working together, wherein the whole of the Federation is in state of disarray and panic. Exposed midriffs, and random gold accents in the worst display of ostentatiousness ever.” Winking wryly, he offered Pierce a teasing smirk.

“Have you uhh... had a chance to look up any descendants? Any family who might be out there?” he shifted the conversation to one a little more pleasant in nature, and one in which he had a genuine interest in.

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[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] | ATTN: @Swift [Show/Hide]

Alana felt a feeling of pride and a slight warming of the cheeks as Fisher confided in her abilities to take her job to task. Something about that reassurance that she was still useful and was an asset left her with the one constant she had in her life. Thoughts swirled 90 miles a minute, something she wasn't capable of prior to her rather unorthodox 'reassignment'.

Her gaze returned to the current events taking place in sickbay as she noted Fisher grabbing a different PADD, inputting a code and continuing to speak. She nodded as he briefly mentioned the status of the Klingons since the altercation ended on Qo'nos, and Martok was back in charge of the council. The mention of the Tal-Shiar and the Romulan Empire piqued her interest as she'd had minuscule dealings with them in the 23rd Century due to the secrecy surrounding the race. But nowadays despite the secrecy, they were fairly well known and seen in this era.

She took hold of the PADD from her department head and glanced over the details he'd had the time to put together since being bound to the bio bed. His mention of not getting back into regular duty made her chuckle. "Well, Commander, I look forward to your inevitable return, but in the meantime, I'll handle it." Pierce could see the look in his eyes as he frosted over in thought. Something that was all too real to her this past year.

His descriptions of the predicament and the Romulans distrust allowed a brief nod as if in agreement and understanding. She felt relieved he was the type of officer who allowed free candid discussions when the timing was right for it. It reminded her of her posting on the USS Eagle. The readers digest version of the Theurgy and the 24th Century since this was a time she was not completely familiar with...yet.

"I wish I could say that things will steady out sooner rather than later, but that'd be a lie based on no reasonable inference."

Her mouth fell open slightly as she pondered a lot of what was let loose on her. "Yeah this century sure is a shitshow. But to be honest, I kind of like the new attire, and the new amenities. Some I look forward to trying out in the future." She said that while pointing at her pantsuit uniform and pointing at the various tech around the room.

Alana coughed as she choked on her spit when Fisher let his next comment fly. Then her eyebrow lifted on one side as she contemplated that there must be some truth to what he mentioned. "Mirror Universe I take it? I'm familiar with that unfortunately."

The change in pace on Fisher's next comment threw Pierce for a loop. "Have you uhh... had a chance to look up any descendants? Any family who might be out there?"

This wasn't something she gave a ton of thought to. Something that interested her but she had not focused on as the trauma mentally and physically were already too much to bare at times. She sat down again in a chair next to Fisher and rubbed the back of her head in much the same way a man would when thinking and unsettled by personal aspects. Realizing that she wasn't anymore, she instead turned it into a hair play and pulled her hair to her opposite shoulder to brush it from her face and other side. Exposing an ear and more cheekbone.

" be honest I haven't. I didn't have much in the way of family before leaving and never married. So I hadn't really looked anyone up. Not sure anyone from my lineage even would be around these days. I mean I slept with a Yeoman on the USS Eagle before my last mission, but unsure if anything came of that." Thoughts overtook her as the emotions stirred which was again a new sensation. "I'm not opposed to it however in researching my lineage in the future. Just really haven't."

She folded her arms and it only enhanced her bust, despite not trying to do so. "Only people I know on board otherwise are Lt. Lance, and Stellan Foster...he's not been real fun prodding into my life. Otherwise just Intel and them so far. Still getting my bearings aboard the Theurgy. I will be sure to let you know if I discover long lost family though. Fun side project anyway." Pierce smiled in a relaxed state as she tried to think of the possibilities being here brought her.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Fisher | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

It felt good, to be getting to work, even though technically he wasn’t supposed to.

Most of his life, Fisher had had trouble getting himself to every truly relax, and to not have a focus on the proverbial chessboard lingering round in the back of his mind. Everywhere he went, and everything he did, he would have considerations going on in the background, weighing the potential of this move, and its consequences over another. In a way, it made him an incredibly effective spy, and in effect, a leader of spies. In another way, it weighed on him, causing a considerable amount of stress to seep into his everyday life, making it a difficult prospect to try and maintain any sort of normal and healthy personal relationships. Naturally, he wanted to live a simpler existence, free of all the worry and concern he was constantly harangued by, but he more than understood how his skill and talents were of utmost necessity to the cause of Starfleet and the Federation. As such, he’d always figured that someday it would get the better of him, prompting someone to step up and replace him in that ongoing struggle.

In Zaryn, he had hoped to find that, but the poor man hadn’t lasted long enough to even have a chance at it.

Now, there would be Alana, and Fisher wondered, nay, hoped that her tenure would be a longer one, perhaps even to the point in which she might someday indeed supplant him as the leader of Theurgy’s Intelligence Operation. A daunting task, as even he’d only just started to truly grasp what such an operation entailed, but all the same, he knew she could, and under his guidance, would be the perfect person to step in should the situation demand it.

“I’m sure you will.” He acknowledged, knowing that she could likely handle any immediate duties that he didn’t take upon himself, in spite of whatever limitations were placed on him by Medical and or the Captain. “I’m sure the people down in the CIS will be as accommodating as possible while you’re getting settled in too.” In an instant, he reviewed the list of names and faces of those that had been assigned to work under his command as part of the Intelligence Department, and for the most part, they’d managed to see through the calamity that was the battle over Qo’noS and subsequent intrusion by Klingon assailants. It was as close to a consolation he could imagine, given the other more substantial losses that his department had sustained. “Just, don’t let some of their squabbling get in the way of your getting things done.” He teased, remembering how a pair of his analysts seemed to thrive whenever they worked in close proximity to each other, yet seemingly disliked one another with severity.

“There are some perks.” He admitted regarding her mention of modern amenities, nodding to the nearby wall-mounted replicators which weren’t exactly commonplace during the timeframe of her origin.

Once he’d shifted the focus to one of a more personal matter, genuinely interested in knowing a bit about the woman that would be his Number One in the days to come, he could sense some semblance of apprehension in her tone as she spoke of relatives. He could more than understand such a sentiment, as it was an easier existence to not worry about loved ones when faced with such dire consequences as they were. “Still...” he sought to reclarify and refocus. “...a family, however distant, can be a comfort to know of.” He didn’t want to necessarily come off as all-knowing on the matter, as it would’ve been most condescending to do some, but he also understood, that sometimes it did help to have someone else spell things out to you, even if you already knew them. Nodding as Alana further explained whom she’d met, and run into, he smirked at the mention of her admitting she’d likely continue to look into the matter.

“Who knows, might even find someone not so distant.” He winked to her in a friendly manner, reaching for another nearby PADD that he’d had prepared for her arrival.

“Here...” he handed the PADD to her, glancing around the immediate area to gauge whether or not anyone was in an earshot before he went on to explain. “...I want you to start looking over these files. Technically, we’re not supposed to have them.” A slight grin crossed his face, as he always found such limitations of his profession to be little more than silly. “But that’s never stopped me in the past. They’re saved locally on this PADD, with an encoded self-termination protocol programmed, ready to spike the memory core in the event that the PADD is compromised. Only my personal code, and whatever code you program into it will grant access, and prevent its self-termination protocols from kicking in.” Pausing as an exhausted looking Nurse sauntered by, Fisher leant forward to speak in a more hushed tone. “They’re illegally acquired communications taps from within the Office of Starfleet Intelligence on Earth, directed to assets within the Romulan Empire, more specifically, the Tal-Shiar.”

Fisher considered going into the specifics of how he’d come by them, detailing the give-and-take relationship he maintained with spies on the other side of the fence, but for the moment, decided against given the relative insecurity of their surroundings.

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[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] | ATTN: @Swift [Show/Hide]

The comment Fisher made about not letting the natives in the CIS get to her made her let loose a brief chuckle. "They can't ruffle my feathers. I've been in an era with far less tech and crankier individuals than this. Sure the scene has changed and the galaxy is a bigger place, but I think I'll manage."

She smiled back at him as she listened in to his statement on finding family. She wondered internally if the Pierce line died with her or not. Nevertheless a side project worth looking into.

Examining the PADD the Commander had handed her, she was not surprised by some of the data present but was in other instances. She glanced back up from the PADD to make direct eye contact as if to examine his very words. Something that was ingrained in her when becoming part of Starfleet Intelligence was paying close attention to data or perceived important information. Pierce did have to give him a wide grin however when bringing up he wasn't technically supposed to have the files he was in current possession of. "I hear you sir."

The self-termination was something old school but rather effective. "Good to know. I've had to do that on more than one mission unfortunately." The Tal Shiar piqued her interest but gave a glance to let him know she was interested in more details at a later date. Clearly she too understood the lack of proper security protocols surrounding them. "Anything undercover, I'll look forward to it." She gave a wink since it meant a different ordeal she could play into.

Decidedly she changed the subject slightly to the possibility of running into a FNN delegate since the Embassy on Qo'nos was now back open after Martok took back Chancellorship. "I do wonder what we're allowed to disclose should we encounter a Federation News Network reporter. We're likely to run into on being invited back to the embassy with Martok back in power. Any recommendations to pass along?" Despite her knowledge of security and intelligence, she wasn't as familiar with some of the newer 24th century dynamics in relation to counselors, news reporters, and other miscellaneous starship positions that were either rolled into another job in 23rd century vessels or didn't exist.

She awaited his reply on the matter knowing it was a matter of time. Plus it couldn't hurt with the fact the Theurgy wasn't getting proper news coverage being a renegade ship.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Fisher | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

With a wry little grin, Fisher afforded Pierce a nod of acknowledgement, aware and willing to accept the fact that she could likely handle her own, when it came to dealing with the complexities of their department. But all the same, he knew it better to at least have given her a forewarning of some sort.

“They’re a competent bunch, don’t get me wrong. They’re just... well, they have some quirks that take getting used to.” His attention shifting back to the PADD he’d only just handed her, and having explain in vague terms what it contained, he imagined it would likely be the more difficult aspect of her new job to really wrap her head around. Starfleet rules and regulations often outright prohibited a lot of the actions that he, and his subordinates were to undertake in the name of Intelligence gathering, and the sabotage of their enemy’s efforts. But in this profession, and under his command, said rules and regulations were treated more as guidelines, than anything else. A bend but try not to break mantra being that which he abided while acting as the Chief Intelligence Officer, and he wanted to make sure that his people knew as much.

That he trusted them, and that they in turn, could trust him to have their backs.

“Well, that all depends on the cards in the deck, and how they’re dealt out.” He responded to her quip about looking forward to an undercover assignment, which were the more alluring to someone in their profession; the sex appeal of being a James Bond was an all-too-common trope that they’d each had to contend with.

His interest piqued elsewhere as she dictated the conversation to transition to a somewhat lighter note, though still a concerning subject given what it pertained. “The FNN, if it can be trusted, and sadly I’d say it cannot; could be an asset to use in trying to sway public opinion against full-on war with the Romulan Empire. Unfortunately, corruption in the media runs far more rampant than in our Government, and that’s without even factoring in the element of parasitic control, or the potential of collaborators working on behalf of the nameless darkness.” Taking a moment to try and quell his general distaste and distrust of the media, Fisher glanced at Pierce with forethought.

“But... it doesn’t hurt to turn over every stone we happen across. Tell you what, we’ll call that an official delegation on your behalf when the time comes. If... it comes. Probably better that way, honestly. The kind of honesty they’d get out of me, likely wouldn’t be the kind they’re looking for.” With another nod to her, he knew he didn’t have to spell out the specifics of what she could, and shouldn’t reveal to any kind of journalist, regarding their mission. Subjects which were considered restricted among the crew, would likewise be restricted among said journalists; at the same time though, he figured it a good chance to gauge her judgement on the matter, and to give her some command capabilities outside of his purview. A good idea, given there were no guarantees that he’d be the lead in the department forever.

“So long as you’re willing, at least?” He poised the question, though a hint of detectable favor was in his voice.

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[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] | ATTN: @Swift [Show/Hide]

Alana could tell that Fisher was a good person to work with/for on board the Theurgy. She could sense that he would likely give her the benefit of the doubt when facing challenges that could be construed as difficult and or problematic. A laugh escaped her lips as she caught the bit about the team having their personal quirks. "Quirks I can handle. Insubordination, not so much." She thought back to when it was a simpler time about the USS Eagle, but let that thought fade as that was the past and this was now. Different times, different circumstances perhaps.

Pierce simply nodded at the reply to her inquiry on going on a spy mission undercover. She knew although it wouldn't happen yet, it was in the cards if the time called for it to happen. But the response to the FNN inquiry was what caught her attention more. "I gathered that they are untrustworthy based on the fact it's near entertainment in value over substance. I'd caught a little of that when I came to this century and it is propaganda as far as the eye can see with glimmers of truth within." She pulled a hand to her chin stroking it as she had done when chin hair was the only hair to worry about. A head full of it swayed near her chin now.

"Are there any points of conversation I should and should not reveal? I gather Nicander is a absolute no, but can I divulge more prominent information to sway the public to our cause in the biology of these infested and how in upholding the Federation, we're ostracized for our contributions to Starfleet simply because we're not infested?"

She knew it was heavy ground to tread but did want what was best for this crew and the people back on Earth. "In any case, I'll ham it up and give them a emotional story to get the ball rolling. I think swaying the Federation as a whole has merit. Public relations in Intelligence can be a powerful tool if wielded correctly." She winked and gave a brief chuckle. She folded her leg over the other one as she continued to peruse the PADD in her palm.

"So sir. What is the next play once you're out of here? Thankfully I didn't spend much time here but to be honest. I spent enough time getting poked and prodded once I landed in this century due to my unique circumstances to not want to be here in any capacity as a patient."

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Fisher | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

It was refreshing for Fisher to know that he and his newest immediate subordinate would be operating on the same page, within the same manual for the time being. It wasn’t exactly common that Intelligence Operatives could effectively cooperate and coordinate in a manner which wasn’t in direct opposition of the finer tenants of Federation bylaws and or standards. The authority afforded them to make judgement calls in the field, which went beyond the scope similarly afforded to anyone in almost any other department, could and would often lead to corruption of the worst kind. For his part, Fisher had toed the line between right and wrong throughout most of his career as an Intelligence Operative, being careful not to stray too far over it should the necessity so arise, and he had promised Ives that he would maintain and demand that of his department while aboard Theurgy, and a part of this mission.

“It’s a sad affair, but a reality of the times in which we live.” He admitted in acknowledgement of her statement regarding a glimmer of truth being sprinkled into the media’s coverage of events or important occurrences.

“Better to keep details relatively vague, we don’t want to necessarily reveal our hand to the enemy who’s ever mindful and watching of us. But, inspirational; painting a picture of us and our mission as anything but an attempt to uphold the Federation and it’s ideals, is a good approach. So, yes, by all means.” While it was alluring to reveal what information Theurgy and the effort against the infested had thus far uncovered, he knew that to do so, would be to similarly reveal that information to the nameless darkness directing the infested effort. It could have consequences for future discovery, or even drive the enemy into a frenzied hurry to affect the ultimate finale of their plans, so, for the moment at least, they would keep their cards close to the chest, and offer a proverbial check to this round of play.

With a simple nod, he hoped to instill an understanding on the matter between himself and Pierce, which he was sure she’d likely pick and understand.

“Well...” he began, a hand finding the side of his abdomen where his ribs and lung within were still aching, Fisher cast a wayward glace about himself to survey the bevy of Medical Officers within an earshot. “...whenever they let me back to full duty,I’ll want to start pulling on the reins of contacts and assets that’re in play. However long that means officially, I have yet to truly gauge, but as far as I’m concerned, what the don’t know, won’t hurt their feelings.” Once more, he made a wryly charming wink to the crimson-haired woman he was speaking to, a sign that he had no intention of letting the Medical Staff dictate how long he would be out of action. “For now though, I’ll play the good patient, and hope to sway some favor.” He wasn’t so naïve as to believe that he wouldn’t need to at least be given cursory clearance to return to duty, if he was going to get back at it, and as such, didn’t necessarily want to elicit the ire of Lieutenant Kobol or anyone else on the Medical team.

“...and in the meantime, I’m leaving the department in the capable hands of my new first.”

Again, he nodded to her.


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[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] | ATTN: @Swift [Show/Hide]

She stood there looking at her now department head, pondering what they'd discussed. Allowing the thoughts to simmer and for her to sift through what she might be able to to give if someone from the FNN ever came into contact with their department. At the same time, thoughts came to the forefront her of her mind of what they might encounter in their next mission with Fisher pulling the cords that were in play already.

"Sounds good sir, I'll be sure to keep it focused and not give away details in the meantime." Pausing she let him finish speaking and paid her a compliment. "Thank you again for the opportunity and I look forward to working with you."

Allowing him to signal her farewell and his rest, she simply nodded, PADD under her arm, as she headed to the doorway. Still a little shaken from the earlier events of the day, but not discouraged. More invigorated and feeling alive moreso than she had been in some time. Likely since her last mission off world that landed her in this situation and timeframe. Either way, she was ready for what the universe held in store for her. Time had given her a second chance to make a difference.


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