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[ PO1st Artimis Saugn | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ]

And then suddenly the steam room was far more crowded. Artimis moved just enough to prop her head up on her arm and look over the two newcomers, one seemed bold and daring, as well a huge, the other smaller and in a swimsuit, which said quite a bit in and of itself. A memory of a data PADD filled with names and faces flashed through her mind and she quickly pieced together who the men were, but she made no obvious sign of it.

Unlike many mammals who saw large muscular body of a predator, like a Kzinti, Artimis felt no fear. At a base level she knew that she was not his type of meat and even more so, because of her training, she knew her chances in a fight were fair enough. She had heard of those like her having stared down the might and terror of even a Gorn without flinching because of their lack of natural fear of such predators.

But she had no interest in fighting, quite the opposite in fact. She was here to relax.

"Well, looks like I have some company," she said with a smile as she draped her free hand across her stomach. She was shorter than most of the crew, but she had a full figure and large welcoming breasts, so she knew physically she always had options other than a fight, well, almost always. She wondered if these men had come her for the relaxation of for the sexual conquest she had witnessed others partaking in. Part of her wondered what she would do if they were there to engage in sexual activity, she was the only female, or female presenting person, there after all. "I'm Artie, and who might you gentleman be?"

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[Ens. Joseph Adams | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]

Joe had opened one eye as he heard the massive Kzinti enter and, to be perfectly honest, had been slightly intimidated by the size of the man. He recognised his species but couldn't quite put a name to it, although at his words, he nodded in agreement.

He'd been about to speak again, perhaps further voicing this agreement or how nice it was in the steam room, when a second voice piped up, one he'd entirely missed beforehand.

Head turning a little quickly to the bench against the other wall, he leaned slightly to get a better look through the rolling clouds of water vapour.

"Oh! I didn't see you, sorry.."

Apologising, perhaps needlessly, for his perceived intrusion, Joe was compelled to answer her question. His eyes squinting slightly through the fog to better take in her appearance. He could just about make out a pink hair colour. And something seemed off about her eyes. Yet there was something even more pressing he couldn't quite put his finger on.

"Joseph Adams, nice to you."

Of course, midway through his sentence, it hit him like a sack of bricks. She was naked. Not even a towel covering her!

Politely bringing his gaze up a little, he nodded again, managing an awkward little smile. Doing his best so seem to not have noticed her state of undress. It was a steam room after all. Maybe he'd  get away with it.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Temporal Observatory Lab | Deck 9| Vector 02 ] Attn: @AbsintheDeux 


And there it is, the thought flashed behind his eyes but did not make it to his lips. Sarresh was not, contrary to popular belief, suicidal. So there was no way he was going to say that aloud when Sel was asserting herself. And in truth he couldn't be entirely sure it was a mood swing he was seeing because it wasn't as if she were wrong. Of course in his defense he hadn't known that would be her reaction but all the same, it had been a hell of a thing and he wasn't actually sorry for it, but it had gotten under Sel's skin and it had gotten him a much deserved decking.

The words 'yes dear' died on his lips as she held him under that gaze, shifted in front of him, arms locked, hands on his shoulders. Swallowing, Sarresh gave a single sharp nod, and let out a breathe he didn't realize he had been holding when she kissed his nose in turn. You should totally moan you coward, the little voice in the back of his head egged him on, but again, self preservation won the day and he relaxed back as she relaxed.

"Considering sickbay had to patch up what you did, I do think that wa more than sufficient to the occasion," Sarresh noted as he worked his jaw side to side with the memory of the moment. Life, with Ryuan Sel, was many things. Hectic. Adventerous. Tantalizing. Occasionally violent. But never boring. And he found he treasured all of it. He reached up and placed his palm against her cheek and rubbed his thumb just below her eye, holding her gaze. A little smirk passed over his lips. "So what you're saying is i just need to find the right place to leave you a whimpering mess. Noted."

It was hardly fair of him to kiss her right after that before she could reply, but he didn't feel like playing entirely fair that moment. The kiss wasn't long, but it was deep, full of both apology, and promise, and then he pulled back and settled against the edge of the bath, head tilted to one side, watching her. "Feeling better?"

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[CPO Avander Lok | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] @AbsintheDeux

Lok nodded in agreement, “Oh yeah they really crammed them into those things back in the day. I went and visited the fleet museum a few years ago now and was able to get a tour of the old Enterprise A and Pioneer, it’s hard to imagine living in those ships for more than a few months let alone for the entirety of those famous ‘five year missions’.”

It was certainly an interesting experience getting to see 23rd century technology. Toggles, buttons, switches, non-integrated computer screens compared to the modern touch screen LCARs displays. Simplified replicator technology too so they still required a kitchen. Certainly a different time, space probably felt a lot bigger back then. Getting to fidget with a few of the disabled consoles and get a feel for the far more tactile nature of the instruments was however rather pleasing for Lok and not long after visiting the museum he was able to source some old parts to try and recreate a small panel of his own.

“Though I will have to say the most comfortable ship I was ever on was the Helios, a Galaxy class, they really wanted to make the long term missions a bit more enjoyable. We were actually scheduled to conduct a potential ten year mission but that fell through because of the war.”

He glanced over at his handsome companion and decided to follow his lead, also sliding down into the water a bit more. However, the bench was not exactly large enough for him to go all the way down to his chin, only about halfway up his pecs, plus he didn’t want to leave the wonderful massaging feeling of the jets. The water did feel quite good. He leaned his head back as well, closing his eyes and retracting his batwing-like ears as he felt his muscles relax just a little bit more, but his ears perked right back up again, flicking few little drops of water, at the sounds of people enjoying themselves further down in the pool.

“I tell you what”, he started again, “ten years is a long time but if we had some place like this on Helios, I don’t think it would have been all that bad at all…certainly would have been leagues more preferable than what ended up happening in the end.”

His mind involuntarily flashed memories of destroyed corridors and his left shoulder started to ache. He made a slightly pained face and reached up to try and rub the back of his shoulder, his fingers tracing over the ragged scar that was partially hidden under his fur. Ugh are you fucking kidding me, Lok mentally cursed at his shoulder then sighed knowing the pain might go away eventually. He looked back at Marcus to see if he was paying attention at all, then did his best to lower himself, without sliding off the bench, and attempt to massage his shoulder with the rounded edge of the bath.
CPO Avandar Lok | Head of Fighter Propulsion & Asst. COD - "The world I have known is lost in shadow..."

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[ Ens. Ryuan Sel | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Brutus

There were few things that made Ryuan Sel melt quite like a kiss from her lover, especially when she was in love with them. It didn't happen often and Sel was no stranger to failed relationships. She was not a child and even when she had been, her life had been cruel. But when she was with him, when he kissed her and made her body yearn for his, when she knew in her heart that she was safe... It was then that she would simply melt.

And so it was that she found herself falling into Sarresh's kiss, like at was an abyss in the ocean and she was prepared to drown. And yet it lifted her up, it made her swell with feeling and desire. She had never felt kisses quite like his before and she wanted them all, for the rest of her life.

And all to soon it was over and as he pulled away she seemed to deflate a little.

However he was no more pulled away from her when it happened again, a sneeze tore through her like a sudden jolt. Then before she could recover she sneezed again, then once more, and again. She frowned at him and pouted slightly, looking red nosed and a bit pathetic. And then to make it worse she sneezed one final time.

A sudden burst of anger washed over her. She hated being like this. She hated the sneezing. She hated the patronizing looks and the people who 'knew' but didn't understand a lick of what she was going through. She'd made a choice to follow through with this and she didn't regret it, but she felt like the whole of the universe was against her.

"Prophets be damned, I blame this on you," she said with a scowl as she moved off of him and got to her feet, so that most of her swollen stomach was now above the water, which did nothing to help her back. "You did this to me and now look at me! I'm sneezing all the time, I look like I swallowed a melon, and I'm barely fit for duty. My life has become a joke..."

She flung her head back in despair and sat opposite him in the tub. She sank down and leaned against the edge of the tub. "Why couldn't you have worn a condom?"

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[ Dominic Winters | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | ATTN: @tongieboi @AbsintheDeux

Dominic settled in comfortably and rather than sprawl his legs out a bit and listened as the two introduced themselves. He glanced first to the rather naked female who introduced herself as Artie. He figured Artemis or something similar. He took in her wonderful form, violet hair, delicate features and perky breasts. Growing up on Earth he had come to appreciate the varied forms of both male and female bodies. He knew several folks who enjoyed the feeling of fur against their bare skin. She had fascinating eyes to say the least though.

Glancing to Joseph who introduced himself as well, swimsuit? Human for sure, nicely built. Yeah, he was admiring the pair and felt quite happy that he was between them and got a good eyeful of both. He’d come here for relaxation but if things got to the point someone wanted to take the cat for a ride? He would certainly not say no.

“Dominic Winters, You can call me Dom, Nick. Or Atlas.” He flashed a small smile to them. His ears and overall body posture relaxed and watching the pair of them. His tail-tip twitched slightly in mild curiosity as to what could happen. “It’s quite nice in here! Very warm but not so much it can make things uncomfortable.” He considered slipping the towel off since at least one of them was rather comfortable being completely nude. Though, to be quite honest the towel he wore only did the bare minimum of covering himself up while giving a reasonably interesting idea of what he is packing if someone took the time to look.

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[ Cpt. Marcus Maye | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @joshs1000


Marcus blinked and wondered on that, would something happen to the Connie's sister ship? There were 13 of the original construction group of the Constitution class. None of them were called the Pioneer.

Marcus did his best to hide his surprise. There was some disappointment that the Connie herself wasn't mentioned, but he could only presume his baby would be housed somewhere else, after all, she was the Constitution.

"Ah yes, the five-year-mission. It was an honor to be chosen for one of those," Marcus said with a smile. "And on a ship as glamorous as the Constitution, it wasn't something I could, or really anyone could, pass up on. Starfleet rings you up for one of those missions and it means someone out there thinks you're the best at what you do." He remembered the process of crew selection for the Connie and how many excellent applicants there were for almost every position. He could only imagine the task when the ship was so much bigger and with so many more crew.

"But you have to imagine being one of the first human's out there, seeing what no one else of your species has seen and making contact with aliens never seen before by human eyes," he continued, his eyes shining with his excitement. "And it wasn't a safe assignment, certainly not. It's amazing how many threats there are out there." He smirked. "And how many wondrous things there are two."

He paused when he noticed the other was in some kind of pain, which took him longer to notice than he would have liked to admit.

"Are you okay?" He asked, concern rising in his voice.

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[ PO1st Artimis Saugn | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @tongieboi @joshs1000 

Looking from the one to the other, Artimis smiled. She noted the she was now no longer the only one in the nude and took a moment to look over both men. The fur covered one was by far larger, but that wasn't a bad thing and human one was sturdy enough she noted.

"Dom and Joe, it's very nice to meet both of you," Artimis said with a nod as she pushed herself up into a seated position. "I do enjoy the warmth of it in here, but I find the steam does wonders for my skin and hair." She ran a hand through her curled hair-like filaments, which needless to say seemed to have a noticeable shine to them.

She made no effort to cover her body, she was entirely hairless aside from her head and her skin was pale and clear of any scar, mark, or blemish. She was a perfect specimen, designed and then allowed for nature to take it's course. She had never been one to be ashamed of her body and in fact it was easier to absorb the ambient light if she was completely nude. She knew some viewed nudity as almost inherently sexual, but she was not among them.

"Have you two been aboard the ship long?" She leaned back against the warm wall of the steam room and crossed her legs, sitting both relaxed, but poised. "I've only just come aboard myself. I was so intrigued by hearing they had a steam room and baths aboard, I simply had to come check it out."

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[Ens. Joseph Adams | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]

"Nice to meet the two of you too."

Giving both the Kzinti and the Teslyliac a polite smile, Joe nodded a little, deliberating over a moment to shake either of them by the hand. He settled for a small nod of aknowledgement instead, both at Dom, then Artie.

If it weren't for Artie, he'd feel very small compared to the seven foot giant beside him, were all Kzinti this big? He'd only met two of the species but it certainly seemed to be the case. He wondered for a moment about the other's jobs aboard Theurgy, before reasoning he'd find out at some point, provided he didn't say or do anything overly awkward during this exchange.

He then leant forward slightly to get a better look at Artimis, given how Dominic's massive frame practically dominated his peripheral vision at the moment.

Despite his finding nudity a little inherently sexual, he couldn't help but find himself slightly fascinated by Artie. As his eyes adjusted to the steam, he could indeed make out no marks on her body whatsoever. Not a freckle nor wrinkle out of place. Or even at all. She looked almost ethereal, not quite real even.

"That it does..."

He said idly, bringing his gaze back up to her face again.

"Hell of skincare routine."

He complemented with a raised brow, giving her another once over, as if somehow some imperfection would materialise. He was doing his best not to stare at the poor woman though, however interesting it was. He decided that instead of going mute as he contemplated this, to answer her question.

"I have been aboard the ship for a while, yes. Although for a lot of that time I was in cryo, so I suppose much of that time wouldn't count."

He answered, a slight shrug of his broad shoulders.

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[ Dominic Winters | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | ATTN: @tongieboi @AbsintheDeux

Dominic looked between each as Joseph seemed quite intent on trying not to ogle the attractive, naked woman who oddly, Dominic could not get any kind of empathic reading on. Very strange. “It doesn’t do much for the fur or skin, but does amazing wonders for muscles.” He spoke up. The steam spreading their scents throughout the room far more than it would elsewhere allowing Dominic to pick up on even the subtle things from both entities here.

Dominic did appreciate both were talking so comfortably and this being a small group he didn’t feel like his social battery had limitations. “I’ve been on the Theurgy for a day or so now. Pretty new.” Now Dominic didn’t view nudity as a strictly sexual thing as his species often went about completely naked where they could.

His tail twitched as he considered the possibility of what might go on in this space. Maybe a little fantasy at least if either one was interested in fooling around. Especially with what was going on outside near the pool. “I heard about the bathhouse and had to come and see. Though seeing what is going on outside, I am rather intrigued. It seems people here are finding ways to unwind and relax.”

“So here I am. Course, if I find myself propositioned for that kind of thing I would not turn it down.” Dominic laughed lightly in amusement.

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[ PO1st Artimis Saugn | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @tongieboi @joshs1000 

Blinking innocently, Artimis played the virgin, "it was somewhat shocking to see such open behavior, but I suppose in places where the dress code is more lax, such fraternization is far more common," she observed with a coy little smile. She was more than aware of the feeling of sexual energy in the air in a place like this, though she was not immune to it, she was also very much in control of her own sexuality. She had been trained to use it as a weapon or a powerful bargaining tool if she needed to, she knew she had been designed to be visually appealing and she was unashamed of it.

She suddenly smiled wickedly as a thought occurred to her. She wondered how far she could take this situation. She was all but certain the more furry one was willing to sexually engage with her, but she also curious about the other one.

"I have heard in some cultures turning down a proposition for sexual expression is considered the height of insult and as trained diplomats, we must avoid that," she went on teasingly. She turned her gaze pointedly to the human man there. "What do you think..." She paused to draw out the moment, blinking innocently again. "Joe?" She let his name linger almost seductively on her tongue as she said it.

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[Ens. Joseph Adams | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]

The way she seemed to linger on his name was certainly not lost on him. Iliciting a slight flush of red and a widening of his eyes as she brought his attention on him. Clearing his throat, he shifted in his seat slightly, straightening his back a little.

"I suppose it would be...impolite to decline someone's advances, especially if they might see it as a diplomatic insult."

He replied, a slight bob of his head. He wasn't a complete idiot, he was certainly able to detect the turn the conversation had taken. And he was still a man with urges too, so he was quite aware of how this strange woman made him feel with that teasing tone.

The wicked smile made him wonder if she was perhaps planning something. He had to stop his mind from wondering exactly what she was planning. Despite the rumours he'd heard about what officers did in the public baths, he was still convinced that it was just that.

Although, he supposed if he had to pick anywhere, a secluded area such as this would be the best spot for an impromptu, inconspicuous sexual encounter.

He suddenly felt rather daring, and decided to ask a question.

"I can't say I recognise your race, Artimis. Is it against your culture to decline such a thing?"

He asked with an air of curiosity. Even if he wasn't necessarily a virgin himself, he still carried a certain 'curious' air about him. Not to the same degree as Artimis' virgin persona, of course. He'd been to Starfleet Academy after all, that included the nightclubs and extracurricular activities.

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[ Dominic Winters | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | ATTN: @tongieboi @AbsintheDeux

Dominic looked between the two as they spoke, young Artemis putting on a virginal persona that he didn’t quite fully believe. She seemed to have far more experience behind her than what she gave on with just how comfortable she was sitting there and playing off that vibe. Dominic thought for a moment and then got a wicked grin as she began to tease poor Joe, a man he could easily sense as being flustered and rather curious about the whole thing.

Dominic got a thought crossing his mind and while the two spoke shifted his frame slightly to undo the towel and slipped it off from around his waist with a soft huff and a light sigh. Freeing himself from the confines of the towel, Dominic folds it and sets it aside and now settles back onto the chair completely nude. Showing off his incredible physique and nude form.

His fur was fluffed out to help aerate it and allow him to cool down just as much as he was getting steamed in here. Where his physical musculature was concealed beneath that thick, fuzzy pelt. His white underside is on full display with his black stripes fading off into it as they flowed around from his tan sides and went all the way down his body. The stripes on his thighs easily let the eye track its way toward his pristine white-furred groin where a heavy sheathe and furry sack were settled. Dominic had absolutely no shame of himself and what he had. After all, Kzint and some Caits did go around naked or in minimal clothing and didn’t find nudity in itself to be sexual. It simply just ‘is’ what it is.

“Well, Fraternization always happens on any ship. It’s the openness and degree of such that varies most. Especially on ships that see high conflict.” Dom commented off to the side as he watched the interactions between the two of them.

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[ PO1st Artimis Saugn | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @tongieboi @joshs1000 

Sitting up and shifting from one hip to another, Artimis could not help but smile coyly at the blush of the one and then the sudden nudity of the other. She made no attempt to hide her gaze as she looked over the now very naked fur covered man. She had no species preference when it came to romantic partners, it did not seem any of her kind did, not even having the natural fear of predators some races seemed to have.

"I cannot say my species has much of a culture of it's own, let alone a having a specific rule about sexual engagement," Artimis replied turning her gaze from the fur covered body and back to Joe. She gave him a tight smile. "Though if I may be so bold, it would seem you are now overdressed for the occasion." She gestured to Joe's swimming trunks teasingly.

She then turned to look at Dominic and smiled. "But what about you, Mister Dom?" She dragged out his name as it passed through her lips, sounding it out slowly. She leaned toward him, her eyes catching the light in just the right way to make them seem to glow as she moved. "Does your culture have any specific rules about refusing the offer of a sexual encounter?"

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[Ens. Joseph Adams | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @AbsintheDeux @joshs1000 


He glanced down at his trunks and frowned slightly. She might've had a point. Still, he didn't see much point in removing his trunks and exposing his manhood to everyone here. Especially given how Artimis' teasing caused a slight flutter in his chest, making him unsure of himself.

Great, he found her attractive. All the more reason to keep those trunks on. He'd had plenty of awkward encounters at the Academy, there was no reason to expand that gallery.

No, the trunks would stay on for now. At least until someone took them off.


Deciding instead of focusing on Artimis's teasing demeanour, and instead on the curious statement she'd made before. Dwelling on her apparent 'lack of culture' instead of her lack of clothes or inhibitions.

"Not much of a culture?"

He echoed in surprise, wondering how that could really be. Did her people borrow aspects from other races or life? Is that what she'd meant. It sounded more plausible than the real explanation. That she was a plant duplicate rather than a conventional life form. Such an idea was far from his mind.

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[ Dominic Winters | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | ATTN: @tongieboi @AbsintheDeux

Dominic looked back and forth between the two as they exchanged words, Artemis asking the question got his attention for the moment. “Hm? Just Dominic. Or Atlas. No Mister eh? My Culture… hmm. Which one? I belong to technically three or more. I’d have to say there’s not really any one specific rule about refusing a sexual encounter. Male Kzint would be laughed at and mocked if they got turned down. Overall.. We don’t have much in that way of rules.” Dominic chuckled in amusement.

He glanced over to Joseph and tilted his head in some amusement at the emotions he was picking up from him. Dominic studied Joe some and allowed himself a chance to imagine what he looked like completely naked here and just what shenanigans that might of come up from the trio in this encounter. Dominic smoothed down his fur with his large hands and settled in. “How about we explore this culture? The three of us together eh? I am sure we can boldly go and explore where things go?” He asked, being a rather direct feline about it.

Honestly Dominic was curious just to see about what Joe would do, clearly Artemis was interested in something here and he certainly was. Joe was the wild card.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Temporal Observatory Lab | Deck 9| Vector 02 ] Attn: @AbsintheDeux 


What's that human saying? Man plans and God laughs? I wonder if Barjoan's hae a similar one. Something about the Prophets probably. Or Pah-raiths, Sarresh mused privately, wincing in sympathy as his lover devolved into a fit of body wracking painful sneezes. The pout was utterly adorable, but that wasn't something she wanted to hear, especially not after the conversation they'd just had. And the anger flashing in her eyes as the sneezing seemed to finally settle sealed the matter for the former Ash'reem male. It was time to be on his best behavior. And sure enough she brought those Prophets into things.

As she stood up, Sarresh' eyes moved over her form, admiring the changes to her body. She might have found them cumbersome and unappealing but he found the whole package very sexy. Then again she was carrying his child so that probably had something to do with it. That and he wagered it was a physical impossibility for her not to look good regardless of what state she was in. Pregnant, naked and dripping wet? Utterly gorgeous.

Sarresh considered that his views were possibly colored by being head over heels for the woman. Possibly.

Frowning slightly, the now human man crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back against his side of the tub, arching an eyebrow. "I will accept that I am the direct cause of your current circumstances, lovely and attractive as I find the end results," Sarresh began with sneaking in a compliment. "But I will point out it takes two to tango and we hadn't exactly been playing things safe up until that point. I wasn't wearing a rubber because we both thought that the contraceptive injections were holding. For both of us."

Here he wagged a finger at her, then let out a sigh and dragged his hand across his face. "Unfortunately I can't go back and change things.” A look crossed over the time travelers face, one of consideration and then consternation, followed swiftly by confirmation. ”Well, no, I take that back. Not unfortunately. And before you say anything I know exactly how complicated it would be to go back and change things, and the technical feasibility of it and” Here he shook his head vehemently, before locking his gaze with that of the woman across the tub from him. He leaned forward, arms resting on his knees under the water, keeping his eyes on hers.

”While it was an accident on both our parts I do not regret the impending outcome. How could I?"

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[ PO1st Artimis Saugn | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Krajin @tongieboi

Artimis leaned back and sighed as she ran a hand down her body, over her breasts and stomach. "I have found sexual expression to be quite a release, though I can't say I've had the occasion to share the release with many others, let alone two fine gentlemen such and yourselves," she said after a moment's thought. "I assume, given you are both males and I am anatomically female, we would find an orifice for each of your..." She paused and actually seemed to blush a little, her cheeks darkening a shade or two. "Well, I have read a great many ways to engage in sexual activity, and it would be rude to turn it down, right?"

She looked from Dom to Joe and tilted her head, smiling at Joe. "Would you say no if I offered you my body to enjoy?" She turned to Dom and smiled. "Somehow I get the feeling you might be more than willing to explore my body... sexually speaking." She cupped her left hand over her right breast and caught her tiny pink nipple between her thumb and index finger, giving it a gentle tug to stiffen it. If one looked closely one could see the faint hue that matched her hair in the coloration around her nipple, and when she moved just right once could see the same coloration on her labia.

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[ Ens. Ryuan Sel | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Brutus

Oh, how she hated him sometimes. She was furious with him and he had the utter gall to compliment her and show her love. It was infuriating. True a lot of Bajoran men were like that too, but the men whom Sel had been with in the past, those cruel and vicious men, if she would snap and bark at them, they would more often show her the back of their hand. She'd been beaten and she was used to the feeling of it. In some ways, she was so used to it, that she yearned for the violence.

She knew it was messed up, she knew that she was messed up in the head. No one deserved abuse, especially from someone who claimed to love them. But with Sarresh it was far less comfortable. Far less easy to deal with.

Because he actually loved her and that was even worse.

Sel sunk deeper into the water until just the top of her head, from her eyes up, was still visible. She angrily blew bubbles for a moment, adorably childlike in her rage.

"Sarresh," she said at last pushing herself up and moving back over to him, resting her cumbersome body against him. "Sarresh," she repeated his name and punched him in the chest. Not hard, no, she didn't have the space to build up more than a gentle punch, or at least as gentle of a punch as Ryuan Sel, Mistress-At-Arms, could manage.

"I never wanted to be pregnant with anyone's baby before," she confessed softly. "I never wanted anyone to actually touch me... I just let them because if I fought back I'd just get worse." She turned and buried her face into his chest, tears welling in her eyes and beginning to trickle down her cheeks. "I didn't think anyone could love me or my child... But you do... you do..."

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[Ens. Joseph Adams | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @AbsintheDeux @joshs1000

Dom would certainly find something of interest in the young man's mind, particularly when Artimis spoke again. A lot of chaotic little emotions, a little uncertainty, but that was to be expected. However his own lustful feelings were mostly dominant by now, wondering what both a Teslyliac and Kzinti might be like in the sack. Not that he knew Artimis' species by name just yet. There'd be plenty of time to get 'familiar' with both races.

He took a deep breath, gathering his scattered, chaotic thoughts, before answering what seemed to be all but a direct proposition for sex from her. That daring of his returning just in time to give him a push in the right direction. That little voice hadn't let him down yet.

"I suppose not, and like I said earlier, I would hate to be impolite."

He'd never had a threesome before, but then again, what better opportunity was going to come along than right now? His unease had all but evaporated by now, now he was really thinking about it.

His brown eyes finally allowed themselves to wander down, watching her toy with her breasts and noticing the identical colours of her anatomy.  Even noting her blush. Yes, he was definitely learning something!

His gaze went back to Dom, a grin breaking across his face at the words of Starfleet Captains for centuries, perhaps bent a little to suit the atmosphere.

"Boldly go, eh? That's the job, isn't it?"

Yep, this was no different than exploring! The only difference was they weren't going to be exploring a celestial body this time.  And with that thought, he straightened up a little in his seat, nodding in assent.

"Alright yeah, let's do it then."

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[ Dominic Winters | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | ATTN: @tongieboi @AbsintheDeux

Dominic looked between them as he considered the coming propositions and how they may enact their threesome. He was by far the largest of the three and young Joe seemed fairly inexperienced of how this might go down. To be fair, Dominic had been in one or two threesomes and other group activities before and had thoroughly enjoyed them. However, it did take a little work to get from point A to C.

He could already feel something stirring deep down at the idea of these three, the beautiful plant-like woman whose hues were evenly matched and young Joe who seemed quite keen to engage with them and did not at all seem intimidated. Unlike pure-blooded male Kzinti, Dominic didn’t need any sort of scent-based stimulants to get the engine warmed. His other half made it allot easier to do so and scents just acted as a stronger aphrodisiac to him.

His ears twitched and he shuffled over on his seat and pat the bench. “Well, first things first I guess. How about we all get acquainted with one another physically in looks and feel yeah? Learn a little about each other. Come, have a seat in no particular order and lets get into some exploration.” Foreplay for those of a smaller stature to take a guy his size is pretty important.

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