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CH02: S [Time Unknown] The Fairer Sex

Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Time Unknown ] The Fairer Sex

[ Vinata Vojona | Holding Cell | Unknown Deck | Unknown Ship ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan  , @Masorin

          Vinata was slow to wake, but the first thing he felt was the warmth, his body felt like it was burning from the inside out, his guts felt twisted and squished. Squirming Vinata sat up abruptly and yelled as he gripped his core, tensing up as he groaned and began to lay back down. It took Vinata a second to realize that things were not as they seemed and that he had no recollection of how he had ended up here or how he had come to be nude. The warmth Vinata was feeling made him pant and breath more heavily as he squirmed on the bed in his holding cell, but what he noticed next made Vinata go still as his insides began to settle.

It had been a few moments of the warmth washing over his body before Vinata began to notice the change, his groin was tingling, a lustful desire burning within him, but his body did not feel right, he did not feel the usual firmness or the length of his cock inside of him, he did feel a tingling warmth and...and something else. Reaching down Vinata looked down past his large bosom and to his hand as he slipped past his opening into his body where he tried to feel for his penis, only to touch something much different. As his fingers touched the tender and sensitive folds on a new virgin vagina, Vinata could not help but gasp as he quickly pulled his hand away and took a few deep breaths a he looked down at himself.

If it was not for his extreme hormonal imbalance from the forced change Vinata might have tried to think rationally about what had happened, about what was going on, but his mind would not let him as he stared at himself, body shuddering with each breath as lustful chirps mixed in, all while he began to taste a familiar sweetness in his mouth as his mounting lust triggered the release of pheromones. Closing his eyes Vinata tried to reason out what was going on with his body, tried to figure out where he was, tried to grasp what had happened to him before he had gotten here. As Vinata thought he idly began to raise his hands to his mouth, breathing into them before idly licking them, letting his tongue slip along the length of each digit, over his palms before he began to lick at his arms, his sexual instincts kicking in as he allowed his mind to wander.

Retracing his steps Vinata remembered being in the primary surgical suit doing his job, then the struggle, the attack, and then...Lucan...and...Vinata shuddered and hugged himself suddenly as he let out a horrified croak, his mind remembering what had happened to Doctor Nicander, how he should have died, but was instead revealed as a parasite. Vinata remembered everything going dark and he tried to plan with his sister, but then...nothing...there was nothing else, after that moment he had woken up here. Opening his eyes Vinata looked around the room as he got up and walked to the center of the chamber. He did not recognize this place, where was he, where was his sister, what had happened to him? All these questions drifted through his mind, each one sowed by his overstimulated mind, restricted from thinking clearly as the arousing warmth within him continued to build as the discomfort inside him subsided.

Vinata was planning to lay back down and get some more rest when suddenly everything went bright once more. As Vinata was suddenly transported away he was relocated into an observation chamber stumbling a little as he caught his weight once more as he began to look around the space in front of himself while he let out heavy breaths. Looking about in a mild panic he turned around to see if he was alone, only to see that he was not, but his mind did not focus on that, all it focused on what his own perversion as he noticed the powerful physique of the other person, they looked so...attractive, without thinking Vinata let out a mating ribbit before licking his hand once more, the pheromones he had smeared over himself would easily take hold of anyone who came within arms reach of Vinata. "H-Hello there...d-do you know what is going on?"

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[ A Little Earlier | Containment Cell | Main Research Hull ] Joint Post by @Masorin & @Auctor Lucan . Attn: @Zenozine

After having checked himself over a couple times Hi'Jak had decided to continue sitting on his bed. He needed to think over the last few hours, he felt better, more awake and alive than he had since his misfortunate explosion, but he needed to take stock, and more than anything, he needed information against his enemy.

His training as a xenobiologist could actually be useful here. His major was in animal husbandry sure, but that study had evolved with the lack of beast of burden in today's world. Nowadays it was a study of development of civilizations and cultures, how a worlds habitat helps to create the civilizations that would spawn there. He had looked at studies of pre-warp, and post warp societies studying cultures, and aliens.

And then there was his life as a spy, okay it had been a short lived life, it had taught him that he could never make a move without information. He looked at his skin, his blond hair, his green eye looking over himself still naked, human, so that was how he was to fight this battle? They crippled him, and he still wasn't entirely used to breathing without three lungs.

When the Savi came to look in at his cell Jack's eye saught out their look. "Hey bro. Help another scientist pass the time?"

Standing on the other side of the bulkhead, after having made it opaque to see the specimen, Cirand barely acknowledged the greeting, entering data into his tablet as he was. That the subject called itself a scientist was jocular, but Cirand was not prone to humour, much like most other of High Class. "Greetings Specimen Seven-Zero-Six."

Hi'Jak gave a cheap smile, he doubted he needed to make the Savi underestimate him considering what they had done in their earlier lab, the way they had contorted his body and the body of the rest of the crews they had occurred. Considering what happened earlier and the tone they used that disinterest he was hoping maybe he could catch this guy for being bored. Well if it even was a guy he was dealing with.

"A challenge of wits, my brains against yours, if I win, you let me have something to read. A text book that I can translate back and forth between languages or something. You got any idea how boring this place is?" Jack gave a shrug. Hoping he could get this guy on the hook and take the bait.

Pausing, Cirand looked up at the fully human specimen, wondering if he was serious. In his opinion, he had just been challenged to a battle of wits by someone completely unarmed thereof.

"Unless of course you think I'm a tad to smart for you. I am a pretty good scientist myself you know." Jack said regarding his hand for a moment as if he could file his nails paying more attention to himself than the Savi, just hoping he could string along the guy.

"The game is called word chain." He said looking at the Savi. "The last sound or letter of the word, becomes the first sound or letter of the next one. You can toss any language you want, of course that gives me the advantage considering I have two, but your native talk is completely unknown to me."

Cirand had returned to his datapad, entering information into it without comment, but the specimen just kept talking.

"The first one to repeat a word, looses the game, and once I beat you I get my book. What's more though we are using any language we know you can't repeat a meaning of a word or a tense of a verb, for instance Kick, kicked and Pup, you can only choose one. I imagine that you can set the translator to give me both your words, and the meaning behind them."

He looked at his captor a small smile across his lips, his tongue sticking out in the impression of stupidity. "Come on take a moment to help us be a little less bored. I'll even let you go first."

Having made his judgement, deeming that the specimen was fit enough even when lacking an eye and a hand, Cirand spoke up in answer, completely disregarding the specimens attempt to initiate some kind of childish game. He did, however, make a short comment. "Please understand that the Vigilant of Sa put great value to their time," was all he said, his contralto voice making the deck and bulkhead reverberate inside the cell. "Since you seem to be in good health, I am selecting you for a study in the biolabs. Whether or not you comply is secondary, since with the right kind of stimuli, you will likely partake regardless if you want to or not."

Having said as much, Cirand entered the final commands on his tablet, and in a flash of green light, Specimen Seven-Zero-Six was transported off to an altogether different area.

[ Denary Observation Pen | Main Research Hull ]

The specimen was deposited into the observation pen without further preamble appearing not far away from the Ovri. There was no gown transported with him, since it would be obstructive for the study in question. What happened next was that Cirand's voice was heard in the intercom for the area, talking to the tablet as he walked.

[This is Cirand, and I was asked to select a specimen for this study. The present one has completed his Correction sequence. Sadly, the specimen doesn't have full body functionality, injured prior to his Correction, but for sake of the study in question, he appears to be healthy enough. Just make sure he is returned to containment when you are done with him.]

Another voice was heard on the intercom, answering Cirand. It sounded feminine in tone, as far as  [That is completely satisfactory, Cirand, and thank you.] Next, it began to speak with the two occupants in the small observation pen. [Greetings specimens of Ovri and Human variety, my name is Sclergyn and I will be overseeing this study. Specimen Seven-Zero-Six, please stand by for inoculation.]

The next moment, a large hatch opened in the ceiling, and a large cannon-like machine lowered and took aim against the human. There was hardly any time to react at all, any movements of the species tracked, and when it fired, it fired no dart, but a high-velocity air-pressure dosage that penetrated the pores of the male specimen.

[The study will hereby commence, as you have both been inoculated with a bremelanotide aphrodisiac to expedite coitus.] The voice of the female Savi again, sounding completely indifferent yet eerily polite about the progress. [I suppose you might already have guessed, but this study is meant to document the progression of Ovri mating post genitalia correction. The sooner you begin to mate, the sooner the study will be over. If you require nutrition, it will be provided, and if you need to urinate or defecate, it will be arranged for as well. The important thing to remember is that failure to comply will constitute unpleasant consequences, so it is better to fully comply with the process of the study. Please begin now.]

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[ Vinata Vojona | Denary Observation Pen | Main Research Hull ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan  , @Masorin

          Vinata looked to the man that shared the new room with him, a part of him wondered what was going on, but a larger part of Vinata's mind was consumed by the sexual matters. Addled as her processing was by the burning lust and sexual desires, Vinata could not help but look upon the man and see him as highly attractive, his new pussy ached and felt so empty as he felt the pulsing of blood through the protective lips that now were parted and glistening with desire as Vinata let her eyes wander over the male, taking in the natural wounds, but ignoring them in favor of admiring the strong figure of his body, the firm powerful look he had, it was highly arousing for Vinata as these things were really quite arousing for him even before the effect of his own hormonal imbalance took hold. In the past the difference between Ovri gender norms and most mammalian gender norms had let to quite a bit of confusion, but now with his genitalia altered, and the heightened state of arousal, Vinata felt as though things were right for once, that he could make this work, despite what his original gender was.

Of course unlike an true Ovri female he did not have the same instincts, the same aggressive and dominant drive, most Ovri males would tempt in a female to come close, encouraging them to take control and mate, the trick was not so much getting control as it was to entice the partner into getting close and giving into their desires, and as he was now Vinata knew he had an edge, his lustful mind instinctively knowing how to play to gain the upper hand. In this situation it would be no different, Vinata knew that the male was inoculated with some form of aphrodisiac, but it would likely take some time to get to its full strength. Licking his lips Vinata knew he could get faster results with a kiss, it would administer more then enough aphrodisiac to send the man over the edge, he was sure of it." Taking a deep breath Vinata began to let out a mating call, the soft chirping sound also pushing some of the pheromone mix into the air.

As Vinata was certain that there was likely a strong pheromone cloud around him he looked up to the man that shared his room and he spoke in a gentle inviting tone. "There is no need to be shy, I do not mind if you have your way with me, after all, you are quite the attractive male." Vinata ran his hands along his body, spreading more of his pheromones over his body in the process. "Beside, wouldn't you rather have some fun before the drugs they gave you take away the say you have in the matter?" Vinata's hands moved to his bosom and began to gently rub and squeeze his breast, hoping to entice the male over so Vinata might steal a kiss and escalate things further.

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[ Lt. JG Hi'Jak |  Denary Observation Pen | Main Research Hull ] Attn: @Zenozine

Oh great so trying to talk these creatures gets him transported, stabbed with unknown chemicals, and then put in a room to fuck an alien. I mean 1/3 is good, but he wasn't really in the mood to be recorded. His cock was missing familiar features, of being Klingon, and frankly he was a little worried about the things size, he looked at it, and wasn't entirely sure if it had shrunken or not. He wasn't really used to seeing a human's cock as it wasn't something he went out of his way to look at. The way he had two ways he could look at this situation, situation one he could look at it like the perverted male he kind of was when he dealt with the opposite sex and just enjoy the moment.

Or he could look at it the biologist he was supposed to be. He looked over the creature, he had never met Vinata so the fact that he was from the Theurgy was actually missed on Jack. When He said that Jack was attractive he waved the stub of his left arm. "You missing more eyes than me buddy? Or you just blinded by the drugs they gave you?"

He could hear the mating cry and it sounded awkward, most sentient creatures gave up or evolved past such a thing. It was a little worrying, and at the same time interesting, he on the other hand was trying to fight the haze from his mind, but could at the same time feel a slight amount of aggression mounting in the back of his mind. The creature wanted him to fuck.

He walked up to the creature, his remaining arm grabbing the alien by the throat pulling him towards him. Jack's eyes were slightly red from the drugs in his system, and he pulled the creature into an aggressive kiss. When he spoke next it was in Klingon, as he shoved his partner onto the ground. <"Fine, but I do not plan to be gentle about this.">

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[ Vinata Vojona | Denary Observation Pen | Main Research Hull ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan  , @Masorin

Vinata chuckled and shook his head no. "Oh I can see your injuries quite clearly, but such thing are trivial, I am looking at the whole, your strength and size, you are clearly powerful, even with injuries you are imposing, such maiming does not change the seed." That and to an Ovri a missing arm was an inconvenience of a few months. Past that the limb would be back once more. His own mind addled by the heat he was in, Vinata was unable to realize the gravity of the situation, all he knew was that he was in a situation where he could satiate his own burning desires, so let the dangers be damned.

As Jack came in close, seizing control of the situation and stealing a kiss aggressively, Vinata wasted no time pushing his own advantage, despite being gripped at the throat Vinata let his tongue push forward, trying to push into Jack's mouth to introduce the rick cocktail of powerful pheromones, specially designed to send a mate over the edge, in the case of a normal Ovri, a female could then dominate a male as they saw fit, but like this, Vinata's kiss might make things a bit more intense on his end.

As Jack broke the kiss and spoke in Klingon, Vinata could not make heads or tales of the statement as he just looked to his aggressive partner, a strange desire in the large dark eyes. Of course as Jack was this close to Vinata the sweet scent became more and more noticeable, the vaporized pheromones getting inhaled. The pheromones adding to the aphrodisiac that Jack had been given, heightening his arousal and giving an almost addictive quality to get more as Vinata held his mouth open and spread his legs to invite Jack in.

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[ Lt. JG Hi'Jak |  Denary Observation Pen | Main Research Hull ] Attn: @Zenozine

The odd taste of alien saliva filled his mouth from Vinota's invasion into his own mouth. It wasn't entirely unpleasant but it was different than what he was used too. He probably wouldn't have gone home with the other creature in another circumstance but as he was drugged and placed in a glass cage, he had no real choice to continue, and that was fine. It didn't take much for him to get hard, like the spreading of legs, and the reveal of a slot not unlike a pussy.

Frankly he didn't know how the creatures anatomy worked. He didn't know if he was shoving his cock into reproductive organs, or it's asshole (the one thing all two legged sentient creatures shared) He didn't rightly care either. He rubbed his cock's bright red head against the blue skin, and finding an entrance slammed his hips into him. Forcing his cock in as deep as he could in one swift hard dominant movement.

He didn't know why but this creature felt rather tight. Taking his hips and rolling his flesh against his, holding him tightly as he started to move inside of him. Jack let out stubborn moans as he got his start. His hand leaving the creatures throat and grabbing his breast to keep himself stable. He didn't know how to feel at the moment, just that he was going to have some fun with their body.

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[ Vinata Vojona | Denary Observation Pen | Main Research Hull ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan  , @Masorin

Vinata's breaths were heavy with lust as he watched Jack get into position, he could not help himself, his mind was addled by the building lust, the desires of heat that surged through his mind made Jack able to do as he pleased, as a male Ovri Vinata was accustomed to the way things would go according to instinct, his body relaxing and allowing the stronger party to seize control, his legs parting easily as Jack looked down at his slit. Although outwardly Vinata looked no different than he did before, his slit no longer hid his cock within, instead Vinata's protective slit hid the warm slick depths of a virgin hole, that as Vinata's desires mounted, parted and opened to offer itself to Vinata's perspective mate.

As Jack pushed forward Vinata's body relaxed, his tight virgin hole relaxing as best Vinata could, allowing Jack to slide in, his member wrapped in the warm damp sensation of Vinata's virgin slit. As he was penetrated for the first time Vinata let out a chirping moan as he brought his legs back and wrapped them around Jack, holding him tight as Vinata made his pleasure know. Vinata was not there mentally, but his body knew how to act, the instincts kicking in despite the strong effects of the building arousal.

As Jack thrust into Vinata his body relaxed, despite the tightness of the virgin hole Vinata was still able to maintain a certain level of muscle control as his body flexed and relaxed, allowing the smoothest entry as Jack pushed forward, but as their hips pressed together Vinata clenched, his tight walls holding tight around Jack's length, their warmth mixing as Vinata quivered with arousal. Thanks to the high levels of natural lubrication Jack found no hindrance as he pulled back, despite the tight hold his cock slipped free without trouble. as Vinata began to pull his hips back in preparation of thrusting his pips against Jack's with each thrust from then on.

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[ Sclergyn qi Versant | Adjacent Biolab | Main Research Hull | Precept-ship Versant ] Attn: @Masorin @Zenozine  
Since the bulkhead was set to show the observation pen, but the specimens weren't able to see the biolab, Sclergyn was analysing the feed on the sensors there whilst the two specimens fornicated. "<Keep scanning,>" she said to her orderlies, her black eyes seeing how - even before the aphrodisiacs had taken full effect - the male Ovri's new female genitalia seemed to be working properly. She was not entirely happy with how Cirand had picked an amputee specimen for her test, but she knew it was one of his usual arrogant quirks. Still, the specimen seemed keen enough on aiding the study, so she couldn't complain. The Andorians had proved a lot more troublesome in that regard.

The two humanoids continued their activities for almost thirty minutes, the both of them soon overcome by sheer animal instincts to breed, hardly any thoughts remaining in their minds at that point. Eventually, they had both passed out from exhaustion.

By then, Sclergyn realised she had to progress the study, and turned her head to look at the orderlies in her biolab. "<Begin medical examination, then have this human specimen transported to the Observation Pen as well, joining the others. As for the Ovri, let it rest and scan her vaginal passage for signs of stress, then have it join the others too. Preferably, at the same time as the female Ovri. Save all data and sanitise the chamber when you are done.>"

Next to her, an egg sat on her desk, enclosed in a stasis unit, and it was next on her list to analyse, now that the first genital corrections had been tested and proved successful. Sclergyn was quite satisfied with how the Ovri's regenerative abilities served to help her in the Correction, making the two specimens' physiology far more manageable than the other Correctional specimens, some of which even needed hands-on surgery to complete the process. With the Ovri, it was all about implementing the correction to their regenerative functions, boosting the enzymes and adding the chemicals needed to initiate the regeneration, along with a serum that made the body regenerate into its new form far more quickly than if they needed to regrow a limb.

Perhaps...? Sclergyn paused, considering the question of the Ovri's supposed female and male traits.

"<Belay that. I would like to inoculate both the Ovri specimens one more time... before release to the pen. Stand by.>"

And then, she set about to alter the sequences, using the siblings closely resembling genome to complete the formula. If they hadn't been siblings, it wouln't have worked. Oh, how rare findings, and how rewarding.

30 MINUTES LATER | DAY 05, 2130 hrs.

[ USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E | Shuttle Bay | Deck 03 | Stardate 55606.41 ]

When the two Ovri materialised, still naked and yet beginning to regain conciousness, they would find themselves on the deck of an already running simulation of the USS Enterprise. They were in the shuttle bay of the Sovreign-class ship, and when they began to take in their surroundings, there was a voice heard that didn't belong to the ship.

"This is Sclergyn qi Versant. In the interest of keeping you healthy, you will no longer be kept in containment. Instead, whenever you are not undergoing further studies, you will spend your remaining time in our care in this holographic simulation. To provide for your needs, and stimulate your senses, you will be kept in a known environment. For the duration of the program's runtime, any food or drink you ingest will have nutritional value, but you will not be able to cause harm or hurt yourself with the use of the program's parameters. Preserve your health with rest, by eating and getting exercise for your new bodies. Conform to the duties allotted to you in the program, and integrate with the holographic crew. Please bear in mind, however, that if you do not conform to your new confinement, you will be deemed a threat to yourself and other specimens, and you will be Recycled."

Further back in the shuttle, there was a man standing by a table with the Quartermaster of the ship, and two other officers from Operations, ready to help the two newcomers to settle in. The long table held bundles of replicated uniforms to collect. "Over here, over here," called Chief O'Brien, waving for the newly arrived Ovri to come over. If not the man was recognised, the sides of the Type 9 shuttles in the shuttle bay clearly informed the Ovri which ship they were on. It was the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E.

"Come now, don't be shy. I have heard you've had a rough ride, but now you are here," he continued to call, starting to deal out two of the bundles to the Ovri. "To learn where your quarters are at, check your PADDs. Petty Officer Benson here have those, and you can collected them from him. Come now, it's time to settle in and report to duty."

OOC: I will let you have the two settle into their new environment and get dressed, before I post with Nerina in my next post. :)

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[ Vinata Vojona & Hylota Vojona| USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E | Shuttle Bay | Deck 03 ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

As Vinata began to wake once more he began to weakly push himself up, he did not feel well, looking down at himself he shuddered and whined as he closed his eyes and he took a long slow breath as he did his best to try and collect himself, his mind was still abuzz with lustful thoughts, the hormonal imbalance from the changing of his body had left him in an unsteady state. Looking around Vinata tried to figure out where he was and what was going on, as he looked about he spotted a familiar figure, the complexion and build was clearly that of his sister. Emotion welled up in Vinata as he crawled over to his sibling, Hylota as coming too as well when she began to look around spotted Vinata. Before Hylota could react her brother wrapped him in a firm hug and shuddered as he spoke in a soft voice. "Oh Hylota, I am so glad to see you, I was afraid I would be trapped here all alone." Hylota was a little taken aback by the sudden wake up call to her brother and his statement, her mind returning to what had happened to her recently, thoughts of her raping another person came in brief flashes, it was not something Hylota wanted to think about, not right now, for now it needed to go out of mind along with many other thoughts.

The two shared a moment, the two of them shakily explaining the changes that they had undergone, putting together what the two of them understood, piecing together the situation as best they could on their own until the message from their captor began to be played to them alone, the explanation of their setting made Hylota scoff in irritation and Vinata looked around, trying to take stoke of their situation as he stood up. Hylota got up as well and looked to her brother. "Well we do not know where we are or what ship we are on, this is clearly a simulation set up for others, I would imagine it is more for others from our crew...I think we would be better off allowing them to sort out any plans. I for one have had enough of this madness." Vinata looked to his sister, he wanted to protest, but as he opened his mouth he heard the voice of Chief O'Brien.

The two looked to the man and approached, getting off the shuttle the two of them said nothing as they collected their new clothes and silently took their data padds, once they had them in hand Hylota quickly changed, the uniforms lacked the magnetic boots, but allowed enough foot room for their toes to spread out to offer full support. Once they were dressed Hylota took a look at the layout of the ship and located the Sickbay. "Alright Vinata were going straight for the Sickbay of this ship, if anyone else is here I would imagine they might want to get medical supplies at some point, and if not it is a spot we can hold up in pretty well." Hylota looked to her brother, Vinata was a bit taken aback by how quick Hylota was getting into a defensive position, but he did not protest, Hylota was just trying to keep him safe, it might be a bit of an over reaction, but he figured he could talk Hylota down once they had spent some time in a safe space. "Alright, but if we see anyone we recognize along the way we should encourage them to come with us, there is safety in numbers." Hylota let out a frustrated sigh but nodded in agreement as the two of them began to walk out of the shuttlebay and towards the turbolift, intent on making their way to Sickbay, and for Hylota, intent on getting armed as soon as possible. She would not allow what happened to Maal be repeated here with her brother.

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[ Minutes Later ]

Regardless if the two Ovri had made their way to Sickbay or not, there was a chirp from the combadge on Vinata's chest. The voice that was heard was unknown to them, perhaps, but it was clear that it couldn't be one of the present holograms that contacted the Ovri.

[Commander Nerina to Vinata... Vojona. Come in?] she said, clearly hoping she had the last name right, since she obviously hadn't spoken with Vinata before. [I am one of the... recent transfers aboard. Before I ended up on this ship, I was the First Officer of the USS Theurgy.] It was, of course, unknown to the woman that the two Ovri had served on the Theurgy as well, since they had come aboard after she'd been put into stasis with a broken neck. The Savi had extracted her from the stasis chamber when they abducted the rest, her having mixed genes, and she had no idea that she had been replaced twice in the position she mentioned.

[I learned from Lieutenant Commander Data that you and your sister - Hylota Vojona - are also recent additions to this ship, and I believe we should meet and... discuss our experience so far.]

It appeared like the woman speaking through the combadge was talking in riddles to keep any Savi that monitored them from catching on to what the real purpose of this meeting was. It might, perhaps, seem evident that the Commander was organising something, and was contacting abductees to mount some kind of resistance, or to break out of the simulation.

[Could you meet up with the rest of us recent transfers? We will be heading to Engineering eventually, so the adjacent cargo bay would be ideal. Do you believe you can make it there?]

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[ Vinata Vojona & Hylota Vojona| USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E | Shuttle Bay | Deck 03 ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

As the two were contacted Hylota froze in place and looked to the combadge and she scowled, Vinata looked down to his badge and listened, unlike his sister he was much more incline to work with the rest of the crew to work towards the collective good, but at just sparing a glance to Hylota he could tell that she had no interest and that he would not be able to convince Hylota to take part, and she would not allow him to go, hell there was a decent chance that she would try and stop him and restrain him to keep him from taking part. Vinata was about to reach up to tap his badge when Hylota slapped the hand away and glared at her brother before tapping his combadge and spoke in a firm voice. "Commander Nerina this is Hylota, as much as I would Looove, to meet up with you and the others, but I am afraid that we do not have the time for that." The sarcasm and vitriol was heavy in Hylota's tone as she spoke. "We will be in Sickbay waiting this ordeal out. We are done being dragged from one crisis to the next, we will wait for things to play out, but we will not take part."

With that Hylota took her leave and kept walking, but as Vinata was left behind he let out a sigh and tapped his combadge. "Commander Nerina, this is Vinata Vojona. I am sorry for my sister's attitude, but I cannot leave her alone during this...I feel she is under an immense level of stress due to events that were unfolding before our abduction. I am afraid that if you want us to join you, you will be needing to come and convince her in person. On a side note we will at least be able ton pick up some extra supplies on the way if we are stopping in Sickbay." Vinata began to walk again doing his best to not fall too far behind his sister as he walked. Vinata was hopeful that Nerina would be able to talk some sense into his sister, she needed some level of authority to give her guidance.

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[ Commander Nerina | Sickbay | The Versant ~ USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E ]
When Nerina had received the reply from the two Ovri, she had merely acknowledged the words of the two siblings with a quick reply, saying she'd make her way to Sickbay as soon as she could, already having been there to collect the others a short time earlier.

Said and done, a few mintues later, she stepped through the sliding doors to the Enterprise's medical bay, and looked for the two Ovri that Lieutenant Commander Data had told her about - them being recent transfers like herself. Well, in the holographic Android's digital mind, they were recent transfers. Nerina had no idea why the two siblings had been abducted, but she supposed she'd find out soon enough. She looked around, made eye-contact with Doctor Crusher, who smiled kindly to her. Nerina couldn't help but returned the gesture, inclining her head, even though it served no purpose. She set out to find where the Ovri were, guessing that they might be using their positions as nurses to get access to holographic medical supplies. Perhaps even making diagnosis on themselves, depending on what they made a priority.

When she found them, she looked them over, to see if they were in any distress. She knew virtually nothing about Ovri, only having heard rumours that there were two of them commissioned to one of the starships in the fleet. Was it the Harbinger? Could it be them? So far, she had not encountered any other real people from the Harbinger.

"Hello, I'm Commander Nerina," she said with a quick smile, thinking about how to approach the issues at and while she ran a hand over her flat forehead. She missed her ridges, but she supposed that her improved temper was a benefit in the current situation. She felt far less prone to anger than before her Correction. She lowered her voice, not keen on the Savi who were monitoring the simulation to think she was being disruptive. "I managed to gather the rest in Ten Forward, telling them what.... 'duties' were at hand for us. It will be quite a hurdle, and if you are in any condition to aid us, it would be great, but considering the circumstances, and what you two might have been through..."

She paused there, because she had no idea. It was almost an unspoken question, mid-sentence.

"...then it's quite all right if you don't actively participate. However, if we are to... move on to our next 'duties', then it would be easier if we were all in the same location, else you might be left behind here. Do you truly want to stay... doing your current 'duties'?"

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[ Vinata Vojona & Hylota Vojona| USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E | Shuttle Bay | Deck 03 ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Hylota only glared at Nerina, she listened to her words, but she did not respond, her expression was a mast of frustration and anger, she was at  the end of her rope with Starfleet and their constant parade or crisises. Taking a long slow breath Hylota turned her back on Nerina as she leaned against a biobed, staring at a wall as Vinata looked from his sister to the commander before he eventually ended up swallowing hard and chose to speak up. "Listen I understand the value of sticking with the group, of how we stand better chance of going as a group, but at the same time...we are really struggling to see the benefit in that any longer...or at least my sister is." Vinata rubbed the back of his neck and sighed. "It has been hard, we both have found ourselves in over our heads at every critical moment, our lives threatened constantly, our duties stopped to be dragged into combat situations. We are nurses, and at this point I find it hard to believe you can keep us out of a fight."

Vinata looked back at his sister for a moment as she seemed to have calmed down a little as she was now glaring at the floor. "Although, I do not think that this is the time or the place for this situation, we are in a time of crisis and we do not have anywhere else to go." Vinata looked to his sister and he took a long deep breath before he spoke again. "However, when we get out of this, we need to have some time for rest and relaxation, we have spent far too much time moving from crisis to crisis with almost nothing between, constantly sticking to the routine of work and patching up the crew for the next battle, only to watch you all cut down. At this rate the emotional and physical fatigue will risk taking too much of a toll on us. I know this is not the best time for demands, but I doubt we will be listened to otherwise." Despite wanting to help, the look on Vinata's face made it clear he was tired, they were both so tired, the horrors of serving in medical, being a key target during mutiny and battle, they were slowly being worn out. "Of course I imagine when we get back and have to deal with the horrifying truth of CMO Lucan once more, I feel we will be up to our eyeballs in paperwork and inquiries about our time with the doctor."

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[ Commander Nerina | Sickbay | The Versant ~ USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E ]
Listening, Nerina folded her arms underneath her chest in quietude, understanding quickly that these two aliens she faced had been through a lot. Apparently, they must have come aboard the Theurgy, which ought to have been a story of its own if they used to be on the Harbinger, for the transfer was made apparent by the mentioning on Doctor Nicander.

Lucan was on the Senior Staff of the Theurgy before she had been put into stasis. The Câroon had been on the ship since its commissioning, when Anya Ziegler - Nerina's predecessor - had run the ship at Captain Ives' side. Horrifying truth? she wondered, a perplexed frown on her de-ridged forehead, about the Chief Medical Officer?

Nerina decided to reassure the two as best as they might first, before talking about the Doctor, since it might appear like she had ignored their concerns otherwise. "I don't know what the future brings," she said slowly, and uncrossed her arms, stepping closer to the two Ovri and spoke more quietly, lest she'd imagine the Savi would hear her. "But I promise you, if I get any kind of say in the matter - since I hear you have a new First Officer now - I will advocate time for respite before anything else. For myself as well. Personally, I have just been through hell here on this ship, waking up in a tank and stripped of half of my genetic heritage. I am no longer the same as I used to be. I feel... like a soft, squeamish human female, whereas I used to have more iron in my veins. I was proud to be part Klingon, and I feel... unbalanced. But that's not just me. Everyone I've met so far have been violated in such fashions, their genome purified to be of only one species. We were given a choice, but it seems it was just a formality, since the Savi have made these Corrections as they see fit. Only half of the people so far that I've spoken with have had their choice honoured."

Her point, however, was not who had suffered or not, or what had been done to them. "My point is that you are not alone in needing respite, just to gather strength enough to carry on, and see the mission through. First things first, we need to make it off this ship. One step at the time, and the first, as much as I don't like it, is to try and oppose the Savi by disabling this holo-program they stuck us in. Only then can we have a shot at actually leaving."

Even though it bugged her, what they had said about Nicander, the Câroon didn't appear to be aboard, so she could always ask the Ovri what they had learned later, instead of delving into a topic that they obviously didn't wish to linger on. "Come, the rest are waiting," she said, and she wanted to reach out and put a comforting hand on the blue Ovri's shoulder - Vinata - but something told her the tan-coloured one wouldn't welcome any such approach. "Or do you want to finish up here first? We'll make our move before midnight."

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[ Vinata Vojona & Hylota Vojona| USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E | Shuttle Bay | Deck 03 ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Vinanta looked to his sister and let out a sigh before he turned his gaze back to Nerina as he considered her offer, the hand on his shoulder did get a small jump and a bit of tensing as he took a few short breaths before finally forming his words. "Alright, I will go...I am sure my sister will follow to ensure my own safety and to glare at you for bringing us along." This comment from Vinata got a grumble out of Hylota, but she remained without further comment, she too could see that there was no benefit in remaining isolated if there was enough of the crew to get some form of plan going for escape. Hylota stopped her sulking and proceeded to make sure that their things were gathered and stowed away, including phasers, for medical personnel to weapons did speak to the dire nature of the situation.

As the two finished gathering their things Hylota looked to Nerina and sighed. "I wish the best of luck to whoever will be inheriting the problem of sorting out this mess when we get back. I already know my work is going to be hell in Sickbay, I know for sure one nurse is gone, I doubt my brother or I will be fit for service, and the state of the doctors is a mess. I do not like saying this, but things will not be getting better by our escape." To this Vinata put a hand on his sister's shoulder and just looked into her eyes for a second. The two shared a moment, they just stared as they seemed to come to a silent understanding, Hylota closed her mouth and nodded as Vinata smiled softly. Turning his attention back to Nerina he spoke softly. "Sorry about that, please do lead on."

As the three of them began to walk Hylota's eyes were drawn to Nerina as they walked, her eyes taking in the figure of the woman and admiring the alluring shape, her mind still imbalanced due to her changes, Hylota felt a shameful lust growing within her, the desires of her body, the love of the curvy feminine figure, mixed with the knowledge that she could savor the feeling of such sex now, but in the darkest corners of her mind Hylota felt nothing but disgust, the knowledge that she had raped someone, sure it was under the extreme lust effects of a heat, but she could not deny what she had done, she could not deny that she had raped someone else, a member of the crew, someone she would one day have to care for, and as she looked at the feminine curves of Nerina's body she could not help but be reminded of her failure. 


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[ Commander Nerina | Sickbay | The Versant ~ USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E ]
Leading the way, Nerina was oblivious to the looks Hylota was giving her body, merely relieved that the two Ovri were willing to help in the endeavour to leave the Savi ship.

Personally, was was not sure what kind of role she could fill on the Theurgy any more, since she had heard they had a new First Officer. She was not sure what to think about it, along with the fact that the crew was not the same as when she'd been put into stasis. She didn't know those from the Harbinger or the Resolve, but it was evident that a lot had happened since Niga.

It was better to save those thought for later. Her focus had to be the present, and not worry about the events that would have put her in stasis. The Savi had told her she had a broken neck when they collected her, but she had no recollection of what had made her end up like that. All the answers could be found off the Precept ship, however, so there was no use in worrying about the truth before she had any chance to learn of it.

"Right this way," she said, turning her head, and offering the two Ovri tight-lipped smile.

If only they could get the word to the Theurgy. Perhaps they could come and try to extract them all.


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