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[Ens. Faye Lintah Elio-Danvers  | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @RyeTanker  

A part of Faye was rather pleased that her mildly mischievous antics were successful in drawing the other woman's gaze. She thrived on that sort of attention, and any that knew Faye at all were well aware of her proclivities and preferences. All she asked was that her partner (or partners) be pretty and energetic. A little adoration and admiration of her own natural gifts were always welcome, from any corner. As long as it didn't interfere with work, or go further than Faye was willing to go. A bit of casual observation from Zark was just perfect. A bit of an aperitif before the meal began,or so Faye liked to imagine.

Of course, there was another matter at hand that needed to be addressed. While the pain Zark was experiencing wasn't anything so egregious that Faye couldn't tune it out if she tried, it was noticeable enough to have drawn her attention. Given the situation they were in, she'd much rather have her bathing partner relaxed and comfortable. And if something else came from it, so much the better. There were a lot of ways to help someone relax in a hot tub, and Faye reckoned she knew at least half of them. Seeing no reason not to try, she made her offer and watched as the blue skinned medic debated, able to follow the brief bout of internal 'hemming and hawing,' as her mother liked to put it.

Given the amount of PT she'd been going through, Faye was more than a little versed when it came to spot massages. Usually however, the slender diplomat was on the receiving end, professionally. Still, she had a good idea of what it was she needed to do and was more than happy to give it a go with the Andorian security officer. Plus, if she were being utterly honest with herself, this wasn't entirely altruistic of her. The woman who had joined her was more than easy on the eyes, and she was happy to get her hands on the blue skinned Lieutenant. This was far from a hardship for her, and a little spark of delight seemed to dance in her eyes when Zark agreed to let Faye try her hands at a little tension relief. 

Delight made itself further known on the flushed faced Betazoid, as a smile rippled across her features, sticking in place when Zark shot her that look over her shoulders. Any worry or concern, that she might have misread some of that desire she'd thought she had perceived fled in the graceful curve of a blue neck and shoulders, and the shimmering silver of a suit that clung to the skin. Faye hadn't intended to undress the girl right away, but if the Lieutenant was offering, she was far from one to decline such a delectable invitation.

Plus that cute hitch in the other woman's voice, the small accent shift from Andorian to something more at home in a bayou on Earth, sent a small shiver down Faye's spine. She took pleasure in knowing (or presuming, which was near enough the same if you asked her), that she was responsible for the verbal hiccough. In short, it was perfect and she had no issue letting the other woman know. None in the slightest. 

"Id be happy to assist," she replied, keeping her voice light and airy, humming a bit as she wiggled her way over to the other woman, closing what was left of the distance between them without rising up too much out of the hot tub. The air was moist and humid with the heat of the other baths, but the temperature difference was enough that the lithe woman was loath to give up any of the heat of the bath. She dipped her hands below the water line, not strictly necessary for this, and then ran them slowly up Zark's back, until she found the small clasp for the suit that the woman was wearing. 

Knowing that Zark absolutely could have dealt with this didn't deter Faye in the slightest - far from it, the diplomat realized that these were the opening moves in a game that would play out to their hopeful mutual benefit. With grace and care, she grabbed the ends of the ties holding her top up between finger and thumb of each arm, and made a bit of a show in slowly easing the knot undone. "What have we here?"

Tossing the strands to the side, Faye slid her hands under the shoulders of the suit and pressed gently, her fingers making contact with Zark's skin for the first time. Sparing a moment to rub her shoulders, Faye eased the suit down over the course of a few minutes, often pausing to rub and press into each inch of newly exposed skin. She was careful -for the moment - to keep her hands from wandering too far forward and brushing against the underside of Zarks' bust from behind. There would be time for that later, she reminded herself, and stuck to rubbing the woman's back. Soon she had the whole get up down to Zark's hips, and decided to leave it there. 

Pursing her lips, Faye leaned back to appreciate the view as she settled in. Her hips shifted, and her legs became pressed against Zark's, tangling with the taller woman's limbs. Given that she had not fully stripped the combat medic, simply pushed the top down enough to give her access to the small of the blue skinned aliens' back, there was a thing layer of fabric keeping her bath mate's rump from skin to skin contact with Faye's own pelvis. 

For now. Concentrate on the task at hand, Faye, she reminded herself, setting her own growing yearnings aside in favor of trying to genuinely help ease  the Andorian's discomfort. With slow, practices care, she began to press her thumbs in along the small of Zark's back, working from the outside to the spine, up, then back out, over and over, slowly crawling along the curve of the woman's back. "Let me know when I hit the spot, and if anything hurts. Well, hurt's in a bad way. There's always a bit of discomfort when working out a knot."

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy]


As Zark lay there waiting in anticipation of the relief that was about to be delivered, she began to still her mind.  She intended to enjoy every moment that was about to come.  The ever present shifting of the waters around her changed subtly as a Faye made her way over and Zark drank in each tiny wave tracking the approach of the diplomat.  The gentle whine of the water jets wasn't enough to over come the gentle plonk of something entering the water.  The subtle brush up her spine wanted to make the Andorian purr in delight as she tracked it's path up to back of her top, and with a snap more felt than heard, the restraint of her chest was released from their confinement and she could feel gravity's subtle pull on her partially freed bosom. 

Time began to lose meaning as Faye began to remove the knot at the top of her swim suit with a slow sensuality. Delight and humour bubbled up in the Andorian as Faye undid the final strings. "What have we here?" The tossing of the strings was like the dropping of the start flag in a race, the game was now afoot.  A small smile tugged at Zark's lip, one she dared not show the Betazoid just yet for the ground rules had not been totally agreed upon, and they would be as in any good negotiation, but there needed to be just a little enticement.  As more and more air touched her gradually exposed skin, Zark revelled in the touch and let out a contented sigh with each gentle touch and rub. Patience is virtue, and this moment here deserves it's time in the sun the combat medic thought to herself, though this was becoming much harder as the combination of air and feather light touches sent a subtle combination of warmth and pleasure coursing through her nerves as her antennae began to twirl around in lazy circles, slowly becoming more and more out of sync with each other.

When the lithe diplomat sidled to her hip, Zark was both pleased and disappointed.  The closeness was nice, but the bottom of her swimsuit was starting to feel more like an impediment.  A mischievous thought flashed across her mind and she filed it away for use later as she sank deeper into the relaxation routine.

As the ministrations began, warm gentle waves of relief pulsed out from each deep press into her flesh as knots were sought out, loosened, and undone.  A gentle sigh here, or a satisfied moan there would escape the medic's lips as more tension was pressed and prodded out.  Her thoughts drifted into a syrupy morass as time became absolutely meaningless simply enjoying the moment. She barely registered Faye's words, just giving a sleepy mhmmm in response.  When Faye reached the tight spot, Zark's eyes tightened momentarily and she let out a soft mewl. "You found the knot"  As Faye worked her magic, Zark's face alternated between relief and pain as the knot was broken up and spread away, gradually the sounds coming from the Andorian changed from a mewl to a moan and her body relaxed once more.  I could get used to this and I really should have gotten more of these done sooner.

Unconsciously, the Andorian began seeking other positions of comfort as she began gently shifting her well formed derriere against her impromptu, yet deliciously talented masseuse.  This usually had a great effect on the males of any species, but with Faye, it was a coin toss; still it felt nice, so Zark gently kept going.  Faye would stop her if she didn't like it, but there was always that wink.  As her mind became more subsumed in the sensations pulsing through her body, the mischievous thought resurfaced.  It was mean in a fun way, but quite a bit would depend on how clearly Faye could read thoughts, and emotions.  Feeling more relaxed and loose than she'd felt in a while, Zark figured she'd had enough of a back massage, and it was time to move things along.  Besides, her partner could possibly do with a different kind of excitement.  There were other ways to tell what the younger woman had in mind, but they were much less fun.

With a suddenness that had a chance of catching the Betazoid off guard, the Andorian coiled out of her lean and stretched her arms like wings as she fell onto the diplomat behind her.  The medic knew if almost anyone else executed this evolution there was a virtual certainty they'd both end up flailing and falling into the drink, but Zark was a trained gymnast, and a strong one at that, so she constantly tested her balance as she rapidly picked up speed and began leaning into the lithe figure behind her.  As the water on the Andorian's back refused much purchase for Faye's hands, they began to slip automatically to Zark's sides.  Faye began reaching around Zark for purchase and balance as a the warm blue weight began to fall on her.  Zark's slender, yet muscular arms were stretched out like a bird, and like a bird flapping down, quickly enclosed themselves around the tan arms reaching for her front, pressing the tan arms against her cobalt body and right under her bust before stopping her backward motion and seamlessly transitioning forward with impossible appearing grace, before bringing her whole upper body to a more stable posture for the two while using her legs to make sure she securely held, but didn't crush the slightly smaller woman.

With the evolution complete, Zark sighed contentment as she felt a pair of gentle protrusions pressing into her back and a warmth flowing through her back and over her neck.  It had been far too long since she'd felt the touch of another being.  Taking a moment to catch her breath the Andorian looked down as she felt a bit of chill against her glistening skin.  The Andorian medic had been so focused on the movement that she'd failed to notice her top simply slipping off, baring her chest for anyone to see.  Mentally thanking serendipity, she turned her head to the side and watched Faye from the corner of her eye.  It seemed her partner was in good shape as the gymnast in her balanced both her and the Betazoid's centre of gravity in the tub, and she mentally projected a warm sense of relief, care, and safety while also wondering if Faye would pick it up.  Looking down for a one more time, Zark turned her head back to the coal eyes watching her before a sultry smile formed on her lips as her eye lashes fluttered. Zark's Wonder of the World had been coined for a reason as it engaged once more, but in an accent quite budoir Parisian "C'était fantastique ma chérie, je l'apprécie vraiment. You are a woman of many talents Faye, but it appears we're in a bit of a predicament. What do you think we should do about it?" I do think we're going to reach a most satisfactory accord here.  Ball's in your court now cherie.

Translation: That was fantastic my dear, I really appreciate it.
OOC: I couldn't help myself with this one and I'm certainly willing to entertain a more elegant expression or a better translation if one's available via PM.

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[Ens. Faye Lintah Elio-Danvers  | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @RyeTanker  

In hindsight it would have been readily apparent to Faye the moment she found the tight bundle of muscle that was giving Zark such trouble. For one, there was no disguising the burst of initial discomfort when Faye's fingers found the knot, and certainly more so when she began to dig in with her thumbs to force the wad of tightened flesh to spread out and loosen up. It felt off under her fingers, another sign, and of course, there was the emotional spike that came off of Zark like a shuttle speeding out of a bay at full impulse like a bat out of hell. Impossible for a telepath such as Faye to miss, even if she were shielding much harder than she had been.

All the same, Faye appreciated that the other woman verbally confirmed the target had been acquired and was locked in under the careful assault of Faye's fingers. She had to apply pressure, and could hear the occasional note of strain coming from the blue skinned bather, but that was the price to pay for the eventual relief. And the young diplomat took no small amount of pleasure in hearing those initial groans of pain turn to ones of relaxation and release. Once the knot was worked away, Faye eased the pressure off of the woman, but did not stop her attention. Far from it, there was plenty of blue back to work with and if Faye were forced to confess aloud what she'd been privately thinking, she found the contrast between the Andorian's rich bleu hues and her own, tanned tones to be quite fetching.

Clearly Zark as pleased. One did not need to be a diplomat, or a telepath, to see that her companion was enjoying herself. Not with how that woman's ass was currently grinding in against Faye's bared pelvis. The pressure was delightful, and the slight scrape of wet fabric on bare skin added a blissful friction to the whole act. Of course Faye could pick up, distantly, that a part of Zark wanted the barrier between them gone. That was a good sign. Truthfully Faye wouldn't be opposed to the feeling of the Alien woman's ass unobstructed against her nether regions, despite how fetching she thought said rump looked all covered in shimmery silver.

The duo might well get there faster than the amateur masseuse thought, however. Despite all her telepathic prowess, Faye had little warning as to Zark's sudden shift in desire and the evaporation of the girls patient for the next act to begin. With more than a little shock, the diplomat was caught off guard as Zark threw herself back,eventually pinning Faye between the far side of the tub, and the security medic's own body. Stuck between a rock and a hot place, she managed go muse, swallowing a giggle as she found herself holding tight to the athletic medico. Though as she settled down into the moment, she began to realize the amount of control Zark had to have exerted to keep them from sinking too far down, or from causing Faye to suffer an unfortunate barrage against her own back in the form of the tub edge. Even now she was floating more or less away from everything, save for the pleasing weight of Zark's back pressing firmly down on her breasts. 

Not that she minded the change in position. Far from it in fact. Feeling the security and pleasure coming off Zark, Faye  let her head fall forward, resting against the the top of Zark's, feeling those antenna of the Androrian's wigging about just in front of her. She giggled softly, and let out a slow breath, relaxing into the new situation. Not that Zark was holding still during all of this. Soon enough Faye found herself lost in the other woman's gaze, a small smile ticking up the corner of her lips. 

"We do seem to be in something of a pickle," she agreed, as those coal-black orbs darted away from Zark's gaze, down the curve of her bare neck, and focused onto something else that was equally bare. A pair of nice, plump, blue breasts, the nipples a pair of inviting peaks despite the warmth of the water they both floated in. Stretching one leg out, then the other, wiggling her toes beneath the surface, Faye hummed to herself. "Why, if someone were to come along just now, they'd see you all exposed. We can't have that."

Flirtatious sarcasm dripped from every word, the irony of her statement was hardly lost on the diplomat. After all she was as naked as the proverbial jay bird her mother would occasionally reference in tales from her culture (not that the elder Danvers had ever provided Faye with an appropriate answer for just what a Jaybird was). All the same the path forward was now laid out, and having convoluted a reasonable excuse, she began to move her hands up the blue skinned torso.

"I do believe I have something of a solution. You'll just have to trust me." These last words she whispered against the shell of Zark's right ear, lips just slightly brushing the words against the soft skin. Though the temptation was there to 'head south of the border,' Faye instead went north, after those exposed orbs. Wet hands cupped the woman's bust from beneath, squeezing tight and pushing up as she went, mashing the two mounds together before pulling them gently apart. Faye could feel a nipple under each of her palms as she pulled back toward herself, spreading the breasts and covering them with her hands. 

"Ta-da. How's that for a solution?" There was a giggle in her voice as she squeezed and began to roll the mounts under her palm, pressing and rubbing, not caring if anyone saw. As if she wanted to remove any doubt, she leaned forward and began to press slow kisses to Zark, starting with the girls right shoulder and making her way back up to the woman's ear. This time she licked it, gently, as she twisted her hands to allow herself to pinch each nipple between the join of finger and thumb, tugging tightly.  

Faye allowed herself the softest of moans, so quiet that only her bathing partner would hear, and even then it would be a small struggle over the bubbling water they were both floating in. Faye was becoming an all together different kind of wet, simply from indulging her curiousity and Zark's own playfulness. Another pinch, with a gentle twist, as her teeth grazed the pulse point under blue flesh. 

"I think I'm going to steal a kiss from you," she murmured the warning, breathing the words again, before she wiggled up - dragging her breasts along Zark's back. She had to let one breast fall free as she splashed water over the tit, readjusting so that she could reach up and tilt Zark's head back just enough for her lips to capture the other's in a slow, burning kiss. She aimed to take the wiggling woman's breath away, even as she began to grind her own hips under the Andorian's. Yes, she was going to have to do something about the remaining bit of swimsuit clinging to the blue skinned bottom. But first...that kiss deserved all her attention, and she devoted herself to devouring Zark's mouth with a heady moan of her own.

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[ Crewman 3rd Class Samala | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus
Samala had put it out there, asking Natalie to go first and the busty redhead had surprisingly agreed, though with the caveat that she hadn’t done it before either. That both excited the pilot and increased her nervousness as she was pushed back through the water until her back hit the other end of the tub. Behind her, she could hear the mixed sounds of the other occupants of the baths, and these only served to heighten her excitement as Natalie explained how Samala would need to position herself.

“Alright,” Samala responded, her voice hitching a little. With their bodies pressed so close together, Samala felt Natalie’s engorged nipples drag down her body as she pulled herself up to sit on the edge of the tub. Taking a deep breath, she slowly spread her legs, opening herself up more intimately than she had ever done before. Her chest heaved as her breathing tried to match the pounding of her heart as she looked down at Martian positioned between her legs, anticipation making her lick her lips.

“I ah, I think I’m ready.”

[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson & PO3 Lorad | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]

“Have a quick shower and I’ll see you inside in a few minutes,” Donna called out as she entered the lady's portion of the gym. She had with her a towel and a simple sarong to wrap around her afterwards, confident that she would be able to keep her companion’s attention until she was ready for him. If they found a third to accompany them before then, all the better.

“Why am I not surprised that you are down here,” a familiar voice called out and Donna turned to see Mickayla MacGregor showering. Admiring the Klingon’s luscious figure, the wolf dropped her stuff and stepped under a showerhead to rinse herself off. 

“Because you know I love a good bit of debauchery,” Donna shot back as she ran the water through her hair. “What’s your excuse?”

“Broadening my horizons,” Mickayla retorted as she shut her stream down and reached for her own towel. Drying off efficiently, Mickayla picked up her own sarong, in varying shades of blue and tied it securely around her to conceal her form. “See you in there?”

“More than likely,” Donna intoned as she hurried to finish rinsing off. Eyeing the security chief as she walked away, admiring the toned backside that swayed under the wrap, the wolf wondered how the Klingon felt about Remans. 

OOC: Mickayla's Outfit.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Public baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy]


The rapid shift in pace elicited the sensuous response that Zark had been looking for, though she was surprised that Faye had decided to make her exposed chest the focus of her attention.  As her ample breasts were pressed together, Zark was about to protest and ask Faye to take it easy, but thought better of it and eased into the rush of pleasure as they were gently pulled apart.  The roaming hands eventually found her sensitive nipples and the blue alien inhaled sharply as multiple tingles of pleasure radiated from her chest to the rest of the body.  With each tug and pull, waves of pleasure pulsed through Zark, and she let her hands fall into the water in abject surrender to her tormentor and pleasurer.  Her breathing became soon became heavier and her mouth opened to get more air.   "Uhhhhhhhnn" Zark finally moaned out as she her eyes fluttered closed and she let the erotic waves carry her to the next level of pleasure.

Her world was now with Faye and no one else, and as the tanned diplomat pressed her lip into the blue skin, Zark felt her desire increase further which she didn't think was possible.  When the kiss hit her ear, Zark mewled loudly in desperate protest at her being teased like so.  The pinching, twisting, and the bite caused Zark's her chest to heave and sway to the rhythm being set by the lithe woman in control of her, adding to the stimulation by the still massaging hands.  Faye's own moan of pleasure was felt, but drowned as Zark let out a louder one and her hands came up to help apply more pressure to the lithe tan ones covering her breast as her own sex began to twitch and the bikini bottom seemed more sticky than before.  She got one tan hand, but the other only grabbed her own breast, not a bad thing under the circumstances, as an erotic brushing occurred down her back and a tan hand tilted her head back.  Zark dreamily opened her eyes and iced jade met coal black once more.  "I think I'm going to steal a kiss from you," and the intoxicating visage came closer to her. As tan lip locked with blue, Zark tasted the tenderness, felt the moan of desire coming from her partner, and dropped her legs to raise and press her self into the inviting lips as her tongue gently, almost timidly ventured out and brushed Faye's upper lips, tasting the sweet headiness of the Betazoid.

The medico wanted that kiss to last a long time, but her stance wouldn't be able to hold before the burning pain her legs would kick in.  Reluctantly breaking the kiss, Zark stood up and turned to face the Betazoid and a small part of her brain noted that they weren't that different in height, just a couple of inches.   Drinking in the diplomat through the lust filled haze, cobalt hands cascaded out of the water and tenderly buried themselves in the brunette's hair, pushing the strands out of the way as she leaned in again for another kiss.  Lips gently collided and Zark's tongue sought out her partner's in restrained yet renewed hunger that only Faye could sate.  Yet, for all the passion of the kiss, there was a sense of wonder, joy, tenderness.  It was all wonderful as Zark closed her eyes and savoured the sweet taste and sensation of the lip lock even more than the first time around.

Cobalt hands tenderly pushed more silken brunette locks out of the way and Andorian moved closer to Betazoid. The waves of pleasure rocketed again from her breasts as their chests pressed against each other, making her moan harder into Faye's mouth.  Zark rubbed the brunette's locks, ears, and face gently, yet vigorously as her breathing became harder once more.  Blue hands wandered and savoured the feeling as she rubbed the smooth figure in her embrace.  Pressing herself closer, a cobalt hand made it's way down the silken smooth back to tanned rump and pressed circles into it before giving it a firm squeeze and locking the smaller woman closer.  Gently grinding her bikini clad pelvis into the nude woman in front of her, Zark enjoyed the sensation and was hoping her partner was as well for she could feel this round coming to an end as the buildup continued.   The Andorian was overly sensitive from being way out of practice and the combined waves of sensations washed over her as blue was stimulated by tan in the tub.  A muffled "Uhhhh Ahhh Ah" erupted into Faye's mouth as an exploding jolt of warmth and electricity shot it's way through Zark's spine, infusing the rest of her body as a small orgasm rippled through her. 

Breaking the kiss once more, a trail of saliva linked the two women in the tub and iced jade stared at sparkling obsidian for a moment.  A smile that combined equal parts relief and desire graced the blue face as her hands gently brushed their way along the smooth tanned arms to Faye's hands, guiding them into each holding each other.  Slowly pulling the nude woman in front of her, Zark brought a hand up to her face and passionately kissed the palm, then let the other hand go, and looked back long enough to place her free hand on the edge of the tub to get herself out.  Zark's nipples hardened out as she felt the change in temperature from the steam of the tub to mostly air, and her eyes pleaded with Faye for final release as she sat on the edge of the bath and pulled her partner closer, guiding the tanned hands to the strings on her bikini bottom for the final unwrapping as cobalt legs spread apart. 

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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01] Attn: @Stegro88 

Thankfully, for her lungs if for nothing else, the other woman seemed perfectly willing (well maybe not perfectly, but certainly willing all the same) to follow Natalie's suggestion and ease herself up, out of the bath to perch upon it's edge, which was more than wide enough to fully support the bum of either woman, truth be told. Considering it was a sunken tub even with the floor, that should hardly have been a surprise, but it was easy enough to lose a certain sense of perspective in the baths. Natalie was clearly falling prey to that, as her eyes focused on the other woman, and everything beyond her was just a steamy haze.

Even someone as relatively inexperienced as Nat could tell that Samala was nervous. Easy enough to spot in others what you yourself happened to be feeling, Natalie reasoned. A part of her knew that she could back out now, but there would be, if not hard feelings, then certainly disappointment on the alien woman's behalf, and the Martian had no desire to leave the young woman in such a state, considering she had put herself out there and put trust in Natalie. That was quite humbling. Oh sure, there was a professional trust that existed between herself and her fellow crew, but this was a much more personal, more intimate sort of affair. 

Natalie had to content herself with setting aside any of her own nerves, and trying to project a confidence she was still struggling to possess. It was easy enough to sink lower into the tub, to get more of the warm water to slide over her body. The warmth was relaxing. It was calming. It was perfect, and Nat let a long sigh out of her plump lips as her breasts dragged over one of the girls legs, before they too were submerged. Natalie bobbed there like a mermaid out of an old sailors tall tale, soaked and voluptuous, with wickedness in her somehow innocent gaze.

There was no resistance when Nat put her warm hands on the other girls knees, and 'helped' to guide Samala into doing what she was already about - spreading her legs. Natalie swallowed a bit, and let her gaze drop from the woman's face, to what lay between those legs, allowing herself a moment to appreciate what she was being shown. Samala was clean shaven, bare in her nethers, unlike Natalie, whom had a neatly trimmed, very short patch of fuzz. Beyond that, while her folds were arranged somewhat in a different shape that Nat's own, there was nothing strange or obviously alien about the woman's sex; it simply was another woman's core, being offered up for Natalie to explore.

(Which was very strange if you were to have asked her earlier that day).

Having no experience in giving, Natalie found herself shrugging and murmuring, "You look rather lovely," as she would like and hoped that someone might say the same thing about her in a similar situation if she was the one whom happened to be spread wide for the taking. And take she did. Oh, there was a little finesse; a pause, right before her lips collided with the girls cunt, in which she slowly breathed a warm breath across water slick folds.  But then it was as if she were kissing the girl full on the mouth. Save it wasn't Samala's mouth that Nat's lips were pressed to, nor was it a mouth her tongue had just slid into.

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[Ens. Faye Lintah Elio-Danvers  | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @RyeTanker  

'Pleased as a punch' was another of her mother's sayings that came to mind, and while Faye still struggled over the literal implications of the phrasing, the feelings behind the words felt appropriate, given that the lithe Betazoid was simply enamored with her 'solution' to the 'problem' of Zark's exposed bosom. To be fair she was more enamored with said bosom itself, as the blue orbs made an all-together pleasing handful, and once again, the contrast of tan fingers on blue skin was a reward in its own delight. Never mind that satisfying squish she got of gripping the playful mounds.

Nor could she discount the delight she felt when hearing a moan of pleasure bubble up past the blue lips of her bathing partner. Zark was clearly enjoying the attentions that Faye provided (and given that the other woman had initiated the more intimate exploration phase of their encounter, Faye damn sure hoped Zark would enjoy it). The taut nipples that the Betazoid pinched as she stole a kiss were a distinct clue. So too were the way that the Andorian's antennae swayed about, and (not for the first time in her life) Faye had to wonder what it might be like to nibble gently at the base of one of the stalks. This was her last thought before she closed her eyes and gave herself fully to the kiss.

Said kiss eventually broke, as all kisses are wont to do, given that most people kissing at some point needed to stop to breathe. Or in the case of the Androian, reposition herself. Faye was not at all bothered by the fact that she was now face to face with the combat medic, though she did have to glance up ever so slightly. Her lips were not left lonely for long, as soon Zark's came crashing back down upon Faye's with the Betazoid's hair firmly in the Andorian's grasp. Faye's toes curled under the water, just a little, and a shiver ran down her spine. She liked the tugging on her hair almost as much as she liked the emotions behind the kiss she'd been given. A kiss in which her tongue was more than willing to dart out an answer every probe from her partners oral advance.

The tables had turned, that much was readily apparent to Faye, and Zark was now taking the lead in expressing what they desired. Not that Faye minded this in the slightest. In fact, she had not minded anything that had happened since the junior lieutenant had approached her, pulling her out of her reprieve and joining her in the tub. Far from it, she had enjoyed every second thus far. Having those scrumptious blue orbs smashed up against her was hardly a hardship, and she could feel her own pert brown nubs grinding back against the other woman's heated flesh.

One again freed from the lip locked embrace, Faye drew a long, slow breath. As she had earlier, her chest rose up, but this time instead of being placed upon display, in an effort to draw the eye, she pressed herself back against her fellow bather, keeping that breast to breast contact that she was enjoying so well. She did glance down, briefly, and giggle, as she felt Zark pull a hand up and put a bit of distance between them. The woman was being compassionate, sweet, and tender. Faye basked in that warmth as much as she had mewled under attentions far rougher than this, biting her lip as her palms were kissed.

She could feel Zark passing by, feel the desire rolling off the combat medic in waves that were almost physical to the Betazoid. Those emotions, as much as the pretty package they came with, left Faye with a keen longing between her own legs that the bubbling waters did little to help abate nor ease. The warmth around her reflected the warmth building inside her, and that which she sensed from her partner. Even as the cool air worked wonders along the waves of brilliant cerulean flesh, Faye felt the fire inside of Zark, and her own answered.

It was the easiest thing in the world to take those silver strings between her fingers and pull them apart. So too was it simple enough to hook one finger in each side of the shimmering fabric that limply clung to the blue body before her, and pull the gossamer thin bikini bottom away. She tossed it over Zark's shoulder, letting it land with a wet splat on the white, blue , and pale told tiles of the bath's floor some meters behind them. Never once did Faye look away from the prize she was revealing to both herself, and any whom happened to glance their way. No, she was going to enjoy this view, and did jus that, purring softly.

There was a comparison of fruit bouncing around in her head, and flowers. The words that often came to mind when first gazing upon another woman's sex. Alien in its color, delicious in its offering, familiar in form. Iris petals she decided, recalling the flower from the gardens so carefully tended at the Academy. An apt comparison, far better than some reference to blueberries. A smile curled over her lips as she thought of this, and her tongue darted out to wet them. She leaned in and nuzzled the other woman's thigh, looking up and batting her eyelashes at Zark.

"This is what you wanted, yes?" She asked, loud enough to be heard over the water, but not even as far as the next (empty) tub over. Her mouth opened and she sank her teeth lightly in against the pale flesh, clamping down and sucking gently, only to pop off a moment later and do the same to the other thigh. Then she opened her mouth wide, and slowly ran her tongue up the wet skin, licking away the taste of the bath behind her.

Now she held eye contact, not daring to let herself look at her prize. She'd find it by touch - or taste - not sight. Her gaze was only for her lovers. For in that moment at least, this was what she intended to be for Zark. They had gone far beyond her playing the role of masseuse. No strings attached - that was Faye's way - but she was going to give Zark all she had in that moment. And it started with the long, slow lap of a wide tongue over blue petals of sweet, sacred flesh. One lick was followed by two, by ten, by twenty, each with increasing intensity. Soon Faye's face was buried between those cobalt thighs, her arms having slid up under the legs to pull them onto her shoulders as her tongue worked in a tight circle to slather and tease all she could reach.

And always, coal-black eyes burned with a dark fire, looking up, and up, watching with a hunger not yet sated by the feast Faye was devouring.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]


The rumour mill could be a dangerous thing. Word had spread about the Theurgy's Baths, about the relaxed dress code and the relaxed...behaviour...that tended to occur down there. At the same time, the place was reputed to be luxurious, comparable to the great bathhouses on worlds like Risa and Betazed, with an actual pool! And hot tubs! A steam room! It took a while, but eventually, Alistair could not deny the allure of such a place. He loved the water, whether being on top of it in a boat, in it as a swimmer, or under it as a diver. Curiosity and desire won out; he simply had to go.

Thus, after setting some time aside, he duly went down there, walking into the changing room, privately debating with himself whether this was a good idea. He had heard stories and rumours, sure, but they had to just be rumours, right? They had to be. Noting that the changing room was empty, Alistair wasted no time getting undressed, storing his uniform in a locker. Now properly naked, he headed over to the replicator, although he saw the notice on the Baths doors as he walked past, and he stopped in his tracks.

"Clothing optional, huh?" he said, bemused as he read the notice. Alistair chuckled, shaking his head in amusement; at least that part of the rumours was true, if nothing else (and surely nothing else). Still, while he was no prude, he had no intention of baring all . Public nudity was a step too far, and Alistair felt a lurch in his stomach at the realisation that others would surely be naked. He could handle that. He was a grown man who had lived a full life...yeah, he could handle this. It was worth it to get some decent swimming in, plus some proper relaxation in a hot tub.

Alistair continued to the replicator, ignoring his growing nerves. "Computer, one pair of standard swimming trunks, my measurements."

The replicator duly responded...but what fizzled into existence was not what Alistair expected. He picked up the fabric, staring in confusion; this would barely cover him! This was a speedo, not trunks! Befuddled, Alistair began typing on the replicator console, but the computer remained firm: it had no other swimwear on file for his measurements. It was a typical computer glitch, one that Thea had apparently overlooked (or hadn't, knowing how the AI could be), but Alistair didn't much feel like fixing it right now, standing stark naked in the changing room. He could design some manually...but that would also be a pain.

Instead, Alistair considered his red speedo reluctantly, then sighed in resignation. He pulled the crimson swimwear on, grunting at how tight it was, but the speedo fit perfectly. Alistair looked down at his groin and groaned at how evident his penis was; the outline was so blatant that little was left to the imagination. Having a big penis had some benefits, but damn, it could also be a serious annoyance. Still, nudity was apparently permitted in the Baths, so nobody would care...right? So long as there was no accidental blood flow down there, it should be fine...probably.

Too fed up to care, and very much wanting to get wet and enjoy the feeling of water on his skin, Alistair shrugged and headed over the door. He hesitated before opening it, but hell, he'd come this far. A good swim was worth the potential embarrassment of seeing a few naked shipmates. This was the 24th century. He could be mature, damn it.

All such thoughts vanished the moment the door opened and he stepped inside. The distinctive smell was refreshing, and Alistair smiled. He took another step, only to blink in bafflement as he heard a sound. A very distinctive sound. A sound he had heard before, usually in a very different setting...there it was again! He walked further into the Baths, baffled, noticing that while a few bathers had swimsuits on like him, the majority seemed to be naked.


There was no doubt about it. In one glance at the hot tubs inset at the perimeter of the Baths, Alistair saw three separate couples thoroughly engaged in fucking each other senseless. The sight was so startling, so completely alien, that upon realising what he was seeing, Alistair stopped in his tracks, dumbfounded. Feeling some sort of fabric with his toes, Alistair looked down to see some sort of swimwear on the floor. He glanced to the side, seeing the bikini bottom's former owner, an Andorian woman standing in a nearby hot tub.

Given the sounds she was making, and the other woman kneeling down, her face buried in the Andorian woman's crotch, it was a safe bet that the swimwear had not been lost by accident.

"Holy shit," Alistair whispered, stunned, as he looked around the Baths and the various activities underway around him. 

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Public baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy]


Zark could feel her hypersensitivity of touch and time as the bikini bottom gently slipped off and glided against her skin before ending up tantalizingly in her lovers hands before being playfully tossed away.  With her exposure now complete, The rush of cool air against her skin made Zark feel more free than she could remember.  The splat of her bikini bottom on the tile only served to punctuate the next step in this dance.  None of her encounters in the passed were like the one she was having now and all her attention was on the lithe tanned figure whose face spoke of a hunger that matched her own.  As the Andorian leaned back on the tub's edge, her hands naturally moved back to support her, yet all these actions were automatic as her blue green eyes never left the brunette head as it descended towards her sex.  Her breathing became heavier causing her bust to bounce and sway more adding a a sensual delight to the waiting as Faye got closer and closer until she stopped.  The purr the Betazoid emitted sent a shiver through the Andorian's neck and back as her antennae began to slow their circling and writhe with gentle excitement. 

The tongue that followed was both expected and not as Zark's mouth opened in surprise and she inhaled deeply trying suck the sensation into her chest. It was a tease, a taste of what was to come, and the Andorian felt a tension start to build in her loin and core.  The reluctant release of her breath that followed was soft sigh as the brunette nuzzled her thigh like friendly animal and those obsidian orbs and elegant dark lashes looked up at her.   "This is what you wanted, yes?" the sultry seductress asked and all Zark could respond with was a minuscule nod as she gently bit her lower lip.  A soft mewl escaped the medicos lips as she protested the wait the diplomat was inflicting on her.

The wait was too long and over before she knew what was happening as the brunette bore in. The initial spark of pleasure that reverberated from her sex was followed by another, each increasing in intensity and sending waves of pleasure roaring through the Andorian's nerves.  Zark's eyes fluttered closed as she threw her head back and sank her being into the waves coursing through her as Faye, brushed, poked, and prodded her womanhood.  Heavy breathing gave way to mewls of delight, and soon to moans of pleasure. "By's........hahhhhhh........don't ......nnnhhh....stop!" Zark managed to groan out between moans as she felt her legs being raised and rested on the strong shoulders.  It was all she could do not to clamp her thighs around the Betazoid's head like a vice as her hands steadily slid on the tiles and her elbows fell onto the tiled surface.  The Andorian didn't even notice she was laying on her her forearms as hands desperately sought purchase on the floor as blue hips began to buck repeatedly and press her petals harder into the voracious bronzed woman feasting on her, seeking more of the ecstasy pulsing between her legs. Moans gave way to high pitched throaty groans of pure unadulterated pleasure as the Andorian felt the pressure begin to build inside her for what was going to be a screaming orgasm.

As the groans became more frantic, the athletic Andorian opened her eyes and began to curl forward. She wanted to see her lover, scream the orgasm into her, but all she saw was a rapidly moving mop of wet brunette hair, though there was something else, but it was hard to say with her focus demanding to see the Betazoid, now!   "Wha.....Wait!" Zark suddenly cried and the pleasuring suddenly stopped as a tan face crested over a blue horizon.  If Zark wasn't so flooded with endorphins and hormones, she'd have laughed at the liquid covered sight that was Faye Eloi-Danvers, and a lot of it was definitely not from the tub.  Breathing heavily through open cobalt lips and a haze of lust, Zark's misfiring synapses barely managed to untangle her legs from the Betazoid before she slipped them under her tan partner as Zark bent herself more forward and reached out with one arm.  Reaching for Faye's head was no mean achievement for Zark as her body was more like rubber and her ample chest was heaving, yet slowly, connect she did. As her hand brushed those soft cheek and became tangled in the silken locks once more, soft blue green took a moment to stare into coal black before tracing the lovely jaw line once more with her middle and index finger. ", and....... I want........feel you's your turn." Zark let out breathlessly, not caring who heard, as she moved to guide her lover in for another kiss to end the intermezzo and start her finale.

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[Ens. Faye Lintah Elio-Danvers  | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @RyeTanker 


Zark's moans blended with the gently burbling water of the sunken tub the naked officers bathed in, forming an arousing background hum. The mood was well and truly set, as Faye devoted herself to the task at hand.  Her ass rose up out of the water briefly, then sank back under, sending waves through the already turbulent water that lapped up from under her, swelling over her breast and briefly warming the hollow of her throat. Swallowing, she feasted on the offered petals, worming her tongue past the folds and dipping into the sweet chasm that lay nestled within. Andorian's had their own unique flavor that somehow felt cool to Faye's tongue, even though the offered fruit was heated and wet. 

Needless to say Faye found the flavor delightful, and she made sure that Zark new by the increase in moans and her general wiggling about. The other woman's vehement insistence that Faye not stop was as clear an indication as any that her actions were well-received. As if the constant pooling of desire she was tasting had not been enough of a clue, nor the waves of emotional need and lust brushing against the shores of her consciousness.

Even over the relative cacophony of moans and water jets, Faye could hear the murmur of astonishment coming from a direction behind Zark. The telepath was hardly dissuaded from her current course of action, feasting upon the Andorian medic, and could well tell that her companion was nearing a cliff, so to speak. The addition of a spectator - for she could feel the other presence in a nebulous sort of awareness of all the minds around her and their relative proximity - only caused her to redouble her efforts to please Zark. Faye was hardly immune to preening, and there was a small desire to 'put on a good show.' Other than that slight acknowledgement, she rolled her shoulders and dismissed the new presence from her thoughts. There was something far tastier to enjoy and focus on.

With her tongue swirling in circles, cresting over the hidden bundle of nerves within Zark's folds, or probing the other woman's channel, Faye easily lost herself in the art of eating pussy, one she was well versed in, and took quite the delight to engage in the act. She was as hungry to send Zark over that metaphorical cliff, cause the swelling desire to burst, as she was to get a little in return for herself. Needless to say it was something of a surprise when she heard the other woman calling out for her to wait, and confusion was clear on her glistening face a she look up at Zark. She gasped down a few lungfuls of air, turning her head to one side in a curious expression.

She did not have long to wait for her answer as Zark readjusted herself and her position, reaching out toward the lithe diplomat. The tug on her hair elicited another shiver, and the gentle caress of a finger down her jaw netted a plaintive mewl, as her head dipped to chase the tender contact. Faye was as much a sucker for that kind of pampering form of fondling as she was for the more direct sort of groping one might expect in such a moment. Looking up again, her eyes half lidded, smoldering, the diplomat swallowed and leaned her head in a way to catch Zark's thumb between her lips and suck gently, listening.

Faye was perfectly happy to kiss Zark in return, once the other woman made her needs known. And while the Diplomat wasn't entirely certain as to how Zark herself intended what happened next to go, the Betazoid knew what her plan would be. This time it was she who broke the kiss, having shared the taste of Zark with Zark, and pulled back, teeth grazing the lower blue lip that had become swollen from the kiss, giving it a little tug before nestling back. She raised a finger up, and gently tapped Zark on the nose.

"Don't. Go. Anywhere," each word was accompanied by a little tap, as the Betazoid drew back. "Since I'm sure you weren't trying to invite our new voyeur," her eyes darted ever so briefly over Zark's shoulder to the man in the speedo, and then back to Zark, mischief in her gaze, "I need to go grab something special to really give you what you need. Back in a flash."

With an alacrity that belied the almost jelly like quality she felt in her legs from having knelt and focused on pleasing the combat medic as long as she had, Faye rose up out of the water and turned on her heels. Water pooled down her front, across the bare curves of her belly and pelvis and down long legs to pool at her bare feet. With a grace she aught not to have possessed, she strode merrily past the rest of the small bathing enclosures, ignoring the occupants, to use one of the replicators on the wall. This of course afforded Zark - and the man in the speedo, if he were still watching - a most excellent view of her shapely, dripping wet ass and the delightful peach of a pussy peaking out at the world from between her legs with each stride.

"Computer, access personal replicator program file Faye-Rabbit-3," she ordered, and then as an after thought, "And two standard bottles of water, 2 degrees Celsius in temperature." The alcove hummed and the telltale tinkling white lights of the replicator kicked in. Tucking the neon pink, phallic shaped toy under her arm, she gripped the two bottles - one in each hand - and made quick time back to the pool. The air around her was certainly warmer than stander and very humid, but did not compare to the warmth of the water tub she'd been fornicating in, and her body was now covered with goosebumps. She'd still claim her nipples were taut with arousal and not from the temperature difference, but the truth was anyone's guess. The effect was the same either way, forming two perky points way up high on her chest. 

"Say hello to Rabbit-bob," Faye teased Zark as she placed the bottles on the edge of the pool and held out the toy. It was translucent pink, shaped like a stylized, erect cock with various bumps and beads built into it, and had a prong coming off one end that ended in what looked like a pair of pointed rabbit ears. "He's waterproof, and oh so eager to please," she added with a comical wink, closing the distance and kissing Zark once more. For all her teasing and jokes, the kiss lacked any humor, but instead was full of desire. A silent communication of her intent to do unto Zark exactly what she had asked for, if not in the way she had thought. 

Letting the toy come to rest against the Andorian's belly, Faye slid her thumb over the silicon covered controls for the device, triggering one of her favorite settings. Immediately, against the blue belly, the toy began to twist around itself, and the little pronged rabbit ears seemed to flick up and down. Turning the toy, she dragged the head of it south, until it vanished under the water, and was soon brushing up against the combat medic's folds.

"Be a dear and open up, won't you Zark?" For all her attempts at sounding collected and controlled, there was no hiding the breathy need in Faye's voice. Heat was once more pooling between her own legs, and she needed to fuck Zark almost as much as Zark needed to be fucked.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Brutus @RyeTanker


There were many situations that Alistair, as a trained and experienced Starfleet officer, could handle. Tricky first contact with angry skunk-people? Handled. Accidentally caught in a time loop? Handled. Rampaging mugato in Sickbay? Handled.

Seeing a lithe nude Betazoid woman (for she surely was, with those eyes) walk up to him, so lithe and bold and radiating sensuality, was definitely not something that Alistair could handle. He simply stood there, feet rooted to the spot, dazzled. Alistair forced his eyes away from the extraordinary woman stepping towards him, only to see the Andorian woman; curvy, her chest still heaving, and so gloriously blue. Transfixed with her antennae, it took Alistair a few moments to realise that the Betazoid woman had simply walked past him.

"" he babbled in bafflement, blinking as he finally looked away from the hot tub. Alistair belatedly felt an uncomfortable tight feeling at his waist, and his face flushed as he realised the cause. The red speedo, tight under normal circumstances, was clearly not designed to accommodate any expansion. Already the fabric was starting to reach its limit under the strain. Alistair glanced down in horror, dreading what might happen to his vulnerable modesty if he actually became fully erect, rather than the mere beginnings of arousal that were evident. He winced, fervently trying to concentrate, to control himself, to ignore what the fair-skinned one had said earlier, nope nope nope, dodechastic Soong equations, those were safe, totally safe...

Still, just as Alistair was finding the willpower to force his feet to move, the Betazoid woman returned with...oh come on, was that a dildo!? With bunny ears! And...buttons? Alistair's jaw dropped, his ears pounding painfully as his heart beat ever faster. He watched, unable to help himself as the Betazoid woman approached her partner, her intentions as clear as anything could be. The sight of the vibrator on the Andorian's toned blue stomach was...distracting, especially as it began descending...

Feeling profoundly out of place, Alistair cleared his throat, then immediately regretted it as both women glanced at him. He smiled weakly, even offering a tiny wave.

"Oh, uh, sorry, excuse me," he rambled, his face now becoming an impressive shade of red. Only sheer force of will was keeping his manhood under control, although it was still unmistakable beneath the confining speedo. "You, uh, you both clearly want to enjoy yourselves, and you probably don't want...uh, me watching..." The stupidity of that sentence made Alistair wince, cursing in his own head, then immediately praying that the Betazoid woman wasn't peeking. "So I'll know...leave you both to it..."

With that, Alistair awkwardly took a step backwards, though it was such a tiny step that it could hardly be justified as a retreat. Okay, little step first, then a bigger step, then a bigger one, just keep going, then he could fall into the pool and drown himself properly...

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy]

@Brutus @Griff

Even with the endorphin and hormone running rampant through her system, Zark found the nibbling sucking and kissing heady, and that sensual sharpness on her lower lip woke something more even deeper and more primal than the pure pleasure she'd received thus far.  Thus, when Faye told her to wait, Zark mewled in protest.  You're leaving me hanging like this? What about those wonderfully dexterous fingers? And now we have a voyeur? The Andorian's lips split into a goofy grin as her cheeks seemed to flush more and a cobalt hand came out of the water and held a cheek to stem the heat as the other one slipped between her legs as she closed them on instinct.  The sight of a tanned cascading water nymph rising from the water was enough to keep Zark aroused as the lithe Betazoid's bouncy butt cast a hypnotizing vision to her eyes and the thought of how she wanted to please that sex that was just peaking out was enough for the medico to start rubbing her legs together, completely forgetting her hand was trapped against her swollen twitching petals. "Ahhhnn...." she quielty groaned out while waiting. Maybe Zhavey was right, I'm more of an exhibitionist than I was willing to admit!  Sighing, the Andorian slipped back into the water and waited impatiently for her lover to return from whatever she was doing.

Zark was not disappointed and she fully appreciated the glistening smooth tan skin, the tantalizingly perky tits staring her in the face, along with those lavish lashes, and obsidian orbs dancing in the light, and .......... it was so cute and erotic at the same time, Zark couldn't help but stare at Rabbit-bob, and her throat bobbed as she swallowed in equal measure trepidation and anticipation.  The medico barely managed to lick her lips as the water nymph was on her in a moment and if Faye wasn't mentally projecting pure desire telepathically, her face said it all.  It was so easy to drink in the lust and sensuality radiating off the Betazoid and the Andorian's breathing picked up again as she felt the hard undulating and pulsating sex toy press as it massaged it's way down her stomach.  Zark bit her lower lip as the rotating toy approached her crotch and throat clearing behind her and poor Alistair Leavitt was still  standing there awkwardly fumbling an apology.  The Andorian gave the pink skin a sultry smile as her eyes wandered over his body and his bulging appendage before turning her attention back to the Faye.

Zark opened her legs as Faye commanded.  "Oh Lor'vela!!  Oh YES!!!" Zark practically screamed as the toy rubbed it's way over her sensitive nub before sliding in easily.  As the buttons and appendages pushed and pulsated within her and on her sensitive clit, the Andorian's eyes began to flutter dreamily and arched her back as the raw waves of pleasure coursed through all her nerves.  Her moaning reached a frenzy pitch as her arms cascaded out of the water and she grabbed the lithe diplomat, desperately seeking to feel more the woman she was holding.  Warm and puffy blue lips mashed into tan, and forced them open as Zark hungrily sought out Faye's tongue and the sensation were becoming too much, still there was something else. 

Zark had to give to her lover as well and right arm snaked it's way down to Faye's butt and gave it a gentle squeeze before brushing it's way along her hip and sliding between the bucking blue and tan bodies.  Zark's hand felt it's way towards her lover's sex and long cobalt fingers found the Betazoid's sensitive nub and began rubbing it in rhythm with her own heaving body.  Sensations mixed and meshed and became one within the Andorian's body. As the moans became screams, the crest of the wave approached and Zark wrapped her legs around the smaller woman.  "Ahhhhnnn,...FAAAAAYYYYYYYEEEEEEE" Zark screamed before her head snapped back and pure un-distilled pleasure exploded from Zark's loins, racing to every corner of her body as more throaty screams shrieked through the baths.

Time was an afterthought as the medico floated back down into her still gently bucking body and her antennae began to work once more.  Zark let go of Faye and sank back into the water, her orbs bobbing in the water as she continued to take in new lung fulls of air.  The heaving medico purred as she turned a dreamy smile on lithe woman.   The afterglow was intense and she wanted to revel in it for a long time, but she knew the look on Faye's face for it was one she just wore.  Stretching slightly, Zark removed the still active vibe from her swollen pedals and turned it off before bringing it out of the water. Kissing the tip of the vibe, Zark smiled and shimmied herself from out under the Betazoid while guiding her to the edge of tub.  "Thank you Faye, and it's your turn now." the Andorian whipsered into those delicate ears.

Standing on the bottom in the middle of the pool, the medico tilted her head from side to side for a moment as she considered something while admiring the ripples the water made over Faye's ass before dipping her free hand back in and gently guiding it up and out of the water while pushing Faye slightly forward so she had more support under her front.  Giving the bouncy Betazoid's butt a slap that was much louder than it was hard, Zark leaned in and held the Betazoid's head gently but firmly for a second.  Using the feelings of residual lust, Zark bent over to Faye's ears to whisper again. "Next time, we try this with a double ended one. Now hold still."  Bringing the Rabbit-bob close to Faye's ear, she turned the device on and began laying feather light kisses to the tanned neck and back, steadily teasing her way to her bouncy posterior.  The medico stopped just short of her ass and instead slowly made her way behind Faye before leaning over and with her free hand, reaching around her hip to begin pleasuring her clit.  "Are you ready to move on ma cherie?"  Zark asked when she felt she had Faye at the right point.  With the affirmative, Zark dipped the vibe back in the water and brought it to Faye's sex as her now free hand travelled up to those cute but not large breasts, and began to massage and stimulate them for Faye's pleasure.  Looking up as her cobalt hands worked the writhing Betazoid, Zark smirked as a silvery platinum eyebrow cocked inquisitively at the still stuck Alistair. The smirk morphed itself into a sugary sweet toothy smile covered in mischief as she turned her attention to the stuck male."Will you be moving on Mr. Leavitt or would you like to meet Mistress Eloi-Danvers, zh’Ptrell, and their assistant Marquis de Rabbit-bob? "

Zhavey - The Zhen that birthed the child as referred to by that child.

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[ Crewman 3rd Class Samala | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

The pilot allowed herself to be guided to spread her legs even more than what she had already done so, allowing Natalie even more room to get closer to her. Her eyes were fixed on the busty redhead as her breathing quickened in anticipation of what was coming. She heard the murmured words from the Martian right before Natalie’s lips made contact with her own. She moaned unabashedly as sensations flashed through her body, first from the woman’s lips and then from her tongue as the moist appendage penetrated her.

[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:  @Griff

Mickayla had taken a turn around the room, admiring what she was seeing but really seeing anywhere that drew her in. She had seen Lillee occupied, as well as Lorad’s sister and the ship’s buxom XO but it was the Betazoid Faye that had drawn her attention back, engaged as she was with the Andorian Zark. She had silently stepped up next to a man she didn’t fully recognise just in time to see the Andorian and Faye shifting positions. She spotted the toy that they were using and smiled, remembering her own time spent with the Betazoid. Entranced as she was, she didn’t hear what the Andorian called out towards them. But she did feel the impact from the man as he recoiled backwards into her, neatly dislodging the knot on her chest and releasing the Sarong to the deck, leaving her naked form on display for all. Before anyone could say a word, Donna appeared, a white sarong tied at her waist, leaving her full breasts exposed for all to see and with the Reman Lorad in tow.

“Mickayla, if you were just going to strip off so quickly, you should have just come in with nothing on,” Donna commented with an enormous smile. “But, if you will excuse me, I promised Lorad that we would find someone to help me take care of that snake he is trying to hide in his shorts.”

OOC: Mickayla's Outfit.

Donna’s Outfit.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Brutus @RyeTanker @Stegro88


Best intentions aside, gentlemanly determination aside, Alistair struggled mightily to tear his eyes away from the two women in the hot tub. It was a war; the desire to watch (not helped by the strong suspicion that both women wanted to be watched) versus the determination to retain some dignity. Damn it, he was strong enough to not be overcome by all this, right?



Alistair had backstepped a good few meters away, the pool almost within reach, when the Andorian cried out as her orgasm overtook her. The sight of her enraptured with ecstasy quite thoroughly paralysed Alistair, his crotch aching as his stiffening shaft struggled against the tight red speedo, slowly threatening to crest over the top. He was still trying to form coherent thoughts again when the two women switched roles, the fair-skinned Betazoid leaning over the edge of the tub to receive her own pleasure.

The sight of her perk ass, followed shortly thereafter by the gentle insertion of the vibrator into it, did nothing to ease Alistair's state of mind. Still, it could only last so long. The Andorian's question finally did the trick of breaking the spell; Alistair merely grinned, grateful for the out, shook his head and turned round-

-only to knock into someone. Alistair's eyes widened in horror as the knot on the Klingon woman's sarong came undone, leaving her exposed in all her glory. He didn't have time to swear before yet more strangers came along, a Reman and human. The Reman at least was dressed (and Alistair was quietly miffed that he'd managed to find actual trunks), and the human woman was...well, more dressed than most people in the Baths, at least. After they left to find a playmate, Alistair sighed, looking upward as if beseeching help from a higher power.

"Hi," he said in resignation as he looked at Mickayka, resolutely keeping his eyes above neck-level, temptation be damned. "I'm so sorry about that, I wasn't looking where I was going. I'm...uh, Alistair. This place has thrown me a bit, I guess." He grinned awkwardly, jabbing a thumb back over his shoulder at the prime offenders. "Especially those two."

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[Lt. Rhys Williams | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Griff @Brutus @RyeTanker @Stegro88

It had seemed silly to put the board shorts back on. So, Rhys, shy awkward Rhys remained naked in the baths. No one seemed to care. No one was judging him, how could they when there were far more interesting shows going on everywhere.

He very quickly realised that he knew both of the ‘performers on the main stage’ as it were. Faye and Zark. He avoided looking directly there way. He did however find ways of looking at them in a not looking at them kind of way. In reflections in the wall, in mirrored surfaces and occasionally at them as if his gaze was passing over them incidentally. Though that was tough they were both so beautiful and seemed to draw his eye.

Looking elsewhere he eventually he noticed another familiar face. Alistair. The bumped into a Klingon woman, who’s clearly inadequate clothing fell off. This did not help matters for Rhys. She was attractive, Alistair had a nice body to. Rhys could almost swear that the whole ship had been genetically engineered for attractiveness.

One thing that shocked Rhys about Alistair, (apart from the strong chest) was that he seemed even more uncomfortable than himself. Rhys amused himself with the thought of going over to the man and joking that he was the shy person and asking if Alistair was after his role. However, looking at his discomfort, he was not sure his own naked form would be welcome at the moment.

So, he walked past the display in the baths and past Alistair and the Klingon woman, doing his level best to be unnoticed by everyone. Well as much as an attractive naked man could with reddish blonde hair and vivid blue eyes could.

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[Ens. Faye Lintah Elio-Danvers  | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @RyeTanker @Griff @Stegro88 @Juzzie  

Amusement was the primary emotion that Faye was feeling toward their unexpected voyeur. He was easy on the eyes, and she was the kind of person that loved ot tease. He was making it easy, and that poor speedo didn't stand a chance once she allowed herself to begin enjoying kisses from Zark. The heat seeped back into her body from the bath, and what ever arousal might have abated during her little stroll came roaring back with a vengeance as she pushed the replicated toy up into the fit Andorian woman. Did she time it so that she slid the vibrator in between Zark's thighs just after the woman smiled up at Alistair? Only a fellow telepath could says for sure, but the impish grin on Faye's face gave some credence to the notion.

Basking in the mental waves of pleasure from Zark, as well as the echo of the woman's cry, Faye let her focus shift to rest on her partner. She did not tune out the retreating form of Alistair entirely, not his mental presence in any event, but he wasn't where her attention rested. She let her mouth roam over the blue skin, licking up tendrils of water, sucking little kisses here and there, and nibbling as she worked the toy in and out. Swiftly though her lips settled happily upon the other girls, in a series of heated, almost frantic kisses that rose with the building heat that Rabbit-Bob dolled out.

A shiver ran over the girl and she wiggled her hips from side to side as Zark's hand started to wander. For a brief moment Faye entertained the notion of trapping the hand above the girls head, preventing her from touching, but those finger tips were leaving trails of heat down her body already, searing despite the warmth of the bath, so she wasn't going to complain. Maybe some time in the future she'd act upon that impulse but now she wiggled herself into whatever let her get more contact. Her body gave a jolt when those blue fingers found her clit, and Faye whined into the kiss she shared.

Sparks of her own pleasure mixed in her mind with what she was feeling coming off of the blue skinned security specialist, and her own hips began to rock back and forth, curling against that sweet touch. Her back bowed slightly, breasts brushing up against Zark's blue orbs, as she felt something building deep in the other woman, nearly ready to burst. Pulled forward at the last minute, Faye forced the toy deep into Zark and held it there, the rabbit ears flicking up and down under the water as Zark came, and came loudly. Faye could feel aftershocks of the other woman's orgasm ripple through her own psyche, causing her folds to flush and her breath to hitch sharply, before she let out her own, ragged moan, forehead resting in the crook of Zark's neck as the other woman rode out her climax.

Eventually, Faye blinked her eyes and realized she'd been released. The vision before her had eased the toy from betwixt blue folds and had done things to the tip that almost made Faye wish she had a prick of her own to be played with. Almost. Swallowing, those onyx eyes widened as she watched the other woman move, anticipation building in her chest. She bit her lip and watched as Zark debated and felt eyes upon her from outside of the tub. The focus of others just made this more fun. Faye liked it. Hell, if she was honest with herself, she loved it.

So when she found herself bent over the edge of the tub, facing Alistair, with Zark's hand playing over her ass, Faye's body began to tremble. Not with fear, or anxiety, but desire and excitement. Her hips swayed side to side, offering up that sweet view to the woman behind her, water running down between the cheeks of her rump. There was a sudden sting across her ass, and she let out a sharp cry, that swiftly settled down into a moan. Her head was snagged by Zark, and bent to the perfect angle, and a new whimper left her lips.

"Oh fuck yes," she agreed, her voice not at all a whisper. For just a moment she pictured the two of them, a toy nestled between them, legs tossed over each other trying to grind their hips closer and closer. Heady with the thought, her shoulders bunched up and Faye found herself unable to resist moving about with each and every kiss along her sensitive skin. Her hips kept rising up, meeting the caress of Zark, her pussy popping in and out of the water. A pussy that was soon played with, fingers returning to the nub that had been begging for attention.

"Yes," she murmured. Biting her lip again, Faye closed her eyes and shuddered, curling her toes under the water, waiting...and did not have to wait long at all, teh familiar girth of her Rabbit-Bob sliding between her folds and spreading her wide. "Ahhhhh, ahhh yes, yes yes...

Her partner could not feel her lust bubbling up, could not appreciate the pleasure that was pulsing deep within, as Faye had been able to from Zark. Thus she made herself more vocal than the other had been - as was often her habit when allowing herself a moment of hedonism with a non-Betazoid. Faye could be quiet when she needed to, but with that wriggling hardness plumbing her depths, in a room full of many other couples, she felt no need. Given that she had an audience outside of the tub, Faye rolled her shoulders back and pressed down against the toy, eliciting a throaty moan that set her eyelids fluttering. She just registered Zark's words, and in that moment, the toy deep in her, hands groping at her breasts, Faye would have done whatever Zark liked, to herself, to Zark, to Alistair, or anyone else. It was her turn to let herself loose, no holding back.

It was a sign of how needy the Betazoid had become that she had not noticed the approach of a friendly mind, a form she'd help explore in her recent past. Mickayla MacGregor was a friend and sometime bed partner, a fierce, strong woman whom had a particularly delicious taste. Faye flashed a lazy grin up toward her friend, that swiftly shifted into an open-mouthed 'o' gasp, when Zark did something particularly cleaver with the vibrator that made Faye's knees buckle and her whole body shunt forward, trapping one of the blue skinned hands between her breast, and the wall of the tub.

"Helloooo-ooofuck," she managed, the height of refined conversation, her eyes fluttering again. Sweat and bathwater ran down her face, her cheeks were flushed, and she couldn't quite manage to look back at Zark. Instead she let her eyes focus on Alistair and Mickayla, feeling the heat creeping up her neck from their scrutiny as she was lovingly savaged from behind by the blue Andorian beauty. A stray thought passed through her brain, Faye idly wondering if her nipples were hard enough to score the hands cupping them, before she shuddered again and groaned louder.

The heat was building now, that familiar ache, the tightness in her core. She was going to cum, though this was never in question. She could feel the eagerness inside herself, and an echo of that desire in Zark. A mess was going to be made, and Faye was going to revel in it. But she tried her best to stave it off, clenching her thighs tightly around the toy. It would do her no avail, of course. There was no stopping what was going to happen. She was rocking back to meet each twist and thrust of good ole Rabbit-Bob, who'd never let her down yet.

"Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuckmefuckmefuckme," she babbled out, each one a bit higher in pitch, following the pervious exclamation a little bit faster, a little bit breathier. Begging for her release.

Getting an eyeful of her now naked friend certainly didn't hurt things, and she somehow managed a flicker of amusement at the new predicament of the would be voyeur. He was having a time of things, and she might have had a moment of pity for him if Faye hadn't felt those ears increase their intensity on her oh so sensitive clit. Yes, she was going to fail this self-imposed challenge. It was a certainty now, she could feel it building to the point of no return. Just as sure as the sun would rise on Betazed in the morning, Faye was going to cum. She was going to cum, with an audience paying - well, really, paying scant attention if she were honest with herself, they were trying to untangle themselves and sort out who was doing what, but in her Rabbit-addled state of mind (there was a brief giggle in her frantic moans), it felt like they were all watching.

"Zark, zaaark zark, I'm going...oh I'm going, going to cu-c-cuuuuummmMMMM!" She felt her back bow up, arching away from the tub for a moment only to splash back down as her legs gave out. Her arms shot forward, scarping along the tile floor in front of her. She cried out, maybe not as loud as Zark had screamed before, but certainly enough to leave her throat ragged, as she came undone. Her core clenched and rippled across the silicone clad rod that was designed to make this feel damn good. And it did. Oh, did it ever.

Eventually, Faye felt something cool under her cheek. Her had had finally fallen forward onto the tile floor in front of the tub, and she lay there panting, moaning, whining, as that wonderful little toy of hers buzzed away. Swallowing, she looked first at the crowd - wondering if they were watching, unable to really bring them into focus - and then with an effort, face flushed now, back over her shoulder. As a trained diplomat, Faye was taught to keep her cool at all times, and always have the right word for the right moment under any circumstances. Her skill set allowed her to be erudite, flowery in language and cunning of wit. So finally bringing her gaze to Zark, she brought all that expertise to bear.


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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) |  Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy]

@Brutus @Griff @Juzzie @Stegro88

As the blue busty Andorian stood there and watched Alistair Leavitt run into Mickayla MacGregor with what seemed like a predictable result, Zark leaned a little forward as if the naked powerful Klingon had her own attractive pull that was affecting gravity, and a thought floated through of asking the naked Klingon to join them in the pool.  This caused Mister Rabbit-bob to angle a bit more forward than intended in the routine she'd been working and the elicited a more pleased reaction from Faye than she'd expected.  The Andorian's attention was soon brought back to the loudly panting and moaning Betazoid when her hand got trapped between a moundful of delicious breast and the wall.  Since it wasn't really painful, Zark saw no reason to stop, and continued to tease, massage, and play with the deliriously happy diplomat in her hands.  Surprisingly, Faye's nipples seemed to get even harder and when cobalt hands came down far enough, she gave them a gentle squeezing tug that elicited a more intense squeal of pleasure from the tanned woman.

The sounds and encouragement emanating from Faye were becoming quite a bit more than she'd anticipated, and the blue woman felt her own breathing become deeper as her body continued to rock in motion with the tanned woman's.  Zark bit her lower lip and her own recently massaged petals began twitching again. Oh Lor'vela, I wonder if Faye's projecting into me.  I just came not too long ago, and now this?! This feeling began to grow once more as the diplomat became more frantic and concise as her rocking lithe body started to generate waves in the pool that threatened to breach the rim and make a mess of the deck.  Zark was quite sure that herself and Faye were the prime attractions of the moment, and as movement caught her eye, her head shot up and she spotted the familiar form of Rhys trying to make a break for it.  It was too bad really as he tried to be non chalant about leaving, yet the writhing, gyrating, loud demonstration made it clear that his appendage thought of the whole show.  A detached part of Zark's mind, decided Rhys wasn't getting off that easily, and neither was Alistair for trying to be offended.  Giving a Rabbit-Bob a good corkscrewing and more rapid pumping elicited a louder and far more precise response of the diplomat's position who made her intentions very clear.  The Andorian was not psychic in the slightest, but the screaming orgasm from Faye sent a rush through her own body and blue eye lids fluttered, the medico was quite sure her own love juices were mingling with the water again.

Slowly opening her eyes and turning her smouldering gaze on the moaning, panting, and spent Betazoid.  Zark didn't think Faye had another round in her at the moment as she removed the vibrator and turned it off.  Faye was both wet and sweating, and it looked like her spirit was deciding whether it should re-enter it's host body.  The host body eventually won, and bleary coal black eyes turned on blue-green and muttered the most succinct evaluation of the whole event.  "Wow"  Zark laughed at the complete collapse of language and moved out of pool to gently lift the lighter woman and carry her to a sitting position with her feet dangling in the pool.  It took a little bit more than expected as Faye really was spent and her arm collapse really hadn't been faked.  When Zark was sure her partner was stable, she moved to grab her a towel, and cracked open a bottle of water for the still descending woman. "Here drink this, and let me know when you've come back down to Earth."  Tenderly, cobalt hands reached for the tanned chin and lifted it before depositing a kiss, and giving the Betazoid a nip on her bottom lip.

She really does have deliciously soft lips.  The naked Andorian thought to herself as she closed her eyes, stood up and stretched, pushing her chest out.  With that bit of post exercise done, she opened her eyes and spotted Alistair still rooted almost touching the still nude Mickayla.  Smirking, Zark gently padded by the stuck human male and brushed his arm with her blue chest before stopping in front of him and merrily glomping him, mashing her bare chest against his.   The medico quickly stood on her tippy toes and moved her head to the side of his "I hope you enjoyed the show. Next time, you need that problem taken care of, just take step forward instead of back." The Andorian whispered into his ear before giving him an impulsive peck on the cheek and letting him go.  Zark turned around and brushed a hand  down the Klingon Security woman's arm.  "If you decide to do anything with him, try not to break anything.  I don't have a med kit with me."

With that, she walked passed the two, back the way she came, and grabbed her earlier graciously provided bottle of water before sitting next to the Betazoid before taking a sip and leaning on the lithe woman and revelling in the feel of her body as she worked to get her sense of desire under control.  A ridiculously contrary task.

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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01] Attn:

Elsewhere in the baths, it appeared to be that a show was being put on. At least, that was what the situation seemed like to Natalie. She wasn't paying it much attention, but was able - when darting her eyes to the side, or coming up for air - to see a small gathering of bathers around one of the other tubs, in a slightly less secluded corner of what aught to be re-dubbed the Theurgy's Public Orgy House. Certainly the occupants of that tub were being far less discreet about their actions, and considerably more vocal. Nat rolled her shoulders. She had no problem - well, no problem she could not surmount in any event - letting Samala know when she liked something but she equally had very little desire to draw attention to what she was doing.

Well, maybe Lillee's attention, but the blonde had been rather helpful with her advice earlier, even if she was a giant tease. In Natalie's mind, that made her a reasonable exception to her 'no attention' stance.

Not that she was standing at all. Crouched as she was, her knees were resting on the bottom of the tub, and her shoulder bore the weight of one of Samala's legs. She didn't' remember moving it up there, but she must have at some point, for she could feel the girls heel resting on her back, between and below her shoulder blades. For the moment the swelling curves of Natalie's plump ass were submerged beneath the tumultuously burbling bathwaters, which also managed to hide from view the pointed peaks of Natalie's nipples, though certainly not the entirety of her expansive bust.

Speaking of busts, Natalie was offered up quite the view from below, of Samala's more modest gifts. The girls taut stomach rippled as Natalie deepened the kiss, her tongue pushing past the pretty petals and tasting the slick channel, sweet with bathwater and the unique taste that could only be Samala herself. Natalie had once tasted her own juices - out of curiosity, on a particularly frustrated, lonely night aboard the Lexington and found there were some similarities, but mostly stark (ha!) differences in flavor between herself and Samala. Idly she wondered if that was due to the difference in their species, or simply that they were different women. Having no experience to the contrary there was little Natalie could do short of polling the others in the baths. And while that notion was somewhat arousing- Hey, does your pussy taste like her pussy? - it was far too embarrassing a thought to follow up on.

Besides - she thought as she pulled back to catch her breath, lips and cheeks slick and glistening in the rooms soft lighting - your efforts need to be focused elsewhere.

"Good so far?" She attempted to solicit feedback, not really giving the woman a chance to respond before diving back in with another deep kiss. As much as she tried to treat it like she had with locking her lips to Samala's, the shape and texture was different, and she was far sloppier down here than she had been with giving attention to the younger woman's mouth. Hopefully it wasn't a bad thing, even if she felt the beginning of an ache in her jaw. This was very much unlike her limited experience with oral sex and male genitalia, and the motions were almost utterly unrelated. Though, as she came up for more air and gave a few light laps of her tongue over the spread petals of Samala's cunt, she found that gentle licks were something appreciated across multiple genders. Thus she began to mix up her actions, thinking about what she liked when it came to toys - again, her limited experience at receiving left her almost bereft of a good notion as to how to give - alternating back and forth between deep, open mouth kissed to the cunt, and long, slow licks along the petals, her nose occasionally brushing what she determined to be the other girls clit whenever she would dive back in.

At least the noises she was hearing from Samala were drowned out by the cacophony of sexual satisfaction coming from elsewhere in the baths. With the notion of an audience of her own fading from her thoughts, Natalie let her focus settle in on enjoying - for this was surprisingly pleasant - the art of pleasing another woman.

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[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor, Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson & PO3 Lorad | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy | Orbiting Qo’noS ] Attn: @Brutus @RyeTanker @Griff

The retort she had for the pilot died in her mouth as her eyes caught sight of the woman’s outfit, or rather, the lack thereof. It was true, she was wearing a sarong in same vein as the one Mickayla had been wearing only moments ago, but where the Klingon’s had been nearer to her clavicle and shrouded most of her form, Donna’s was half the size and tied at her hips. And that was all she was wearing. Despite seeing her only minutes earlier in the shower completely naked, viewing her now, with the sarong around her lower body and her smiling lecherously at her, Mickayla found herself admiring the comfortable ease with which the pilot presented her sexuality. She was confident and comfortable without being pushy about it.

“Forget about it,” Mickayla said to the Human male that had collided with and denuded her. “They can have that effect on you. Especially Faye,” she added casually as movement past the man drew her attention and she watched the naked Andorian, Zark stand, stretch sinfully and then climb out of the water. She was barely able to suppress her laugh at what the blue-skinned woman did to the poor man, teasing him devilishly. That smile froze though when the Andorian turned around and brushed her hand down Mickayla’s arm. In her current state and with her sensitive skin, it was like being hit with a bolt of lightning with how it lit up her entire body. She was still revelling in the sensations when Zark spoke.

"If you decide to do anything with him, try not to break anything.  I don't have a med kit with me."

It was so unexpected that she almost scoffed outright at what was said. But as the moment continued on, and she considered it, the idea, or at least a related one, appealed to her more and more. It was why she had come here after all. Crouching, she picked up her sarong and retied it around her body, nodding at the nervous man before following after Zark. Focused as she was, she didn’t notice that she was being followed.

“Ah, about what you said,” Mickayla said as she stepped up to wear Zark was now sitting, leaning on Faye. “What if I had a problem that needed taking care of? And I promised not to break either of you?”

“Damn girl, that’s the spirit!” came an excited quip from behind her and Mickayla half turned to see Donna and Lorad standing there, her leering and the Reman looking uncomfortable. “Though you beat me to the punch. I was about to offer these two a round with myself and Lorad here. You’re more than welcome to join us if you’d like. I know Lorad is more than capable of handling all of us. Aren’t you big guy.”

“Donna, this not what told me,” Lorad pleaded simply, his tone more unsure than anything else. “You said one more, not three.”

“One, three, I can see that you are up for it,” Donna pointed out, glancing down at the hulking Reman's crotch knowingly. Mickayla almost chuckled at the look on the male’s face. Still, was she ready to have another male touch her again?

“I’m not against joining exactly, but I’m more interested in you girls rather than him,” Mickayla explained. “No offence Lorad.”

“It ok,” Lorad intoned with a toothy smile. “You help me with them.”

“Sounds like a plan than,” Donna said gleefully as she lowered a hand to rest on the knot that held her sarong secured at her hips. “What do you both say then? Zark, Faye, feel like turning a twosome into a fivesome?”

[ Crewman 3rd Class Samala | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

Samala had never experienced ecstasy such that was being brought on by the ministrations of Natalie's mouth. Whether it was the delicate kisses or the probing tongue from the Terran, wherever they went between her legs, Samala writhed from the pleasure that followed their path. At some point, one of her legs had ended up draped over the woman’s shoulder but Samala couldn’t remember if it was her companion or herself that had moved it up there. Either way, with it positioned so, it afforded greater access to Samala’s drenched womanhood for the Terran.

She could feel her peak coming. She was familiar with it from her own self-ministrations, but she could tell that this one was of an intensity far beyond what she had ever been able to bring about herself. When Natalie questioned how she was going, Samala tried to respond but the words fell from her mouth as Natalie once again attacked nethers. Her hands came up and grasped her modest breasts, squeezing and kneading them Natalie altered her technique slightly. The result was an increase in both the intensity and speed of approach of her peak and as the wave washed over her, she moaned loudly, almost deafening to her own ears as her hydrid body shook uncontrollably as pleasure rippled through her.

Finally, her body went limp, the only movement being her heaving chest as she tried to regain her breath. 


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[Ens. Faye Lintah Elio-Danvers  | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @RyeTanker  @Stegro88 @Griff  

While most of her perception was a clouded haze of plateaued pleasure, Faye nevertheless concluded that her newfound friend Zark had a very pretty laugh. Infections even, as she felt herself let out a few post-coital delirious giggles of her own. Faye was basking in...everything. The way her body ached as she releaxed there, floating in her own little world. The waves of enjoyment and arousal that came from those whom had watched her and Zark in their frolicking. The satisfaction she was picking up from Zark herself, and the echoes of desire smoldering, easily rekindled with a moments notice. Other, familiar desires directed her way, from minds she knew well, even if they weren't in the tub with her right then. At the barest edge of her awareness, Faye was dimly starting to recognize that something else involving her was afoot.

She offered up no protests to Zark lifting her from the pool, and privately found it quite arousing that the Androian combat medic could manipulate her mostly limp form with relative ease. Not that she didn't try to help of course, but the simple truth was that her limbs were far more rubbery now in the wake of her orgasm. Just thinking about that caused her loins to almost buzz with warmth, and a dopey grin flashed over her face. It was with that same silly grin that she looked up at Zark, bobbing her head up and down as the words spoken to her settled into the forefront of her brain. 

"Mmmm, yes ma'am," she managed the words without any stumbling or slurring, though there was a heavy irreverence to what she often would put polite emphasis on during duty shifts. No such thing as rank in these baths tho - she remembered that from the rule sheet - and giggling, checked off a sketchy salute, after running her tongue over her now bite swollen lip. Taking a deep breath, she started the arduous process of collecting herself. The cold, crisp taste of water flowing down her throat in small sips helped a great deal with that, even as her face remained flush, and her body wet with sweat and bathwater. 

Stretching her legs out, one, then the other, Faye was left to ponder what had happened as she watched Zark pad off, and others mill about. She came to the swift conclusion that she rather liked the Andorian, and was pleased that the blue skinned babe had taken the time to join her, and let down their walls enough for the two to, as the Terran's like to day, Tango. 

Damn, but that was good. Confessing was good for the soul after all, and Faye beamed, leaning back on her arms, having drunk half the bottle of water by that point. Leaning back, she was offered quite the view of Zark as the latter returned to her, and the duo immediately snuggled up. The smug satisfaction she felt from the security officer was palpable, causing her pulse to quicken a bit and a low purr to rumbled up in her chest. Raising one arm up, Faye tapped the bottom of her bottle against Zark's and took another sip, saluting the woman with a cheery, "Well that was fucking great."

Said declaration came just as Mickayla scampered over, hastily retying her sarong about her, and covering up her lovely form. Not that Faye thought the other woman looked bad in the sarong - far from it in fact. The garment was quite flattering and the Betazoid imagined that it was a recent acquisition. She further followed that line of thoughtful musing, and figured that the Klingon was trying to push her comfort zone, something that Ens. Eloi-Danvers thoroughly approved of, having assisted in such ventures in the past. All of which manifested itself verbally as  a sing song, "Oh Hey there, Mickayla," right as the rather fit Klingon began to address her fellow security officer.

Needless to say events swiftly escalated from that point on, with Mickayla's not so quiet proposition, and the much louder exclamations from her unintended entourage. Faye had to summon up a tremendous amount of willpower to keep herself from descending into uncontrollable giggles; the situation was rather funny, and poor Mickayla's reactions were quite amusing. But if she laughed, she knew that would hurt the other woman, and while she wasn't in any sort of formalized relationship with the girl, she did see herself as the security non-comm's friend, and didn't wish to discourage whatever was about to happen here. 

Faye gave the assembled group of improbably beautiful people her best doe-eyed look, swallowing a bit and turning her head about, taking each of them in. There was a plethora of skin tones and physiques at play, and it was honestly incredulous how hot the assembled mass of potential partners were. Plenty of species represented meant she'd have a venerable buffet of sexual feasting ahead of her. And it had been a long time since she'd been in what clearly would be an orgy if it happened. A shiver of anticipation worked its way down her back as she imagined being passed from one person to the next, mouths everywhere, fingers and other extremities flailing about. She at least seemed game to be used however they all wanted. There was, in fact, just one problem. 

Meeting Zark's gaze at last, and shooting her a questioning look, she noted, "We're so going to need a bigger tub for this."

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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01] Attn: @Stegro88 

Whatever had been happening elsewhere seemed to settle down while Natalie was feasting on Samala's folds. A thought that would have rendered her utterly flustered a day before now had her rubbing her thighs together under the water. It was arousing in a way she had not at all expected it to be, working her tongue in between alien folds. She let her imagination run wild as she watched the younger girl squirm and buck under her touch., picturing the dark haired beauty returning the favor. Other women replaced Samala in her mind, such as Lillee, or Bremmer and Henshaw, the women whom had been teasing her before she found herself led off by the eager to experience but utterly unsure hybrid girl whose legs were currently wrapped around Natalie's head. 

Though she tried not to, she imagined men returning the favor as well. There had been quite a few she had seen here so far, and her face was flushing red, even as she tilted her head to one side and gave a long, slow lap of her tongue up the girls petals. The taste was sweet. Delicious even. She wanted to taste others, which was going to cause her no end of humiliations later, and be tasted in turn. Thus she redoubled her efforts, and was happily rewarded a short time later. Samala arched up, and Nat braced the other girl by sliding her hands under the woman's taut bum, squeezing the tight flesh and helping the girl to keep from failing about too much. A new sweet taste filled her mouth, with a bit of tang, utterly unexpected, as she felt the other woman come undone around her. 

Through this, Natalie kept diligently licking, enthusiastic but inexperienced in the art, unpracticed before now, tasting and teasing, until her jaw ached and Samala seemed to ride on through to the other side of what was clearly an orgasm. An orgasm Natalie was responsible for. Such an odd thing to take pride in, but she felt it bubble up inside of her and she grinned as she pulled away, easing the girls legs back into the tub, and running the back of her hand over her lips to try to clean herself up. 

"I would wager a guess and say that you rather enjoyed that," she stated, sitting back on her knees, beneath the surface of the tub, with a pleased grin of her own on her face. She was curious what the young woman would want to do next, if anything. She would certainly understand if the girl was too exhausted.

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus, @Stegro88


As Samala recovered from her ecstasy and Nat beheld what she'd done, another voice spoke from behind Nat, a woman's voice laced with mischief and amusement.

"Oh, I guarantee that she did." Behind Nat, sitting on the edge of the tub with her legs crossed, Lillee watched the other two women with a twinkle in her eye, as if she'd been there the whole time.  She was still quite naked, her blonde hair falling freely, although Lillee had the foresight to be sitting on a towel for comfort. "That was very impressive, both of you. Pardon me...I heard your moans, and I just had to come and see for myself."

Grinning devilishly, Lillee leaned forward, her elbows on her knees. "So how was it? To give and to receive? Excuse my curiosity, but you both looked so adorable together earlier and your orgasm was spectacular, Samala. I can't help but want to know." Lillee hesitated, wincing in realisation. "If I make either of you uncomfortable, then I am sorry, and I will leave you be. I understand if you do not want me intruding on your experience, lovely as it is."

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Brutus @RyeTanker @Stegro88, @Juzzie


It all just...happened, one action after another, and he just stood there, rooted in place. Alistair was completely helpless as Zark climbed out of the tub, dripping wet and sexy and curvy and muscled and glorious and blue and...all the other things. When Zark came right up to him, Alistair was the proverbial deer in the headlights, frozen stiff (in more ways than one) as she smushed her magnificient body against his. As the audacious Andorian went on her merry way, Alistair might as well have been a statue.

He belatedly realised that Mickayla had followed Zark to the tub, join. Join. Three of them. Then the others came. Five of them. Five. Five. His brain completely frazzled, Alistair pointed between them and himself as the ragged remnants of his mind struggled to make sense of what was happening.

"Well, fuck," he finally muttered, shaking his disbelief. Feeling an uncomfortable sensation at his waist, Alistair looked down and his eyes widened. The war between the speedo and its prisoner was over, and the victor was clear. The tip of the erect phallus now stood proudly over the top of the swimwear, bowing it out for all to see.

"Double fuck," he said softly to himself, then sighed. His heart was beating impossibly fast, his ears hot as blood rushed through his body, and Alistair took a steadying breath. There was nothing for it. The damage was done, and this felt damned uncomfortable...oh, screw it! With a sudden surge of determination, Alistair bent down and slid the speedo down his muscular legs, finally liberating the treacherous phallus, which remained sharply at attention. It was big at eight inches, much to the annoyance of its owner, much too big to remain confined any longer, and Alistair gasped in relief.

With that, Alistair headed over to a wall and tossed the unnecessary swimwear into a replicator for recycling. He noticed Rhys nearby and smiled warmly at the counselor, too far gone to be embarrassed anymore, feeling paradoxically liberated by his nudeness. He even glanced quizzically at Rhys's own semi-erect manhood, an impressive member in its own right. After watching two gorgeous women quite literally fuck each other senseless, propriety was well and truly out the window.

...Oh. Rhys's manhood was quite slick, so...he'd probably...had...right. Yep. of course. A small corner of Alistair's mind even pondered whom the member might have been inside of. Man? Woman? Someone he knew? Sarah? At this point, anything was possible.

Exulted, terrified and ecstatic in equal measure at having become fully nude, Alistair grinned as he headed back the way he came, this time very much determined to actually go for a swim. He even wondered with amusement what it'd be like to swim with an erection, given that the damned thing didn't seem to be relaxing any time soon. Would it create drag? Would it help with stability, like a shark's fin or a boat's tiller? Nevertheless, as his mind rambled, Alistair stopped by the orgy-in-the-making as he heard Faye ask her question about needing a bigger tub, and he answered without thinking.

"Oh yeah, you definitely will," he blurted out, and realised that he'd spoken, Alistair's eyes widened in alarm. "Oh, er...I mean, there's a big tub over there, I can see, by the sauna, I think? It's empty, so that'd work, there's enough space for everyone. Oh!" And with that, he blushed fiercely. "Not that I'm, uh, asking to join! I mean, uh, I'd be flattered of course, and I've love to, and you're all amazing, but you know, it's, uh, you see, er...what was I saying?"

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) |  Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy]

@Brutus @Griff @Stegro88

As Zark drank her water, she was quickly coming to the conclusion that bringing her sense of desire under control was a hopeless task at best as she tried not to run her long blue fingers along Faye's skin and push her partner down before taking those pert breasts into her mouth as a prelude to another round.  The young Betazoid's goofy look indicated she was at least on cloud 7 with pleasure and taking her time coming back down, and the Zhen was quite sure that if she imposed on Faye once more, the tanned woman would apply her oral skills once more.  Working up the courage to ask though was surprisingly interrupted by the Mickayla of all people and Zark had to blink in surprise at the proposition being put forth.  Blue lips parted to give a response when Donna and Lorad had to pipe in and give their opinion and the Andorian's jaw dropped as her eyes widened.  It had been a long time since the the buxom blue woman had been in an all out orgy.  In fact the last time had been her last leave before being assigned to the Cayuga with her bond mates, and from a video she'd received from Ryzit, her 'wife', the neighbours were surprised Zark had taken another assignment and wasn't already pregnant.

Blue-green eyes looked over to coal black ones to see what Faye thought of the whole situation and Zark saw the sparkle of delight in the Betazoid's eyes and she couldn't help but laugh at where this trip to the bath was going.  It was a gentle laugh, and didn't last long, but the smile wouldn't leave as the Andorian took a moment to link her arms into the tanned woman's and she regarded the three playmates in front of her.  Her mental antennae, no pun intended, quivered for a moment as there was an aspect of the group dynamic that didn't quite add up, and the security officer quickly replayed the interactions in her head before settling on the issue.  The Andorian gave a smile both pure white and dark as sin as Faye suggested they go find another tub that was bigger.  Blue fingers were about to grab her naked partner's head when the Alistair gave his input on the size of the bath and Zark turned to regard the human male and her eyebrow arched in fashion that would have made any Vulcan proud as she spotted his erect, and large, member.  Blue hands gently grabbed Faye's chin and turned it towards Zark's face before depositing another kiss on the soft lips and moving towards her ear. "Mickayla and Donna would like some lady time."  The Zhen breathily whispered to her partner.  "His bulge could use some personal attention.  Open your senses and we'll play here while you take care of him, maybe a bit more too.  Don't worry, we'll be back for you in a moment hon."

The Andorian placed one last peck on the cheek before taking off for the replicator, shaking her shapely ass and 34D breasts for all to see.  When she got there, she ordered a couple of extra thick towels and detoured towards the nicely muscular Alistair and grabbed his hand before dragging him to where everyone was waiting. "Sorry for the wait." the buxom blue woman told everyone as she practically swung the poor human male towards Faye and stopped him just short of falling into the tub.  Taking a few moment to lay out the towels before sashaying her way over to the other five and linking her hands behind her making a deliberately poor impression of trying to be coy before gesturing to Lorad, Allistair, and Faye.  "The doctor is now in and you two gentlemen are in need of treatment, but "Turning a seductive smile on the group, Zark gently pulled Mickayla and Donna away "the examination room is little full at the moment, so Miss Faye here is going to look after you for a bit.  I'm sure you'll find her attention ......  quite pleasing."  Zark was quite sure that Faye would find pleasure wherever it came from and when the her three started making lots of noise and more importantly broadcasting their lust, the Betazoid would get lost in the sensations and what happened to Lorad and Alistair after that was anyone's guess. 

But that was for the soon to be skewering party to work out as the Andorian playfully guided Mickayla to a triangle with Donna, while easily undoing the powerful Klingon woman's sarong once more and letting it puddle to the floor.  "Much better" she quietly told Mickayla before grabbing the shorter woman's head and planting an air sucking kiss on her lips.  A quick bite on the Klingon's lips sealed the deal before Zark turned her attention to the human pilot and threw her arms around her and kissing her hard on the lips as well.  There was bit more feeling as cobalt finger tips lightly traced their way down Donna's back to the sarong on her hip and ripped it away, sending it fluttering. "You two are delictible" the Zhen told the new comers to the party as she licked her lips in anticipation.

The security officer had a lot of strength for her size and she used it to guide both women to the laid out towels and kneeled down, leaving Donna on one side and Mickayla in the middle.  "Just enjoy."  and with those final instructions, Zark pulled Donna in closer to Mickayla while her blue lips first kissed the Klingon once more on the lips then began making her way down to her collar bone, and her breasts where she flicked, and squeezed the nipples with her mouth.  Wow, she really does taste quite sweet. Zark thought to herself as she hummed lustfully while lingering, teasing and massaging the sensitive mound. The shimmering platinum haired woman made sure to leave the other breast free to play with as she caressed the the powerful turning to putty woman's flank when the cobalt hands wandered down to the nearby Donna's thigh and the hand flowed feather light along the human's thigh.  As the sucking and flicking steadily increased in intensity, deft blue fingers found the pilot's folds between the her legs.   Sensitive finger tips could feel the clit and automatically began gently massaging them as a prelude for things to come.

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[ Crewman 3rd Class Samala | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus @Griff

“You’d win that wager,” Samala managed to splutter in between ragged breathes as her lungs tried to remember how to work again. Further speech was cut off as the sound of Lillee’s voice returned and the young hybrid looked up to see the Romulan sitting on the edge of the tub, her legs in the water. She hadn’t dressed and Samala, in her heightened state, couldn’t stop herself from looking at the woman with a hint of desire in her eyes.

“It was amazing,” Samala answered honestly. In her mind, to do otherwise was to disrespect what Natalie had done for her. “I’ve never been made to feel anything like that before.”

[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:  @RyeTanker

The look on poor Lorad’s face was priceless, Mickayla thought as she spared a moment to glance back at the Reman where he now sat next to Allistair. From her own experience, he was about to experience something that could only be delivered by the Betazoid Faye. Still though, she had her own business to take care of as she joined in with Zark in beginning to drive Dona Petterson to the lofty heights of passion that would even make a pilot blush. And she started by locking her lips around the pilot’s unoccupied nipple as she looked into the Andorian’s eyes as they both worked the stiff nubs with their tongues.

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