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CH04: S [D04|1130] A Surprise, to be Sure...

Chapter 04: Supplemental [ Day 04 | 1130 hrs. ] A Surprise, to be Sure...

[PO2 Kino Taer | Armoury | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy | 1130] @CanadianVet

Kino Taer was anxious to get back to work, especially after seeing the carnage wrought while she was kept in stasis. Her entire career was balanced around blowing shit up and shooting bad guys, activities that the Trill took delight in doing. The doctors, however, were explicit.  She didn’t really pay attention to exactly what they say because the only important words were something to the effect of Kino being expected to “take it easy” for a bit. Not that she intended to do so – five months or so of stasis while everything went to hell in a handbasket was quite enough for now. It was past time she was back on her feet, especially with so many targets to blow up, burn, shoot, or stab.

At least her quarters hadn’t been reassigned or blown up, though she wasn’t sure she recognized her roommate. She did have to unlock the door to enter using her security clearance, which was oddly reassuring. At least there was one spot on the ship that likely hadn’t changed.

According to the chronometer, it was now the start of the midday shift. Good enough time to visit the Security Centre and figure out where to go from there. Whoever was running the place hadn’t gotten in touch with her yet about a shift, which meant she was free to do what she wanted. So it was that Kino strode into the Security Centre in fully duty uniform, nodding amicably to the aide watching the entrance and making a beeline to the armoury.

My stuff better still be in good shape. Especially my suit. I spent too much time getting that just right.

Kino’s training had succeeded in drilling into her an almost pathological need to ensure her suit and weapons were in prime condition at all possible times. Her experiences in the Dominion War and the immediate aftermath reinforced that training since she directly saw the lifesaving effects of that. It was an aspect of Taer’s that seemed to surprise others since she also had a minor reputation for being fond of explosives and a stubbornly rebellious streak.

She smiled to herself as she approached the door to the Master-at-Arms station. If she could just get a weapon back in her hand, even for just a bit, things might feel a little less wrong. The smiled faded after entering. The office was empty. A sound from her left alerted her to the open door to the armory and she walked into the room with a knock on the wall inside.

“Yoo-hoo! Where’s my gear?” Kino called out before realizing who was there. “Well, I’ll be damned. I mean, I already am damned but at least I know that I’m going to be in good company there.”

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Armoury | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] @patches 

Being back in the armoury was almost like coming home for Eliska Bremmer.  It was the role she deployed on Resolve as, Mistress-at-Arms.  And since the person who normally filled that slot was on another Vector, it meant someone else had to pick up the slack.  Sure, there were some who were checked out as Assistants, but Bremmer had been qualified to run an armoury so it made her a natural choice to be in there. 

And boy was there work that needed doing!  Of course there was looking after the ship's small arms that had been issued for the duration of the action against those Grey fuckers and making sure they all had fresh power cells, the spares were replaced, and everything was back in the right locker.  And, then there was going over their weird-ass guns, and making them user-friendly for other people.  And that would take some time, and some fabrication time. 

And Bremmer was currently working on fitting a prototype stock to one of the Asurian weapons so it would provide the same kind of reach and basic controls as a standard-issue rifle when she heard a voice from behind her.  A voice she knew.  A voice she never thought she'd hear again. 

Setting down the weapon and the welder she was holding, she turned around.  "Kino.  Fucking.  Taer.  I might have known."  The voice was mock-severe, and the Human wasted little time in crossing the distance and her hand lashed out, fixing onto the Trill's collar and aggressively pulled her into a close, tight embrace. 

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[PO2 Kino Taer | Armoury | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @CanadianVet

The hug was unexpected, but Kino returned the embrace as fiercely as she received it. She was surprised at the emotion it triggered and she had blink back a couple tears before the embrace ended. She kept her hands on Eliska’s arms and smiled fondly at the other woman. It had been, what, five years since the two had last seen each other? Both had been assigned to different ships following the Treaty of Bajor, with Kino focusing on assisting the disarmament effort with some light anti-terrorism action. She struggled to remember what Bremmer mentioned her last assignment was.

“Eliska Bremmer! It’s been too long. Aren’t you supposed to be out on the ass end of nowhere or something?”

The height difference between the two was just enough that Kino didn’t have to lean far to see what was spread out on the table. There was the assortment of Starfleet standard small arms she expected but there was also something that was sitting directly in front of where Eliska had been standing that she couldn’t immediately recognize. She looked at Bremmer curiously. The unfamiliar weapon was obviously being modified, likely for use by the ship’s crew.

“I see you’ve been keeping busy while I got some beauty sleep.”

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Armoury | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] @patches

Kino's arms around her and their fierce embrace spoke volumes so far as Eliska was concerned.  As did the slight twitch in the Trill's cheekbones.  She was blinking, hard at that.  But, it turns out, Kaer was not the only one shedding tears.  The difference was that Eliska made no effort to blink hers away, simply letting them flow freely from her closed eyes.  And, against her friend's chest, a friend she hadn't seen in so long but had served alongside off and on since recruit training a decade past, she couldn't help but just dissolve into sobbing. 

The last day had been brutal.  Deployed on an away mission in a shuttle, which by itself was more than just a little stressful for the Human, to a supposedly abandoned and dead Klingon outpost, and having to escort a hapless little scientist and a slightly less hapless pilot into the depths of a moon that had been nearly blown apart already.  And that was fine, until she had nearly been cooked by lasers from the eyes of an ancient statue controlled by some ancient computer.  Only to be nearly eaten by giant spiders, a fate she had been saved from when, for some reason she couldn't even begin to fathom, she had been shot down a corridor like a BB out of a canon when the near-vacuum turned into an atmosphere of superheated high-pressure gaseous silica and iron.  And that wasn't all!  Then it was a firefight with Klingons, and getting towed back to a ship under attack, only to be nearly spaced and then get into close-quarters combat with Asurians, after some aliens that looked right out from the science-fiction movies and books she had been reading since childhood had already boarded but been defeated. 

And now she was acting mistress-at-arms, and she'd seldom been more drained, physically and mentally.  But, with Kino Taer, there was no need to pretend she was strong; she could simply just allow herself to be... just herself. 

It took her some time to compose herself, but when she did, she finally had a chance to address what was being asked.  "Yeah, got stranded in the space boonies.  Took a good long time to get back, and then we wind up on this ship after some fuckery I'm not eve sure I understand.  And I didn't know you were here.  Your name didn't show up on any duty roster.  Wait, you said beauty sleep?"

That wasn't just a term.  It was slang for a medically induced coma, back when they were with Ground Combat.  Often involved stasis.  "You didn't get banged up too bad again, did you?"

And, not even noticing she was doing that, Eliska started running the hands up and down the back of her long time friend.... and occasional lover.

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[PO2 Kino Taer | Armoury | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @CanadianVet

The tears started again as Eliska’s sobbing sunk in, half from sympathy and half from Kino’s own need for emotional release. She kept her close as Eliska let it all out, one hand moving to gently stroke the human’s hair. Whatever she had gone through while Kino was in stasis either too much to process normally or maybe she just needed someone safe to show her vulnerability. It was a trait of hers that Kino learned as their relationship developed during boot camp, the Advanced Ground Combat School, and the Dominion War. They had served together for years, somehow always being assigned to the same unit even as each took up leadership of their own squads. Moments like these were always in private, never before the others. Goodness knows their roles had been reversed plenty of times before.

Kino smiled softly as the goosebumps from Eliska’s stroking made themselves felt, and her own left hand found its way to Eliska’s collarbone, her fingers tracing the bone as she felt it under the uniform from to the shoulder to the neck and then up the side of the neck to loosely cup the right side of Eliska’s face.

“Took a hit from some debris while we were getting the hell out of the Sol System. I was guarding one of the torpedo rooms. It must have taken a direct hit or something because next thing I know, I’m waking up in Sickbay with a new eye and a minor headache. That was a couple hours ago.” Kino chuckled. “They expect me to take it easy for a couple days. The usual.”

She knew Eliska would understand how she felt right now and why she was here. The last time she had been out this long, the Trill had lost an arm and a good portion of her right leg. The current situation was starting to bring up the memories of that last time the two of them saw shit hit the fan as seriously as it did now. The Theurgy was supposed to be Kino’s ticket to a more relaxing post, considering it was a dreadnought and those rarely saw serious combat in Starfleet. She had been proven wrong, very wrong, on that front.

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Armoury | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] @patches

It took some time, but Eliska did let it all out.  She wasn't exactly in the habit of doing that, but there were times it just needed to happen.  But with it all out of the way, she could focus on what mattered.  Kino Taer was there with her not only on Theurgy, but on Vector 2 as well.  She was alive, and as well as could be expected.  Her hand was on her cheek, and they were close to each other. 

And, given that, Eliska stretched her neck a little, pressing her cheek firmly into her friend's hand.  She needed that kind of contact just about now.  Something real, something familiar.  Yes, even a graduate of ACS and veteran of some of the worst theaters of the Dominion War needed that once in a while.  However, she still managed a grin, and looked up at her old friend, a joke dancing in her eyes. 

"Lost parts of you again?  Well, at least it was nothing really important, just an eye this time." 

But, she knew she'd have to answer some questions, questions that hadn't been asked yet.  "I took the Resolve posting because I was bored to tears on the Merrimac.  I needed to get out of core Federation space, you know?  Turns out we got stranded on the wrong side of Romulan space, and got back in Federation space oh, a week or so ago, only to wind up on the wrong side of the parasites or what have you, and we got rescued by Theurgy.  So now I'm here."  Now, that was certainly a condensed version of events, but it would be enough to convey the last little while had been beyond stressful all right.  "Oh, and did you know Sin's here too?  Except last I heard she was on Vector 1 when things went to shit, so she's not here, here you know?"

"And, your version of taking it easy is to come down to the armoury to get your weapons issued and looked at again?  Or did you hear somewhere I was here so you decided to pay me a visit instead of getting some rack time?" 

When working on maintenance, Eliska had a tendency to lose the jacket, and roll up her gold-coloured shirt's sleeves and partially unzip the collar; it was simply more comfortable that way.  And, well, it did present certain advantages, in certain circumstances...

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[PO2 Kino Taer | Armoury | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy]

A peal of laughter escaped Kino as Eliska finished her question. “Yes, yes. You know me. If I’m not shooting or blowing something up, I just don’t feel right. I figured if I can’t really shoot something yet, I can at least make sure my weapon’s ready for it. Oh, and my exosuit. That’s somewhere nearby too. I should make sure that's still intact.”

Kino leaned back slightly, loosely wrapping her arms around Eliska’s neck as she studied her friend’s face. How many times had the pair been like this, arms around each other in a room by themselves? Sometimes clean, sometimes covered in sweat and dirt and grime and the occasional bit of blood, the outcome of each such meeting was always a sense of contentment or satisfaction for Kino. What started as stress relief became something integral to the way the two communicated and understood each other in their off time.

And now they were together again after years of being apart.

“I’m sorry you went through so much, babe. I should have been here the whole time, but apparently, the docs had higher priorities than getting me back on duty.” A tinge of guilt made itself known before Kino stuffed it back down. “From what I hear, it’s a miracle this place is still in one piece. Mostly.”

She brought back her right hand, using her index finger to trace a path from Eliska’s forehead down the bridge of her nose and finally to her mouth. The arm was her cybernetic one, but Federation technology meant that the synthetic skin felt incredibly realistic. She had insisted it be as close to the real thing as possible. Too much depended on her ability to precisely feel pressure, heat, and shape through her heads as she frequently worked within the guts of explosive objects. Not to mention the more … recreational use of her hands.

“Oh!” Kino broke out into a wide grin, her face suddenly turning mischievous. “Apparently, the ocular implant was originally designed for one of the pilots. Now that you mention her, I bet Sin could help me get it reprogrammed to link up with my weapons. She’s always been good for shit like that. Where’s Vector 1 at now?”

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Armoury | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] @patches

Eliska all but purred under Kino's touch.  That was so damn familiar.  Just as it had been to feel the length of her body pressing against her.  And that brought back some memories of much, much more.  Oh, they had never been a couple.  At least not in a formal, monogamous sense.  But they had been very close friends with benefits.  And just about now, that sounded like a very good thing.

For one thing, Eliska had no idea whether or not Kino had a roommate, but she was glad, in a bittersweet way, that she had no idea of where Dyan was.  Perhaps she'd consider spending the night, at least once in a while... Or find a way to kick out each other's roommates now and again.  But there were always possibilities...

But when she asked about Sinead, Bremmer looked down.  The three of them were friends.  Oh, O'Reily had come into the mix of their friendship during the War itself, but she had been a pretty natural fit with them.  Three girls who didn't really take crap from anyone... and took a pretty dim view of the musclebound jocks who seemed to think that any woman who spent much time in ground combat was some sort of slut.  And Eliska was worried.  "I got no idea.  I hear Captain Ives called for something called the Continuance Protocol; all three vectors are gone every which way.  And the things we were fighting - fucking Greys from almost every other sci-fi flick or book I grew up on - took a bunch of our people.  All the hybrids.  We got our asses kicked, and had to run, Kino.  And it feels like shit."

But, her face brightened a little.  "But, lucky for you, I'm a qualified for suit maintenance, and if I can link up the sights from a rifle to the visor of one of our suits, I should be able to do something like that without making you go cross-eyed, and make sure you can turn the linkage off when you're not fondling a gun."

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[PO2 Kino Taer | Armoury | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @CanadianVet

“Oh good, good. I was worried there was something that you didn’t know how to do still.” Kino laughed. “It’s a wonder they haven’t gotten you to Chief or Warrant yet somehow. I seem to remember that one commander swearing he was going to get you commissioned somehow.”

The Continuance Protocol wasn’t something she was familiar with, but that wasn’t unusual. The NCO had been knocked out of action relatively early on during the Theurgy’s flight and this sounded suspiciously like an officer’s fancy idea anyway. She supposed those kind of ideas were why they went to the Academy while she half-snoozed her way through lessons on ethical mathematics and philosophy while still on Trill.

“We’ll get them back, babe.” She replied in a husky whisper this time. “That or we’ll make them wish they hadn’t run into Starfleet.” Kino smiled mischievously and winked. “Besides, I’m always up for showing bad guys a good time with a bit of thalmerite.”

Kino pulled Eliska in close again, gently biting the top of her ear before whispering into it and running a finger down the other woman’s spine. “Those Greys aren’t the only ones I’d like to show a good time to later.”

Just as abruptly, Kino pushed Eliska away and walked closer to the alien gun the mistress at arms had been working on. She deliberately acted as if she hadn’t just teased her old friend and seemingly focused all her attention to the device on the table. Eliska would probably realize the truth, though. It was hardly the first time the Trill had done something similar and a part of her took comfort in falling into familiar mannerisms.

“So, this thing looks interesting.” She pointed to the Savi weapon. “I’m assuming this was something left behind by those, ah, Greys. What is it?”

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Armoury | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] @patches

"I turned it down at the end of the War.  Can you really picture me shuffling papers rather than getting my hands dirty?"  Eliska grinned in response.  "And besides, I'm just some farm girl from a backwards hole in space of a planet in the back of beyond.  I'd never fit as an officer, would I?"

And, a few words later, all Bremmer knew was that she was pressing against her old friend once more.  And that, by now, she ought to have realized she was wearing nothing under her gold-coloured shirt but one of the undershirts she hadn't seen for so long on the Resolve due to the strain on their resources.  At the teeth upon her ear, her spine stiffened; at the finger along her spine, she shivered and stressed; at her words, she smiled. 

And then she broke off, making her way to the table where she had been working on fitting the business end of a Savi weapon into a stock and control scheme that would be more familiar to Starfleet personnel.  Following the Trill, Eliska placed a hand upon her back as she leaned forward next to her.  "Some kind of graviton weapon.  The closest it's got to a stun setting is something like a tractor beam set to repulse, and there's a few grades of that.  The other kind of settings?  I've seen it shred a bulkhead with gravitational shear, and you don't want to know what that'll do to someone. 

Then, she let her hand slide up Kino's back until she cupped the back of her head.  "I miss your hair; why didn't you grow it back out?"

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[PO2 Kino Taer | Armoury | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @CanadianVet

“Ah, of course you would turn it down.” Kino smiled. “You’d make a better officer than whats-his-face. The one we met while retaking Lya Station Alpha.”

She leaned a bit into Eliska’s hand as it glided up her back to her head, a look of contentment on her face as it settled at the back of her head. It was broken by a chuckle at Eliska’s question. “I miss it sometimes too, but it’s so convenient to have it shorn. Showers are shorter, no hair to tie back or braid or get tangled in things, and quite honestly, hair is flammable. You know my relationship with open flames.”

Kino ran a hand over the weapon, tracing the curves. Keen eyes spotted where Eliska had been working on modifications, replacing the trigger assembly and guard with something more familiar to Starfleet trained hands and adding a rifle stock. Relatively simple work, but work that would make a significant difference in the weapons handling and weight. She noted there was another alien weapon on the table, one that looked fairly different. That one would bear looking at too.

“A graviton weapon?” She said, a note of concern in her voice. “I’ve heard the rumors about R&D looking into the possibility for our uses, but wouldn’t the energy requirements be extraordinary in comparison to standard weapons? Especially to shape a graviton beam into different forms and strengths like that. If this is their personal weapon, I’d hate to see what kind of beams they can mount on a ship.”

The Trill reached up with her other hand to grab Eliska’s arm and bring it close enough for their hands to clasp, absentmindedly tapping out a rhythm on the back of the human’s hand as she considered the weapon and its implications. It was a pose that she had struck many times before, usually while pondering how best to calibrate an explosive.

“Do you have any that we can take apart before the geeks get their turn?”

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Armoury | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] @patches

Kino just had to mention Ensign Verreault.  And Bremmer remembered him well.  He led their platoon of recent ACS graduates on an assault that didn't really require that kind of skillset, but it was meant to be a baptism by live fire for those who had undergone the training.  That, and a proof of concept for the politicians and some stuffed shirt admirals.  But, as luck would have it, their regular platoon commander had come down with a case of pancreatitis and they needed to borrow one from the complement of the ship that had taken them there. 

Entered Ensign Frederic Verreault, tactical officer, graduated near the top of his class, and on the short list for advanced promotion to J.G.  And the man had some serious attitude issues.  First, he was firmly in the camp that officers were inherently superior to enlisted personnel regardless of rank and experience, and that Security was the lowest of the lows, where those who were too dumb to even do general maintenance were sent.  And there was no 'mister' with him either.  It was always 'Sir, Ensign Verreault, Sir' and he would not lower himself to calling anyone beneath him by name.  He would use ranks, and 'you'.  Not to mention he was a micromanaging prick who had to stick his nose into everything, including the most mundane tasks. 

To make it all worse, he did not view close-quarters battle as real combat; to him, real combat happened between starships and fleets, at tens of thousands of kilometers and it was officers and captains and admirals on those ships' bridges directing those who were not good enough for command who won them.  So not only did he hate the fact he was the only officer among three dozen enlisted men and women, he hated every last one of them, hated the assignment, and did not believe in the mission he was given.  All in all, a recipe for disaster. 

He refused to listen to the senior NCOs; he refused to even review ground combat doctrine or take part in preparations and rehearsals.  But he did perform an inspection, and insisted that everything be up to one standard: his standard (which just had to be better than established doctrine, as he was a Tactical officer and not some maladjusted maniac in Security) and everyone had to conform to it regardless of body type, handedness, or personal preference and experience. 

The mission had been a shit show.  No one could do so much as breathe without his permission, and when he had the three squads split up into position where they could not support each other, things had looked really hairy for a while.  One squad cut off and surrounded, and Verreault, in his infinite wisdom, determined they would be acceptable casualties and they were tying down a large number of Jem'Hadar, what with their disobeying and having holed up in primary life support... 

And when they had made for their primary objective, the last of the four fatalities in the platoon occurred when Verreault believed his tricorder reading the door was clear and did not let Petty Officer Third Class Kino Taer do a more detailed sweep.  Suffice to say, there was no chance at all the Sir could have recovered from that one.  And much of the platoon had been thoroughly turned off of hamburger and sausages for some time afterwards...

Deep in these thoughts, Eliska did not hear what was said to her; that is until she felt Kino's hand upon her.  And she asked if they had more to work with.  "Sorry, sweetie, that's the one they gave me to experiment on.  If I can't make it more Starfleet-friendly, we'll just use them in their original configurations." 

Turning her head to the side, she saw Kino's profile.  They had never been girlfriends; theirs was a close friendship, one that, to one who did not know better, well might look like an actual couple.  But they were not.  They had agreed that was the kind of entanglement that would not serve them well.  But, they were very close friends with benefits who had not claim upon the other.  Not that there hadn't been some ribbing when it came to some of their respective partners along the way...

And, at this very moment, Eliska couldn't help herself anymore.  Without warning, she whirled about, incidentally freeing her hand from Kino's and she fairly launched herself at the Trill.  One hand grabbed for the front of her jacket, drawing her near with a hard pull, and the other went about her waist to hold her close.  And the Human's lips descended on her old friend's.

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[PO2 Kino Taer | Armoury | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @CanadianVet

“Well damn, that’s a shame. You know, the power source has got to be something inter-“

There really wasn’t enough time for the distracted Trill to react to Eliska’s actions, finding herself in a familiar embrace and a pair of lips seeking her own. She smiled briefly as she dropped the gun and returned the embrace with one hand on Eliska’s lower back and one on the side of her head to kiss her lover.

After they finished that first kiss, Kino giggled in a rush of happiness. It had been a long time, too long, and she underestimated just how much she missed Eliska. She didn’t go in for another kiss right away, instead using the pause to take in Eliska’s scent. It was a curious mix of something indefinable but sweet and mild sweat, she thought, reminiscent of the woman she now held in her arms.

“I’m glad you missed me. I know I’m hard to replace.” She whispered with a teasing smirk. “We do make a good team. Mostly.”

Kino’s whole body relaxed as she leaned in for another kiss and tugged on Eliska’s shirt. She’d know what Kino was asking and how to respond.

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Armoury | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] @patches

Eliska wasn't quite certain what to expect.  It had been a long time since they'd last gotten together.  But that was life in Starfleet; friends would be forced to part by the requirements of the service, and might meet up again a few weeks, or many years later.  And meeting up again was a reason to celebrate.  And, for Bremmer, this was even more of one.  She had just spent years stranded in deep space, expecting every day to be her last.  She had never expected to see a friendly face that wasn't part of the Resolve's crew ever again, especially when things went to shit on Starbase 84.  So, to come across Kino Taer again?  That was something that needed to be marked and celebrated, and a kiss seemed like a very good place to start. 

And, it would seem, Kino was more than receptive to the idea all right.  In fact, she even came in for another kiss, speaking to her unique nature beforehand, and tugging at the Human's shirt. 

All of the sudden, Bremmer felt grossly overdressed.  As did Taer, for that matter. 

As their lips parted once more, Eliska spoke.  "Computer, lock the doors."  With that said, she did follow up on the Trill's silent suggestion and she pulled her golden shirt over her head, dragging her tank top part of the way along.  Oh, it did not come off, but  it did ride up high enough to show the bottoms of her breasts, making it perfectly clear she was not wearing a bra. 

Tugging her undershirt down, Eliska then reached for Kino and proceeded not only to just undo her jacket, but to reach underneath  to brush the swells of her own breasts.  "So, am I going to be the only one stripping here?"

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[PO2 Kino Taer | Armoury | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @CanadianVet

The Trill smiled wickedly as the armory doors were ordered to be closed and locked. She already knew she wasn’t alone in wanting something more than a hug and a kiss, but it was always nice to have that confirmed by the other party. Eliska was one of the few people Kino felt appropriate to call a proper friend and comrade, even lover, something she rarely acknowledged aching for.

As the other woman pulled off her shirt, leaving only the tank top and a delicious peek at her breasts, Kino started working on her own. Eliska soon assisted her and posed a question Kino could only laugh at before her breathing quickened at Eliska’s touch on her own breasts.

“No, of course not, babe.” She pulled off her own undershirt and tank top, baring it all above the waist and moving to help Eliska finally bare hers. She couldn’t resist a little tweak and grab at first sight. “Life’s a lot more fun in the buff, I think.”
The pants and boots were a little more quickly off, leaving just her in her boyshorts. She tackled Eliska to wrestle her to the nearest surface, and straddled her with a smirk.

“I’m not sure if I’m really feeling it yet, though.” She teased. “Want to help me get there?”


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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Armoury | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] @patches

Well, that escalated quickly. 

First it had been just a little touch, but Eliska was not about to complain about Kino stripping off her shirt and undershirt in one fell swoop, and then helping her get rid of that tank top.  Nor did she particularly mind the Trill's hands on her breasts.  She was not much more heavily endowed than her old friend, and the Human liked how her occasional lover's hands fit around her bust.  Oh, so many good, old memories there...

Memories that were interrupted when Bremmer found herself pushed atop the table, scattering tools and small arms components as Kino straddled her, now wearing nothing save her underwear.  And there it was, that smirk again, and the invitation to get things started in earnest.

Bremmer herself grinned, and she kicked her legs hard and her core muscles flexed, forcing her upper body upright and her arms closing around Kino's slender torso. And, with strength born from countless hours in the gym and having been raised in a gravity well nearly fifteen percent heavier than Earth's, she got her feet back onto the deck and she was the one to drive her lover to the ground, though under enough control to avoid a painful landing. 

Freeing herself, Eliska stood tall and she kicked off her boots and pants, and unlike the Trill, she shed her underwear as well before bearing back down onto her in earnest.  And she kissed her again.  But her lips had not sought Kino's.  Instead, the fastened onto one of her nipples, and indeed...

...she sought to get things started all right.


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