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PRO: S [D06|0045] Superheroes & Sidekicks

Prologue: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0045 hrs. ] Superheroes & Sidekicks

[ Lt. Cross | Day 06 | 0045 hrs. | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] @Numen

Cross felt weary as he stopped walking and turned, leaning his back against the cold bulkhead of the maintenance bay that served as their safe haven. Or at least as safe as was possible while still being stranded aboard a hostile vessel that was full of Savi which apparently wanted to eat them. The though made the vegetarian wince. It was bad enough watching his crewmates eat meals made from farmstock. The thought of the Savi sitting down to a plate of Cross Tar Tar made in bare his teeth to the air in front of him. The thought of them eating Khorin-Back Ribs caused a small smile to spread across his features.

Maybe there’s some merit to them eating certain members of our little group… Cross thought as he let his back slide down the wall, ending up seated on the deck plating with his back still resting on the cold surface of the wall. He idly wondered if the Savi would bother to remove the fur of the Caitian crewmembers before they ate them.

He had chosen a spot as removed from the others as he could in the hopes of meditating, hoping that the familiar action would help him keep control of his emotions. He quickly put thoughts of cooked crewmen out of his head and tucked his legs underneath him so that he was sitting cross-legged. He took a long, deep breath in through his nose and closed his eyes, letting his hands come to rest on his knees as he exhaled, slowly pushing the air out of his lungs through his mouth. He repeated the slow, deliberate breathing as he tried to calm himself, attempting to slow the whirlwind of inner turmoil he battled against.

Cross was in the process of going through a mental exercise when his attention was pulled back to the room around him. He kept his eyes closed as he heard the slaps of bare feet moving towards him, knowing they must belong to one of the abductees. They were loud, as though the owner was walking heavily, bringing their bare feet down on the deck plating with heavy steps, walking as though they were larger than they actually were. Based on that, Cross could guess who they belonged to.

The Vulcan slowly opened his eyes and saw the large form of a Klingon moving towards him through the dim interior of the maintenance bay, striding in the proud, cocky manner that Khorin seemed to have permanently adopted. If anything it had gotten worse since meeting Ms. Praise. Cross still wondered what had brought Khorin to think of him as his sidekick, but didn’t dwell on the question too much. There were two things Cross knew he would probably never understand. Khorin, and women.

Cross let out a small chuckle as Khorin drew nearer, the words I didn’t order any ribs having popped into his head as he watched the Klingon come to stand in front of him. Cross glanced at the floor and got to his feet before returning his gaze to Khorin, not out of respect for the Klingon but rather to prevent certain aspects of the Klingon’s anatomy from being at eye level.

”Has Ms. Praise grown tired of you already?” Cross asked by way of greeting, unable to resist teasing the proud warrior.

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 6 | 0045 hrs. | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]
Attn: @Fife

Khorin shut the storage closet door he had appropriated for them, and stared at the door for a moment, his face unusually serious as he looked at the sealed opening. His thought wasn't in the metal door, nor in the barren, tiny room on the other side. They were in the person who rested there, in the void that had remained in his mind after their minds had been intertwined until the dream reached her. The Klingon had been educated to distrust telepathic species, to consider them cheaters without honour and yet ... yet now he was returning to the hole that Zeph's voice had left in his brain, like the one that touches the hole left by a fallen tooth with the tongue, or the one who pokes a fresh bruise just to feel if it still aches. It was like an open wound in his mind, one that never stopped bleeding, that was only relieved by her presence. He didn't like it. It was a weakness, a weakness. And yet, she had given him a goal, something that was really worth fighting for. So far, Khorin had fought only for honour, revenge, for the adrenaline rush that caused the battle. Now he had another reason, he really wanted to meet that woman who was sleeping restlessly on the other side of the door, he wanted to see where their paths led them later, what possibilities opened before him. He craved for her, he want to spent more time with her.

The pilot leaned his forehead heavily on the door, causing a dull, hollow sound, and closed his eyes. Also, although he didn't want to admit it to himself, he was afraid. He was afraid that the situation didn't develop as he expected. That the circumstances on that damned ship were solved in the worst possible way and he couldn't protect he. That he fell in battle was not so problematic, he knew he had a reserved place for him on Sto-Vo-Kor. But what if she was the one who died? A chill ran down his spine and, this time, it wasn't caused by the cold that subdued the room. Khorin hadn't felt fear for a long time, since he was a child, and had never felt fear for another person. The strange sensation disturbed him.

He opened his eyes and left the door, willing to pull himself together again, and stomped through the maintenance bay, looking for an isolated spot, someplace where he could man up. Maybe breaking something, or looking for something to build a weapon with. Somewhere where he could do anything to feel self-confident, and powerful again. As he should be. Still, despite everything, he puffed up his chest and lifted his chin with arrogance. However fragile he felt inside, he would never show weakness. He couldn't afford it.

His surprise was great when his long and heavy strides took him right in front of Cross, who seemed to rest sitting and with his eyes closed in a corner of the room. However, he wasn't as asleep as he seemed, because when he reached his height, the Vulcan unfolded  himself with a fluid movement, looking at his face with that sour expression that characterized him. A crooked grin began to form on his lips until Cross opened his mouth. At that moment the smile died on his mouth and was replaced by a grim and surly gesture. "She is sleeping. And I doubt very much that she has grow tired of me ... yet " He snarled, more insecurity in her voice than he intended. "And you? Are you tired of tears and hugs with the weaklings from your starship? "He countered, lowering his tone until it became a guttural sound, closer to an animal growling.

He looked into the Vulcan's eyes defiantly, while the silence thickened between them, unable to let him twist his arm. Finally, he ran his hand over his face, exasperated and turned his head to spit aside. "Look, Dragon reminded me recently that a wolf is nothing without its pack, and a pack is nothing without the wolf ... whether you want or not you are now part of my pack and I need you by my side. So ... " the Klingon spat again, the bitter words in his mouth tasted like a shot of gall. "I'm sorry to forced you to do that mental voodoo of yours ... although I have to say that you were  less ugly with that ridged nose and without ... that sloping caterpillars that you call eyebrows ... "

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[ Lt. Cross | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] @Numen

The “sloping caterpillars” which Khorin had referenced furrowed as Cross scowled at the Klingon. The Vulcan reached a hand up and ran the tips of his index finger and thumb over the smooth bridge of his nose, which only caused the scowl to darken further.

Mental voodoo?

”I’m not exactly happy with the change.” Cross admitted, his voice carrying a hint of a growl which betrayed his frustration at his altered appearance. ”Thank you for continually pointing it out. It’s good to know that I didn’t damage your vision when I was trying to gouge your eye out.” Sarcasm dripped like acid from Cross’ tongue as he let his hand drop away from his face, though the scowl remained. ”I’m going to have to get them to fix my nose and eyebrows when we get back aboard a Starfleet vessel. If we survive long enough to get off this shithole of a ship…”

”If you’re going to interrupt my meditation, at least sit down.” Cross said suddenly, gesturing with his hand to indicate the wall next to him. Khorin moved to comply with Cross’ suggestion, sliding down the wall to a sitting position as Cross did the same. As the two sat side by side about a foot apart, Cross found himself oddly comfortable having the Klingon next to him.

”My crewmates aren’t weak.” Cross said, the scowl having deserted his features, which now remained neutral as he stared at the floor in front of him. ”They’ve been through a lot, just like the rest of us.” Cross’ voice no longer carried the sarcasm it had previously contained, leaving him sounding tired. ”Though they do seem to be a bunch of huggers…”

”And I appreciate the pack sentiment, though I’m not sure I fully understand why you lot refer to yourselves as a pack.” Cross admitted, casting a slightly puzzled glance in the Klingon’s direction. ”I agree we need to stick together if we’re going to get through this. Also…” Cross cringed slightly in the dim light, a bad taste creeping into his mouth at what he was about to say. ”I’m sorry I tried to gouge your eye out. And… you know… kill you.” Cross winced at the thin words with which he was trying to apologize for something to serious. ”I wasn’t in control. I’ve always had trouble maintaining control over my emotions, but since the Savi “corrected” me it seems as though my anger has grown form a storm to a hurricane.”

Cross let the comment hang in the air for a moment. He was a very private person, and unused to speaking about himself so much. Even such a small statement caused him to feel exposed in front of the other man. After a moment, Cross shook himself and attempted to lighten the mood somewhat.

”And I’d maybe give the “mental voodoo” comments a break. Your woman is a Betazoid, after all. She has stronger “voodoo” than I do.” A smile threatened to play across his mouth before he forced it down as he turned his head to look at his companion. Or pack member, as Khorin had put it. ”Maybe that’s why she likes you!” Cross spoke as though coming up with the next major scientific breakthrough. ”Your mind is so empty that it gives her a break from all the mental noise! She can have some peace and quiet for a change!”

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 6 | 0045 hrs. | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]
Attn: @Fife

"Insulting is an art for the Klingons, and the correct way to address friend or foe" said the pilot as he sat down next to the vulcan, his legs crossed imitating Cross's posture in the best possible way and failing miserable. At last he opted for a confortable position, chin over one of his knees, the other leg comfy folded under his rear. "Maybe if i point your flaws enough times, you'll overcome them... and someday you could be as awesome as I am" he added, to cocky grin in his face just for the sake of annoy his comrade-in-arms. In some way, he liked the corrosive attitude of the other man, always snarling like a good old targ. So he settled himself as best he could by his side, listening as he ranted about his distaste of the klingon's attitude and his ugly visage, fumed about their captors' starship, about the destiny of his crewmates and almost about everything that was within his reach and, at the same time, demonstrating a fierce loyalty towards his companions. Just like an old grumpy targ.”Maybe i need to call him Toby”  thought, Khorin snorting loudly, hoping that Cross didn't know the ultimate motive of his laugh.

At least, the vulcan accepted his apology, looking at Khorin perplexed when he called him part his pack., and asked about an explanation next. "Well, I'm a fighter pilot," he replied Cross, as if that statement was more than enough to clear up the vulcan's doubts. When he saw the unimpressed stare of the vulcan, the Klingon elaborated the answer slightly. "I mean, I'm part of the Lone Wolf Squadron, Wolf-02 callsign Hardtop. They train us to act individually and think as a unit and to think as an individual and act as a unit. Like a wolf pack" Khorin gestured with both hands to try to clarify the concept, tracing wide circles around his closed fist. He finally gave up, the pilots needed a combination of self-confidence and blind faith in their fellow pilots that was alien to the rest of the Starfleet, and Margon's son doubted to be able to explain the feeling that resulted from it to Cross with a few words. "may'DaqjaHDI' SuvwI' juppu'Dajlonbe', when a warrior goes to battle, he does not abandon his friends" he finally said using the words that his grandfather had told him long time ago, when he still lived in the Homeworld.

Then, to his surprise, the other man apologized too, the words as bitter on his lips as they had been in the pilot's. "Well, I don't mind you've tried to kill me, my own brother has tried to make the same several times since i born and i'm still here" Khorin said with a shrug, taking away the importance of the matter. "A death threat keeps me sharp, as much as the anger keeps me ready. Trying to control anger could be the vulcan way, but my people embrace it, and use it to become better warriors" He stated with simplicity. He had never understood the Vulcan custom of nullifying a part of themselves, refusing to enjoy life. Only through pain and the struggle was victory sweeter, only through anger, joy was fuller. "Kahless said that the wind doesn't respect a fool, if you can't fight the hurricane you only can hide for it or, even better, you can use it and fly within"

For a moment, the silence thickened between the two men. Khorin was unaccustomed to acting as a counselor, but he understood the need to support his fellow. The Vulcan on the other hand didn't seem too comfortable showing his flaws, which the Klingon could understand, more now that he had discovered that whatever he was beginning to feel for Zephyr was weakening him. Kind of.

As if the vulcan had read her mind, Cross brought up the woman, pointing out the power of her mental voodoo. The pilot shifted uncomfortably at that point, but as his companion continued speaking he turned to him with a frown, barely enduring the insult. Instantly, he threw a punch against the vulcan's scornful smirk, wanting to wipe it from his face. The crack sound of his knuckles against Cross's teeth slightly relieved his anger. "Don't you dare ..." he began to say, without even knowing what he didn't want. Possibly that Cross didn't escalate his insults to reach Zephyr. He could allow that he talked shit about him, but not about Zephyr. She was perfect.

may'DaqjaHDI' SuvwI' juppu'Dajlonbe'.-> When a warrior goes to a battle, he does not abandon his friends.

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[ Lt. Cross | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] @Numen

Khorin cared for Zephyr. That was plain. And he lashed out at Cross out of instinct to protect the one he cared for. That only made sense. The two had apologized for their previous conflict, for their previous mistakes. That was good. Their situation had brought them together as comrades in arms, and they would need each other to survive. That was important.

These were all thoughts that might have gone through Cross’ mind if he had been calm.

Unfortunately, that calm was nowhere to be found following the connection Khorin’s fist made with his face.

Even as the Klingon was growling a warning at him, Cross was already retaliating. The punch had knocked his upper body sideways, causing him to tip awkwardly in his seated position. Cross untwisted his legs as he tipped, growling in anger and lashing out with his left leg, bringing the heel of his foot to meet Khorin’s face in a horizontal stomping motion. He felt his heel connect with something hard, but that told him little. Cross know Khorin’s thick skull meant that his whole head was hard, and served to protect his tiny brain.

Cross rolled onto his stomach and kicked himself around, bringing himself into a crouch and facing the Klingon. Khorin was just righting himself following Cross’ kick to his head, and Cross could see the rage in the Klingon’s eyes. Cross was sure his own eyes bore anger as well, though his anger had not progressed to the point of blind rage.

”Dare what?” Cross growled through gritted teeth. ”That wasn’t a slight at her! It was an observation about you, you empty-headed bastard!” Cross dove forward at the Klingon as he finished speaking his left hand seeking to grab Khorin’s hair as his right lashed out. Khorin was quick to react, and brought his elbow up into Cross’ face, using the Vulcan’s own momentum against him. Pain flashed in Cross’ head as the elbow collided with his skull, but at the same time he felt his hand connect with Khorin’s face. He couldn’t see the connection, but he felt the Klingon’s nose beneath his knuckles and heard a faint but satisfying crunch.

Cross staggered backwards, shaking his head to clear his vision and again looked at Khorin, who was exploring his nose and trying to assess the damage. Cross lunged again, catching the Klingon off guard this time and sending the two falling to the deck plating of the maintenance bay, the two men ending up in an angry, struggling, snarling, punching and kicking heap.

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 6 | 0045 hrs. | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]
Attn: @Fife

While a torrent of blood fell from his nose, Khorin rolled on the floor next to Cross, both of them more than willing to do as much damage as possible to his opponent. The Klingon was kicked in solar plexus by the other man, which left him without air, but even so, he was able to take advantage of his greater weight to straddle the vulcan's chest. Without hesitation, he grabbed Cross's head with his huge hands and rammed his skull one, two, three times against the deck plating, leaving an ugly green stain on the floor plates.

The Vulcan stirred like a rabid animal, biting the hand that was pressing against his scalp and taking advantage of the subsequent surprise to free himself from the pilot's grapple, which was thrown on his back. Cross leaped over him and Khorin received the impact of his feet against his guts, but he could grab his hands just before they reached his face. They struggled that way for a moment, until one of the Vulcan's hands reached the Klingon's eye socket trying to end with his sight. Again. Khorin roared, holding the murderous claw with both of his hands, trying that it didn't end his eye, while it pressed his eyelid furiously, but Cross's nails began to deepen in his eye, like red-hot pins.

The response was instinctive and quick, the Klingon kneed between the legs of the Vulcan, who bent at the waist trying to cover the injured area. The Lone Wolf lunged forward, taking advantage of the distraction and grabbed Cross' neck with one hand, while the other projected towards the vulcan's pubis, ready to emasculate the other man, even if he needed to rip off the Savi's garment. The vulcan expression of pain and outrage was so eloquently expressive that Khorin lost a few valuable seconds just enjoying it, only to find himself instantly upside down, with Cross's hands tangled in his hair and his nape banged against the floor again and again. Khorin grabbed the Vulcan's throat with both hands, but he didn't give up trying to hammer the floor using the Klingon's skull as a tool. Cross choked, his cheeks bright green not because of lack of air, but because of outrage and shame. The situation was absolutely ridiculous.

Still under the violent caress of the vulcan, Khorin roared with laughter. Cross stopped for a moment, his expression still aching, until he finally shook his head and chuckled too. Both men parted as best they could, awkwardly, trying to push aside the other as fast as they could, and crawled as they could until they were again seated against the wall, closer than they had been before their little quarrel.

The silence thickened between them, while Cross panted, trying to catch a normal breath through his battered trachea, and the Klingon rubbed his battered eye. Even without a mirror, he knew he had a black eye and bloody red sclera. Even so his sides shook slightly due to the laughter that hadn't left him, a mocking smile spread on his face. For his part, Cross avoided looking at the Klingon, his cheeks still greenish.

After several minutes of that way, the vulcan finally stared at the pilot, and he returned his gaze.

"Hey ..." growled Cross.
"... hey" chuckled the klingon
"... I'm sorry fro trying to gouge your eye ... again" Cross spat, looking away.
"Never mind, I'll look cool one-eyed" he replied, shacking his head, still amused.
The silence spread again between they both while the Vulcan stared at Khorin, who still giggled.
"You have nothing to tell me?" He finally asked, irritation echoing in his voice again
"I really need ...?"
"Yeah, idiot"
Khorin sighed and looked at Cross. "Ok then ... i'm sorry for tried to pull off your junk, mate"
The vulcan snorted, hugging his knees and looked away from his comrade-in-arms. "Thanks, that's enough, never EVER of THAT again Khorin"
"What does it matter, you do not even use it"
"Seriously?!?!" Cross fumed again.
"Ok, ok ... but you know Cross, you need a woman in your life. A girl could help you to loosen up"

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[ Lt. Cross | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] @Numen

Cross stared off into the gloom of the maintenance bay, feeling both the throbbing of his accosted… parts… and the ring of truth in Khorin’s words. He hated to admit it, but Khorin was correct in what he had said. Cross knew he was socially inept and turned into a stuttering idiot when dealing with females outside of the realm of performing his duties. Hell, he’d been enamoured with the doctor on the USS Harbinger for two years, and yet had never managed to muster the courage to utter so much as a word to her. The only real relationship he’d been in had been recent, but rather short-lived.

”I had someone. We were on the Endeavour together.” Cross said, unsure of why he was opening up to the large, ridge-headed oaf. ”We ended it when she transferred back to Earth about seven months ago.” Cross paused and turned his head halfway towards Khorin without actually bringing his member’s assailant into view, instead directing his gaze at the floor ahead of them. Khorin was a lot of things Cross wasn’t. Very large. Thick headed. Loud. Obnoxious.

And supremely confident with pretty much everybody.

Cross hated to admit it, even to himself, but he was envious of that trait.

”She was… good for me.” Cross admitted. He spoke in a low voice, unhappy to be putting voice to his weakness, even more so because it was Khorin to whom he was confessing it. ”She helped keep the anger in check. Helped me… “loosen up”, as you put it.” Cross turned his head the rest of the way and looked at the Klingon. Khorin was sitting closer to him this time, and he could see the blood which still ran from the pilot’s damaged nose. Despite the two of them continually getting into scraps, Cross felt an affinity with the Klingon.

”I should think you’d know as well as anyone that I’m not the easiest person to get along with.” Cross said, giving the Klingon a crooked grin. The grin exposed teeth which were smeared with the green thickness of the Vulcan’s blood, somewhat spoiling the friendly gesture. ”Hell, you’d still be able to see how awkward I am even if I’d succeeded in gouging out that beady, confused little eye of yours.”

Cross shook his head and chuckled softly, the soft laughter having a slightly bitter tone to it.

”My… upbringing… well, it wasn’t exactly conducive to creating a sociable or well-rounded individual.”

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 6 | 0045 hrs. | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]
Attn: @Fife

Khorin listened in silence as Cross spoke openly and frankly, without looking at the other man in the face, or making any comment aloud. He knew that he was receiving a kind of gift, listening to a part of the former hybrid that he didn't show easily, something that he kept hidden deep inside himself, just as he refused to show any weakness, as if thinking about them turned them real. That the vulcan's diatribe focuses on exactly the same thing that fueled his inner turmoil at that moment was a uncomfortable coincidence.The klingon hugged his knees tightly, letting his eyes wander across the darkened bay, where he believed that the lockers where Zephyr rested were. Automatically, he felt the emptiness that her absence left in his mind, longing for something he had never experienced and now felt as part of himself as his eyes or his hands. And in tune with Cross's words, he realized that, as she became more and more important to him, she became his weakness, he feared losing her or hurt her or failing her in any way. But at the same time, as the Vulcan pointed out, she was good for him, she focused him, she gave him meaning to his struggle, a reason to return from the battle. The best cause to stay alive another day. He still didn't understand how she'd grow so deep in him, but he couldn't deny it. He really cared for her. More than anyone before.

Khorin wiped the blood that fell from his nose with the back of his hand, erasing from his eyes his lifeless gaze as he cleared the stain that smeared his face. He had gone out to the bay looking for something that would help him focus his mind and had found it. Maybe it wasn't the way he wanted, but the way he needed it. Cross needed him at that moment, as strange as it seemed. “Well, maybe you're not the easiest person to get along in a human or... “ he pointed in the general direction of his comrade. "... a vulcan way. But you are pretty run-of-the-mill for a klingon standard." He rumbled with a reassuring smile scurrying between his features. "You say you're not a well-rounded individual but ... who of all of us is? Who of all this gang of misfits, former mongrels, traumatized and revenge thirsty madmen is a well-balanced individual? Probably only Zeph and she's crazy enough to make eyes at me." he chuckled humorlessly, without knowing clearly what the betazoid had seen in him, but heartily thanking whatever it was that had led her to him.

"I don't mind how was your upbringing, maybe it wasn't the most ordinary for a vulcan ... or whatever crossbreed you were when you had more ridges and  you were less hideousness. What really matters is that, when everyone were traumatized, roaming without direction in that fake starship, you were the only one who was looking for a method to get out of there. Your anger was well placed, against our captors, not against what wasn't in your control. You have proven to be a reliable ally and a terrible warrior. baktag, you almost make me bite the dust twice " He acknowledged with a bitter grin on his lips. "It matters little to me that you aren't easygoing person or that you try to turn me one-eyed once in a while. I trust you, and i trust that you rely on me too. We are a pack. When we leave this place, we will see how we solve your problems to hook up. We will look for a strong woman with temperament for you , deal? "

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[ Lt. Cross | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] @Numen

Cross listened to Khorin as the Klingon spoke. He appreciated the Klingon’s acceptance, chuckling as Khorin joked about Cross almost making him one-eyed on two occasions. If Cross was being honest with himself, he had enjoyed fighting the Klingon. Well, he had enjoyed it the first time. Less so the second time around, when Khorin had attempted to tear his dick off. That had not been an enjoyable experience. Even now he winced t the memory.

Then Cross winced a second time as Khorin called him ugly again, not appreciating the reminder of his altered appearance. Cross knew he had never been a pretty man, and planned to have the doctor on whatever ship they made it back to fix his appearance to resemble the way he had looked before.

If they made it back...

As Cross heard Khorin’s last comments, his eyes almost bulged out of his head. His mouth opened, but no sound came out.

The Klingon wants to play matchmaker?!? Cross thought, his mind recoiling from the idea as a sense of horror seized him.

”Uhh… Khorin?” Cross sputtered, ”I’m not sure that’s such a good idea…” Cross spoke as though trying to be diplomatic. To be honest, he had no idea what to say. The thought of the kind of woman the Klingon would try and find for him was a terrifying prospect.

”I…” Cross could find no words. ”You…” Cross looked at the Klingon with a bewildered expression, his eyes wide as he came to the realization that there was nothing he could say to dissuade the boneheaded warrior from following through with his plan.

Cross took a deep breath and returned his gaze to the gloom ahead of them, his eyes still wide as he stared off into the darkness.

”<Fuck>” Cross muttered, as the realization that he was doomed to be subjected to Khorin’s “matchmaking” finally settled into his mind.

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 6 | 0045 hrs. | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]
Attn: @Fife

When Khorin saw Cross begin to falter at his proposal, the Klingon smiled reassertively. Surely the Vulcan wasn't comfortable with that war crime he had as his face. "We'll solve that face of DenIb Qatlh that you have, don't worry, buddy. It'll be the first thing I'll do as soon as we get out of here. Well, not exactly the first thing, you know, but almost the first thing after solve some shit and some time alone with Zeph" He added with his typical crooked grin, patting the shoulder of the vulcan with a friendly violence. For his part, Cross gasped, his eyes bulging and words falling from his mouth without much meaning, some of which were totally unintelligible to the pilot.

"Easy mate, I know you're not used to someone giving you a hand in this matters, but I promise you we'll find someone for you. If we get back to the Theurgy ... well, I have a couple of women in head who could break your noggin in no time, they could keep you at bay. Your mood and that stuff. "[/b]Khorin rubbed his calloused hands together, grinning with anticipation.

It was then that a sudden thought crossed his mind, and his face turned serious for a moment, thinking hard as he ran his fingers over the bristly beard. "You know, maybe ... just maybe, I could introduce you to my cousin, there in the Homeworld. She is just like me, strong warrior, obstinate, well built. Kind of chirpy for a Klingon, but she's needed to dispel so much gloom in the House, being my uncle, well, how is it after the Civil War ... If he or my Grandpa don't kill you on sight, I'm sure they'll grow fond of you, at some point .... "

DenIb Qatlh → Denebian slime devil

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[ Lt. Cross | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] @Numen

Did he just call my face a war crime? Cross thought as Khorin spoke, genuinely unsure if he should laugh or punch the Klingon. Instead Cross simply sat very still and stared off into the gloom of the maintenance bay with a bewildered expression on his face. Unfortunately, that expression had been spending more and more time adorning his face since meeting the boisterous Klingon.

Then Khorin began talking of getting his face fixed and…

Cross’ eyes bulged again as Khorin suggested that he may introduce Cross to his cousin.

Maybe I’m dead. Cross thought in disbelief. Maybe the Savi recycled me, and I’m in Hell. The humans always talk about Hell. I can’t imagine Hell would be any worse than this… Cross turned his bewildered gaze to the Klingon beside him, staring blankly at the warrior.

”<Are you some spirit sent here to torment me?>” Cross asked in Cardassian, his wide eyes taking in the Klingon as Khorin’s expression grew confused, the warrior being unable to understand his words. ”<You’re a big enough nuisance to deal with!>” Cross grumbled at Khorin, his expression growing sour once again. ”<And now you want to try and hook me up with one of your female relatives?>” Cross sighed, leaning his head back so that it thumped against the bulkhead. His eyes stared upwards now, into the gloom above. ”<I wish they’d just fucking recycled me...>”

Cross stayed like that for a while, staring silently off into the air above them. Finally, after the silence had dragged on a bit, Cross rolled his head towards Khorin and spoke.

”I know you mean well, Khorin.” Cross said, speaking quietly and choosing his words carefully. The last thing he needed was to provoke the Klingon to make another grab for his junk. ”But a part of me thinks that perhaps…” Cross hesitated before pressing on. ”Perhaps matchmaking isn’t your forte…”

There. Cross had said it, and not in an aggressive of offensive way. Cross desperately hoped that would make the Klingon reconsider, and realize that perhaps this wasn’t something he was particularly suited to.

Sadly, a part of Cross knew that it was a forlorn hope, and that he was more or less doomed.

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 6 | 0045 hrs. | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]
Attn: @Fife

When he was about to recount the virtues of his father's older brother's daughter, Cross exploded in a sermon in devious language that the Klingon was unable to comprehend, his eyes slipping out of his sockets and a passion in his voice that made the pilot anticipate another sudden rage attack. Khorin watched puzzled how a tidal wave of emotions devastated one after other of his companion's face, until finally he leaned against the bulkplates, his eyes lost in the invisible ceiling.

The klingon looked sideways in the same direction as the Vulcan, in case he had missed something that had caused such an outburst, but as the silence lengthened between them two, he found nothing and all he got was feeling more and more bewildered. Carefully, as if he were driving a delicate circuit with his huge and calloused hands, he began to reconstruct in his head the conversation they had shared since the brawl, without finding absolutely nothing that could have unsettle Cross until that point. Even more lost at that moment, he decided to shut his mouth until his ugly fellow decided to speak his mind.  So he limited himself to stared at the other man, tiled head and narrowed eyes.

Finally Cross put words to his restlessness, slowly and hesitantly, as it  was to be expected of someone as unsure of himself as the vulcan. "Oh, don't worry buddy, I know women, and I've seen through you enough to know what you need. Maybe my choices will impact you a little at first, but I know what is best for you. Don't worry, my friend, Khorin is here to keep your back." He said with all the confidence he had, that it was more than enough to fill that bay and all the adjacent ones. "Just trust me, I've failed you so far? I know what i'm doing. Or well, what i WILL do"

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[ Lt. Cross | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] @Numen

Cross listened as Khorin spoke words that the Klingon obviously thought the Vulcan would find comforting. He spoke of knowing what was best for Cross. He spoke of Cross being his friend, and it was clear that Khorin was attempting to alleviate his stress. To reassure him.

Cross… was not reassured.

Khorin spoke of knowing women who would suit him, though Cross suspected that Khorin might have a different idea of what exactly that meant than Cross himself did.

”Khorin…” Cross turned his head towards Khorin and stared at the ridge-headed warrior. He spoke slowly, as though he hoped that it might help the thick-headed Klingon understand. ”Listen to me very carefully.”

He paused to ensure that he had the pilot’s attention.

”That. Is. A. Horrible. Idea.” Cross paused, again allowing time for the words to sink in. ”The worst idea!” Cross stared at the Klingon with his unblinking gaze for a long moment, a sneaking suspicion creeping up on him. ”You’re going to do it anyway… aren’t you…”

Even as Cross asked the question, he had a rough idea of what Khorin would say. It would be a loud and long-winded response, most likely full of overconfident bravado, but it would more or less boil down to “Yes”. The knowledge of the futility of his protests caused a tiny sliver of dread to creep into he Vulcan’s heart.

”<Fuck.>” Cross sighed, turning his gaze up to the ceiling and letting his head fall back against the bulkhead again. ”Knowing my luck, you’ll probably try and set me up with a <fucking> Cardassian or something.” Cross’ face took on a look of despair again as the hopelessness of both the situation, and the conversation, finally sunk in.

Yup… Cross thought, I’m doomed…

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 6 | 0045 hrs. | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]
Attn: @Fife

“A cardassian is a good idea in fact. Tall, well built, ridged. Bit treacherous for my tastes if i must trust in my uncle judgement, but he's an old warrior with his mind still set in Dominion War... But yeah, for sure I'm gonna do it. Fear speak in your voice, and i can't acknowledge fear in a pack member. So i'll cover your back and do what must be done when the time comes. Just... don't embarrass both of us with this whimpering any longer” Snarled the klingon, a heavy frown on his face that wrinkled his expresion till the lines reached his ridged forehead. He could understand part of Cross hesitation, but Khorin was not the kind of man that back out after told someone he would do something. But maybe the vulcan wasn't aware of that fact, and that was something the pilot must clear up as soon as posible. He puffed his chest slowly, straightened his back and squared his broad shoulders, stared a serious gaze to the imperturbable vulcan's eyes. "I, Khorin Douglas, son of Margon of House Mo'Kai, swear by my personal honor that  I'll make all in my hands to help you to find whatever or whoever I find necesary for you. This is my last word in this issue till we get outta here"  he pronunced with his deep voice full of decision. The klingon left no space to emendation of his words, what he'd promised was now carved on stone, and the quadrant could blow up in a nuclear meltdown before he would break his oath.

He fixed a stare on the other officer for several minutes, challenging him to dare their settlement. When he was satisfacied with Cross' puzzled silence, the pilot relaxed his stance and rested his backbone on the cold bulkplates. “But before we could put our heads in happy stuff, we really need to get outta here. I mean, all of us, or most of us, or die killing, burning like a supernova to see the Sto-Vo-Kor gates open for us.” A smidgeon of hesitation slipped awkwardly in the soft rumble of his voice. He didn't like to admit it, but Khorin knew his limits. At least when he stopped long enough to notice them. Or when he did, in fact, decided to stretch them to the point of totally ignoring them. In any case, he knew that strategy was not his forte. The Lone Wolf preferred an attack as direct as possible most of time, well, perhaps taking advantage of the terrain or the circumstances in his favor, but attacking quickly and savagely, leaving his enemies so weakened that they wouldn't be able to counterattack. But this times the odds were so against them that any idea that crossed his armoured head could give them a slight chance of victory. And at the end of the day, victory was the most honourable thing to achieve.

“You are the clever boy here, any idea? Have that Bluewoman friend of you something we can work on to free ourselves?”

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[ Lt. Cross | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] @Numen

Cross could only look on in horror as Khorin considered things for a moment and then began to expound on the merits of matching him with a Cardassian, the Vulcan’s mouth hanging open in stunned silence. Then the thick headed targ accused him of whimpering, before finally speaking words that sounded to Cross like an oath of some sort.

Fuck, there’s going to be no getting rid of him now… Cross thought with an ever-increasing sense of dread. Maybe I’ll get lucky and he’ll die in the escape attempt…

Cross’ thoughts were interrupted as the Kingon started speaking of the need to escape before they could think of such “happy” things. Then the insufferable man began spouting something about supernovas and Sto-Vo-Kor, though Cross had stopped listening, instead wondering if Khorin actually knew what came out of his mouth when he spoke, or if he was just as confused as those he was speaking to. Cross had a sneaking suspicion that confusion was a natural state for the Klingon, and that the bravado and noise was just a clever deception to conceal that fact that he was, in fact, about as clever as a rock hog.

A Cardassian? Cross couldn’t help but be struck dumb once again by the thought, amazed that even Khorin would be thick enough to think that Cross and a Cardassian was in any way a good idea. Khorin was speaking to him again, and Cross tried to listen, though part of him resisted hearing anything that came out of the Klingon’s mouth.

”I don’t know what the plan is right now. Blue and her Savi contact might have something up their sleeve, though I’ve no idea what that might be.” Cross admitted, giving Khorin a shrug. ”At this point you know as much as I do.”

That might be a bit too generous, in his case… Cross thought as he continued.

”I have a feeling this operation will be played pretty loose. We don’t even have an accurate layout of this ship yet. I think we’ll be playing it by ear and relying on surprise when things kick off tomorrow.” Cross looked at Khorin now, the Vulcan regarding the pilot sitting next to him with unblinking blue eyes.

”Khorin, I… know the Betazoid means a lot to you.” Cross began awkwardly, ”I know you’ll be watching out for her tomorrow.” Cross suddenly looked uncomfortable, and shifted slightly before he continued to speak. ”When the fighting starts tomorrow, I’ll watch her back as well. We’ll keep Zephyr safe.” Cross turned his gaze away from the Klingon, looking into the gloom of the maintenance bay once more.

”Then, when this is all over, you can concentrate on her and stop pestering me about women.” Cross added under his breath.

A fucking Cardassian? The horrified words repeated in the Vulcan's mind once more, and Khorin's oath seemed to echo in his head like the tolling of funeral bells.

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 6 | 0045 hrs. | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]
Attn: @Fife

Khorin clicked his tongue in disappointment when Cross confirmed that he had no plans and that his conversation with that Blue hadn't focused on the strategy that her mysterious ally had drawn. They had no choice but to improvise, and face problems as they appeared in front of them. The pilot shrugged loudly. While he preferred to have a prior plan to stick to, the Tac CONN officers were known for their ability to adapt quickly to the circumstances, and Khorin was no exception. He was accustomed to react quickly and forcefully, both for his professional training and cultural background. The only thing he feared was that the battle lust would trap him again, making him forget that not all abductees were as prepared for fighting as he and Cross could be.

When he felt the vulcan's imperturbable gaze on him, he turned his own eyes to face his companion. The words that came out of the Endeavour survivor's lips nonplused the klingon more than their previous brawl had done.Khorin shifted awkwardly and looked away while Cross seemed as uncomfortable as he was. They both seemed to feel at ease teasing each other, and that exchange of promises and good intentions seemed unmanly and unnatural. When the silence that followed Cross's declaration began to become extremely embarrassing, Khorin shook his wild mane, and turned back to the Vulcan, a sincere smile drew in his lips and eyes. "That promise honors you ... I...thank you for that." He hesitated for a moment and finally patted the Vulcan's shoulder amicably. "You are a good friend, Cross"

The pilot rested his backbone on the bulk plates and lost his eyes on the ceiling hidden of sight by the gloom that reigned in the cargo bay. Not for the first time, he wondered if he really was alive or had died in the cockpit, and this was his reward for an honorable death. In the back of his mind he knew that most of his abducteed fellows, Cross included, saw all this situation like a constant distress, but Khorin could see glimpses of hope all around. Revenge was mandatory, for sure, but he had found friendship and (he hope) love there too as well as the body he'd always wished, Dragon had reunited with her sister there as well, all they have been witness of a wedding few hours earlier...  just few light spots, some reliance upon a better future. And after the months of constant flee, battles without hope and enemies everywhere maybe, and just maybe, that shithole was giving them the tools to keep going, to keep fighting. There was only one thing that still oppressed his heart, and it wasn't something easy to put into words.

"Tomorrow, during the battle, if I lose myself in the bloodlust and I don't return with the group... Just keep going, take care of her, just keep her safe and try to get out this ship, no matter how. If I survive I'll find you, no matter where you are. If I don't, well, Federation isn't safe place anymore, take refuge in the Empire, my House could protect you both "

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[ Lt. Cross | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] @Numen

Cross listened to the Klingon’s words silently, knowing it could not be easy for him to utter them. Cross also knew Khorin was concerned about Zephyr, though he didn’t really have much experience with those sort of feelings. Cross turned his face to look at the Klingon when Khorin mentioned taking refuge in the Klingon Empire.

”I hardly think your people would welcome a Betazoid and a Vulcan into the Empire with open arms. Or your House, for that matter.” Cross said, putting voice to the concerns he had with Khorin’s plan. ”If you can think of a way for Zephyr to go, I would try to see her safely there. As for me…” Cross shrugged. ”I owe Starfleet everything. Starfleet gave me a new life when they liberated the Cardassian camp I was raised in. They gave me an actual identity beyond a prisoner number.” Cross’ expression had become harder as he spoke, more resolute. He turned away from Khorin and leaned his head back against the bulkhead.

”I appreciate your concern. And I promise to try and keep her safe if something happens to you. But I won’t run and abandon Starfleet just because things aren’t safe.” Cross spoke quietly, but resolutely. ”I don’t know her very well, but I suspect that your Betazoid won’t wish to run either.”

Cross turned his gaze back to the Klingon, giving the warrior a dark grin. ”Besides, you’ve seen me lose control as well. It might be that we both lose ourselves in the coming fight.” Cross gave a soft chuckle, shaking his head slightly. ”Hopefully I try and gouge out the Savi’s eyes instead of yours next time.”

Cross sighed, closing his eyes as he rested his head on the wall behind him.

”Tomorrow is full of uncertainty. Who knows what it will bring.” Cross said in a level tone. ”For the moment, the only certainty is that we need to rest to prepare ourselves for tomorrow.” Cross looked at Khorin once more and nudged him lightly with his elbow. ”You should go. Spend the last night of peace with your woman, before the upcoming fight.”

A cheeky grin spread over the Vulcan’s usually grave features as he added, ”Just don’t stay up all night. You kids need to get some rest, too.” Cross chuckled softly, leaning his head back against the wall once more and closing his eyes. For a moment, the memory of a human woman with blonde hair and intense blue eyes drifted through his mind’s eye. Cross though the mention of Khorin’s relationship must have brought the memory to the surface. Cross forced the woman’s face from his mind as he opened his eyes to give Khorin another cheeky grin and another chuckle. ”Something tells me you’d prefer her company to mine anyway.”

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 6 | 0045 hrs. | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]
Attn: @Fife

Khorin listened to the Vulcan's incredulous words with a deep frown darkening his features, but still he let Cross expose his concerns. When he finished  his speech, the pilot sighed, a violent snort that waved strands of his hair. There were few people who knew what he was going to reveal and he didn't feel comfortable doing it, but it was necessary. He must do it for her. "They'll accept you both, if you go to the right place with the right words" The klingon looked around to see if there was anyone else there, apart from the two of them. As it had been in the last few minutes, the cargo bay was absolutly empty. Yet despite this, he lowered his voice as much as he could, turning it into a muffled growl. "I'm not as dimwit as you think, Cross. If you manage to get out of here and I don't, go to starbase 234. On the border of the Empire with the Neutral Zone, near the base, you could found the H'Atoria  system. There is a colony on the planet that gives its name to the system, Klingon overseeing the native jeghpu'wI'. With some skill you can appear before the leader of the Colony, Huss. When you face him, you will look him in the eye and say the this: Mo'Kai degh, to-Duj degh, bat-LEH degh, mat-LEH degh. While pronouncing the words in his native language, Khorin traced a symbol on the floorplates, a shape vaguely resembling a twisted, pointy Y. "You will draw this symbol in front of you when you say the words. If you don't mess it up, that will give you a letter of safe-passage to my Father's House and they will provide resources to reach it. Once you got to the Homeworld, tell my father's father, Drax, that I died a good death. Tell him to take care of Zephyr and what had happened here. Then you can return to the Federation if it is your wish, just don't trust the Starfleet Command for your own sake." His last words sounded like an ominous warning, very different from the klingon usual carefree demeanor.

Cross filled the subsequent silence with his dark grin, black humor in his words. Khorin chuckled hearing him, a half grin etched on his face. "Well, I'll glad if you gouge out Savi's eyes instead of mine. But it will be good to have a friend on my side in the battle." He stated, widening his smile. While the vulcan teased him about his need to sleep and spend time with Zeph, Khorin stood up and stretched his back, somehow agreeing silently with his brother in arms. His bulky muscles bulged under the thin black cloth of the suit supplied by his invisible ally. "Tomorrow would be a good day to die" He rumbled gloomily. Khorin's gaze turned unconsciously to where he knew Zephyr rested, his mind longing for her, craving for her presence. But he needed to be sure of something before leaving. He turned on his heels and stared Cross with intensity, looming over him like a primitive predator. "Will you remember Cross ?: Mo'Kai degh, to-Duj degh, bat-LEH degh, mat-LEH degh. He said as he traced the blazon of his house in the air. "Repeat it"

jeghpu'wI' → Conquered people

Mo'Kai degh, to-Duj degh, bat-LEH degh, mat-LEH degh. →  "Badge of Mo'Kai, badge of courage, badge of honor, badge of loyalty."

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[ Lt. Cross | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] @Numen

As Khorin gloomily proclaimed that tomorrow would be a good day to die, Cross again found himself wondering about the Klingon fascination with death. Their declaration about good days to die seemed strange to him. While Cross had never had much in his life that was worth hanging on to, he had also never had any particular inclination to have his life end. Nor had he thought of his life ending as a good thing. At least no since he’d been free of the camp.

Cross listened as Khorin spoke the words again, then demanded that he repeat them back.

”Mo’Kai degh.” Cross recited, speaking slowly to make sure he got the annunciation right. ”to-Duj degh, bat-LEH degh, mat-LEH degh.” Cross held up his index finger and traced the symbol in the air between them. That done, he let his hand fall to his side and gave Khorin a grim smile. ”If we make it off this ship, I’ll see to her safety, Khorin.” Cross assured his friend again, his eyes locked on Khorins. He had no oaths to give, having grown up with no sense of belonging to any particular culture, so the simple words would have to suffice. ”I promise you.”

Cross’ expression grew dark as he remained silent for a moment.

”Cherish your time with her, my friend.” Cross spoke quietly, his words barely carrying to the Klingon. ”None of us can know what tomorrow will bring.”

Suddenly Cross’ face broke out in a cheeky grin, a hint of mischief glinting in his eyes.

”Now stop pestering me and get back to your woman!” Cross admonished with a wink and a chuckle, speaking louder now to break the gloom that had settled over the conversation. ”A warrior deserves a good shag before battle, and I’m certainly not going to be the one to give it to you!” Cross spoke the word “shag” with a certain lack of familiarity, having heard the word used often enough during his time on Earth, but having rarely used it himself. He figured the Klingon would understand his meaning, though.


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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 6 | 0045 hrs. | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]
Attn: @Fife

Khorin nodded as he listened how Cross repeat the words in his father's language. "Well, your accent is atrocious, but I think it's passable enough given the time we had. Not bad for a ugly pointy-eared bastard as you are"  he praised him with a smug sideway smile in his face, his insult hiding the true gratitude he felt towards Cross.

The silence spread before both of them, lost as they were in their somber reveries. It was the shorter man who broke the silence, a couple of heartwarming sentences that seemed out of place in the bitter vulcan's demeanor, but at the same time seemed perfectly correct given the circumstances. That moment of sincerity lasted only few seconds, preventing the pilot from responding, before the now vulcan chased him out with a racy remark. As an answer, Khorin simply shook his head, laughing loudly. "On those issues, my friend, I'm afraid I have more experience than you. Just let the expert do what is appropriate " he replied as he walked away waving one of his huge hands as a farewell, without confirming or denying Cross's assertion.

His steps led him to the storage room where Zephyr rested, her paused breathing the only sound heard in it. He lay down beside her, trying not to wake her up, but even in dreams she seemed to notice his presence and moved closer to him. The Klingon nuzzled her hair, wrapping her in his arms. Whatever happened to him when the day dawned, he knew that she would be protected, that there would be another pair of eyes looking for her. It was a small certainty that didn't completely alleviate the uncertainty about what the new day would bring, but knowing that he had Cross in his (and her) side made everything easier. He was a true friend.

~ You'll be safe, even if I'm not around, I've made sure of it. I'll always protect you. Always ~ He let his mind drop in hers. Khorin didn't know if she would be conscious of his words, but it made him feel better just to share them. Holding her tightly, the klingon closed his eyes and let the tiredness of the day washed over him, dragging him into a sleep without dreams.


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