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Star Wars: Frontier Aspirations [Chapter 1]

[ Major Daniel Havenborn | Cockpit | ARC-170 “Death From Above” | Orbit of Acantha ]

Daniel watched from his cockpit as the shift from hyperspace to realspace happened.  It was a sight he always enjoyed watching.  The blue streaks of hyperspace were very relaxing and the fact that this voyage was the first time in almost three days that he’d finally gotten to get more than a couple hours of sleep, after hopping from combat zone to combat zone his unit was finally deactivated and after he dismissed his team. He had been meaning to join them as his team had been given a three day pass to spend on the Zenobia colony while the task force resupplied.  However he was three feet from the airlock when Captain Andromeda Marshal contacted him and had him report to the bridge, once he arrived there she informed him of a Level Five alert that required immediate attention.  After looking over the mission profile he agreed to the mission, unfortunately there wasn’t any time for him to recall his team and he’d have to take whoever was onboard.

The selection of available personnel onboard was slim, no Vanguard Commandoes, and the only Vanguard troops onboard weren’t rated for Starfighter status.  So he selected a pair of Operations officers who were, thankfully he knew both of them since he had personally overseen their flight training, the downside was that he’d be the only Vanguard Commando available until the “Treads Upon Stars” arrived in orbit.  His orders were two fold, first was to assess the situation and make contact with the Foundation facility on the planet, and secondly to form a militia to defend the colony should the task force not arrive in time.  He knew that the task force desperately needed the resupply that was underway; hopefully they’d be able to rush it to get in system a little faster.

As he was lost in his thoughts he missed Lieutenant Persephone Sorrell talking to him.  “Major Havenborn, we’ve arrived… Major Havenborn?”  She said as she paused, when he still didn’t answer she decided to get a little less formal.  “Daniel!”  She said loudly.

Daniel blinked his eyes a couple times then responded.  “What Persephone?”  He said.

“We’re nearing the Athelflad Spaceport, Minister Frederick Pollux is expecting you.”  She said, only a few people on the crew could get away with being so formal with such a superior officer, Camille and her were two of them since the three of them were courting and Daniel was in talks with both of their fathers about a marriage proposal and the uniting of their families.  Between her family and Daniel’s the courtship was more a formality since their families got along so well; however between Daniel’s family and Camille’s family it was far more political.  While the Valera family wasn’t as large as the Havenborn family was, they had a lot of political clout though and the Havenborn family had been trying for years to have a successful marriage work between them and the Valera family.

Daniel sighed, he hated talking to politicians, there was a reason he was still a Major while his brothers and sisters had moved on to commands of their own.  “Does he really have to speak to me?”  He asked.

“Yes, you’re the-” Persephone was cut off before she could finished.  “Captain Marshal asked that I handle any sort of political officers, seeing as I spent four years training for it, Paris you could come with me to help, we could keep Danny in the loop that way.”  Ensign Camille Valera said.

Persephone frowned, she didn’t like that Camille got that informal with him and her.  She allowed only Camille and Daniel to call her Paris although she wasn’t really fond of that name.  “I suppose that could work.”  Persephone said.  “What do you think Daniel?”  She asked.

Daniel had been listening quietly as he made slight adjustments to the starfighter’s course in towards the Athelflad spaceport.  “If Captain Marshal gave Camille those orders then that is that.  Although I would feel better if you went with her to help, there is safety in numbers after all.”  Daniel said.  Better that they’re both together so that he wouldn’t have to worry too much about them.

“Understood Major.”  Persephone said, going back to using his rank.  She looked out the window and saw that the city they were landing at was not at all what she was expecting.  They were flying low enough that the people on the ground would be able to see the ship’s insignia, a golden lion centered on a blue banner, this would not be something the people of this city, if it could really be called that, would often see.  There was sure to be some crowds to see who was arriving at their small city.

A few moments later and the starfighter landed in a small slot reserved for high value persons, technical crews came out from their spots and began to attach fuel lines and power cables, a pair of technicians wheeled a dual mounted stair-ladder over that fit perfectly for the height of the craft.  Daniel’s cockpit opened first followed by Persephone’s.  Daniel dismounted first followed by Persephone and then Camille.

[ Major Daniel Havenborn | Groundside | Athelflad City | Main Street ]

As Daniel climbed down the ladder he waited for both ladies to join him.  He walked up to the Minister who was standing nearby, Daniel immediately recognized him from the Foundation uniform he was wearing.  Like most of the colony leadership and personnel they typically wore uniforms to help separate them from the colonists.  Daniel made a salute then introduced himself and his companions.  The Minister returned the salute and introduced his small staff, and after few minutes of discussion he walked off with Persephone and Camille leaving Daniel to get down to business, his first objective was to locate the Vanguard contact in Athelflad that would get him in contact with the Foundation facility.  He walked out of the small spaceport and out into Athelflad city, he knew that his clothes would definitely set him apart from everyone else but he didn’t care, he had a mission and he was going to carry it out.

Cue entrance posts!
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[ Emi-Lee "Millie" Westar | Main Street | Athelflad City | Acantha ] Attn: @Everybody
Millie had come in from one of the farms that had been decimated by the recent pirate attack. Her skills as a doctor and field surgeon was put to use extensively, to treat the survivors, bandage their wounds, and to examine the damage. She assessed the general level of skill and capabilities possessed by these attackers, and got an estimate of the losses, both personnel and resources. The latter could be recovered, but the former...she felt traces of anger fueling her, and she almost hoped the pirates would try attacking again now, while she was around. It was a foolish desire, of course, and she knew better than to believe she alone could change the outcome should they truly attack. Plus, the people here had suffered enough.

She noted the arrival of an ARC-170 starfighter, and it had the markings of the Havenborn Foundation. Some bigwigs had finally arrived? Curious, she stood at a short distance, observing the minister that had come out to greet the new arrivals. Two women left with the minister, but the man seemed to be heading off. Curious, and recognizing his uniform, Millie trailed him at a distance, wondering where he was going. Would he be the leader of the response team sent to address the matter of the pirates?

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[ "Captain" Temari  Onk'alo | Silvered Hushwind | Athelflad City | Acantha] Attn: @Havenborn @Triage 

Dust swirled about the street as overhead, an old Arc type fighter whipped by, riding low across the settlement of Athelflad. The blonde stopped and looked up, shading her eyes as she tracked its passage toward a landing pad not terribly far away. While Athelflad lacked the full space port facilities that Antiope possessed, the artisanal settlement on Acantha had enough traffic all the same for smaller vessels to make a stop over. Her own HWK-290 was secured not too terribly far away, and she kept quarters of a sports nearby. It would be some time until she finished settling the place, but all the same, there were facilities enough to at least get her to Antiope if need be.

Pushing that thought aside, Temari swept some blond locks back from her face. For the moment at least, the markings etched into her skin remained cloaked and shadowed, one of the many 'gifts' she'd learned during her journeys. To the observant eye, she looked to have a tanned, flawless complexion, with straw like blonde hair and lips that seemed to hint of a smile even when mad.Lowering her gaze, she chewed on her lip, and then let out a sigh.

Havenborn corporation has sent some of their home office types out to the frontier colony. Must be because of the attacks, she thought as she resumed her walk, heading toward the bar at the far end of the square. The day was hot enough, and the cantina was cool and welcoming. As it was, sweat was already trickling lightly down the small of her back, and only the blasters at her hip kept her wearing the leather jacket. A day late and a credit short. Should have been here when the pirates attacked. I might not have had to kill that one bloke. Her lips curled into a smile. She wasn't terribly upset about killing the raider that had seen her ship in the woods and tried to take it for himself. He had deserved it, after all, and she liked to keep her skills sharp. Use it or lose it, and if anyone is losing anything, I’d much rather it be the fellow on the other end of my blaster pistols.

She'd been on the planet for a little under a month now, intent on putting down some roots far away from the center of Galactic Civilization. She'd learned the lay of the land, and had claimed the Silvered Hushwind as something of a personal stalking ground, due in part to its proximity and in part to the owner of the establishment. Anyone that needed a pilot in the area - or the occasional model for various forms of 'art' - knew that they could find 'Captain' Onk'alo there if anywhere, as long as they were willing to make it worth the blonde smugglers time.

The doors to the cantina swung open under the palms of the Corellian's  hands as she gave them a shove and strode in confidently. And why shouldn't she be confident? She and the owner had hit it off from the start, and Temair was a welcome customer. Out right cherished, even. Juli had told her so, herself. In fact, Temari was about to call out to one Julianne Stern when her eyes chanced upon a figure clad in a strikingly familiar black uniform.

Immediately, the room went cold to Temari. A chill washed over her, and all around the relatively tall woman, reality slowed down. Her gaze flicked about the room, moving from face to face in rapid succession, cataloging features, and making threat assessments. Her hands twitched toward her blasters, as she fully registered what had set her off about the woman at the bar.

What the hells is a Vanguard trooper doing here, on Acantha? There shouldn't be any in the system, let alone in this bar! The thought processed swiftly enough, and as the flow of reality sped back up, Temari shifted her hands from her blasters and gracefully adjusted her stride to take her to a seat on the far side of the bar, where she lay her elbows on the counter and leaned forward.

"Glad to see you made it through in one piece, Juli," Temari said in a low voice when the lithe woman came around to her. Despite the tension she felt over the presence at the other end of the bar, she gave the proprietor a winning smile she saved for a select few. "Anything I need to know about, sweetcheeks?" She asked, knowing the pet name would get a scowl, and knowing that the way she flicked her eyes down the bar would expose the point of interest.

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[ Major Daniel Havenborn  | Groundside | Athelflad City | Main Street ]

Daniel was walking down the street towards the Silvered Hushwind where his contact was waiting for him, the restaurant-bar was one of the largest buildings in Athelflad and was a good spot for Vanguard operators to meet; the owner is a strong supporter of the Foundation and has always welcomed the Vanguard.  Daniel had visited the Acantha Colony once four years ago when he and part of his team were hunting a known pirate lord named Etrick, they managed to capture him after eight days of investigating, however he managed to escape custody after they had transferred him to the Imperial Security Bureau, which had put a strain on the relationship between the Foundation and the Empire one that has remained to this day.  He knew Juli very intimately having spent a couple nights with her during his assignment on the planet.

As he was walking the street his threat assessment optics suddenly informed him of someone trailing him, he ignored it for now, he knew that his presence was going to make some people curious, it had been some time since a fully armed and armored Vanguard officer walked these streets.  His armor wasn’t like most Vanguard armor, it was fully customized using a new cortosis mesh-weave, while cortosis wasn’t something ordinarily used in armor Daniel had fought against plenty of force-users in his day and even some of the Empire’s Jedi Hunters, while cortosis was nominally best used against lightsabers and like weapons, combined with the new mesh-weave it managed to help disperse blaster shots, it didn’t make him invulnerable or invincible to being shot but it would manage to soak up damage, and he had other enhancements done to his armor to help should he get into a fight on the planet.

[ Julianne Stern | Groundside | Athelflad City | Silvered Hushwind Restaurant & Bar ]

Juli had just finished serving the Vanguard officer her drink when she glanced up to see Temari enter, she felt a little more relaxed now that her lover was here.  While Juli wasn’t the type to be exclusive to a single person she found herself far more comfortable with Temari than with anyone else she’d been with, so much so that she had stopped charging the Corellian woman for any drinks, she did after all pay in in other ways.

She checked in with some of her staff and then made her way over to Temari.  “Fortunately for me the pirates seemed more interested in the farms and the other cities to bother with my establishment, some of my girls didn’t fare that well though and Doctor Naberrie has them on bed rest for the next few days.”  She said and smiled back at Temari.  She scowled at Temari for the pet name, though seeing where her eyes went she shook her head.  “She just came in a few minutes before the Foundation fighter landed, I don’t know where from, she ordered a drink and hasn’t said anything else since.”  She turned to look back at Temari.  “Vanguard types can be really silent, they’re-” She stopped mid-sentence as the door opened and she saw the distinctive black armor of a Vanguard Commando.  “Fuck me.”  She said as she walked around the bar towards the newcomer and walked straight up to him and slapped him then walked away towards her office, glancing at Temari hoping that she’d get her message to follow her.

[ Major Daniel Havenborn  | Groundside | Athelflad City | Silvered Hushwind Restaurant & Bar ]

He finally reached the Silvered Hushwind entrance and entered he quickly took stock of the area his threat assessment optics quickly found his Vanguard contact and he smiled when he saw who it was, although he was then suddenly aware of another woman in front of his view, it took him a moment to recognize her when she slapped him and walked away.  He was confused for a moment but he’d have to table that for later; right now he needed to speak to Major Shawna Paladino.  He walked up to her and they spoke quietly for a moment, she motioned to a spot at the back of the restaurant and he nodded, the two of them walked back there and began to talk quietly.

[ Tiffany Naberrie  | Groundside | Athelflad City | Main Street ]

Tiffany had heard the ship fly overhead and had stepped out to see what was going on; she had watched the fighter land at the spaceport and then went back inside the small clinic.  The clinic was a two story building, the first floor was the clinic itself and the second floor was the apartment that she shared with her mother, who was also the senior most doctor on the planet.  Her father was a mystery to her because her mother wouldn’t tell her who he was, all she ever said was that he was someone important and he couldn’t be with her due to his family obligations.  She had done her own work and had it narrowed down to a few families that but her Foundation clearance wasn’t very high and she had used all the favors she had accrued in her short life so for right now her search had reached a stand still.

As she was sitting in the clinic she noticed a single figure walking down main street and she stepped back outside to see who it was.  What she saw was surprising and she immediately noticed something off about the man walking the street, it wasn’t something obvious to other people but she had studied everything her mother let her see and she could see that this man had undergone an age rejuvenant procedure recently.  Age rejuvenant procedures were incredibly expensive and rare, only those members of the Foundation who were highly connected or members of the top five families could really afford the procedure so he had to be from one of them, that or he was connected to someone from those families.

After a moment or so of him walking down the street she saw her friend Millie trailing him.  Millie was technically a medic-in-training but she definitely had medical training from somewhere else so she was granted a lot of freedom to help out others as needed.  She enjoyed spending time with Millie even though most of the time what they did was considered work by most people.  She closed the door to the clinic and set her datapad to alert her if someone came to the clinic and she walked towards Millie giving the man she was following a wide berth before walking up to her.  “Hey Millie, do you know who that is?”  She asked keeping her voice soft.
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[ "Captain" Temari  Onk'alo | Silvered Hushwind | Athelflad City | Acantha] Attn: @Havenborn 

In and of itself there was little to fear from the Vanguard trooper, at least for Temari. One of the reasons that the smuggler had turned to the Acantha colony was that the whole thing was run by the Havenborn Corporation, out of Corellia. She'd known of them during her youth, growing up on the core world. They were a strong proponent of an Independent Corellia. She wished she could say her own family leaned that way, but this differing view had probably kept her from being wrapped up in one of the Foundation Families various arranged marriages.

The important part was that the Foundation was not on great terms with the Galactic Empire, the latter of which suffered itself to allow the Foundation to act, but clearly wanted a stronger hold. There were only so many independent systems out there these days.But with no great love for the Empire came a protection of sorts. That, and distance from most of the fighting between the Empire and the Rebellion - the Alliance, she supposed - made this Outer Rim colony about as safe a haven for someone like her as could be. No Jedi Hunters, and No Jedi. A vanguard can be a damn spooky sort, but they won't be hunting for me.

Her thoughts were set aside as she allowed herself to relax ever so slightly in the presence of Juli. The sprite of a bartender was always good for a drink, information and ...other pleasures. She was, in fact, the largest reason that Temari kept her ship near Athelflad.

What surprised her was the knowledge that the Vanguard trooper at the other end of the bar showed up before the fighter had arrived. Meaning that she'd been there already. But before Temari could follow that thread to its conclusion, she got a second shock. Juli just up and walked across the bar when another black clad Vanguard arrived, and smacked the bloke square across the face.

"Bloody hell," Temari said as she watched Juli stalk back without a word, heading for her office. The blonde smuggler caught the look and kicked up off her stool, letting her eyes dart between the two Vanguard's. She lingered on the male for a moment, sizing him up and frowning slightly, before turning on her heel and secluding herself with Juli in the office.

The door slid shut behind her and clicked into place. With an eyebrow arched high up on her forehead, Temari jerked a thumb over her shoulder. "Did you smack the other Vanguard when she showed up, babe? Is that some kind of ritual greeting for our friendly jackboots? Or is the fella with the handprint on his face just special?" As she spoke she walked closer to where the bartender stood by her desk. Temari lay her hand down on the desk top, and reached out with the other to run her fingers carefully along Juli’s cheek.

At the same time, she opened up her senses, trying to get a feel for just what was running through the girl that had warmed her bed quite a bit of late. ”Hey, this  me we’re talking about, you can tell me.”

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  [ Julianne Stern | Groundside | Athelflad City | Silvered Hushwind Restaurant & Bar ]

As Juli stormed into her office she walked over to her private liquor cabinet and opened it, pulling out an unmarked bottle she grabbed a small shot glass and poured herself a drink.  She walked back over to her desk as her lover walked inside and closed the distance between the two of them.  Juli’s head was full of emotions at that moment, anger, jealousy, love, infatuation, etc.  She looked Temari in the eyes then down at the drink and quickly downed it before she looked back at the women caressing her cheek.

”No.”  was all she said at first.  ”Daniel is an old friend, more than a friend really.”  She said as she paused against looking away from Temari and down at an golden ring which lay on the desk next to her pict-viewer.  She reached out to touch the ring then decided not to and instead reached up to hold Temari’s hand instead.  ”He and I were lovers, and if my family had survived the Clone Wars, I would have been married into his family.”  Juli had shared a little about her family before, mostly that most of them had died during the Clone Wars with only her, her aunt and her grandmother surviving.  She had been too young to remember all the details but she knew that her parents and most of her family had served the Republic in some form or another, she had also been told that at one point her family had a controlling stake in the Havenborn Foundation but when her family had been all but decimated their stake was seized by another family, she didn’t know which family had done it but she had her suspicions.

”We didn’t leave on good terms, I told him that I would wait for him and he told me that he could never be with me and I kind of, maybe…” She lowered her voice a bit.  ”Slapped him then too.”  She said as her hands trembled as she tried to pour herself another glass of liquor.
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[ Emi-Lee "Millie" Westar | Main Street | Athelflad City | Acantha ] Attn: @Havenborn
Millie realized now for certain who it was. She was mildly surprised that he would come here in person. Acantha seemed rather insignificant a planet and colony. But then again, the Havenborn foundation wasn't quite like the Republic or the Empire. They took a vested interest in all their establishments. While she'd never had the honour (or misfortune, if he was just a gloryhound) of working with him, his reputation preceded him, and she had her doubts, since it seemed to read off like a superhero holovid commercial. Still, there was the chance he really was that good.

She watched as he entered the Silvered Hushwind, and then noticed Tiff approaching, whilst giving the man a wide berth, and then asking Millie who he was. “Tiff,” said Millie in greeting, then turned to look at the man, “that's none other'n Daniel Havenborn himself. Vanguard division of th' Foundation named after him and his family.”

She stared thoughtfully at the eatery he'd entered, and said to the nurse, “Reckon he's 'ere on account'a th' pirate attacks. S'ppose he'll be gunnin' and runnin' 'em outta th' sector soon.”

She felt something in her gut telling her to follow the man, so she tugged once on Tiff's arm, “C'mon, let's head in. I wanna find out what he's plannin'.”

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[ Major Daniel Havenborn | Groundside | Athelflad City | Silvered Hushwind Restaurant & Bar ]

Daniel and Shawna had spent the first few minutes catching up, he knew that she was stationed on the planet in a listening post near the city that was disguised as large rock formation, there was also a maintenance shed nearby which helped keep people away from it.  She had a crew of five other personnel but she was the only Vanguard.  As they started to get into other topics Daniel looked up and saw two young women enter, one was the woman that had been following him, and he couldn’t blame her curiosity.  Daniel turned his attention back to Shawna as they continued to talk about the current situation and what they planned to do, she had planet of ideas that could be useful; a few of which he had already thought of himself.  Creating a militia would be the easiest way to make sure that the colony could defend itself but it ran the risk of more attacks, the pirates in the region were led by the infamous pirate lord Etrick who had escaped custody from the Empire.  He had been stepping up his attacks against the colonies in the region for months, his unit along with the other two assigned to the Treads Upon Stars had been fighting against his pirate elite for months now and had just achieved a major victory against them, or so they had thought.

It was possible that Etrick knew about the Black Site on Acantha, if he did then the attacks against this colony made sense, but if he didn’t then Daniel wasn’t sure why he had attacked this colony, besides the Black Site there wasn’t anything of importance here, there were far more tempting targets in the Inner Frontier Region, colonies that were far more important to the Foundation.  Either way until the rest of the task forces arrived they were on their own.  Shawna was all in favor of creating a militia but she was also a Ranger, her training was less refined than his was.  He had started as a Ranger then was chosen for selection into the Dragoons, then after several years he was chosen for selection into the Operators then finally into the Commandoes.  He liked to think that his family name had nothing to do with his selections but there was part of him that knew that had something to do with it.  The two of them settled on creating a militia, Daniel still had his reservations about it but he had conceded to her point.

[ Tiffany Naberrie | Groundside | Athelflad City | Silvered Hushwind Restaurant & Bar ]

Tiffany listened to what Millie said, she’d heard of him as well, though she had always heard about him from her mother.  The two of them were apparently really good friends.  “Are you sure it’s a good idea, he’s a Vanguard after all and they can be pretty scary.”  She said.  Her exposure to the Vanguard had been minimal but there had always been some Vanguard Marines on the medical ships she served on and they had always been very scary to her in their black clad armor.

Although as scary as the Vanguard were they were really good at protecting people and killing people, she wasn’t fond of the second part but she understood that sometimes bad people didn’t give you a choice, the pirates had done that when they were here; they had killed the governor when he refused to surrender the colony.  Her mother had been called to the capital to help the other administration officers with their injuries.

As they entered the Silvered Hushwind she saw several people at tables and at the bar, however there were two Vanguard officers now.  One was the black clad armored officer and the other was a female in a Vanguard uniform, both of them were at the back of the room and they were surrounded by empty tables; she could see people looking at them, watching them.  “Are you just going to walk up to them?”  She asked quietly.

[ Captain Gabriel Kurtz | Groundside | Athelflad City | Silvered Hushwind Restaurant & Bar ]

From behind Millie and Tiffany, a stern man in a Foundation uniform, wearing the rank of Captain with maroon red epaulets, he also openly carried a heavy blaster pistol on his right hip.  He walked into the bar and he pushed past both Millie and Tiffany.   He looked around the bar then spotted who he was here for.  He walked over to the table with the two Vanguard officers.  A moment later the hushed talking of the room was cut by his booming voice.  “Who the hell do you think you are sending two fucking women to deal with the administrative officers?!”  He yelled loudly at the man in black clad armor.  “I should have your fucking epaulets for that you shit stain!”  The man continued on for a few minutes before he finally stopped and allowed Daniel to speak.  Daniel however kept his calm and spoke softly.  "Firstly, who are you?"  He asked calmly and softly.  The enraged man spoke loud enough for all to hear.  "I am Captain Gabriel Gideon Kurtz, Commissar for Acantha."  He said proudly.  Daniel responded again quietly, he did not seem to be impressed by Commissar Kurtz at all.  "Secondly Captain, this is not the place to be having this conversation.  Now I am Major Daniel Havenborn and my brother Admiral Elias Havenborn is the Sector Commissar and your direct superior, now I can contact him and report this situation or if you want to have a civilized discussion then we can meet in the Athelflad City Hall.  Your choice Captain Kurtz."  Daniel said.  Gabriel knew that if he was reported for this it could cost him his position here on Acantha.  His body language shifted from enraged to resigned as Daniel spoke to him.  "I will see you in the city hall at your convenience then."  Hopefully that would satisfy the Major, Gabriel thought to himself.  Daniel nodded and then stood up and saluted the man.  Gabriel returned the salute then turned about and stormed out of the Silvered Hushwind.
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[ "Captain" Temari  Onk'alo | Silvered Hushwind | Athelflad City | Acantha] Attn: @Havenborn 

Not everyday I get to see Juli all a fluster to the point that she's hitting the good stuff already, Temari mused silently. This bloke must be a right pain in the ass. Sure enough, the man was, and then some. Temari felt herself rocking back gently on her heels as Juli laid it all out for her. The blonde glanced back, over her shoulder at the door she'd walked through. Shut as it was, she could almost picture the two black clad Foundation jackboots at the bar (not knowing that they had moved off).

Running her fingers over Juli's as the later held her hand, Temari let a hip jut to one side and made a less than pleased noise. "My family had some dealings with the Havenborn back on Corellia. Nothing all that major, just a little bit here and there in passing. I'm a bit familiar with their usual methods for building alliances." Her father had never been terribly interested in seeking an alliance with the Foundation which had the net positive effect of no arraigned marriage for Temari. It might have been a bit odd if she'd fled from one of those, only to end up on a Foundation Colony, shagging the ex of one of the Foundation's scions.

Despite the seriousness therein, she chuckled, the pert lips curling into an amused little grin. "I aught to go drag you right back out there and start making out where he can see. Would serve him right, and it'd probably sting worse than the slap you gave him. Which, good on you for slapping him last time as well," she added as she placed her hand this time, over Juli's, to steady her as she poured the drink.

"So your ex, the family lap dog, is a Vanguard and scion for the Havenborn Foundation, and he's meeting another Vanguard here in the bar. At least his family thinks the colony is worth defending." Even if their sense of station leaves them with their heads too far up their collective asses. Oh well, his loss, my gain. Setting the bottle down on the table she raised the glass Juli had poured up and held it in front of her loves lips, ignoring the sheer awkwardness of the moment for the time being.

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[ Julianne Stern | Groundside | Athelflad City | Silvered Hushwind Restaurant & Bar ]
Juli nodded at her new lover, it wasn’t that she had a problem with the Havenborn Foundation itself, more so just Daniel and his parents.  His parents were after all the ones behind him not being able to choose who he marries.  “I have nothing against the company, just him and his parents.  He led me on, made me believe that we could have had a future together.”  She said sadly.  Although really if she had been with Daniel she might not have met Temari and that most definitely would have been a tragedy.  Temari in many ways was far better than Daniel, or any man she’d been with.  "That's what I'm really frustrated about."

She smirked at Temari and snuggled up close to her.  “Or a third option we could make love in here away from all of them.”  She said.  She’d much rather have Temari here where they were alone then have to go out and face Daniel again. 

“I do know that if he’s here, then more Vanguard Commandoes are on their way.  Last I heard he was part of a task force that’s been hunting pirates.  All we should need to do now is wait for them to arrive.”  She said as she cupped her other hand around Temari’s and brought the glass to her lips taking a sip and then bringing it to her paramour’s lips for her to take a drink as well.  She wanted her to share the drink as well.  “And once they’ve dealt with the pirates hopefully life here can go back to normal.”  She added.
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[ "Captain" Temari  Onk'alo | Silvered Hushwind | Athelflad City | Acantha] Attn: @Havenborn 

The drink burned a bit as Temari allowed herself to sip and ponder all she had just been told. On the one hand, it was good that the Foundation was taking an interest in these pirate raids. True, this was their colony and to do anything less would be criminal but all the same, one couldn't always expect a corporation to act in the interests of those working for it perfectly, or swiftly. And while Temari had plenty of dark and nasty things in her day, she was certainly better than a mere pirate.

So sending in Vanguard officers to deal with the threat was a good call. Especially since it wasn't like the Empire or the Rebel Alliance was going to come here. It was outside both of their official territories (as if that mattered) and they had more pressing issues on their hands than pirate raids on the Rim. Namely, each other.

Thus, on the one hand, their sponsors were being good, responsible corporate citizens. Temari approved of this whole heartedly. On the other hand they'd sent an asshole who had hurt someone she cared about rather deeply. This, Temari was not fond of, nor did she approved. If the man was the best they had to offer then putting aside any dislike for his prudish natured in favor of his combat skills would be a challenge she'd have to rise to.

She liked this place. Temari would rather not have to run again because some damn pirates chased them all off the planet.

All this flickered through her brain by the time she and Julie set the shared glass back down on the table. Humming a little bit, the blonde stepped in closer to her current paramor. "It's good that they've sent someone. Vanguard are damned useful in a pinch - as long as they are on your side. If your ex can keep his head in the game and deal with them, so much the better. I've got a few I'd like to slag myself if I can get them in my blaster sights."

Thus establishing her views on the matter, Temari brought her free hand up and ran a finger down Juli's jaw, to rest under her chin. This she used to tip the bartenders head up just a little bit, as she herself looked down the bridge of her nose at Juli. It was a striking pose that she held just long enough, before her lips curled into a smile. "Now lets see if we can make you feel a bit better today. Between pirates an ex's you've had a rough go of it," she purred in a whisper before ghosting her lips across Juli's in a teasingly light kiss.

The invitation was clear. If the girl wanted more,Temari was more than happy to deliver. As easy as it might be to 'nudge' Juli, Temari did no such thing. This would only happen if Juli wanted it.

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[ Emi-Lee "Millie" Westar | Main Street | Athelflad City | Acantha ] Attn: @Havenborn
Millie pursed her lips in subtle exasperation at Tiffany. The girl was incredible at saving lives, but she was so easily intimidated by the oddest things. Sure, they looked grim and intense, even fearsome, but they're supposed to be. Intimidation tactics. But there's no such thing as an unkillable warrior. Even the fabled Gen'Dai, who were reputedly immortal, had limits and weaknesses. When one knew and accepted this fact, that everyone could fall in one form another, the fear tended to fall away. That or Millie was just one hardened woman who was unfazed after all the things she had seen over the years.

She had picked up on her surroundings within the eatery, perhaps slightly more quickly than her younger friend. She had trained herself to mark locations for strategic purposes, and to take note of all possible escape routes, either for cutting off escapees, or to make use of them herself. Spotting the two Vanguards was the easiest, but analyzing the threat potentials of the patrons took a little longer.

When Tiffany asked if she'd just approach the two Vanguards, Millie seriously considered it when some bullish idiot roughly shoved through, forcing Millie and Tiffany apart. “Nnf!”

Oh, just had to be the blasted Captain Gabriel karking Kurtz. He was loud, rude, and overbearing. In Millie's opinion, he was about as useful as a loudspeaker (an apt title and position in more ways than one) but she honestly believed he was mostly the Foundation's Neimodian*. Still, his bluster and showmanship did allow her to get a measure of this Daniel Havenborn. A Major too. Okay, she was mildly impressed with him now. Instead of answering Gabriel in kind, he'd diffused the situation. It was admittedly quite fun to see the Captain get put in his place, it was like rubbing Gundark droppings in his face, only he did it himself. She made sure to lightly step aside this time, since the man appeared to have it in for either her, Tiffany, or both.

Once Gabriel had left, with Daniel's conversation with his fellow Vanguard so rudely interrupted, she decided now was as good a time as any and addressed him, “Major Havenborn? Emi-Lee Westar, independent contractor an' deputy marshal of Athelflad. Mind if I ask if ye're here 'bout them pirates?”

*Neimodian - Bitch.

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[ Major Daniel Havenborn & Major Shawna Paladino | Groundside | Athelflad City | Silvered Hushwind Restaurant & Bar ]

As Captain Kurtz left, two women approached the table.  Both were definitely colonists from the way they were dressed, one looked to be an independent contractor, wearing a leather duster jacket, a hat and a whit tunic and denim pants; while the other was obviously a medic wearing an knee high medical yellow dress.  The slightly taller woman introduced herself as an contractor and deputy marshal, the younger woman kind of hid behind her friend but Daniel could see something familiar about her, she had features that he recognized from his family which was odd since no one from his family was on this planet.  He would have to look into that later.

“Yes, I’m here to assess the situation and prepare a report for my superiors for when they arrive with reinforcements.  I’m also here to officially form a militia so that this colony can better defend itself from any future attacks.”  Daniel said.  He secretly hoped that the task force would arrive before he had to actually train anyone.  He really didn’t want to have to train colonists, not when there was a ship full of Vanguard officers onboard the Treads Upon Stars who would be far better suited to training colonists.

“Deputy Westar, where might Marshal Lincoln be?”  Shawna asked, her tone clearly showed annoyance in being interrupted by yet another person.  She wanted to get their business done so she could speak with Daniel about his younger sister whom Shawna was interested in and hoped to court one day.

[ Julianne Stern | Groundside | Athelflad City | Silvered Hushwind Restaurant & Bar ]

“I’ve seen Vanguard operations during my time serving with the Foundation.”  She said.  “I know that some of their troops are prisoners that are serving out their sentences fighting for the Foundation, they can be brutal.”  She said as she recalled a military operation that actually required her on the ground, she witnessed how brutal and cruel some of the Vanguard troopers were.  She had told Temari about that operation and how scared she had been being in an active warzone.  She knew that not all Vanguard troops were like that, the special forces units like Operators and Commandoes were purely officer based and those with criminal records weren’t allowed to join so she was glad of that.

Juli returned the kiss planting her lips square on her lovers and slipping her tongue into her mouth seeking out her lover’s own tongue.  Juli really wanted Temari right now and as much as she wanted to get back at Daniel she knew that he had a job to do here and hashing it out with her was not it, she hoped that she’d see very little of during his time here though.

[ Major Autumn Pilar Stern & Major Josiah Oberon Hakke | Cockpit | HWK-290 “Amethyst Reign” | Orbit of Acantha ]

The small executive transport dropped out of hyperspace near the planet.  Autumn and Josiah had been returning to the Treads Upon Stars from a quick courier mission to the Tamar Colony when Captain Marshal had redirected them to the Acantha Colony to support Major Havenborn.  They had been informed of the situation and were told to link up with Major Havenborn to receive further orders.  Autumn listened as Josiah spoke with the Foundation Operations space controller and received coordinates for where Daniel’s fighter had landed.  Autumn got up from her controls and nodded to Josiah to take them down.  She wanted to change out of her uniform and into her armor and gear.

It didn’t take long for the transport to make its way through the atmosphere and it flew low over Athelflad towards the spaceport and landed shortly afterwards.  Josiah stepped out of the ship to give orders to the flight crew before stepping back in and Autumn passed him in the cramped ship as she made her way towards the landing ramp.  She waited for Josiah to exit the ship then locked the hatch.  Both of them were wearing the newly designed cortosis mesh-weave armor, that Daniel had helped create, with their blaster pistols at their sides; Autumn had an HFA-105[R] “Bolter” Heavy Blaster Pistol that was limited to six shots but she had customized it with a custom grip, a motion tracker and a sonic scope; while Josiah was armed with a HFA-160 “Mattock” Heavy Blaster Pistol, he had customized it with a custom grip, a marksman barrel and a sonic scope as well.

They both were also armed with long-hilted HFA-076 "Dynasty" lightsabers.  They made no attempt to hide them; they were after all members of the Foundation’s force-using organization, the Iron Hunters.  Their job was to track and hunt and they used the Force to do that more effectively than anyone else.  Not everyone in the Iron Hunters did that however, some focused more on healing, others enhanced their bodies, but the vast majority of the group was dedicated to hunting and tracking.  The two of them walked out of the spaceport and Autumn stopped for a moment as she focused on searching for Daniel, it didn’t take her long before she found him and she communicated telepathically with Josiah telling him where they had to go and the two of them made their way towards the Silvered Hushwind.
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[ "Captain" Temari  Onk'alo | Silvered Hushwind | Athelflad City | Acantha] Attn: @Havenborn 

With the taste of whiskey still on her lips, Temari pushed aside the thoughts of the Vanguard troops. She hadn't done any real military type service for the Foundation. Her entire employment amounted to the documents she signed when she joined up with the colony, looking for a nice place to go to ground away from the Empire's hunting dogs, and the Alliance recruiters. She'd done her bit for the Rebels when they'd helped her in a pinch, but she was old enough to remember her Father's concerns about the Old Republic. She wasn't a die hard bootlicker of the Empire like her sister though.

So what if the Foundation used criminals as Vanguard. As long as they followed orders and did the job. Temari was fine.

So long as their leader kept his hands off Juli, they'd get along too.

Which brought her back to the thoughts of the perky bartender trapped between Temari and the desk. The blonde let her tongue tickle her lovers as she purred and pondered. There was something thrilling about playing in Juli's office. Especially with her ex on the other side of the wall. Gifted as she was, Temari could feel the need for a distraction, to forget, and to be lost, coming off her paramour.

Thus resolved to help. Temari placed her hands on the other woman's hips and dragged her in against her own body, waist to waist, bust to bust. Her lips worked against Juli's, letting her tongue now slide into the other woman's mouth, returning the ferocity and need she felt coming off Juli in waves. There were times to be slow, and there were times to be fast, and this was one of the latter. Temari punctuated this point by flipping the buckle on Juli's belt.

"These are coming off and you're gonna be spread out on that table," she warned. "Best hope no one comes in that door or they're going to have quite a sight to behold." She was unaware of just how many more people had joined the Vanguard troops outside at the main bar. There was a tension building around them, but Temari was focused far more on the personal interplay with herself and Juli, allowing what little gifts she had to focus there, on the woman that needed the distraction and release. Foolishly, Temari felt mostly safe here, and did not leave her senses reaching out to the world around her as she might in a less secure location.

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[ Julianne Stern | Groundside | Athelflad City | Silvered Hushwind Restaurant & Bar ]

As Temari placed her hands on her hips and grinded against her Juli didn’t realize just how badly she needed to be good and fucked right now.  The reciprocation of the tongue kissing was much needed and then she felt her belt being removed and she began to grind into her partner more, she really needed to get off.  The fact that her ex was on the other side of the door was gone from her mind at the moment and while her door had no lock installed on it, the only people who would actually enter her office were her girls and she’d be okay with that, it’s not like they haven’t seen or done worse.

“If someone does I expect that we’ll put on quite the show for them.”  She said with a smile, most people knew that she ran an escort/companion service as well and from time to time she had put on live sex shows late at night, when she had first started them three years ago she had partaken in it, but as she got more women, and men, volunteer she found that she could stop and just enjoy watching.  When she had hooked up with Temari she had sworn off performing in a live show again, unless Temari wanted that from her.
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[ "Captain" Temari  Onk'alo | Silvered Hushwind | Athelflad City | Acantha] Attn: @Havenborn 

Women, Termari had found, could be just as hungry and eager as men. For all their soft  curves and gentle lips, a girl with a need could roughly seek that satisfaction in the same manner as their male brethren. In this instance, the brashness that lay under the surface of Julianne Stern teased a ready smile to the blonde renegades lips, especially at the little jibe Juli let out. Again, Temari reached out, feeling a presence this time, something familiar to her in the bar.

A brushing of minds, there, and gone.  Something from the past. But the past was the past and the present had demands. Thinking of the way she had seen the bartender swaying on a stage at her first trip to the Silvered Hushwind, Temari again slid her lips along her lovers, but denied the woman her tongue. Instead, the lips continued on, nibbling the slope of Juli's jaw and the bend of her neck, humming and purring as the belt was pulled out of its loops and tossed aside.

True, Temari had promised she would strip the girl's pants from her and spread her about on the table. Its a visceral image that came to her mind and one she would act upon. But once she had the zipper down and the waist band loose about the bar owner's hips, she pressed her palm and fingers to the skin of Juli' stomach. Hazel eyes flicked up with a look of unabashed desire as she spun her hand, and then, finger tips pointed down, glided across the taut skin, heading south, sinking her hand into Juli's pants to cup the woman.

"I want to feel the heat coming off of you, my little dancer," the woman purred in a voice gone husky with desires of her own. This was, of course, about relieving the stress that was thundering about Juli. But that didn't mean that Temari had no needs or wants of her own.

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[ Julianne Stern | Groundside | Athelflad City | Silvered Hushwind Restaurant & Bar ]

Juli continued to grind herself as much as she could against her lover and Temari leaned forward she prepared herself to be kissed but was disappointed when instead of Temari planting her lips on hers she nibbling on her jaw, then down to her neck at which Juli let out a moan.  She always loved being kissed along her collarbone and that whole area of her body could be incredibly sensitive when she was aroused.  As she felt her belt finally being released she assumed that her pants would be ripped from her and again she was disappointed but not for long as Temari’s hand sunk down and into her.  Juli let out another moan as she laid back on the table fully.

“Just fuck me already!”  Juli practically screamed, she wasn’t sure just how much more of the teasing that she could take, her womanhood was practically on fire and right now she didn’t care who heard her or if they walked in, she needed release and only Temari would be able to give her that release.  She’d been with both male and female lovers before, and only one other had ever been able to satisfy her the way Temari had.
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[ "Captain" Temari  Onk'alo | Silvered Hushwind | Athelflad City | Acantha] Attn: @Havenborn 

Having such an effect on Juli was a heady thing indeed, a power trip for Temari. She basked in it, drank up the sensation and bathed her ego. Her lips curled into a smile - not cruel, but teasing nonetheless, and she moved in, claiming the girls lips with hers, as her palm squeezed down tightly.

"Mine," she declared as she flexed her grip, feeling the heat pool against her fingers. Perhaps it was because of the man in the other room, the ex boyfriend. The man that would have been her lovers husband save for his own stupid ass pride, that caused her to be more assertive that day. To lay a claim, mark her territory. Perhaps she just loved to be in control? The blonde knew not, save that the head games she was playing now, was turning her on as much as simply playing Juli like a well strung harp. A pluck here, a strum there, and the girl sang for her, and that left Temari sodden and feeling powerful.

Juli was a mouthy one, and Temari enjoyed that about her, though she did worry, slightly about the bar outside. About Havenborn. And that slight tickling, the sense of something familiar beyond the shut doors that bared their play from the world. What would that do to Juli's reputation of rumors started swirling about the bartender getting finger fucked in her office while there were clients about outside? Well Krak 'em. Today she's mine to make wail.

Thus decided, Temari curled her fingers up to drag along those wet, heated folds. She teased the petals but pulled her hand out and gripped the girls pants, tearing them off in the way she knew Juli would approve. Feeling the lust, the desire for release, she bit the bartenders ear and purred into it, "Bend over that desk, now, and spread  yourself wide and I'll give you everything you want, lover."

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[ Emi-Lee "Millie" Westar | Main Street | Athelflad City | Acantha ] Attn: @Havenborn
Millie barely glanced at Shawna before turning her attention back to Daniel. She didn't have much of a relationship with the woman, since Shawna was much too militant and really not someone she enjoyed being around with. Granted, Millie did not socialize much to begin with, which earned her rather few enemies...or friends. She was fine with this, however, and preferred it, since too much company would eventually chafe her.

“She's out checkin' on the outlier regions,” said Millie by way of answering Shawna, “Pirates reached that far out in their first strike.”

She never took her eyes off Daniel the whole time that she spoke. Something about Daniel's presence...called her attention. She knew it wasn't attraction, but more of just something, like she knew something about the man, but she couldn't quite point out what it was. “Y'won't find much t' work with 'ere,” she told the man informatively, “'sides the Marshall and any of you military types, most'f the folks're simple, honest people trying to carve out a better life out 'ere. Doesn't make sense though.”

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[ Major Daniel Havenborn & Major Shawna Paladino | Groundside | Athelflad City | Silvered Hushwind Restaurant & Bar ]

“Yes without the other intelligence reports I can see why you would think that.  Acantha was not the only planet that was attacked by pirates, or at least someone that wants us to think it was pirates who made the attacks.”  Daniel said.  As he and Shawna had been speaking it had occurred to him that the attacks could have been made to look like pirates.  Since once you looked at the other attacks in the region they all pointed to a larger organization pulling the strings.  Daniel believed it was the work of the Scarlett Alliance, an organization that was formed from several Imperial warlords that banded together recently and from the intelligence reports he had read the infamous pirate Etrick Sturm had joined them.  So it was entirely possible that pirates originally did attack the colony, why they left was really the mystery.  They had to know that a Foundation task force would be sent, although Etrick was a brilliant strategist, he had been one of the Foundation’s best before he took up the life of a pirate.

“Deputy Westar, we understand that most of the colonists here are not soldiers, but would you be willing to find any able bodied man, woman or child that is willing to help form a civilian militia?”  Shawna asked, using local law enforcement officers was always the best way to get something done right, they knew the locals in the area, getting locals from the other two cities would definitely be easier since they were more industrial based compared to Athelflad’s rural feel.  Shawna turned her head towards what was clearly the owner’s office, she heard someone shouting but couldn’t make out the words; the tone however was definitely forceful.

Daniel also looked over towards Juli’s office, unlike Shawna and most of the people in the building, he knew what was going on; he was Force sensitive but he had an undergone an extensive surgical procedure to suppress it, part of the Foundation’s Project: Iron Star.  The project was still ongoing but he was one of a few volunteers.  It allowed him to suppress his Force sensitivity but the downside was that it cut off his ability to use the Force.  However at the moment he had unsuppressed it just enough that he could feel the emotions and read the surface thoughts of people in the area, Juli was obviously in some sort of pleasure, he’d felt that from her before.

Then he felt a familiar presence and smiled, Shawna looked at him funny but she said nothing.  Daniel let his presence be known by fully releasing the suppressor that locked his Force sensitivity away; letting anyone who was Force sensitive feel his presence.

[ Julianne Stern | Groundside | Athelflad City | Silvered Hushwind Restaurant & Bar ]

Juli smiled as she felt Temari’s hand flex against her womanhood as she gripped it, she could eel her own juices flowing down onto her hand and when she claimed Juli’s womanhood for her own she smiled.  “Absolutely, now fuck me harder than any man ever could.”  She said as she began to grind her womanhood onto Temari’s hand, unconsciously she was projecting her sexual desires for what she wanted Temari to do to her.  She wanted Temari to bend her over the table and take her hard.

Feeling the blonde woman’s finger her made Juli moan with pleasure, however as she removed her hands Juli whimpered as her pants were removed.  The purring of her lover’s voice in her ear made her comply with her order.  She slowly stood up and bent over the desk spreading her legs and rising her ass into the air as he waited for her lover to continue to finger her womanhood and bring her to a climax.  "Take me, I'm all yours."

[ Major Autumn Pilar Stern & Major Josiah Oberon Hakke | Groundside | Athelflad City | Silvered Hushwind Restaurant & Bar]

As the pair of Iron Hunters were making their way through the street, what little of the populace that had remained in the street quickly left, the pair of them projected an aura of intimidation and those on the street didn’t want to be around them.

Autumn smiled as she felt Daniel’s presence in the Force, the two of them had originally served the Jedi Order before that organization had been destroyed.  They both served in the Corellian Jedi Temple, however Autumn left the organization after she found that she could not uphold the Jedi Code, she knew that Daniel had made the prestige of Master but he had left as well.  The pair of them had been among the first recruits for the Iron Hunters.  They had also at one point been intimate but found that they worked better as friends than as lovers, plus the fact that she was in love with Josiah and betrothed to him was another factor.  That didn’t mean that she and Daniel couldn’t be great friends though.

Josiah kept a vigilant watch as they approached the Silvered Hushwind, the sign on the outside of the building proudly declaring that this was the best restaurant/bar on the entire planet; although in his mind that wasn’t really all that hard considering the selection of food and entertainment businesses on the planet.  As they pair of them walked up to the door and stepped inside, Josiah could instantly feel the presence of other Force users, a small sunny gold blonde haired woman standing in front of Daniel and another Vanguard officer, she was definitely Force sensitive; behind her was a smaller blonde woman whom he could sense a small amount of Force sensitivity from, not enough to pose a threat to anyone but enough that he could sense it.  Another stronger source was coming from a room along the back wall, there was also a sense of pleasure coming from two beings in that room.

Josiah turned his attention back to the room around them.  His job was as a bodyguard at the moment, He and Autumn were the same rank but she took a more diplomatic role while he usually took a more intimidation based bodyguard role.  He placed a hand on his pistol and on his Lightsaber, ready to pull them at a moment’s notice should he need to.  He followed Autumn as she began to approach Daniel.

Autumn walked towards Daniel and the women around his table but she remained a respectable distance letting him conclude his business before she would take a seat to speak to him.
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[ Emi-Lee "Millie" Westar | Main Street | Athelflad City | Acantha ] Attn: @Havenborn
Millie arched her eyebrows at the voluntary information given by Daniel. So, there had been other attacks as well, and in recent times. It was sounding more and more like another large-scale conflict shaping up, and she was once again caught in the middle, but this time there were innocents she had a vested interest in, because she'd made the mistake of staying too long. She wanted to sigh and roll her eyes, but it was her own fault, and she should have known better. But it was too late now, except to see this through and hopefully weather the assault.

Then Shawna asked something of her that made her raise both eyebrows. Men and women she was fine with recruiting; if they wanted to live in this land, they would inevitably have to defend it, if not by themselves, then by the strength of arms of the rulers of the world. But asking children? She supposed Shawna meant the older ones, near adulthood, but the word still evoked a mild shock before she fully processed. “Yes, of course,” said Millie, glancing at Tiffany a moment, “reckon after what happened, most'll be itchin' t' stand up t' the frellin'...”

She lost her train of thought when she felt something shift. She wasn't sure what it was, but she thought Daniel seemed different all of a sudden. She couldn't put her finger on it, but it was like looking at someone you knew, and then meeting them all over again for the first time. It was an impossibility in and of itself, so she didn't know what to make of it. And then she felt the hairs on the back of her neck prickling, and she turned around to see two approaching individuals. Her instincts warned her of potential danger, and it came from all three of them. Stepping to one side, taking hold of Tiffany's hand in a gentle manner to steer her out of the way without actually alarming the girl, she set herself up between Tifanny and the rest of them, but looking so casual, so as not to set off any alarms. “Looks like you're a busy man, major.”

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[ "Captain" Temari  Onk'alo | Silvered Hushwind | Athelflad City | Acantha] Attn: @Havenborn @Triage 

Fingers still wet, Temari watched as the now bare bottomed bartender bent over the desk, raising her hips up as she spread her legs for the blonde. Making a purr deep in the back of her throat, the smuggler stepped back in. As much as she might desire to savor the moment, she didn't want to leave the sprite before her wanting for too long. Temari wasn't that cruel after all.

Still, she allowed herself to run her hands all over Juli's butt, and rocked her hips forward to bump against the girl, as if she were rutting her. Alas the toys for that weren't on hand, so she'd just have to do things the old fashion way. A quick swat to her lovers bum, and then she was curling her fingers back inside Juli, pumping them fast, two at first, till she was certain a third would fit without causing any problems or undue pain. She wanted Juli bucking about from pleasure, not from unwanted discomfort, and Temari knew that it could take a bit to work up to taking such a large intrusion.

Reaching out with her senses, she focused them on the woman bent over the table. Her free hand squeezed one cheek then the other, pulling at them, smacking and then rubbing, and then pressing down on the small of the girls back. She herself leaned in and nipped one of the cheeks as her fingers pumped faster, filling the room with a slick sound of flesh sliding into flesh.

It was a rush, feeling the way that the other woman responded. That sense of control was invigorating and Temari had just started to reach for herself, to ease some of her burning need when she felt something new, intruding into her mindscape. The blonde was not the strongest force user ever, and to tap those skills often came with a price of being detected, but she did have training. The Force Witches called it magics, and there was a certain mysticism to what they had imparted on Temari. And right now those abilities sang in recognition of another.

"Poodo,' she swore against the other woman's skin then sunk her teeth in sharply to draw a gasp. She wanted to leave a mark, the sudden urge to claim rising up in her like an angry beast. She could feel Juli's ex light up in the other room, and then another presence, a pair, answered in repsonse. Too familiar she thought, the intrusion unwelcome and enough to set her heart racing in a whole new fashion. She couldn't just stop  - that was too mean to poor Juli, who needed this something fierce but now there was an edge to Temari's movement, and her mind was splitting its focus between the woman she was finger fucking, and the collected Force presence in the room opposite. One part eager, the other, wary. A diconomy that Temari was quite used to in her life.

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[ Major Daniel Havenborn & Major Shawna Paladino | Groundside | Athelflad City | Silvered Hushwind Restaurant & Bar ]

“That is what we’re hoping for.”  Shawna replied before she turned to see the two new individuals enter the bar.  She nodded as Millie stepped out of the way for the two new Vanguard officers.  She didn’t recognize them but they wore outfits that were similar to Daniel’s so she assumed that they were from the same unit.  She realized that her presence was quickly going to become obsolete as more of his unit members arrived.  Which if she was honest with herself, she was fine with.  Her friend was about to get very busy.  She stood up from the table.  “As the good Deputy has stated Major, you’re about to be a busy man, I’ll link up with Marshal Lincoln and fill her in on the plan.”  Shawna said as she gave Daniel a  salute and the two newcomers one as well before she exited the bar.

Daniel nodded as Shawna stated her plan then returned her salute.  However as the other two women were leaving he spoke up to them.  “Before you go Deputy Westar, I wonder if you could do me a favor.”  He said, but didn’t wait for her to say yes.  “Would you please contact Major Samara Naberrie, she’s the planet’s chief medic.  I should like to have a word with her.”  Daniel said, although his underlying tone was that of someone giving orders not actually asking for a favor.

[ Julianne Stern | Groundside | Athelflad City | Silvered Hushwind Restaurant & Bar ]

Juli moaned in immense pleasure as Temari grinded against her, she needed this badly.  Seeing Daniel had brought up all sorts of feelings, feelings that she didn’t want to have right now.  As Temari’s fingers curled back inside of her she let out another moan of pleasure.  She really wished that Temari had brought along some of her toys but she was never really disappointed with her lover’s magical fingers.  She felt her womanhood become incredibly slick from the juices that were flowing from her freely now.  She kept moaning out pleasurable statements to her lover, encouraging her to finger fuck her harder, she was incredibly close to having one of the most intense orgasms she’d ever experienced in her life right now as Temari continued to slide her fingers deeper and faster into her snatch.  “So fucking close!”  She practically screamed, not caring if anyone else heard her anymore, she needed this release.

[ Major Daniel Havenborn + Major Autumn Pilar Stern & Major Josiah Oberon Hakke | Groundside | Athelflad City | Silvered Hushwind Restaurant & Bar ]

Autumn nodded at the pair of younger women leaving the table, and both she and Josiah returned the salute that the other Vanguard officer gave them before she took a seat across from Daniel while Josiah stood nearby.  “Vanguard Intelligence reports the Skull Knights fleet is arriving at Hadrian before coming here.  Captain Marshal is working hard to get as many ships as she can, they should be here before Admiral-Sire Etrick Sturm Markham arrives.” Autumn said.  “The Scarlett Alliance Moffs named him fleet commander of the Skull Knights after his attacks against our colonies.”

Daniel nodded.  “I knew that he had joined them as an ship captain, but I didn’t know they were foolish enough to make him a fleet commander.  They must not know his Foundation record.”  Etrick Sturm Markham, had once been a Foundation officer, a damned good one too, at least in the fields of science, his military career was very brief and very costly, it was part of the reason he had been dishonorably discharged from military service and sent back to the Research and Development branch of the Foundation.  “I suppose the Alliance Moffs are trying everything they can at this point.”  Daniel said.

“People should know when they’re conquered.”  Came a smug response from Josiah.

Daniel smirked.  “Would you Josiah, would I?”  He asked rhetorically.  He understood why the Scarlett Alliance was fighting as hard as they could, they didn’t want to submit to Foundation authority, nor the New Republic’s or the Imperial Remnant’s.  They wanted to live their own lives, however they continually tried to annex Foundation worlds and with the exception of Hadrian they’d been losing a lot.

Autumn cleared her throat and Josiah went back to watching the room.  “Where do you want us?”  She asked.  Daniel smiled, for a moment he had an image of her on her back in his bed and the frown on her face told him that’s not what she had meant.  He smiled back at her then spoke.  “For now, just hang out with me, I’m waiting on Lieutenant Sorrell and Lieutenant Valera to return with information from the local politicians, then I’ve got to speak with the planetary commissar and I’d love it if you two were there for that.”  Daniel said with a smirk as Autumn nodded and Josiah let out a soft grunt as acknowledgment.
Defeat, Genocide; why quibble with semantics.

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[ "Captain" Temari  Onk'alo | Silvered Hushwind | Athelflad City | Acantha] Attn: @Havenborn 

If she were to be honest with herself, Temari wouldn't care all that much if someone heard them either, normally. This was Julie's bar and if she wanted to make a lot of noise and get fucked over her office desk, well that was her prerogative, and one that Temari was happy to help pull off. The Silvered Hushwind was the best place to get a drink (and other things) in Athelflad City, and everyone knew it. If the proprietor was a bit of an odd duck and got her jollies off on the premise, that probably wasn't going to cause a drop off in patronage.

Probably do the opposite, she thought with a self satisfied smirk as her slickened fingers slipped in and out of her lover.

No, the only worry that Temari had now was the damn beacon of Force power radiating in the other room. The presence pushed at her thoughts, nagging and needling her. Distracting when she did not want to distract. Angering her in a moment of what was supposed to be blissful relief for Julie, and a bit of possessive satisfaction for Temari. There was just a trace of a growl in her throat as she stood up a bit straighter, momentarily glaring at where Havenborn sat, through the door, knowing precisely now where he was. And then there was the tiniest of shoves in the Force, blocking that presence from the room.

Huffing, she muttered, "Your ex picked the wrong day to walk into this bar," to Julie as she brought her other hand back down along the girls ass. As the bartender shook beneath her touch, Temari’s eyes flashed, dark and greedy. The hunger reflected in those glowing eyes wasn’t just one of lust, but of desire to possess, to own. A darker aspect to Temari than she herself was perhaps comfortable with, but one that had come flaring into life with the arrival of Daniel Havenborn, a man she’d only really heard of in passing, and the revelation that he had bee with Julie in the past. That might not have bothered her, but that he had hurt the bartender, who was bowed over the desk with her pants at her ankles and her ass facing the door - that set off a nasty passion to ensure that everyone knew that Julie was hersw now.

"Because you're mine, babe." She insisted, finishing her initial statement, declaring again what Julie was to her, as her thumb pressed against the sprite of a woman's back door, teasing with light pressure there while the blonde curled her probing fingers deep.

Sooner or later someone was going to come through that door, or Temari was going to have to go outside and deal with this man from the Foundation and the too familiar Force presence accompanying him. But she would be damned if she let either of them take this moment away from her, or Julie.

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[ Emi-Lee "Millie" Westar | Main Street | Athelflad City | Acantha ] Attn: @Havenborn
Millie recognized the dismissal for what it was and nodded curtly at the man, before gently touching Tiffany on the arm, as a suggestion for the girl to follow her out rather than stay here to listen or get in the way of these folk. She was going to have a whale of a time as it was helping to organize the townsfolk. They were not meant to be a fighting force, but these people knew that this sort of risks were prevalent out here, so most would be willing to do their part to safeguard their home. But she wasn't looking forward to it all the same. Millie was decent with a blaster, but there was only so much a gunfighter could do.

She set out to locate Samara as was instructed or ordered by Havenborn.

“Major,” said Millie when she found her, “Major Daniel Havenborn's askin' fer ya back'n th' eatery.”

She stuck her thumbs through her belt, “Feel'n he wants ta organize and git the pirates gone. Don't sound like he likes t' be kept waitin', best see what 'e wants an' all.”

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