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Li'l Trek: Cayuga - Profiles

Ready to join our AU version of the story? Well here is the template to do just that. This is a template meant to copy-paste into your preferred text editor so that you can compile your character offline or wherever you like. Then just smash that reply button and post it here~ As always membership is limited to people already involved in the main story, so this is not a standalone project in any way, just a side thing.

Name: {Usually the same as the base character name, though can be different if you want}
Age: {Between 5 and 10, they can be older if they were homeschooled}
Imaginary Position: {What Job they do on the ship}
School: {Most kids are from UFP Public School, some kids may be from private school, be creative with the names)
Grade: {Somewhere between K and 5th}
Height: {Remember kids are short}
Build: {think along the lines that most kids are gonna be small}

About: {About 150 words about this kid, their home life, a little about their personality, and maybe about how they do at school.}

Re: Li'l Trek: Cayuga - Profiles

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Name: Roland "Rolly" Locke
Age: 11
Imaginary Position: Captain
School: Union Private School
Grade: 5th
Height: 139 cm
Build: muscular, but kinda scrawny

About: A country kid taken out of the country, Rolly has had a hard time of it. He was used to a rougher tougher way of life, wrestling with his brothers, getting into the occasional schoolyard brawl with only a stern talking to at the end of it. He was not expecting what happened to happen to him. It was only a month after his parents moved to the suburbs when he got into a spat with a kid at school and gave him a good fist to the face. He didn't mean to hurt him too bad, but the kid got a broken nose and Rolly wound up in the back of a cop car. A short stint in the Juvenile Corrections facility and being held back a year made him none the worse for wear. A bit begrudged at a system that is broken around him he spends most of his days in the junkyard behind the house his parents moved into. The perfect place for a young kid's imagination to run wild. A place where a troubled and angry kid could be a starship captain. And he found a crew ready and waiting for him, their previous captain having just moved away, from the very house he now lived in. So with little choice, he stepped into the role. Though still not back in public school, apparently breaking a kids nose means they don't let you back in for a few years, he does well enough in his classes. He's bold and daring, with a bit of a temper, yet has a levelheaded side to him too.

Name: Bianca "B'Nila" Nilla
Age: 7
Imaginary Position: Counselor
School: UFP Public School
Grade: 2nd
Height: 105 cm
Build: just starting to develop, yet very thin and frail

About: Born on the wrong side of the tracks, Bianca's parents were hardly ever home. She had to take care of her little brother and sister for years until they were taken away by the state. She was left with her parents but is mostly self-sufficient. She has taken it upon herself to be a caregiver to many of the neighborhood kids and quickly took on a motherly role in the junkyard. She appears malnourished, but that is mostly just her body type. She is often sickly and has pale skin and is quite light sensitive. She has lactose intolerance but doesn't really understand it and no one has properly explained it to her. She does well enough in school to stay out of trouble and mostly keeps to herself when she is there. She is only really social at all when she is in the junkyard. Recently her longtime bully, Michal Silka, moved away and she is still getting over her, this is made even more complicated by the fact the Bianca had a crush on Michal and isn't sure what that means.

Name: Frederica "F'Rell" Renell
Age: 8
Imaginary Position: Warp Field Specialist
School: Fairall School for Gifted Youngsters
Grade: 3rd
Height: 115 cm
Build: lanky and awkward

About: Frederica is from another country, though she isn't exactly sure which one. She is small and odd for her age and dresses in a faintly eastern European manner. She was adopted by her new family but doesn't like spending a lot of time in her new home. She goes to a private school as she has a unique set of special needs she can't exactly explain very well. Not only does she have difficulty with speaking English she also has a more than noticeable speech impediment. She does well enough in her classes but does her best to speak as little as possible. Thus even though she is very smart people often think her odd or weird. In the junkyard, she uses her skills with building things, something she says she learned in "the old country" to build all sorts of odd things. She is apparently good with engines, but this mostly amounts to a skill with duct tape and speaking in big complicated words. Recently she has been dealing with the stress of losing her good friend Thea, who was the old ships Hologram and someone recently took the van she had claimed as her quarters so she needs to find something new.

Name: Lahkesis, Akropos, & Kleo Saugn
Age: 8
Imaginary Position: Doctor, Engineer, Security
School: UFP Public School (homeschooled until this year)
Grade: 3nd
Height: 125 cm
Build: all are more developed than many their age, still some baby fat remains

About: True flower children raised by an oddball parent. For most of their lives, they were homeschooled, however when the state found out that they weren't being taught in an accredited program they were forced to attend public school. The three girls are virtually identical and go practically everywhere together. Kleo is more outspoken, while Lhakesis is more reserved and shy, and Akropos is highly intuitive. Due to their cluelessness about a lot of social norms they stand out, that along with their bright pink dyed hair. But they don't mind standing out, as long as they have each other. In the junkyard, they each have taken on unique tasks, yet still seem to do them all together, often acting inseparable. Recently they have been making friendships outside of just themselves and spending time separate for the first time since they were forced to attend public school. Rumor has it Lahkesis kissed a lizard.

Name: Stella "Stel" Ryan
Age: 7
Imaginary Position: Misstress-at-Arms
School: UFP Public School (a recent transfer from Kardashian School Of Beauty)
Grade: 2nd
Height: 116 cm
Build: athletic and muscular

About: Born on the worst side of the track Stella has lived a pretty shitty life. Her dad would alternate between being a violent jack ass and a drunken jackass. her mom went to beauty school and dragged her along for several years, insisting that Stella learn the trade. Stella hated it. She wanted to be a boxer and kick some serious ass, most of all her fathers. When she wasn't stuck with her parents she would go down to the local temple and meditate, trained by the locale Taoist priest to control her anger. More recently she finally got to ditch the beauty school and go to real school. it was difficult for her to catch up, but thanks to some helpful teachers she caught up quick. In the junkyard, she found a place where the abuse of her parents, the yelling of her mother and the violence of her father, could not reach her. She was free to be herself. She has recently made good friends with a young boy named Sarresh and smiles a lot more than she used to.

Re: Li'l Trek: Cayuga - Profiles

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Name: Suraj Efreya
Age: 5 and a half
Imaginary Position: Engineer
School: UFP Public School
Grade: Kindergarten
Height: 80cm
Build: Little, scrawney, walks with his toes pointed inward
About: Suraj’s family are all immigrants. He is the youngest of many sisters, only some of which speak fluent english. His mother speaks no english at all. He never met his birth father, but his stepfather is a new addition to the family; one Suraj does not like. He is an anxious child who acts a lot younger than he is. He loves his momma and his sisters very much. His eldest sister works at a shipping company and comes back with empty boxes and containers to use.
He sucks his thumb still, will hide away when things get too loud or scary, and although he tries very hard not to, he will still put things in his mouth when he’s not supposed to. Suraj is something of a crybaby as well. He’s shy and doesn’t like new situations; that he’s out socializing at all is such a good thing that his mother hesitates to forbid him from going to the junkyard to play.

Name: Elaina Zerfrim
Age: 10
Imaginary Position: Counselor
School: UFP Public School
Grade: 5th grade
Height: 136cm
Build: Just starting puberty and utterly embarrassed because of it, dresses conservatively
About: One of the older couples in the neighborhood fosters children. Elaina is one of these foster children. She doesn’t talk about how she came into the system to anyone but her social worker, who comes by about once a month to check on her, and her therapist, whom she visits once a week on Wednesdays after school. She tries to present herself as slightly higher class and older than she is, because she is ashamed of everything she has gone through and everything she is.

Re: Li'l Trek: Cayuga - Profiles

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Name: Vivian Martin
Age: 7
Imaginary Position: Chief Science Officer
School: UFP Public School
Grade: 2nd
Height: 120cm
Build: Small and scrawny, not much muscle.

About: A nerd, Vivian wants to know all the secrets the universe holds. She is hard working at school and always has her homework finished the same day it is given. Vivian was mostly raised by her father, as her mother was often away due to the fact that she flew cargo planes for a living. Vivian is very energetic, and it shows when she spends time with the other children in the junkyard. She tries to be everyone’s friend and she recently met a young boy named Suraj, whom she has taken it upon herself to a look after.

Re: Li'l Trek: Cayuga - Profiles

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Name: Heather McMillan
Age: 7
Imaginary Position: Junior Science Officer
School: UFP Public School
Grade: 2nd
Height: 3'5" / 106cm
Build: Tiny, slender and frail
About: Heather's far smarter than her age, possessing an insatiable curiosity for everything to do with biology and science. Her homework and class marks are always at the top, especially math. Her parents dote on her and treat her with love and care. She suffers from Brittle Bone Disease and the teachers announce and warn other children frequently not to be rough with her, as one fall could prove deadly, which makes it a bit hard for her to make friends, in addition to the fact she's so very shy, awkward, quiet and easily frightened. She's also nyctophobic, and carries a variety of torchlights, matches, glow in the dark sticks and a folded floodlamp...and all the batteries to go with them.

Name: Krystal Renee Tancredi
Age: 9
Imaginary Position: Fighter Pilot
School: UFP Public School
Grade: 4th
Height: 4'6 / 140cm
Build: Skinny, almost emaciated
About: A farm girl who moved from Texas recently, Krystal is an adventurous and energetic person who is deceptively friendly but doesn't really learn to trust easily. She often hides behind a sunny facade but when alone, or she thinks she's alone, she can be seen crying or looking despondent. She doesn't like to talk about her family and loves to stay out as long as possible, even stay over at someone else's place if they invited her. Her schoolwork is barely passable but she's active in sports and has dreams of becoming an airline pilot or even joining the air force one day.

Name: Sinead O'Riley
Age: 13
Imaginary Position: Security Officer
School: Home-Schooled
Grade: 7th
Height: 5'2" / 158cm
Build: Slender yet strong
About: Another farm girl, but from Ireland, recently migrated to the States. Sinead lived with her very large, somewhat eccentric family, who assist in her education and learning, while she helps in the farm. She's mature, observant and very strong from all her farmwork. She happened upon the Junkyard adventurers during one of her romps, when she would just go exploring her surroundings or exercise by running, and she easily made friends with most of them. Protective and watchful, Sinead exercises her active imagination with caution and private security, ever ready to assist her friends, and if nothing else, her family would come running if she needed help.

Name: Cameron Henshaw
Age: 10
Imaginary Position: Captain's Assistant/Cleanliness Inspector
School: UFP Public School
Grade: 5th
Height: 4'5" / 137cm
Build: Small
About: Cameron Henshaw hailed from England, and came to America after a family tragedy led to her being adopted by a rich friend of her parents. Having come to terms with her loss, she now attends the school with her usual pomp and vigour. Her academic results is stellar, and she is notably bright, eager and often in the know of subjects sometimes ahead of time. She prefers being around older students rather than her own peers, whom she often finds to be "inadequate" or unmatched with her intellect, which makes her seem like quite the snob and a b-word.

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