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Day 35 [2000 hrs.] - Pulling / Pour a double.


STARDATE 57720.6
APRIL 14, 2381
2015 HRS

[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

With an incredibly exasperated yawn, the Chief Surgeon of the USS Theurgy stretched her delicate arms up above her slenderly lithe form, arching her back until she could feel the cathartic pop of her lumbar vertebrae, which in turn caused a soft moan of contentment to escape her. She was well into hour fifteen of what was a voluntary double-shift served in Main Sickbay, as she’d agreed to spend a little extra-time helping the rest of the Medical Staff play catch up on past-due mandatory examinations. Normally she’d have appreciated such a lull in surgical procedures but given the relative tedium that was bio-scanning and reviewing the medical history of dozens of random crewmen, she would have traded her left leg for an emergency appendectomy. Still, it wasn’t all bad, she was getting to know the different members of the support staff within Sickbay, developing something of a rapport with them in turn. They were a nice group, and had afforded her a general politeness and warmth, despite the outwardly visible signs of her troubled past. It had helped her to feel more welcome, which wasn’t something that came easily for the normally very contentious blonde. Maybe she was evolving.

Then again, maybe she just hadn’t been poked and prodded enough to elicit a rebuke from the dragon that was her temper.

Selecting a PADD from where it rest atop of the receptionist’s desk, who herself was half-asleep no less, Kate let a bit of a cute smile cross her face as she was content to let the poor woman rest, as she too had been pulling a double-shift. Reviewing the list of names that had been seen so far, Kate soon found herself relieved to see that there were only two unseen names left. The day was almost at an end, she thought as she heard Ensign Janteel yawn broadly while he approached her. Likewise, the Bajoran surgeon, her immediate subordinate, and her preferred working partner, had agreed to pull a little extra-time in order to help out with all of these examinations. “Who’s left?” he asked her, rubbing a hand against the side of his handsome face, as Kate appraised him for a brief instant. She held out the PADD so that he too could read the names if he so chose, and though he came to a rest standing beside her, in fact towering over her as he was at least a good eight inches taller, he had seemed wholly disinterested in trying to make sense of what was on the computer. It was so outwardly evident that he was completely and utterly exhausted from the long day, it only further emphasized his cuteness.

“Two names.” She gently explained for him, bringing up the profiles of the two patients left to be seen. “Lieutenant Tessa May Lance, and Crewman Swight Dhrute.” Together, Kate and Janteel examined the two names, looking up as they saw the two patients sat on the long steel-gray couch just inside of the waiting area. One of them was a beautiful young woman, a fighter pilot by the color of her collar, the other was an Yridian male with a rather scornful and impatient look on his face. Grinning broadly, Kate knew she had the upper-hand by rank alone, and Janteel knew immediately that he was going to draw the short straw on the matter. “Sorry, but rank has it’s privileges.” She teased him, poking one of her fingers against his broad bicep, as she handed off the PADD to him. He could only roll his head in relent, knowing that there was no way he would win this contest. Instead he just narrowed his eyes on his superior, a promise of some payback to come later on, to which Kate only responded with an extended middle-finger as means of declaring herself the winner.

Turning back, Kate approached where Lieutenant Lance was sat, and smiled as way of gaining her attention before speaking. “Lieutenant Lance, I’m Doctor Foster. I’ll see you for your examination now.” Motioning for the pilot to follow, Kate saw as Janteel trudged past her on his way to approach the Yridian, hearing something of a contentious exchange erupting from word one.

Kate then led Tessa down the corridor, around past the Chief Medical Officer’s office, only to stop before a door which was labeled Medical Lab 02. When the doors parted, Kate allowed Tessa to enter first, before following in after. “Just give me a moment to pull up your relevant medical history, and we’ll get started in on this. If you wouldn’t mind, please remove your duty jacket and pants so that the bio-scanner can get a better reading of your extremities.” In another minute, she’d be asking the pilot to lay down on the bio-scanner, and though official guidelines and protocols called for a complete removal of all garments and clothing, Kate had personally always found that just unnecessary and even flat out silly. Sure, older scanners were often outfitted with less sensitive sensors, which had trouble getting an accurate enough reading on limbs, but these newer units had no such limitations. It was an outdated rule which had yet to be adjusted in the wake of newer technology.

As Tessa’s medical history flashed up on the screens in front of Kate, she did a cursory examination for any listed allergies, as well as any pre-existing conditions which might show up in her scans. “Alright, this all looks good.” She said absently, turning back to see if her patient had finished removing her clothing, admiring the other woman’s form with her tangerine-hued eyes for a brief moment.

“So, Tessa, how’ve you been feeling lately? Anything you need to mention for my report? Before we start a scan at least?”

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift


It had been some time since Tessa had made her rounds with a medical officer. Well, other than her therapy sessions. Most of her physical aptitude wasn't a concern for duty. But having had some much needed shore leave and with a mission coming up, well, she was way overdue.

As Tessa walked into the medical office, she was greeted by the new doctor on deck. Doctor Kate Foster. She was pretty, and young like Tessa, but she felt the woman had dealt with some interesting stuff before coming on board the Theurgy. The doctor guided Tessa to Medical Lab 2 where she was to sit down.

"Just give me a moment to pull up your relevant medical history, and we'll get started in on this. If you wouldn't mind, please remove your duty jacket and pants so that the bio-scanner can get a better reading of your extremities."[/i]

"No problem doc! I'll get ready." Tessa stated as she began to strip down to her skivvies. She always felt weird stripping down for an exam but was elated that she only had to go half way. At least without drinks involved.

Dr. Kate she noticed looked at the charts and said for the most part she was healthy as can be. She admired the things the doctors had to deal with on a starship. She also admired this doctor seeing how she carried herself. Realization took to Tessa as she noted how the Doc's glance lasted a little longer on her golden hued eyes. She noticed and looked away as Kate inquired to her recent physical status.

"I feel okay. Well, I mean for the most part. I think I hurt my shoulder a few weeks back but assumed it was either the over exertion from the sledgehammer throws or a drunken gym endeavor a while back. Mostly just here to get fit for duty again since we've been off for a bit. I'm going off ship and need to be certified good to go again." She looked at the doctor again attempting to get to know her somewhat. "So how's it been since coming on board? I've been here a while so new faces sorta stand out." Tessa smiled genuinely to disarm her with a friendly glance as she watched Kate begin scanning her.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Medical Lab 02 | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

A reassuring smile across her face, which spoke of the professional nature that Kate afforded to all of her patients, no matter how attractive they were, even someone as remarkably so as Tessa, Kate listened attentively to the Pilot as she went about describing the potential injury to her shoulder. Amusedly, she imagined that Tessa might suffer from the same overt bravado that most of the Lone Wolves outwardly professed; their means of maintaining a strong presence and appearance among the rest of the crew. They could have had an arm hanging on by a single strand of muscle fiber, and tried to dismiss it as nothing more than a flesh wound. It was endearing, in a macho manner, especially when it came from such a wide array of personality types. They had a reputation to protect, which went far beyond their individual one, encompassing the group and the idea of the Lone Wolves themselves. It was safe to say that Kate admired that in them, and in fact admired that humble nature in this undoubtedly skilled pilot. Thought, perhaps she was unfairly ascribing a stereotype to someone she'd barely known.

“Well, you’re probably right about it being nothing more than a soreness, but indulge me a little, would you?” she approached the slightly taller woman, and gently pressed both of her delicate hands against the shoulder in question, feeling for any knots within the musculature.

“Hmm? Oh... me? Well...” Kate wasn’t expecting to field any questions, and had been rather thoroughly distracted by what she was feeling for in Tessa’s shoulder, but soon found her wit, happy to engage in the pleasantries that made these kinds of experiences more palatable. “’s been okay, I guess. Theurgy is a massive ship. Dwarfs any of my previous assignments. She’s also got a massive crew, and I’ve only just started to meet some of them.” With on hand still pressed against Tessa’s shoulder, she ran the opposite down the length of her bare arm until she took grasp around her wrist and motioned for the pilot to move it in accordance with Kate’s beckoning. “So far though, everyone has been nice. Which, I’m not used to, I suppose.” Her fingertips dug in a little to Tessa’s shoulder as she could feel something of a small knot harbored in the musculature, causing a bit of a sharp ache to emanate in the other woman’s arm. “Honestly, I’m a little more used to fighting with everyone. With everyone hating me. Though, I suppose there’s plenty of time for that still.”

Nodding as she seemed to understand what was ailing the woman, Kate released her wrist, and withdrew her hand as she took a solitary step back. “It feels like you may have over-exerted your deltoid during exercise, which caused a minor tear, and it’s slowly but gradually healing on its own.” Kate motioned for the bio-scanner behind Tessa next. “We’ll get a thorough look at it before we make any attempts to fix it, so if you wouldn’t mind laying down on the scanner so that I can complete a thorough work-up?” If her suspicions were right about the minor injury, and usually they were, Kate would of course be able to treat it with little more than use of a subdermal regenerator. Still, standard procedure demanded she get an in-depth look at the young-woman’s physiology, so as to ensure there were no hidden surprises looming within her body.

Such was especially important when it came to someone who piloted a craft as dangerous as a Vakyrie warpfighter.

“This won’t take too long, I promise.” Kate reassured her.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift


Letting the doctor examine her arm, Tessa felt relieved as she was inwardly hiding some slight discomfort and pain she'd been harboring for a while. Not only due to the facade of the Lone Wolves and their reputation but due to that she hadn't really experienced a chronic styled pain before. It made her appreciate life more to the fullest. But maybe hurting oneself in a stupid act wasn't the brightest thing to do.

Listening to Dr. Foster, Tessa was enjoying her breakdown of how different this assignment was to previous ones. It was interesting to hear an outsider's perspective having just stepped foot on the ship recently. She mentioned the fact people hadn't been the nicest in her previous assignments. "So what caused people to treat you badly? I can't imagine why. And you'll get no fights from me. There are three people you don't mess with on a Starship. I call it the CCD. The Cook, the Captain and the Doctor." Tessa looked back at the young looking doctor, smiling at her. She realized pretty and easy on the eyes she was but she could also see that appearance being slightly off putting based on her mood.

Kate explained the damaged deltoid muscle to her and although she wasn't all that surprised, it was surprising it was healing for hte most part. As she was motioned to the the bio-scanner bed, she layed down. "No problem doc!" Hopping on the bed as her curves accentuated more as she lay flat. A scan passed by over her body, "Anything of interest doc? You know, I was thinking, what do enjoy for fun? I mean, you have to have things you like doing after hours."

Despite the small talk, Tessa was bound and determined to make another friend on this ship. Hell, she'd taken it upon herself to welcome a lot of new onboarding Starfleet officers lately. They may as well know someone friendly she supposed.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Medical Lab 02 | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

As the young pilot lay back unto the surface of the scanner-bed, Kate allowed herself a second once over of Tessa, accentuated curves, and all, though under the self-convinced auspices of a professional’s appraisal. Anything else, might have been a tad creepy of her. After all, she was a professional, and her fellow Officer deserved such respect and consideration, even if it was a wholly understandable and human reaction to appreciate her attractive form. And though she’d convinced herself to be a little more outwardly stoic, the humor presented to her made it too difficult to not respond with a bout of healthy laughter. It felt good to have genuinely positive interactions with people again, especially when she considered how close she’d come to treating a surly and non-cooperative Yridian, as poor Janteel had been forced to.

It was safe to say, that from the beginning, Kate felt comfortable around Tessa.

“Well...” Kate hesitated to expand upon the aspects of her past which had made her something of a pariah, reaching up to grab and lower down the lid of the scanner. Stepping back, she’d the approached the computer console and activated the deep-scanning phase of the examination, letting it do it’s thing; inside of said scanner, an ambient light shone rather brightly, as though the woman were engulfed in a tanning-bed. But light aside, there was no other hint or sensation of the scan as it proceeded. “...a lot of that treatment is probably fair. I uhh... made some pretty serious mistakes in my life.” The discomfort within her voice was evident, even as it barely managed to pierce the shell of the scanner lid. “I made something of a nasty reputation, and I kind of expected that reputation to have managed to find it’s way here ahead of me.” True enough, she’d expected tale of her ‘exploits’ as an addict to have circulated the crew prior to her arrival, thanks to her brother and his penchant for sabotaging every step she made in life.

As the results of the scanner began to compile for her, Kate’s suspicions of a minor tear within Tessa’s deltoid were confirmed. There were also a half-dozen other minor injuries that the woman had sustained, though they had all naturally healed over the course of time. Probably par for the course for someone in her line of work, the blonde Doctor imagined.

“I have a few personal interests, yeah.” She acknowledged after having retrieved a sub-dermal regenerator from a nearby cart. Approaching the bio-scanner, Kate waited until there was an audible chirp at the computer, signaling the completion of the scan. When it had, she hefted the lid open, she motioned for the other woman to sit up before gently placing the tool against her shoulder. “Scan looks good. You’re in perfect health, Lieutenant.” She explained, placing one of her delicate hands against Tessa’s arm as the regenerator did its thing. To her, it would feel like a soft little tingle within the muscle itself, as the tension of the fibers were unknotted, and smoothed away, until just an instant later the discomfort was gone entirely. “That should do it.” Kate said as she removed the device, stepping back to allow her fellow the room she’d need to climb off of the scanner.

“I thought I might do something right after we’re done. You’re my last patient for the day, and I could go for a little unwinding.”

After returning the tool to the cart, Kate went to the computer to sign-off on Tessa’s medical log that she was certified for all active-duty, with no limitations or restrictions. “It’s been a while since I’ve visited a holodeck, and Duncan told me they’re usually available this late in the evening.” Slipping off her white duty coat, Kate tossed it haphazardly over one of the tables, content to leave it there until the morning as she was utterly exhausted with the day. “Eleven sounds like the place for me, tonight.” She mused absently, in desperate need of a good drink, fun music, and a little dancing. Sensing there might have been a bit of confusion in Tessa, Kate pressed a hand against the back of her own neck ruffling her asymmetrical hair slightly.  “Sorry... it’s an old Earth nightclub. In Miami. A friend of mine gave me a copy of the program, and it’s become one of my favorites.” There was a realization for a moment, followed by a slight hesitance before Kate threw caution to the wind, and figured she’d try and establish something of a friendship with someone before word about her got out.

“I wouldn’t mind it if you were inclined to tag along.” She smiled tenderly, tilting the pate of her head just slightly as an invitation.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift


Tessa was intrigued by the other woman's story as she listened to her speak lying on the bio-bed. "Seems everyone has some baggage. I don't mind, honestly." She tried to reassure the good Doctor as she continued. "Hell, I spent a while in and out of therapy for some coping disorders. My mental state was shattered back to that of a child a while ago. I've only recently been of sound mind and body again. Feels great, to be honest, but I'd made a fool of myself during that time. I could still run my Valkyrie no problem but I had issues with the rest of my life."

She could feel Kate was a little apprehensive to delve into her past, at least right now so she decided changing the subject was a much better option at the moment. Before she could Dr. Foster had her sit up, remarked that she had a clean bill of health, and used the dermal regenerator on her shoulder. After the all-clear, she rubbed her shoulder and could feel a noticeable difference in it. The pain was gone and she was fit for duty again. "Thanks Doc! Feels a 1000 times better already."

"I thought I might do something right after we're done. You're my last patient for the day, and I could go for a little unwinding." the good Doctor said.

Curious, Tessa waited to see where this was going, despite having a slight inkling herself. Besides, likely she would have asked the Doctor after her exam anyhow. Funny how life works itself out sometimes.

Kate had mentioned how she wanted to go to the holodeck to unwind in a program called, 'Eleven'. She tilted her head in a slightly confused state but nodded as if she had a clue. Taking the subtle gesture, Kate explained that it's an old Earth nightclub in Miami, Florida. She also mentioned how a friend gave her a copy of the program, and it's one of her favorites. Seeing the doctor rub her neck told her it was stress and the need to unwind that made her want to go there to relax.

"I wouldn't mind it if you were inclined to tag along."

Excitement lit up Tessa's face and she felt the energy buzzing about at the thought of being invited to have some fun. Although not the same as the last time she met a colleague in the holodeck, it would be fun regardless. "Honestly? That'd be great! I love going out after hours to just let loose. Just be sure there are no weights or hammer throws... I can get a bit out of hand after drinking." She smirked. "Are you heading there now? I wonder if the Holodeck can change our uniforms to nightclub wear when we get there. I have some ideas about what I'd wear anyhow. Can you tell it's been a while since I've been to the club?"

She laughed at the last phrase as she finished putting her uniform back on the rest of the way. Zipping up the duty jacket over her whitish-gray tunic, she hopped off the exam bed and walked over to the doctor waiting for the queue to leave.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Medical Lab 02 | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

“I don't think the term 'Baggage' does justice when it comes to describing what’s lingering in my personnel file.” She admitted plainly, though still neglected to go into too fine a detail on the matter. Instead, she listened to Tessa explain some of what she’d been going through, and it did make Kate feel a little more comfortable with approaching the subject. In due time, maybe she would expand on that which had hampered her life, though it was certainly not a cheerful matted to explore in the here or now of their interaction.

“It sounds like you’ve really come to terms with it all, then.”

Offering a genuine smile in response to Tessa’s appreciation, the gesture was one that not every Officer made so readily, in fact many thought it unnecessary to thank her, or any of the Medical Staff for what was perceived as ‘routine’ work. In a sense, that little bit of everyday courtesy had been lost at some point during training back at Starfleet Academy, at least that’s what Kate had figured on the matter. All the same, this Tactical CONN pilot, of all people, who were often the brashest of the brash, and often times the crudest of the crude, had still managed to extend that common courtesy. Maybe Theurgy was different? Kate wondered for an instant as she closed out Tessa’s medical log, signing off with her personal approval to attest to the woman’s clearance for full active duty aboard ship, and off it, as she was likely inclined to be.

In truth, she was truly hopeful that the other woman would accept her offer, as the Chief Surgeon was still struggling to make friends outside of work. Sure enough, Kate got along well with the people she saw on a day-to-day basis in Sickbay, but they weren’t exactly the type that seemed interested in her outside of the confines of that professional environment. Janteel, as handsome as he was, preferred the company of men, and was something of a reserved person. Duncan was fun enough, but she was almost fifteen-years senior to Kate and had had a family waiting for her back on Earth, her partying days were well behind her by now. Courtland was the only member of her staff that was of the right age and preference to elicit any kind of interest, but as he was her immediate subordinate, it was wholly inappropriate of her to even approach such a subject. No, the simple matter of fact was, if Kate was going to make any kind of friends aboard Theurgy, she’d like needed to find them elsewhere, from other departments.

Maybe tonight, she’d make one from Tactical CONN, she considered.

“Great!” She exclaimed brightly as Tessa accepted her invitation, a slight fluttering of nerves in her stomach toying at her, but nothing that she couldn’t handle or deal with. If anything, it was just an early anticipation of getting to relax with someone else in her immediate company. Though as she looked herself up and down a moment, feeling a little less than clean given how long her day had been, and felt an insatiable necessity to get freshen up first. “I actually need to run back to my quarters for a few minutes; grab a quick shower, and what not. But if you want... say we meet up outside of...” pausing a moment, Kate held up one of her delicate fingers as she looked to the ceiling above and cleared her throat.

“Thea, are any of the Holodecks free at the moment?”

[Yes, Doctor Foster. Holodeck two is currently available.] came the sultry English accent of the ship’s AI as it responded.

“Would you please put in a reservation of it, for me?”

[Your reservation is made.]

"Thank you, Thea!” Kate answered happily, an excited smile crossing her face now as she looked back to Tessa. “, say twenty minutes, holodeck two?” Kate held her hands up so as to emphasize the proposal, after which she nodded to Tessa and motioned for them to adjourn temporarily so that the blonde Doctor could hustle back to her quarters, and get appropriately fixed up for their little impromptu escape from reality. After enjoying a much needed and refreshing shower, Kate slipped her lithe form into a modestly comfortable ensemble that was pretty much perfect for the kind of environment she was headed to, and which was hopefully appropriate enough so as to not scare off the woman who would accompany her. A little lipstick, and eyeliner later, she saw the time indicator on the console near her bed and swore loudly at how she close she was to running late. Thankfully, her quarters weren’t too far removed from where Holodeck 02 was located, and in fact was on the same deck.

[ Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

“Yes!” Kate exclaimed, after having passed one or two other crewmen on the short jog from her quarters to Holodeck 02, relieved that she’d managed to beat the other woman there, if even just barely. Catching her breath as she approached the doors which led into the facility, Kate punched up the program on the console just outside, and started it, though she would wait for Tessa to arrive before leading her inside. An instant later, she heard footsteps approaching and turned to greet said woman, beaming with outwardly evident enthusiasm and approval of how Tessa looked.

“Oh wow! You look awesome!”

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Medical Lab 02 | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift


The conversation was highly enjoyable to Tessa as she spoke with Kate. The encounter was akin to meeting an old friend again after much time had passed. She'd never had a doctor as a friend before but that could be a good thing she thought to herself. After all, doctors had to wear that professional facade' all the time where they couldn't really let loose as much as the rest of them, aside from the Captain that is.

Tessa was overjoyed at being invited to the club with her. It would be a fun time, especially before getting back in the thick of it all again. She hadn't really done anything out of the ordinary since her Academy days. Sure she'd let loose some on the Theurgy but she'd also not had the opportunity to really click with other female friends other than Samantha in recent days, other than her friend Jennifer at Mimas Station. This would be fun!

Kate sounded happy to have her along tonight. "I actually need to run back to my quarters for a few minutes; grab a quick shower, and what not. But if you want... say we meet up outside of..."

"No worries," she smiled back. "Truth be told, I could probably use one as well. I'll get dressed up too." She winked back as she heard Kate contacting Thea about the Holodeck's being free.

", say twenty minutes, holodeck two?"

"That sounds great! I'll meet you then!"

[ Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

Tessa of course was running late. She took too long to get an outfit picked out, well and to get back to her quarters too. She hoped she wasn't too late. She began a quick jog down the corridors towards the Holodeck. Some familiar faces looked over at her as she waved past them. Soon approaching where she saw Kate standing there already waiting for her. She looked stunning if she thought so herself.

"Sorry I'm late!" She said catching her breath. "I had a hard time picking out something to wear and I sort of dilly dally around when I am left on my own accord." Glancing at the doctor in civilian clothes, she could tell she desperately needed this too. "You look great by the way. It really shows off your fun side." Tessa said with a wink. "Shall we go inside? You might have to educate me on this. It's been a while since I've really let loose." She grinned sheepishly.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce 

It may have been a Tuesday night, rather than your more typical Friday or Saturday in which such an excursion was more traditional, but when every day you lived could be your last, given the extreme circumstances surrounding Theurgy and it’s crew, any night was a good night to let loose and have a good time. At least, that’s what Kate had told herself after having made the rather brazen selection of ‘Club E11even’ as her place to unwind after what was another doubly long shift spent doing rather mundane tasks in Main Sickbay. Maybe if her head was filled with loud music, and her eyes pierced by bright lights, she could escape the mind-numbing tedium of the ship, and the harrows of the reality in which she and everyone else existed. If not, then she could at least try and have a little bit of abject fun, with someone who seemed like they could use a bit of the same.

“No, you’re fine!” Kate reassured Tessa. “I uhh... actually kind of lost track of time myself, and just barely beat you here.” Her tangerine-gaze trailed down the slightly taller woman for a moment, settling on her shoes which drew a closer inspection from the Chief Surgeon. “Oooh! Those are fantastic!” she admitted absently, admiring the abstract and iridescent nature of the swirling design which covered their exterior. “I so need you to share me the replicator patterns of those!” blinking for a moment, she almost missed the compliment paid her way, and brought one of her delicate hands to the back of her neck in a little embarrassment at having been so easily distracted. “Sorry, and thanks!” Kate did a quick 360 for Tessa, which rather thoroughly displayed all of the tattoos that were distributed across the young Doctor’s lithe body; even the angel wing which dominated the area of her right shoulder blade, as it contrasted easily through the thin white-fabric of the t-shirt Kate had opted in wearing.

“I don’t get to dress down enough; though I imagine you know that yourself.” After all, Tessa was an Officer, same as Kate, and had to put forward that professionalism whenever necessary, which seemed to be all the time these days. As Tessa had hinted at heading in, Kate was just about to take that lead, when she stopped a moment to offer something of a forewarning to her. The first time she’d ever experienced this particular program, it was more than a little intimidating, not just due to how loud the music was, but also due to just how chaotic it could be inside. Most holodeck programs were designed to be far more relaxing in tone, this one, if anything was design to elicit excitement and energy from its patrons. “So, fair warning, this place can be kind of... like... intense.” That certainly seemed like the most appropriate word, without being too direct, or crass. Truthfully, Kate loved this program, but she could see how others might not have been as enthusiastic, especially given how tame modern sensibilities were.

That said though, she stepped closer to the doors until they parted. Immediately the two blonde officers, and in fact anyone within a hundred or so meters distance of the holodeck opening, were assailed by incredibly loud electronic dance music that was all the rage during the early 21st-century.

With a broad grin, Kate looked to her left at Tessa, then proceeded to step in through the parted doors, and onto the upper deck of ‘Club E11even’.

Music here: [Show/Hide]Surrounded by hundreds of holodeck recreations of a typical nightclub crowd, some dancing, others chatting, others engaging in far more illicit affairs; E11even was very much a product of the environment and era in which it had existed. The women were all beautiful, the men handsome and alluring; there were libations a plenty, and an all-consuming pulse of energy which seemed to reverberate within everyone. Looking back behind her, Kate extended her left hand out trailingly to help guide Tessa through the crowds, knowing it was easy to get separated. “I forgot how loud and crowded it is here!” she hollered back at the other woman; her voice barely audible as it was nearly lost among the uproar of the crowd as they were reacted to some kind of a show unfolding on the central stage downstairs. Kate of course knew what had elicited such a response from the crowd, but she was willing to let the same realization come as a surprise to Tessa, much in the same way it had come to her years ago.

"C’mon! I know the best way down! We can hang there!"

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift


Kate let Tessa know that how she barely made it before her, which was reassuring. She had such a hard time deciding what to wear being she'd never been to an Earth club before, let alone one from the 20th Century. The Doctor was mesmerized by Tessa's outfit and more specifically, her shoes.

"Oooh! Those are fantastic! I so need you to share me the replicator patterns of those!"

"Oh yeah! For sure! I have the originals in a locker back in my storage unit on Earth. They mirror a pair I had as a teenager."

Before entering, the doctor paused and turned back to Tessa. "So, fair warning, this place can be kind of... like... intense."

"Oh, no worries. I am a Lone Wolf after all. Loud sounds are my specialty." She winked before walking with her up to the doors. As she stepped closer to the doors, they parted and both of them were bombarded with the loudest music that Tessa at least had ever heard. Tessa saw Kate with a broad grin as they proceeded to step in through the parted doors, and onto the upper deck of 'Club E11even'.

This was certainly different for Tessa. Not having heard anything like this before or as loud. It wasn't as strange as she thought though. Despite the fact it was loud, but yet fun sounding, it seemed like back in the Academy with so many bodies buzzing about. Being surrounded by hundreds of holodeck recreations in Club 'E11even' was very lively.

She couldn't believe how many of the women were so beautiful, and the men handsome. It made something stir slightly in Tessa that she hadn't felt in some time. But the energy of the place was booming and made the adrenaline pump through her in a much calmer and ease friendly way compared to flying where the wrong move could be her last. Here, it was just...well, fun!

Kate extended her left hand out to help guide Tessa through the crowds, knowing it was easy to get separated. "I forgot how loud and crowded it is here!" she hollered.

Yelling back at Kate, "It is hard to hear! But it looks fun!" Tessa looked down at the central stage downstairs, not knowing what was going on down there. Kate apparently did as she had been in this program many times before. "I'm guessing you know what that is?" She said with a smirk, her lips slightly puffed out as she glanced at the other woman long enough to get a look before her golden eyes darted back to the stage.

"C'mon! I know the best way down! We can hang there!"

"Ok! Lead the way!"

They bumped into individuals drinking heavily and dancing, almost grinding on each other. Despite how hot Tessa found that her curiosity was to the stage as they walked down the stairwell, getting swamped by more of them along the way. The lights flashing overhead made it a little difficult to make out what was going on, well at least until they got closer to the front.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

The pounding pulse of the beat was fast and intense, and it surged throughout the atmosphere, everything and everyone with abject energy and life, accentuated by a strobing myriad of lights which were reacting in concert. It was a carefully orchestrated display of musical ambiance that was driving each and every last holographic nightclubbing representation into a frenzied need to bob their heads, sway their hips, and throw their hands into the air accordingly. For Kate, it was having a similar effect as her snaking trek through the numerous patrons began to feature a semblance of dancing in her own right. Her steps were deliberately in time with the rhythm, and the pate of her head began to lilt and swing in similar fashion. It was clear that she had let the feel of the energized dance space pervade deeply down to her core. “Yeah, it’s... a bit of a show!” she hollered back to Tessa as she continued to lead her toward one of a series of spiral staircases that lead down to the primary level of Clube E11even.

A bit of a show was something of a decided understatement, as Kate led Tessa down the stairwell, and thanks to the new vantage point it became clear what had driven the animated crowd into cheering so vividly a moment earlier. As on the rounded central stage, which was punctuated by a four-meter golden pole, a pair of stunningly beautiful and topless women were engaged in a rather overt display of sexualized dancing.

Kate’s tangerine-eyes momentarily transfixed on the pair of scandalous performers as she made her way down the last of the stairs and approached the periphery of the dense crowd which surrounded the central stage. She was content to watch for just a minute or so, admiring the gracefully alluring manner in which the pair worked in concert with and against one another as they gave everyone a delightfully suggestive show. Their bodies would intermingle and caress off of each other in a way which hinted at an obvious sexual tension, but which never reached a culmination. It was a show meant to tease the crowd as they watched and cheered. Some were happy to yell out and point in excitement whenever the sensuous ballet grew increasingly erotic, other were showering paper currency onto the stage foundation as a means of expressing their approval of the general tone of the display. Dancing a little in place as her subconscious was thoroughly intoxicated by the thrum of music, Kate appreciated the fact that though she’d been through this program before, she hadn’t yet seen this particular pair of dancers, or their show. The adaptive matrix of the program was what really made the program of note. It was progressively designed, meaning that no two visits were ever entirely the same. Sure, there was a general theme and rhythm which persisted, but the faces and the manner in which people moved was always adjusting and changing so as to be new to her, and anyone else that visited.

Still, this wasn’t exactly what Kate had in mind when she decided to punch up E11even tonight in the Holodeck tonight. Sure, it was a good bit of distraction, and Kate more than appreciated the overtly sexual nature of two beautiful women like those that were on the stage. But in the moment, she really wanted a drink, and to let some of her own rhythmic energy escape more completely upon the dancefloor. “I’m going to hit the dancefloor in a minute, but first I’m going to grab us a drink! Hang here a minute, yeah?!” she hollered to Tessa, as the slightly taller officer had come to stand just beside her at the periphery of the crowd. Not necessarily waiting for Tessa to respond, Kate left her side as she waded back into the dense crowd, headed to find the nearby bar which ran along one end of this particular room. And even though they were all composed of photonic light and forcefields, Kate still afforded playful smirks and even a bit of innocent flirty dancing with the members of the crowd which crossed her path. All part of losing herself in the moment and enjoying the respite of escape.

“Can I get two double-cranberry cosmos?” Kate hollered at the bartender program, who despite all the other patrons seemingly looking for service, came to her immediately upon stepping up to the counter. No doubt a part of the program, meant to ensure that those enjoying it could truly let loose. Turning back as the tender went about mixing the drinks, Kate turned back to watch Tessa as she was left alone, curious to see how she might have been fairing on her own. “Whoa!” Kate exclaimed absently as one of the two performers had wrapped her thighs around the pole, and lent back gracefully so as to accentuate the shape of her body, supported only by the strength of her thigh grip, while her fellow performer gave her a good shove, which spun her rather rapidly in a series of circles for everyone to admire. When the tap came to her shoulder from the bartender, she retrieved both of the cocktails in each of her delicate hands. “Thanks!” she acknowledged the bartender out of habit and stepped back into the crowd. Though her path back to Tessa was much easier to traverse this time, as the crowd seemed to part in advance of each step she made. Another wonderful bit of programming, which ensured that anyone who was real and carrying a beverage would be spared the annoyance of being bumped into, and spilling said beverage. A genius program, Kate remarked internally to herself as she closed proximity with Tessa once more, holding up one of the swirly-stemmed cocktail glasses which was filled with the chilled red synthehol refreshment.

“So, what do you think?!” She asked loudly, just as another uproar of cheer emanated in reaction to an acrobatically charged moment unfolding on the stage, prompting her gaze to shift away from Tessa out of instinct, and of curiosity.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift


Tessa stood in awe of the nightclub. She barely noticed Kate leaving her side as the woman went to get some drinks for the two of them. She could definitely see what the center of the complex was focused on. There were some beautiful women grinding on the poles as the crowd was loudly expressing themselves at the display. It was almost alluring to Tessa but she decided to stay focused on the party and her new friend in medical.

Turning about, she bumped into some of the handsome male holograms, and as enticing as she thought that might be, she decided that she needed some drinks in her before she could even think about getting close to them. Tessa twirled around a bit overcome with the scenery. It definitely wasn't something she'd ever been exposed to in the past. A lot of people, yes, but not a lot of people partying. Taking a step back she almost bumped into Kate who happened to have the drinks in hand. It was a swirly-stemmed cocktail glasses which was filled with the chilled red synthehol refreshment.

"So, what do you think?!" Kate asked her loudly.

Taking her drink and tasting the red liquid as she swirled it around in the glass, "It's different...It's just, I've never been to a nightclub before. It really is exciting but not sure where I should even begin. I mean these holo people certainly are gorgeous, but what do you enjoy most about diving in here. Drinks aside. And are we even able to get drunk from synthehol? I seem to find the stashes of the real stuff around the ship on occasion, but I feel like I could let loose given enough of the stuff."

She swayed her hips to the music subconsciously as she took another swallow of the beverage. Looking to the direction Kate was, she had an idea and wasn't sure how well it'd be taken. She smirked and lightly bumped her friend leaning closer. "So you hear the Lone Wolves are wild right? You ain't seen nothing yet!" Tessa began to head to the center stage, ripping her shirt, she made it into a halter and added a slit into her skirt. She began to step onto the platform, swallowed the rest of the cocktail and threw the glass as it shattered on the wall. Now things would get a little wild she thought as she looked around the room. Her meekness gone and replaced by an eery calmness as she tied off her shirt below her breasts, placed a hand on one of the poles and wrapped a leg around it.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

The swell of the crowd as it reacted in concert with the rhythm and beat was infectious, and Kate found herself unable to resist the urge to let it fill her up with an insatiable need to sway her hips and shoulders in accordance. The litheness of her slender legs and body, and the delicately sharp features of her eyes exhibited alluringly by the strobing pink and orange strobing lights, all while she let herself be consumed by energy and a need to just let loose. Were it not for the well-programmed adaptive AI as part of the simulation, she would have absolutely bumped into one of the other patrons on her way back with the pair of swirly-stemmed glasses. An occurrence which nearly befell her as she returned to the lone other real person, though they had avoided catastrophe.

Sipping at the ruby-colored cocktail, Kate beamed with excitement as she leant in closer to be able to hear Tessa as she answered her query. The realization that not only had she not experienced a nightclub like E11even, but any nightclub at all was surprising to hear. It also sparked a mission in Kate’s mind, to ensure that this was an experience that wouldn’t ruin the concept of clubbing for her fellow Officer, but rather ignite a lingering interest in it. After all, Kate was going to need a few friends who shared her interest in such an environment, and if she was being honest, she found herself hoping that Tessa would be one of them. The pilot seemed like she could be an absolute blast to be friends with, and someone whom she could maybe be comfortable around; the fact that she hadn’t outright bolted when the doors to the holodeck opened, and had even ventured this far spoke to an adventurous side. That was something that Kate had in end some herself, though seldom others were as open to new experiences, and E11even was certainly one of the more intense that someone could go through.

“Yeah, I know right?” Kate remarked in response to Tessa’s point about how attractive everyone around them was. Her tangerine-hued eyes straying away from the slightly taller blonde and settling on a nearby trio of dancing patrons: a crimson-haired woman with exotically tanned skin, nestled between a pair of exceedingly attractive men who were grinding and gyrating against her body with a ravenous appetite evident in their faces.

“I think mostly, I just enjoy the atmosphere of it. I mean, we’re surrounded by beautiful people, just trying to enjoy themselves, and have a good time. Like, however that good time happens to take shape, no one is shaming anyone for it. Y’know?” Kate took another swig of her double-cranberry cosmopolitan and shifted her focus back to Tessa. The confusion as to whether or not they could become ‘intoxicated’ under the auspices of synthehol was another surprise to Kate, who was starting to understand just how repressed Tessa’s personal life may have been. It brought a bright smile to her face, as she found herself taking up the mantle of responsibility for them both. It was utterly unfair that the poor girl had been starved of such proclivities, at least so it had seemed. “I mean, the real stuff is always better, but at least with synthehol you can cut loose a little, and not deal with a nasty hangover the morning after!” There were a lot of advantages to synthetic alcohol, or synthehol, as you could still experience almost all the benefits of traditional alcohol, without most if not all the disadvantages, most notably that a surge of adrenaline could cause its intoxicating effects to waver almost entirely.

It was also non-addictive, which was an important aspect for Kate, though she was relatively certain that so long as she could stave off her permanent addiction to Felicium, nothing else was even of note or merit.

“That’s it!” Kate remarked as Tessa began to give into the infectious rhythm of the music, her own hips starting to sway accordingly. A good start, she felt as her attention went back to the display unfolding on the central stage, her eyes transfixed on the erotic act as it was unfolding. However, her attention was soon brought back to Tessa, who bumped into her, and whispered a brag before she took off for the stage. Kate was confused for an instant, but it dawned on her what her friend was about to do, and Kate let her mouth go agape in a pleasant shock and surprise. The fabric torn free, exposing a good portion of skin, and wrapped neatly under and around Tessa’s midriff to accentuate the shapeliness of her lovely bosom. Kate ducked out of instinct as the empty cocktail glass was thrown haphazardly away, smashing against a near mid-wall. Immediately there was an uproar from the crowd as another beautiful woman took to the stage, the other two holographic performers reacting to Tessa’s presence as they went to entangle themselves with her. The three of them now all attached to the pole in one form or another, with Tessa situated in the middle of the threesome, the projected bodies pressing up against her own of actual flesh and blood.

Stunned by what she was seeing, Kate let out a little laughter before she downed the rest of her own drink and tossed it aside.

“YEAH! TESSA! WOOOOOOOOOOO!” Kate howled out in abject approval, as she watched the beautiful pilot starting to get into it.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift


Tessa was having the time of her life in the midst of the Holodeck program. Her inhibitions completely washed away as the synthehol took hold of her and the sound of the beat. She was enjoying herself. Also knowing her comrade, Kate, was enjoying the show made things even better to her. She proceeded to gyrate on the pole in the center stage as the holoprogram began to morph around her. Several other holographic women walked up to the pole and Tessa, proceeding to mimic her actions while also rubbing up on her.

Her midriff was slowly losing the battle with the movements as her now torn top, slinked down further on her body, showing a slight sight of not only cleavage but nipple. Tessa's face was in a very puffy pout as her lips pushed out and she showed off to the crowd. On the one hand she could hardly believe she was doing this but on the other she was just excited to have done something so outgoing and wild.

Motioning to her friend, who she heard yelling her name in the crowd of holographic people, she waved her closer to the stage. "Hey Kate! You're sure missing out on this great piece of art here." She said slyly as the program seemed to change again around them and the circumstances seemed a bit off. Tessa, still partially drunk was unable to fully grasp exactly what it was that was happening but it didn't seem lost on her newfound friend one bit.

The crowd began to disperse and was running a little more amuck than the program usually did causing Tessa to slow her dancing and stand at attention still slightly wobbling in place as the other holo women beside her ran off to the back of the stage.

"What happened? What is going on? Things were just getting warmed up too!"

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

Her hands held up in the air in accordance with the digital crowd which surrounded her at every turn, Kate let herself bounce on the balls of her feet in sync with the thrum of the beat, while she and everyone watched the alluring display unfolding before them on the center stage. She couldn’t believe how quickly her new friend had gone from zero-to-sixty, but she wasn’t about to stop her either. If anything, the manner in which she had sensed a deeply withheld need to let loose in Tessa, she was more inclined to cheer her on, and just see how crazy the girl could get. It wasn’t necessarily meant to take advantage of her, or the situation, rather more so a chance to really let Tessa just be whoever she wanted to be, without any judgements or reservations on Kate’s part. Sometimes you just wanted to throw caution to the wind and let the last of your inhibitions fade into the recesses of your mind. It was a freeing experience, and so long as you were with someone who could look after you and make sure you didn’t do irreparable damage, it was something everyone really needed to enjoy at least once in their lifetime.

Kate was determined to be that someone who could help Tessa really enjoy herself, but in a safe way.

Sure, it didn’t hurt things that Tessa was the kind of beautiful company that Kate found herself more than interested in, and she found herself also enjoying the way in which Tessa was letting go; but her intentions were mostly on the level, if not entirely. Still, as Tessa was getting into the act of dancing with and against the sexually aggressive female strippers, while letting more of the curves of her body be exposed by movement, Kate felt the nobility of her intentions starting to waiver for just a moment, and she bit at her lower lip accordingly. A thought to join Tessa on the stage, tearing off her own top and likewise tossing it with abandonment crossed her mind, but before she could make such a move to expose the upper-half of her body in full, there was a flickering of the program which wasn’t a result of strobe-lights or the rhythmic thrum of the beat. Blinking in confusion, Kate wondered if it was just a momentary glitch in the system, but when it happened a second time, and then a third in quick succession, she realized that something was wrong with the holodeck.

“Thea?” she called out, though there was no response from the AI, whom regardless of all the noise and music, should have been responsive to the prompt.

Tessa, lost to the moment, didn’t seem to notice that the crowd was starting to phase out, and dwindle in numbers at a hastened rate. Whereas there had been nearly three-hundred patrons crammed into Club E11even, there were now only fifty, give or take a few. Even the dancers on the stage, whom Tessa had been engaged with had disappeared. Then the music suddenly stopped, and as the deafening silence settled in, Kate wondered what would happen next, though before she could say a word everything went black, and she felt a pair of strong hands take a grip of either of her shoulders, forcing her away from where she had been standing. “Hey! What the... Thea?!?” she hollered out through the black hood which had been thrown over her head. “Thea, end program!” she cried out to no avail as she felt herself hefted off of her feet by someone and could hear footsteps against the floor leading her somewhere else. “Hey! Tessa?! Hey! Fuck... let me go you asshole!” She protested.

At the same time, another figure had approached Tessa from behind, and thrown a similar black hood over her head to obscure the world from her. Their strong hands grabbing at her arms in an attempt to shuffler her along in a similar path that Kate had been taken.

"Shut up!" ordered a strong male voice. "You're going to see the boss!"

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift
Tessa stood in shock as she saw the holodeck take a new form around her in the club. No longer was it fun and carefree but a place of uncertainty. She stood watching as Kate was approached by a large burly male who grabbed her shoulders and placed a black fabric over her face before dragging her off. Shock began to set in as she tried to leap forward, only to be grabbed as well from behind. The distance hindered her from seeing what the individuals looked like who bagged Kate but she saw something resembling an old suit on the arm that grabbed her before she lost her sight to the knapsack.

"Kate!? Kate! What is going on here?!" Confusion set in as she was prepared for the club but not the abduction. Something in her core made her realize that this was not meant to happen in the slightest. She allowed the brute to drag her away with little resistance as her mind refocused using some Vulcan meditation techniques. Drawing inward, she began to internalize the information that was presented so far. Incidents like this had happened in the past on other holodecks such as that of the Enterprise D, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. Although the technology was great when it worked as advertised, there were plenty of glitches that came from them.

The sounds changed albeit gradually as she could hear the hallways changing around her as she began to hear Kate yelling at the cretins as she too was dragged closer and tied to a chair. The air was chilled, which come to think of it, made the whole tearing her clothes apart before seem really stupid right about now. "You done manhandling me so I can put on a fresh shirt?" she said to no one directly.

It was at that moment a deep, smooth yet menacing voice chimed in and began to laugh at her current predicament. "Hmph. I ratha' like you like this sweetcheeks. You an' your friend 'ere will make a fine addition to my establishment 'ere." He nodded to his associates who tore the hoods off the women to allow them to finally see who they were dealing with.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

Brought back to the world suddenly as the means of obstructing her view was torn from her head rather sharply, Kate blinked a few times as her tangerine-eyes readjusted to the brightness of what was apparently a room somewhere in the back of Club E11even. Her arms were bonded at the wrists behind her, and she was firmly planted in a chair alongside her lovely companion on the evening, who was equally as lost by what was going on, and only gradually starting to come back to her sense of wit as the effects of synthehol wore off. “Computer? Thea?” Kate tried once more to raise the shipboard AI, so as to put an end to whatever malfunction had occurred within the program, but there was no response. Her face contorted with confusion, she laid gaze upon the man who was evidently in charge, and who spoke with an odd accent that seemed severely misplaced in the 21st-century setting in which this program took place.

“Who da hell is dis, Thea? Hmm?” he asked, his eyes darting back and forth between the two blonde women, when no answer came he gave a look to one of his goons, who stepped forward and wrapped a massive hand around Kate’s throat, and constricted it tightly in an attempt to intimidate her.

“Ahhn! What the... alright, stop!” she protested, her neck wrenched rather unpleasantly by the burly underling. Something had gone severely awry with the holodeck and judging by the relative pain that the claw-like hand around her throat was causing, Kate realized that perhaps safety-protocols had been disengaged as part of the glitch. That made her worry. “Okay... okay!” she blurted out, causing her man-handler to release his grip of her lithe neck, and take a step back with satisfaction. Despite the ache it caused, Kate flicked the asymmetrical tuft of blonde hair which had draped across the right side of her face, and she looked to her left at Tessa with a genuine sense of concern, before looking back to their lead captor. “What... what do you want from us?” she asked, hoping that maybe they could stall for time, and hopefully prevent any real bodily harm from befalling them by cooperating. “We’ll... umm, do it. Just... just don’t hurt us, yeah?” she pleaded, hating herself for how she deliberately played up her feminine wiles in an attempt to appeal to their baser instincts. Of course Kate wanted to fight, and rage against these goons and their boss, but she knew she couldn’t in good conscience risk Tessa’s health. No, it was better to play along for the moment, and later on, they could make some kind of attempt to escape whatever this was.

“Dats’ more like it!” exclaimed the boss, with a grin crossing his fat ugly face as he looked to his two goons with appreciation. “How bout’choo, baby? You gonna fall in like your girlfriend here? Huh?” he asked Tessa, pointing an accusatory finger at her.

Kate gritted her teeth in frustration as she glared at the man before them.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift


She watched as her friend was being somewhat responsive to the gangster's demands, but Tessa could tell that Kate was not being honest either just in the short time they'd gotten to know each other. The henchmen grabbed Kate as the boss headed towards her. Tessa wanted to be frightened but not totally grasping that the safeties were off, she thought to push things a bit.

"How bout'choo, baby? You gonna fall in like your girlfriend here? Huh?" he asked Tessa, pointing an accusatory finger at her.

Feigning ignorance, she pulled her head back and motioned as much as she could in a coy manner. "Who, me? I would never dare to question you, ugh, what did you say your name was?" The benefits of being a woman and a fighter meant that Tessa was ready for most types, and especially with her mental discipline from the Vulcans, she was really in tune with the situation.

The creep smiled a disturbing, yet happy to hear she was willing, he responded. "Name's Mizter F to you."

"What does the 'F' stand for? Fucker?" she said before bellowing out a laugh to somewhat disorient the mobster. It was working as he was distracted and slapped Tessa drying a little blood from her plump lips. She smirked, "Sorry, I just thought that's what it meant....and maybe I was thinking..." She gave pouty lips back at him. Not wanting to further damage the situation and to butter him up, Tessa nodded in compliance and quieted down for the moment at least to protect Kate who was silently communicating with Tessa that she was ready to attack if she was.

Tessa leaned in as if to kiss the gangster, to which he was awestruck. As she leaned, she pulled her shirt down, full tits on display as she busted him in the balls and then uppercut him in the mouth. As he tumbled down, Tessa grabbed his sidearm and shot the two closest henchmen directly holding Kate. In all her years, that mental resolve never has happened before. The reflexes surprised her. Something innate activated and she sprung into action quicker than she could think. Quickly she de-shirted one of the men and put it on to cover her bare chest.

She leaned down and grabbed a gun, what looked like some olden type of Earth pistol, and tossed it to Kate who grabbed it. "Sorry, I'm not even sure what the hell that was but I lost it and not a moment too soon. Unless the Holodeck is also messing with us in some way that is. Weird." She waited to see what Kate thought and what they should do but they needed to move fast.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

While it was true that Kate was far less prone to bouts of aggressive physicality, at least outside of the bedroom anyway, the blonde surgeon had more than proven her surprising meddle during the Dominion War, specifically the Siege of AR-558 when she would routinely charge with determination into the fray of battle to treat and care for her wounded comrades. But, in comparison to someone who specialized in fighting, like say Tessa Lance, Kate may well have been helpless.

So it was, when the other blonde reacted in surprise fashion against their would-be captors, after of course having lulled them into a compromised state with doe eyes and a little sweet talk, that Kate found herself a little taken aback at how easily Tessa had overcome her own bonds without any protestation from the captors. In fact, she very nearly failed to notice the fact that Tessa had bore more of herself, though Kate would have had to have been blind not to notice the lovely display of her full bosom. Distracted in kind, she blinked as a whirlwind activity unfolded in an instant, resulting in the ‘Boss’ being knocked unconscious, and the loud bang of two gunshots ringing out as the pilot dispatched the goons before they even had a chance. “Whoa!” she exclaimed, tangerine-eyes glancing about the room awestruck before she turned back to watch the now truly topless Tessa clear and secure the room with surprising alacrity. It was then, that by sheer happenstance that Kate had tugged a little against her own tied bonds, and they gave way as though she had rather deftly escaped them in some sort of trick of the trade. Holding her hands in front of her, Kate wondered if maybe the program that had bled into hers, had some sort of an easy-mode activated, which would have explained how readily they were overcoming obstacles before them.

Still, given the way her face had stung when slapped earlier, she could also only presume that safety protocols were inactive.

“Umm... so that was, like... totally badass.” Kate complimented Tessa as she put on a shirt to cover up. Surprised by the firearm tossed at her, Kate nearly dropped it before giving it an unsure look. It wasn’t that she didn’t like weapons, it was that she wasn’t entirely sure of how this particular one operated. Grasping what was a chrome-plated Taurus PT92 by the grip, she threaded a finger through the trigger housing a little tenuously, and in fact accidentally applied too much pressure, firing a wayward shot which struck a nearby cocktail glass, scaring Kate half to death as she yelped in accordance. Affording an apologetic glance, Kate cradled the firearm in her hands a little more attentively. “No, don’t umm... don’t apologize. You kicked their asses. I think... maybe there’s something wrong with the program though, obviously, because this is not supposed to be happening. I’m not pulling one over on you, I swear.” A moment later she stepped over closer to her companion, looking about with an obvious sense of nervousness to her.

“I uhh... also think safety protocols aren’t active anymore. When that... dude... slapped me, it definitely stung a little more than it should have. So... y’know, be careful.” She remarked, swallowing down in awkwardness at the fact that she had just an instant earlier had an accidental discharge of her gun.

“What the fuck is going on, over there?!?! Boss!?!?” came a voice as a flurry of footsteps could be heard approaching from the corridor just beyond the doorway, and instinctively Kate raised her gun and with her tangerine-eyes half closed she squeezed the trigger once, twice, three times in the general direction of the doorway. Three loud bangs rang out, and falling through the doorway was the next henchmen, a trio of crimson wounds to his chest visible as he flopped to the floor.

Shocked by the fact that she had so easily just killed one of their attacked, Kate looked at the body, then her gun, and then back to Tessa before giving a little shrug of her shoulder. “Beginner’s luck?” she added, before nodding to Tessa as hint that maybe the pilot would be better served taking the lead. “Let’s uhh... get out of this back room, yeah? Then we can try and figure out how to get out of this mess.”

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Surprised by Kate's bonds basically falling off after the goons were subdued, Tessa stared in awe as she was then told how she was, 'bad ass'. Tessa smiled and blushed slightly as she put the shirt on, which was sure to cover everything up as well as could be in this situation. Never know, the trick might work twice she thought internally.

Tessa held a Walther PPQ pistol in her hands which was actually a rather beautiful handheld, especially when compared to a standard-issue phaser. She loved the feel of the smooth metal in her hand. Phasers just weren't this...what was the word for it? Elegant?

The remarks over safeties startled Tessa as she wasn't expecting that to be a factor. "So you mean...the safeties have been inactive since the program went AWOL?! I just did all that and could have died? Wow, this is heavy." She said clasping a hand on her chest and forehead as the realization fully hit her.

"What the fuck is going on, over there?!?! Boss!?!?"

The shock was still in Tessa's eyes as her friend stood beside her and pulled the trigger not once, but three times into the direction of the doorway. She held her breath as she saw the man fall through the doorway with bullet holes on his chest. The thud was loud though and that scared Tessa more than anything else.

The look on Kate's face was of surprise as she glanced at the man, the gun, and finally Tessa. Tessa chuckled as Kate said beginner's luck.

"Let's uhh... get out of this back room, yeah? Then we can try and figure out how to get out of this mess."

Tessa noted she was to take the lead which was actually kind of cool in her mind, not having been given this chance before. Her excitement level was on point as was some of her Vulcan resolves. "Sounds good! I am sooo hoping we run into this guys' boss since I knocked the one here out." She looked quizzically at Kate before talking again as they tip-toed out of the room and into the hallway. "Does this remind you of some old Earthan video? What did they call them? T-V shows or movies? It feels like something with that but we're missing something I can't quite put my finger on."

She held her gun in hand and posed standing next to the doorway in her new shirts, which were oddly fitting. She stood peering around the corner which was oddly silent. She turned and smiled back at Kate as she bolted down the hall, gun held low ready to pull up and fire if needed. An open garage door was further down and a nice automobile was outside. Tessa knew this was going to be fun as she ran towards it, grabbed the door and saw the keys in the ignition. "Ready to go?"

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

Kate cradled the chrome firearm in her delicate hands a little unsurely, though she knew it was likely her best and only means of defending herself in this clearly compromised holodeck program. Plus, she wasn’t just responsible for her own life, but also to a modest extent the life of the far more combat capable blonde pilot that had been serving as her guest this evening. “What I’d give for a phaser.” She mused in opposition to the thoughts which Tess had had regarding her projectile firearm, as Kate much preferred the familiarity of the energy-based weapon. “Umm... yeah, kind of? I think. All I know is, this is definitely not supposed to be happening as part of Club Eleven.” Kate fell in behind Tessa, walking carefully so as not to disturb anything and potentially alert anyone to their approach, or startle the other woman. She’d read of ‘T-V’ in some old historical documents, as well as some of the companion guides to some of her favorite romance holonovels, which had apparently been adapted to holodeck format from that medium. “It feels like we’re stuck in some kind of a cheesy action holonovel or something.”

Kate stopped when Tessa did, looking over her now shirted companion, and was appreciative of the fact that she was there to help her through this. It wasn’t that Kate was helpless, but she more than knew how important it was to have someone who knew this kind of fracas better than the Chief Surgeon of a Federation Starship.

When they later emerged into an open garage, Kate took a moment to look over the vehicle, and admire it’s beautiful lines and sleek appearance. Was it a shuttle of some kind? No, it was a road conveyance she realized, given that there were street tires. “It’s... an automobile.” She acknowledged, once more remembering having read of them, and how they dominated the streets of Earth cities during the 20th and 21st centuries. Watching Tessa climb into the left side of the vehicle, Kate followed suite and after fumbling for a means to open the door for a minute, she opted to instead climb in through the open window, slipped in her long slender legs first, then plopping down into the leather seat next to Tessa. “Umm...” she looked around the black interior and noticed a pair of crossed flags on the dash in front of her, one checkered, the other red with a strange ‘t’ design on it. “...oh, it’s designation is umm... Corvette? Or is that the class?” she shrugged, looking back to Tessa who was behind the wheel.

“I take it you’ve piloted one of these before?” she asked.

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Tessa heard the remark about a phaser beside her and thought about it for a moment. "Honestly, there's something sort of cool about having a pistol over a phaser. Phasers are able to be channeled for longer or shorter damaging bursts. Pistols are more or less always finite in their shot if you have ht right aim. Plus, they're very stylish." Tessa posed with her Walther PPQ in her hand and pointed it at the car and then again into the air.

"I could honestly get used to having one of these." She smirked.

The hotrod red automobile was a beautifully sleek, yet elegant design for speed. She looked at the rear of the vehicle and sides. "It appears to be a Chevrolet Corvette. These are super nice cars from what I've read. I've never driven a car before but hopefully, it will be easy to drive." Her hand touched the smooth finish of the sides of the automobile as she admired its beauty. "I might have to get one of these when I get back home." She smiled in a kiddish grin.

Her compatriot climbed in the vehicle through the window and Tessa saw a slight opening near the door frame and touched it. The door clicked open and she pulled the rest of the way. "So, that's how that works, hehe."

Tessa sat down, slid her bottom over the smooth, warm, leathery seats, and slid her legs in over the foot pedals. She heard Kate remark of the make and model but also inquiring if she'd ever driven one before, which she hadn't.

"I honestly haven't, but I want to now. Just gotta figure out how to start it...hmmm." She looked around and tried to figure out the antiquated controls compared to the tech of the 24th century. She tried moving the steering wheel, and then when that didn't work, she started from the left and started pressing all the controls. She found lights and the wipers quickly as it startled her when the wipers went across the glass. She chuckled and looked sheepishly at Kate before she pressed the wheel which honked and again startled her.

Finally, she pressed the rectangular button with a red circle in the middle and the engine fired to life! "Wow! You can feel the power in this thing!" She put her hands on the wheel, grabbed the clutch, and put the car in drive. They were off and not a moment too soon as some bigger almost shuttlecraft looking boxes on wheels headed their way quickly but not as fast as the Corvette. Suddenly a screen popped on with a bald, white male with a British accent. He almost resembled Captain Picard or Dr. Zimmerman's EMH. The proper British accented voice popped on the center display.

"Alright Gems, your mission is to intercept the boss named King and rescue the scientist who has developed a machine that can be placed in the back of the neck to suppress the person and allow for hive mind control. Retrieve the scientist and destroy the hive facility to deactivate the implants. Then deposit the good scientist at the safe house and you're mission will be over for now.  Chuck out."

The display blacked out and was replaced by a map. "Looks like we have our mission to finish and we can get out of here."

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

“A what Corvette?” she asked as Tessa made mention of the automobile’s manufacture, a little unfamiliar with the history of motor-vehicles which had dominated the landscape of the 20th and 21st. “I mean... it’s definitely got a pretty sexy look to it. Like if a woman with good taste took a chance at designing a shuttlecraft.” She mused, her tangerine-hued eyes glancing about the car’s interior before watching Tessa search for the means to get it moving. Likewise, Kate peered over the various controls there, and when Tessa found the right one, the V-8 engine surging to life as a result, the petite blonde surgeon jumped in fright at the enormity of the racket it caused. “Whoa!” there was a sense of amusement to her tone however, and a broad smile which crossed her face in acknowledgement of how powerful it sounded.

“Yeah, I kind of like it.” There was a playful admittance to her voice, which transitioned into giggling as one of her hands went to her chest so as to calm herself a little.

“Oh shit!” was all that could escape her as Tessa slammed on the accelerator and the Corvette took off like a bat out of hell down the road, tires screeching loudly as the engine roared to life like a lion, leaving a puff of white tire smoke in their wake. Fumbling to clutch for anything to hold onto, one of Kate’s hands found the doorframe, the other slapped against Tessa’s thigh and gripped it almost claw like out of necessity. A moment later, when the momentum caught up with her, she released her grasp of her friend’s leg with an obvious hint of embarrassment manifesting in her face in the form of a blushed tone. “Sorry.” She commented, reaching to grab onto one of the cabin’s many ‘oh-shit’ handles which were provided. Soon though, the small screen on the dash flickered to life, and a bald man oddly reminiscent of a famous Starfleet Captain that Kate had read about appeared and began to speak as though he were addressing both of its occupants with familiarity. He outlined a clearly contrived and convoluted mission for the pair of them, and though Kate had a mind to raise questions, he signed off before she could.

“Umm... you got it, Chuck?”

Still, despite how haphazard this whole thing was, she couldn’t deny feeling a little bit of an adrenaline rush, and excitement. Her chrome pistol in hand, she watched as Tessa guided the car with surprisingly skill down the streets, turning onto a busier one packed with other vehicles. The streets themselves were lined with brilliantly beautiful neon lights, which outlined the shape of buildings, hotels, and casinos. Kate hadn’t ventured to Miami before, but wondered if it really was this beautiful at night. “Yeah, it sounds like it.” She responded with a modicum of raised volume, as the wind blowing in through the open windows, and the roar of the engine mandated it. “What do you think any of these buttons do?” she asked, pressing a few of the center console switches until one of them blinked the screen back to life, and the blaring sound of music began to reverberate throughout the small cabin, though rather than that of a pulsating dance beat, it had an almost anticipatory tone to it.

And almost as if on cue, there came the sound of tires screeching as a larger white box shaped vehicle swerved out onto the road beside Tessa and Kate, nearly careening into them as a result. “Whoa! Watch out!” Kate hollered to Tessa. As the van settled in next to them, and the swell of music seemed to match perfectly, out of the side of it a man wearing a face cover of some kind leaned out and pointed a firearm of some kind at them and opened fire, spewing a cacophony of bullets into the side of the red Corvette, yet none of the shots seemed to penetrate through it. Screaming in shock at the attack, Kate scrambled to duck down to her left, pressing her face into Tessa’s lap in a bit of a panic.

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As Tessa put the speedy vehicle in motion, she wasn't ready for the fast take off. It definitely was a fast automobile. Whereas shuttles or starships didn't feel these types of force, it was a welcome feeling. The adrenaline flushed through her as she steered quickly almost to the point of sliding the car horizontally when passing other vehicles. It was a thrill to her and felt much like a Valkyrie in some regards despite the antiquated propulsion and lack of weaponry.

She could tell that Kate was impressed too by the Corvette's power as she looked over and saw the other woman's face lit up with excitement too. Tessa felt Kate's hand grasp tightly on her upper thigh, which for some might be too close for comfort, but secretly, it didn't bother Tessa in the slightest. She even noted how she sort of liked it despite it being an impulse from the good doctor to not fly face forward into the dashboard despite the safety restraints. If they didn't have parted chests already, the speed would have almost certainly cut their breast in two from how the sudden bursts of speed felt.

Tessa heard Kate's muffled sorry above the engine's roaring and she smiled back at her embarrassed friend. "No worries. I don't mind."

The car swiftly cut in and out of traffic with the precision that Tessa had only dreamed of having with her Valkyrie. The only downside to this car was that it wasn't spaceworthy. This might be a fun car to revisit in the future she thought. The street was beautiful though. Lights of every color, neon, regular, motion, they all lit up the night sky. "So this must be why they never saw the stars..." she mused to her friend. "They had such magnificent colors down here the whole time."

Catching the words Kate had spoken about the buttons, and as she pressed them, almost on queue, the holodeck program progressed to the next stage of the storyline they were currently stuck in. She saw the white shuttle cars driving fast behind her. Although they were no match for the Corvette, but still she needed to be careful. The bullet fire behind the car grazed the red paint ever so slightly on the surface. The bulletfire fortunately didn't penetrate the vehicle but it could have. This must be heavily armored she thought.

Tessa felt Kate's face plant into her lap and held herself there while Tessa drove faster. She looked down quickly and noticed how cute Kate looked despite being almost panic-stricken. She patted the poor woman's head and drove faster yet getting in front of the white van. She glanced at the controls on the dash and cycled through the visual touchpad which displayed something called "Other". She pressed it and saw a plethora of special functions now available.

"Handprint authorization" the screen chirped. Tessa placed the hand that was on Kate's head and the screen unlocked to her. It was there she found the control for grease slicks and it let loose some slimy oily substance that caused the vans behind to lose control. She accidentally hit something in the road and the car bumped, as did Kate's head into her lap again and there was a spark in the road which ignited the slick. Looking in her rearview, the vans behind her lit up like a Christmas tree, and debris went all over the place.

No longer in pursuit, Tessa slowed down enough to let Kate back up in her chair. "Are you okay? I was getting worried about you. Hope my lap was a nice cushion for the impact!" She winked back at her friend. The digital map blipped back on and they'd arrived at their next destination and from the looks of it, the final one. It was a huge mansion.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

Affording Tessa a somewhat bashful smile after releasing her vicelike grip of the woman’s thigh, Kate likewise found herself once more oddly allured by her blonde comrade, though she figured there was definitely an ounce of adrenaline induced attraction at play given the situation they had somehow wound up in. Sure, Tessa was stunningly attractive by any standard, but it was more so her confidence under fire, the bravado and sureness that she was exhibiting which really struck true to Kate’s personal fancy. Truthfully, she had only hoped to spark a new friendship with Tessa as a result of the evening but could now imagine how it might be difficult to remain objectively so, without resorting to her naturally impulsive tendencies and crossing a line. She wondered if it was even possible at this point, given the relatively strong presence that Tessa now represented to Kate.

Thankfully, the slightly awkward moment passed when the car dash had opened to brief the two of them.

“It really is beautiful.” She admitted, the tangerine-hue of her eyes lighting up as though they were literally aglow due to the way the neon lights would glint off of her most notable personal features.

Moments later, after Kate had accidently started some appropriate up-tempo chase music, and as each of the fired bullets impacted with an audible ‘thud’ against the passenger side door, Kate had instinctively tried to be as small as possible, covering her head with her hands so as to protect herself. It was a good chance, that even if safety protocols hadn’t been disabled, that she’d still have panicked in such a fashion. Sure, Kate had run into battle before, even courageously so, but she had had plenty of time to work herself up to that back then. Everything as it was happening now, was doing so in such a hasty fashion that she had little chance to really get in the right frame of mind. Instead, she found herself reacting to it all, and as such she had dove for the only cover afforded to her, winding up rather embarrassingly with her face in Tessa’s lap and screaming like a scared little girl.

As Tessa comforted her, having clearly found surprising calmness in such a tenuous situation, Kate realized how pathetic she was acting in response and hated herself for it. But before she could effectively pull her face away from Tessa’s lovely thighs, there came a rather harsh bump in the road which caused her instead to quite literally smash the lower half of her face against the poor pilot’s right leg, leaving a rather noticeable outline of Kate’s red lipstick against it. When the sound of the explosions seemed to fade, and it seemed safe again, Kate pulled her head from Tessa’s lap rather sheepishly, blushing beet red at the horrifying recognition of how she had been acting, and hoping that Tessa might not notice the perfect imprint of Kate’s lips still lingering on the periphery of her inner right thigh.

“Umm... I uhh, sorry.” She struggled to explain, bringing a delicate hand to her mouth as a bout of laughter escaped her. Utterly and completely embarrassed, she couldn’t escape how absolutely hilarious it was at the same time. “I’m fine. I’ll umm...” stifling her laughter, she spun about the cabin finding her gun, and brandishing it a little more confidently. “...I’ll do better this time, I swear. Thanks for the cushion.”

Giggling a little, Kate peered out of the car ahead of them, biting her lip in anticipation of where their adventure might lead next.

"What do you think this 'King' is like?"

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