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100 Words for Facial Expressions


1. Absent:
not attentive, preoccupied, absent-minded
2. Agonized:
as if in pain or tormented
3. Alluring:
powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating; seductive
4. Appealing:
attractive, in the sense of encouraging goodwill and/or interest
5. Beatific:
bestowing bliss, blessings, happiness
6. Bilious:
spiteful; bad-tempered
7. Black:
gloomy, pessimistic, dismal
8. Bleak:
without hope or encouragement; depressing; dreary
9. Blinking:
surprise, or lack of concern
10. Blissful:
showing a state of happiness or divine contentment
11. Blithe:
carefree, lighthearted, or heedlessly indifferent
12. Brooding:
showing unhappiness of thought or appears darkly menacing
13. Bug-eyed:
frightened or surprised, having the eyes bulging
14. Chagrined:
humiliated or disappointed
15. Cheeky:
impudent or irreverent, typically in an endearing or amusing way
16. Cheerless:
joyless, depressing
17. Choleric:
hot-tempered, irate
18. Coy:
shyness or modesty that is intended to be alluring
19. Crestfallen:
dejected, dispirited, discouraged
20. Darkly:
vaguely threatening or menacing manner
21. Deadpan:
deliberately impassive or expressionless
22. Dejected:
downcast, depressed, dispirited
23. Derisive:
expressing contempt or ridicule
24. Despondent:
 showing profound hopelessness, discouragement, or gloom
25. Doleful:
 expressing sorrow, mournful
26. Dour:
 relentlessly severe, stern, or gloomy in manner or appearance
27. Downcast:
 low in spirit
28. Dreamy:
 pleasant, peaceful, and relaxing
29. Ecstatic:
 in a state of ecstasy, full of joy, rapturous
30. Etched:
 a feeling clearly visible on someone’s face
31. Faint:
 cowardly, weak, or barely perceptible
32. Fixed:
 set or intent upon something; steadily directed
33. Furtive:
 suggestive of guilty nervousness
34. Gazing:
 look intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought
35. Glancing:
 to look quickly or briefly
36. Glaring:
 having a fixed look of hostility, fierceness, or anger
37. Glazed:
 a fixed, dazed, or lifeless expression
38. Gloomy:
 filled with or showing gloom; sad, dejected, or melancholy.
39. Glowering:
 sullen dislike, discontent, or anger
40. Glowing:
 showing the radiance of health, excitement
41. Grim:
 very serious or gloomy
42. Grave:
 something that is serious or doing something in a solemn manner
43. Haunted:
 showing signs of mental anguish or torment
44. Hopeless:
 depressed by a lack of encouragement or optimism
45. Hostile:
 aggressively angry, intimidating, unfriendly
46. Hunted:
 appearing worn or harassed as if one is being pursued.
47. Impassive:
 without emotion; apathetic; unmoved.
48. Inscrutable:
 mysterious, unreadable
49. Jeering:
 insulting or mocking
50. Languid:
 lacking in spirit or interest; listless; indifferent
51. Leering:
 look or gaze in an unpleasant, malicious, or lascivious way
52. Meaningful:
 full of meaning, significance, purpose
53. Mild:
 easygoing, showing gentleness
54. Mischievous:
 annoyingly or maliciously playful; teasing
55. Moody:
 gloomy, depressed, or sullen; ill-humored
56. Pained:
 expressing distress, anguish, or resentment
57. Pallid:
 lacking in vitality or interest
58. Peering:
 look keenly or with difficulty at someone or something
59. Peeved:
 annoyed; irritated; vexed
60. Petulant:
 impatient irritation, especially over some trifling annoyance
61. Pitying:
 sympathetic, expressing pity
62. Pleading:
 seeking apology or to appeal earnestly or humbly
63. Pouting:
 to show displeasure or wearing a sullen expression
64. Quizzical:
 indicating mild or amused puzzlement
65. Radiant:
 bright with joy, hope
66. Roguish:
 playfully mischievous, especially in a way that is sexually attractive
67. Sanguine:
 cheerfully optimistic, hopeful, or confident
68. Sardonic:
 grimly mocking or cynical
69. Scornful:
 contemptuous or derisive
70. Scowling:
 to have a gloomy or threatening look
71. Searching:
 acutely observant or penetrating
72. Set:
 to direct with fixed attention
73. Shamefaced:
 feeling or expressing shame or embarrassment
74. Slack-jawed:
 an indication of astonishment, bewilderment
75. Sly:
 showing a cunning and deceitful nature
76. Snarling:
 surly or threatening manner
77. Sneering:
 contort the face in a manner that shows scorn or contempt
78. Somber:
 oppressively solemn or sober in mood; grave
79. Sour:
 harsh in spirit or temper; austere; morose; peevish
80. Stolid:
 calm, dependable, and showing little emotion or animation
81. Straight-faced:
 with a blank or serious facial expression
82. Sulky:
 morose, bad-tempered, and resentful; refusing to be cheerful.
83. Sullen:
 showing irritation or ill humor by a gloomy silence or reserve
84. Taunting:
 to reproach in a sarcastic, insulting, or jeering manner; mock
85. Taut:
 strained or tense
86. Tense:
 in a state of mental or nervous strain; high-strung
87. Tight:
 firmly or closely fixed in place; secure
88. Unblinking:
 looking at something in a honest and accurate way
89. Vacant:
 having or showing no intelligence or interest ; blank
90. Veiled:
 not openly or directly expressed; masked; disguised; hidden
91. Wan:
 of an unnatural or sickly pallor; pallid; lacking color
92. Wary:
 watchful, cautious, or alert
93. Wide-eyed:
 having one’s eyes wide open in amazement
94. Wild-eyed:
 an expression of panic or desperation in their eyes
95. Wistful:
 showing a feeling of vague or regretful longing
96. Withering:
 weak, thin
97. Woeful:
 full of grief; wretched; unhappy
98. Wolfish:
 resembling a wolf, in being rapacious, voracious, or lascivious
99. Wrathful:
 full of or characterized by intense anger
100. Wry:
 an expression of disgust, disappointment, or annoyance.

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