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Day 20 [1900 hrs.] Diving Deeper

[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Porgh’s Workshop | Aldea Prime Orbital Shipyard | Aldea ] Attn: @Brutus

Standing there, looking at herself in the mirror, Mickayla couldn’t deny, the armourer did good work. The man had been recommended to her by Captain Ruzaxo by way of a thank you and, possibly against her better judgement, Mickayla had accepted the offer of armour made for her. She had come and been measured before her trip to Aldea’s north pole and upon her return from that frigid pit, had found a message letting her know that the work was complete. Now she stood here, admiring her new look.

“What do you think?” Porgh asked from his position off to the side.

“I think it feels good,” Mickayla admitted. Even with the glaringly large gap that highlighted her cleavage, Mickayla felt comfortable in the Klingon garb; more so than she thought she would, or had done, when borrowing a set from Ganari aboard the Kut’luch. Porgh had explained to her that that style of armour was more for show, a form of dress armour in a sense. The closed in style that Ganari had worn was the practical version for combat. “What do I owe you?”

“Nothing,” Porgh replied in a gravelly voice which had taken Mickayla a bit to understand was just his natural tone and not a reflection of his feelings. “Captain Ruzaxo has taken care of it. And he left a message for you.”

“He did?” Mickayla responded, forcing down her nervousness. Ruzaxo had offered to investigate the identity of her father and Mickayla had accepted the offer. Now, she waited to see if the old Klingon could find out anything.

“Yes,” Porgh continued. “He said that the weapons programs he suggested should be arriving tomorrow.”

“Ah, thanks,” Mickayla acknowledged, releasing the breath she hadn’t realised she’d held. “I was starting to wonder if he had forgotten about them.”

“Captain Ruzaxo never forgets,” Porgh preached in a reverent tone. “Did you wish to change back into your uniform?”

“No,” Mickayla answered after thinking for a moment. “I will wear this back to the ship.”

“Very well. I will have your other set package up and delivered for you,” Porgh said, moving off and leaving Mickayla alone. With a last look in the mirror, the Starfleet Security Officer bundled up her uniform and left the workshop, her mind going over all the messages and deliveries she was expecting. Weapon training programs and news about her ancestry from Captain Ruzaxo. Armour from Porgh. And, hopefully, a reply from the message that she had sent off before leaving the ship. A request to use the bathtub that Faye Eloi-Danvers had offered her.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 

Elsewhere in the Aldean system, Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers contemplated a cup of tea before her, cradling the stoneware vessel in both of her hands. Steam wafted the faint scent of lavender towards her nose, which she slowly breathed in, while savoring the warmth seeping through the earthenware walls of her cup. The heat was welcome, helping her to relax as much as the flavor and scent. This was a tea her mother always took in the evenings, before bed, having it imported from Earth. Faye couldn't quite manage that feat; she had checked just to see if there might be some on the planet they had been in orbit of for almost three weeks, but to no avail (though she had found an excellent Cardassian red-leaf blend, oddly enough, as well as few choice local varieties). Though 1900 hours was not all that late in the ships night, it had been a long shift for the young Ensign, and she was looking forward to the evening to relax.

While she regretted that her paramour had a shift that evening, and thus would not be around to share the moments before slumber with Faye, the lithe woman padded across her quarters, cup in hand, with a grin on her face, and slid herself down at her work station. She sipped the sweetened brew and licked her lips, holding the cup against her chest as she re-read the message that she had received earlier in the day, as well as her reply. Riley might not be on hand for a romantic evening in, but it seemed that Faye would not be alone the entire night. She had made a promise some days back while on a trip to the Aldean surface for shopping and relaxation, and it seemed like the recipient was finally willing to collect on it.  The security officers request had almost seemed shy to Faye, though she knew there was every chance that she was projecting her impressions of her friend's behavior when they had last seen each other onto the message itself. Short and to the point however, the other woman had asked to make use of the tub that Eloi-Danvers still had access to.

The owner of the said tub was more than happy to oblige. The message she sent in return had been equally brief and to the point.

From: Ens. Eloi-Danvers, Faye.
To: CPO MacGregor, Mickayla.
Subject: Re: Bathtub


I'd be delighted to have you over tonight. Its a bit of a whirlwind day here in the diplomatic side of the ship, and I'd love to have a friendly face around this evening to relax with. You're absolutely welcome to make use of the tub. It really is a delight, I promise. I'll have it all ready for whenever you arrive, as long as it's after 1800 hours. I won't be off shift until at least then.

Looking forward to seeing you!

She giggled a bit at the message, feeling almost like a schoolgirl again trying to line up a sleepover. Realistically she'd be in for a bit of chatting and catching up with the non-commissioned security officer, most importantly to see how she was continuing to adjust to her new self, in the wake of her 'correction' by the Savi. Faye wasn't a counselor like Lt. Williams or Ens. Seren, but there was an overlap in skill set and the telepath had picked up a thing or two that had concerned her about the woman that had been assigned to keep her safe on a previous excursion to Aldea. So she was quite eager to reconnect with the newly minted full-blooded Klingon and see how she was doing. Having a chat while the other woman soaked in Faye's over sized tub - which was even now sitting ready, steam warming the whole of her quarters - was just the kind of relaxing evening the Ensign needed.

When her door finally chimed, the dark haired woman pushed her chair back and rose to her bare feet, quickly padding across the room to answer. She paused just long enough to adjust the flowing white robe that she wore. Loose though it was, the garment still managed to cover everything, belted at the waist. Satisfied that she wouldn't spill out of it (not that she would really mind that, but someone else passing by might) and giving a quick mental check to confirm just who was on the other side of the door, Faye tapped the button to unlock and allow it to swing open. Her eyebrows shot up high on her forehead when she saw the way that Mickayla was dressed, and she smiled brightly, though clearly in surprise.

"Well, this is new! Come in come in," she encouraged, scooting out of the way and making no effort to hide how she was checking the other woman's attire out.

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[ PO1 Mickayla MacGregor | Personal Quarters | Deck 15 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy | Unknown Location ] Attn: @Brutus

After transporting back aboard the ship, Mickayla had walked the ship’s passageways to her quarters pointedly ignoring any of the myriad of looks she might have been receiving. After a lifetime of being looked at differently, she treated them like water off a duck’s back. Thinking of the phrase brought a soft smile to the Klingon’s face as she stepped out of the turbolift on Deck 15 and turned towards her quarters, her thoughts returning to the message she had sent earlier that day.

“Was I too blunt in my message?” Mickayla wondered as she walked. “Should I have contacted her sooner or waited longer? Faye never put a timeframe on when I could ask. Should I even be doing this? She is an officer.” Her mind racing, the Klingon swiped at the panel next to her door to grant herself admittance, immediately turning to the left and the door to her room. Depositing her bundled uniform on the bed, she saw the blinking notification on her personal PADD. Her heartbeat quickening a little, she moved over to it and opened the waiting message.


From: Ens. Eloi-Danvers, Faye.
To: CPO MacGregor, Mickayla.
Subject: Re: Bathtub


I'd be delighted to have you over tonight. Its a bit of a whirlwind day here in the diplomatic side of the ship, and I'd love to have a friendly face around this evening to relax with. You're absolutely welcome to make use of the tub. It really is a delight, I promise. I'll have it all ready for whenever you arrive, as long as it's after 1800 hours. I won't be off shift until at least then. 

Looking forward to seeing you!


“Yes!” Mickayla cheered mentally as she checked the time. “After 1900 so Faye should be back in her quarters by now. And I shouldn’t keep her waiting. But I need a shower. And I probably shouldn’t show up wearing this. But if I change and don’t shower it will look strange. Showering though will just make her wait even longer than she has already.” Her mind weighing the different options, Mickayla settled on going as she was as the lesser evil. “Showing up in Klingon armour to the diplomat’s quarters should be better than being in uniform with a towel over my shoulder.” Her decision made, Mickayla recovered her combadge from her uniform and headed out.

The empty passageway almost seemed to echo as Mickayla padded along, forcing herself to take calm, measured steps lest she stumble again in her haste. In her excitement, she had tried to rush out of the turbolift, forgetting that she was wearing the platform boots that Klingons wore. Apparently wearing a 5-inch heel with a 2-inch platform made a warrior more intimidating. Personally, she thought it made them look a little silly, but she had decided not to change and now, being almost there, it was too late.

“Well it’s not too late,” Mickayla mused as she focused on walking and trying to remain calm. “I’d just have to go back to Vector 02 and get changed before returning here again. Probably a 30-minute round trip given the need to have a shower. I should have just showered and changed back in my quarters. It would have been easier. I guess I just got excited,” Mickayla thought to herself as she rounded the last bend before Faye’s quarters. Truthfully, she did know why she was excited, but she was trying to deny her own reasoning. And failing given her haste to get here, among other things.

“Oh, I hope she hasn’t changed her mind,” Mickayla reeled as she stopped outside her destination. She hesitated, wondering again if what she was doing was the right thing before finally taking a deep breath and activating the chime. “Too late now,” she told herself. She didn’t have to wait long before the door slid open and revealed Faye.

Mickayla wasn’t quite sure what she was expecting; sure, she had a few ideas but somehow none of them quite conformed to the vision before her. Faye stood there, clad in a flowing white robe that was belted at her waist but spread enough to make Mickayla think that there was nothing under it. The air that escaped through the door felt warm and steamy; much to the Klingon’s delight.

"Well, this is new! Come in come in," Faye encouraged, moving to the side and granting entry. Mickayla noted that Faye was gazing at her and she couldn’t help but sway her hips a little at the attention. It probably looked a little weird given the armour, but she didn’t care.

“You like it? I picked it up today,” Mickayla said as she entered, looking around at the diplomat’s quarters. The air was deliciously steamy, and she stopped in the centre of the first room, looking around before settling her eyes on the Betazoid. “I hope I haven’t kept you waiting too long.”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 

In truth, Faye would have recognized the bundle of nervous energy outside her door from a mile away had she been looking for it before then. The telepath did not pry into the nature of the thoughts running rampant in Mickayla's head, but it was unavoidable to pick up some small trace of what the Klingon was feeling. As a species, Klingons tended to feel, and feel strongly. And Faye in turn was picking up a lot of anxious anticipation, building up inside of Mickayla even as the Betazoid answered the door to her chambers and stepped aside for the woman to walk in.

Much to her delight, she also sensed a hint of pride, and Faye found her lips curling into another smile as the doors slid shut. Clasping her hands behind her back, the tanned skin girl leaned this way and that as she followed in the Klingon's wake, making little approving noises as she unabashedly took in the outfit. The overall look was impressive and eye catching, and there was a sense of confidence it imparted upon the security officer that Faye found rather attractive, and promising. After all she had great concern for the girls journey into accepting her new circumstances.

"I must say it is rather striking. Looks as if it were a tailor fit," she quietly observed, before the petty officer's words caught up with her and Faye properly registered the question.

"Oh no, never you fret about that," she quickly reassured her guest, making a dismissive waiving gesture as she strode across the room and ducked into the alcove for her bedroom, punched a button on her desktop console, clearing away the files that had been up on the screen. "Plenty of files to read, stuff being funneled through to us from the Klingon's about the general state of the galaxy and the like. Plenty to keep me busy until you arrived."

Moving with an energy that belayed her earlier thoughts of exhaustion from a long day, she then scooped up her tea and took a sip, cradling it once again against her bare chest as she followed Mickayla around the main room. "I really do like this outfit. Though I have to wonder if those heels are as murderous as they look." Gingerly she extended a bare foot and just ran a toe over the spike, confirming her suspicion. "You could very easily put an eye out with that, but honestly I'm more worried about the actual heels. That looks bloody impractical for combat.".

A tried and true tactic for putting someone off their game was to babble at them. In this case, Faye wanted to jar away some of that anxiety over coming here, while encouraging those feelings of pride in her outfit - and the little teasing sway of the hips that the other girl had managed while walking. Faye had certainly picked up on - and liked - that.

"But, stunning outfits for strong warrior women aside, can I get you anything?" She held her own stoneware mug up and wiggled it side to side, "This is just a chamomile blend of tea, but the replicators are fully operational again, and we're still tethered to the dockyard power so its not like we need to worry about rationing anything and all that. Long day of being a bad-ass, if you want a drink, my replicator's your replicator. At least for as long as I have the place."

Gesturing over to the unit by the door, she then swept her arm across the whole of the room. It was rather sparsely decorated, a few plants had been set up on a small table next to the replicator, with a few holo cubes on a shelf above, along with a very small smattering of souvenirs picked up on Aldea, haphazardly arranged. There was a gray blanket artfully draped over one corner of the long couch that hugged the far wall by the view-ports, the same one that Nurse Riley Patterson had replicated the first night after Faye had been defrosted. And there was a small collection of PaDD's stacked up on the coffee table with what her mother dubbed 'the traditionally useless Betaziod knick-knack' statute in the center (also replicated - the original had been destroyed along with her first quarters and most of the diplomatic suite at Jupiter Station). And lastly there was a leather bound copy of Grey's Anatomy tucked in against one of the pillows on the couch - though this belonged to Riley, who had left it there the previous evening.

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[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite) | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

She'd heard the sounds Faye had been making as she had walked in and found that she liked the reaction that she was causing. Or maybe it was just the person delivering it. Either way, Mickayla was happy that she had chosen to come tonight and was looking forward to a nice soak in the Betazoid’s bath; if nothing else. Not that she was opposed to anything else.

“Yeah, striking is one word for it and you’re right, it was tailormade for me. A little present from Captain Ruzaxo for saving his life, or so he says,” Mickayla explained, thinking back to her last conversation with the Klingon officer. “And the heels aren’t actually too bad. They make me taller without being uncomfortable thanks to the blocky heels,” she explained with a grin as she looked down and watched Faye trace one of the toe spikes with her bare foot, her robe parting slightly to display the equally bare calf above it. “That was something else I discovered too. This version of armour, with the open chest and heeled boots is considered the ‘dress’ armour. Armour intended for combat has flat boots and an enclosed chest. The things you discover while talking to a Klingon tailor.”

The extra heat in the room, while delicious, was also starting to make her sweat, bringing a sheen to her exposed skin. Resting her hands on her hips and her eyes closed, she rolled her neck around slowly, working out a kink while taking in the ambience of the room. It was calming, inviting, open. That was the best way she could describe how she felt, standing there in the middle of the main room.

“If its OK, I would love a hot chocolate,” Mickayla requested, opening her eyes to look at Faye. “And I have another request. Could I use your shower to wash off the day before soaking? I’d hate to dirty the bath water.” 

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 

There it was again, that sense of pride Faye was feeling from Mickayla. Just a little blip on Faye's mental radar, but the Betazoid found herself matching her house guests smile. Hers lingered just long enough for her lips to come up to her tea, sipping it and watching with rapt attention as the security officer explained the origins of her new attire. Her eyebrows shot up high on her forehead when she heard that the other woman had saved some Klingon Captain's life. "My, but you have been busy since we last saw each other, haven't you."

Faye had allowed a trace of concern into her voice with her words. Mickayla was a security officer. Saving lives was part of the job description, but that meant she often had to put herself in harms way. Just what she had to do to win herself a suit of 'dress armor' from a grateful captain was...well, it was probably a story in its own right. "It's nice to see I'm not the only person out there that appreciates your professional talents," the diplomat paid compliment to the woman's skills as she settled herself into the large quarters, rolling her neck. The tension bleeding away was palpable, and Faye didn't need to be a telepath to sense the way she was relaxing. 

Pleased as a peach, the brunette placed her own earthenware mug down and sashayed her way over to the replicator. "I think we can manage that. Computer, hot chocolate. Large." She placed the order after a moments consideration. Unlike her drink that had come in the earthen mug, this one materialized in a streamlined glass, with a square sort of handle. It was tapered, with a slightly smaller bottom than the top. Fishing the glass mug out, she carried it over to Mickayla, a trail of steam wafting behind in her wake.  Coming to a short stop, she held the glass up, turning it in her hand, handle extended toward Mikayla, and smiling up at her. 

"One hot chocolate, as requested," she chirped in a bubbly tone, and then once the other woman had taken the glass, she pointed to her bedroom alcove, and the 'fresher unit that lay beyond, complete with warm bath and shower stall. "You are certainly welcome to shower off first. Its one of those combo units the ships been outfitted with. Rather nice, truth be told. If you like a water shower, you can have a water shower. If you prefer a quick sonic, that's an option too. Feel free to take the drink in there with you. Won't be the first person to, that's for sure." 

Moving past the Klingon again, Faye swept up her drink and gave a testing sip. Satisfied that it was still sufficiently warm, she crossed the room again - she was doing a lot of that this evening - and escorted her guest into the bedroom proper. There was a rather large bed with the covers tossed down on one side, and a bit more of a general mess, with clothes and PaDD's scattered about. Still a bit skimpy on the actual personal touches, but a few more pieces of Aldean souvenirs had managed to make their way into this room, as well as a piece or two provided by the absent Nurse Jenkins. Her main work stations was set up on the far side of the room, the screen currently blanked out. It abutted the built in wardrobe that was mostly filled with light flowing garments, including the barely there affair she'd picked up on the trip planet side with Mickayla, the same day that she got her belly pierced. 

The door to the bathroom enclosure had been left open on purpose, and faint wisps of steam flowed out of the entry way, curling around the arch and fading out by the time it reached the bed proper. Humid heat saturated the bedroom, and it would be more intense inside the enclosure. Positioned as things were, it would be easy enough for Faye to sit in her rolling desk chair, either still at her desk, or pulling it closer in and converse with Mickayla if she so chose. 

Though she could simply join the warrior in the other room itself. 

"Make yourself at home. Towels are on the wall by the door in there. Shower is on the right, bath is on the left and you're welcome to leave the uniform on the bed. Don't know how much of a pain that'll be to get out of." As if she suddenly remembered, she snapped her fingers. "Oh, and if you need privacy, I can scamper off into the other room." The or not was left unsaid, but certainly implied.

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[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite) | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

 Accepting the mug, Mickayla took a sip of the steaming brew, savouring the rich chocolate taste as Faye spoke of the bathroom behind her and the shower it contained. She would have certainly settled for a simple sonic shower but the thought of a hot shower before the bath sounded too luxurious and decadent to pass up as she followed the Betazoid into her bedroom. Unlike her own quarters, the Department Head’s quarters were separated into three sections: main room, bedroom and bathroom.

"Make yourself at home. Towels are on the wall by the door in there. Shower is on the right, bath on the left and you're welcome to leave the uniform on the bed. Don't know how much of a pain that'll be to get out off," Faye commented casually before snapping her fingers. "Oh, and if you need privacy, I can scamper off into the other room." 

“Or not,” Mickayla added silently to herself, sipping her drink as she eyed the Betazoid. Faye hadn’t said it, but it was certainly implied given her tone. Or at least that was how Mickayla took it. Considering for only an instant, she concluded that between them, privacy was a moot point as she set her cup down on the edge of Faye’s workstation before stepping back through the door. “I don’t see a need for privacy between us at the moment, do you?”

The first item removed were the boots as Mickayla showed a level of balance that belied her ancestry. Stepping down after removing the first one, the Chief quickly removed the second and placed them together next to the door outside Faye’s bedroom.  Next came the gauntlets and bracers which were dropped next to her boots. A few clasps and buckles later and the shoulder armour and skirt joined the rest on the floor. Rolling her neck, Mickayla reached behind herself and began to unfasten the bustier that encased her torso. She had been doubtful when told about it but once in it and the rest of the armour, it all went together well. Now, it was another thing she removed and added to the pile. Hooking her thumbs into her pants, she moved the final clothing she was wearing and dropped it to the side.

“You’ve seen it all before anyway,” Mickayla pointed out as she stepped back into the bedroom and retrieved her drink. Taking a sip as she walked past Faye, she entered the bathroom and set her cup down on the rim of the tub. The air was perfectly steamy, and she took a deep breath as she enjoyed the feeling of it against her bare skin. Activating the shower and adjusting the water temp, Mickayla turned her head to look at Faye.

“You are welcome to join me,” she announced as she tested the water. “If you wanted to,” she added before entering the downpour.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 

Or not. Faye could practically hear Mickayla thinking the words as well, thought the telepath was making the effort to keep her mind in her own head and out of her guests. Decorum and privacy mattered - at least when it came to the mindscape. She found herself giggling as she rolled her mug back and forth in her hands. Her lips quivered into a knowing smile as she thought back to their walk along the beach and dip in the oceans of Aldea on the day she got her belly ring. Coal-black eyes darted down and back with a casual flick, and then the Betazoid inclined her head in a small nod. "Certainly not when it comes to the physical sort of privacy, no. I'm a Betazoid after all. We are very much comfortable in our own skins and everyone else in theirs for that matter. Privacy is more of a mental thing for us, when dealing with other, non-telepathic species."

As if to reinforce the point, she did tap a finger against her temple.

Glad that they were of an accord, Faye lingered to watch the warrior woman strip out of her armor, just outside of her bedroom While Faye found it curious that Mickayla chose to do so out of the room than inside, she was more intrigued by the almost procedural method she took to it, as this was a tedious process. By no means was this the first time that Faye had seen a Klingon strip down, yet it was still fascinating to watch. And compared with the last time that Mickayla got naked in her presence, this time she had been granted carte blanche to watch. Nudity bothered her not one jot. That she appreciated what she saw was her prerogative. In other situations she would not have been so open in expressing. Nudity was just nudity, but she had been invited to enjoy the tableau before her, and thus Faye allowed her admiration to show. She wagged her eyebrows as she adopted a Cheshire grin behind the rim of her mug.

Mickayla spoke of her having seen it all before, and this was certainly true. All the same, "I prefer not to assume, just to be safe. As for having seen it all before, I want to say it was the Argelian's who liked to say, 'Just because you have seen the beauty of the sun's setting before does not make it any less beautiful the next time.' Or something to that effect in any case. I'm sure you get my point." The particular Argelian that had told her that, or some variant, had been rather drunk the night before, and he was rather hung over the following morning, and he still managed to make Faye light up with delight, as he was angling to get her to stay another day. They did have a way with words, Argelian men. Argelian men were neither here nor there, however.

Watching this particular Klingon was a pleasure in its own right, Faye decided. Each species - each person for that matter - brought their own gifts to the table. With Mickayla, new as she still was to being wholly Klingon on a genetic level, nonetheless brought some of the predatory grace the species could be known for. Tall, long of leg, firm and muscular and at the same time, fully feminine. Yes, that was something special, and Faye was both pleased as a peacock, and to borrow the Klingon catch word, honored to be allowed to observe. She took a certain delight in knowing that, in addition to everything else, she was providing a friend with a chance to enjoy herself in a way she might not otherwise be. Making everyone happy, or at the very least equally unhappy, she supposed, was what being a Diplomat was all about. Mickayla got the use of a nice shower, and more importantly a bath. Faye got a good show...and a good wash it seemed.

The young officer did not quite purr like a kitten. But she did flick a hand over the tie that held her diaphanous gown in place around her hip. Stretching up toward the ceiling of her quarters, Faye did something with her shoulders, and then all the sudden the gown was falling to the floor. She scooped up her chamomile tea, the mug nearly empty, but not quite and started to sashay after the other woman.

"I was hoping you'd say something like that." The confession came easy to Faye. What point was there to pretending otherwise? It was true, and further more, if she were to be any judge it would make Mickayal feel better, simply knowing that. She stepped in behind the security officer, and drew in a deep breath, mimicking her guest as she appreciated the direct application of the showers steam and water, that soon began to run down her humble bust. Carefully keeping the mug in her hand out of the way of the spray, she brought it up to her lips to sip again, before setting it on a shelf she'd had installed for just such a purpose. Faye was not the type to deny herself simple pleasures after all.

With it tucked to the side, Faye leaned in the opposite direction, resting her shoulder against one side of the enclosure and watching Mickayla, from less than half a foot away. The stall was roomier than the one she had been used to in her previous quarters. Not considerably so, for Starfleet had been generous even with junior officers and NCO's when it came to outfitting their first multi-vector dreadnought. Faye would have had little issue fitting a second companion in her old shower stall. In this one, well, it gave them some room to stretch out, which she did, kicking one leg out past Mickayla to get it under the stream and wiggling her toes a bit. sighing contentedly. "I'm not sure if anyone has told you this before, but wet is a very good look on you."

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[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite) | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

"I was hoping you'd say something like that."

The words were muffled by the sound of falling water in the enclosure but still clear enough for Mickayla to hear them as water began to cascade down her body. Her eyes closed as she moved her body to and fro to spread the falling across it, enjoying the sensations of the heat against her skin. Ever since her forced alteration to full Klingon, her skin had been extremely sensitive. It had taken a great deal of effort for her to learn to focus through it all and still did at times when she became distracted. Case in point, when she felt Faye step into the shower behind her.

Turning around to face her companion, she watched as water either impacted on Faye directly or splashed off her own body to land on the Betazoid’s. Either way, watching the water run down her lithe body was enjoyable to the Klingon and she kept her eyes on her companion even as her own hands began to run across her own moist skin. She had to resist the urge to reach down and grasp the outstretched leg of Faye’s and lifting it higher.

"I'm not sure if anyone has told you this before, but wet is a very good look on you."

“I could say the same about you,” Mickayla retorted with a smile, relaxing more as the water and the heat worked away at her. “It’s one of only three looks you have seen of me, and the only one you have seen more than once. We should really do something about that,” Mickayla commented idly, her tone clear in that she had no intentions of that happening tonight as she reached for some of bodywash in the enclosure and began to lather up her body. The bath was waiting.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite) | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 

"Why thank you, Mickayla," the words flowed out as swiftly as the water was flowing down both her body, and the Klingon's. Though the latter was getting more of the spray in a direct fashion, Faye was certainly getting plenty wet herself (below the line of her bust if not above), and equally certain, did not mind in the least. She drew her leg back and very carefully let her foot brush along Mickayla's calf, nice and gentle, before righting herself onto her own two feet for proper support. This was followed with another soft giggle as the security officer pointed out that Faye had limited experience with what kind of 'looks' Mickayla might or might not have. It was a fair point, the diplomat had to concede, and she found herself inclining her head in agreement with it.

Amused agreement, to be sure, but they were of an accord. 

"Not that I mind the wet and naked look, you understand, but you may have a point about having a limited frame of reference to work with. I'm sure there will be plenty of occasions in the future to rectify that. If nothing else, meeting up for the occasional lunch mid shift is a thing I hear tell friends do." That she readily, and verbally, counted the other woman a friend was a natural assumption in her book. Faye was quick to make friends, and she was quick to reaffirm that friendship with Mickayla now. 

For a small moment, Faye simply allowed herself to watch the suds spread across the other woman's rich, milk chocolate skin. The contrast was delightful. She ran her tongue over her teeth, behind her lip, and hummed loudly enough that Mickayla could probably hear it. Not that this was an issue for the Betazoid. Mickayla knew she liked what she liked. Reaffirming that was simply what she wished. Drawing in a long breath through her nose, Faye stepped in closer. Now instead of a foot of space, there were scant inches, if that, and more water was pouring down Faye's chest, between the valley of her subtle breasts. She reached past Mickayla, with deft ease, and took some soap into her own hands.

"If you'll turn around, I'll get your back," she offered, holding up her sud soaked hands, just out of the range of the spray coming down and grinning cheerfully.  Once the Klingon acquiesced, Faye moved with direct purpose. Her hands started at the Klingon's shoulders and worked her way all across Mickayla's back. Despite her intention to 'behave' herself, the telepath found her hands lingering over each distinct ridge of the woman's well defined spine. By the time she got down to the base of it, she'd tilted her hands so that her thumbs drew together to a point, and pressed in gently at the small dimple above the woman's bum. "I can keep going, get the rest of your flank and thighs, if you'd like?"

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[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite) | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

With Faye’s humming working with the water to relax her, Mickayla worked at her skin to cleanse it. A sonic shower would have been more effective, if only because it would have been quicker but tonight wasn’t about being fast, Mickayla had decided. It was about taking the time to enjoy herself. Faye too if she was of a mind. And in her opinion, Faye was definitely open to the idea or she wouldn’t have joined her under the water.

A long breath drew the Klingon out of her reverie, and she opened her eyes to see her Betazoid companion standing nipple to nipple with her. In fact, she was that close as the deep breath that Mickayla sucked caused her chest to swell and she could feel her hard buds touch Faye’s skin. Her breathing hitched as a shiver ran down her spine and she could only turn around and lean against the shower wall in reply. Faye started at her shoulders and expertly not only cleaned her back but worked at the muscles underneath a little to release any tension held there. By the time that she reached the base of Mickayla’s spine, having paid a little extra attention to each of the sensitive ridges as she descended, Mickayla was in a blissful state. Hence, when she offered to keep going, Mickayla was too never going to deny her.

“I’d like that very much,” Mickayla said, looking back over her shoulder at Faye. “And if you need me too, or just want it, I’ll return the favour.”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 

Not that the other woman could see it, but Faye smiled widely when she was given consent to continue on with the washing. She reached around Mickayla again, pressing her chest to the Klingon's back - spreading the suds around more over each of them in the process. This was the 'easiest' way for her to reach the soap dispenser, and it automatically deposited a dollop into her outstretched hands. Drawing back, she paused to press a kiss just below the other woman's left ear, humming and murmuring, "I would love the help after I finish up with washing you."

And washing was the plan. This time though, Faye sunk down onto her knees in the confines of the shower enclosure. Plenty of room to work with, thankfully, and she didn't mind the reflected spray hitting her face, or the direct waves that would get down her back and run over her shoulders. Instead she smiled all the wider, and reached up with her suddy hands, squeezing each plump cheek of the security officers bum, which was perfectly situated directly in front of the young diplomat's face. Which as she began to rub in the soap on her hands, was a pretty nice view.

Faye allowed herself a moment of teasing, by pressing a sucking kiss against one of the plump rumps, before she passed her hand over it and got it all sudsy. A mouthful of Starfleet issue soap would not kill you by any means. but that didn't mean it would taste great. Even as she took the time to physically and visually appreciate what was being offered her, by spreading Mickayla's cheeks apart and getting a good view of everything, the Betazoid hardly forgot that she had a job to do. She used her thumb to clean between the cheeks, careful not to push too much or too hard or anything like that, and then turned her hand around and gently, delicately ran the soap over the other woman's petals. She rather liked hte view of them she was getting - considerably closer than she had at the beach - and noted all the small little anatomical differences, few that they were. Her fingertip even tickled ever so lightly over the hooded nub of the other woman and between those delicate folds, but not so deep as to truly push in. 

As much as she might wish to linger there, lightly teasing, she had promised not just to wash Mickayla's naughty bits, and turned her attention to the girls legs. She worked down each thigh, scrubbing along the insides, and moving to the calves, ankles and even the bottom of each foot. She did pause at one point to kiss the back of one of the girls knees, terribly curious to see if the security officer would squirm or not, as Faye knew many people that were ticklsh there. "Couldn't resist," she confessed, before rising up to her feet with a soft groan, and then stretching toward the ceiling of the enclosure, just out of reach even at her full extent. 

"I think I got everything," she said as she let her arms fall back down, resting lightly on Mickayla's shoulders. She leaned in to steal a soft kiss one the girl had turned around, and then allowed herself to be directed however the Klingon might wish. Faye was more than ready, and curious to boot, to have the favor returned. "All yours."

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[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite) | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

Mickayla wasn’t entirely sure where the washing part ended, and the teasing part began as Faye continued with her ministrations. Either way, Mickayla wasn’t stopping her. Feeling the firm nubs of Faye’s breasts pressed into her back, she looked down to see the Betazoid’s hand reach past her for more soap before darting back out of sight, a kiss to her neck left in its wake before a murmured acceptance of Mickayla returning the favour.

The sigh that followed as Faye grasped her butt and squeezed was as genuine as any that Mickayla had ever uttered. Another kiss, this one prolonged and with greater pressure heralded the beginning of the Betazoid’s continued efforts to ‘clean’ her. And she was quite thorough as she worked the soap around, making sure not to miss anywhere. And she didn’t as she moved her thumb down between the Klingon’s cheeks and over her sensitive rear entrance, sending a tingle up her spine and making her wonder what might happen if it was explored more. Flipping her hand over, Mickayla felt Faye run her fingers across, and through, the engorged folds of skin that guarded that which made her a woman. Her eyes rolled into her head and she hissed, not in anger or pain, but from pleasure as the tips of those probing fingers found the hidden nub at the top of her entrance.

She withdrew without further probing though and Mickayla found herself almost disappointed before remembering that there was still the bath, and whatever else might happen beyond that. She wasn’t sure how long she would be allowed to stay for but also didn’t want to wreck their time together by rushing it. So she relaxed, and instead enjoyed the rub down that her legs received. She even lifted her feet when direct so that Faye could scrub at them as well. 

Feeling better, and cleaner, in longer than she cared to remember, Mickayla was about to turn around and return the favour when she felt the Betazoid’s lips on her skin once more, this time at the back of her right knee. It was light, fluttery even, and it made the Klingon squirm, which she quickly realised was exactly why Faye had done it. Straightening her leg and returning her foot to the floor again, Mickayla turned around, a teasing look of indignation on her face to see Faye standing there, arms raised towards the ceiling.

“I think I got everything,” Faye said as her arms fell back down to rest of Mickayla’s shoulders. The Klingon returned the kiss that Faye lent in to steal before the Betazoid proclaimed, “All yours.”

“All mine indeed,” Mickayla confirmed, bringing her hands up to rest on Faye’s hips. The water was running pleasantly off her shoulder and down her side, a stream of it passing across her chest to flow between her breasts. Delighting at the multiple sensations she was feeling, Mickayla guided Faye to turn around to face the wall of the stall. Her training kicking in, she used her feet to nudge the Betazoid’s apart while her arms ran up the flanks of her body, her fingertips caressing the sides of her breasts as they passed before moving on to guide Faye’s arms up to rest against the wall above her head. 

Mickayla didn’t know if Faye realised it or not, but she was now in the standard search position used by Starfleet. Arms and legs apart and bent at the hips to put you off balance. It also had the side benefit of making Faye stick her butt out, something Mickayla appreciated. It was a position so familiar to the Klingon that she had defaulted to it without thinking. Still, it would serve her purpose as she reached past Faye for the soap, pressing her breasts into the Betazoid’s back in a repeat of her earlier movement. 

Starting at the neck, Mickayla worked the soap into Faye’s skin, trying to massage the muscles beneath as she cleansed the skin above. From the neck, Mickayla moved onto the shoulders and upper back, using her thumbs to rub the set of muscles that bordered the spine. Her fingers tips traced the grooves between the Betazoid’s ribs as Mickayla brought her hands around to wash the front of her body. She did this by touch alone, cupping Faye’s breasts as she lifted her hands to bathe her chest before running back over them, brushing the hardened nipples before finishing up with the Betazoid’s toned abdomen. Her fingers also found the navel piecing present there and her mind flashed back to the day when Faye and herself had gotten them and everything else that had happened that day. That was the start of a new Mickayla MacGregor that day; one that, while still being unveiled, pleased the Klingon with what she was discovering.

“Hmm,” Mickayla thought she brought her hands back to grasp Faye’s hips. “If I had different equipment downstairs this would be a perfect position,” she noted, grinding her public bone into the Betazoid’s backside anyway. “Speaking of downstairs equipment, I need to expand on my collection of assistants. Fingers are great for precision and control but I miss the girth and depth of the real deal. And since I’m not going near a real one for a while, I think an artificial one is the way to go.”

Returning to the task at hand, Mickayla pressed herself into Faye once more before taking a half step back and kneeling. Now, she was forced to look up slightly at her companion’s backside, or, more accurately, the glistening folds of skin that surrounded her womanhood. Water was streaming down Faye’s back now, passing down the cleft and running across the openings below like a waterfall. The view was mesmerising and Mickayla found herself drawn closer, rising on her knees until the Betazoid’s guarded loins were laid open centimetres from her face. Water splashed across her face, but the Klingon paid it no heed as she extended her tongue and took her first taste of another woman’s sweet centre. Her tongue passed across the folds of skin gently, hesitantly as its owner savoured in the watery taste. Catching herself, Mickayla jerked herself back and away, blushing at what she had just done despite the thoughts that had been occupying her head since that day on the beach.

“I, ah, I’m sorry,” came the stammered apology from the Klingon as she returned to the purpose of the showering in the first place. Embarrassment flooded her and Mickayla chastised herself about losing control of herself. Trying to ignore the looming softness at the apex of Faye’s thighs, and failing, Mickayla worked her way first down one leg, and then the next – alternating from one to the other as she washed and massaged an area. And like Faye did for her, she gently lifted each of the Betazoid’s feet to wash the sole of it, determined as she was to leave no area untouched.

“Ok,” Mickayla said, satisfied that she had reached everywhere. Hoping that her embarrassed blush had subsided, the Klingon rose to her feet and brushed some wet strands of hair out of her face. “I, ah, I think I got everything too.”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 

One need not be a diplomat, or a teleapath to hear the anticipation, the eagerness in the Klingon woman's voice. It was typical of their speices, that when roused, they were vocal. Usually with lots of grunts, screams, and fists, based on Faye's experience during her time aboard the refurbished Cortes while stationed as part of the diplomatic mission assigned at Khitomer. Oh, and bloodwine. Lots of bloodwine. 

There was no bloodwine in her shower, for which the Acting Head of Diplomacy was quite grateful of. Bloodwine and showers did not mix. Unlike her tea, sitting on the little shelf in the humid enclosure, its earthenware mug collecting condensation on the sides. The heat of the shower would keep the drink warm, and in truth, there were other demands on the naked Betazoids time and attention than a nice cup of tea. The possessive undertone, the desire that laced the security officer's thoughts, were far more demanding and inviting, and Faye felt herself squirming from side to side with a slowly building lust of her own, fueled by her earlier explorations. 

Come on, be a big girl and give it to me. I know you want to, she thought, though she was secretly pleased that the other woman couldn't read her mind. No need to tease her now and throw off her confidence. Confidence was just as sexy as curious explorations, and she wanted to encourage Mickayla, not dissuade her. So she let the other woman turn her around and press her up against the slick walls over her shower enclosure. Her toes wiggled as she felt her arms drawn up above her head. An eyebrow cocked up on her forehead and she purred a little. Where the Klingon might have hesitated in the past, she seemed rather focused now. No hesitations as she pushed Faye's legs apart with her foot and drew the lithe woman's bum out toward her. 

Assume the position indeed, Faye privately mused, shivering with delight for what she imagined was to follow. The way that Mickayla mirrored Faye's own actions earlier were not lost on the smaller woman, though she imagined that the security officers bust felt just a bit nicer on her back, than her own more subtle bust had to the other woman. Breasts of all shapes and sizes were good in Faye's book, but it was the kind of thing a gal noticed when a nice pair were pressing in against her. "Mmmmm, this is nice."

Unlike Faye, Mickayla could not read the subtle emotions that were coming off of the diplomat, the little sparks of delight that the sud soaked fingers were evoking. So to make sure that the other woman understood her personal enjoyment, Faye was quite free with small moans and little groans, wiggling her hips back in against the Klingon and gasping out when her breasts were cupped. She mewled like a kitten and turned her head to glance back over her shoulder, her lips curling into a wide, inviting smile. 

For just a brief moment, she got a flicker of thought, one not her own, but not one she had any issues with. Far from it, in fact. With Mickayla's hips glued to hers, the Betazoid glanced down, flushing a bit pink in the cheek at the implications. Oh, she could blame it on the heat of the water running down her back, but...she licked her lips. That was too much like lying.  Mickayla ground into her, and with a giggle and a purposefully lewd moan, Faye rocked back against her. Smack, smack, smack, their hips met in the wet water, and she ran her tongue over her lips again, making sure she held the Klingons' gaze. While she didn't point out that, once they were done in here they could take advantage of the replicator in her room, Faye did consider it as she had her hips grasped tightly by the warrior woman.

Yes, we are going to execute that replicator for sure, she decided as Mickayla continued on her way. And have her way she did, as before Faye realized it, a warm tongue was pressing in between her legs, flicking over her water soaked folds. "Ohhh, fuck," she mewled out, shivering and tensing up onto her toes, before pressing back against the woman's face. The moment didn't last nearly as long as she might have liked, and it was selfish as hell of her, but it had felt good. She was pleased that the woman had taken the initiative, and a pout formed on her lips when Mickayla apologized. She held off on saying anything until after the security officer had finished washing the rest of her legs, though she did shake her head lightly.

Her toes wiggled about when the other woman attend to her feet, and Faye let her head fall forward for a moment, against the wall of the shower enclosure, trying very hard not to giggle. She managed, if only just, but it took a will of effort that had her biting into her lip when Mickayla pulled away and stood up.  Planting her feet firmly back on the ground again, Faye took a deep breath to center herself, giving the petty officer a view of her shoulders rising and falling, and the water cascading down her back. Then she pivoted, took a step, and draped her arms around the other woman's neck again, closing the distance between them till she was pressed chest to chest with her. 

"Unless we're in the middle of a public place where it would get us in trouble, you don't ever have to apologize for doing that, Mickayla," while the words could have been chiding, the near kitten like purr in her voice washed away any potential sting they might have carried. Faye had felt the embarrassment rolling off the other woman, though she had marshaled herself enough to let most of it fall away. Well aware at this point that Mickayla definitely had desires for more than just the use of her bath, Faye now faced the challenge of ensuring the embarrassment did not impede the evening any further. The best remedy, in the diplomat's mind, was to address the situation head on. Surely, as a Klingon (even if newly full blooded) some part of her guest would appreciate that. So of course, she kissed Mickayla full on the mouth. She did her damnedest to wiggler her tongue past the other woman's lips, to tickle and taste the inside of her mouth, and try and hammer home the notion that she was willing. 

But she needed to breathe; it was a fact of nature, and though Faye wasn't out of shape, she was still recovering from her time in stasis a month back. Her lung capacity wasn't quite as good as she wished it might be, and she eventually broke the kiss, sucking in a deep breath. But she didn't let up, winding her fingers into the girls dark hair, and lay her lips on the other girls ear, going up on her tippy toes and whispered. "you can take whatever you want tonight, wherever you want. Here. In the bath. Outside in the room. I mean it, whatever you want from me, whatever you want to do to me."

Gods, but it would be so much easier if everyone else were telepathic. Oh well, spelling it out could be fun too..

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[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite) | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

"You can take whatever you want tonight, wherever you want. Here. In the bath. Outside in the room. I mean it, whatever you want from me, whatever you want to do to me."

A declaration of willingness if Mickayla had ever heard one. Faye was offering herself to Mickayla in whatever way the Klingon wanted her. And Mickayla truly wanted her. In more ways than she had ever considered that she would want another woman. But something was holding her back. And it wasn’t Faye. If her statement hadn’t been clear enough, whispered into her ear as their wet, nude forms pressed together, then the prior kiss that probed her lips until Mickayla had granted it entry and the dismissal of Mickayla’s own apology even before that only reinforced the Betazoid’s position on their time together.

No, what was holding Mickayla back, she realised, was Mickayla herself. Her recent past had been a whirlwind of upheaval and turmoil. Her entire life had changed, down to the very fundamentals of her DNA and she was rediscovering herself anew because of that. But her discoveries were also cast in the shadows of her past and the nature of her new existence and she couldn’t help but wonder if she was choosing her actions or she was just reacting out of instinct. Case in point, her tasting of Faye’s womanhood. Had she chosen to do that or was it her Klingon nature reacting to her thoughts of want and desire.

Ever since that day on the beach, Mickayla had been discovering her sexuality anew. Never having been one for self-pleasure, she now found herself using her fingers to bring herself to orgasm at least twice a day; more if time allowed. She had been reading and researching about other methods, both alone and with a partner, but had yet to act on any of them. She was scared. So much had changed, that as much as she was enjoying herself and even beginning to like what she saw in the mirror, she wasn’t sure if it was her making the decisions or her instincts taking control.

“What if I am not even sure what I want to do?” Mickayla asked, reaching out to turn the water off in the shower. Her eyes were caught by the bath and an idle memory of her imagining herself and Faye in the bath pleasuring each other with dildos reared its head before she squashed it back down. “Are my choices my own? Or is it my Klingon instincts to take what they believe is theirs, reacting to my imagination and desires?”

“I don’t know anymore,”
the Klingon muttered, reaching out for her drink and taking a sip to steady herself. She wanted Faye, in every way she had read and thought about in the last week. But was it right to subject her to that when she herself wasn’t sure if it was what she wanted? “I’ve changed so much, so quickly that I almost don’t recognise myself. Before Aldea, I’d never considered a piercing, being nude anywhere but the shower or, ah, sharing time with another woman,” Mickayla admitted, stumbling over her words. She knew there were easier ways to say things, but she was having trouble bringing herself to say it plainly. Faye was better at that, it seemed.

“And now, I, I want things,” she admitted, returning her eyes to the dripping Betazoid and feeling a renewed flush of desire flow through her at the sight of Faye’s nude form. “But I am having trouble deciding if it is me, that really wants them.”

“Am I making sense?”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 

This girl is a hot mess, Faye decided as they stood their in the shower enclosure, the water running down her body even as the other woman cut the flow from above. Dripping wet was not a bad place to be, all things considered, but concern was swiftly moving aside the pleasingly relaxed sensations of the shower. Mickayla was dealing with changes to who and what she was at a base, DNA level, and she was not the woman she had been when she'd joined the ships crew. Faye was not at all equipped to really deal with the ramifications of such a change, and yet she was the one that had encouraged Mickayla to embrace the new her. She had encouraged Mickayla to get that piercing, having gone so far as to get one of her own.

The telepath's fingers danced over her own jeweled butterfly that hung from her belly button and purred a bit at the memory. After the minor body modification, she had indulged in a stroll along the beach, naked as the day they were born. And then in the surf, she had once again eased the other woman out of her comfort zone and into a sexy romp in the waves. Which was a lot for someone to deal with, when it was so counter to everything they had been before that moment. Never mind that she had clearly enjoyed it, and could not hide the fact from Faye. 

So then, how to proceed?

Closing her eyes for a moment, Faye just allowed herself to luxuriate in the steam, and in the emotions and desires that swirled around the two women. It was easy to let her mind wander for a moment, to imagine what might happen if she could help push Mickayla into action, instead of indecision. Yes, it was selfish, she fully admitted that. She had an itch she'd like to scratch, or more accurately, have the other woman scratch. She justified it by telling herself that she would be helping Mickayla in turn, and while that was truthful, her plans and schemes were not quite as altruistic as she might make them out to be. 

But the thoughts...bending over the edge of the bed after exiting the tub, wet and sweaty, spreading her legs wide apart and then gripping her ass and prying the cheeks open. Fully exposing herself to the Klingon woman, and moaning out, begging to be taken from behind. To have her taste what was being offered, fuck what was being offered with a nice toy, or strap on. Pussy, ass, both, she didn't care. That image was...intense. Of course that raised a few other questions and possibilities in her mind. Mickayla confessed to being utterly inexperienced with having a woman, and the last time she had been naked with Faye, it had been a sort of 'do to me what I do to you' exchange. An avenue to explore. 

And if she were being honest with herself (what was the point of lying to herself after all), she had really enjoyed the view of the other woman when she'd been down in her knees, soaping up Mickayla's rump and thighs. She wanted to play around back there and help the woman explore how good that could feel. So yes...she was being a tad self-indulgent. 

All of that went through her head in a few short heartbeats, and she opened her eyes and smiled softly at Mickayla. The distance between them had grown somewhat, once the other woman had turned the over\head shower off, but not so far that it took Faye more than a step or two to close it again and run her hand up, over the other girl's stomach, lingering at the jeweled piercing in her belly. Smelling the soap - her soap - on Mickayla's skin, the sensually inclined Betazoid murmured softly, "You're dealing with a hell of a lot that most people are never asked to go through in their entire life, and you're having it all dumped on your shoulders at once. It makes sense that you're confused."

Continuing to pick those words carefully, Faye walked past Mickayla, her fingertips ghosting over the girls sensitive skin, a byproduct of her correction, if Faye remembered correctly. She came to the edge of the still warm bath, and ran her fingers through it's surface, purring, and turning to rest her bum against the edge of the tub, watching Mickayla. "But honey, you need to realize that those impulses you are talking about? That instinct? The sensations might be new, sure, but they are a part of you. No matter how odd or alien they might feel, they aren't some separate entity. 

"Sure, a sign of an evolved species is it's ability to control its impulses and base desires, knowing when to exercise them, and when to reign them in. And yours have changed basically over night,"
she flashed her a smile and blew her a soft kiss, as she kicked back off the edge of the tub and stretched, arms held high above her body. "You need to test these instincts, to follow them for a bit and learn how to adapt to them.

"If only there were a safe place you could do that, with someone who understands the situation at hand and was willing to let you experiment. To try things, like say, replicated double ended strap on's in a tub, as an oddly specific sort of example. Randomly plucked out of the ether as it were."
She tapped her lip once, as if wondering who such a person could be, and then her eyes went wide, as if she'd figured it out, and she clapped her hands together. "Oh, that's right. Luckily you do know someone just like that. 

"Someone willing to let you do unto her, and then, do unto you as well, if that's what you wanted. Just like on the beach."
Faye swung her hips around, and twisted, planting her hands on the edge of the tub and bending back, wiggling her bum from side to side. Tossing her hair back she looked over her shoulder and shot Mickayla and inviting look, or at least what she assumed was one. "This is a safe place for you to let those instincts run a bit, to see how you react, and see if they are something you can learn to live with and how to control them. You won't know until you try." She had to wonder if she'd laid it on too thick, or if the other woman was going to crawl into the tub with her or...any of the other things in her head. 

"So tell me, what do you want to do? Intellect and instinct both?"

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[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite) | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

The rich flavour of chocolate flooded her mouth as she took a sip from her drink. The warm liquid refreshed her throat after her outpouring of feelings and helped to pass the moment while the Klingon awaited Faye’s response. Mickayla was nervous. She was having trouble understanding herself and as a person who always liked to feel in control, not feeling that, and then acting on those impulses, was unnerving to the Klingon. She was counting on the Betazoid having some words of wisdom for her again; something to help her make sense of what she was experiencing.

Faye’s initial response was, less than articulate, than Mickayla was hoping for. The Betazoid closed the gap that separated the two nude females, bringing one of her hands up to play across the Klingon’s toned abdomen and the piercing now present there. Mickayla had changed out the ornamental jewellery she had first had for something a bit more practical for when she was on duty. Now, it was a simple barbell type with an emerald seated in her navel. As her hand lingered over the jewellery, Faye began to speak and Mickayla found herself mentally thinking her replies even as she stayed silent so as not to interrupt the officer.

"You're dealing with a hell of a lot that most people are never asked to go through in their entire life, and you're having it all dumped on your shoulders at once. It makes sense that you're confused,” Faye said. “I didn’t even know it was possible to do what was done to me. I’m sure I’d be some sort of test case for psychiatric rehabilitation if we weren’t fugitives,” Mickayla thought, shivering as Faye’s fingers played across her skin, knowing that her companion was doing it to tease her sensitive skin. Turning, she watched as Faye settled against the edge of the tub, looking back at her.

"But honey, you need to realise that those impulses you are talking about? That instinct? The sensations might be new, sure, but they are a part of you. No matter how odd or alien they might feel, they aren't some separate entity. Sure, a sign of an evolved species is its ability to control its impulses and base desires, knowing when to exercise them, and when to reign them in. And yours have changed basically overnight," Faye said, flashing a smile and blowing Mickayla a kiss as she pushed off the edge of the tub and stretched, doing wonderful things to her body for the Klingons benefit, intended or not. “So, this, all of this, is the new me and I am still discovering it. Makes sense, I guess.”

"You need to test these instincts, to follow them for a bit and learn how to adapt to them. If only there were a safe place you could do that, with someone who understands the situation at hand and was willing to let you experiment. To try things, like say, replicated double ended strap-on's in a tub, as an oddly specific sort of example. Randomly plucked out of the ether as it were,” Faye proposed, theatrically tapping her lip with a finger as if thinking. “Random my arse,” Mickayla commented silently while trying not to blush at the thought-provoking imagery presented to her. “Not that I am against the idea. My fingers just don’t have the same reach.”

"Oh, that's right. Luckily you do know someone just like that,” Faye announced, clapping her hands together. "Someone willing to let you do unto her, and then, do unto you as well, if that's what you wanted. Just like on the beach.” As she spoke, the Betazoid diplomat swung herself around and lent forward, presenting her desirable derriere for Mickayla to gaze at. Mickayla’s thoughts failed her as images of what she would like to do to Faye raced through her mind.

“This is a safe place for you to let those instincts run a bit, to see how you react, and see if they are something you can learn to live with and how to control them. You won't know until you try," Faye explained in a way Mickayla found hard to refute. Before she could respond, Faye continued. "So, tell me, what do you want to do? Intellect and instinct both?"

“I, ah,” Mickayla stammered, fighting to regain control of thoughts and turn them away from devious ideas and back to the reality at hand. “What you are saying is that, what I am experiencing and seeing as something strange and separate, is just a part of me I am still discovering. Despite it being almost completely opposite to my life before the Versant?” Mickayla asked. At Faye’s affirmation, Mickayla wondered if she could do this, to face what she was experiencing, becoming, and to embrace it, or at least, accept it. Either way, even to her, there was one way to find out.

“Both,” Mickayla declared, stepping forward to grasp the Betazoid’s hips and press herself against Faye again. "I choose both,” she repeated before leaning forward to plant a gentle kiss against the Betazoid’s lips. Lingering for a moment before pulling back, Mickayla stared into Faye’s brown orbs. “But I think we should go with something simpler in the tub and save the harnesses for afterwards. And you must make me a promise. This, us,” Mickayla said, squeezing her companion’s hips to make her point. “Goes both ways. You can take whatever you want tonight, wherever you want. Here. In the bath. Outside in the room. I mean it, whatever you want from me, whatever you want to do to me,” she asserted, repeating verbatim Faye’s earlier proclamation.

“Just, go slowly,” she whispered into Faye’s ear, letting her breath tickle her ear. “Chances are, whatever you do to me, will be my first time.”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 

Faye rather appreciated that Mickayla was taking this moment seriously, to give it the proper deliberation that it all deserved, before coming to a conclusion. As much as the Betazoid herself was thinking with her hormones and desires, it was nice to see that the Klingon woman still had that sense of self to consider her actions. Other than responding to the one directed, vocal query, with a simple, "Yup, that's what I'm getting at. Pretty daunting, I know," she let her friend work through everything else on her own. It would be a tad rude to directly comment on thoughts not actually vocalized by the security specialist. If Mickayla had been a fellow telepath that would have been a different story entirely, but given that she wasn't, the two would have to resort to the slightly more limited form of simple vocal communication. 

This did not stop Faye from taking a little bit of anticipatory pleasure out of the feelings the other woman showed whenever something Faye had said happened to cause Mickayla's brain to jump tracks for a moment and get lost in the carnal imagery she inspired. She was only mortal, after all, and it was reasonable to preen under the knowledge that the woman across from her wanted her, in a visceral, physical sense, and was thinking about all the lovely things they might experiment with. If she could reconcile herself to the act. After all, Faye would not pursue the matter further without the Klingon's consent. Never mind that she could simply crush the young diplomat's skull with the heel of her palm, should the lithe woman take such advantage, but for all her promiscuous tendencies, Faye was, as a general rule, a good person. And a good person did not take such an advantage. 

Plus the psychic feed back from such an act would be a real bitch.

But that wasn't going to apply tonight. The diplomat's face lit up as she listened to Mickayla's words, and more so at the way she slunk over and bumped up against Faye's hips, groin to bum, and leaned in over her. A shiver ran up the woman's spine as she was kissed, gently, in the fashion where the feeling of the lips lingered long after the kiss itself ended. And the kiss was no short affair either, the Klingon allowed herself to enjoy Faye's lips, soft and pliant. A smile started to form, pausing half-way into a curious arch of the eyebrow as she was informed that a promise was required. 

A sensible promise, as it turned out, and one that Faye would have little issue acquiescing to. After all, her mind had been full of dark, sinuous thoughts from the moment she watched the Klingon non-com begin to strip down in her bathroom and shed all that impressive armor. Now she was being given cart blanch, and she intended to make good use of it. True, there was only so much that little old Faye could really manage in one night, on her own. Some of the wilder ideas that flitted about her mind would be saved for later. For tonight however, her thoughts drifted back to when she had been cleaning Mickayla, and the little urges that had bubbled up. Yes, she'd indulge tonight, no doubt about it...

Soft and light, a giggle slipped past the promiscuous tease, and she twisted about to better face Mickayla, after her murmured confession. The girl needed some more reassuring, Faye judged, whether right or wrong would remain to be seen. So with a stretch and a wiggle, the Betazoid found herself sitting on the wide edge of the tub, her arms draped over the other woman's broad shoulders, hanging loosely. Smiling up at Mickayla, she spoke in a soft, but undeniably eager tone. 

"I whole heartedly promise to have a little fun and try some new things with you too. Things we haven't done yet. Take and give as it were. Never you mind. I'm a bubble of ideas. Goes along with being a...oh how was it put to me? Oh yes, an unrepentant pervert," she noted, wrinkling her nose up a bit then laughing. A cadet her sophomore year had called her that when she'd elaborated on the events of one particularly involved evening with the Parrises Squares squad that had necessitated a very, very long shower the following morning and left Faye with a noticeable limp. She made a note to tell Mickayla about it - later. No need to scare her friend.

"I'll be gentle," she added in a low purr, capturing the warrior woman's lips between her own and snaking a hand up into the girls hair, twining her fingers around a few strands and getting a good grip. Nipping the woman's bottom lip, she pulled away and smiled wide. "I'm going to enjoy showing you some new things to try out." Gently she pulled further back, letting her hands slide down the woman's shoulders, and then went up on her tip toes and placed a few soft, sensual kisses against the proud ridges upon her forehead, taking a moment to pay attention to each prominent peak, before slipping to the side, and giving Mickayla's butt a firm swat. 

"However, unless there was something you wanted to do before hand, I believe I promised you the use of my tub. We have cleaned ourselves, and this thing is just begging for us to climb into it," she playfully splashed a bit of water out over the edge at Mickayla, and then without missing a beat, hopped up and over into the tub. A hiss escaped her lips, because the water was hot and she really should have been a bit slower about all of that, but she was in a good mood and wanted to move things along. Good sense had taken a back seat to anticipation, and she did a little 'hot hot hot' dance before settling her feet down on the textured bottom while the water swirled up around her thighs. Turning to face her guest, she held her hands out, and once Mickayla took them, Faye helped her into the tub.

Her reward for getting in without falling was another kiss, of course, standing there in the warm water. This was went on for much longer, and included quite a bit of tongue, before Faye again broke things off. "Make yourself comfortable, Mickayla," she suggested, her voice breathy and her lips slightly swollen, as she sunk down against one wall of the tub, more and more of her body vanishing beneath they quietly churning waters. Soon enough, her arms were stretched out along the edge of the tub, and the water was bubbling away just below her bust, but really that was only because she'd arched her back up in an effort to make herself look inviting and tempt the other woman. In truth, she was restraining herself from making the first move. 

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[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite) | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

"Unrepentant Pervert,” Mickayla mentally scoffed after hearing Faye describe herself as such. It was an accurate description of the Betazoid, Mickayla noted absently, even if it was not an all-encompassing one. There was more to Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers than just her, openness, when it came to her body and what she could do with it. There was compassion, understanding and a willingness to help those that needed it; even if the help provided might be considered a little, bizarre, despite its undeniable effectiveness. “Is that what I am becoming? An unrepentant pervert? And would it be so bad?”

Faye’s purring pronouncement of her gentleness pulled her from her thoughts and back into the moment as the Betazoid kissed her, nipping her bottom lip gently in the process. Mickayla shivered slightly from anticipation at what Faye might introduce her too. That shivering intensified as her companion/lover placed light, delicate kisses onto the sensitive skin of her forehead ridges. This was contrasted against the firm spank she received that pressed her almost fully against Faye’s own body.

"However, unless there was something you wanted to do before hand, I believe I promised you the use of my tub. We have cleaned ourselves, and this thing is just begging for us to climb into it," the Betazoid pointed out, splashing Mickayla with some of the steaming water before stepping in herself. The grin that graced her face at Faye’s reaction to the water’s temperature was as genuine as Mickayla had ever offered another and it was still present when she accepted Faye’s aid into the tub, savouring the warmth of the water as it lapped at her skin. 

Standing together, basking in the warmth and rising steam, Mickayla locked her lips onto Faye’s, her hands roving across the slick flesh of her lover as her tongue probed and danced with the Betazoid’s own. Eventually though, Faye pulled away and lowered herself into the water fully, leaning against the edge of the tub, arms outstretched and back arched to lift her chest out of the water. It was clearly done for the Klingon’s benefit and Mickayla found herself unable to resist as she shuffled forward and lowered herself into the water. Her choice of position was as deliberate as Faye’s, if not more forthright given that she was sitting astride Faye’s thighs. Her hands snaked their way underneath the Betazoid’s biceps to support her upper body and she leant forward until the very tips of her nipples were brushing against Faye’s heated flesh.

“Tell me,” Mickayla prodded, her voice husky with desire. “Why is it that when I am with you, everything seems easy? That whatever we end up doing, clothed or not, is so normal, that I wonder why I didn’t try it sooner?”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 

Peppering someone with affection was a rewarding experience. Faye had some past interactions with Klingon's that were not Mickayla, of course, and this was how she knew that she could elicit certain responses from them, as a general rule. The little nip to the other woman's lips had been one of those acts that she was very curious about the reaction to. The kisses to the brow line as well. A small desire to make the security officer melt, just a bit. It was nice to indulge with a friend, and having the opportunity to help her explore herself was proving to be fulfilling on many levels. Not just the physical ones either, though as the Betazoid rubbed her legs together in anticipation, there was little sense in denying her desires to find fulfillment in that particular field in the very, very near future.

All the same, causing someone who possessed the strength to snap you in half to shiver in delight from a softly placed kiss was a heady feeling indeed. Mixed with the heat of the tub behind her, Faye found her head swimming in a delightful haze of desire and anticipation.

Hot water was endured and adjusted too, muscles relaxing in the ebb and flow of the small jets that were built into the tubs lining. Yes, being the highest ranking officer in a department had its benefits, and for the moment at least, Faye was allowing herself to indulge in the privilege that position brought. Specifically, that of having a tub large enough for her to share a kiss or three with a friend and lover. Which she did, before she so coyly put herself on display for Mickayla.

Oh, but you do like that don't you? She could still feel the impression of the non-comms lips on hers as her mouth curled into a satisfied little smile. There was no need for telepathy, no need to draw on her empathetic skills to read the petty officers desire. It was writ large across her face, in the way the woman's eyes seemed to drink Faye in as she sunk into the heated bubbles.  Any room for doubt was washed away as the Klingon settled herself across the Betazoids, legs, straddling her and rather thoroughly trapping her between the tub wall and the darker skinned woman's body. Which...Faye wasn't about to complain. She wagged her eyebrows up and down a few times, the dark orbs locked onto Mickayla.

"Hmmm well that is a good question," Faye purred the words, trying to make her own voice match that tone that Mickayla had taken, with mixed results, to be sure. Less husky, more sultry was the end result. Her fingers started playing with the back of the girls neck, pressing and rubbing, running up and down the slick skin, and she wiggled her hips suggestively while she gave the question some genuine consideration. It would be easy enough to claim some special insight from her job, or her species telepathic gifts. Or to make an off hand crack that she was just that sexy. But instead, she pursed her lips, then leaned in and kissed the tip of Mickayla's  nose, before settling back and answering.

"Part of it is that I'm shameless about enjoying what I want. It...allows me to offer up a ready example and counter point to concerns. Some of it might be experience. I' a lot of it." She had been very indulgent while at the Academy, and in the years since. There was little point in her mind in repressing one self, as long was what one wanted hurt no one else. "I was raised in an open and accepting culture. One that tries to find harmony with those around it. And yes, that gives me a bit of insight into what others are feeling, and I can act upon that to help them. Which I've done here, with you. And I don't judge when someone comes to me like this. I think that helps a lot, knowing that whatever happens the person you're experimenting with isn't going to suddenly think less of you." She pressed her lips against Mickayla's then, in a long, and slow kiss.

"I am," she kissed her again, "A force," another kiss, "of nature." This time, she let the kiss deepen, pushing her tongue past the other woman's lips. The next noise Faye made, as she sunk her fingers into Mickayla's hair was the low rumbled of a needy moan. She groaned and tasted, writhing up, breasts pressed to breasts, legs still trapped. Finally her teeth sunk into her friends lip again, tugging hard, as she had done before in the shower. "I make it very hard to ignore those inner desires. It's who I am. And when you're here with me," she darted her mouth to one side and sucked on Mickayla's neck, groaning again, "I am undeniable."Her tongue darted out over the skin, licking slowly along the arch of the neck. "I'm that much-needed breath of fresh air. I'm that little impulsive voice that tells Take. The. Chance." And punctuating her last words, she nipped at the lobe of Mickayla's right ear, and did her best impression of a Klingon growl.

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[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite) | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

Mickayla was in a blissful state as she listened to Faye’s sultry response to her question. And her response was not just in her words but what she did to Mickayla that drove the Klingon wild with desire. A part of her mind told her that Faye was playing her body like a fiddle to inflame her passions but Mickayla ignored it. She was here to enjoy herself and as much as she preferred to be in control, sometimes, ceding a little control was a good thing. Given how much of her attention was being diverted to the erogenous zones she had self-discovered over the previous week, she wasn’t thinking it was a bad thing at all. And then Faye growled in her ear.

An instinct, a memory or a wanton desire needing desperately to be fulfilled, Mickayla wasn’t sure but the result was the same. Her inflamed passions took hold anew and boiled through any of the doubts or questions she had left. All that remained was her need to have the Betazoid. To take her and possess her and have her way with her. Just not all at once.

“Impulsive is right,” Mickayla responded, grinding her own hips downward and against Faye’s body as she stared into the deep brown eyes of her lover. “And those desires you speak of ignoring. Well, I’m not ignoring them anymore. I’m not ignoring anything tonight,” she declared as she leant forward, squashing her breasts into Faye’s as she pressed her lips to the Betazoid’s. “Tonight, it's all on the table. And I bet you have ideas running through that head of yours that you want to do to me. And I know I have some that I want to do to you. In time.”

“For now though,”
Mickayla continued, sliding her off Faye’s body and down beside her, pressing herself against her the counsellor's side and stretching out across the tub. “Tell me one thing you want to do to me. One thing and then I will tell you one thing.”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 

Every good diplomat knew that words were all well and good, the tools of the trade as it were, but actions spoke loudly. They were the devil in the details. The little raised eyebrows across a table when reading a treaty. The slight set of someones jaw, the tilt of a head. The tapping of fingers. The little noise in the back of the throat, the set of the hips, all of it. Each little micro trigger spoke volumes if you knew how to understand the language. And if you were very fluent, you could turn that on its head, and speak the unspoken back to the target. In this case, as she bit, and as she growled at Mickayla, she was doing just that. Going for the metaphorical jugular by putting herself out there on a more Klingon wavelength than just a standard Betazoid one. 

Even if her friend was still adjusting to being genetically a full Klingon, Faye was betting she could use those little micro triggers to get the reactions she wanted out of the security officer, to get her to indulge her instincts and desires. And, if the evidence unfolding before her was any sort of judge to go by, she'd done quite well indeed. Speaking that language could be difficult, but she thought she'd managed. After all, she could cheat, to an extent, and was feeling the swelling delight and desire within her friends emotions.

Coal-black eyes stared back up at Mickayla as she spoke of impulse and desire, and ground against the lithe woman beneath the warm bathwater. Faye wiggled a bit, and returned the kiss imparted upon her, making another soft noise in the back of her throat. For a moment, the diplomat thought she was going to be taken like that, against the side of the tub. It would not have surprised her in the slightest if Mickayla had wormed a hand between them, and curled her fingers right up inside of Faye with no more preamble than the hungry kiss they shared. And in truth, the Klingon did lift up and Faye felt her breath catching in her throat, in anticipation of what wast to come.

Which was Mickayla flopping down right beside her in the bathtub. Not at all an unpleasant outcome, but it did surprise Faye. She did a slow blink, and then smiled, twisting a bit in the tub so she could get a better view of the naked Klingon in turn. Stretching one of her own legs out, she ran the side of her foot up and down her friends calf, pursing her lips. "One thing I want to try with you tonight?"

While the words came out as a question, Faye already knew the answer. She brought a finger to her lips and tapped it there, holding her chin in her hand and making an exaggerated expression of deep thought. There were a plethora of options, some which would involve getting out of the tub, and making use of the replicator. Plenty could be done in the tub however. And she was certain, based on Mickayla's earlier confession, that anything she really wanted to dive in and do would be a first. So she might as well test the waters - ha - and see just how Mickayla rolled with some non-standard options for play.

"Hmmmmmm, how about...." she raised her eyes to the ceiling for a moment, then dropped them back down to Mickayla with a wicked little grin. Go big or go home girl, she thought, offering up, "Butt stuff." Her eyes twinkled and she giggled at the other woman's expression. "A little finger her, a little tongue there. It can make someone squirm in all kinds of delightful ways." It was a bit more of a raunchy idea, and more than a little hit or miss, at least in Faye's experience. She'd discovered she rather enjoyed the sensations, but it was far from a common desire. The Betazoid imagined if Faye had said she'd wanted to ride Mickayla's face - which she did - that would have gone over well enough. She was more curious to see how far out of her comfort zone Mickayla was interested in venturing. 

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[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite) | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

The exaggerated way that Faye went about thinking of her answer told Mickayla all she needed to know about the Betazoid’s response. The officer had already decided on it the instant after Mickayla has asked the question and now she was making a teasing show of it. And this was only confirmed by the wicked grin that appeared on Faye’s face as she looked at the Klingon to deliver her answer.

“Butt stuff,” she said, sending Mickayla’s eyebrows to the ceiling as her mind raced through the possibilities. "A little finger her, a little tongue there. It can make someone squirm in all kinds of delightful ways." Truthfully, Mickayla had always avoided anything to do with ‘butt stuff’ as Faye described it, never having seen the appeal of the attraction to it herself. It seemed though, that if she was to keep her word, then she would be experimenting with it tonight.

“I wasn’t expecting that for an answer but alright then,” Mickayla commented as she reached out to trace the curve of Faye’s breast in the water. “I, ah, I want to try that strap-on that you were talking about. To feel what it’s like to push into another person rather than be the one being pushed into. To be on top and in control,” she described, the words flowing from her without worry about what her companion would think of her.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 

Mickayla's reaction had been par for course with what Faye had expected. A bit of surprise, a hint of trepidation, and slight discomfort, along side mild curiosity and the realization that she would at least have to give it a shot since Faye had brought it up. There was no out right revulsion, just...confusion as to why someone might with to indulge in such play. And that was totally a fair concern, and utterly valid as far as Faye was concerned. She did not think any less of Mickayla for the way she felt about acts of that nature. One couldn't be sure until one tried something if it would be enjoyable or not. She knew there was always the chance of a bad first time. If things weren't taken slow, if the person doing the actual playing didn't know what they were about, it could be very unpleasant. That was okay though.

Flashing her a grin, she shrugged her shoulders up and down. "I like to be unpredictable Mickayla. Goes along with being named 'Faye.' I like to imagine that I exhibit some of the flighty, erratic nature of my name sake." Faye just assumed that Mickayla, having grown up on Earth if she remembered correctly, had heard the tails of the fair folk at some point in her life. And if not she'd fill her in later. 

A shiver rippled over her body when the Security officer ran a finger over her breast, and another followed as Mickayla explained her own desire, one of the things she wished to indulge in that evening. Or just in general. It was a great idea, and Faye could just about picture it in her head, how it might play out. Her smile turned languid and she slowly ran her tongue over her lips, keeping her eyes on the Klingon woman. "You like the idea of pushing me down on the bed and having your way with me eh? Making me squirm with each and every thrust?" 

Yes, she was laying it on extra thick. She wiggled her hips, and stretched a foot out to run it up and down her friends leg, as she bit down on her own lip and wagged her eyebrows a bit. "I may have a replicator program for one of those saved in the system. Might need to adjust the proportions slightly, though the straps themselves are the kind of thing you can adjust on their own once we're fitting the toy on you." She took the security officers hand in her own, squeezing it gently, and then raising it up to plant a kiss on a finger tip, looking at the other woman as she did. 

"They can be designed so that the person doing the trusting is either feeling pressure against her pelvis, rubbing and teasing that way, or with an inward facing attachment as well, so you'd feel it every time you thrust into me. Of course that will require us to get out of the tub to replicate, but I promise if that's something you wan to do tonight, we'll do it. Or well, you'll do me I guess is the better way to put it." She giggled as she spoke, and then sucked the girls finger tip between her lips, humming and watching. There was no judgement, just eager anticipation of the act described by the Klingon. Given how physically powerful the security officer was compared to the diplomat, Faye imagined it would be a delightful romp.

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[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite) | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

Mickayla’s breathing became noticeably more laboured as Faye spoke, her explanation and descriptions of what Mickayla had said painting a picture so real in the Klingon’s mind that her body shivered in anticipation of experiencing it. And the Betazoid running her foot up and down her calf was only adding to the fire within her. A fire that wanted to hold and possess her companion. Later, in hindsight, Mickayla would realise that those were her Klingon instincts rising within her. But not tonight.

“I, ah,” Mickayla began, pausing when Faye began to suck on one of her fingers. The act was so sensual and unexpected that Mickayla sighed at her own body’s reaction. She never would have guessed that something so simple could be so enjoyable. It also had the double act of giving the Klingon the mental image of Faye sucking on something, though in her mind, it was not her finger that the Betazoid had in her mouth. “They both sound nice,” Mickayla admitted once she got herself under control. “But think I’d like the, ah, attachment option more. If that’s ok?”

“And, umm,”
Mickayla continued, trying not to be too eager and ruin everything. “Maybe we should try your idea first. The, ah, butt stuff you described,” she said, admitting to herself that she was curious as she thought about it more. “You are the host after all,” she added. “We could start whenever you wanted to.” Her last words she had been hesitant to say, thinking it might come across as too fervid or overly zealous, but they were out now, and it was up to Faye how long they would remain in the tub.

“Not much longer, I hope. Or I might change my mind and start first right here.”

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